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Tweets for 30 May 2013


(13:58:20) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is still a GoGo at 8pm though with @jgamet @charlotteahenry @claw0101 @sarahjaneuk @syzygy @EwenRankin Pls RT

(15:33:28) Non stop. Relentless. Etc. Although I am actually going to stop to make some coffee, having made a spreadsheet of Mild Doomery.

(17:17:02) Evening, Jim. Hope it's a good one! :)

(19:10:09) .@ibookery @iyaz @EwenRankin @jgamet @charlotteahenry @claw0101 @sarahjaneuk There will be no BIG show this evening, sadly.

Tweets for 29 May 2013


(07:05:26) Big hugs and love to Barbara @washmysocks31 - a Twitter delight (thanks @johannariley)

(07:53:33) RT @ThePoke: Spare a thought for Phil Daniels who around about now, rather than enjoying his usual lie in, will have been rudely awakened b…

(07:54:08) RT @ThePoke: oh god… RT @lordBNG: @ThePoke no he isn't - monday was a bank holiday so bins are a day late this week

(07:57:25) I feed the pigeons, that I sometimes feed the sparrows to. It gives me a sense of enormous wellbeing. Off to put my trousers on. #parklife

(18:54:38) Fantastic Simon & Garfunkel tribute on this week's #HorribleHistories My two have no idea who they are...

(19:55:11) This is totally what Rando is all about. #culturalexchange #probablygoingtoSouthKorea

Tweets for 28 May 2013


(04:22:37) Earlywoke. Going to have another go at sleep. It was probably the cheese.

(12:39:26) The Way Of The Exploding Cherry Tomato. Onto my sleeve, basically.

(12:55:59) There is someone talking in an office down the corridor that sounds like a wasp.

(14:21:58) RT @musicMagpie: RT and FOLLOW us to WIN this super 80s Prize-Bundle #WIN80sBundle

(20:33:26) Lawks a-lachrimose, is it really Tuesday evening already? At 10pm UK time, 5pm Eastern, @LateNightLoaf comes on-air. This week: eclectic! :)

(20:34:18) Oh and for bonus fun, bring all your personal belongings to - it's called "Natter" and there are FINE folk within.

Tweets for 27 May 2013


(08:20:53) Oops. Neighbours have an industrial waste bin but they've blocked it in by parking their car across the drive, so collectors can't get it :D

(08:24:12) Oh and good morning.

(14:26:51) Quite splendidly worn out after a fun swim this morning and a forensic examination of Luton's discount stores (£1 and 99p) this afternoon.

(14:27:36) In case it's in any way interesting, I bought a tiny tripod from Poundland because my Zoom H4 can go on it, and a rounders bat. For frolics.

(22:01:27) Tuesday: NSFW

Tweets for 26 May 2013


(07:24:07) I've been awake since 6.40am. On a Sunday. Outrageous. And then back inrageous again. Becoming a zombie. A coffee drinking one yeah.

(08:38:06) I quite like putting on a shirt that's slightly too big for me. Makes me feel comfortably flimsy.

(15:40:51) Gah. I missed three calls this afternoon, since I was out chopping down a hedge with @GHOGIT. The number isn't in my address book. Oh pants.

(22:07:39) Well. It's been quite a day. I have hardly sustained any damage from nature at all, even though I made 5 trips to the tip with hedge bits.

Tweets for 25 May 2013


(08:00:51) Good morning. There is mucking about with a computer to do, but I should get on with the housework first. I'm sure there's a pithy saying...

(09:04:00) I'm having an earbud crisis. Am I a medium or a large? I can jam both in my ears, but can't hear what others' opinions are. Pardon?

(09:51:02) Earbud update: Medium. Big falls out. Now I am going to do some ironing.

(10:54:29) These pistachios haven't aged well.

(13:57:43) I found National Trust South Bedfordshire: Tree Cathedral ( #cgeo #geocaching

(14:08:02) I found Leaves 'n Pews (Beds) ( #cgeo #geocaching

(18:11:45) I actually dun a blog post: - "An afternoon on Dunstable Downs." Now with headspinny panorama photo thing.

Tweets for 24 May 2013


(11:57:27) Pre-bank-holiday-Friday. Hello, too.

(17:05:58) Nearly finished work. NEARLY.

Tweets for 23 May 2013


(07:15:27) Good morning. All under control? Good. I shall go back to my coffee and work laptop, then...

