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Tweets for 29 Sep 2014


(14:48:27) It's National Coffee Day. I don't know which nation, but I think I shall have a celebratory coffee anyway. I've already eaten too much cake.

(19:40:58) RT @karochan3: Don't punish the poor for the crimes of the rich:

(21:54:51) Right... off to bed after an evening of not doing everything I planned, but hey nonny(?) Up early for work tomorrow.. makes it all worth it.

Tweets for 28 Sep 2014


(10:58:29) Woo green flag lap... this is going to be quite a race at Silverstone #BTCC #DriveyDrivey

(21:30:08) Early to bed. All warm with a cold. Still not sure how all that works.. g'night...

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Tweets for 26 Sep 2014


(08:03:43) I'm still not sure what exactly "Grade Separation" means. Can't they just put "Major Roadworks Action"…

(12:44:07) Just popping to the shop. Want anything?

(18:39:20) A quick watch of International King Of Sports with the children at dinner.. - shame this is the only one on YouTube.

(19:43:29) Version control. It's all about version control

(20:21:50) Interesting...#GoggleBox has been recoloured #postproduction

(20:56:34) Not sure I've known of an evening where BBC1, ITV and Channel 4 have gone so hard head to head with primetime.. #scd #xfactor #GoggleBox

(20:57:19) RT @TheNardvark: I accidentally left my iPhone 6 at the table when I went to the restroom and when I got back the server had folded it into…

(21:11:30) I am fairly sure I am more statesmanlike than Ed Milliband.

(21:14:42) Pink wine taking effect. #FridayEvening

Tweets for 25 Sep 2014


(18:44:09) Hello! Which is a bit of a jolly greeting, given that there'll be no @Weekendery tonight- sorry! Next week will be splendid, though. Honest!

(22:02:39) Need to check my shellshock status...

(22:45:01) Oh dear.. it appears @audioBoomHelp have removed the followed.rss feed from their site. That means I can't listen to boos as a podcast :( :(

(22:46:31) Going to bed now. All full of curry. Night night!

Tweets for 24 Sep 2014


(11:31:32) RT @Jimmys_Official: Happy Jimmy’s Day!! Dine for free with us today if your name’s Jimmy, Jim, James, Jess or Jessica! #LoveJimmys http://…

(17:21:26) Instead of writing "Heapdump" I keep writing "Headpump." Kinda suitable, really...

(19:10:34) RT @gagebock: Started updating to IOS8, went on a 10km run and it was still updating when I got back.

(19:11:03) Family viewing time - all gathered around the television to watch Modern Life is Good(ish) with that @DaveGorman (but not @gagebock, sadly)

(19:40:06) This made me laugh #foundpoem #modernlifeisgoodish davegorman

Tweets for 23 Sep 2014


(07:03:40) Think I'm going to have to change my letters #useless #porridgeaccompaniment

(10:35:40) RT @CherryKaz1 Hope you can join me tonight at 8 PM UK, 3 PM Eastern for the ice cream parlour on

(11:27:12) Moved one desk to the left. It's like the slowest office Timewarp ever.

(13:53:36) Back in the office after a very pleasant @CostaCoffee in Watford served by Kassa, a new but very capable barista. #TopCoffee /with @sm2n

(18:47:14) Just cleaned out the bird feeders. Is it too much to ask for a small note of thanks? They could use husks. Or @superalora's Hudl...

(20:47:25) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket show is up ‘This week in TVs’ with @bigChrisAshley @verso @syzygy and me!!…

Tweets for 22 Sep 2014


(11:39:54) Nearly lunchtime.. doesn't seem any time since I was at home listening to the Dustbin Lorry Parade outside the bedroom window...

(13:05:17) Happy birthday, @the_anke!

(18:51:49) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket show will be LIVE (audio only) in 15min with @bigChrisAshley @syzygy @verso & me Join us http://t…

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Tweets for 20 Sep 2014


(04:03:58) Now is not the most convenient time for God to be moving his furniture around #notevenraining #improperthunderstorm

(04:14:19) Ahh... here comes the rain again.

(15:52:17) Happy birthday, @willowHart!

(16:17:28) The Art Of Prediction by @TimHarford His style's an intersection of Scott Mills & Tracee Henge

Tweets for 19 Sep 2014


(12:41:45) I hadn't realised that Apple had actually released a removal tool for the new U2 album.. Was that really necessary?

(16:42:49) Setting the mainsail for the M1. It may well get in the way, especially in the three lane sections.

(18:55:35) Last night's @weekendery show is available to download as a podcast.. why check it out? Suitable for vegans! #MintFM

(19:20:42) RT @Richard_C: But will he still sing the theme tune? --> BBC News - Dennis Waterman to leave New Tricks

(19:21:29) Dennis Waterman to leave New Tricks.. - won't this make it the Trigger's Broom of light-hearted crime drama?

