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Tweets for 29 Apr 2015


(09:36:13) I don't believe I spend enough time being a perpetual voyeur of what is known as "Parklife."

Tweets for 28 Apr 2015


(08:49:52) Happy #EdBalls day.

(10:43:57) I won "Ed Balls Teaches Typing" in 0.51 seconds! My rating: "ED BALLS!" http://t.co/mflMX0r7S4 #EdBalls

(12:05:24) Celebrate #EdBallsDay with a personalised card to a loved one or politician! @ThePoke #EdBalls http://t.co/SRSHg6G9bu

(12:38:48) Kudos, by the way, to @RobJD for the personalised card genius :)

(19:56:35) I'll vote for you.

Tweets for 27 Apr 2015


(07:10:16) Catching up with @txfactorshows - a series of very high quality programmes about amateur radio. They're a good watch.

(20:42:18) RT @MintFM: At the top of the hour join @1969Steve in his House of Fun for the last time on http://t.co/f7RYdHtPCi #HouseOfFun #MintFM

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Tweets for 24 Apr 2015


(20:25:13) The phrase "bear with me" originally comes from the phrase "I've got a bear with me."

Tweets for 23 Apr 2015


(07:32:35) Is it just me, or does #Luton smell a bit funny today?

Tweets for 22 Apr 2015


Tweets for 21 Apr 2015


(09:20:00) Special characters. Lovely.

(22:07:35) I can't work out if there's an owl or an idiot outside...

Tweets for 20 Apr 2015


(10:55:43) An idea: anyone who doesn't register to vote gets their vote distributed to pre-schools in that constituency for 2-4 year olds to choose.

(10:56:57) Happy birthday to the fantastic, epic and generally uber-talented @kyleswager!

(11:12:11) I do like the word 'realm'.


(13:07:11) Also, I'm getting increasingly irked by Microsoft Office's informal tone. Enough to make me vote for a preschooler. http://t.co/0NekQJl2ii

Tweets for 19 Apr 2015


(15:25:21) I made this squirrel drop the nut he was eating to take this photo. Can't think he was all that… https://t.co/hDnm1MF4Ar

Tweets for 18 Apr 2015


(08:51:38) Hoping to catch up with @sm2n and @perrygascoine for Record Store Day 2015 at David's Music, Letchworth. Live music and EVERYTHING #RSD15

(08:52:10) Suppose I'd better get the housework finished, then..

(14:50:16) Apparently I've got a sunburned forehead :D

(14:50:34) RT @simonmhickson: Ok. 4pm. Pic going up at 4pm. Let's RT for 12 mins and see what we can do. #strangenessinspace https://t.co/CrPvebo2iH

(17:53:17) A recording from #RSD15 at David's Music, Letchworth https://t.co/wKaxNkwcHx

(21:57:05) "Good result, Vera."

(21:58:14) RT @DeeSelected: Forget-me-nots: beautiful at the moment. http://t.co/siZrRep9JN

Tweets for 17 Apr 2015


(14:39:03) Why on earth do I have "This time we'll get it right" by the England 1982 World Cup Squad rattling around my head? #Baffling @brainitch

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Tweets for 15 Apr 2015


(16:35:07) It's been quite a day. Which is an anagram of "It's been a quiet day" but means entirely the opposite.

Tweets for 14 Apr 2015


(08:56:41) Morning. I'm on an Economy Class conference call - just like cattle class flights include a crying child, so does this call :D

(08:57:18) RT @wykefarms: RT to #win this delicious @WindyridgeCheez 'blended' cheese in our #FreeCheeseFriday® #competition this week http://t.co/04r…

(16:06:11) RT @Dreamy_lyrics: Progress Bar will progress to 100% today at 7pm UK on http://t.co/LN8sJz8DSu

(18:24:14) Tuned in to the wonderful @Dreamy_lyrics on #MintFM for some Progress Bar action. Funky.

Tweets for 13 Apr 2015


(13:28:22) RT @brennig: Simple maths question set to Singaporean/ASEAN schoolchildren.

(21:56:41) I'm impressed with the time & effort @nxmee puts into writing, recording & producing #TheIdiotBox with his pal Andrew http://t.co/8nsskcAcuX

Tweets for 12 Apr 2015


(19:24:13) RT @1969Steve: The Quiet Zone is now live on http://t.co/f4fxYXyFTG with a quiz, The Story Lady and great music! #MintFM

(19:51:58) RT @johannariley: Just missed a pass #ISS :(( BUT!!! there is another at 22.17.... look west!

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Tweets for 07 Apr 2015


(15:59:45) I found Planes, Trains and Automobiles (End Game) (http://t.co/w1WruBEeg7). #cgeo #geocaching

(20:36:31) My evening has been somewhat redefined by a raspberry pi which appears to have gone evil. Time to try a different SD card...

Tweets for 06 Apr 2015


(09:29:21) Just renewed the cert for my SSL site.. always the risk of turbulence, but it seemed to go OK. I like @startssl - it's effective and free.

(09:44:11) RT @lymesimon: Broadcasting in our DGs. Oh yes, that's the way to do it! http://t.co/yIoKYq8cyH

(09:52:49) RT @HumbersPreserve: At stockwood park today 11am-4.30pm loads of things to do and great preserves too http://t.co/RthD0TFwbX

(17:31:47) I want to buy an ice cream van, just so it can play the Keyboard Cat song.

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Tweets for 03 Apr 2015


(10:17:34) Morning. One of those Bank Holidays where I find myself pottering.. uploading recordings from the US to Freesound & ironing.. #GoodFriday

(10:20:59) RT @nxmee: Entering the BIOS http://t.co/lgpbf5uOXE

(22:59:54) God bless everyone who's working in a call centre tonight. I've spoken to some very helpful people over the past couple of days.

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Tweets for 01 Apr 2015


(08:55:36) Scurrilous misinformation! #AprilFools

(13:28:53) Here's a new comedy sketch by @johndredge https://t.co/J2TRyy4uXd IT'S EASTERY!

(18:18:01) I fancy a frisson for tea.

(21:30:35) I wish they did humourist weddings when I got married...

Tweets for 31 Mar 2015


(09:01:58) This morning I have mainly been badly translated from the original Croatian.

(12:41:39) RT @Number10cat: Every MP in the country lost their job last night. They only get reemployed if you say so. Your vote is precious; make the…

(17:29:07) At the top of the hour (7pm UK time) it's ep2 of Challenger - and yes, there's some Wing this time! #MintFM http://t.co/mg9T0q003w

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