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Tweets for 30 Jul 2015


(16:43:46) Love this sort of thing.. https://t.co/PdCbpqTaOS

(21:19:21) Noodling done for the evening. Now: Bed.

Tweets for 29 Jul 2015


(09:18:06) No matter how bleak the world looks to you today, consider that - at least - you didn't kill a lion.

(16:35:16) Of the four Windows 7 / 8.1 / Phone thingies I've got at home, I wonder how many will have Windows 10 by the end of the day.. #geekout

(17:53:55) The telly has just gone on, playing Judge Rinder. I think my reaction was: "What the heck is this..?" It's like Jeremy Kyle with a frock on.

(18:01:00) Oh pickles. It wasn't windows 10.

Tweets for 28 Jul 2015


(12:49:52) How to avoid work #1334234: Ask for logfiles which could not possibly have been taken. *sigh*

(12:56:42) RT @johndredge: @syzygy

Tweets for 27 Jul 2015


(09:31:17) Today's temptation: shout "OK Google" over the work tannoy.

(11:19:01) No. No I don't even lift.

(11:19:39) Work email catch-up conquered in 3 hours. OH YEAH. #betterthanlifting

(12:33:38) Thanks, Sharepoint. Thanks a lot. #Vague http://t.co/2MuXPW7nAO

Tweets for 26 Jul 2015


(22:29:21) Listening to @vobes's account of his coffee shop experience - I would love to run a genuinely friendly, competent shop with decent coffee.

Tweets for 25 Jul 2015


(17:30:38) I've just been shown this by @poots - best news trolling EVER https://t.co/3LDdxOTDo8

(17:48:37) Thanks @mssres - always good to get the real story! https://t.co/DsS7Hds1tJ

Tweets for 24 Jul 2015


(17:35:51) Lenni: "You only had me because you wanted a prime number of children!" <- it's (partly) true.

(19:39:20) So many rich delights at the Cambridge Centre for Computing History... I got the high score on… https://t.co/uScGDrdh70

Tweets for 23 Jul 2015


Tweets for 22 Jul 2015


(12:24:54) For safety's sake - please throw those plug covers away. (h/t @sacs) https://t.co/vFNLm4kwte

Tweets for 21 Jul 2015


(07:50:41) A top-notch comedy-filled drive to Cambridge ahead, with last night's I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue and this week's @JohnDredge podcast. Yay!

Tweets for 20 Jul 2015


(13:18:19) THIS IS MAJOR! https://t.co/abbh2WoYrK

(22:36:50) That moment, half way through clearing out paperwork when I realise the pile for the shredder and the pile for recycling have swapped. Bed.

Tweets for 19 Jul 2015


(07:09:02) RT @alaindebotton: Please don't say you haven't been warned...: https://t.co/uR7YlbJZWp

(08:05:36) If I had a business, it would very likely be powered by custard :D https://t.co/zAcKmvmsNM

(08:11:24) That asteroid with the platinum core - it's mine, OK? #GetInThereFirst #IfICanCatchIt

(10:53:10) Baby steps. Always the baby steps.

(10:54:11) RT @freakonometrics: sorting algorithm (in one gif) http://t.co/BlhEMqpXan http://t.co/vPFGLzPFYH

Tweets for 18 Jul 2015


(08:54:06) Were trying to persuade Lenni that the Mallory Towers series is the prequel to Star Wars.

(10:23:24) An excellent listen, as usual - #ThinkingAllowed this week covers the sociology of offshore call centres http://t.co/YIny1o7M96 #bbcradio4

(10:47:39) Comedy writers: please note, nobody says "very well" any more. "OK, then" or "fair enough" work perfectly well. #minorirritation

(10:48:59) I'm not grumpy this morning, incidnetslly.. I've been saving these "observations" up until I've got slightly too much time on my hands.

(10:49:23) #thumbplastertypos

(10:51:26) I love Imperial Leather foamburst shower gel stuff but either either it's only enough for about 10 showers or there's been a mice foam party

(11:02:00) There's a business consultancy called "Powered By Custard." I can't work out if that's the best thing in the world or not.

(11:32:28) If you've recently bought a @Lenovo laptop you might want to look at this: http://t.co/fVtxgW4NPm - poor decision to bundle this software!