(08:56:35) The more I think about it, the more I think the B Ark is a good idea. But for the EDL, misogynists, jobsworths and Daily Mail columnists.

(08:57:30) That's not to say I'm in favour of eugenics. But the idiocy of some people is baffling. For example: h/t @DawnHFoster

(11:13:57) RT @thecuriosity: “@ArenaFlowers: Some amazing new features of the new Xbox One” sold to the girl who loves a free p…

(11:42:36) Once about ever 20 emails I send, Outlook changes the font colour to red. If I were ever to write a trojan, it would do something like that.

(12:06:22) I have just discovered I've run out of chutney and salad cream. This is going to be the worst salad ever :D

Tweets for 22 May 2013


(08:12:42) Bit full on this morning. G'day anyway.

(09:18:50) RT @TlfTravelAlerts: If it looks like a duck and sounds like a duck, then the train is probably defective and needs to be taken out of serv…

(10:00:32) One of the fringe benefits of working from home: instant access to No More Nails.

(10:00:49) RT @dizzymummytotwo: RT @O2 Loving Lumia 925? Wee giving away a matching mobile number: 07525 925 925. Just RT before 31/05 and it could be…

(12:08:59) Too many thoughts about this whole #FBRape thing to fit in a tweet. Thoughts of misogyny, double standards & greed. I'm done with Facebook.

(12:10:31) Amen:

(15:22:45) For the last ten minutes I've been thinking in a strong Glaswegian accent. Weird.

(15:43:32) Xbox: 1 - PS: 4. A good result for the away team, there.

(21:27:50) Off to bed. Rest well when you do! N'night.

Tweets for 21 May 2013


(07:26:24) A blimmin' HAPPY BIRTHDAY to @pearcen - have a great one! :)

(07:36:54) We love @HumbersHomemade and her jams. Want to help a local Bedfordshire business grow? Here's how: Please help!

(09:37:32) RT @stuartthomas: Competition Commission names radio stations in 7 areas of UK that Global must sell

(09:49:20) RT @DarrenGriffin: There’s a saying, “If it looks right, it'll fly right.”. So gawd help us with our F35 fleet, pigs with wings: https://t.…

(10:47:51) When I am old, I want to be a swivel-eyed loon.

(17:40:20) Late Night Loaf is back tonight - starting on time, and with something that might be fun to play with for a while. It was @AlexGFox's idea..

(17:44:46) 10pm UK (5pm EDT) - Late Night Loaf brings you the usual stuff plus bonus Nattering- like a chat room, except Loafer:

(19:08:30) "When did you last play zyngawf_18289593 in Words with Friends?" Who? I don't know. When did YOU last play zyngawf_18289593? #meaningless

(21:10:25) I do believe Late Night Loaf has stumbled onto the internet. This may well be a record. Welcome!

(21:22:01) Want to join in the Late Night Loaf Natter? - they are VERY friendly in there!

(21:41:51) RT @sm2n: I am still enjoying #LateNightLoaf over at @latenightloaf

Tweets for 20 May 2013


Tweets for 19 May 2013


(06:49:22) Morning. Thank heavens for coffee. Time, also, for some Doctor Who.

(07:05:23) The order of people my son is likely to be speaking to: 1. his sister (normally bickering) 2. someone on Skype 3. Anyone else in the world.

(07:16:23) Ooh I do like this game.. - I scored 15039 on this one (h/t @DarrenGriffin )

(12:10:58) Pondering making something with elastic bands.

(16:30:56) What's the opposite of "the calm before the storm"? I think it has something to do with youth orchestras just ahead of a performance...

(16:57:00) 5 minutes until the commencement of different noisage (musicage to be more accurate). Daughter is playing in part 2. I may have a nap.

(16:57:50) Specifically a music appreciation nap.

(20:32:18) Finally bought my ticket for the @BritishTech bash. Means I'm definitely coming...

(21:08:17) Here's what I did with elastic today.. a home-made cradle for my (rather hissy, but quite directional) microphone.

(21:25:09) Better do some tidying up and some going to bed. night night :)

Tweets for 18 May 2013


(08:09:21) RT @SteveDoherty1: On The Hour special hosted by @eddiemair repeated on R4Extra now, again tonight and online. A great listen.

(08:10:40) RT @canuckuk: Surely, you have 12 friends, who could follow me for the day, just to make an old lady very happy...

(08:12:19) Good morning. I have no idea what Snapchat is. It's probably best - I have enough trouble with Rando.

