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Tweets for 30 Mar 2016


(18:21:55) Daughter Child made meatballs for dinner. Well done Daughter Child.

Tweets for 29 Mar 2016


(07:24:01) Morning. Going back to work. Because I'm worth it.

(07:28:00) I'll save my certificate authority woes until I get home, natch. (Sorry @poots)

(19:02:28) Yay! It's @TinTopTuesday! What a way to start the #BTCC season :)

Tweets for 28 Mar 2016


(08:49:56) Morning. Not overly impressed with the whole "feeling like the house is in a car wash" thing going on this morning.

Tweets for 26 Mar 2016


(11:13:00) I am tweeting and not doing housework. Still. Lordy.

Tweets for 26 Mar 2016


(11:13:00) I am tweeting and not doing housework. Still. Lordy.

Tweets for 25 Mar 2016


(16:01:06) It's bad out there #bankholidaytraffic

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Tweets for 23 Mar 2016


(22:23:58) I keep forgetting the phrase "confirmation bias", but that's because I keep not seeing it everywhere.

Tweets for 22 Mar 2016


(19:25:25) I call it 'Pininterest' and I don't care.

(22:42:32) After the excitement of renewing SSL certificates on my website, I think I'm going to bed. All puffed out now. N'night. Please sleep well.

Tweets for 21 Mar 2016


Tweets for 20 Mar 2016


(09:20:19) I made it to page 14 (of 128) of the white paper on education before giving in to despair. That's what they want, isn't it...

(11:34:27) Only two weeks to go until the @DunlopBTCC 2016 season starts! #exciting #vroom #BTCC

Tweets for 19 Mar 2016


(10:59:15) It's that time again... offspring about to do the musical scraping along with the…

(18:10:52) RRS Boaty McBoatface would make a great name for the new polar research vessel #NameOurShip

(18:29:02) Our neighbours are keen to welcome pedestrian onto their drive. Or into their hedge...

(21:32:26) The common cold. has wrapped its bony arms around me and won't let go until it's all done its viral stuff. Only known antidote: BED / ginsip

Tweets for 18 Mar 2016


(07:51:57) Morning. Is it not a fair proposition that no money for a service funded by public taxes should ever end up as profit for corporations?

(20:48:59) RT @davidschneider: So glad the government's imposing a top-down reorganisation of schools as it worked so well with the NHS.

(22:02:36) Trying to keep up (catch up) with #DrunkHistory

(22:05:20) "Stay on the mat, Trince, you're dripping" #DrunkHistory

(22:06:09) They should so do a #DrunkHistory drinking game.

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Tweets for 16 Mar 2016


(08:28:23) RT @kyleswager: "Don’t Forget The “C” in your Hump-Day edition of @BritishTech NEWS. #Tech #Podcast :…

(10:57:54) I don't know what "Je ne sais quoi" means.

(21:50:16) I've just learned what civil twilight is. It's not what you think. Actually, it probably is.

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Tweets for 14 Mar 2016


(08:21:56) It's all very well the Americans celebrating pi day, but their clocks have already gone forward. Cue confused meeting times.. morning!

(11:20:45) I don't suppose you know what my voicemail PIN is, do you?

(12:50:42) "For historical reasons, Internet Explorer identifies itself as a Mozilla browser." Blehh.

(17:22:18) I have a rather unhealthy appreciation of terrible, terrible home-made rap music.This sort of disturbs me.

(22:59:37) I quite like the original version of the mighty Pnau / Elton John "Sad" song. - normally I don't like his stuff.

Tweets for 13 Mar 2016


(16:52:31) Cleaning a keyboard with a 'sleep' button on it is something of a risk.

(18:57:12) It doesn't seem like any time since I had to put a '32k' version of audio on my website for dial-up folks. Not sure there's any need now...

(21:36:16) Next time I'm on a conference call to the states I shall use the phrase "And good day to YOU sir." Probably about halfway throuugh.

Tweets for 11 Mar 2016


(09:14:47) RT @Cakefolder: Possibilities - the album - now available to download on Amazon MP3 via @AmazonUK

(11:38:35) Having to Google to find out how to do something in Word makes me think it wasn't designed with this in mind:

(11:39:02) (it's "Insert section break" incidentally)

(12:29:51) RT @hellymoo: CURRENT MOOD: ILL

(14:03:48) I just got sent a link to a Daily Mail story which showed a 'massive rat'. Which was big because it was CLOSER TO THE CAMERA. *sigh*

(19:13:54) I've got my weekend trousers on. Uhuh yeah.

(22:02:43) The excellent @cakefolder released "Possibilities" today - check it out in Mr Spotify's Emporium #live #housemusic

Tweets for 10 Mar 2016


(19:22:33) Some interesting performancing ahead at the hatfactory courtesy of @cryingout_loud #circatsuica…

(22:15:57) Not the sort of thing one sees every day. Remarkable performance by #CircusBrass at the hatfactory

Tweets for 09 Mar 2016


(22:13:26) This is entirely 'true' - that @TOther_Simon makes an amusable tune.

Tweets for 08 Mar 2016


(08:43:35) hats on let's do this.

(15:52:24) The song "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd is ~not~ about a dental appointment.

Tweets for 07 Mar 2016


(08:55:57) From @audioBoom reposted by @topgold - a talk by @FrankHannigan "Command your life, don't try to control it" Perfect

(10:28:43) There, @LedHutLtd, I fixed it...

Tweets for 06 Mar 2016


(23:06:32) A mighty fine song.

Tweets for 05 Mar 2016


(13:58:08) Big ol' lumps of #uksnow in #Luton right now ... 7/10 LU2

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Tweets for 03 Mar 2016


(20:29:53) I did do some music for @RPMChallenge 2015 - 10 songs written & recorded in February. You can hear it if you like:

Tweets for 02 Mar 2016


(11:09:25) Great to see that Diffie and Hellman have won the AM Turing award. Nothing weak or ephemeral about those two.

(13:56:00) In my continuing aspiration to gain a title, I'm now looking at "The Right Honourable james Hart" So I need to get onto the Privy Council.

(14:17:03) I still have no idea what a Web Slice Gallery is.

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Tweets for 29 Feb 2016


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