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Tweets for 30 Dec 2013


(10:12:44) Woke up with a stinking cold. Bleehh. I will eat biscuits until I'm better. Biscuits and lemsip. Feed a cold something something. Morning...

(13:18:53) I miss Paula White.

(13:24:26) #TwitterNumbersGameThing 21 a true inspiration of so many kinds. I'm glad I know you.

(14:06:33) #HashtagNumberGameThing 56 A delight to have on my timeline - always with something interesting to say :)

(14:57:19) #TwitterNumberHashtagThing 27 An erudite, talented and interesting person whom I believe deserves a much bigger audience.

(17:20:09) #TwitterNumberHashtagThing 45 I have a lot of time and respect for you - you use your many talents to achieve amazing things.

(20:40:31) #TwitterNumberThingy 711 A unique, enchanting person who has a phenomenal voice.

(20:41:23) Watching 2013Wipe. It's like a hot toddy with tabasco in it. And sneering.

(20:42:41) RT @joshgroban: Stop crying, children. I'M your Bieber now.

(20:43:03) RT @MintFM: MintFM brings in the new year starting 31/12 at 10am UK in every timezone, on air and via twitter. Don't miss out.

(20:51:51) Got to remember - loratadine is the non-drowsy antihistamine, and Letitia Dean is the actress off of Eastenders.

Tweets for 29 Dec 2013


(22:24:44) Witnessed a fishtailing incident ending badly heading up the A1 tonight. Note to self: look up
on YouTube how to recover from a tankslapper

(23:20:16) Reading up on driving ninja skills complete. Will play Gran Turismo tomorrow in the hope there's a Prius in there #somehopes 😄 Night...

Tweets for 28 Dec 2013


(08:42:21) Good morning. For information: it's Saturday. Expect travel disruption. I think some hoovering may be in order. Have a smashing day!

(10:25:38) I consider myself blessed that the toughest thing I have to deal with as a parent on a Saturday morning is untangling a slinky.

(20:57:12) Me: "You've seen The Italian Job, haven't you?" Beth: "I fell asleep during it. Twice." Ahh well. I will remain married to her.

(21:15:24) I just earned the 'God Save the Queen' badge on @untappd!

(22:20:30) Titanium is cool. I do hope there's more of it than tantalum and helium.

(23:43:44) Better head for bed. Always good to be up bright and early for Sunday mornings. Or early, at least. Night night (especiaily to @ellewadding)

Tweets for 27 Dec 2013


(09:06:34) Good morning. Back to work. Plenty to catch up on over the festive season. Better get on with it, then...

(20:28:41) Soon soon! In just over 30 minutes, the last @weekendery of 2013 hits the airwaves like a duffle bag on a lino floor!

(23:41:32) Right.. bedtime, and not a moment too soon. Several moments too late, in fact...

(23:41:39) Night night!

Tweets for 26 Dec 2013


(13:28:24) Finally catching up with Doctor Who. Peculiar.

(21:39:01) Making a playlist for tomorrow's show - some of my favourite songs of 2013 as well as some found gems. I love music - enjoy the @weekendery!

(23:34:59) I think I'm a bit in love with Charlotte Rowney.

(23:59:21) Right. bedtime. Work tomorrow.. and my sister's 40th birthday (which should, by rights, best be observed with a public holiday).

Tweets for 25 Dec 2013


(07:35:00) Happy Christmas. The children are up at a reasonable time and coffee is served. All is pretty much well on this dark Christmas morning...

(07:50:45) I've got Gaudate stuck in my head. Must listen to it... it'll blow my mind #festivefolkoverload

(12:41:10) Amazing frost patterns on the top of the little red car this morning...

(13:01:17) My son's magnanimous gift to his sister.

Tweets for 24 Dec 2013


(11:37:15) Sad sign @ Luton

(11:52:39) Never too old for a visit to Santa! @ The Brache Beefeater

(14:52:31) Just saw the Harry Hill movie - very very silly. The progeny loved it and so did I. It featured the Magic Numbers.. they are fantastic!

(16:52:17) We call this the "Trust fall crane" - although there isn't a crane behind ready to catch it..!

