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(12:33:43) It doesn't feel like a Tuesday. It doesn't feel like a Monday. It feels like a Tunday.

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(19:02:48) My goodness, this is a seriously meme-laden Delta Airlines safety video - MUCH AEROPLANE (h/t @nxmee)

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(09:32:03) I'm still utterly bewitched by Sweden's #Eurovision2015 performance nearly two days after I saw it. How can it possibly not win? #SWE

(10:31:11) This is not a good aroma combination - Greggs vs. Lush. Ughs.

(10:51:46) I'm not so much "Breaking Bad" as "Broken Dad"

(19:03:12) It's #Eurovision2015 time! I will be tweeting from my @eurosyzygy account... might see you there!

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(21:19:03) A great idea I heard earlier: If you wish to read a newspaper you should relinquish your right to vote. Harsh but fair.

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(18:33:21) If you miss the @Weekendery's finest feature, why not check out the Traffle News every week on @audioBoom! #Comedy

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(17:54:49) How do I explain to @poots that I stayed late at work to finish some normal distribution graphs in Excel..? Better get home #dirtystopout

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(08:35:00) Lenni and I have had a robin for company in the garden this afternoon. The sunshine's working wonders…

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(15:17:04) The strimmer: a tool of such versatility it's pretty much all I need to do the garden. With patience, I'm sure one could fell a tree with it

(16:04:07) RT @johndredge: @syzygy

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(13:19:22) I wonder if @perrygascoine has got the Perry-scope app. HAHAHAHA. Ha.

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(07:33:56) Fluorescent beverages. Max strength. Yum.

(08:03:59) RT @goitsagch: Crawley Green Road #Luton near Somerset Avenue closed due to accident. Avoid the area.

(16:28:48) Failing to plan is planning to make things interesting.

(21:08:42) Bit of a personal best today, in terms of longevity.

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(18:04:16) One of those "two unrelated tweets next to each other that somehow work" moments... @Aiannucci (Break a leg!)

(18:32:37) Loll.

(21:08:20) I haven't been able to catch @TinTopTuesday but I hope @AlanHydeStudio mentions @SophiaFloersch's fantastic drive!

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(14:48:27) It's fluffy things all over the garden season.

(16:12:59) RT @nickpiggott: At least this University text book is fairly honest.

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(09:42:10) Wow. #Thruxton spectator area is more populous than last year - it's still a while until the first race! #BTCC

(16:08:26) RT @poots: Absolutely amazing race, not an easy win by any means, she is a brilliant driver.

(16:14:33) Just about to kick off on the final drivey race of the day. Hoping for an entertaining 16 (or so) laps. There will be video... #BTCC

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(10:37:59) Watching the Driving About race #Thruxton #ClioCup #BTCC @ Thruxton

(20:03:46) There are some places of which I will never tire.

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(07:09:22) MT @marcyeats: #FollowNow @syzygyensemble A fantastic, exciting #newmusic from Australia with excellent musicians.

(07:37:22) RT @RyanJohnNelson: This election is a pretty good example of how we construct our Twitter feeds as echo chambers of people who think like …

(09:20:11) RT @TheMichaelMoran: The real message of #GE2015? It's a victory for Maggie. (via @digitalspy)

(11:19:22) Congratulations to @gavinshuker on his success in continuing to represent Luton South as an MP. #GE2015 #GeneralElection2015

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(07:06:34) Thing 1: The only coverage I have seen of this general election has been through the media of political satire. Not sure if that's helped...

(07:07:57) Thing 2: I was asleep within 5 minutes last night. Last thought: trying to remember the Duran Duran side project that wasn't Power Station.

(12:44:46) Oops.. maybe @LutonOnSunday needs to update their picture library ;)

(18:07:52) Yooooouu muuusst vooooooote... #hypnoleaflet

(18:43:22) Quite a few democraciers coming to do a votes today. Some have even travelled by pink scooter. @ St…

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(08:25:08) Off on a damp day trip to the East End...

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(11:51:00) Gosh.. Thursday's general election is going to be a tough decision for me. I'm torn about whether to vote for Georgia, Lithuania or Armenia.

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(11:21:55) At the top of the hour, the children (and I) take over @MintFM for a couple of hours of mayhem and nonsense - it's Random At Hart! #MintFM

(21:57:28) RT @CalmWaters73: so many mixed emotions, less than 5 minutes to the last hour of MintFM, please join us. #fb

(22:04:02) Joining @CalmWaters73, @GShang and @clairebland1 for a poignant final hour of @MintFM. #MintFM

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(09:21:14) Listening to @Dreamy_lyrics playing some splendid Finnish music as part of @MintFM's birthday weekend #MintFM

(09:31:53) I would add that @Dreamy_lyrics's #MintFm show is a bit on the parental advisory side.. earbuds only if children are around, I'd say!

(16:19:40) And the awards for quirkiest stairlift and most unusual use for a cardboard cut-out policeman go to...

(18:51:15) RT @clairebland1: At the top of the hour, I will be live with the last opening of the Vault on Mint FM #MintFM

(21:01:40) RT @MintFM: On now: Mac's Country Folk with Eamonn MacNeill (final). Tune in and listen at #MintFM

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(12:06:50) Is the phrase "All mouth and trousers" or "All mouth and ~no~ trousers"..? I just want to know if I need to wear trousers.

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