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Tweets for 27 Feb 2014


(08:38:19) Morning, and indeed uhoh... they've updated the @QuizUp beta for Android and mine doesn't work any more.. Should've joined the G+ community!

(08:44:24) 'mark all as read' for me doesn't mean 'I can't be bothered to read this lot'... it's more 'I read them but you clearly don't realise that.'

(09:25:28) RT @johndredge: When a puma is slightly annoyed with half a cube tree, don’t put a sprig of parsley into a barrel. #oldproverb

(15:59:02) RT @CarolineKent: Hmm this is pretty awkward when you put it like that http://t.co/cHoXcWWadp

(18:26:26) Ooh I've just had an update on my @WindowsPhoneUK @nokia_uk 1520 thing. I wonder what it's for...

(20:23:55) At the top of the hour that's just on the way, The @Weekendery comes striding into view, clutching music and THINGS http://t.co/tbdP4Vk6S1!

(21:04:53) RT @sm2n: Looking forward to @weekendery on http://t.co/zhAr2OMJz9 and going into http://t.co/iNDB6HUFaJ for a natter. :-)

(21:05:22) The Nattery is open for a bit of a chat - http://t.co/6Upqj6W5pM - or http://t.co/hkllRomTrd #mintfm on your favourite IRC client. FOR WIN!

(21:08:07) The @Weekendery will be on air very very soon.. please hold tight! :)

(21:16:56) RT @fridgemagnet2: stuff. @weekendery and ting.

(21:48:07) Tonight's Italian House "This Is The Answer; now what's the question" is this: "Three: one in Turin and two in Milan. " What's the question?

Tweets for 26 Feb 2014


(09:25:08) RT @artistsmakers: Bexhill by Bawden #bexhill #illustration #advert #seaside #pier http://t.co/QjEvBcoXDj

(14:09:11) Loving British Bureaucracy... @ Watford http://t.co/vlEVQnNvlg

(17:20:47) RT @DunstableDwnsNT: We managed to tempt the nuthatch to our new window feeder today and then had this arrive to snaffle peanuts! @syzygy h…

Tweets for 25 Feb 2014



(15:44:54) I've come over all warm and hot. I do hope I'm not going to explode.

Tweets for 24 Feb 2014


(08:43:34) Morning. Another week kicks off (hopefully not in a '2am outside the pub' way) and I wish you a moderately interesting one. With sweets.

(10:32:48) Broke me sunglasses. Is it sticky tape or pound shop..?

(10:51:43) Ninja tactical sunglasses repair #emergencyspringtime #bodge http://t.co/SCH1g9q8MN

(14:08:12) POUNDSHOP UPDATE: None of @Poundland @99pStoresUK nor @PoundworldTweet stock sunglasses yet. Bonus to @PoundworldTweet for helpful assistant

(16:03:57) RT @MintFM: The music of Meat Loaf. Right now on http://t.co/XH48GKRcxs. #MintFM The coolest station on the internet! #MeatLoaf

(16:10:20) I have to say I am ~very~ impressed - my daughter's school has just announced a smartphone app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone. Fabulous!

Tweets for 23 Feb 2014


(09:29:28) Morning. Hazy Shade of Winter stuck in my head. More specifically a thoroughly unjustifiable junglist remix. Could be worse, I s'pose...

(11:55:25) Another one of these days where I feel like I've booted up in safe mode. I've tried turning it off and on again...

(12:53:43) Unexpected narcissi scenario on the drive. Tiny but colourful... http://t.co/mam1zoF9uO

Tweets for 22 Feb 2014


(11:29:40) It would be a shame not to venture forth into the sunny morning. While there's still some of it left, at least! Happy Saturday :)

(14:57:23) Goldfinches feeding at the @DunstableDwnsNT pop-up hide - a wonderful, peaceful way to spend a… http://t.co/cgtOvIidcf

(15:31:58) More pictures of birds at the @DunstableDwnsNT pop-up hide http://t.co/vhrV1VSLx0 (with apologies for the poor zoom lens!) /cc @DeeSelected

Tweets for 21 Feb 2014


(11:18:03) Good morning. It seems to be one of those springlike days that really annoy zombies and we all either say "Happy days" or "Good times." FACT

(13:43:45) RT @cluedont: When driving somewhere for the first time it's actually illegal to not reduce the stereo volume in your car gradually as you …

(20:34:37) Last night's @Weekendery is all boiled up and ready for another listen. Strain before serving: http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS - enjoy with a gusto!