(17:04:03) Destroying the Wall Of Jenga #AirZooka

(17:47:26) Exciting Sherlock preview action:

(21:08:19) Christmas Eve bliss. Beautiful wife present but not pictured.

(23:34:58) Off to bed now. When I awake it'll be Christmas. Wishing you a peaceful night - my thoughts go to those with no power! Goodnight.

Tweets for 23 Dec 2013


(01:08:25) Done. Time for a bit of Christmas anticipation.. Christicipation. Bed first though. Night!

(09:53:04) Good morning! Monday?! Well, another listen to Friday's @Weekendery will soon see about that. - all fully cooked now!

(09:56:30) Today especially I wish I knew someone called Eve.

(10:04:09) I've just had an email from Shoezone that I need to order before 5.30pm today to get delivery by Christmas. Emergency shoe situation avoided

(11:03:15) I'm glad it's not just me that struggles to open a bag of Haribo. Also not to finish one.

(11:04:38) Delighted that the children can listen to one of their pals from 'oop north' on the internet radio :)

(16:01:53) MT @misscorsham Merry Christmas. This may help kill some time - - bafflingly brilliantly stupid. @superalora @nxmee

(16:28:03) I couldn't find a glowing LED star in the shops, so I made one.. a but quirky, maybe, but festive :)

(18:41:03) And since there's no place to go, let it horizontally drizzle, let it horizontally drizzle, let it horizontally drizzle.

Tweets for 22 Dec 2013


(00:56:22) An enjoyable day of family time and music making; the instrumental version of my @KaraokeSecret song is about 95% complete. Splendid. Night!

(09:26:51) It would appear @poots is introducing the children to 'Doop'. I knew there was a reason I married her.

(13:38:09) It's nice to have a session violist in the house. You never know when you might need one.. #KaraokeSecretSanta @KaraokeSecret

(13:42:47) Don't forget the birds this Christmas... they have to be out in the minging weather...

(15:05:41) Marzipan. Parmesan. Not to be confused while making a Christmas cake (h/t @superalora)

(23:40:32) Unleashing the power of Haribo to do some late night video editing. This isn't going to end well. Not least because I'm rubbish at video.

Tweets for 21 Dec 2013


(08:07:53) RT @TheGarbagePOD: @syzygy @Nick_Tann @artistsmakers @drmasquerade you have now officially been launched into the #Podisphere…

(10:01:30) I've just had @superalora demonstrate her "overattached girlfriend" look. It is a bit frightening. Not represented.

Tweets for 20 Dec 2013


(19:09:10) #FF @IPTechShark Pulchritudinous Tweetage.

(19:29:45) DJ Lenni in the house

(20:31:35) At the top of the hour, there's a 12 (unless it's digital) and the doors to the @Weekendery will open for some Festive Bandwagon action! YOM

(20:32:18) Don't forget you can have me read out your brains if you tweet @weekendery or @mintfm - or join the natter at!

(20:32:55) Oh, and you're wondering what the @Weekendery is, or where you can find it... is the place to tune in. TUNA! INN!

(21:21:14) Playing a rather jolly version of Last Christmas by Jimmy Eat World on @MintFM - coming next... Get My Festive Goat!

(22:17:25) Absolutely LOVE the Deacon Blue Christmas song.. "You'll Know It's Christmas".. playing now on The @Weekendery

(23:06:31) Another very enjoyable @weekendery done and dusted - the archive will be available tomorrow. A fun two hours with my internet pals :) Night!

Tweets for 19 Dec 2013


(11:10:43) Morning. Got brainache again. This does not bode well for Festive Festivities. Ahh well, I can only party as hard as my body will let me.

(14:39:37) Starting to get a little irked by the constant (three times a day?) emails from Portable North Pole. It's unlikely to make me want to play..

(18:56:23) Eating curry in a nightclub. Apparently this is not normal #bitbeyondme @ Oceana

(20:57:02) Struggling with the juxtaposition of dancing (badly) and temporary threshold shift. Out for a non-smoke break. Not much left in me...

(20:57:58) RT @SimonNRicketts: Here's what we know so far about the #ApolloTheatre balcony collapse. Live blog may follow.

