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Tweets for 29 Mar 2014


Tweets for 28 Mar 2014


(08:40:36) I've always considered myself moderately erudite, but the word "dissimulation" appearing on @superalora's spellings today had me mystified!

(12:47:58) RT @ShakespeareSong: Alas, firstly; allow me to taketh a self portrait.

(12:51:09) I am fairly sure I heard someone's mobile phone with "Blurred Lines" as the ringtone. Baffling.

(13:13:40) RT @fridgemagnet2: This is #bexhill. Woman:have you been for a pee. Man:Yes I've been twice. Woman:ooooh. Man:no hold on it was only once.

(13:59:54) Last night's @Weekendery is available for another listen! - plug in! turn up! varnish! #mintfm

Tweets for 27 Mar 2014


(00:23:47) Playlist finally settled for tomorrow's @Weekendery - always eclectic, a bit electric and occasionally eccentric. Night night!

(20:11:31) At the top of the hour on #Mint FM - The @Weekendery returns for another two hours of MUSIC and MAYHEM. And MOSAICS!

(21:05:16) The @Weekendery! On air on #MintFM right now. Why not tune in.. or join the Natter at #mintfm

(23:03:50) Another fun @Weekendery done and dusted.. the archive will be available soon - for now, though, I wish you a splendidly good night! :)

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(00:14:17) Bedtime after a bit of headphone maintenance.. didn't quite get to the Photoshop and radio sweepers bit.. that's for tomorrow. Night night!

(12:07:13) Interestingly it's Purple Day. For me.. every day is Purple Day, mind.. @epilepsyaction

(14:00:33) Still got no friends on Snapchat. That makes me one of life's winners, right? Also, someone has put a packet of wasabi popcorn on my desk.

(15:16:00) Weird stuff going on round these parts.. #uksnow

(18:00:41) RT @Alby: The rarely spotted HDMI-to-Hozelock adaptor:

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(08:19:20) Sometimes this game can be SO annoying #wwf #allvowels #oldmcdonald

(14:35:53) I struggle to remember the word "arcane."

(15:19:42) It's a little depressing that there is a crossover between Gove's and my favourite music ('chap hop'). But Mr B can't stand him. Good.

(15:20:10) Citation needed.

(19:20:40) Great to meet @umbrellanor, Danny and Sophie from the @RadioLaB971fm team earlier - thank you for my prize! :) Will be in touch soon!

(19:42:56) RT @gentlemanrhymer: So here's my little two-penneth in the Guardian......

(21:12:40) I couldn't find the araldite so I put a new shelf in the tool cupboard #extremelooking

Tweets for 24 Mar 2014


(13:46:44) Excursion to Mr Maplin's imminent. Shout if you want anything.. sat nav? rechargeable batteries? Cable of specified provenance? Glass shelf?

(15:42:15) Note to companies sending things out: just the road name isn't really going to work. And yes, I did completely enter the shipping details :/

(23:11:15) Not quite enough achieved tonight.. the usual Monday evening gym, and then watching the end of Moone Boy. Soldering and Photoshop will wait.

(23:12:04) To bed, then... goodnight!

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Tweets for 22 Mar 2014


(08:41:53) I really, really can't understand this... How can multiple tangles and untangles of a plastic slinky…

(10:33:17) A morning of musical delights and recorders. And hitting things with other things. But mainly delights.

(10:50:43) Another performance imminent...

Tweets for 21 Mar 2014


(11:12:57) Good morning. Still alive.

(16:49:12) Brilliant #numberwang

(21:31:22) I wish I'd had a Stag Mass. #MooneBoy

(22:51:44) Last night's @Weekendery show has lolloped into the #MintFM archives: Why not have a listen? It's various! :)

(22:56:12) Time for evaporation. Condensation due in just over 8 hours.... night!

