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Tweets for 29 Nov 2015


(00:32:36) I'm older than Canada's prime minister. (just)

(21:42:28) Watching #TheHunt; half the time it's marvelling at the ingenuity & savagery of nature, the other half is going "HOW did they film that..?"

Tweets for 28 Nov 2015


(11:27:04) On few shows other than @BBCRadio4's #ThinkingAllowed would I hear the words "oracular", "pyrrhic" & the apparently made-up "exsists".

(11:56:27) The slightly braver contingent of #gardenbirds popping by for lunch while I was still outside...

(17:19:16) New movie idea: Raiders of the Lost Mini USB cable.

(20:07:52) g'n't'#DoctorWho yeah

(21:27:58) RT @caulftweets: Because women can't be designers, comedians or authors, obvs.

Tweets for 27 Nov 2015


(11:52:55) Just saw this on Amazon's black friday deals page.. - surely ~anything at all~ left outside is a squirrel feeder.

(13:13:46) This is the cutest thing.

(16:03:55) There's an excellent @BaldExplorer programme on @CommChanTV about this & Shrewsbury's canals

Tweets for 26 Nov 2015


(07:54:37) Well, I'm impressed - there's a new, tiny, fully functioning computer available.. free on the front of a magazine!

(08:36:35) I hope all my American pals do a lovely Thankingsgive.

(11:34:00) I keep getting RSGB and RSPB confused. I think I'm a member of both...

(13:42:04) A strange photo where my little Aygo looks bigger than a Zafira...

(19:04:42) RT @DredgeLand: Live at SEVEN PM. LISTEN IN!

(19:51:40) RT @TOther_Simon: "Hi, do you sell recorders?"

(19:51:45) RT @TOther_Simon: "That's very kind of you."

(22:14:31) I'm fairly sure a sugar puff has been following me around the house.

Tweets for 25 Nov 2015


(02:39:02) I'm not sure I could fill this in any better :D @poots

Tweets for 24 Nov 2015


(11:42:44) I just invented a new word: misapprehensation.

Tweets for 23 Nov 2015


Tweets for 22 Nov 2015


Tweets for 21 Nov 2015


Tweets for 20 Nov 2015


Tweets for 19 Nov 2015


(08:30:52) Retweeting and sharing

(08:31:49) If I had more money than I knew what to do with, I would buy an empty supermarket and start my very own Bric A Brac Megastore. Yeah.

(18:18:43) I used to be an adventurous yoghurt eater..

(19:42:47) I'm going to have to listen to this if only to find out what on earth it's all about...

(21:34:43) Oooh! Elementary is back. HURRAH.

(21:35:42) There may well be bed.

Tweets for 18 Nov 2015


(08:10:45) RT @poots: Today I discovered that the Health and Safety executive do a 'mythbuster' on media reports and do a podcast!…

Tweets for 17 Nov 2015


Tweets for 16 Nov 2015


(08:17:47) I've just had to put Twitter down in bafflement.. ...why would people do this? Any of this? (including buzzfeed)

(19:14:52) I've just heard of a French cake thing called Croquembouche. IT TAKES FOUR DAYS TO MAKE. #ViveLaFrance

Tweets for 15 Nov 2015


Tweets for 14 Nov 2015


(10:00:12) There are some fantastic videos of historic #Sussex on @YouTube, presented by the @BaldExplorer /cc @bexhillmuseum

(18:29:56) RT @RadioToday: UTV is bringing back its pop-up Christmas stations! #hohoho

(18:38:06) Woahh.. @poots has put on an edition of #Horizon first broadcast on the day she was born!

(20:34:06) Quality Buggles specs #DoctorWho #AgeOfPlastic

(20:36:04) All gone a bit GladOS #DoctorWho

(20:40:57) There was a Star Trek Next Gen episode about people not getting enough sleep. And also one about me going to work most days. #DoctorWho

Tweets for 13 Nov 2015


(09:38:40) Daily greet.

(22:48:53) RT @joashraul: In Paris right now, and need a safe place, check out people opening their door. Hashtag is #PorteOuverte

Tweets for 12 Nov 2015


(19:32:19) RT @DredgeLand: LIVE ON @WandsworthRadio

Tweets for 11 Nov 2015


(08:13:22) What can I say? I like cheese.

(17:20:52) I wonder how much of my life I have spent watching something spinning around in the middle of my computer screen. Probably too much.

(22:55:15) Must remember to power down all my computers, Mark Morrison style. Re: Turn off the mac.

(22:56:00) And if you thought that was bad, an existential pun from the 1970s popped into my head earlier. It was so bad I deliberately forgot it.

Tweets for 10 Nov 2015


(15:49:20) My leg hairs are on fleek.

Tweets for 09 Nov 2015


(22:33:23) Bwahahaha!

Tweets for 08 Nov 2015


(16:07:32) I suppose I'm going to have to do some Freecycling.

Tweets for 07 Nov 2015


(08:57:32) Oh wonderful.. @neilsleat has posted on @Audioboo some #PeterDonaldson promos (also feat. @corrie_corfield) #Radio4

(09:46:27) I get a sense I might have to go to B&Q. In this weather.

(20:52:47) Totally baffed by this week's #DoctorWho

Tweets for 06 Nov 2015


Tweets for 05 Nov 2015


(20:00:04) This evening I discovered that my Dad had no idea who Katy Hopkins is. How wonderful it would be to live in his world.

(21:11:43) I've just seen fit to look up online why little neon indicators flicker, and the answer is that I still don't know. Something about mains?

Tweets for 04 Nov 2015


(16:12:35) Did you check "Include this item" on at least one item above? (radio button) Why apply logic to a form when you can get a user to do it? #UX

(19:48:08) Asda's rockin' the @WHS_Carpet look this evening...

(20:42:45) Happity birtday, the @brennig!

Tweets for 03 Nov 2015


(08:10:22) Go well, Mr Peter Donaldson - one of the finest voices of #Radio4 continuity #RIP

(08:14:20) Can't be sitting in front of a computer all morning.. better get showered and dressed and then go to work #sittinginfrontofacomputerismyjob

(23:48:44) It's got to that time of night when I'm waiting for a crap song to come onto Spotify so I can turn it off and go to bed... night!

Tweets for 02 Nov 2015


Tweets for 01 Nov 2015


(11:57:25) Putting glass in the recycling box is one of the loudest things in the world.

(20:17:24) I've just been introduced to "A taste of Mark Morriss"- it is frankly the most refined piece of unhinged genius I've heard in ages @TheQuill

Tweets for 31 Oct 2015


(12:22:41) Great to see @NickDoody's stand-up last night. Who? Listen to the credits of the funniest #radio4 & #4extra comedies - you'll hear his name.

(12:23:00) RT @AIS_UK: Announcing the launch of our free downloads page.Liners are free for you to use.Voiced by @1969Steve @dreamy_lyrics @syzygy & @

(17:07:44) Thank you to Mary at @LutonPoetrySoc for allowing @superalora and me to play at the Lights poetry recital this afternoon. We enjoyed it.

(17:13:59) There is hilarity in the lounge as @nxmee and @superalora are watching some nonsense with @DanNerdCubed in. He is quite amusing, to be fair.

(17:34:08) I blame @DaveGorman for me Twitter searching for things like "Trickle treating" . And yes, it is a thing, @nxmee..

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