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Tweets for 29 Jul 2014


(08:21:26) RT @RHA: ICYMI You can get 40% off RHA's SA950i on-ear headphones on Amazon this week! http://t.co/UJ2NsyOg8Q

Tweets for 28 Jul 2014


(10:13:27) All I did was wash the car yesterday... surely it didn't cause this..? http://t.co/xStGj2Vfwu

(12:04:57) This picture raises so many questions... https://t.co/7DCYrdHx0U /via @duncantappy @JadeEdwards9

Tweets for 27 Jul 2014


(16:21:30) Engaging in one of my favourite activities with the children #cleaningthelittleredcarofadventure http://t.co/4yeDNcHLWL

(20:55:54) Watching a programme about the Red Arrows. Utterly different world. I wouldn't have the first idea. #whoosh

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(07:25:46) RT @johndredge: @syzygy 12 SECONDS OF SILLINESS FROM KING DREDGE! https://t.co/MYsy6nzQ85

Tweets for 24 Jul 2014


(10:48:28) It's quite a day, apparently. I am tempted to overindulge in nut-based snacks.

Tweets for 23 Jul 2014


(07:24:03) Happy birthday, @CarolKettley!

Tweets for 22 Jul 2014


(16:50:41) Adding IP addresses to an access control list takes longer when one has OCD. Why ~wouldn't~ one want them in numerically ascending order..?

(19:53:22) Just jumped in the car to head to the gym to hear @CalmWaters73 on #Radio4 harrowing story of life in Israel during the air strikes #InTouch

Tweets for 21 Jul 2014


(15:04:05) I've spent together too much time on the M1 today #another45minuteslater

(19:59:44) There's a bloke on Panorama who has a very annoying voice. I keep thinking to myself "He could end up education secretary." For a while...

Tweets for 20 Jul 2014


(08:06:33) Morning. My internet bank is shut. That's really funny.

(15:56:42) Cardboard actually smells horrible.

Tweets for 19 Jul 2014


(15:09:01) RT @ngyt_uk: #dressrehearsal #dearmrgove TICKETS STILL ON SALE FOR TONIGHTS SHOW #luton http://t.co/rlEudW3lvO

Tweets for 18 Jul 2014


(07:34:54) Good morning. This is a retrospective tweet about the storm. Gosh that was flashy and loud.

(07:35:19) RT @ScottHoad: Did you get the train to work?

(07:41:16) Must get on. I'll spend part of the morning listening to @Bowen707's latest Stereo Spectacular - kitsch and amusing! http://t.co/aeIJdJJIUU

(08:17:17) Yesterday's @Weekendery is ready for another listen - http://t.co/MLc1JYDlDC - don't forget you can subscribe as a podcast (WOO!) #MintFM

(08:54:48) RT @weekendery: The Weekendery - Travel News 17th July 2014 https://t.co/vToThlyVaM via @audioboo

(15:11:42) The Fan is out of the Loft. That's: "The Fan is out of the Loft." #notcode

(19:08:46) RT @1969Steve: Living In The 80s is now live on http://t.co/f4fxYXQP7O. Come and get it while stocks last! #MintFM #80s #Nostalgia #BestDec…

Tweets for 17 Jul 2014


(12:08:32) Totally just used the word "moratorium" in an email. I just hope I got the definition right - it's a room where you store marrows, right?

(15:40:20) OK.. I think I've been out-manoeuvred; someone used the word "preponed" in another email (not related). I had never seen that word before.

(19:37:51) In just under 30 mins the @Weekendery will hove into view, woven with mauve loom bands & looking jovial http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 YEAH! #MintFM

(20:09:57) RT @fridgemagnet2: pulled a back muscle, in pain & can't go cycling? Why not listen to @weekendery 9pm, instead & transfer the pain to your…

Tweets for 16 Jul 2014


(13:03:53) I think my internal Brita filter needs replacing.

(14:27:17) RT @SimonNRicketts: As well as phoning in sick, you should be able occasionally to phone in thick. “Sorry boss, I’m feeling particularly st…

(15:48:01) I've got a M$ Voucher Thing for £20. I just saw Call Of Duty Modern Warfare is on special offer at £20. Just can't bring myself to buy it...

(15:48:25) I'm a loafer, not a fighter. Actually, I'm a (not very good) driver, not a fighter.

(18:09:48) RT @edtjones: @syzygy is there not a title called "Call of doughnuts: modern loafing VI"? That'd be perfect.

(18:28:25) Setting up an IP camera should NOT require Wireshark... #justsaying

Tweets for 15 Jul 2014


(07:22:36) RT @artistsmakers: Other schools should copy! MT @MicroBizGirl: Have you seen letter @BarrowfordSch sent their Primary School leavers http:…

(09:10:31) Morning. I love it when I get an email to say someone's found our geocache - yesterday it was a Beavers colony.. brilliant! #geocaching

(09:48:50) THANK HEAVENS! Michael Gove is not 'in charge' of education any more. I AM GETTING OUT THE BUNTING #ChiefWhippingBoy

(14:34:05) I am SO going to create my own timezone. The first timezone that includes naps.

(18:13:24) It is warrm.

(18:15:44) Happy birthday, @emtgates!

(20:33:06) Sign of the times - a loom band tool thingy on the pavement during my evening constitutional... http://t.co/SXvqSHC5pV

Tweets for 14 Jul 2014


(07:20:45) They should put some music on the Monday Morning Dustbin Lorry Parade. Or maybe I should just provide my own...

(13:01:40) My lunch is unacceptably damp.

