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Tweets for 30 May 2016


(07:40:16) RT @jinkksy: Gutted X bag stolen with my Commonwealth and Olympic medals in pls share 😢 on my Facebook X

(08:37:44) I had no idea they rebooted "Open All Hours".. - apparently still written by Roy Clark. Shame it's not on catch-up.

(12:32:13) Accidentally pairing with a neighbour's bluetooth device #firstworldproblems

Tweets for 29 May 2016


(13:03:16) Listening to some Shortwave Radio - it's like taking a (rather frighteningly large actually) step back in time, on 7310 kHz @RadioMiAmigoInt

(16:21:00) What I have learned today: Kimpton is about ten miles away and smells nice.

(16:22:32) RT @Scriblit: Guess the Sonnetified Pop Song - #shakespearesunday

(20:24:18) Watching Upstart Crow. It's a bit like Blackadder but with intellectual jokes and Yara Greyjoy. No that doesn't make sense. Quite funny.

(20:47:17) My boy & I have concluded that the new #BBC3 logo means "Anything but 3". II = binary for 3, and the ! is complement. We're not target demo.

Tweets for 28 May 2016


(10:48:28) Earning my on-call allowance this weekend. At least I can do it in my jammies...

(19:47:01) Pro tip: Damp hands? Can't find a towel? Listen to @BBCR4Feedback for all the hand-wringing you could ever need.

Tweets for 27 May 2016


(09:20:32) In all honesty, I'm not entirely sure who this Josie Morenyo is. If that's her real name.

(10:24:16) Feels like I am entirely powered by coffee today. That's not happened in a while...

(13:55:20) Never heard of Hewlett Packard Server Automation tool. I wonder how it works. I'm a Usage Curious Engineer. or an HP SA UCE, if you like.

(17:21:34) Good luck, @TomCoronel hurtling around the wonderful Nürburgring this weekend! It's looking like another slippery wet one! #WTCC

Tweets for 26 May 2016


(07:19:27) Morning. Catching up on the Bpop festival news; the Brexit campaign thinks putting on a pop concert is still a good idea. It's still not.

(07:33:12) RT @ThePoke: The revised Bpop ‘Brexit Live’ concert lineup

(08:58:14) Pro tip: Bring a nectarine / peach to work and put it on your desk. Even if you don't eat it, it will smell great & exude health. #toptwips

(08:58:36) Pro tip 2: Throw the nectarine away before it sticks to the desk.

(12:29:23) When I grow up I want to be a general factotum.

Tweets for 25 May 2016


(11:39:21) The juice of human kindness. That's not a type of juice? Well, the red one you get at hotel breakfast. Red penberry?

(14:16:17) Idea I'm going to bounce off the boss (he didn't really go for "daily nap hour"): Bring Your Daughter To Work From Home Day.

(17:58:47) I tell my 16 year old son "Your music is broken, mate" but secretly I quite like it. #spedupdubsteporsomething

Tweets for 24 May 2016


(09:07:10) I have taken so long to write an email that I've actually lost interest in it. This is why I will never manage a novel.

Tweets for 23 May 2016


(07:41:53) I think clothing retailers are missing a trick not selling a fabric conditioner that returns the "new clothes" smell to their products.

Tweets for 22 May 2016


(12:00:39) The word "abode" almost looks like "abcde." Almost. #wordsarecool

Tweets for 21 May 2016


(21:32:38) RT @PontoonDock: *weeps slowly*

Tweets for 20 May 2016


(10:56:59) WHY WON'T MY HOTLINE BLING? Oh hang on, it's on silent.

Tweets for 19 May 2016


Tweets for 18 May 2016


(08:51:56) It comes to something where my two current fascinations are smoothies and regex. Worst. Midlife crisis. Ever.

(12:36:25) A great thing for @superalora to build?

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Tweets for 14 May 2016


(15:32:21) It's not often I'm asked to help with my daughter's homework but today she showed me this. Is this question broken?

(19:11:13) I'm off to @eurosyzygy for some #Eurovision action. Fairly non-snarky commenting and much needed breaks from the flashing lights expected.

(21:21:32) RT @adsmills: Timberlake at #eurovision

(21:22:15) Fourthed

(22:18:08) RT @Jules_John: #Eurovision should be compulsory watching for "what not to wear at an interview"

(22:18:32) RT @theGeoffMcQ: Just checked and the UK jury was made up of Noel Gallagher, half of Kasabian and two bus drivers.

(22:22:39) France is doing remarkably well with the jury votes.. can't see it lasting... #Eurovision

(22:35:15) I wonder how the actual number of points is calculated... #Eurovision

(22:36:06) This is crazy. I definitely think they should do it this way in the future #Eurovision

(22:45:11) It's only just occurred to me that the "UK" in "UK Garage" stands for Ukraine.. #Eurovision

Tweets for 13 May 2016


(22:00:37) Philomena Cunk gave me laughter hiccups. I hope you're happy, @missdianemorgan & @charltonbrooker - that was too hilarious for my diaphragm.

Tweets for 12 May 2016


(19:17:34) This is kinda catchy. I have now completely forgotten the first song. No red jacket, y'see. #POL #Eurovision

Tweets for 11 May 2016


Tweets for 10 May 2016


(07:01:54) Morning. Not sure if an Anglican gameshow would work - it's got its protestants and its contestants.

(07:02:39) RT @TOther_Simon: Remember when I wrote that 'really clever' multiple-choice love song? No? Well it's here.

(07:21:06) It's that sort of rain for which no suitable coat exists. Be careful out there.

(14:00:57) This is really good: pleasure vs. happiness. I would like @superalora to read this, since she already has insights.

(19:49:37) OK... one tweet as me (@Eurosyzygy will be tweeting for the contest proper) but #Armenia blew me away - top 3 for sure. #Eurovision

(19:57:18) Extensive use of wind machine this year. #Eurovision

Tweets for 09 May 2016


(09:38:37) I've got a #BTCC hangover - so sunny at @thruxtonracing yesterday. Pics to follow.. this is how to fix a racing car.

(17:35:08) Going through photos from the weekend, I think @SennaProctor66 wins the 'most fun on two wheels' award @UKClioCup

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Tweets for 06 May 2016


(08:22:04) I'm very wary of touch buttons that don't look like buttons. Gentle stroking buttons. Accidental brush with elbow buttons. All that stuff.

Tweets for 05 May 2016


(11:24:01) It's NEARLY(ish) @EUROVISION - some cracking songs.. I especially like Austria, Sweden and Spain. But Netherlands will probably win.

(20:51:43) Choco Leibnitz? Ooh no. I won't eat a chamfered biscuit.

Tweets for 04 May 2016


(11:09:26) I like the phrase "Mob-handed."

(21:15:00) Just catching up with the latest season of @FagsMagsandBags - it is #amazingandgreat. Nice one, @govindajeggy, @OmarRaza + co! #sake

Tweets for 03 May 2016


(10:03:48) Secretly, I always wanted to speak like a British Airways pilot.

Tweets for 02 May 2016


(09:20:17) My pal Liz is playing a festival in #Wales - if you're in the area, definitely worth a watch!

(20:10:30) Well fed, well rested, and in no fit state to countenance the remainder of the working week, regardless of how short it is #BankHolidayBliss

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Tweets for 30 Apr 2016


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