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Tweets for 30 Mar 2015


(01:26:28) Nice mention of @ngyt_uk in this article, before it all goes a bit weird... worth reading to (nearly) the end #luton

(15:00:13) RT @AlanHydeStudio: Guess what guess what guess what?! Tin Top Tuesday returns tomorrow night! 20:00 BST. Hope to see you there! πŸš™πŸπŸ˜Š

(19:35:30) RT @mssres: @syzygy :o) β€œ@IMcMillan: The word Syzygy looks like a boat rowing down a river.”

Tweets for 28 Mar 2015


(00:24:26) Just me and my fruit salad.. @ Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW)

Tweets for 28 Mar 2015


(00:24:26) Just me and my fruit salad.. @ Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW)

Tweets for 27 Mar 2015


(02:45:48) The glow of 1980s CRTs - good times! #retroarcade #nowwashyourhands @ Checker Bar

(14:12:08) Was blimmin' snowing earlier here. No photographic evidence.

(14:12:14) Also: morning.

(20:04:39) Deep Brutalism at the Renaissance Center @ GM Renaissance Center

(20:05:44) Detroit Snow @ GM Renaissance Center

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Tweets for 25 Mar 2015


(02:59:01) This is by far the most baffling sport I have ever seen. Fortunately someone explained the rules to…

Tweets for 24 Mar 2015


(12:15:34) The security guard at Los Galane's feeds the sparrows every day - now, he just whistles and they come…

(17:38:59) I so entirely needed that. Fruit salad...

Tweets for 23 Mar 2015


(11:34:13) I just did a "he was putting his hands up for Detroit" joke and nobody got it. I'm wasted here.

(13:07:53) Wow... just read this article about loudness on YouTube - mass delivered audio is so squished! (h/t @JamesCridland)

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Tweets for 21 Mar 2015


(16:16:28) I found Rock On, Riverwalk! ( #cgeo #geocaching

(16:19:31) I found {GHQ} The Woodbridge Tavern ( #cgeo #geocaching

(16:21:54) I found Dequindre Rails ( #cgeo #geocaching

(23:25:24) Pretty much sums up Saturday afternoon shopping. @ Great Lakes Crossing Outlet

(23:27:50) Shopping Mall @ Somerset Mall

(23:28:43) Little Free Library @ Detroit RiverWalk

Tweets for 20 Mar 2015


(03:23:59) Detroit PM @ GM Renaissance Center

Tweets for 19 Mar 2015


(18:48:20) Whenever I walk around this place, I get static electric shocks from metal things. It should really be called "moving around electricity."

Tweets for 18 Mar 2015


(02:44:41) Should've gone to Specsavers. Actually, I do need to book an eye test... @ P.F. Chang's

(13:32:41) Apparently it's Canadian. Still nice, though #FrenchVanilla @ Tim Hortons - Millender Center

(14:21:55) RT @AndroidNurd: For all we know, half the birds are

Tweets for 17 Mar 2015


Tweets for 16 Mar 2015


(19:37:57) I'd start my own car insurance company, but I don't have a stupid toy to offer people if they sign up...

(23:39:22) It would appear I am the regular recipient of the email equivalent of a wrong number.

Tweets for 15 Mar 2015


(06:52:16) Happy Mothring Sunday.

Tweets for 14 Mar 2015


(10:18:07) RT @francisrowland: β€œ@bussiere: #genius #charityarcade #redcross #arcade” cc @computermuseum

(11:49:43) All over the place. Not literally. Not yet.

(12:23:58) OK.. I have it now. . Tony Stamp was the PC on the Bill and Terence Stamp is an Oscar nominated actor. They're not the same person at all.

(20:27:26) Changing my Nokia 1520 case back to the one I prefer because my screen jitteriness may well be a software problem (thanks, @DigitalAmoeba!)

Tweets for 13 Mar 2015


(11:57:17) What is it about men wearing hats indoors? Mainly fedoras. It's happened twice this week.

(13:09:14) Woah.. the Americans call paracetamol "Tylenol" - which, backwards, is Lonely T. Paracetamol backwards is lomatecarap. WHAT DOES IT MEAN?

(17:44:18) Visiting Father Christmas (non-festive period)

(21:18:47) I call this "National Sameday Convention"

Tweets for 12 Mar 2015


(16:28:36) "It is often said that before you die your life passes before your eyes. It is in fact true. It's called living." Good night Terry Pratchett

(17:09:12) RT @terryandrob:

(23:08:04) RT @SocMeMultimedia: @syzygy It was def. a head scratcher. I have never felt compelled to put my iPad in the microwave. Like... ever? :) …

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Tweets for 10 Mar 2015


(08:50:42) I've only got an 18 hour battery life.

(17:30:53) RT @rufusjones1: Presumably Jeremy Clarkson was in a reasonably priced fracas?

Tweets for 09 Mar 2015


(11:02:49) Good morning. A day of sorting things out. I think I'm making progress. Although I think some coffee & Jamaica Ginger Cake is in order.

(11:50:25) Having a swift mug of tea? Why not try writing a six word story as you enjoy a break. @MagicOxygen

(18:32:06) Maniac.

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Tweets for 07 Mar 2015


(09:45:32) I'm surprised there hasn't been a word invented for the action of pulling over to let a vehicle come the other way because of parked cars.

(09:46:06) Also: it's just me that calls supermarket delivery vans 'Foodbulances', right?

(10:48:14) At the moment it seems there is a surfeit of #Radio4 comedy where we get shouted at for half an hour by Paul Sinha.

(12:13:56) RT @dellama: @syzygy we call them 'Asdaman' bit like Superman!

(14:21:13) TV show concept: a soap opera called "The Pragmatists".

(18:54:03) You may be pleased to know that some Wing is scheduled for the next Challenger Mint Mix show on @MintFM - can't wait to play her tunes!

(18:54:39) RT @pgo1980: I always think you can tell a lot about a person's character if they are prepared to take a disabled parking bay.…

Tweets for 06 Mar 2015


(07:48:55) It's always a bit meta when one receives an email autoresponse from someone who received some spam purportedly from my account. Unspam?

(08:43:02) I did this:

(11:41:16) Happy birthday, @dj_frabs!

Tweets for 05 Mar 2015


(06:44:22) Good morning. If it is morning.

Tweets for 04 Mar 2015


(11:38:04) I'm not entirely sure 11 o'clock could possibly be better than with fresh coffee and a krispy kreme doughnut. #heaven

(18:30:04) Ha. Automated PPI call on a work mobile that's not even real. Weird.

Tweets for 03 Mar 2015


(07:22:06) Wow. The excellent work of @KingYamel

(09:37:57) You Won't Believe What This Tweet Has To Say About Hyperbole.

(13:28:30) Rentokil : the prequel to Rentaghost.

(17:42:06) There's something very narcissustic about buying daffodils.

(19:39:26) I'm just about to call my Dad. I ~really~ hope I resist saying "Hello fardur" in an Erik way #HouseOfFools

(21:53:36) What I learned from last Friday's #GoggleBox: Ant and Dec are well-established television placentas.

(22:35:58) #DrunkHistory @alicelowe as Rosalind Franklin. Perfection in every way.

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Tweets for 28 Feb 2015


(09:52:40) RT @katie_martin_FX: Still chuckling at this.

(09:53:57) Tidy up time.

(09:54:14) #LLAP

(09:55:03) RT @dj_frabs: Saturday Brunch with me and @lindafrab is back starting today 7am eastern, noon UK on

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