(21:31:47) The latest entertaining chat with Mr @JohnDredge - https://t.co/z0ACMqQ317 - from this week's @Weekendery

(21:32:59) And a song I wrote called #FlappyBird https://t.co/WSqr2NHHD8 - it's about that game... Flappy Bird.

Tweets for 20 Feb 2014


(11:05:53) Good morning. If belatedly. Resisting coffee. But struggling with the presence of residual doughnuts. Nothing else to report. As you were.

(14:30:22) Bit springy...

(20:30:07) In just 30 minutes at http://t.co/d9KyhPKtLN - like a stone with YOUR name on it, The @Weekendery comes skittering onto the radio. Curling!

(21:12:49) Playing Miike Snow on #MintFM. Tune in if you like interesting music that Heart wouldn't touch with an Asda Smart Price Barge Pole.

(21:25:47) RT @sm2n: I'm going to shoot over to http://t.co/WFXa6PcDHz now so I can natter while enjoy @weekendery over on @MintFM http://t.co/zhAr2Ou…

(21:42:55) My Genre-ation... this week is FUNK. "Between 70 and 75%" is the answer - what is the question? Tweet your answer to @Weekendery QUICKLISH!

(22:19:46) How often do you get to hear a 78rpm record on the radio? You can on the @Weeekendery on http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY - well you could.

(22:41:55) Playing the number 5 hit single in Latvia - because I can. This is music radio at its most eclectic. This is The @Weekendery

(23:05:09) Another fun and frolicsome @Weekendery show done and dusted.. the archive version will be uploaded tomorrow.. thank you if you tuned in! :)

Tweets for 19 Feb 2014


(11:57:26) It's always nice to have an existential chat over dessert. Pudding the world to rights.

(12:43:03) It's that time of year again... I must set a reminder not to bother watching the Brits tonight.

(23:32:46) Off to bed, I think... playlist for tomorrow's show has been created at least, with help from @SheleileighLaw, @johnny_winter @jn2n & @sm2n

Tweets for 18 Feb 2014


(08:24:59) RT @ngyt_uk: The day is here people! NGYT DO @lutonfebfest Ahhhhhhhh can't wait to get started! Fingers crossed for a sell out!

(08:32:41) Splendid... Jonathan Meades has made some more telly: http://t.co/oMbfZUe34H

(16:06:02) Me, according to the daughter of a work colleague. And yes, that's supposed to be my phone. It's not… http://t.co/b4lcCGR0eK

(19:33:08) Home 'n hungry. @poots is at @lutonfebfest watching @ngyt_uk - good stuff going on in #Luton tonight.

(19:35:57) Wow.. goats are cooler than I thought.. https://t.co/WFfYT0ptRb (via @ThePoke)

(19:38:53) Happy birthday @neilcochrane1!

(19:54:35) Not hungry any more. Yummy korma and naan and bhaji. Time to have a brief chat with @johndredge in preparation for TheWeekendery!

Tweets for 17 Feb 2014


(20:11:51) Monday. Gym day. Time to get a bit out of breath and not do sitting down (except on the rowing machinery)

(23:17:58) Blue lorries with police escort on the M1 this morning http://t.co/Up8yegD7di

Tweets for 16 Feb 2014


(07:46:59) Good morning. Blue skies, little traffic; a peaceful start to Sunday in Luton. What better way to celebrate it than by driving to Watford(!)

(10:57:46) I need to stop calling Eleanor "Lenster" when out in public... apparently people look at each other as if to say "They called her WHAT?"

