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Tweets for 30 May 2017


(12:05:14) RT @fridgemagnet2: @syzygy all part of my series "boring postcards to distract from the tedium of GE2017". And yes. 1970. Probably.

Tweets for 29 May 2017


(17:33:49) No need to water the garden this evening at least..

(17:44:07) I had completely forgotten about this!

Tweets for 28 May 2017


(14:57:25) Always a little disconcerting when a plane flies over our house.. another aborted landing, it would appear..…

(15:59:44) Hungry bumble bee enjoying a browse of the chive flowers... (amazing what one can do with a…

(21:23:40) It's great how they've used modern technology to bring #TwinPeaks right up to date! 🏔🏔

Tweets for 27 May 2017


(18:02:27) An interesting idea from @ellewadding ... I hope this works

(20:43:53) Not often I get to hear Lorraine @Bowen707 on national radio - @MitchBenn's music show features one of her best!

Tweets for 26 May 2017


(06:45:35) Jojojojojoba.

(10:08:10) I'm in the mood for a sherbert dip.

(18:39:33) Go 8bit DLC is arguably more entertaining than the main show. #whoneedsabudget #Go8Bit

Tweets for 25 May 2017


(09:17:12) That's quite a thing...

(10:23:18) I'm not looking up second hand Sinclair QLs on eBay.

(12:06:57) Happy #TowelDay to all the hoopy froods I know and love. And even those I don't.

Tweets for 24 May 2017


(07:25:39) Pondering making my own artisan herbal teas. The boy has vetoed me having a hipster man-bun.

(11:11:20) I just did a left join when I didn't mean to.

(11:25:50) This is my new favourite thing in the quirky sauce products category (thank you for introducing it to me, @poots!)

(11:32:54) Someone's left just too little milk in the bottle to make a proper cup of tea #BritishThreatLevels

(12:24:27) The barman's been past three times and still hasn't served you #BritishThreatLevels

(12:25:15) Ketchup Sachet Tearing Incident #BritishThreatLevels

(15:33:20) Not sure @poots would be keen on me getting this..

(17:16:59) Just learning about this whole Twix business. Some days I feel like I'm a high court judge. Explaining "Thank Crunchie it's Friday" to youth

Tweets for 23 May 2017


(07:26:45) Praying for those who've lost. For those who witnessed. For those who helped. For those covering the senselessness; may it not be glorified.

(07:28:01) RT @LauraLand1510: So proud of the amazing people of Manchester pulling together tonight, offering rooms, food, free taxis...#standtogether…

Tweets for 22 May 2017


(10:13:38) Morning. says NO.

(10:14:00) Holy cow. That was supposed to be a joke tweet. BUT IT'S REAL.

(11:05:40) Just popped into my Jedi Mind Palace for the first time in a while. It's a complete state. Need to get out the ol' Jedi Mind Hoover.

(16:01:48) Oooh.. and that's a bad miss...

(16:14:55) Being cooked alive by the office

(17:10:45) RT @fridgemagnet2: A reminder don't forget to bloody register to vote. Got till midnight. Do it. Here's the a40. #ge2017…

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Tweets for 19 May 2017


(10:40:13) Totally going to get my work colleague Meera into the studio to do this... she will be excellent and WIN. Nobody el…

Tweets for 18 May 2017


(11:08:42) Such a compelling video.. - Eagle flies off Burj Khalifa. Amazing. (Via @qikipedia )

(16:10:47) I'm inviting Uncle Tom Cobley to all my conference calls.

Tweets for 17 May 2017


(14:37:48) Webinar: all the benefits of a seminar but without the snacks, coffee and merch.

Tweets for 16 May 2017


(10:24:04) There is much mention of the word 'Belvita' in the office this morning. The healthy (and beige) alternative to biscuits, I believe.

Tweets for 15 May 2017


(12:03:57) So far today I've had notifications of 'Policy violation' & 'non-compliance'. Strong words for something as straightforward as a timesheet.

Tweets for 14 May 2017


(19:48:40) It was so good to have some time by the seaside with @fridgemagnet2 and @hergiebird this weekend. They even put up with my Eurovisionism!

Tweets for 13 May 2017


(18:26:43) RT @fridgemagnet2: This will be me and @eurosyzygy on #eurovision later. Apologies in advance.

(22:23:53) RT @FreeviewTV: Want to feel old? This is what Bucks Fizz look like now 👀 #Eurovision

Tweets for 12 May 2017


(18:39:49) Sparing a thought for the #NHS IT teams who have had their weekends utterly ruined trying to return services to health staff. Hang in there.

(19:07:52) Teenage progeny is listening to bass-heavy music while searching through Lego for bits to stick on the outside of a Rubiks cube. #happydad

Tweets for 11 May 2017


(15:06:13) "I am only being sarcastic in an affectionate way."

Tweets for 10 May 2017


(12:48:30) Another excellent comedy find: - am I allowed to say a bit Chris Morris-esque? #Radio4 #Comedy #bitrude

(13:26:12) What's the male equivalent of a 'yummy mummy'? Best I can come up with is 'laddy daddy'...

Tweets for 09 May 2017


(07:25:45) RT @BettyBowers: FUN FACT: This is the first time in history that the President of France🇫🇷 will speak better English than the President of…

(12:24:29) If anyone wants me, I'll be in my Jedi Mind Palace.

(19:42:52) Funny that #Finland were singing about a blackboard, and now #Azerbaijan have wheeled one on. #Eurovision

(19:46:23) trying to resist activating the @eurosyzygy account...

Tweets for 08 May 2017


(12:31:36) Exciting. I've just booked to see the @ThePartridgePod's "Knowing Me Knowing Yule" live podcast recording on the 22nd Nov. Back of the net!

(12:38:39) Glorious...!

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Tweets for 04 May 2017


(22:15:52) Always good to spend 15 minutes on an 11pm conference call just waiting for people to turn up...

(22:43:16) Showtime... we're in business.. #latenightwork

Tweets for 03 May 2017


(09:16:46) .@htc Hello. You really need to sort out the quality of your call centre phone system; I'm stressed about an issue & it's not helping!

Tweets for 02 May 2017


(15:19:46) I want to be a locum factotum.

(15:27:06) Sweet heavens above...

(19:49:05) RT @BritishTech: The POCKET Show is BACk and LIVE with @Syzygy @campionuk @DigitalAmoeba @EwenRankin & Host @paulums…

Tweets for 30 Apr 2017


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