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Tweets for 29 Jan 2014


(09:03:04) Did I good morning yet? Morning :)

(09:11:56) Inspired by @artistsmakers I'm totally going to try and grow sunflowers on the green space opposite our house again this year.

(17:14:01) RT @MaxTundra: Campaign and be gagged. March and be kettled. Browse and be blocked. What a scary country Britain is becoming. #gagginglaw

(19:15:49) All the way home I was trying to subdue thoughts of organising an extremely unpleasant campaign against everyone who works for OFSTED.

(19:15:56) And I'm not even a teacher.

(23:16:45) RT @djbensims: My studio was robbed at the weekend, if you live in London and are offered any of this equipment pls contact,thx! RT http://…

Tweets for 28 Jan 2014


(08:32:48) Good morning. And what better way to start the day than at the dentists' getting drilled and filled? Expect dribbly speech...

(13:17:22) Numbness level: 4.

(15:18:53) Facing a major professional dilemma. I fear I may have to say no @Weekendery this Friday due to work commitments. ~sighs~

(16:58:38) Busy afternoon.. trying to find a gap to make myself an Emergency Coffee. Someone came over with a mug of proper coffee. Top miracle action.

(22:51:53) Off to bed. Before 11. Wednesday will be better. Certainly less drilling. Night night!

Tweets for 27 Jan 2014


(09:34:23) Good morning. I'm in stealth mode. If you see me, it's clearly not working.

(18:02:24) Back from the dentists. Someone is going to need to take a pair of pliers to me. This is not going to end well. Tomorrow, though: filling.

(18:27:43) When I'm next asked to supply my mother's maiden name when signing up for a bank account is there anything stopping me saying Gingerspice?

(18:27:58) Apart from it not being true, of course...

(18:44:51) On hold. Smooth jazz. Fourth circle.

Tweets for 26 Jan 2014


(09:12:34) I've only just recalled that, on my way home from work on Friday, I heard that horrible noise of one car driving into the back of another.

(09:26:07) Today: not playing Asphalt 8. It makes my time go away. There are more noble pursuits for a Sunday morning. Archery. Jousting. Regression.

(11:55:02) Happy birthday, @hedgemint!

(11:55:28) A belated Happy Birthday to @slandi - hope it was a good one, and not too cold! :)

(11:58:34) Feeling moderately compis mentis today. Or do I mean compost mentoes? Trying to motivate myself for a swim later...

(14:10:45) What is it about home electrical wiring that consistently baffles me? Either more wires than I'm expecting or not enough. Or both.

(19:25:39) Crazy busy swimming pool today... must be the Splash! effect. Or the rain. Which amounts to the same thing, some might say...

(20:41:53) A watched download never, er, downloads. Well it does. Just slowlier.

(22:53:26) I'm unable to resist.. a swift bowl of frosted flavoured flakes before bed. Have mercy on me.

(23:04:19) Went for Special K stuff in the end. Got to be able to fit into that exclusive active wear this summer.. http://t.co/QUC2wYsirS

Tweets for 25 Jan 2014


(09:49:49) Hola! Holla! Holllaa! usw. Last night's @Weekendery radio show is available for download and podcast.. http://t.co/nyl4QW1RrS BAFFLING!

(09:51:18) Here's an EXCLUSIVE interview from last night's @Weekendery with comedy legend & penguin @JohnDredge - https://t.co/FdtGgn2F49 - more soon!

(16:47:12) RT @govindajeggy: The word 'repetitive' is only slightly repetitive. It should be more repetitititititititive

(16:49:43) Putting up lights. Not uplights. Lights. Up. Putting lights up. Should have written that before, really.

(16:55:53) Better finish the job I started. If I can remember what it was. #howmanyhalfajobsmakeajob

(22:34:45) Alan Hawkshaw did the Countdown theme? Cool.

Tweets for 24 Jan 2014


(01:13:42) Wow.. an epic (late!) evening of playlist crafting. Tomorrow's @Weekendery show is to be a cavalcade of stuff that is Quite Lovely. Night!

(08:02:47) RT @johndredge: Daft double act King Dredge present their Facebook page. Nah den...https://t.co/WoF0sNesWP

(08:30:14) RT @TlfTravelAlerts: Friday. You wake, covered in concrete. An industrial pouring machine is parked erratically outside your house. Oh no..…

(13:09:55) I got a text message from HMPO. That's a bit modern. At least it means they got my passport application...

(13:11:05) Am I alone in preferring, when bringing a shop-bought coffee back to the office, to pour it into a mug? Which is rarely big enough, mind...