(21:41:30) I've worked out what was missing #agoodsitdown #ChristmasParty

(22:13:12) I would like to affirm that I am only dancing because I missed a session in the gym. I might go for a run later. In Watford. Unlikely.

Tweets for 18 Dec 2013


(08:04:37) Good morning. Recurring dreams can be reassuring in their way, but I wish I knew what it meant... railway station & timetable dilemmas...

(08:05:46) Also in my dream I got so flustered that I forgot my phone's unlock code, but tried 'mostly harmless' and that worked... #alwayshandy

(16:43:25) Today I have discovered that an unsent email (too large) has burned through practically all my data allowance. Fix it, please @windowsphone!

(16:46:49) Things I really need to get around to doing #958: alias 'mdkir' to 'mkdir'. Saves a lot of typing.

(16:48:45) This is a delightful song by @TOther_Simon - Parental Epaulettes:

(21:49:30) RT @nxmee: Visit the Mr Best Network website:

(21:50:32) This just makes me want to go drinking with @jvsshow

(21:53:00) (Mind you I wouldn't want him to drive me home)

(23:54:42) Pretty much done the bulk of show prep for Friday's Festive @weekendery - out tomorrow night... I hope I recover in time! eep.. Night night!

Tweets for 17 Dec 2013


(08:05:22) Good morning. I received a Facebook message from Mr Mezzanine apologising for his van's bad parking in September. Better late than never.

(15:47:59) Once again my work laptop's gone rogue. (The letter 'H' has stopped working). Rebooting. Installing updates. Sighing...

(18:21:32) Belatedly, but at full angular velocity, @TheWeekendery is available for another listen in the @MintFM archive: YOP!

(21:57:29) An episode of Toast in bed, I think. Like a slice of toast, but with fewer crumbs. And about twice the amount of butter. And swearing.Night!

Tweets for 16 Dec 2013


(16:57:03) Quite a few Dilbert calendar days to catch up on...

Tweets for 15 Dec 2013


(00:44:13) A fun evening creating something a bit ambient with @sm2n. Yes - @jamfolder did some music. Not bad for an evening's noodling. Bed - night!

(00:50:16) Gosh.. the original Mistletoe and Wine - (h/t @ColinGPaterson)

(11:16:36) Good morning. All about a crib service today. These ones won't fall over for no readily apparent reason #topplecrib

(11:38:31) I'm utterly baffled as to why Samsung have chosen Robin Thicke to feature in their phone ads. They clearly have no idea what he represents.

(17:21:54) Gingerbread house at Aunty Cath's @ Cholsey

(20:21:08) An entertaining (and raucous) afternoon spent in the company of my sister Cath and her family. Proper festive shenanigans. Home now.

(20:21:52) I would add that the M40 was broken. Presumably by a Vauxhall Insignia driver going too fast for the weather conditions. Serves him right.

(21:27:51) I do like #Gogglebox, but those two older scouse women really don't add anything. Statement of the obvious & drippiness. More of the others!

(21:41:31) Nice bit of apricot brandy and telly catch-up (Yonderland, Gogglebox, Crackernory). May well bring the weekend to a nice close.

(22:39:34) I am SO following @gagebock. Ever.

Tweets for 14 Dec 2013


(10:49:27) Horrendous cuddly toy action (apparently the heart comes out too) @ IKEA

(15:08:48) Major network issues on the home network. Getting disproportionately stressed out about it. Suspecting a network storm...

(15:32:09) Sorted. Rebooted the switches. Strange behaviour - I'm just glad the Draytek router withstood the craziness. Full connectivity. yeah.

(15:34:52) And with that, I'm going to get on with some very sober hoovering.

(18:23:13) Festive spinny thing

(18:32:20) Hoovering done, a Christmas film on the DVD (Santa Claus the Movie, I believe) and festive music making tonight. Sleigh bells at the ready..

Tweets for 13 Dec 2013


(15:22:40) Putting together the playlist for tonight's @Weekendery - lots of very interesting music. Ohhhh yes.

(17:40:46) Just about to watch @superalora perform some musical theatricals with @ngyt_uk - she very much enjoys a bit of wailin' and flailin'.

