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Tweets for 29 Apr 2017


(12:32:13) I really should go on a course or something to learn how to use my Ferm spinny tool thing (it's like a Dremel) because I'm baffled by it.

(17:31:32) Wow... I hadn't realised it was still going (The Simpsons, not the Trump Presidency https://t.co/HTHmffzhJb

Tweets for 28 Apr 2017


(10:50:43) Things I like to sing to the tune of Robert Palmer's "Simply Irresistable":

(11:36:46) RT @ms_badcrumble: @syzygy Very very sceptical

(11:36:50) RT @jamisonmatt: @syzygy Coalitions...coming soon

(13:29:09) #Bexhill means #Bexhill.

Tweets for 27 Apr 2017


(12:03:48) Our Cisco Webex system has a two-tone notification (same note, up or down an octave) when a participant enters or leaves. (1/2)

(12:05:41) An octave apart makes it harder to tell whether it's an upward or downward tone, so we get "Did someone just join?" as a person leaves (2/2)

Tweets for 26 Apr 2017


(16:04:24) I haven't tweeted yet today. Not consciously at least.

Tweets for 25 Apr 2017


(14:37:28) I just used the phrase "Descended into fisticuffs" on a telephone conference.This is why modern life is brilliant.

(16:38:12) I just read the word "upsad" in a sentence. As in: "The customer is very upsad." If that isn't a real word, it should be. Or I'll be upsad.

Tweets for 24 Apr 2017


(12:23:41) It's remarkable how much the Chuckle Brothers influence my choice of passwords.

(12:56:27) A little bit obsessed with the idea of @uploadradio ... this has really re-ignited my interest in radio - truly public access. Excellent.

(14:25:41) Interesting... might be useful for @lizcrippinmusic as a reference? https://t.co/ztM7gIqAfZ

Tweets for 23 Apr 2017


(10:25:23) Happy George and Dragon Day! Off into town in a bit to help with the Scout parade. Lovely.

(13:15:50) Ready for the #StGeorgesDay #Scout parade through #Luton town centre @ Luton https://t.co/ZzSBnr6R0t

(13:57:53) Flags on parade #Luton #Scouts #StGeorgesDay @ Luton https://t.co/5GiHRZ3Ga8

(17:02:04) More MODE 7 graphics, I say.

(19:32:41) I did absolutely NO running today (as far as I can remember)

Tweets for 22 Apr 2017


(10:58:36) On hold to a holiday company. Because that is how Saturday mornings.

(11:44:02) Business idea: Holiday butler. Go on holiday. Have a butler. No reasonable request declined.

Tweets for 21 Apr 2017


Tweets for 20 Apr 2017


(11:00:31) QUITE GOOD: Kevin Eldon Will See You Now is back!

(11:05:20) This is unhinged genius. https://t.co/QqjplLPv9s

(17:07:25) Wow... @heatherjminor gave me a super awesome #love gift #rootbeer #poptart https://t.co/v40Rz50Qjj

(18:56:56) Fully want to win this for @superalora because FOUR COLOUR PEN! https://t.co/h9aZFd1ELa

Tweets for 19 Apr 2017


(09:49:22) We came third in the Bedfordshire lovetoride_ #Cycling Challenge - and received some fantastic… https://t.co/ORVcTd4lHa

Tweets for 18 Apr 2017


(14:19:25) Me + Pen + Card to write. A guarantee for disaster. (I'm left-handed and barely literate).

(19:51:20) For our anniversary we treated ourselves to a new bird feeder. (The family that knolls together… https://t.co/58RSPHb61x

Tweets for 17 Apr 2017


Tweets for 16 Apr 2017


(12:01:11) Thing I wasn't expecting to hear yesterday: "Harry Hill's Fun Capsule will be back for another series..." Whuh?! Wow.

(21:33:39) Quite a day.

Tweets for 15 Apr 2017


(15:01:18) Girl child is having an intimate get-together. We don't do this very often...

Tweets for 14 Apr 2017


(08:45:21) If you don't follow him already, I recommend @fridgemagnet2 as an excellent #FF suggestion. He is a very amusing chap, despite everything.

(09:14:07) Today's lesson: unless you own a Nokia 3310, a proper case is essential for a mobile phone. Ironic, given how sleek they are these days.

(09:22:03) RT @alextomo: Heading towards 20m views - the most watched @Channel4News studio interview ever. Happiness : https://t.co/PLA60Hmksx

Tweets for 13 Apr 2017


Tweets for 12 Apr 2017


(08:56:36) I just told one of my work colleagues that he can't hug every cat.

(11:10:52) I'm on Mastodon.. https://t.co/m03nsQEJFS (for what it's worth!)

(12:59:15) Colleague's signature quotation of the day "If it was easy, it probably wasn’t worth it…"

(13:02:19) This may well be quite hilarious. https://t.co/D8blVFAbMO

Tweets for 11 Apr 2017


(11:05:44) "I'm not in a position to comment right now." Only because I'm sitting down and having a nice cup of peppermint tea, you understand.

(15:33:50) Open plan offices offer more opportunity for stinky bin smell.

Tweets for 10 Apr 2017


(11:14:36) Gosh. Too many questions for a Monday morning.

(11:15:08) Wow. https://t.co/GvTVNNUenW

Tweets for 09 Apr 2017


(11:19:14) Today will be a 'get on your bike' day, hopefully encouraging @superalora to build confidence on two wheels.. it's a great way to get about!

Tweets for 08 Apr 2017


(11:05:47) Just tried to repair two pairs of earbuds for the offspring. One out of two was successful; unfortunately the second is at the ear end. Beh.

Tweets for 07 Apr 2017


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Tweets for 05 Apr 2017


(14:33:13) Pro Tip: Whenever anyone asks 'How long is a piece of string?', always carry a piece of string with you so you can check. @TwopTwips

(15:34:30) There's a big fuss about the new #Pepsi ad. I think it's a load of pretentious toss. I like that the soundtrack is about Ebbw Vale though.

(17:49:05) I was just lambasted by my offspring for using the word "emoticon". I am old, apparently.

(19:19:51) Just saw a TV advert for RyanAir. FAR too many people smiling for me to be convinced.

Tweets for 04 Apr 2017


(17:43:06) I'm still really amazed at the evolution & final artistic wonder of @reddit Place https://t.co/P9CEDXc2AP - capturing Zeitgest & mass psyche

Tweets for 03 Apr 2017


(14:47:07) I am more baffled by USB than I have ever been.

Tweets for 02 Apr 2017


(18:00:56) Time for a #RobotWars treat - it's ALL MINE (well OK, I let @nxmee have one)… https://t.co/dSM1ObHRLP

Tweets for 01 Apr 2017


(09:14:48) RT @Bubble2009: @RobJD @syzygy @poots I love this one. https://t.co/ZBJPsACHXo

(09:16:13) Nothing better than watching the month end processes roll on of a Saturday morning... afternoon... evening...

Tweets for 31 Mar 2017


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