(23:10:25) RT @weekendery: The Weekendery Travel News - 20th March 2014 via @audioboo

Tweets for 20 Mar 2014


(10:50:38) Here's a sad series of tweets - inspired by @missmayawolff and someone else on my timeline who suffered the same..

(14:14:40) RT @DeeSelected: @syzygy @missmayawolff I've got 4 backup cafetieres, heh heh.

(14:17:18) To heck with this, I'm off down the bingo.

(15:05:29) My #FirstTweet: Not using the iPAQ, nor the Mac any more. Still a geek. #First10million

(20:19:24) Good heavens... Thursday again? That means The @Weekendery is back on at 9pm UK time... eclectic music and THINGS!

(21:15:17) The @Weekendery is ON-AIR at - if you like it, why not take it home in a doggy bag? Playing Empire Of The Sun. TUNE!

(21:49:17) This week's @Weekendery "My Genre-ation" is Symphonic Metal; now playing Apocalyptica - I Don't Care. Epic. Oh yeah!

(21:50:39) Tonight's Symphonic Metal Answer that needs a question: "Only the cellists got prosecuted" - but what's the question..? @Weekendery #MintFM

(23:07:02) Another splendid @Weekendery draws to a close - thank you if you listened.. if not, the download will be available soon! Night night! :)

Tweets for 19 Mar 2014


(10:40:19) Good morning on Humpday. Today I got a dayglo jacket.

(11:11:17) RT @TotesAmazeAK: Instead of posting a 'natural selfie' with no explanation, why not go here & actually donate? Make a real difference.

(11:26:47) Small coffee and Spotify. Bliss.

(12:16:56) Hey @poots let's go on a @Tesco #FuelSave Road Trip! TO JINSY

(21:58:12) RT @gagebock: Off for a 10km run than a ham sandwich. Ever.

(21:59:21) RT @1969Steve: On @MintFM at the top of the hour it's Steve's House of Fun on with me on #MintFM. Did you get that? …

Tweets for 18 Mar 2014


(02:21:01) All done with another stealthy bit of overnight work. Next: caffeine crash and bed. Night night!

(12:43:09) I've been added to @ellewadding's Listy-list list. Best list ever. I should start using Twitter lists. Or listing at least. Ever so slightly

(16:24:33) Looks like the #LutonHappy video made it to HuffPo..

(21:15:56) Salford / Manchester folk - important #Pomona event on Friday! Please go... there will be cake:

(23:48:19) Bed. I think I know what I'm doing. Horizontal, right? Night...

Tweets for 17 Mar 2014


(10:22:21) Morning. Some measure success by the size of their bundle of keys. I measure it by whether I can find my house keys at all. Today: SUCCESS.

(16:52:59) I wonder which of my children's aunts is the giddiest.

Tweets for 16 Mar 2014


(18:04:33) I'd never seen one of these before - a Microcar MC1 (505cc 2 cylinder engine with CVT transmission)…

(20:56:45) Strangest ever thing. I appear to be wearing in a pair of in-ear headphones. Is that normal, @RHA?

Tweets for 15 Mar 2014


(21:07:11) Sofa time. Plenty of outdoor time in amazing weather today. All tired out now and a little footsore.

(22:26:24) RT @poots: My dear husband is crying laughing as he tells me a tale of small boys chasing cows in Dunstable today. He has some odd times.

(22:26:47) I got a bit sunburned today too...

Tweets for 14 Mar 2014


(10:07:02) It's amazing how little one can do on the web these days with javascript disabled. Especially when one forgets one has disabled javascript.

(10:46:26) This chap regularly amuses me with science...

(10:47:05) Tiny, tiny hadron collider.

(10:48:01) New law: phone app stores should have two categories - productivity apps and unproductivity apps. I keep making bad mistakes. Ohh yeah.