(18:30:04) Deliciously home. Time to set up the studio for some @Weekendery action at 9pm...

(18:40:00) The @Weekendery is happening at http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY at 9pm tonight (4pm US Eastern) - why not tune in now and enjoy some 80s music? :)

(20:42:46) RT @Kurren: Gmail Glitch Is Causing Thousands Of Emails To Be Sent To One Man’s Hotmail Account http://t.co/qAa0RHRGk5

(20:59:36) RT @DigitalAmoeba: @syzygy @Kurren @ThePoke ...just tested myself & doing 'gmail' search on Google then 'Email' link DOES #Gmail compose fo…

(21:06:42) On air now with The @Weekendery on http://t.co/AHs6DdUHaY - come along... have a listen. The music is warm. C2C - Down The Road YEAH

(22:31:56) Playing "Future Love Paradise" by Seal. The @Weekendery. Where the music is a pallet cleanser. Fork lift drivers have never been happier.

(23:03:17) Another fantastically enjoyable @Weekendery draws to a close. You can subscribe to it as a podcast / in iTunes.. http://t.co/frVQeygsBq

Tweets for 23 Jan 2014


(00:40:04) RT @LaceyHughes: @syzygy Here is what I was working on yesterday. When You Say Nothing At All cover. http://t.co/85BAfseEcx

(10:15:08) Good morning. Slight headache today... tempted to take a small coffee to remedy it. In other news: damp again. Like a squib on the motorway.

(10:16:58) Also: watched the end of Sherlock s2e03 again last night (The Reichenbach Fall) - I can understand why folk were disappointed with series 3.

(14:06:51) RT @Tesco: To be fair, that item you put in the bagging area *was* quite hard to identify.

(17:58:09) Offski. Not with skis on.

Tweets for 22 Jan 2014


(21:41:13) Gosh, House of Fools is ridiculous. This is why @johndredge should be on telly. He's merely preposterous.

(22:08:41) Now having a go at Uncle. I wonder how much shouting there is in it. Nick Helm is quite shouty.

(22:14:15) RT @Williamandrews http://t.co/JZEZY8cTTq #beard

(22:49:42) I am singing "Don't fear the reaper" in a bad Scottish accent, changing all appropriate lyrics to "in a bad Scottish accent" #howiroll

(22:50:28) RT @paulwheatley: The @BritishTech Pocket Show is up ‘Lick OS’ http://t.co/Sod4hDM9gz with @paulwheatley @EwenRankin @claw0101 & @syzygy pl…

(23:22:36) Shopping Centre armchair array. @ intu Watford http://t.co/1elYx1PYx5

Tweets for 21 Jan 2014


(09:52:51) Good morning. Took the precaution of putting extra layers on today. The extra t-shirt works well, but not sure about the gloss paint.

(15:27:50) Rising bollards *shudders*

(20:43:51) Getting my wirecutters out again. Brap.

Tweets for 20 Jan 2014


(12:11:32) After midday already? No time for a 'good morning', then. I blame whoever caused the crash on the M1 spur earlier. Now: pre-lunch banana.

(19:20:11) Doing internet telly for the first time in a while. My hair is dreadful.

(20:50:10) Ooh I have got a PROPER treat for this week's @Weekendery. Really looking forward to playing it in.

(21:01:56) RT @Lizzing: Be warned. ONLY use http://t.co/OgvVUohQpu Online sting - up to £1,000 for service you can get FREE http://t.co/g6oq2HJtqJ via…

(22:12:54) Being most amused by @poots being amused by 1 Direction shreds http://t.co/ohM0m1dzIn

Tweets for 19 Jan 2014


(12:00:07) Trolley seat designed by Jim from Vicar of Dibley http://t.co/fCGkearJDC

(13:07:41) I wish there were a town called "Writing." Pronounced "Ritting."

(15:12:22) RT @govindajeggy: @syzygy Had a lovely week in the French mountain village of Arithmétique

(21:52:59) Watching the Musketeers. With Peter Capaldi playing Malcolme Tucquer.

Tweets for 18 Jan 2014


(01:43:06) This man is a complete nutter. https://t.co/Kn6krIF4Nz

(08:19:35) A busy night of goings on. I think some sleep is in order. Good.. er.. morning

(18:32:32) Touch screen sticking plasters. They're the way ahead (except they don't exist).

(20:58:33) Ahh Weekly Wipe catch up, with Charlie Brooker played by @JakeYapp catch up.

Tweets for 17 Jan 2014


(09:38:59) Right... that's May sorted. Need to put some thought into March now. #workingbackwardsfromChristmas

(09:43:25) Hotel booking failure.. flight arrives at 19:10; hotel reception is only open until 19:00. I discover this when they send the confirmation.