(12:01:24) Pilot and co-pilot @ RAF Museum London http://t.co/tFljNuLyFN

(12:05:39) My all-time favourite plane (apart from the ill-fated Tupolev TU-144) @ RAF Museum London http://t.co/iUZYODd32U

(20:50:18) All a bit tired now. Work tomororrow. Early bed. That's how the mental process ~should~ work. Let's see how I get on in practice...

Tweets for 15 Feb 2014


(00:20:00) Battery level critically low. Time to check how airtight the house is. And guess where it will land in the morning. Good night. Be safe.

(09:11:57) Good morning. Today's PIN is 3765.

(14:10:27) Heading into London. Being careful of sinkholes... are there more of them than ever..?

(14:14:31) All gone a bit blustery...

(22:26:41) Back from a jolly afternoon/evening out with Nick, Nik, Liam & Showbiz Dave. Old school larks and the dingiest restaurant in Russell Square.

Tweets for 14 Feb 2014


(07:55:48) Happy St Valentine's Day! Twinned with St Cyril who invented the Cyrillic alphabet. Imagine creating a new alphabet. "What the hell's that?"

(08:39:11) Up periscope.

(13:21:58) I just did the head wobble that Jimmy Carr does and got really dizzy. Won't be doing that again.

(13:26:33) Last night's @Weekendery is available for another listen/download/rinse at http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS - get it while it's not too damp! :)

(13:43:44) RT @weekendery: John Dredge Interview 13th February 2014 - BANJOS https://t.co/XTOQAUUu4o via @audioboo

(13:44:38) RT @weekendery: Kristen Stewart's Vogon Poetry https://t.co/gAMCtzRNvw via @audioboo

(14:33:03) RT @MintFM: Today at 4pm UK it's 60s and 70s sizzle and at 6UK @1969steve takes us back to love in the 80s

(20:51:30) I really do like Room 1010. Always so affable. Unless Henning Wehn is on. In which case it is utterly hilarious.

(23:51:12) I like 'Cruel older brother shoots his sister with a BB gun' http://t.co/mBx3iHR0nl on @tellyapp

(23:53:25) Tesco lorry with contradictory indicators.. http://t.co/zMwvW6Qcb9

Tweets for 13 Feb 2014


(08:48:42) Good morning. Suffering from corporeal sensitivity after an evening out; please pass quietly. I should be human again for The @Weekendery :D

(10:34:09) I'm the office zombie.

(10:54:57) I have still got Flappy Bird on my phone. I still haven't bothered playing it.

(11:46:40) Looking up the word 'obviates' to ensure I am using it in the right context.

(18:53:20) Reply to @fifirong Oh no! I hope you recover soon.. get as much rest as you can!

(19:01:47) Like a 5p piece you thought you'd never see again, The @Weekendery is BACK on #MintFM later.. 9pm UK time, 4pm EST. Bring an oblong! YEPPS!

(20:56:00) The @Weekendery takes to the air in just five minutes - why not tune in if you get a moment. When you get a moment. It's on till 11! :)

(20:56:39) You can listen here: http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY - interact with the show @weekendery or @mintfm or join the natter http://t.co/6Upqj6DWbE :)

(21:37:08) Tonight's genre is "My genre-ation" is: Hair Metal. The answer is: "6.3 kilometers" - what's the question? #Mintfm

(22:12:42) RT @TheGarbagePOD: Listen to friend of @TheGarbagePOD @syzygy on #Mintfm http://t.co/LbpBXiWzMu

Tweets for 12 Feb 2014


(00:30:46) And so to bed. I can think of no better way to be lulled to sleep than with the voice of Kate Rusby singing gently. Good night.

(11:08:19) Wow.. Vogon poetry! http://t.co/TVrH7LEYec

Tweets for 11 Feb 2014


(10:25:46) It's February today. Morning.

(17:17:56) Bliminy... sink holes appearing everwhere. Be prepared to jump out of the way... :/

(20:34:28) Tuesday prep for a Thursday show heralding in the weekend.. it's like Christmas has come early. Sort of...