(08:15:48) Which reminds me: Tonight I will be @eurosyzygy - my Eurovision alter-ego. This is gonna be GOOD (apart from the crap ballads) #eurovision

(08:32:18) The #Eurovision song that's mostly been stuck in my head has been Sweden's. MORE yodelling. I'm off for a shower. And a yodel.

(08:32:47) Testing the speakers in the lounge with a bit of Igranka. Works.

(08:39:37) RT @SDLluton: @syzygy If ur from #luton then pls RT @SDLluton and help us get more local followers. Coming soon to a place near you

(08:39:50) RT @mrs_forky: @syzygy I think we shoudl all tweet "Meiecundimees üks Korsakov läks eile Lätti" during the estonian song #eurovision

(08:50:23) Speakers - tested and working for #eurovision tonight (subwoofer not pictured)

(11:07:56) I found Lilley View ( #cgeo #geocaching

(11:50:23) Quite nice out. #pylon

(12:25:55) I found LQ:HERTFORDSHIRE - Lilly Who? ( #cgeo #geocaching

(12:28:13) O no... one short of triple figures in the ol' Geocaching! Need to have another expedition soon, I think.

(12:56:23) Some cracking trailers for tonight's #DoctorWho finale.. including Strax

(13:19:39) RT @MrMichaelSpicer: Eurovision has given us many memorable songs over the years but none more so than "Super Extra Wonder Shop". http://t.…

(13:24:33) I made it 38 seconds into this.. - then @poots mentioned 'grounds for divorce'...

(14:22:31) COCKEREL. To be honest, it could be a hen.

(14:46:30) Woodland birdsong via @audioboo

(15:12:12) It has only just occurred to me that a hotel detective is an actual thing. Not just the title of a song by They Might Be Giants. Cool job!

(15:15:12) I think I'm getting a garlic migraine. That is definitely a thing. Right?

(16:09:54) Robin

(16:10:08) Dunnock

(17:09:01) This is why I use multiple email addresses for my domain.. I can see which ones 'leak' to spammers. @radioacademy ...

(17:11:39) Or are they just guessing..? This one is using 'klick'. @radioacademy ... *sighs* Time to make some more rules.

(17:12:12) RT @GShang: If you want to hear Eurovision online, you may be able to listen to BBC Radio 2, and you can watch it at Eurovision.TV. #fb

(20:33:54) TWITTER JAIL @eurosyzygy. NOOOOO!

(20:35:06) Right. I'm afraid I'm going to have to tweet my @eurosyzygy tweets here. Sorry.

(20:37:38) Will you start the fans please! (again)

(20:38:24) Azerbaijan: Completely unhinged performance. 6/10 #eurovision

(20:39:31) They don't want to win. But we all want to sing along #Greece #eurovision

(20:41:33) What is he PLAYING? What the hell do the lyrics mean? Did he just sing hummus? #eurovision

(20:43:43) Annoyingly I want to sing "alcohol is free" along with the chorus for every remaining Eurovison song. #eurovision

(20:44:38) "I should have stayed at home..." "SHABBA!"

(20:45:13) An excellent vocal performance to be fair #eurovision

(20:46:46) Ukraine - Amazing singing, but didn't really go anywhere. 7/10 #eurovision

(20:48:33) What has he got on his head?

(20:49:35) This instrumental break lifted from 'Robbie Williams' Angels #eurovision

(20:50:34) Italy. Dull. Suit. 3/10 #eurovision

(20:50:46) EAT MY LOVE #eurovision

(20:51:20) This is BIG. I hope it wins. #eurovision

(20:54:23) Well, this gets my vote Norway 9/10 - absolutely excellent performance #eurovision

(20:55:06) RT @Ewan: Georgia now. With a song written by a Swede. With a Swedish backing singer. Singing in Sweden. With a Swedish production team. Hm…

(20:55:18) RT @heatherrhian: It must have taken them AGES to breed butterflies to look like all those flags #eurovision #naturalselection

(20:56:43) See, I think this will get lots of votes because it's anthemic and has strong harmonies and close to the end #eurovision

(20:57:23) Sparkle shower! :D

(20:58:20) It's... not Jedward. #eurovision

(21:00:56) Oh dear.. the backing vocals aren't high enough in the mix. Not big enough.. hmm.. this doesn't translate to live quite so well. #eurovision

(21:02:02) RT @aforaorta: THIS ISN'T MY LOVELY HORSE! *writes angry letter to the BBC* #EurovisionTwitterParty #eurovision

(21:03:56) Don't forget.. go to one of those Timeshare scheme meetings and ALCOHOL, ALCOHOL, ALCOHOL IS FREE #eurovision2013 #eurovision

(21:06:38) For what it's worth.. for me it's Norway - Iceland - Finland - Greece - Sweden #eurovision #eurovision2013 Good selection of songs this year

(21:10:38) I got engaged trying to vote for Norway! :D

(21:20:06) I have broken off my engagement with Norway. Alcohol is still free.