(18:56:25) RT @nxmee: this is probably the best gif I have found today:

(20:08:37) After Steve's finished Living In The 80s, The @Weekendery will be opening its doors at - Songs! Silliness! Poetry!(?)

(20:09:35) Good heavens, @1969Steve is playing a song I haven't heard since it was out.. London Nights by the (late lamented?) London Boys #mintfm

(20:59:00) Thanks to @1969Steve for the last three hours of fantastic 80s music... in just a moment the doors to the @Weekendery will open.. on MintFM!

(21:31:58) Playing some excellent Bombay Bicycle Club on @MintFM as part of the "What the cool kids are listening to" feature. Quality, quality music.

(22:29:42) Playing "Something Wrong" in the @Weekendery on @MintFM - music that stretches the definition of acceptability. It's a learning experience.

Tweets for 12 Dec 2013


(10:03:19) Good morning. It's going to be a strange, long day. That's all I know so far. Apart from the whole lemon and ginger tea thing. That's nice.

(16:09:09) An enjoyable lunch with my dad, an army colonel, a major and my sister (as yet unranked) before I rest and prepare for another overnighter.

(17:13:10) Time to rest.

Tweets for 11 Dec 2013


(08:06:54) Good morning. I've had a very helpful email from a WP8 app developer saying there's a driver bug stopping my 1520 recording stereo audio.

(08:08:01) Haribo and porridge. Genius.

(10:25:11) It's not clear why there's a cardboard cutout (I'm told it's Rihanna) inside the back door of our office. She's not dressed for the weather.

(10:26:13) Aforementioned cardboard cutout.

Tweets for 10 Dec 2013


(10:21:04) Good morning. I think we can be fairly sure that everyone's a bit tired today. Everyone. Well, me. And @markhort

(11:08:34) In women's football do they shout "Woman on!" when a player's being marked? Genuine question.

(14:28:36) English Markets in Germany... I mean... surely it has al the romance of German Christmas Markets..? (via @ThePoke)

(15:38:39) I love the way my @WindowsPhoneUK reads texts out to me if I've got my bluetooth headphones on. Really clever features.

(22:26:06) I am SO rubbish at Christmas shopping. Please can somebody help me. I will give you a Kinder egg. The colour of your choice.

(23:45:38) Rather kindly, @EwenRankin has published my review of the Nokia Lumia 1520 - what a nice man. And what a fine phone.

(23:46:33) And now I shall sleep. Perchance to wake up at about 3am feeling thirsty. Night night!

Tweets for 09 Dec 2013


(08:35:27) On our drive back from Sussex last night, I introduced the progeny to the ISIHAC game "Word for Word." Much hilarity ensued. I got hiccups.

(12:34:26) Testing Voice Memos Lite (@Topgold) via @audioboo #8 #app #phone #test #windows

(21:23:18) Done the rubbish triathlon.. now time to download an app to tell me quite how puffed out I am...

Tweets for 08 Dec 2013


(15:33:58) Sunset seaside

(18:57:21) The old board games are the best.. @ Bexhill Town

(22:52:05) Home after a lovely day on the south coast... fab family time :) Thank you, @chepbourne, for making it so enjoyable! (and @fridgemagnet2!)

Tweets for 07 Dec 2013


(08:38:16) Good morning. There is tinkering to be done.. although also housework. And going to see @superalora play in a concert. Busy day yeah.

(12:08:57) Half time. After the break, people hitting things with other things. #winterconcert

(18:33:26) I've come over all sleepy. Shame i have things to do this evening, because bed sounds like a lovely prospect...

(20:46:47) It's been a day of trying to stay awake and familiarise myself with Windows Phone 8. It's... different. It's about 18 months behind Android.

(23:21:35) Off to bed now. It's been a day of indulgence - putting everything on charge now for a family day tomorrow. Sleep well when you do!

(23:24:19) I'm hoping to do a 'power user' blog review of my Lumia 1520.. lots to write about; it's immensely powerful.. but I'm posting more typos(!)

Tweets for 06 Dec 2013


(09:55:30) Good morning. My daughter's last junior school assembly - time passes.. amazing and lovely to see how her class have grown together.