Tweets for 13 Jul 2014


(15:44:51) I found Cast Iron (http://t.co/VdZlFwCa63). #cgeo #geocaching

Tweets for 12 Jul 2014


(07:44:03) Current percentage of my FB timeline which is cats: 8%

(12:53:52) Disinclined. That's to say flat out...

Tweets for 11 Jul 2014


(18:45:09) I've just seen the weekend delivery lorry pull up outside the house. It's always nice when it fits through the letterbox. If a bit short.

Tweets for 10 Jul 2014


(12:13:04) RT @ngyt_uk: Dear Mr. Gove #musicaltheatre #luton 19th July http://t.co/Plbu69eUCy

(18:31:46) Sadly, there's no @Weekendery tonight - hopefully back on full form next week! #MintFM

Tweets for 09 Jul 2014


(08:31:20) I am SO going to beat today 7-1. Or am I Brazil..? Good morning.

(11:55:29) When counting my blessings, I always start with "I'm not Michael Gove."

(17:36:04) Always nice to score that consolation goal in the last minute #AbitlikeBrazil

(21:37:38) I wonder how long it will be before MyFitnessPal gets bought by one of the massive social media organisations... if it hasn't already. #tech

(21:51:09) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket show is up 'That girl from my school…' http://t.co/pnFpHdsArc with @docrock @syzygy @DigitalAmoeb

Tweets for 08 Jul 2014


(12:25:20) This is something for @jamfolder to aspire to: sell more albums than Robin Thicke... http://t.co/X2s7BWbfvD

(14:08:07) RT @MintFM: On now, another chance to hear that very strainge @syzygy fellow on The @Weekendery. http://t.co/87IzGe1cB9 #MintFM

(17:29:47) Free. Free like Leighton Buzzard.

Tweets for 07 Jul 2014


(17:50:41) Haven't even had time to tweet today. Until now. Which doesn't count. Back under the Duvet Of Obscurity I go...

(20:01:53) RT @MintFM: Join our team, it's the best one around! https://t.co/9Oy4JOZ4I8 via @audioboo

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Tweets for 05 Jul 2014


(08:11:48) Just had the weirdest bit of spam(?) ever: A hotel emailed asking if I was having a pleasant stay. I think they got the wrong number...

(10:35:18) Seems there's a piece of music for recorder called "Mike Oliver's Tank Top". It is sadly not as psychedelic as one would hope #threenotejam

Tweets for 04 Jul 2014


(14:11:10) Going to too many loud gigs without adequate ear protection is like signing your own deaf sentence.

(20:55:27) A very meticulous Impudence Day to my American cousins...

Tweets for 03 Jul 2014


(08:46:51) Good morning. PICNIC WEATHER. Just for your reference. #trustmeonthesunscreen

(09:33:14) Just spent £30 on a 60GB SSD drive for my Dad's computer.. hopefully it (and a RAM upgrade) will give it a new lease of life #gottospeeditup

(10:24:46) If I could describe how I feel right now, it would be a complex interaction of synapses based on external and internal stimulation.

(19:40:45) Next hour on @MintFM - http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 - The @Weekendery tramples over nearly 30 twigs to get to YOUR internet radio. BRILLIANT!

(19:54:15) The @Weekendery NATTERY will be open in moments.. http://t.co/6Upqj6W5pM :)

(20:42:41) "Nobody knew what to do with a half scale model of the Menai bridge, and a 50 foot blow up Tom Jones." is the answer.. what's the question?

Tweets for 02 Jul 2014


(12:25:28) Just saw https://t.co/3MD3Uv3ZnZ ... I traveled on this coach daily for 10 years. There are no words to describe how wrong this is :D #Luton

(18:42:01) As a music producer, I believe I've made it: someone has uploaded the audio of one of the songs I produced to YouTube without my permission!

(18:42:52) OK, so it was "Sent Fishing By Your Neighbour" by Offwight Radiator, but hey. I've quite enjoyed reading the (NSFW) comments...

(19:23:42) RT @edtjones: @trevypoos @syzygy probably a good time to pull this link out for its annual airing http://t.co/gwx8IEmoSF

(20:43:48) My Wednesday evenings of choosing music for tomorrow's @Weekendery ALWAYS send me to a state of audio bliss. Tonight is no exception.

(20:53:41) My "Who To Follow" list has gone haywire. Not interesting folk with whom those I follow exchange tweets.. Currys, Dannii Minogue & ITV2?

(21:57:48) RT @davenicholls: @syzygy Snog, Marry, Avoid?

(22:12:17) At this time of night, d'you have any tenuous celebrity links? A brush (regardless of how few bristles) with fame? WHAT DID THEY SMELL LIKE?

Tweets for 01 Jul 2014


(08:37:54) RT @Confused_com: What would you buy with £1 million? @syzygy would invest in an extensive spice rack http://t.co/MukedKR3f7 http://t.co/vF…

(08:40:34) This is the oddest and frankly most beautiful tweet I have seen today.. https://t.co/1r7onTZj9e @Confused_com

(12:47:35) Question for @robinthicke What is the most ecological way to dispose of a run-over hedgehog? #AskThicke

(20:19:15) RT @fridgemagnet2: @syzygy @robinthicke eat it probably

Tweets for 30 Jun 2014


(07:08:38) Monday morning: The procession of bin lorries.

(11:19:48) RT @CherryKaz1: please join me at the top of the hour as i open up the icecream parlour once again on http://t.co/xum4exzGRT

(11:32:14) This is why I love #BTCC - https://t.co/KYxYnd6C1L - real (respectful) insight into the drivers' experiences @RobertoAustini @newshamracing

(18:40:42) When our @Tesco delivery arrives I like to sing the list of unavailable items to the tune of the Who's "Substitute" #IsItJustMe?

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