(21:26:45) Well I don't think there'll be a runaway winner... and whichever country wins, it'll be a good one, I think. Or Romania :D

(21:27:08) My friend @Stenbird is from Sweden. I must remember this, watching the interval act.

(21:29:35) This is fabulous and peculiar, and in English. And is taking the mickey a bit #eurovision

(21:40:22) Using the Eurovision app to keep track of the results. And the telly. And the cheering. #eurovision

(21:41:29) We're off the mark at least... #eurovision

(21:57:18) How many times will they vote for Denmark la la la la-la la la la between us. Didn't think that tweet through.

(22:10:35) I'm really surprised Finland are doing so badly. OK, so their stage show was a complete mess, but it was a great song. #eurovision2013

(22:13:44) Has that Greek woman spilt something down the front of her dress..? #eurovision2013

(22:14:40) How are Germany doing so well..? #eurovision

(22:21:01) That is an epic dress. #eurovision2013

(22:29:05) Well that was great fun, as always. Thank you for sharing the fun! :) #eurovision2013

(22:30:49) Right. Bed. Night!

Tweets for 17 May 2013


(06:58:23) My life is one long blooper reel. They should make a movie of this.

(07:30:01) The Late Night Loaf Eurovison Special is in the archives ready for retoleration! - Playlist:

(07:37:14) Always handy to have a #Eurovision translation.. (/via @ThePoke - kudos @pixiefilming?)

(09:40:02) RT @Glinner: George Takei responds (via @Smyles91) (via @LilythePurr)

(12:23:52) My daughter has got a school disco this afternoon. I still haven't worked out why.

(16:20:11) RT @MintFM: In preparation for tomorrow's Eurovision Song Contest join @1969Steve at the top of the hour for non-stop Eurovision http://t.c…

(17:20:56) Noooo! The #Eurovision app isn't compatible with my Nexus 7. Ahh well.. the phone it is, then...

(20:15:44) Gone to bed. The wifi is rubbish up here. Reading then sleeping it is then. Or Berkshire then Bedfordshire. Good night.

Tweets for 16 May 2013


(07:05:43) RT @EwenRankin: Thanks to all who subscribed to YouTube Chnl Yesterday but I need 1000 to dump JustinTv. Pls RT and …

(09:11:13) I haven't actually seen Downtown Abbey, but this is unhinged. (Cnntains a swear. And Puff Diddly) (h/t @RHA)

(12:22:12) RT @TlfTravelAlerts: The N1701 night bus has been upgraded to the N1701-A and now has a holodeck.

(20:07:36) RT @Jimblobb: Will you help @EwenRankin get to 1000 subscribers so google upgrade him to live streaming? PLEASE?

(22:34:22) Off to bed... Late Night Loaf podcast is uploading as I type.. that's what night time is for. Bis morgen.. guten nacht :)

Tweets for 15 May 2013


(08:17:55) Good morning. I say that. Oh hey, there is still coffee in the world, and I have the use of all my limbs. Let's do this thing, Wednesday.

(12:21:54) RT @clairerandall: No takers? come and take my themes of stage and screen quiz

(12:29:36) "Chicken 'n ham don't take long. Garlic sausage and beef tongue." I think.

(12:44:17) We're all done with that whole 'Keep Calm' thing now, aren't we? Please remove all merchandise and stick it in the loft. Ta..

(12:46:00) Feeling a lot perkier (and warmer) now I've had some lunch. However, I am exuding garlic like a boss. Keep well clear (vampires, mainly).

(12:47:07) Sometimes full screen just isn't full screen enough.

(17:09:16) That'll do for the day, I think. The work day, anyway. There's a whole quarter of today left! Let's go and turn it into biscuits. YEAH!

(22:06:25) I've been very mostly enjoying some @BBCRadio4 - including Jarvis Cocker's Wireless nights and @KerryAGodliman's Thing About Lists. Funny.

