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Tweets for 29 Sep 2016


(18:25:02) Pro #cookings tip: When doing boiling foods, put a wooden spoon over the top to stop it bubbling…

(19:16:27) Following the path of least resistance could mean you end up ohmless.

(21:56:50) I'm all done with Thursday... can't remember if it can be recycled though. I'll put it on the compost. Night!

Tweets for 28 Sep 2016


(10:34:08) The word for today is: modicum. As in: my feet are in a modicum of discomfort.

(11:02:15) Always excellent advice.

(12:43:42) Yarnbomb, Denmark style @ Copenhagen, Denmark

(15:39:43) Better latency than neverncy.

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Tweets for 26 Sep 2016


(18:15:37) A recurring @brainitch is that dismal Drake song "Controller", sung with the word "Comptroller" instead, and being about an expenses claim.

Tweets for 25 Sep 2016


(15:37:45) Sunday afternoon activity: Sort the Drawer Of Doom. Possibly even Sunday evening and Monday evening activity.

(20:02:34) I had to look at this for a good 10 seconds to work out what on earth was happening..!

(20:17:57) Microsoft: undisputed doyens of the vaguely ominous message.

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Tweets for 20 Sep 2016


(19:15:50) I feel for vegetarians. They will never know the joy of dismantling a Wagon Wheel.

Tweets for 19 Sep 2016


Tweets for 18 Sep 2016


(08:33:10) Off to the #BTCC at Silverstone to play "How many times Will Mark Howard-Keepsfallingoff fall off?" & other sports.

(11:28:40) RT @inflatablecover: Just setting up my Twitter. Check out the website #myfirstTweet

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Tweets for 15 Sep 2016


(08:28:53) MILK UPDATE! Someone has used nearly a whole bottle in the past day. Gonna have to Activate The Poundland Cows. #MilkMonitor

(11:05:39) Probably the punkiest caterpillar I have ever seen. @ Luton

(18:34:26) My phone's nearly 3 year old. Tough age - when I put it into 'airplane mode' it starts screaming incessantly & kicking the back of my seat.

(20:36:18) Is it just me or is there something quite undignified about thrusting a bunch of dead flowers head first into a wheelie bin?

(20:45:31) I wonder how a stand up comedian feels if someone has tickets for their show but forgets it's on and doesn't go. Mild dismay, I s'pose.

Tweets for 14 Sep 2016


(06:59:30) Can't believe it's only Wednesday. Science is broken. Still.

(08:54:54) Amazing laptop battery or a portent of doom..?

(12:52:02) People grinning in stock images irk me. #curmudgeonly

Tweets for 13 Sep 2016


(19:57:35) One of my offspring claims to be a prescriptivist, the other a descriptivist. I claim this as successful #parenting - they know good stuff.

(20:01:54) Science is still broken. It's dark.. the skies are clear but it's not cooling down. I demand SMOG.

Tweets for 12 Sep 2016


(08:39:27) I'm on milk monitor duty in the office today. I've truly arrived. And it also gives me an excuse to visit Poundland at a moment's notice.

(18:06:51) I'd love for someone scientific to explain how the temperature can go up from 10 degrees C this morning to 24 this afternoon WITH NO SUN.

(22:15:46) "Phase: Excellent audio for discerning listeners" - totally want that poster #MrRobot #butwhatdoesitmean

(22:16:27) Someone, somewhere invented the word "replenishment". Impressive.

Tweets for 11 Sep 2016


(13:50:25) If I go shopping on a Sunday, I assuage my Christian guilt by visiting the likes of "St. Wickes Parish Church" and "Cathedral of St. Ikea.'

(19:04:24) Ooh #battlebots time! Got snack products. Go! #battlebotsspike ☺

(20:02:42) Good times! :)

(20:28:03) At work tomorrow, I shall do my Dara O'Briain impression during a meeting: "At the end of the round the points go to bo, ba and bubohhh!"

Tweets for 10 Sep 2016


(21:48:12) Went to work instead of doing anything creative / being stuck on the sofa. I may have given up alcohol for September, but not workahol...

Tweets for 09 Sep 2016


(08:42:16) Darn it.. forgot to put my skype status to "Busy" when I got in the office #bombarded

Tweets for 08 Sep 2016


(14:30:31) It's about that time #popcorn #poundlandsfinesr

(17:32:15) It's still a bit warm. Normally by this time of the evening it'd be doing that "dusky cool thing that makes my nose cold when I cycle in it"

Tweets for 07 Sep 2016


(07:30:06) Key achievement so far today: making the little "voicemail" icon go away off my phone. Poor ol' @StevenEagell has spent a lot of time there.

(09:00:43) Am I the only person who's mildly irked by stand-up comedians doing their own introductions in the third person? I'll *happily* do it!

(14:35:40) Is this true, @76Wilbury ..?!

(16:26:22) I'm thinking of treating myself to a quick pop to Poundland after work. Want anything? I don't think they do Cornetto.

Tweets for 06 Sep 2016


(21:36:47) So far today I have been entirely baffled by HomeGenie and pmkey(dot)xyz but have an idea, at least, how to make a Pebble watch face. Go me.

Tweets for 05 Sep 2016


(10:18:23) Turkish delight.. great until you sneeze.

(14:07:07) There is barely a more stabbiness-inducing email subject line than "Keep calm and read Gartner research on DevOps" Yes, you, @puppetize

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