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(15:05:55) Can I go home yet please?

(17:53:23) Listening to Asda FM, and they just played "Doesn't mean anything" by Alicia Keys. Horrible, horrible production. Or is it just me..?

(18:10:15) It's not often I buy computer games, but this has got #BTCC cars in it... woo drivey! http://t.co/AamQu0eblS

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(07:58:37) Tempted to learn the electric violin

(11:00:20) It's... Doctor Burnorium's Hot Sauce Emporium! http://t.co/uMA3WY08WT

(14:30:54) RT @TonyCowards: Suarez has been banned for 9 matches, or in England terms, 3 World Cups.

(19:13:45) There's less than 1 hour until this week's @WEEKENDERY takes to the air, with all sorts of shenanigans. On the radio! http://t.co/kdB0Vt6eu5

(20:01:23) Just about to take the @Weekendery on air.. http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 - YAY!

(20:50:04) The answer: "Halfway up Ayres rock wearing nothing but a cardigan and a pair of flip flops. " What's the question? #MintFM

(21:38:31) RT @fridgemagnet2: listening to @weekendery so YOU don't have to. Fiscal donations gratefully received.

(22:33:36) Putting another @Weekendery to bed - thank you if you listened.. if you didn't, the archive version will be available soon! #MintFM :)

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(07:53:08) I think I've missed the cutover when one stops supporting England and starts supporting the team drawn out in the office sweepstake...

(09:55:29) RT @AMTCoffeeLtd: @syzygy Good Morning. Our delicious Froffees have 322calories (small). Glad you enjoy them :) We look forward to seeing y…

(10:47:02) Totally going to make myself some coffee. Trying to avoid snacks (we have a no biting policy)...

(14:19:35) Want to buy new toys...

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(07:13:45) Morning. Working from home today - must remember the reason (i.e. picking my daugher up at lunchtime for a music rehearsal) MUST remember!

(09:21:30) Once again, I've discovered that a delivery address I entered was missing a house number - thanks to @GAMEdigital customer service for help!

(16:28:21) RT @katerussell: How come this just never gets old http://t.co/VJID749Lp2 ? :D

(18:49:14) A shout out the size of Greater Swindon to @Abigailwhiting2 @CarolKettley @Chelledogs @lynnjaneb @parkbenchkipper @platinummind #becauseIcan

(19:01:00) Enjoying stumbling through the musical undergrowth, picking up some great tunes for the @Weekendery on Thursday. And some old crisp packets.

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(07:24:45) Morning... epic hay fever today. Can barely keep my eyes open... that will be my excuse for slumping over my desk at work... #sniffle

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(19:48:23) Sunday evening post-gardening #selfie with #audiomo in my ears and fizzy vitamin drink in my hand.… http://t.co/V8jMHZRBtQ

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(10:52:49) Quality product combination (spotted by @nxmee) @ Asda http://t.co/SQ6JeUM50R

(10:53:04) Quality product combination (spotted by @nxmee) @ Asda http://t.co/Nuy4BjtkXf

(14:51:30) Shiny shiny supercar #AudiR8 #R8 @ London Luton Airport (LTN) http://t.co/MBEVawhJw7

(16:43:37) I have ALL the skillz. Trying to pull the scanner from under the PC, realised I'd loomed up the USB cable.. thus pulled out the mains lead..

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(08:21:08) RT @johndredge: @ResonanceFM also I'm on... http://t.co/ZdGrn5VNr5

(08:29:06) RT @SusanSarandon: Inventors of the #selfie at it again. #ThelmaAndLouise http://t.co/1yvbF8j4fF

(17:03:51) I do believe it's a bit time for some going home-age. I do hope there's a weekend waiting for me.

(19:04:45) RT @MarcusduSautoy: It's still mathematically possible! We beat Costa Rica i:0 where i is square root of minus one and we go through in an …

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(00:10:22) My kicking sub's not working. #workissues

(01:57:40) What. Ever. BOOM! @sonicnick @iZotopeInc #spectrogramsynth

(19:12:53) Coming up next hour: @TheWeekendery saunters onto the internet for those of us who aren't interested in the F word.. http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1!

(19:59:29) Just about to go on air with the @Weekendery on http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 - a guaranteed no score draw. #avoiddisappointment

(20:41:39) The answer: "They were quite surprised it stretched that far, although the A34 remained closed for nearly two days." - what's the question?

(21:09:52) "Great, Cliff! What instruments do you want us to break?" #MintFM

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(19:23:08) This marks the half-way point of my day. One work shift left to do (starting at 11.30)... please wish me luck!

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(09:28:34) RT @LordManley: A German couple seriously tried to sell their baby on eBay? That's messed up. A baby is something you made, that sort of th…

(10:18:28) That's not supposed to be there #slowpuncture http://t.co/UHDZnKyWTW

(10:31:14) RT @johndredge: Am on Resonance 104.4FM this Saturday being nutty.

