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(17:15:01) Intriguing sculpture on the #Luton to #Dunstable #busway

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Tweets for 28 Aug 2015


(18:46:43) Inertia is fighting against infinity.

Tweets for 27 Aug 2015


(15:55:50) What's all this about squashed peaches?

(18:22:16) If you're thinking of changing your password, don't forget to choose one that the hackers have already tried.

Tweets for 26 Aug 2015


(13:24:10) My Urban Cookie Collective authentication API is coming along really well. I've got the key, I've got the secret.

(14:00:16) I do hope my 2003 Prius is in there :D

Tweets for 25 Aug 2015


(07:12:51) Since I'm never going to have a formal title, I have decided to become an ombudsman. It's something to aspire to.

(12:30:30) OMBUDSMANRY!

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Tweets for 17 Aug 2015


(18:46:16) Given that I will never have a formal title of any distinction, I consider the only alternative is to add "De Pfeffel" to my middle names.

Tweets for 16 Aug 2015


(18:24:57) Sleepy weekend nearly done with. Amazing how long it takes me to recover from overnight working, especially now i'm out of the habit..

(18:26:24) Great to see @davidevanlloyd, @laura_hobson, their little one and slightly bigger @TheGarethLloyd earlier - thanks for having us round! :)

(18:28:45) Is this on @perrygascoine's list of places to visit..? :D

(18:33:31) RT @SimonNRicketts: A hedgehog composes the music to a plot-revealing scene in a psychological thriller.

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Tweets for 13 Aug 2015


(08:34:31) Comedy producers: ensure you get your show on @BBCRadio4 by including the following in the end credits: "Written by James Kettle" #comedy

Tweets for 12 Aug 2015


(15:39:33) Certificate expiries make me feel very insecure.

Tweets for 11 Aug 2015


(12:21:16) This chicken and vegetable soup tastes like peppermint.

(12:28:29) I'm going down.. to Alphabet Street(view).

(19:52:18) I really don't like how close this character's hair gets to the overhead lines #subwaysurfers #healthandsafety

Tweets for 10 Aug 2015


(08:55:07) A breathtakingly inspirational programme on #radio &

(11:20:30) Truly, truly exquisite.

(15:00:03) Help spread the word to get T-Mobile to #sayyestoFMchip and unlock free FM radio!

(19:36:09) I'm rather delighted to be staunchly bottom of the company Fantasy Premiership League. I aim to continue this trend until I forget about it.

(19:56:52) They should do a show called "24 hours in polite company."

Tweets for 09 Aug 2015


(18:35:00) Got to think of your future.

(18:43:50) It's a banana dilemma. Do I have an old banana, and risk the new banana getting old, or a new banana, wasting a banana? #firstworldproblems

(19:00:40) Banana dilemma solved! #1

(19:00:45) Banana dilemma solved! #2

Tweets for 08 Aug 2015


(09:05:14) It's just too easy to buy stuff on Amazon. I'm up to one item a month at the moment...

(15:39:22) Good use of time...

(20:09:10) The offspring have been demonstrating the "Whip / Nae Nae" song. Think Black Lace's "Superman" over a hip-hop beat.

Tweets for 07 Aug 2015


(10:23:14) I wonder who chooses the sound of the horn for a new vehicle. In some cases they are clearly idiots.

Tweets for 06 Aug 2015


(19:09:04) Ooh.. apparently a favourite cocktail of mine (coconut rum & root beer) is called a "Mug Shot". Delicious it is, too.

(19:11:01) Being able to check something is true isn't just a bit fiable.

Tweets for 05 Aug 2015


(21:45:49) I reckon @BBCRadio4 should commission @johndredge's Nothing To Do With Anything Show. It's 793% better than Sketchorama. #Comedy #Radio4

Tweets for 04 Aug 2015


(09:20:34) I'm going to change my password BEFORE I'm asked to.

Tweets for 03 Aug 2015


(08:46:48) The pen is mightier than the s-word.

(16:21:19) Holy crap. Listening to FM processed radio on-line through headphone makes my insides hurt. @amazingradio I'm talking about you.

(17:01:32) I'm a dBA.

(19:11:58) "A.. O.. let's go" That's branding that I would have thought of (you can tell I don't often watch telly ads!). Genius. @ao

Tweets for 02 Aug 2015


(08:44:21) It always bothers me when I see IT people in drama series & movies that THEY never end up backspacing and shouting "oh for crying out loud!"

(08:48:46) There is some lovely brutal honesty about the way Haribo has labelled this "Frenzy edition"…

(18:38:34) Oh yeah #Yonderland catch-up.

Tweets for 01 Aug 2015


(07:53:40) Holy smokes. This is phenomenal. <- 1,000 people playing a Foo Fighters classic. /via @poots & @trevypoos

(17:31:07) Woo.. the first episode is live: - gonna listen when I've finished work #strangenessinspace

Tweets for 31 Jul 2015


(09:14:59) I told my Dad not to bother with Windows 10... if it ain't broke, don't fix it (he's on Windows 7) ... good advice?

(12:11:29) I haven't received a thing from Uptown Funk yet.

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