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Tweets for 31 Jul 2013


(20:09:38) A bit like a Smokey Robinson miracle, last night's @LateNightLoaf show is ready for another go.. come, get it here: http://t.co/st1hBlT1wt

(20:46:59) Oooh! I'm getting Jellybean on my Nexus 7. Well.. I may be.. it could be (coughs) Jingo. I mean just a mira.. oh bobbins.

(21:29:41) One for @BritishTech ... Nexus 7 has been patched for the vulnerability we discussed on the BIG show a while back. http://t.co/7WtjCBZrD8

(22:56:33) All done with the Wednesday. There's only a bit left in the corner but you can have it. Or put it in the fridge for breakfast. Night night!

Tweets for 30 Jul 2013


(11:14:17) Working from tummy ache this morning.

(15:37:15) Touch and go whether I'm going to be doing the @LateNightLoaf show tonight.. blimmin' migraine now. BLEHH

(16:53:55) Come Hull or Hiawatha, @latenightloaf will be taking to the air at 10pm UK time, 5pm Eastern. Grab your washboards! http://t.co/jHr1GPU3Em

(18:29:38) RT @nxmee: I have just uploaded a video of my box of awesome, please like it because it will be part of a competition!

(19:18:01) Tonight - 10pm UK time, 5pm Eastern on Mint FM - @LateNightLoaf has TOP requests and some nonsense spake by me! http://t.co/mg9T0pIoEW

(21:06:52) Live! On http://t.co/Ec61SQ43P5 right now! It's @LateNightLoaf. All kinds of wrongness for your ears. UNDERSTAND THAT!

(23:02:38) Another @LateNightLoaf done and dusted.. thank you to everyone who helped! I'll upload the archive as son as I can tomorrow. Night night!

Tweets for 29 Jul 2013


(15:50:20) I'm surrounded by so much dentism at the moment.

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