(13:44:19) Got a caffeine buzz and a light to put up.

(14:18:57) Outside light installed in just 30 mins using the patented method: 10 mins installation, 20 mins looking in the dirt for the screw I dropped

(14:58:07) Sending my poor faulty wearefocusrite pre-amp to the audio doctors. http://t.co/ZumxopAskm

(15:45:22) Packed up my pre-amp and ordered a MyHermes drop-off; saving that until Monday because shops don't like to store other people's stuff...

(20:11:43) No @Weekendery show this evening, I'm afraid, due to work commitments. Back next week with TWICE AS MANY songs. Playing at once. YEAH.

(23:25:27) I injured my right phone typing thumb preparing a salad earlier. What a fantastic way to remind me to eat healthily. Ow.

Tweets for 16 Jan 2014


(12:18:40) Really frustrated... bought myself a wireless charger for my phone but it looks like it's faulty. Better return it to Amazon. Blehh.

(13:33:56) Good to see that #Radio4 is getting a new drama and there's some excitement & celebration.. https://t.co/1HmGm6I5uE (via @HanRob24) #WWEBD

(15:41:50) I think I'm going to buy some Sugru... top quality custom nut replacement action http://t.co/ABHMRNbz1V

(16:24:48) Happy birthday @1969Steve!

(17:08:53) RT @FOTSN: Award-winning ingenuity :) RT @sairamg3: Rick Rolled my physics teacher... http://t.co/3RFbDhQygv

(19:43:26) Got some doughball mayhem going on. Hot dogs. Lordy.

(21:05:09) Huzzah.. off home. Until tomorrow night, when the excitement all begins again.

Tweets for 15 Jan 2014


(10:05:19) Morning. Had CHVRCHES - Mother We Share stuck in my head until I put some weird music on to drive to work. Otherwise.. it's Wednesday. Yerp.

(20:17:48) Watching House Of Fools. Vic and Bob. It's actually quite amusing in classic idiotic sitcom style. With Matt Berry being Matt Berry. Hilar.

(23:32:04) Right. Busy couple of days ahead, so what better way to prepare than to be a bit late to bed. Night night neverthelessons! :)

Tweets for 14 Jan 2014


(10:46:21) Morning. There is coffee necessity. Otherwise, I have no idea what today will bring.

(11:13:39) There needs to be a word for that moment, 5 mins before leaving for school, when offspring recall something essential they've lost/forgotten

(11:16:59) I have now remembered that I do exactly the same. Just before I leave the house there's hurried trouser-pocket checking for errant car keys.

(11:38:50) RT @paulwheatley: @syzygy Phnackaplanting (F-nak-a-planting)

(21:49:53) Enjoying some therapeutic wiring action while listening to @dj_monkeyboy on @MintFM - life could be more worserer... http://t.co/EuzNwhVTcN

Tweets for 13 Jan 2014


(07:42:20) Good morrownings. Enjoying reading about other interpretations of Sherlock Holmes, including a silent movie series that Conan Doyle enjoyed.

(07:49:48) If you don't follow the remarkable @artistsmakers you are missing one of the most industrious and inspiring people: http://t.co/5Q80G6U2v3

(22:01:24) Back from the gym. Ran a bit. Rowed a bit. Very little flailing. Worked off about two and a quarter doughnuts. That's tomorrow sorted, then.

(23:06:04) Off to bed. Facing Tuesday with a sleepy head. It's the best way. Night night!

Tweets for 12 Jan 2014


(13:00:37) G'morning. Or afternoon. Not sure I've booted up properly. Going to go into Safe Mode and uninstall some drivers. Randomly.

(16:25:42) There's a blimmin' drizzard out there. Yik. Managed to get my 1km of rubbish swimming done, though. Which means it's hot chocolate time.

(18:01:49) Why can't all kitchen equipment be made of the same material as grill pans?

(19:16:44) RT @Misty_Lee: This still gets me. Every time. http://t.co/eReuVQHZpd

(20:32:49) Oooh #Sherlock excitements. Without any sign of Sherlock. Yet...

(22:09:21) Time for a post-Sherlock fig roll.

Tweets for 11 Jan 2014


(10:17:43) Good morning. Bird feeders topped up... with any luck, robins and dunnocks and sparrows in the cold.. http://t.co/RuxIjKqKto

(10:18:41) Better get on with proper housework...

(11:11:06) RT @johndredge: no man is an island. not even the Isle of Man.