(22:08:19) Also @LouSanders is pretty and funny and quite funny. In no particular order. She can be in my quiz team any time #notaeuphemism #nottrue

Tweets for 14 May 2013


(07:11:00) Morning. Insert joke about Eddie Izzard having mostly been running in recent years.. the mayorship of London just seems the next step.

(09:29:18) Sparkling water. Brilliant.

(09:57:12) I hope it doesn't rain, because the bit of damp string that's connecting this office to the internet is struggling as it is...

(10:35:16) Quite brilliant.. the fantastic Mr @JohnDredge is on British Public Radio - a worthy home: #comedy @britpublicradio

(10:41:17) Things I am unlikely ever to say: "Look, it just does, right?"

(12:21:20) The little finger on my right hand has gone a bit funny. I think it's got something to do with how I hold my phone.

(13:20:16) Banana beats apple.

(13:34:03) Colin wasn't here.

(20:50:20) In just 11 minutes, Late Night Loaf takes to the air (technology permitting) at - it's a Eurovision 'special'. Uhoh!

(21:08:14) Late Night Loaf is delayed due to technical issues - with you soon!

(21:11:58) IT'S WORKING! :) Thank you for patience...

Tweets for 13 May 2013


(09:21:35) I think @Cmdr_Hadfield now owns the internet.

(12:54:24) If Mary Berry is Queen of Cakes, I am King of Slightly Disappointing Salads. Or possibly president (if it's a republic).

(19:57:34) There are some inspirational people in history. I think I know some of today's generation. Twitter is good for that.

(20:08:37) Happy birthday to David out of @ngyt_uk :)

Tweets for 12 May 2013


(15:01:54) I have nearly stopped cataloguing our DVDs. Nearly.

(18:26:18) Listening to the latest Stereo Spectacular by @Bowen707 - so wonderful that there is a family recording off a cassette in 1979.. fab story!

(21:51:17) Keep behind the visual cliché.

(21:59:06) Heading home from an interesting and unxpected evening in London to say hello to an old uni pal. Listening to the Fifth Elephant. Eclectic.

Tweets for 11 May 2013


(08:27:03) Good morning. DOINGS.

(08:57:07) Oh. This might take a while...

(13:29:29) Tins of screws: it's a grown-up thing...

(18:08:33) Ooooh it's a Neil Gaimon one..! #DoctorWho

Tweets for 10 May 2013


(07:27:04) Good morning. I'm going to pretend to be awake today. Don't tell anyone.

(17:20:41) Work all done for the week.. Windows 7 re-installed on the PC in the kitchen(!) and pizza eaten. Is it time for bed yet?

Tweets for 09 May 2013


(06:39:52) Morning. @106jack are making me have to Shazam things again. And apparently just 'Mike' isn't good enough.. first Streets, now Passenger.

(07:01:31) Just put my tablet on a lump of spilled porridge #firstworldproblems

(12:30:15) RT @buschenfeld: Not sure about these new Reggae Reggae eye drops

(15:53:30) Lucky pants? ALL my pants are lucky. Although, to be fair, it's unlucky for the pants.

(15:54:40) Pasting logs into a skype conversation is antisocial, but I just can't help it.

(17:56:39) Two aromas that don't mix well: frying sausages and WD40 #science

Tweets for 08 May 2013


(06:48:44) Good morrow. Some days it's a blessing just to have a morrow of one's own...

(06:52:49) Discussing accidental heroes like the man who helped those three girls escape, and that hitch hiker a few months back. True Yin to the Yang.

(06:56:55) By which I mean Yang to the Yin. Honey to the Bee. J2O. Whatever.

(07:09:24) It had to be done... and @schmoyoho did it - that hero interview songified:

(08:10:39) Last night's Late Night Loaf... uploading soon. Here's an advert for Your Bank... (via @VoiceBo)

(08:13:32) I'm still baffled how @neilcochrane1 knew that just last weekend I installed iTunes & blimmin' Bonjour onto my PC. IT HAS RUINED IT (maybe)

(08:49:28) Here's a thing.. last night's Late Night Loaf has magically appeared on the internet. Mind the gap, now.

(09:12:56) RT @poots: Both of these are well worth a watch on Sunday even if you only have the slightest interest in physics:

(12:37:18) Classic @YPLAC - Parked on the pavement and covered in bird poo.

(16:52:35) Knocking work on the head for the day. I do hope the lump's gone down by morning...

(22:35:28) Sleep time after a day of work, remixing and general doings. More of most of them again tomorrow. Hope you will be there too. Night!