(14:07:38) RT @1StevieKilner: @SlowSlownews @_youhadonejob And to think, some people say we live in a nanny state. Really gets my goat...... http://t.…

(17:22:45) RT @MintFM: Calling all 80s music fans! At the top of the hour join @1969Steve for Living In The 80s on for plenty o…

(21:51:38) I've got a boy crush on Rev Kate. #gogglebox

(22:01:56) Green comb stuck in hair. It's the look for Spring '14 #gogglebox

Tweets for 13 Mar 2014


(11:51:35) I love it... someone has set up a "C:" alias on this linux box... "echo 'Error: There is no such thing as a drive C: in Linux!'" Brilliant.

(11:53:47) I'm the home of the medium sized plate not particularly special.

(11:56:28) I've decided I'm not a sociopath. I'm an idiopath.

(11:57:51) RT @jopijedd: Why were there never any other songs about women who have stolen parts of Bette Davis' amatomy?

(17:04:05) Viral thing I missed.. "First kiss" video was just an advertising stunt (duh!) ... and the first spoof's out already!

(17:31:49) RT @cntr_cltr: BBC3's Late Junction tonight is a Vocoder special | From Maria Minerva to Mdou Moctar | With @annehilde Neset 11pm | http://…

(20:43:12) At the top of the hour, the @Weekendery comes trundling onto with a bumper Get My Goat from lovely Twitters and MORE!

(21:04:27) RT @sm2n: @1969Steve @syzygy I'm listening too! And chatting at @weekendery

(21:34:35) Playing some 80s Dance Pop on The @Weekendery - and the answer is "A road cone and some discarded tinsel." .. but what's the question..?!

(22:53:48) Tonight's @Weekendery natter ( has featured Google Streetviews of our childhood homes.. fun fun! (except Germany)

(23:07:44) Another fantastically enjoyable @Weekendery done and dusted.. the archive/podcast will be available tomorrow sometime! Night night :)

Tweets for 12 Mar 2014


(07:55:44) Morning. Season of mists and mellow fruitlessness. Or something.

(09:30:03) RT @BBCRadio3: Happy Wednesday, world...

(09:35:09) RT @sliderulesyou: How to pour liquid from a carton properly, as explained by a Japanese diagram. Life now improved immeasurably. http://t.…

(09:58:10) Another fantastic WizzAir experience... I have just rebooked my flight home for the same time as it was, after they moved it to 06:00.. :/

(11:24:10) Top tip: type "Countdown Timer" into Google, and it presents you with a countdown timer in the search results. Neat.

(11:42:55) A very happy 25th birthday to inadvertent confusion between the internet and the world wide web.

(21:19:11) RT @RadioInTheUK: @syzygy its part of Google Play Birthday celebrations, new album on offer everyday for 99p,previous ones have included Mi…

(21:31:47) RT @MintFM: Prepare to laugh your socks off! It's Steve's House of Fun with @1969Steve at the top of the hour on #Mi…

Tweets for 11 Mar 2014


(12:27:24) RT @brightonstation: If anyone needs to prove historic train lateness (as if such a thing would ever happen!) then this site will help you …

(14:35:48) Is it just me that gets halfway down a flight of stairs only to forget how to do stairs and have to relearn before I fall down the rest?

(14:39:04) The hardest thing about comparing CVS and SVN is typing "CVS vs SVN" into a search engine. Took me four goes.

(16:08:23) My dreams are too weird to be china in my hands.

(21:27:07) Has anything annoyed you this week? Please tweet me - I'm compiling a list of woes for this @Weekendery's Get My Goat section :)

(21:30:11) I'm not sure this is how Liberate by Erik Prydz is supposed to sound..

(21:34:56) Actually the new song by Erik Prydz is less interesting than that.

(22:02:51) Shutting down and going to bed. For great justice #sleep

Tweets for 10 Mar 2014


(11:43:28) RT @bobfmuk: Main Road Closed After Sink Hole Opens Up In Watford

(11:45:19) What have I missed this morning? A sink hole opening up in Watford & Jack rebranding as @BobFMuk (short for Kate?). HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD?

(11:46:07) Bob. Lordy.

