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Tweets for 30 Oct 2014


(16:41:13) Here's a promo for tonight's @Weekendery (9pm UK time, and 5pm US Eastern - an hour earlier for this week only!)

(20:40:27) A decidedly NON-SPOOKY @weekendery is on the way at the top of the hour - usual place - http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY .. you could win a TRINKET!

(21:42:01) Where's Johnny... been? Win a trinket if you can guess!

(22:53:03) The final Sistery Mystery record as supplied by cloudexplosion - I played "Germany Calling" by Tone… http://t.co/bo0H8naYQf

Tweets for 29 Oct 2014


(11:42:09) RT @danvesma: @syzygy I spotted weird escort today too https://t.co/ap3QXluWWG

(12:34:20) Jolly dry hands today.

(15:14:00) "I could show you, but I'd have to charge."

(21:31:52) Happy birthday, @laura_hobson! :)

(21:32:00) Happy birthday to you, @Superblouse!

Tweets for 28 Oct 2014


(20:56:22) Is it just me or do all those McVities cakes that look like Jamaica Ginger Cake also taste like Jamaica Ginger Cake? Including carrot cake.

(21:36:43) My eyes are buzzing after an OU psychometric science test thing that @poots asked me to do. It was cool. I see numbers.

Tweets for 27 Oct 2014


(12:55:20) RT @vobes: This Christmas - send your kids on an adventure! #childrensbooks http://t.co/fKlV8Qn29Z #christmas

(13:27:15) Really excited to be using this rather cool soup cooking bowl - thanks for the tip, dave_witchalls… http://t.co/8jv6WNbLCz

(13:51:17) I've learned about Formula E today - what a remarkable race... battery use and 'fanboost' - a bonus as voted by fans! http://t.co/3KSu8GllVt

(19:42:48) Yup. OK Go have impressed me again with one of their "I have no idea how they did it" videos - https://t.co/CcO9jT4wFS

(20:28:25) Evening constitutional: perfect autumnalness for it. Bit of a lull now, though #caffeinecrash

Tweets for 26 Oct 2014


(12:13:08) RT @bowbrick: This is splendid: http://t.co/VyWyCR9HDK

(21:41:26) RT @FizzyDuck: Lol!! RT @Notebook: 😅 http://t.co/PIqEPMsl8Z

Tweets for 25 Oct 2014


(10:31:59) A minor inconvenience. @ M1 Junction 15 http://t.co/8xnR3abLN0

(19:23:19) All sorted - just over two hours later we were back on the road... http://t.co/Zo4XKJqz67

Tweets for 24 Oct 2014


(07:40:42) Morning. Breakfast thought: I wonder what we'd call denim if it had been invented in Ypres instead.

(09:10:06) Last night's @weekendery is in the @MintFM archive for another listen.. you can even subscribe to the podcast! http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS ZOOM!

Tweets for 23 Oct 2014


(09:32:32) In the excitement of dropping Little Red Car Of Adventure off at @StevenEagell I left my house keys in there. Thanks to Val I got 'em back.

(19:50:46) At the top of the hour, the @weekendery comes sloshing in after a stomp in puddles. A change of socks available at htttp://www.mintfm.net!

(20:44:11) "Where's Johnny.... Been?"

(22:03:39) Another musical treat from cloudexplosion this evening - I played "I'm a Marionette" which is weird… http://t.co/EQvOiXnfof

Tweets for 22 Oct 2014


(08:35:44) RT @corrie_corfield: Amazon's email recommendation for today. The "No1 Bestseller in Garden Pests & Diseases" #YouWhat http://t.co/JwgiBdv5…

(09:27:46) I've just been followed by @Maplin_FK. This is the best new follower I've had ALL WEEK.

(14:13:49) It continues to amuse me that I am capable of typing so badly on my phone that autocorrect has absolutely no suggestions. Sums me up...

(19:32:34) Watching a bit of #ArgosLive - couldn't quite place @KatyB but then remembered her first album has the same nickname as my car. #littleRed

Tweets for 21 Oct 2014


Tweets for 20 Oct 2014


(12:49:26) It only takes the same energy to eat two doughnuts than it does to boil the kettle. Two doughnuts and some orange squash, then.

(17:46:15) RT @adamasteele: A response to the #UKIPcalypso record by @jakeyapp... https://t.co/ggmxXO5gxs

Tweets for 19 Oct 2014


(08:07:24) RT @OnjMusic: #Trailers, #intros, #outros, #stings, #commercials, #infomercials, and more. All require music, right? Why not try http://t.c…

(08:08:58) RT @ThePoke: #recap Dad Vs. Social Media.

