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Tweets for 30 Jul 2016


(18:20:59) I have to admit to a little delight at the way titles of Mr Robot series 1 are formatted.

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Tweets for 28 Jul 2016


(21:15:57) RT @Hartfamilybeer: It's good to do your bit @BiopacLtd #WarOnWaste #wastenot

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Tweets for 26 Jul 2016


(18:22:26) Listened to a bit of @BBCPM while out driving this afternoon. It was a bit bleak for early evening listening. There's enough bleakness.

Tweets for 25 Jul 2016


(20:35:53) Can't hang around on Twitter... I've got Freecycling to do. #clutter

Tweets for 24 Jul 2016


(18:18:48) Preparing to put phones on mute for the return of #Robotwars in just under 45 minutes. What has changed? It's in HD and now I have children.

(21:32:51) I want to build a robot with @daraobriain's face on it. I would call it something like "MEGGERBUSS". #Robotwars https://t.co/ITAgOhmi2H

(21:46:47) My prevailing memory of the first episode of the rebooted #RobotWars will be my family loudly correcting the mispronunciation of "#Behemoth"

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Tweets for 20 Jul 2016


(14:57:33) "I couldn't possibly comment." I'm not sure there are many phrases which more effectively say the opposite of what they appear to mean.

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Tweets for 18 Jul 2016


(11:29:56) Pondering spending 28 seconds of my lunchtime outside. That would be plenty #bittoohot

(11:40:03) I thought Brexit would have done away with this kind of weather.

(11:41:08) Days like this make me wish I could relive the hot summer days of my youth... sitting indoors playing on someone else's Commodore 64.

(21:02:10) I'm off to find a cave. See you in autumn.

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Tweets for 16 Jul 2016


(14:07:32) We went out to collect some pokemons but it looks like servers are down so @superalora has… https://t.co/7dO9dpeUrx

Tweets for 15 Jul 2016


(15:23:23) I've got Alan Partridge's rendition of "Goldfinger" stuck in my head. That is how this week has been. BUT DON'T GO IN. @ThisisPartridge

Tweets for 14 Jul 2016


(17:25:17) 80s style parody songwriters: it's convenient that "Theresa May" sounds a bit like "Enola Gay". You can have that one on me @TwopTwips

Tweets for 13 Jul 2016


(11:01:18) Roger beep.

(11:04:59) I think Beefeater would have benefitted more in their rebranding from replacing the logo with a bee being given daring feats to perform.

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Tweets for 10 Jul 2016


(11:04:40) RT @TOther_Simon: And if you're amused by hedgehog references... https://t.co/8VigA0fepf (I wrote this, I did)

(21:17:45) I'm still not sure what the point is of Drake. Something to do with livestock?

Tweets for 09 Jul 2016


(13:05:13) I'm not sure what I'm doing here. https://t.co/kVukoxKlM4

Tweets for 08 Jul 2016


(09:46:26) WOO BEXHILL! https://t.co/3FPRyMoIR9

(19:37:43) There is absolutely no point in looking up slang phrases on the internet - by the time I've found it, it means something entirely different.

(19:39:10) Also: I don't think anybody could ever know me through my YouTube history. It doesn't make sense even to me...

(20:56:42) QUITE excited about the forthcoming return of #RobotWars @UKRobotWars

Tweets for 07 Jul 2016


(10:22:17) Today I will mostly be clicking on things thinking it's Friday. FRIDAY CLICKS.

(10:23:39) It's quite lovely, reading through my twitter feed while having a brief coffee break. I am blessed to be following some splendid people.

(11:15:28) Yup. https://t.co/pg4iOMvPyh

(20:54:28) After a really compelling talk at @TNMOC about the Enigma decrypting process, @nxmee had a go on… https://t.co/AF5AZdgD3k

Tweets for 06 Jul 2016


(09:43:05) I'm confused by the inexplicable papercuts I keep finding on my fingers when I wake. There are some REALLY sadistic insects in my bedroom.

Tweets for 05 Jul 2016


(10:35:26) Passing thought of the day: How do the French deal with three letter month names? Juin and Juillet have the the same first letters...

(20:28:01) BEST EXCLAVE EVER https://t.co/EvC2sTzpcZ

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Tweets for 03 Jul 2016


(19:41:34) When did people stop calling wellies "gumboots"..? Or was it only in The Beano?

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Tweets for 30 Jun 2016


(08:57:16) Coffee time is just out of reach.

(10:54:50) RT @TwopTwips: CHILDREN. Experience the rare thrill of hearing your teacher swear by asking them who Michael Gove is. (via @nethknowles)

(16:56:53) My pal Meera is giving away free make-up stuff. I don't understand it, but I think it's GREAT! https://t.co/g0la7Kn8Rw

(20:27:14) RT @Kercal: Pantomime villain. #Moleskine #Procreate #Gove https://t.co/qoC1a6IXgq

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