Tweets for 18 Sep 2014


(11:24:28) RT @MuseumMakers: JOIN OUR CHOIR |

(19:02:41) RT @SheleileighLaw: Ah! House all clean and lovely and ready for @weekendery !

(19:41:04) At the top of the hour (9pm UK) - the @Weekendery is gallivanting onto the internet for two hours... for FUN! #MintFM

(20:03:37) RT @sm2n: I'm going to listen to the @weekendery at and chat at

(20:51:49) Where's @johnny_winter been? He's been somewhere between Sweden & Swindon;

Tweets for 17 Sep 2014


(11:14:39) I'm considering spending the afternoon building a henge. On my desk.

Tweets for 16 Sep 2014


(09:25:53) I can recommend the excellent customer service at @StevenEagell in Luton - Ashley did a fantastic job of getting the Prius serviced & MOT'd.

(09:33:16) Customised my lock screen to include "In Case Of Emergency" details - added it to the background jpg as @WindowsPhoneUK doesn't include it.

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Tweets for 14 Sep 2014


Tweets for 13 Sep 2014


(18:34:44) The boss is out, so we're watching Doctor Who with the hi-fi on. #kicking sub

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Tweets for 11 Sep 2014


(11:37:31) RT @ShortList: Because we didn't plan on ever sleeping again

(15:40:36) It's always sort-of heartening when one was 90% of the way to solving a problem but didn't realise it....

(19:14:06) At the top of the hour (9pm UK / 4pm EDT) The Weekendery will be sitting under the stairs & playing songs. FOR YOU!!

(20:01:17) Just about to do a bit of @Weekendery radio -

(20:39:55) Where's Johnny.. been?

(22:02:53) Another @Weekendery show done & dusted - thank you to everyone who listened, contributed, and, in the case of @fridgemagnet2, won a TRINKET!

Tweets for 10 Sep 2014


(11:19:05) Catching up with snarky tweets about the 'free' U2 album that's dribbling into iTunes... quite amusing

Tweets for 09 Sep 2014


(12:33:43) RT @johndredge: King Dredge are on the longlist for a British Comedy Guide award,hope u might give us a vote!xx

Tweets for 08 Sep 2014


(11:08:25) More coffee is required.

(21:14:22) I'm fairly sure someone in the house next door spends all their free time int the shower. Either that or they just leave it on.. all day.

(21:33:36) Is it just me or is ripping DVDs to watch on a mobile device the biggest hassle in the WORLD? #FirstWorldProblems #Firefly

Tweets for 07 Sep 2014


(14:28:29) Back from an enjoyable swim at Inspire. As we left there was an "All available staff" alert; reminds me of: @activeAl

(15:47:24) I wonder if @TimHarvey7's #Garage101 has come to pass - no track limit warnings so far (or they're not mentioning it!) @TinTopTuesday #BTCC

(17:37:58) Deconstructing Grenade by Bruno Mars while eating cheesy pasta #SundayTeatime

Tweets for 06 Sep 2014


(11:04:36) Thursday's @Weekendery show is available for another listen - - perfect for stamp collecting and jam making.

(22:49:46) That'll probably do today for me. I'm going to bed. Which is one of just a few nouns left that haven't been turned into a verb. Oh hang on..

Tweets for 05 Sep 2014


(11:12:19) Managed to snag a free Starbucks Guatemalan Latte. Quite nice - actually more flavoursome than their usual offering. Buzzing to lunchtime...

(18:32:36) If I were to get a dog it would be a golden triever, so it brings stuff to me I haven't sent it to get. Because hey, free stuff.

Tweets for 04 Sep 2014


(19:29:16) Uhoh... The @Weekendery returns to MintFM, like a Marks & Spencers shirt that's too small. - just over half an hour!

(22:07:04) Another splendid @weekendery done and washed up - THANK YOU for the contributions.. love the interaction :) Archives up tomorrow! :)

Tweets for 03 Sep 2014


(14:15:06) Feeling useless? Be assured that the atoms and molecules that make you up could not be put to a better use. Except as a sort of Batman.

(14:15:38) I've got apple déja-vu.

(17:04:41) Going home. Baffled.

(19:49:39) Putting together a playlist for tomorrow's semi-triumphant @weekendery return - with an absolutley CRACKING opener - thanks, @johnny_winter!

(21:04:33) MUST play "Stop Start" by The Assembly on the @Weekendery one week, if only because it features the Casio VL-Tone. And it's by Vince Clarke.

Tweets for 02 Sep 2014


(14:02:17) RT @MintFM: On now, a repeat of The @Weekendery from 19 June with @Syzygy. #MintFM

Tweets for 01 Sep 2014


(11:27:26) First day back in the office and the email mountain has been conquered. Or at least scaled. Haven't got a flag, though.

(12:30:27) My Twitter timeline is satisfactorily Indiscreet Celebrity Picture free; a testament to those fine folk I follow. You are entirely splendid.

(15:04:43) Do people still say "It's all gone Pete Tong" ..?

Tweets for 31 Aug 2014


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