Tweets for 07 May 2013


(07:04:16) A sort-of Mondayish Tuesday good morning to you. There's going to be a @LateNightLoaf tonight, all beards being equal... lock up your jazz.

(11:17:41) Looking for a needle in a giant haystacks.

(11:27:46) <Insert letterbox analogy here>

(11:30:34) I'm running a version of Windows Explorer called Dora.

(19:37:30) In case you forgot what day it was, @LateNightLoaf is on @MintFM at 10pm UK and this week's intro is satirical. And in no way beard related.

Tweets for 06 May 2013


(08:06:51) goodish morningish. Coffee (not ish)

(12:41:39) I sprained my shoulder due to over-vigourous hoovering. I am quietly proud of this. Domestic Goddess Injury.

(12:46:55) Chloriney.

(13:03:51) Getting all a bit excited about #Eurovision 2013 while @DVVHolland rips into the songs, some of which are cracking. I'm unashamed.. love it!

(13:05:23) Except the whole Estonia thing. Winnie Puuh totally would have of wonned.

(13:10:05) I am baffled by hair care products.

(13:21:32) New product idea: a specialist shampoo for the Ornamental Tufty Chin Beard. In a tiny bottle.

Tweets for 05 May 2013


Tweets for 04 May 2013


(07:42:37) Over the past few days I've eschewed a Twitter client on my phone in favour of the mobile browser version. Summary: it is annoying and slow.

(12:09:28) Conversation - @nxmee: "I'm rubbish at ganking and I can't get farm in the jungle." Me: "?"

(15:02:39) All done with the 'oovering in time for the #BTCC qualifying. Nothing really unexpected there. Now: a sit down followed by a game of Cluedo.

(18:42:15) Pretty much had it with Freegle/Freecycle. I offer something -> someone emails to say "Me!" -> I say "OK it's yours" -> they never reply :|

Tweets for 03 May 2013


(07:51:10) Weird dreams last night, including one where I got all cross and smashed my Omnibus mug on the wall. Peculiuliar.

(07:59:30) Belated blossom

(08:08:55) On the way home from walking Lenni to school I had this real sense that I've forgotten something important. I'm sorry if it was for you!

(09:56:04) I can assure you I carry my trousers with me at all times. My wallet, however, sometimes requires an extra trip home to collect. #numpty

(12:23:25) I just got a phone call on my Nexus 7. Completely wasn't expecting that.

(12:36:58) I am king of putting down my screwdriver and forgetting where.

(13:47:05) Handy tip: If you used a permanent marker thinking it was a dry-erase, write over it with a proper dry-erase pen and it will clean off.

(21:56:43) The floor is covered in plaster dust. I have put a stop to it.

(21:59:35) Bed thing. Night night! BANK HOLIDAY YEAH. For those working in the next few days, I salute you.

Tweets for 02 May 2013


(09:14:31) RT @PontoonDock: If your email saves addresses in Contacts, have a clearout. So if you're hacked, it's not spamming exes and others you don…

(10:57:19) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is at 8pm with @jgamet @stevenaybour @sarahjaneuk @claw0101 @syzygy @EwenRankin Lots of BIG Tech News this wee…

(13:25:33) Blimmin burglar alarm went off, dinnit? I had my headphones in and didn't hear it. Must've been eddy in the space time continuum. (I was in)

(22:02:10) Right.. off to bed. Night night night.

Tweets for 01 May 2013


(09:09:58) RT @TlfTravelAlerts: There is NOT a crocodile at Earls Court. Stop going on about it.

(12:45:44) Typical... just missed an Amazon delivery because I had popped to the bathroom before lunch. They know, y'know...

(12:58:10) MT @brianblessed Had a lovely time with @DrBrianMay yesterday updating the badger song by @TheWeebl || Doesn't get much more epic than this.

(13:41:31) RT @ifpeck:

Tweets for 30 Apr 2013


(20:15:44) Tuning in to @1969Steve's History of Commercial Radio on @MintFM - some seriously anorakky stuff but I love it! After that.. @latenightloaf!

(21:07:06) RT @fridgemagnet2: if you like you radio like it's been put through a blender then why not tune into @latenightloaf - if it sounds french, …

(21:39:34) RT @sm2n: I'm enjoying a classic 'let my people go' over on thanks to @latenightloaf

(22:27:29) RT @sm2n: Pet Shop Boys! @syzygy @latenightloaf

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