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(14:04:08) All tired out after a drive home from the Farming Regions. It's quite nice out there, though. There was geocaching and rurality.

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Tweets for 25 Aug 2014


(10:47:50) I found Church Micro 1425 - Stonham - Little One ( #cgeo #geocaching

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Tweets for 23 Aug 2014


(07:13:15) Morning. To deal with the upsurge in passive aggression, I believe some colleges are running courses in sigh language. #besticando

(20:11:02) Michelle Gomez out of off of Green Wing. PERFECT casting! #doctorwho

Tweets for 22 Aug 2014


(08:14:31) Is the game on? Should I be saying "The game is on!" Or "Game on!" or simply "It's all kicking off over here..." I would add that it isn't.

(08:22:04) You can take the cake out of the tin, but you can't take the tin out of the cake. I really am rubbish at baking.

(12:07:13) If the @Weekendery released a spin-off compilation, it would be "Now That's What I Call Baffling."

(12:44:05) RT @nokia_uk: Hey @HTC, it’s a pleasure to have you back on Windows Phone! #Frenemies

(20:16:15) A glass of Badger Golden Glory, a bowl of liquorice allsorts and an episode of Luxury Comedy. Perfect. And @poots-y.

(21:07:29) If I could have my choice of first wedding dance again, it would be this one:

(22:16:07) Last night's @Weekendery is ready for another listen - you can download it here: - great for a long weekend drive(l)!

(22:19:54) G'night! :)

Tweets for 21 Aug 2014


(09:42:21) Good morning. Here's a promo for the @Weekendery radio show - tonight at 9pm on :) #MintFM

(13:41:54) Hmm.. lemsip or coffee..? Which leads me to ponder, is there a lemsip style drink that contains caffeine? It is probably lethal. For colds.

(13:46:39) Thinking of heating up some Red Bull and making lemsip with it.

(16:20:41) Neat. (Sorry I didn't credit the tweet I got this from!)

(19:16:16) It's nearly @Weekendery time on - hope you can tune in at 9pm for music, origami, fig rolls, pesticide and BRASS!

(20:04:15) The @Weekendery is ON AIR. Sort of. On internet air. Ether? - come on, have a list. It's going to be random. #MintFM

Tweets for 20 Aug 2014


(10:06:02) WEBINARRRRR

(11:42:22) RT @tonyveitchuk: I guess it’s only stuff that I know something about where newspapers are wrong.

(12:27:56) RT @vobes: PAY WANT YOU WANT: Buy Splidge the Cragflinger - Book 1 'The Royal Tournament' on @Gumroad #book #childr…

Tweets for 19 Aug 2014


(06:50:02) Catching up with last Friday's Living in the 80s with @1969Steve - fine breakfast listening #MintFM

(08:57:30) I rarely use the word "seldom".

(11:54:29) RT @DeanOrmond: @syzygy Afternoon James, yep

(11:55:39) There is a fine line between too little salad dressing and too much. Normally: too much.

(14:15:56) Oh my goodness.. according to one of those "Value My Twitter Account" sites, I owe the internet £35.

Tweets for 18 Aug 2014


(11:22:19) I'm getting my lemsip on.

(11:24:14) RT @MintFM: MintFM would like to wish @TopTunesFMUK the best for their week of fund-raising for @MacMillanCancer.

(12:34:43) RT @nicolashamilton: I am proud to announce my ambitions of competing in the BTCC in 2015. I hope to inspire & Exceed Expectations #TeamNH …

(20:16:37) RT @podfeet: recording the Pocket Show with @syzygy @bigChrisAshley & @paulwheatley - love this cast!

(21:28:54) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket show is up ‘Dropbox–Loosing you friends since 07’ with me @syzygy @podfeet

Tweets for 17 Aug 2014


(10:38:27) RT @markgmckinley: @syzygy Glad to be a part of it.

(22:59:18) Right. Weekend over. I'm off to bed. G'night!

Tweets for 16 Aug 2014


(09:12:05) Happy birthday Captain Norwich - or @paulums as we know him! :)

(09:12:43) Happy birthday to @ucalegon - a man synonymous with bell ringing and beer festivals. Top bloke :)

(09:41:48) Dewberry. It was Dewberry / Joobry. @Weekendery #1980sperfume

(09:46:45) Better get myself ready to attempt a world record. WITH A HAT ON. #IsThereAHashtagForThis #Luton #Strawboater

(10:50:03) Preparing for the #Luton Straw boater world record attempt @ Wardown Park Museum

(10:55:55) That'll be @poots and me (with @nxmee photobombing) With Hats On #Luton @ Wardown Park Museum

(11:26:28) How cool is that.. @MuseumMakers has got an @Instagram frame for straw boater #recordattempt photos @LutonCulture

(12:47:40) Hats in the air! #museummakers #recordattempt #luton @ Wardown Park Museum

(19:25:09) I uploaded an @audioboo audio recording of today's @GWR attempt in #Luton: @museummakers @lutonculture

(22:46:51) Done a bit of voice-over work this evening. With a cold. If only it had been saying "First class return to Nottingham, please..." :D

Tweets for 15 Aug 2014


(11:29:55) Hell. I smell really weird today.

(11:30:06) Or indeed 'Hello'.

(11:35:38) RT @LutonLibraries: Straw boater #GuinnessWorldRecord challenge TOMORROW! Be there! Pic:@Luto…

(12:12:10) Moderately good news! Last night's @Weekendery show is available for another listen. You can find it here: SCRUBSIBE!

(16:55:40) Time to go and get myself a weekend. Standard size, loose fit with TOGGLES.

