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Tweets for 29 Jun 2016


(08:56:26) I've got a medley of Change Management songs stuck in my head this morning. Obviously 'Changes' by David Bowie. And a load of others.

(09:00:35) "Everything changes but the implementation time", "Everything must (be subject to) change (control)", "Take a change on me".

(12:43:09) Word of the afternoon: lamentablemente. Lamentablemente.

(16:19:09) IT'S ALL ABOUT CAKE. https://t.co/L2zvkIhcPP

(19:46:19) I think the bike rack at work has taken a chunk out of my back tyre. BLOOP.

(22:10:50) I haven't got a safety pin. Will a paper clip do..?

Tweets for 28 Jun 2016


(11:59:23) I want to make the world better just one smile at a time. Doesn't sound that hard...

(12:02:29) Beautiful. https://t.co/BZCmIfO4ld

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Tweets for 25 Jun 2016


(08:26:13) RT @changeist: Well, the BBC planned ahead for today's lineup. https://t.co/mTLkShiQFU

(11:51:55) It's the kind of afternoon when I like to drive around with windows down, stereo up, blasting out the sounds of Thinking Allowed. Massive.

Tweets for 24 Jun 2016


(07:26:31) Darn it. I clearly didn't vote hard enough.

(07:28:54) Oh dear.

(07:29:36) RT @AmyWilliamsMBE: The future of Britain wanted to Remain .... #UncertainFuture #ScaryFuture #EURefResults https://t.co/diDebnecu8

(14:07:04) Thinking of trading it all in to become an okapi. Or one of them capybaras.

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Tweets for 22 Jun 2016


(09:08:59) Morning. Getting a lot of 'riddle me this' style emails. Is it a Wednesday thing?

(09:31:41) OK, so he's only 'hinted' that he'll leave government, but isn't this one of the best reasons to vote 'Remain'..? https://t.co/KPHiYIjMUY

(09:35:00) The unbearable snackiness of being.

(11:15:30) If someone doesn't make a feature length movie about the EU referendum capers, history will miss out one some excellent comedy / bafflement.

(22:05:23) RT @marcusbrig: HELP!

(22:11:01) Controversial. https://t.co/ZEVH7RwXRp

(22:14:33) Bedtimes. It's a big day for me tomorrow - I get to decide whether to stay in the EU. #EUref

Tweets for 21 Jun 2016


(09:15:36) The French, they love our cake.

(11:11:41) "Itchy eyes" to the tune of a Doctor Hook song. The Hay Fever anthem of my summer.

(16:15:34) I'm sure I didn't hear the phrase "My bad" until about 1995.

Tweets for 20 Jun 2016


(10:28:50) I have now fully dried out from my cycle to work. That's fairly good going.

(10:33:58) Could do with a lie down now, though.

(11:16:11) I fear the working week will follow the style of Christiano Ronaldo - being pretty much at the top of my game but achieving very little.

(14:24:49) That time where I pray my contribution to CAB comes before the next meeting I've got booked. All too much going on...

Tweets for 19 Jun 2016


(18:42:29) I love the word "Nowadays".

(19:29:46) Is the Tesla going to be a #TopGear running gag? (h/t @nxmee)

Tweets for 18 Jun 2016


(08:31:24) Off to London Village with @nxmee - going to have a mooch around @UCLOpenDay - takes me back to… https://t.co/KFtH7esLOG

(21:38:31) Thanks to the team and volunteers at @UCLOpenDay for organising a friendly, interesting day -… https://t.co/Yy3tCca4Hg

Tweets for 17 Jun 2016


Tweets for 16 Jun 2016


(10:04:37) it would be lovely to sit on a porch whittling this morning. Or playing harmonica. Or both.

(16:40:56) My whole Twitter feed is unified in sadness at the killing of #JoCox - a glimmer of hope that there are MANY more good people than bad.

Tweets for 15 Jun 2016


(09:34:50) I can't decide whether or not I want to be more rugged.

(12:24:59) "Exclusive offer just for you" No. No it's not.

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Tweets for 12 Jun 2016


(18:25:10) RT @Patrick4ONT: If you haven't watched this, I think it's Obama at his best. It's Obama, on gun control, 9 days ago. #Orlando https://t.co…

Tweets for 11 Jun 2016


(10:04:41) Just catching up with TopGear Extra Gear - @MrRoryReid is such an engaging presenter. Possibly enjoyed it more than the 'main' show.

Tweets for 10 Jun 2016


(09:18:38) This is remarkable. Good that someone spotted the trend... I shall keep my eyes open for other such mistakes. https://t.co/Uwz9WD0fIm

Tweets for 09 Jun 2016


(21:16:05) Please pray for America.

Tweets for 08 Jun 2016


Tweets for 07 Jun 2016


(14:20:58) Splendid. https://t.co/hBNTchp0PN

(14:56:24) You say 'agile' I say 'a bit of a shambles' :D

Tweets for 06 Jun 2016


(21:28:39) I am struggling to come to terms with the fact I just clicked Mick Hucknall's name. I'm putting it down to hay-fever related delirium.

Tweets for 05 Jun 2016


(11:59:36) Dead maggoty lion! https://t.co/N8OWJV3diy (I was utterly unaware of this until @poots pointed it out)

(18:13:43) Thought I might see if could find out what caused the puncture I got on my way to work… https://t.co/pwT0zdrfHD

(22:02:19) Off to bed before I inadvertently discover who won #BTCC race 3 today.. @virginmedia TV & internet stopped working when it was on earlier 😭

Tweets for 04 Jun 2016


(11:26:13) I'm honoured - thanks, @sm2n! Another voyage into unusual time signatures (this one is in 10/4) A hot mess indeed! https://t.co/DR3DH4FmnX

(11:37:55) Idly looking (again) at options for one-off vinyl record cutting. I'm not convinced by "Bird's Hit Records" given their domain name..

(12:40:04) Heh. Reading Twitter instead of cleaning the cooker hob. GO ME.

(17:29:29) Hi ho. All that.

(19:03:43) "Saturday night on a conference call, waiting for the sound of a crying child" That should totally be a song.

(19:57:28) This is beautiful. https://t.co/NQdKrrTKns

(22:32:08) Off to bed with me. That's me. Not you. You have to stay there in my tiny computer. Night!

Tweets for 03 Jun 2016


(21:19:17) Dairy Milk with bits of Crunchie in. Like a proper Friday celebration but with MORE CHOCOLATE... This is the best. Oh.. er.. was the best.

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Tweets for 01 Jun 2016


(06:32:39) Really interesting article about tech psychology that I would love @nxmee and @superalora to read https://t.co/SCcpOWM9BG (via @debsylee )

(17:32:52) Just put the telly on & I've no idea what's happening. There's a massive lady! Or some tiny men! Are they her pets? https://t.co/SGAbxyYjqq

(18:56:39) In other news, rather excitingly, we have a bullfinch visiting our bird feeders! One of my favourite garden birds :) https://t.co/lcNtexYEbQ

(19:30:08) And indoors: dimwit hamster seems intent on trying to get an entire rope ladder (attached to the… https://t.co/GuNQmqcoN6

(19:33:49) Leave it, Tim*.. it's never going to happen (2/2)

Tweets for 31 May 2016


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