Tweets for 10 Feb 2014


(21:28:57) Rubbish Triathlon complete. 370 calories burned. That's a frighteningly small fraction of a decent fried breakfast. Time for a sit down.

Tweets for 09 Feb 2014


(08:45:37) But would an idiot be be able to do this..?

(09:01:10) Good morning. Tummy ache, but otherwise all is reasonably orthogonal. Let Sunday commence. Slowly.

(16:43:17) Ahh it's good to have my 'main' mic pre-amp back... thanks again @WeAreFocusrite for such wonderful service, especially to Preetesh! :)

(18:42:05) Last Thursday's Weekendery - as interpreted by a dyslexic parakeet - is now in the MintFM Archives! http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS Bajingo! :)

(19:06:30) RT @weekendery: John Dredge Interview - 6th February 2014 - BOOK https://t.co/eAq7Fzc9OM via @audioboo

(21:22:23) Playing a game of "How many times will I laugh at 'Live at the Electric'?" Current prediction: twice. Both at Two Episodes of Mash.

(23:30:05) Bedtime. Or 'hiding from the week for a bit'. Night night!.

Tweets for 08 Feb 2014


(00:51:01) MT @BaronHawkey: "At least I beat @syzygy at #wwf for prob the first time ever" - a veritable win, sir. Well played!

(09:26:33) Good morning. Yesterday: an entertaining evening with @sm2n & @jn2n which involved winning a quiz on a Brucie tie-break.. today: housework!

(09:35:10) My son is, over time, showing me all the animated gifs on the internet. All of them. Today: Sochi Olympic Rings fail. http://t.co/qqDpNVhJPI

(23:13:49) An afternoon at Dad's, some Splash watchage and an evening with @poots in front of the telly. Saturday done & dusted. And so to bed. Night!

Tweets for 07 Feb 2014


(08:25:49) RT @Hannaaaaaaahh1: Do not go on the lower Luton road! Water up to my headlights!

(11:12:55) RT @BearGrylls: ‘Be kind, for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.’ Plato

Tweets for 06 Feb 2014


(11:50:35) It has been a haribo day so far. Good morning.

(18:45:33) TONIGHT! Mint FM! A new slot.. slipping slinkily into Thursday evenings, it's the @Weekendery - same show, different time. 9pm UK, 5pm EST!

(21:06:08) Slight technical issues getting the Weekendery to you.. on-air very soon!

(21:23:52) The @Weekendery is on-air .. to a fashion. I have no idea why one of the channels sounds like it's in a sink... http://t.co/d9KyhPKtLN

(21:49:22) This was the last link in a rather catastrophic broadcast chain. I have no idea why this was ON... it's "--" now. http://t.co/tVhfKFNaPV

(23:19:32) I have a keen sense of smell, but a reluctant sense of hearing.

(23:19:57) Off to bed now after a foreshortened but still enjoyable @Weekendery show. Night night!

Tweets for 05 Feb 2014


(07:28:43) Labrīt.

(10:14:56) I am utterly delighted with the service from @WeAreFocusrite - can't wait to get my Voicemaster Pro back.. hopefully in time for my show!

(10:39:40) Outlook just autocorrected 'kaboodle' to 'caboodle'. I wasn't expecting that.

(10:40:24) To be honest, I'm in too good a mood to work. I just want to go home, lie in bed, stare at the ceiling and be happy. Until about lunchtime.

Tweets for 04 Feb 2014


(09:03:13) So cool that my old buddy @TheJoeHarland is in The Independent - Radio 1 goes YouTube http://t.co/9PpIwZFpKG

(15:43:21) RT @AnneBillson: Here is a vine of Michael Gove falling over. https://t.co/RvKWy3wXVj via @ColetteBalmain

(20:08:07) An exciting @TinTopTuesday on-air now... this is going to be a cracking season of #BTCC - bring it on, @AlanHydeStudio!

Tweets for 03 Feb 2014


(00:10:09) I wasn't quite expecting to be playing (read: trying to relearn) CSS at this time of night. I have, at least, done something.. night night!