(15:35:18) Briliant.. @nxmee is in control of his very own @Raspberry_Pi - and is not afraid to use it; he's already running MATE in an XMing session.

(15:50:23) Afternoon constitutional.

Tweets for 18 Oct 2014


(09:06:58) Wow.. There's a wagtail in the garden... must refill the birdfeeders (the rain has made the current seed into porridge!)

(15:19:14) Beautiful busking in #Hitchin @ Hitchin Market http://t.co/0PSK2U1v6d

Tweets for 17 Oct 2014


(07:16:27) Nobody needs know that I was up well after midnight aralditing my headphones back together. It's OK.. it wasn't my @RHA ones.. :D

(16:35:00) I had no idea... http://t.co/3u80kTANSR (and many others that can be found here: http://t.co/RhAzuCOFNq) - A better version. Less Robbie-y.

(16:38:26) RT @BreezeHaveMercy: i can’t decide if this bus is being supportive or threatening me http://t.co/Vb5bdshxRM

(19:54:37) Is it still called a "telethon"?

(20:40:32) Another Never Mind The Buzzcocks leaving me crying with laughter. Must watch it when it's actually on so I can enjoy the Twitter chat #NMTB

(22:09:08) ALERT ALERT! Last night's @weekendery has escaped and is hanging round a nearby chip shop waiting for another listen: http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS

Tweets for 16 Oct 2014


(10:20:06) RT @podquiz: PodQuiz 500 is just a few hours away!

(12:31:40) Getting the tyre changed on the Prius, it strikes me that people who work in car service places must have to drive all kinds of weird cars..

(12:34:58) Also, I wonder how many times (and how often) I'd have to sit around in a car service waiting room before I felt "yeah.. I'm comfortable."

(13:08:52) Given the number of times I've (ahem) slightly bumped the kerb, allowing them to upsell wheel alignment was a good idea but I wont be back.

(13:16:29) Daytime ITV is starting to really grate on me now. And what the hell's Iceland Bingo? Is that the chances someone has left the freezer open?

(13:17:33) I spelled "won't" wrong in that earlier tweet. Sorry. Wont do it again.

(17:10:30) I've got "I thought it was over" by the Feeling and "Dakota" by Stereophonics playing in my head. Swapping between the two. Randomly.

(17:12:13) "Live streaming video requires Safari 5.1.10 or later on OS X v10.6.8 or later; Safari on iOS 6.0 or later. " Fanboys only. #Apple

(19:47:42) At the top of the hour, it's a @Weekendery, which is in feisty mood tonight. And smells a bit of lemon drizzle cake. http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY!

(20:18:28) RT @sm2n: Talking about @weekendery at http://t.co/G9lxF0AEYD but not with RT @1969Steve: @syzygy I am tuned in #MintFM

(20:44:31) Where's Johnny... Been? Clues: He's banging a bowl, live with the early bugs

(21:13:10) RT @sm2n: Whisrocca #vid @weekendery http://t.co/LSKvYJUN3K

(22:05:20) Another fun @weekendery comes to an end.. so soon! Thank you if you listened.. if not, there's always the archive..! http://t.co/epghCyqtkL

(22:42:00) Tonight's Mystery Record, as kindly sent by cloudexplosion.. and yes, 30 guitar hits means less than… http://t.co/qSzVuFs4ow

Tweets for 15 Oct 2014


(21:19:30) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket show ‘http://t.co/jDaH76jYlY’ with @syzygy @stevensande @EwenRankin ‘Windows 10, Android Lollypop…

(21:27:31) Having a listen to @1969Steve's House Of Fun on @MintFM while making some cocoa. It's what Mary & Ida would have wanted...

(21:51:51) Here's a silly promo for tomorrow's @Weekendery - hope you can join me at http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY at 9pm tomorrow! https://t.co/IFOBrao0fG

Tweets for 14 Oct 2014


(06:33:59) RT @CarolineLucas: Pls RT if you agree that @TheGreenParty should appear in the TV election debates https://t.co/kh0AkdlAC7 #TVdebates http…

(06:54:28) It's the calm before the incipient drizzle...

(07:32:45) RT @Dr_Black: Happy Ada Lovelace Day!! 😃 http://t.co/rAORFVDgLo #ALD14 Big up all women in science!! Yay 😃❤️😃

(11:00:19) I feel a bit bad having "Best wishes, james" as part of my signature. Not actually typing it each time seems a little.. insincere. Just me?