Tweets for 14 Aug 2014


(00:56:44) RT @weekendery: The Weekendery - Promo for 14th August 2014 via @audioboo

(09:23:48) Good morning. In case you missed it last night, here's the promo for tonight's @weekendery on @MintFM!

(16:45:51) Righty.. off home to do last minute preparations for this week's @Weekendery - 9pm tonight. @MintFM #notveryveiledhint

(19:38:32) It's almost 9pm in the UK - so it's ALMOST the @Weekendery at - If you've a valve internet radio, time to warm it up!

(20:04:23) For the benefit of @SheleileighLaw and anyone who loves a good natter, the Nattery is open: :)

(20:10:09) RT @sm2n: I'm listening to @weekendery and about to join the nattery at

Tweets for 13 Aug 2014


(12:57:25) RT @1969Steve: Steve's House of Fun tonight ... #MintFM via @Audioboo

Tweets for 12 Aug 2014


(21:37:11) Catching up with A Touch of Cloth III- once again amazing comedy details, visual jokes that appear for an instant and bad puns. Lovely.

(22:00:27) Good heavens - nearly forgot! Happy birthday, @mostlygeordie!

(22:03:10) Back to work tomorrow. Squeezing the last drops out of a splendid long weekend. Quietly. Into a mug.

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Tweets for 10 Aug 2014


(19:40:00) A day spent seeing strange sights and traipsing through the sunshine. Now, settling to watch Shaun of the Dead. Sunday evening un-doings.

Tweets for 09 Aug 2014


(09:02:27) This is the music that goes around my head when I'm dashing round the house collecting things ahead of a day trip:

Tweets for 08 Aug 2014


(08:21:55) Aloha! Last night's @Weekendery is ready for another listen.. please grab a smidgeon here: - YUMMY! #MintFM

(10:16:06) Happy birthday, @anonybelles :)

(12:10:54) Pizza Hut buffets... they're not the same as they used to be. Not when I had hollow legs...

Tweets for 07 Aug 2014


(11:02:23) Happy birthday to my splendid son @nxmee - I'm proud to be your dad.

(11:18:41) Eating at my desk today; lunch al fiasco.

(19:34:23) Time! It marches on! In fact, at 9pm UK time (SOON!) it's the @Weekendery on - radio for FABULOUS People. Like you!

(19:54:18) Possibly the most heartwarming holiday-based tale you'll hear today? It's @KingDredge's Stupid Summer Holiday

(20:42:33) The Answer: "It cured seventeen people of hiccups & was used to scare birds away from a farm in Exeter." but what is the question..? #MintFM

(21:40:09) Musical indulgence this evening #CloseUp #Vinyl #TheWeekendery

(22:13:44) Another @Weekendery done and dusted.. hopefully the podcast will be up by morning. Thank you if you listened! It really was fun :) #MintFM

Tweets for 06 Aug 2014


(09:06:17) Happy birthday to @Chelledogs today :)

(22:39:59) RT @weekendery: The Weekendery - Promo for 7th August 2014 via @audioboo

Tweets for 05 Aug 2014


(09:49:53) Happy birthday, @ellewadding! :)

(14:46:28) This is remarkable - on-line shortwave radio! Great in my RF noisy world! /via @JamesCridland (/cc @connorwalsh )

(20:43:32) I am so glad I didn't inadvertently spend the last 20 minutes watching a fail videos compilation. Ohhh no.

Tweets for 04 Aug 2014


(21:04:17) A time to contemplate #LightsOut #LestWeForget

Tweets for 03 Aug 2014


(16:03:43) I found Parklife ( #cgeo #geocaching

(16:08:48) I found Joe's Cache ( #cgeo #geocaching

(16:09:57) I found Maddison's Cache ( #cgeo #geocaching

(16:59:01) Good bit of Driving About. Snetterton looks like a great spectator circuit #BTCC

(17:28:12) Watching @TomCoronel do his #WTCC thing in Argentina. Drivey drivey spectacular.

(20:40:59) RT @qqtx: @syzygy @Barlie40

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Tweets for 01 Aug 2014


(10:15:12) Quality #firstworldproblems - if I eat an apple while I'm on a conference call with headphones in, the crunching makes it inadible. YEAH!

(10:29:20) Last night's @Weekendery show is uploaded & ready for another listen! Please listen and enjoy for enjoyment! #MintFM

(10:39:04) RT @weekendery: The Weekendery Travel News - 31st July 2014 via @audioboo

(13:58:30) Listening to @1969Steve's House Of Fun on the #MintFM Archives.. well done @dj_frabs on getting Who What When.. wish I had had a guess!

(16:11:01) Just shared a little secret in the office... I used to look after CEEFAX years and years ago... something I wasn't intending to 'reveal' :D

(18:37:52) Popping out for a bit.

(21:54:45) I have a fantastic tenuous celebrity link for next week's @Weekendery. I am in the presence of Opening Track royalty. #karlsbirthdaybeers

Tweets for 31 Jul 2014


(10:32:03) RT @1969Steve: Steve's House of Fun from last night is now available to download or listen to at #MintFM

(10:45:43) Morning. I've got a project yeah.

(12:43:42) RT @PrincessBagel: 😂 @itsnotgonewell
"@DicksPettingZoo: Have your picture taken with Buttons our semi tame great white shark…

(18:02:25) Bless her, @superalora has had train track braces installed and is rather uncomfortable - hopefully that will relent soon. #orthodontistry

(19:43:25) In 20 mins (9pm UK time!) the @Weekendery is here to point you in the direction of the WEEKEND! - don't get crumpled!

(20:40:17) A-capella ROCK answer: Because nobody removed the brown ones from a bowl of strepsils in the dressing room. But what's the question? #MintFM

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