(16:50:15) RT @hubbardcj: @syzygy We have a new voice of BOB - I have no idea who he is though! Top secret!

(21:57:42) 430 calories burned in the weekly crap triathlon. I will be working hard at the sitting down to follow - another 15 calories at least. Yeah.

Tweets for 09 Mar 2014


(08:39:36) Evolution of clothing: Superdry -> Firetrap -> Onfire. Ahthangyou

(08:42:59) RT @olafzwyzt: IS DEAL! IS CHEAP! IS NOB! NOB!

(08:47:12) Morning. No music hangover which is a delight. Whether the latest @jamfolder track will ever see the light of day is another question...

(09:31:21) Handy website (via @ajlanghorn) to report premium passport / licence application websites:

(09:32:52) RT @trevypoos: @syzygy @ajlanghorn I would add to that driving test booking ones too. :)

(13:02:37) Sunday Morning Chaffinch via @audioboo

(18:20:44) First car cleaning session of the year. Even if they're only a bit shiny for a couple of days, it's still a tribute to the kids' teamwork!

(19:13:41) Hmm. Travel arrangement nuisance.. flight has been rescheduled for the next day and I've booked a hotel with a no-cancellation policy. Meh.

(19:14:29) I wonder if travel insurance works before the actual event... *ponders*

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Tweets for 07 Mar 2014


(11:15:01) #FreeCheeseFriday - possibly the best hashtag every.

(11:55:24) I haven't got nearly enough make-up on today.

(18:29:35) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket Show is up ‘Don’t feed Windows Ph…’ with @paulwheatley @syzygy @streakmac

(19:20:56) My son was telling me about the book they're reading at school "Lord of the Files." I told him to zip it. HAHAAHHAHAH. jk.

(19:48:03) From this week's @Weekendery - @JohnDredge Interview - Poet Laureate - some comedy to help you into your weekend!

(19:48:48) From this week's @Weekendery - This weekend's handy travel tips

Tweets for 06 Mar 2014


(00:33:36) The playlist is pretty-much sorted and I'm pretty-much asleep. This time tomorrow, @Weekendery will be a memory and I'll be in bed. Night!

(10:24:39) Good morning. A number of questions occur to me: how have I managed to lose my hoodie? Why does my head hurt a bit? Is this Thursday, then?

(10:25:22) RT @cr3: Guys you've gotta remember to close your H3 tags (via HN)

(13:03:37) If I were an all-powerful benevolent dictator, I would employ @LukeStruts and Régine Chassagne to sing for me every day. Together. Top epic.

(20:19:59) At the top of the hour, The @Weekendery comes bounding along the lane, draggin features & music behind it. ENJOY!

(20:59:29) Crashing on air on @MintFM in just a mo.. it's The @Weekendery ... join the natter or #mintfm

(22:19:21) Playing the new song by Mike Oldfield with brilliant vocals by @LukeStruts @TheWeekendery #MintFM

(23:04:49) Another wonderful @Weekendery finished and left to dry overnight.. thank you to everyone who contributed! Really enjoyed tonight's show :)

Tweets for 05 Mar 2014


(12:06:47) RT @_ColinAnderson: We're recruiting for BBC Radio Comedy Staff Writers. This is a pretty amazing opportunity:

(12:46:44) Still a bit concerned at how badly I did helping my daughter with some rather tricky Sudoku puzzles at breakfast time. Want to finish them!

(14:58:41) Things I learned today: Las Vegas is geographically north of Los Angeles. I had no idea. Where it was. Mainly.

(21:47:35) While @clairebland1 delves into her musical Vault on, I'm preparing tomorrow's @Weekendery .. want anything played?

(21:48:23) Also: we're doing a special linguistic "Get My Goat" - what idioms do only idots use? What business buzzword grind your gears? Bring it! :)

(22:20:01) RT @MintFM: Steve's House of Fun is now live on Tune in for 2 hours of fun & games #MintFM

Tweets for 04 Mar 2014


(09:42:44) RT @badpenny31: It is always embarrassing when someone retweets one of my tweets which has a typo in ti!