(12:17:46) I appear to be unable to even. How odd.

(21:19:39) The 99 balloons were only red in the UK version...

Tweets for 13 Oct 2014


(09:16:16) Good morning. The word of the day is "Drab".

(09:21:51) RT @MagicOxygen: @syzygy

(12:05:01) Why DO the UKIP keep being on telly?

(14:15:57) RT @vobes: My latest Author's Chat video is now available. I am talking about why I use social media.

(15:34:24) Last week I saw a Flappy Bird 2015 annual in WH Smiths. A whole book. About Flappy Bird. #baffling

(15:56:06) I suppose it's better than there being a UKIP annual.

Tweets for 12 Oct 2014


(16:15:12) Happy birthday, @JQP74! Hope it has been a splendid one!

(16:16:27) Given the excitement of the racing today, I stand by my claim that #BTCC is the best motorsport there is...

(21:25:03) Oh my.. Never Mind The Buzzcocks is still hilarious - it helps that Stacey Solomon was on it this week. And Rhod Gilbert is brilliant. #NMTB

Tweets for 11 Oct 2014


(11:20:44) It's official - Cortana hates me. It has just texted the word "stupid" to @poots. I was attempting to tell Cortana to stop being so stupid.

(16:34:40) RT @RobertoAustini: http://t.co/s4rwzUKijy

(22:58:10) In the dark ages. Good night :)

Tweets for 10 Oct 2014


(10:19:59) Still got a massive caffeine buzz from coffee I drank at 8am. That's.. odd.

(10:28:04) Tuned into the @treehouse_radio launch show as I do mysterious things with a database. MYSTERIOUS. #THRadio

(11:27:19) This is my favouritest baffling video thing today: https://t.co/wneNRtZ2rs (via @RubyJubilee and @NickW84)

(14:45:35) RT @RhysThomasOBE: @Ukcynicalchild pern returns in 'Brian Pern: A Life in Rock' in December on BBC 2

(14:47:05) If I were to release an album, I wouldn't call it "III"... or is it "lll"? Or.. I mean.. Take That are ill..?

(15:50:38) RT @zaibatsu: Rooftop #Solar Panels Are Almost All Facing the Wrong Direction: http://t.co/ohghKHd7Jv http://t.co/5wz78liUB5

(20:53:40) Lasagna is two sheets.

(22:16:34) Woohoo! Last night's @Weekendery is now available as a download - http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS - why not follow this week's #ChosenOne - @AndyTUK!

(22:22:07) Right.. it's Friday night.. and that can only mean one thing - yes! PARTY TILL DAWN! (in bed. in the dark. quietly. without moving.) Night!

Tweets for 09 Oct 2014


(09:20:02) RT @framleyexaminer: http://t.co/xie3cvZuc6

(11:12:11) Fully caffeinated.

(19:19:18) RT @fridgemagnet2: Be forwarned, there is so much news in the provinces that I'm on twice on @weekendery tonight from 9. I'd go out.

(19:34:26) Oh my goodness..! The @Weekendery has escaped again and will be trampling all over internet radio at http://t.co/fj7rZmMtP4 in half an hour!

(20:40:56) I'm playing @andytuk's choice of #ChosenOne songs on The @Weekendery which includes Billie Jo Spears and Frankie! http://t.co/fj7rZmMtP4!

(20:48:11) #WheresJohnnyBeen Clue: "It's not only townspeople who live here

(21:22:58) Dial-a-disc.. thakes me back.. This was a thing..! http://t.co/pVONSHrtLD /cc @dj_frabs

(21:53:52) This week's Mystery Vinyl from cloudexplosion - mucky songs from the mountains, I think... thanks sis! http://t.co/cXKWdYfJhT

Tweets for 08 Oct 2014


(12:04:12) What LED colours are left for me to invent?

(12:13:14) The consensus is puce (thanks, @76Wilbury and @CalmWaters73!) I'm going to try for beige, too. That Nobel peace prize is within my grasp!

(15:13:45) I'm still none the wiser why anyone would put a 'b' on the end of the word 'super'...

(18:01:58) I must have a good look around http://t.co/JowCJgTfDu - they were at the @LutonFunPalace this weekend and the experiments look great fun!

