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Tweets for 29 May 2018


(10:39:01) Listening to an American work colleague telling the tale of a trip to Scotland at the weekend, including visits to…

(13:11:16) Looking up how bad boiled sweets are for me. Boiled sweets. That is such a great name. Boiled.

Tweets for 28 May 2018


(09:44:42) Springwatch on the telly, grey skies outside, sweaty indoors and no inclination to put a wash on. Truly a 21st cent…

(18:31:24) I've little memory of my childhood, but sucking the melted goodness out of an ice pop takes me back there every time!

(20:04:03) Funny orange sky.

(20:07:57) Attempted evidence of orangitude. May well end up being a storm. Again.

Tweets for 27 May 2018


(12:20:00) This is what the web is for #computinghistory

(18:42:56) Successfully avoided getting lightninged on/at with my Sunday afternoon bike ride. My neck hurts now though. I blam…

Tweets for 26 May 2018


(20:44:42) YouTube is full of people mainly called Dan.

Tweets for 25 May 2018


(10:34:32) It appears on my cycle to work this morning, my clothes have adopted all of Luton's tiny insects.

(15:05:01) Just had a Hersheys "Take 5". That's one hot mess of a chocolate bar

Tweets for 24 May 2018


(13:11:34) Trying to work out how many afternoons it would take to build a robot to replace me.

(16:04:15) I think 10% of people do 90% of the thinking.

Tweets for 23 May 2018


(13:49:24) I'm preparing for when something dreadful befalls me and my picture ends up on the news - no way there'll be a grai…

(13:49:24) My dear wife @poots comments on the number of selfies I take; understandable given that I'm a plain, boring middle-aged man.

Tweets for 22 May 2018


(16:14:00) OK.. there's

(16:16:43) Not only am I entirely unmoved by this, but I am also slightly troubled by the sheer quantity of other recent duck-…

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Tweets for 20 May 2018


(17:38:13) Me looking scruffy with the legendary @Tomingram80 who - I understand - broke the race lap record at…

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Tweets for 18 May 2018


(19:37:45) I've just put on the Gadget Show for the first time in a while. They're still shouting enthusiastically. I'll miss…

(21:53:28) Wow... Android is getting clever - it's categorised my pictures into Types Of Thing!

Tweets for 17 May 2018


(11:53:50) Absolutely cracking song - from @BBCRadio2's Forgotten Gems playlist.. have to admit this passed me by!

Tweets for 16 May 2018


(11:01:11) It's often easy to forget how far technology's come, but having to upload knowledge management articles using a too…

(21:11:54) This is quite something..! Thanks Joel!

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Tweets for 14 May 2018


(07:37:36) Just been handed today's challenge: get through the work day unscathed and fully clothed. Wearing in a new pair of…

(20:51:17) Victory @DredgeLand banana bread - splendid memory of 123-321 success last week with @WandsworthDD and…

Tweets for 13 May 2018


(07:40:59) I can definitely only function this post-#Eurovision morning due to coffee. God bless the growers, the pickers, the…

(20:19:15) If ever there was evidence that I'm no athlete - I managed to take longer to cycle 26 miles this afternoon than the…

Tweets for 12 May 2018


(19:05:44) Popping over to @EuroSyzygy to save you the wailing...

Tweets for 11 May 2018


(10:14:28) I've just discovered how to spell dachshund. It's not straightforward.

(18:50:26) If you like your #music all electronical and modern, I'm proud of my boy @AntiviralMusic who's just released his de…

(20:05:47) Having caught up on the second #Eurovision semi-final, we are now introducing our daughter to Father Ted s2e5 on…

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Tweets for 08 May 2018


(12:08:52) I can't put a binliner in a pedal bin. I can never be a polymath.

(12:10:21) Britain's Got Telnet #geektv

Tweets for 07 May 2018


(11:18:30) This will stand the test of time.

Tweets for 06 May 2018


(08:00:41) Morning morning. Reading through what Twitter has deigned to show me, it seems like most of what's written these da…

(16:18:58) I'm absolutely delighted - and grateful to @lutoncouncil - that the

Tweets for 05 May 2018


(13:56:23) Wonderful cartoons!

(22:05:09) Rather more excited about going for a spring time cycle ride tomorrow than I should be....

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Tweets for 02 May 2018


(10:27:55) It was a non-Fika Fika day today.

(10:32:08) I love everything about this.

(12:32:42) This looks amazing. Such a shame I can't go.

(12:40:35) Bacoin. This is why I could never go into marketing.

Tweets for 01 May 2018


(11:24:16) I wonder if the listening figures for online only UK radio stations are published anywhere... somewhat makes sense…

Tweets for 30 Apr 2018


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