(11:47:08) A very happy milk expiry date to @Becchanalia. May your mug of tea be especially delicious today.

(12:16:43) Major ADD today.

(20:38:17) Right at the top of the hour, popping its head over to have a look around, it's The @Weekendery on @MintFM. Silliness and music. YARR! :)

(21:47:31) I'm playing some rather splendid music at right now. A rockin' cover version of Awolnation's "Sail" right now.

Tweets for 05 Dec 2013


(08:06:54) RT @BaldExplorer: Watch the latest Bald Explorer episode: or all of them. #discover #Britian

(08:09:53) RT @leesargent: Genius, genius genius - Picard gets into the christmas spirit

(12:06:40) Outside the office (I forgot my pass) I ask a colleague to let me in. "Do you work here?" "Yes," I say. "You walk past my desk every day."

(14:38:53) Dataloading like a boss.

(18:52:40) Looks for all the world like half of Luton is at the Royal Mail collection office this evening. They need ninjas behind the counter.

(21:52:40) I'm doing that "oh ho HO!" thing picking tunes for the @Weekendery tomorrow. Interesting and brilliant music to come - 9pm tomorrow. Yeah.

(21:54:06) Rest in peace, Mr Mandela. You will live on as a significant part of 20th century history - and the humanity you improved as a result.

Tweets for 04 Dec 2013


(08:00:37) Good morning. Google has been rummaging through the photos on my phone and made an 'auto-awesome' video. Spooky. But clever. And spooky.

(18:47:34) Vauxhall Insignia drivers. Don't even get me started. Although actually I started a LONG time ago. But not on here. But still. Urgh.

(19:42:42) Having seen the latest Vytautas advert (I think) it links to a completely bonkers movie called 'Redirected'. Is it real? I'm confused now.

Tweets for 03 Dec 2013


(00:25:10) Drippage (and challenges therein) via @audioboo

(00:35:01) Like a NatWest cashpoint, I'm pretty much no good to anybody now, so I shall head for bed and wait for morning. Night night!

(12:40:45) First tweet of the day.. at twenty to one. It's been busy. Must remember to empty the Leak Pot later.

Tweets for 02 Dec 2013


(07:29:00) Morning... a sure sign it's been a bit of a rough night: finding the duvet is the wrong way round. How on earth..?

(17:11:43) I have been dissuaded from using the aphorism "two pipe problem" in an email. I would've thought @markhort would be more well-read ;)

(17:44:24) One of these scripts is not like the other...

(17:46:24) Boom. And I'm outta here.

(17:58:58) Just walked past a car blasting out Mike Oldfield's "In Dulce Jubilo" at high volume. Festive rush hour.

(22:23:37) I do wish I didn't forget how pleasant it is to edit beautifully recorded audio. I should do it more often.

(22:32:59) I have managed to make my last remaining plectrum mysteriously disappear in front of my eyes. This is SO weird. Is it a message..?

Tweets for 01 Dec 2013


(09:09:47) Morning. Is it just me that gets a shiver down my spine when the DoctorWho theme plays and the choir briefly kicks in..? Amazing production.

(09:13:12) I've just signed up for this year's "Karaoke Secret Santa" - send someone a song for Christmas :) why not have a go?

(20:42:15) Uhoh. Slight drippage from the shower inlet pipe. This brings the number of domestic drips to three. Not including me. I'm failing at DIY :D

(21:51:07) Tuned into a bit of Rockspin action on @mintfm :)

(23:39:52) Surfin' for washers in the evening. Stopping now. Bedtime. G'night!

Tweets for 30 Nov 2013


(10:51:28) Morning. Not sure where to start. Possibly printing out blank alto clef manuscript... then the tidying can commence...

(11:28:42) Wow.. @noteflight is a fantastic online music authoring tool: - perfect for sorting @superalora's viola carol parts.

(12:51:27) I think I look especially pale today. Wan? Not sure. Scruffy? Always.

(22:34:45) Definitely an all-star cast of #Crackanory - just saw @Williamandrews making tea.

(23:49:56) Another day zipped by. Some progress made. More tomorrow. It's Advent. Night night..

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