Tweets for 07 Oct 2014


(07:07:44) Morning. It's that time of year when turning the hot tap on feels as cold as the cold tap... at least for a while. #bitnippy

(11:05:27) I'm always a little disappointed that NONE of these... http://t.co/F5ctOsDrQO ... are ever punished with a 'Mild Electrical' @thisisjinsy

(14:00:05) Someone needs to come up with an ISO standard for voicemail navigation. Delete message is 3, right.? Ohhh no. Not all the time...

Tweets for 06 Oct 2014


(10:13:49) RT @AMTCoffeeLtd: FREE hot drink voucher to the first 200 people that like our Facebook page and write #befair http://t.co/prq1YN4w57 #BeF…

(12:51:29) Woahh... http://t.co/Bo6E0HlEtK is COOL.

Tweets for 05 Oct 2014


(14:19:19) Lenni playing Minecraft at @lutonfunpalace #funpalaces @ The Hat Factory http://t.co/l5YkqlVvaI

(17:08:31) Congratulations to @ngyt_uk - and the whole @LutonFunPalace team for an entertaining and fun occasion. @superalora and I enjoyed ourselves!

(21:18:31) Science! #Funpalaces @LutonFunPalace @ The Hat Factory http://t.co/qMEFhjUpG8

Tweets for 04 Oct 2014


(08:53:49) Morning. It's housework time. And it's all gone dark.

(09:13:04) The soundtrack to my morning is the wonderful, entertaining and informative #Octaver community on @audioBoom - https://t.co/6xPxxQgFWY

(10:17:48) Listening to last week's @TinTopTuesday - all credit to @AlanHydeStudio who makes it a wonderfully upbeat, warm & entertaining listen. #BTCC

(12:00:42) I cant hear any aeroplanes. Weird.

(12:19:45) MI5 - Destroy documents securely by giving them to your children to leave in their school uniform before it goes in the wash. @twoptwips

(12:28:39) RT @TwopTwips: EXPERIENCE the terror & blind panic of parachute failure by accidentally tuning-in to Steve Wright in the Afternoon.

(13:49:24) This is an automated apology.

(13:51:38) My phone is deleting nearly 10,000 emails. Can't see this ending well...

Tweets for 03 Oct 2014


(07:27:48) Not sure I can let a day go without hearing Ghosts by @MadeInHeights: https://t.co/P6koG5Cj0T Nice one @sabzi & @kelseybulkin! #morecowbell

(12:23:13) I'm not in favour of UKIP - in fact, some European policy impresses me - the improved laws on parody, for example: http://t.co/udi9Zftwul

(12:39:45) In a fit of hubris, I removed the tax disc from my car windscreen. I'm now concerned I read it wrong.. or the DVLA will change their minds..

(18:02:31) This week's Weekly @Weekendery is ready for another listen.. click on the linky! If you like! Happy weekend :) http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS

(19:02:36) Tomorrow and Sunday is @LutonFunPalace - please go along and have some free fun! We will :) http://t.co/kXnPuc7QcR http://t.co/EkDfkvs3CE

(20:40:25) Having a sneaky listen to @1969Steve, Living In The 80s on #MintFM - probably the best 1980s music show on the webs. http://t.co/d9KyhPKtLN

Tweets for 02 Oct 2014


(08:18:31) A silly promo thing for tonight's @weekendery show! https://t.co/MxafcoRKmb

(08:20:39) RT @ThePoke: The Horoscope column in today's

(19:26:51) In just over half an hour, the @Weekendery is due at platform MINTFM! This service has been delayed by... 0 minutes. http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY!

(20:01:23) The @Weekendery is on.. live.. on the #MintFM http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY

(20:41:16) Where's Johnny... been? " CLUE:

(21:53:08) Thanks to cloudexplosion I got to play "Lady Bump" on the @Weekendery show tonight! Thanks, sis! x http://t.co/M4msN3oBP1

Tweets for 01 Oct 2014


(15:53:47) I've got an ello account.. in fact I have two. http://t.co/P7sSoqZR9W and http://t.co/NE96wMyUbz - but which is better? Can't decide...

(16:22:19) RT @AsapSCIENCE: Finally--an element that understands us! [Note: not a real element.] http://t.co/aSUhRoDUiT

(16:36:02) Burning an old-school DVD on windows is hilariously multi-format.. MP4->WMV->MPEG2... I hope! A lot of drive space used for one movie.

(22:44:39) Thanks, @funnyhypermagic for the follow. He's a magician.. quite amusing....

Tweets for 30 Sep 2014


(22:08:29) Late night working, assisted (sort of) by watching Garth Marenghi's Darkplace on @4oD - can't believe I'd not seen it up to now!

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