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Tweets for 27 Feb 2015


(07:54:38) The progeny left the house today to the strains of "Spanish Flea" - I'm sure there are jollier ways to start the school day, but not many...

(15:16:46) Just had most of a pint of fat Coke. Excellent sugar/caffeine rush. Would buy again.

(21:24:47) Legend. Gone but never forgotten #BilboBilboBaggins https://t.co/c60rOflRmB

Tweets for 26 Feb 2015


(07:32:37) Morning. I want to invent a mug that keeps the last 2cm of coffee warm for longer than 45 sec if I don't down the mug. But I probably won't.

Tweets for 25 Feb 2015


(13:53:02) I find the most effective symbol for a firewall is a picture of a wall with flames coming out of it. http://t.co/l6piG6NZ1s

Tweets for 24 Feb 2015


(10:05:17) Note to self: http://t.co/B7a1wVEq8Z

(14:57:54) Another appointment with Mordac...

(20:13:19) RT @qqtx: Who knew the Urban Cookie Collective had all the credentials to OAuth back in 1993.

Tweets for 23 Feb 2015


(13:51:40) My progeny very much like @DavePBrown - I can see why.. he makes amusing things (with @roomieofficial) like this: https://t.co/mdXCcLEv3s

Tweets for 22 Feb 2015


(08:25:30) Morning. Proponents of a bread-free diet clearly don't have the same relationship with toast that I have.

(08:53:23) Just heard an "Euuuurggghh!" of disgust from Beth downstairs; a slug infestation or drain backup? No... an election flyer from the BNP. #yik

(12:25:20) Stay focussed.

Tweets for 21 Feb 2015


(10:53:50) My left brain doesn't know what my right brain's doing.

Tweets for 20 Feb 2015


(09:36:05) Really need to reboot my presentation layer.

(20:35:07) RT @poots: I was having a look at this Electrolux product. http://t.co/FPT3XmHD9c All good until the last picture, who decided to do that!?

(21:31:43) RT @stmarysluton: Tony from @HopeChurchLuton leads in praying for all parts of Luton. Some of the geography seems a tad confused ... but su…

(21:34:03) RT @ThePoke: Spoiler alert

Tweets for 19 Feb 2015


(09:02:51) Good morning. What I have learned this morning: although I have selected the least hilly route to walk to work, it is not the shortest.

Tweets for 18 Feb 2015


(21:06:29) Ooh. Happy birthday, @neilcochrane1!

(21:14:45) RT @Tim_Burgess: Retweet if you disagree with secondary ticketing sites selling gig tickets at inflated prices. We need them to stop exploi…

Tweets for 17 Feb 2015


(21:28:52) Happy birthday, @clairerandall!

Tweets for 16 Feb 2015


(08:13:57) Morning. Today I will mainly be making tea for British Gas.

(09:10:37) Marketing idea: own brand clothing range by discount supermarkets for hard times fashion choices: "Lidl, by Lidl". https://t.co/MqhzhOSi1N

(10:18:35) Finally got shot of the old boiler... http://t.co/nCNGju2Qkm

(10:21:14) It was only so long before Steve The British Gas Man started hitting things with other things. #percussion

(16:39:12) New boiler installed (hopefully ready to go in the next day or so). Not pictured: Rather impressive… http://t.co/on1hslkp5F

Tweets for 15 Feb 2015


(21:11:29) Music For Ironing.

Tweets for 14 Feb 2015


(08:31:56) RT @producerlaura: Avoid the M1 northbound through Bedfordshire. It's expected to be closed between J12 and J13 until this afternoon

(14:59:45) Since when was "sweary" not a word..? It's almost always preceded by "a bit" - and often required. http://t.co/lgso7k425U

Tweets for 13 Feb 2015


(07:57:59) Whenever I have to pick up @nxmee's phone to move it, it turns on the camera for face recognition. It's only fair that I turn horrendously.

Tweets for 12 Feb 2015


(20:47:53) RT @nxmee: @syzygy not this (My fave song): https://t.co/THQDNaqUUg

Tweets for 11 Feb 2015


(10:45:26) Darn it.. I forgot to turn on my Local Serendipity Processor.

(17:07:49) Totally going to get a wind turbine for my desk.

(18:46:56) If a man can't go to the supermarket in his pyjamas where can he go to the supermarket?

Tweets for 10 Feb 2015


(12:17:33) Didn't need my phone today anyway.

(18:49:23) RT @MintFM: Wondering where @syzygy has been hiding? He's back on air tonight with his new Mint Mix show Challenger at 7pm UK, 2pm ET. #Min…

(19:27:10) One word: Wesley Willis. #MintFM

Tweets for 09 Feb 2015


(13:24:12) Official correction: the Challenger programme is TOMORROW at 7pm UK time. It makes more sense on a Tuesday. Just a little.. @MintFM

(18:32:46) I have just been introduced to "Electro Swing" by my son @nxmee. Think of a whole album of Doop. That.

Tweets for 08 Feb 2015


Tweets for 07 Feb 2015


Tweets for 06 Feb 2015


(19:11:08) Wow what a day. And other comments. Still, at least I'm not Nigle Garage.

(19:14:02) I do wish I knew what kept setting the motion detector off. Is it you? Skulking?

(19:39:10) Yes I can hear you Clem Fandango.

(19:40:11) At work today I used the phrase "I'm trying to run a high class bureau de change" and someone recognised it. That made my day. A bit better.

(21:46:53) Catalogue... "you're cattle, they sell logs" - comedy gold - and Morgana Robinson is a complete genius. #WeeklyWipe

Tweets for 05 Feb 2015


(08:19:02) Morning. I seem unable to convince Google that I don't work in Watford any more. My heart goes out in to anyone stuck on the the M1. #snow

(10:00:18) I've got damp feet. #leakyboots

Tweets for 04 Feb 2015


(10:15:09) RT @alexqgb: Due to a copyright on the absence of sound, the audio has been disabled in a video of the absence of sound. http://t.co/IZloT3…

(18:10:57) Tried @nokia @MixRadio for electropop inspiration: Ladytron, Owl City & 2 Door Cinema Club. At one point it played me Ed Sheeran. Whuh..?

Tweets for 03 Feb 2015


Tweets for 02 Feb 2015


(09:37:58) Morning. Bright and sunny. But that's just me hahahah etc :D

(09:38:43) Also: The @Raspberry_Pi 2 is out. 6 times faster! Wicked... but we already have five in the house...

(10:40:19) Happy birthday, @dansumption! Hope it's a good one :)

(10:40:35) A happy birthday to the splendid @shellzenner - have a great day! :)

(11:34:12) Wow... the new @Raspberry_Pi could end up being a £25 Windows PC.. http://t.co/5ieUp5JYEY

Tweets for 01 Feb 2015


(20:45:15) RT @ngyt_uk: Support @LutonYouthMusic by posting this http://t.co/mtOtK4Ggu3 to @GaryBarlow #singwithus #luton

(20:47:14) It's a video with my DD @superalora in! Please sing with @LutonYouthMusic, @GaryBarlow! http://t.co/M5Bnq5Dxgc #singwithus #luton

Tweets for 31 Jan 2015


(15:59:14) Good afternoon. I'm stuck in the Luton One Way System. IN MY MIND.

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