(07:54:19) RT @poots: That's all in this house opting out of NHS data sharing, we may opt back in in the future but I'm not sure so I'd rather watch a…

(08:05:44) good morning. all in little letters...

(08:09:30) Apparently, if you don't opt out of medical records sharing, they get processed by Atos. Few better reasons... http://t.co/VIVwVB60o4

(11:03:45) RT @fairuza: Never mistake kindness or gentleness for weakness.It takes a very strong person to stay kind and gentle in a world this harsh.

(14:45:25) I wonder where Chat Valley actually is. Maybe near Fray Bentos.

(14:48:31) Apparently Chad Valley is near Birmingham.

(16:46:00) Top comedy man @johndredge gets a mention in the Evenin' Stannad: http://t.co/xuLQTfUfOh

(18:25:47) Accident on Airport Way towards #M1 just after traffic lights. Down to one lane.. very very slow. #Luton #Travel @BBC3CR

(19:48:36) Obligatory Twitter design change moan.

(22:03:05) Yeah.. 415 cals burned in the weekly #rubbishtriathlon - for half of which I will compensate with the rest of a bag of liquorice allsorts.

(22:53:07) Has anybody done the "You cant make the word 'governmental' without the words 'Gove' and 'mental'" joke yet?

Tweets for 02 Feb 2014


(08:34:58) Good morning. Some up'n'at-em action required this morning - I'm on guitar duties at church, and Lenni's bringing her viola. Noisy times :D

(11:47:54) Back from church. A joyful noise was made - all acoustic, but I think it cut through. And now.. some peace and quiet before bike building...

(13:52:05) Friday's @Weekendery is available for another incredulous listen here: http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS - is it real? YES. It might be. Perhaps...

(17:04:28) Morcambe and Lenni (taking a break from a cycle home) http://t.co/pjW8X9FTlK

(18:31:03) An enjoyable cycle ride with @superalora - made it to the top of Harpenden. Loved the smell of Sunday afternoon coming home. I've missed it.

(20:50:39) In hysterics at Henning Wehn on Room 101. Good banter with Michael Ball. Never thought I would ever tweet that.

(22:00:23) Does anyone know @leopardprintgin in real life? His/her twitter account appears to have been hacked. Quite odd tweets... in Russian.

Tweets for 01 Feb 2014


(13:53:31) Overnight work done. Housework (sort of) done. Next: take the boy his mobile and go and see a man about a sofa. Quite nice out. Afternoon :)

(16:01:22) Apparently, DFS is at the end of the rainbow. Sale now on. @ Hatters Way Retail Park http://t.co/tu1ZOHTJXM

(22:40:47) Well after al that excitement, I'm off to bed. Unfortunately @poots isn't feeling very well.. hoping she's all better in the morning. Night!

Tweets for 31 Jan 2014


(08:44:59) RT @DigitalAmoeba: RT "@here: We updated our #maps worldwide, download on #WP8 from settings > applications > maps > check for updates http…

(10:21:17) RT @RigidBones: #ff @johndredge @AndyKingsFace - funny fellahs! x

(11:40:28) Absolutely over the moon.. the @Weekendery interview with johndredge is a 'featured boo' yeahhh! http://t.co/vAzsJCBq6Z

(13:12:12) RT @JoannaUK: 4 million songs on Spotify have never been played. Not even once. We’re changing that. #forgotify http://t.co/dkR2GAyQed

(17:40:41) Right... off home. The weekend beckons. Sort of. It's going to be mental.

(20:49:27) At the top of the hour, The @Weekendery takes to Mint FM for two hours of music and all sorts (not liquorice) YEAH! http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY

(21:33:46) Playing an amazing record by Nick Mulvey on @TheWeekendery - the music on this show is picked like that coffee you get out of civets.

(22:38:13) Playing They Might Be Giants, @JohnDredge and Men Without Hats. An indulgent but delightful 10 minutes. #mintfm

(23:04:19) Another enjoyable @Weekendery done and dusted - thank you to everyone who listened, contributed and existed! :) Now let the weekend begin!

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