(11:38:26) I wonder how much a computer would cost if a bunch of crap software wasn't pre-installed by the manufacturer. I'd probably pay it.

(13:42:42) Grumbling about the reluctance of bike shops to service my bike. General gist: "I'd like to have my bike serviced." "Oh."

(14:19:38) Bit warm out. Careful what you leave in your car.

Tweets for 17 Jul 2015


(09:39:15) Woah.. what a cool job! https://t.co/ILlWiV9MVV

(14:13:19) I've never had an apple with a worm in it. Is that still a thing? I've never knowingly had an apple with a worm in it...

Tweets for 16 Jul 2015


Tweets for 15 Jul 2015


(08:35:19) Amazon Prime have a 240GB SSD drive for less than £50 until midday.. that is a very economical way to refresh a PC or laptop! #PrimeDay

(08:49:00) It's a jolly, jolly thing. https://t.co/tqCNWPE61C

(19:16:27) I fancy some 80s music while I catch up with my 2010s email.. time to join @1969Steve on @treehouse_radio for a bit... #THRadio

(19:54:26) Just signed up to "easyfundraising" to help our local scouts. I guess I should have done that ~before~ #PrimeDay ...

Tweets for 14 Jul 2015


(21:33:06) That's not the kettle of fish I ordered.

Tweets for 13 Jul 2015


Tweets for 12 Jul 2015


(17:05:01) RT @johndredge: podcast episode 3 tomorrow folks #nutty #zany #wacky #notveryserious

Tweets for 11 Jul 2015


(11:04:13) I'm hungry. (points will be given for the correct response).

(11:04:35) RT @johndredge: Episode 2 contains a very silly parody of Get Carter which seems to have gone down quite well! http://t.co/5beNQw1jnE

(11:15:41) Sour cream and chive Pringles. Lovely unless you're sitting in front of someone else eating them 😓

Tweets for 10 Jul 2015


(12:34:58) This is a compelling video - and will make me question whether to buy @Bose products in the future. https://t.co/YWNnhe0IXW

(14:09:31) Good grief... am I? #apostropheabuse #pedant http://t.co/Cr6pFHLeKP

(14:12:58) A very happy birthday to The Neil Tennant https://t.co/LEydjQ2kg6 https://t.co/0MtBhZDycB

(14:14:20) Apparently my colleagues are running a fantasy football league. I have signed up and selected players by the lengths of their names, mainly.

(20:10:49) RT @Strangeness_in: @syzygy @Execcer @sophie_aldred @trevandsimon why hello James Hart!

(20:11:21) Imagine,arriving home to discover that all your EXIF data had been stolen.

Tweets for 09 Jul 2015


(07:27:16) *chuckles* https://t.co/PcGbSruBKS

(19:01:48) I wish I had the skillz! https://t.co/3SnPy6geyQ

Tweets for 08 Jul 2015


(17:44:04) Hopefully I'll have the chance to tune in! :) https://t.co/ZRArtV9LoV

(18:08:26) Lordy. While Lenni was talking about her school assembly, she just dropped "Yeah, it was Johnny Ball" into the conversation. JOHNNY BALL!

(18:10:23) Apparently he goes there quite often.

(18:54:24) Animated gifs used to be rubbish.

Tweets for 07 Jul 2015


(11:28:58) Tuesday. It stands for "Takes unnecessary exception, so doesn't acknowedge you." And that's why I don't like Tuesdays.

Tweets for 06 Jul 2015


(07:35:12) MONDAY. It stands for "Manky old newspapers don't advise you."

(12:36:16) Lunchtime activities of choice: 1. do expenses. 2. lean the banjo 3. go to poundland. So far I've started 1. I could do so much better.

(13:19:23) This is worth at least two listens - one to enjoy the jokes, another to enjoy the fantastic audio production #comedy https://t.co/xkuAuQz5od

Tweets for 05 Jul 2015


(13:38:40) We are conjugating the verb "blancmanger." #sundaylunch

Tweets for 04 Jul 2015


(09:29:25) RT @poots: @GHOGIT @RobJD @syzygy Too right! :) https://t.co/500LAGZHiF

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