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(17:09:00) RT @nxmee: @tomscott @unnamedculprit found the 'Photo on the internet' from the latest park bench. (It was my dad) https://t.co/syYLwvLxYQ

(18:03:03) I'm well behind on my Doctor Kawashima's brain training.

(19:43:20) It's too late and too dark to see what the Twitter app "Live" button does. I'd be more worried if there was another next to it saying "Die".

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(15:53:18) BISCOLATA HOMEPAGE https://t.co/WmjXjOJ6dL

(19:15:38) Good heavens. That escalated quickly (via @poots) https://t.co/KK2yRVaX0p

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(08:24:29) Feeling like a #winner today @DredgeLand https://t.co/JXNa2VdrKd

(13:28:08) It's amazing, given how much time I spend on a chair in my job, how much I could still do with a ~good sit down~ And a nap. Always a nap.

(14:04:30) No busking. No bunting.

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(20:58:00) Splendid to bear witness to the #comedy doings of @DredgeLand at one of their Hove FM shows. An amusing way to spend a Wednesdayish evening.

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(13:53:05) This promises / threatens to be quite a show by all accounts... #london #comedy #dredgeland #plinth #lionel https://t.co/L7tLWV2vfz

(13:55:38) Despite objections to the contrary, I will continue to attempt to start Microsoft Paint by Windows+R and typing "smaptin". #MyFavouriteTypo

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(17:36:46) RT @ESCarmchair: You're Invited! 2017 secret ESC karaoke https://t.co/x6ddOJDHwn via @elfster

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(08:52:31) I was rather pleased with how "I'd like my own personal personnel person" came out of my brain this morning. Doesn't work so well with HR

(15:09:42) Pieter and Rita. Excellent. https://t.co/cAd4LhQ4wx

(17:40:25) LIVELY! https://t.co/vMLBGMekuL

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(12:29:34) I think there may be a correlation between lack of sleep and being a 'people person'.

(14:21:55) Happy birthday @Feexby23

(15:24:17) "Internet of Gubbins" sounds better.

(20:37:36) Things I have become aware of today: Frosé and freakshakes. Both seem to me a little superfluous. This must be how it feels to be elderly.

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(10:02:44) Someone left a copy of Grazia in the office kitchen (clearly they'd eaten the Chomp /cc @FagsMagsandBags ). It has left me nonplussed.

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(09:05:47) One of the major benefits of starting work late is that I can spend far too long on the phone to various companies getting nowhere. ~sighs~

(17:36:46) Questioning how professional it is to use spiders as bullet points. Not real ones.

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(15:12:03) RT @EmmaTofi: Live stream link for non UK Whovians waiting to find out news of #Doctor13 #DoctorWho https://t.co/UUDTIf6yuh

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(12:59:03) I've just unclicked the "Show me the best tweets first" button. I don't know how I feel about that.

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(11:10:25) I'm pleased my boss keeps me on a long enough lead that I can write things like "But hey, not all of our children can be pretty" in an email

(19:58:39) Boy child is listening to his Daleks Doing Housework music again.

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(11:10:02) Tricky and arcane.

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Tweets for 10 Jul 2017


(11:10:16) One of those work days when I've got various songs stuck in my head. (9 to 5 by Dolly Parton and The Greatest by Sia.. so far)

(16:47:09) I'm glad I'm not single, because if I was, I'd take all my holiday in one go and see if I could watch every episode of Come Dine With Me.

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(15:20:56) I find it quite baffling that people still smoke cigarettes, not least since there is a cheaper, less horrifically unpleasant alternative.

(15:58:42) Taking inspiration from @UtterRhubarb - it's gooseberry soaking time.. https://t.co/AjdVmw4kRT

(17:05:16) Not sure I've been peng at any stage this week.

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(12:03:46) I find the concept of sound insulation in small rooms a little baffling.

(16:01:44) The main reason I don't express myself through interpretive dance is that people can't read my writhing.

Tweets for 04 Jul 2017


(10:50:08) Happy Indepdendent Day to our American Readers.

(20:08:32) Je Ne Regrette Brian

(21:44:34) It's too late at night to be thinking about DNS entries and the like. They must have been invented in some kind of caffeine induced haze.

Tweets for 03 Jul 2017


(12:50:15) "Retrieval" is a satisfyingly positive word.

(12:50:31) Even though it sounds a bit like 'evil'

(13:49:08) .@SteveDoherty1 "I am no longer a member of the band Spandau Ballet & will not be performing with the band in the f… https://t.co/pBOcGqO71j

(21:31:27) Totally had an AGM today and didn't die.

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(12:40:12) RT @helenalangdon: When you know you have it in you to write the most profound novels but you're stuck writing the labels for herbs at Wait…

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(15:11:10) RT @lutoncouncil: Aerial Arts at #HighTownFest https://t.co/YM5zMwuWlu

(15:13:04) The Luton #ukulele Orchestra at the #HighTownFestival #HighTownFest @ High Town Festival https://t.co/ghyIIB6Q4W

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