(12:03:37) RT @RichHarkness: Photographer goes back in time by photoshopping herself into her childhood photos http://t.co/2yy3bVopDR

(15:33:37) With the help of @nxmee, I've just fitted some heavy duty eurofit runners to the children's computer… http://t.co/FmlQJ5K3HD

Tweets for 10 Jan 2014


(08:12:22) RT @BaldExplorer: The Bald Explorer's Taking the Water's episode is showing on the Community Channel today - at 1pm and then again... http:…

(17:43:55) I think it's terribly time to go home. Let the weekend festivity commence.

(19:22:54) At a mere 9pm UK (4pm EST) The @Weekendery is due at platform 1 of @MintFM - why not listen to it? There's music, a silly quiz and things!

(20:52:12) RT @fridgemagnet2: This week's News From The Provinces on the @weekendery comes live (nearly) from Eastbourne and features water buffalo.

Tweets for 09 Jan 2014


(13:31:22) RT @alicelowe: last chance to listen to my Wunderland radio http://t.co/tuitQE4JS8 i'm gonna listen whilst setting the xmas tree alight and…

(13:35:01) Up and about. Probably should get some fresh air. And something to eat...

(14:38:36) Something to eat and then some blood donation action.. I am not doing having a cold any more. Naaahhh.

(16:52:19) I have to say these modern ClotCUD phones are very good /cc @johnny_winter @RealMrJules http://t.co/GFMYlTn5Mb

(21:10:37) Watching 8 out of 10 countdowns. It is surreal. With a small amount of brandy...

(23:18:57) Time to catch up on sleep. Night nght.

Tweets for 08 Jan 2014


(00:23:04) Finally got round to sending @WeAreFocusrite a service enquiry about my VoiceMaster Pro. It is doing my head in. Resorting to Behringer :/

(00:28:54) OK. I'd not heard of @EmAtak, but apparently she's @KateRobbins' daughter and - according to Wikipedia - comes from Luton. Who knew? Gosh.

(00:29:57) Right. It's now far too late, and although this tweet will take me one beyond the rather pretty '75,777' I need my bed. Good night to you.

(17:36:18) Went for a walk with @superalora. I took a long exposure shot on the 1520.. she went for triumphant! @nokia_uk #lumia http://t.co/Fw7rZFK9dG

(19:49:20) Preparing for another overnighter. My stomach appears to be the most confused (although my brain isn't far behind)...

(23:11:47) RT @PFPTMillsy: How to cook the perfect amount of pasta:

Tweets for 07 Jan 2014


(15:41:01) Gosh.. I think I like this: http://t.co/5ttmYUbJ4h

(19:04:33) I'm still not sure, given that it's a German cake, why Black Forest Gateau has a French name. Weird English language action.

(19:05:31) Food eaten. Now: washing foldage. Life doesn't get more exciting than this. Although I got a damp foot putting the kitchen binbag out. #GoMe

(20:37:58) Fun to be had transcribing one of Lenni's grade 2 viola pieces into @noteflight to hear how it's supposed to sound. Not an easy one #Bartok

Tweets for 06 Jan 2014


(11:08:43) Morning. I have so far resisted making a 'bleaurrrrgh' noise.

(12:57:52) RT @carlmaxim: Tax self-assessment form.

(15:46:02) Filthy face van @ Watford http://t.co/iMqPw2SYzF

(17:39:34) RT @johndredge: a lot of people http://t.co/v1qoUVqEjt

(21:20:00) Monday night's gym workout done. Depressingly only burned off half a pack of liquorice allsorts in calories. That's rubbish! Worn out now..!

(23:09:59) Is there nothing @AliceLowe isn't brilliant at? She does the surreal Wunderland AND was a key character in Sherlock. AND Horrible Histories.

(23:13:58) Bed. Nearly not too late. Night night!

Tweets for 05 Jan 2014


(09:15:21) #sings I like a good coffee buzz at this time of the morning. And I like to spread some honey on a toasted muffin. Or similar.

(09:22:44) "Do one thing every day that makes your spouse think you're a numpty."

(12:50:55) WIR: I had the most hilarious impromptu Skype video chat with @CloudExplosion and her children yesterday. They wanted a tour of the house :D

(12:54:29) I love Mental Floss: 12 letters we've lost from the alphabet — http://t.co/LafDR0K5ee … (via @TheMichaelMoran) My rap name: "Insular G"

(14:06:59) The boy's attempt to persuade us that the left-over Christmas desserts are sufficiently thawed... http://t.co/3z86lKaZSs

(20:31:50) Let's do this (after an extensive selection of trailers). #SherlockLives

(22:02:02) I watched #Sherlock a bit tipsy and spent a lot of time laughing But why did so much of it remind me of Jeremy Clarkson solving murders?