(09:45:33) RT @ucalegon: Lest we forget.

(10:22:02) Morning. Nothing like an impromptu sneezing fit during a complicated commute. I wonder what other drivers thought I was singing along to...

(14:30:21) RT @olafzwyzt: #ASKJAMESBLUNT @JamesBlunt HELLO JAME! SHOP A BIBL?

(14:42:07) RT @Censored_Pixel: Ha. RT @stepickford: Hah, google 'PC World' and look at the tag line on the logo.…

(15:35:14) Here's the UK's entry for Eurovision 2014. It's.. what's the opposite of "growing on me"? #eurovision #eurovisionuk

(15:47:18) RT @1969Steve: Last night's Monday Mellow Moment that was on the radio last night is here >>> #MintFM

(21:21:40) Looks like @sugru has done the trick remounting my sE mic to its cradle - it's even threaded!

(23:08:21) Made it to the end of Tuesday. One could call that progress...

(23:08:32) And goodnight. And something about Lent. NIGHT!

Tweets for 03 Mar 2014


(10:15:00) RT @lipsticklori: RT @digitalspy: This pic of Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing U2 at the Oscars is a great way to start the week. http://t…


Tweets for 02 Mar 2014


(08:46:16) Distances have always been a problem.

(08:50:33) "We wouldn't have murders on the front page if people murdered all the time." - @AlainDeBotton Remember: news is not the norm.

(08:53:18) This is brilliant... "@alaindebotton: Talk on why the news is driving you (subtly and stealthily) crazy:"

(09:39:15) Extinction is a conservation cul-de-sac.

(09:41:28) After my tooth extraction yesterday I'm not allowed to brush my teeth for 24 hrs; the perfect alternative: sucking a denture cleaning tablet


(12:18:51) I am fairly sure our next door neighbour is building a wooden TARDIS in his van.

(16:43:55) Thank goodness for @WindowsPhoneUK "Find My Phone" I keep leaving it around the house playing podcasts through bluetooth headphones. Oops.

(17:38:45) Geographically, Luton is closer to Wales than Luton is to France.

(22:13:20) Standing by my Tesselator! @thisisjinsy

Tweets for 01 Mar 2014


(15:26:37) Dentist's waiting room. Warm.

(15:32:28) The only time I ever watch daytime television is courtesy of the NHS...

(18:33:05) Home and a tiny bit throbbing. Requisitioned to the sofa. Thank you to @GHOGIT for being the responsibile adult & to @Bubble9009 for care.

(23:35:11) Recuperating horizontally. Night night!

Tweets for 28 Feb 2014


(10:27:54) RT @johndredge: Ooo the new King Dredge video is on Chortle

(10:49:56) Good morning. Bit of a radio hangover but clumping through Friday with my big blockerboots. Have a lovely day!

(13:48:00) MT @sfdrummer Spot the odd one out! // definitely cc @YPLAC

(17:35:53) Head: 85%. Tummy: 70%. The question is: beer?


(20:18:31) Enjoying some post-work 1980s music courtesy of @1969Steve on @MintFM - he's playing a song sped up by 4 times... I know it but what is it?

(20:50:39) .@1969Steve Is it "India"?

(20:52:06) I love this. - this is my kind of audience interaction...

(21:15:21) Yesterday's mighty @Weekendery is ready for another listen. Get your gums round this. Do I mean gums? BAZINGA!

(21:27:44) RT @weekendery: The Weekendery - Travel News 27th February 2014 via @audioboo

(21:35:53) RT @weekendery: John Dredge Interview 27th February 2014 - Great Missenden via @audioboo

(22:55:07) Right. I'm off to bed, while I still have angles in all the right places #slouching #slovenly Goodnight to you.

(23:07:01) Crazy when you can still smell a hug.

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