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(15:07:36) I wonder what, in the music industry, determines whether a credit is "Producer feat. Singer" or just "Singer"..? Ego of producer..?

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Tweets for 26 Apr 2016


(10:13:24) I was BORN turning it off and on again.

Tweets for 25 Apr 2016


(11:27:25) Happy birthday to my best mate's sister @Mad4mogzz

(11:28:21) Every day's a school day. Fortunately, every night isn't a school night.

(15:53:49) One of my colleagues asked if there was a song called "Wow".. I said yeah.. Kylie had a hit with "Wow" a couple of years back. COUPLE? 2008!

Tweets for 24 Apr 2016


(16:29:23) Seems legit. https://t.co/8Ti00edsM9

Tweets for 23 Apr 2016


(08:54:22) Morning. Listening to 6music. It's the radio station equivalent of a Real Ale festival. Like Heart is a crate of 12 WKD. All of them blue.

(13:35:07) Not sure it's gone very well for #Channel4's Google SEO ... that's a bit of a broken link below the main page... https://t.co/QQfKBZ58KH

Tweets for 22 Apr 2016


(14:00:47) Things I never realised existed until I discovered it on Wikipedia: The German Orthography Reform of 1996. https://t.co/9X5h2uH9GG

Tweets for 21 Apr 2016


(07:31:29) Happy birthday to the Queeg.

(12:00:42) Anyone who writes scripts or programmes that creates filenames with spaces in should take a long hard look at themselves. Or I will.

(13:48:40) Is there anything more nerve-juddering than smooth jazz over a flaky VoIP line? #PleaseWaitForYourConferenceToBegin #OfficeLife

(21:05:11) RT @edtjones: @syzygy just keep adding speech marks around your vars until you get the right thjng. And curly braces.

Tweets for 20 Apr 2016


(17:11:05) Totally going home. In a minute.

Tweets for 19 Apr 2016


(07:26:48) I'm actually quite surprised by the amount of decent songs in the charts at the moment. The top 10 is only really ruined by Drake.

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Tweets for 17 Apr 2016


(19:21:54) RT @kerouanton: https://t.co/p8NzA8Br4Z

(22:21:43) Maybe it's a Sunday evening thing, but I'm seeing lots of song lyrics being questioned in my Twitter timeline this evening...

Tweets for 16 Apr 2016


(12:36:22) Enjoying virtual coverage of Donington #BTCC courtesy of @TSLTiming https://t.co/PZO2Qmz1nQ & @AlanHydeStudio audio https://t.co/eu1Uc8xAyV

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Tweets for 13 Apr 2016


(16:27:10) Waterman's been. I don't think his name is Pete.

(19:30:21) Today I have mostly won at a Major Incident. Also: What is the strongest, least corrosive metal in the world? I need some for my dishwasher.

(21:41:15) Apache 2.4 is so fussy now. "Headers containing invalid characters (including underscores) are now silently dropped" https://t.co/XF4ZvBt3cP

Tweets for 12 Apr 2016


(17:02:06) I'm not really sure what ontological means. So I'll probably not bother using it in a sentence.

(20:56:36) After nearly two years of tinkering with home automation, I'm finally getting round to reading the manual. Might make it more comprehensible

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Tweets for 10 Apr 2016


(11:30:44) Watching #SpaceXDragon dock with #ISS supplies. The best bit is when @astro_timpeake goes through the list of substitutions. #onlineshopping

(20:23:11) For me, #Elementary is pretty much the zenith of compelling television. Especially with gin.

Tweets for 09 Apr 2016


(15:43:38) I didn't realise that cats weren't completely unhelpful... https://t.co/8dNHuJOGnq

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Tweets for 07 Apr 2016


(12:28:39) This is a pretty cool offering from @vauxhall - if you're an up-coming band, you could get a free van to tour with: https://t.co/Dq7zaRfa70

(12:31:49) I didn't realise that Kiev is actually slightly south of here.

Tweets for 06 Apr 2016


(07:10:17) I don't know if it's just Yahoo News but often a report will quote "a person familiar with the matter." I totally want to be one of them.

(20:28:58) Watching Drive on ITV with @jasonplato and VernonKay'sInEverythingOnITV. It's quite amusing.. wish I could do that. Benefits of celebrity...

Tweets for 05 Apr 2016


(20:14:24) Two and a half hours. Surely it shouldn't take that long to fill in a change request? (It took 10 minutes to actually do the change :D)

Tweets for 04 Apr 2016


(08:22:02) This bit of Luton doesn't smell good this morning.

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Tweets for 02 Apr 2016


(09:19:44) Free practice 1 on the first #BTCC weekend for 2016. I can hear @AlanHydeStudio on the commentary (bottom of page) https://t.co/OSfUxcbkDk

(11:22:25) Playing some @intlBeige rock music while I do the housework. It seems the right thing to do.

Tweets for 01 Apr 2016


(17:54:13) It's only since listening to this @BBCRadio4 programme - https://t.co/s3wVsOUOvS - that I realise how much Molesworth 1 was my role model.

Tweets for 31 Mar 2016


(09:03:46) In celebration of my beautiful wife @poots's birthday, we're going on a trip to Iceland later. SO EXCITED! They do great pizzas for cheap.

(17:10:47) With the sad loss of Ronnie Corbett, it's only right that we should light four candles to his memory. No.. four candles..

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