(22:44:06) Still not tired of this technique... “@arwelwjones Time slice wedding photography! http://t.co/oAbx0BXsAl”

Tweets for 04 Jan 2014


(08:58:42) Oh wow... they've made a second series of The Bridge! Starts tonight on BBC4: http://t.co/5stkLBz0i8 (via @denmarkinuk / @Scanditwitchen)

(09:53:09) RT @Mad: It appears the flooding in Gloucester has taken the entire @Fasthosts business and ALL of it's customers websites down ! Crazy ! #…

(13:43:51) RT @pJackThought: 13-year-old Kanye Jacob from Letchworth missing since Thursday - call 101 with info

(13:46:39) Please be careful if you're out driving today.. some roads are flooded! Here's one I encountered in Caddington: http://t.co/ozbx5jlxaf

(20:05:22) Watching the local jumping into water contest. S'all right. #Splash Faceplant off the 3m board is my speciality.

(20:52:16) RT @KarlOnSea: RT @Surfingh2o: Bikes being flown up for a down hill race. http://t.co/BHTr8Lpw57 «But of course.

Tweets for 03 Jan 2014


(15:12:28) RT @DigitalAmoeba: For any #stressed about imminent or already #BackToWork. Pick a scene & set a timer to take a digital #chill pill http:/…

(15:50:26) It's that time again... always read the label. http://t.co/btlMwU5Y7R

(16:34:10) I want to change my profile but I look dreadful. Not sure what to do for the best. Any looky-likies around?

(16:39:54) RT @MintFM: RT @AxelSchruhl: Today I will return to the virtual airwaves. Join me at 9 PM UK on http://t.co/50eEae32q9 as I cover for James…

(20:30:38) Just a heads-up: After Steve's show, @AxelSchruhl will be welcoming you to the weekend - enjoy! I'll be back next week cold free!. #MintFM

Tweets for 02 Jan 2014


(10:59:35) Good morning. Feels like a Monday. The sun is shining, at least, and there's plenty of work to be doing. Best get on...

(13:52:05) Going to find a pen.

(14:38:55) RT @ben_briscoe: Well done @FirstCC You managed to crash the top of the train into blackfriars station roof. Trains going nowhere. http://t…

(22:43:48) No Weekendery tomorrow, I'm afraid - I'm still beset with Evil Cold Of Doom, and you might catch it. Back next Friday... hope you are too!

Tweets for 01 Jan 2014


(11:16:52) Last night's New Year's Eve party was powered by @Grooveshark - my brother has a subscription, and the party mode worked really well.

(13:29:32) Watching the Luton vs Barnet game on TV... it's not often I watch football matches, but I'm fairly sure it's a new thing to play on a swamp.

(15:33:55) Wow. That is scary. I found myself typing my details into a FAKE passport application website. BE CAREFUL out there. http://t.co/1PtHws3JcW

(18:02:13) I'm hoping to do more music in 2013. I have got my guitar out. This won't end well...

(18:36:22) By which I mean I'm going to build myself a time machine and that will be my first priority. Natch. #noideawhatyearitis

(18:52:21) RT @TSBible: Nice nutritional 'Three Course Meal' at St. James' Park... http://t.co/CREC6OiKDO

(21:01:39) This is it. #Sherlock Concentrating. Back in 01:25:00

(21:10:17) Chuffin' wow. #Sherlock

(22:30:56) Yup. I love that my Twitter stream is full of funny and positive things about #SherlockLives - means I follow Mycrofty people. Oh but yes.

Tweets for 31 Dec 2013


(10:29:07) Morning. Cold status: 8.3. Pondering eating crisps until I'm better.

(11:00:49) I really love this kinda thing: 12 ancient words, stil used: fossilised in idioms http://t.co/7h086ISVNM (via @RadioKate / @lewis_dartnell)

(16:01:43) My musical accompaniment to this afternoon's work is catching up with @do_or_diy's 16th Dec podcast - eclectic & fab! http://t.co/YhXIJzu8Iz

(16:21:52) RT @mrs_forky: "Dinner For One" is on @ndr in 30mins. Watch it here - http://t.co/CFl6JSqXCN

(16:40:59) Watching NDR - http://t.co/CkmMCRKg9U #dinnerforone

(18:21:51) RT @johnny_winter: OK, 50 tracks for £0.79 That's just over £0.015 per track, sure, some of them ain't worth it https://t.co/Cu9dar3mVp cc …

(21:09:06) Perfection WIN! https://t.co/QynPpEnL4s

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