(10:33:33) Good morning, and happy birthday to @artistsmakers - it honestly doesn't feel like a year since the last one! :)

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(07:09:58) We have to establish why or how a clothes hanger ended up in the fridge #insertyourownpunchline

(08:28:01) RT @Kercal: @syzygy hanging around, chilling out.

(08:28:05) RT @bassnote73: @syzygy perhaps it was fed up of hanging around and wanted to chill out for a while.

(08:28:09) RT @GHOGIT: @syzygy Probably Chris wanting to look cool.

(08:28:33) RT @VeryBritishView: @syzygy leave it for a few weeks then you can call it a cold case file.

(11:07:49) RT @lutoncouncil: Proud to support #FSW2014. Don’t risk food poisoning by washing chicken. Spread the word not the germs. http://t.co/ZZPqY…

(12:39:41) Lots of people's birthdays, today! Happy brithday to @Z80GameCoder, @GardenCity_Mark and @darr_n :)

(14:42:44) My name in French is "Georges Fracas"

(22:26:21) Apart from the 'chatroom' this is quite amusing live coverage of the USA vs. Laboratoire Garnier match that's now on: http://t.co/wVCu7nvLVG

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(16:08:50) It's a bit of a shame that @Nintendo doesn't do online play of Mario Kart Wii any more... old school.

(21:46:15) Trying for an early-ish night.. a sort-of run-up for the week ahead. All of which hyphenated fun means one thing: good-night!

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(08:40:39) Good morning. I am finding myself spending more of my life sneezing at the moment.

(08:45:24) Xbox ON!

(08:53:41) AHOY! Thursday's @Weekendery is ready for another listen - 73% perfect for intimate family get-togethers. http://t.co/MLc1JYDlDC

(10:31:57) Phenolphthalein.

(10:52:41) Oh dear. I was going to spend the morning in the garden, but it appears to have rained. #fairweathergardener

(14:15:11) Ooh.. There's a touring car racing game coming out in the next couple of weeks.. WANT! https://t.co/4QRSms4of4 http://t.co/bA2QC1SVun #BTCC

(19:08:40) Watching YouTube reviews of a dashboard cam; never inspiring when the demonstrator spins out in the first 10 secs.. https://t.co/8kMiXOLTvz

(19:30:40) This is why I love @Audioboo: https://t.co/aZgeAa2ysI - by @dragonhistory #Orkney

(20:45:28) My plan for later - @TVCatchup on my tablet in bed from 11, half-hoping England crash & burn horribly in the first half hour.. #WorldCup2014

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(10:39:38) Good morning. It's Father's Day Eve Eve, so that calls for a celebration.

(12:32:14) Someone has been reheating old trainers in the microwave, I think #officekitchenaromas

(17:25:15) Amazing... I've been back in London less than half an hour and already been asked for directions.

(17:27:28) Of course, I'm still waiting to be mugged or not appreciated. #alanpartridge

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(12:22:21) RT @govindajeggy: I know an illogical anaesthetist whose nickname is π. He's an irrational number

(19:10:13) In just under an hour, The @weekendery runs up from midfield, beats three defenders and then.. trips in the box. #MintFM! 9pm UK time!

(19:11:13) PS The Weekendery is the ideal listen if you don't really like football... since there's not much else going on ;) http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 :)

(19:55:29) RT @LILLYTHEPINK1: If after @Syzygy you're still wanting good folking radio, tune into http://t.co/7jCB5qRPaJ or http://t.co/WZP1CQ5ClS and…

(20:48:47) An international reggae My Genre-ation. The answer: "After getting the singed bits off they were easy to untangle.." What's the question?

(22:05:48) Another @Weekendery done and dusted - stay tuned to #MintFM for more fun and action :)

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(11:37:57) Yes! I've been here! https://t.co/hA6nvxhUJL - it's sung by Synthesizer Patel. Which makes it EXTRA mysterious! @govindajeggy #ElectricBrae

(11:48:36) RT @RHA: ICYMI - Weezer drummer Pat Wilson catches a frisbee mid-song without missing a beat. Awesome. http://t.co/7JiMRRGY2R

(14:31:23) The World Facepalm Championship starts tomorrow! YAY! http://t.co/vMqMN85sHN

(16:02:55) RT @TheRegister: Tweetdeck user? Wondering what that XSS box was about? Sign out and revoke your account's access to Tweetdeck. Now.

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(18:13:02) I'm not still at work. Ohhh no.

(19:36:26) I've got chutney on my earphones. #stickymusic

Tweets for 09 Jun 2014


(15:51:39) "Where haven't I been..?"

(19:39:54) I've just been introduced to http://t.co/PseRj6AFl5 by @paulwheatley - what a fantastic local service. #glasgow

(21:21:24) It's rainin' a bit. Again.

(21:22:11) I very much enjoyed recording a splendid @BritishTech Pocket podcast with @paulwheatley, @PodFeet and @bigChrisAshley - uploaded soon! :)

Tweets for 08 Jun 2014


(11:11:46) Windows open.. cool breeze blowing in.. hay fever sneezing has subsided. Nearly time for some #BTCC driving about on the telly. Exciting!

(12:20:40) Doing some research on Ricicles (because I encountered doubt when I said it used to have marshmallow bits) - it only had them in the 90s..

(12:25:59) I was wondering if there was an SI unit for disappointment. @poots's response is not repeatable on Twitter.

(13:23:13) The latest @Weekendery is up online for another listen - http://t.co/MLc1JYDlDC - lots of interesting music and the like. Ohh yes.

(13:36:15) A bit audio geeky, but I was really impressed with the sound quality from @jgmotorsport's microphone on race 2's warm up lap #btcc @itvsport

(13:40:26) Great view of the @TinTopTuesday logo on @RobertoAustini's car from @jasonplato... fantastic race 2! #BTCC 

(19:34:30) RT @MintFM: At the top of the hour The Rockspin Show goes live, with @dj_frabs, @tuglets and @angelcomedy1, on http://t.co/50eEadLZo9 #Mint…

(22:50:06) An evening spent furkling with a website... front end stuff, though, rather than the innards, like I normally do. Night night!

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(08:21:37) Looks like Kelloggs are giving away hacky sacks - I don't think it'll ever catch on... I'm sure… http://t.co/64Nhdarc4K

(10:02:51) It still feels a bit weird for me to sign a text 'Dad'. There's a punchline just waiting to be written... not enough coffee in me :D

(15:27:16) A lovely walk with @poots in Stockwood Park; not home in time for #BTCC qualifying, but some Supertouring to watch on http://t.co/prCN2dnB9T

(20:19:25) I found Are you capable.?? (http://t.co/Dcx2MIdkQ7). #cgeo #geocaching

(20:22:14) I found Anyone for Tennis? (http://t.co/5fQggJjs5a). #cgeo #geocaching

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(11:45:00) Happy birthday to @ThePete!

Tweets for 05 Jun 2014


(06:35:01) Good morning. Ha. Fooled you! :D

(19:07:15) At 9pm tonight (UK time; 4pm US Eastern) the @Weekendery returns to Mint FM! YES! In less than an hour's time! Quick quick..! If you like :)

(19:58:36) The @Weekendery is about to start on MintFM - http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1 - it's better than next door's cat. The Nattery: http://t.co/6Upqj6W5pM

(21:33:24) RT @JamesCridland: If you're interested in radio and/or history, you might want to follow @HomeService1944 - read the Twitter description f…

(22:37:29) Good night - and thank you for the day.

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(07:38:11) Good morning. I have spent much of my conscious time today trying not to sneeze #pineapple

(18:24:08) Gosh. Bit tired now.

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(12:20:43) Daily greet.

(18:39:54) Going out for some!e fresh air, I think. We've got Springwatch on the telly, but it's not the same as having a good rummage in a real nest.

(18:40:29) RT @TheMichaelMoran: I just hope this ad is genuine, because this guy is definitely the bass-player for me! http://t.co/n0bPeEdQwf

(20:48:57) Heading for the studio.. show prep begins tomorrow, so I'd better get some tidying done. And maybe some soldering. Need wires.Ohh yes.

(22:22:13) RT @fridgemagnet2: @syzygy heading for a triumphant return to the hairwaves this Thursday. Better get you some news then: the link road, ch…

(22:47:47) Imagine this is an animated gif of me going to bed. Might take a while #thoroughtoothbrushing Night!

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(11:05:26) This made me chuckle - surely only in the UK can a paper aeroplane hitting a defender cause such a joyful reaction: https://t.co/ZO1nEJrf3q

Tweets for 01 Jun 2014


(13:02:24) All done with Month End shenanigans. Been a busy day so far what with playing the guitar at church & trying to stay awake. Is bedtime yet?

(20:16:00) Spending the evening on a PC migration. Some bits are easy, some quite tricky & others are horrendously frustrating #adware #bundledsoftware

(21:52:59) Windows updates. This follows the 42 I had earlier... although it may well have re-included some of… http://t.co/u8OjHzlWRh

Tweets for 31 May 2014


(18:20:33) Apparently I caught the sun today. And it wasn't even sunny. #vampire

(18:31:07) This afternoon I have been driving Nissan Silvias and Skylines in a most irresponsible way. Quite fun… http://t.co/CbVz60a303

(21:24:09) Month end action. I can still smell tyre smoke.

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