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(09:47:49) Back soon. Muffins.

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(07:37:20) Good morning. Another solid night's sleep, although I still feel tired... it's nice and sunny out, though. #vitaminD

(08:59:51) Gotta go. Layers!

(09:59:12) Impractical shoe on a fencepost

(14:09:17) "We attempted to deliver your order to you today. As you were not available we have delivered your package to your receptionist." Heh.

(14:09:26) I've got a receptionist.

(17:58:26) Once again, I appear to have lost my biro, so I have been using a sharpie to write nots this afternoon. I don't recommend it #stinkypostits

(17:58:48) On the upside, though, it's all a bit hometime.


(20:48:37) If the world were run by Tellytubbies, Laa-laa-land would be next to Poland.

(20:53:50) Factoid: the American word "Awesome" is a corruption of the Sussex town "Horsham", renowned for its superlative neighbour, Haywards Heath.

(22:43:39) Watching "How TV Ruined Your Life." It should be mandatory educational material for anyone intending to watch television. @charltonbrooker

(23:12:53) Right. Off to bed with me. Taking a Twitter break over the Easterings, so please don't post anything funny. Night night and love you. x

Tweets for 27 Mar 2013


(00:06:21) Right.. that'll do for me - sleep well when you do! Night night :)

(08:41:35) Intrigue in Lenni's class this week - the teacher wrote "Wed: Eleanor drunk" on the board. She'll play Drunken Sailor to her classmates.

(10:32:14) Getting mouse/surface incompatibility rage. When will someone invent a viable alternative to the mouse? #getmygoat

(10:59:26) RT @funkids: On we post a funny video every day called a Fun Clip! This is definitely one of our favourites http: ...

(11:36:23) I'm trying to work out if the things I think I've added to Google Bookmarks I never got round to adding, or whether they're being dropped...

(11:47:55) RT @Ben_Nuttall: DOS Emulator for @Raspberry_Pi Released

(12:46:41) Using to turn @TinTopTuesday's Soundcloud feed into an RSS for my podcast collection. Downloading now. YEAH.

(14:44:12) regular expressions 2 : 0 me

(23:19:05) Right. bed. Night!

(23:20:40) Last night's @LastNightLoaf (and playlist) is up on the MintFM archives to ingest and digest. Remember to chew chew.

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(08:11:35) In less than 14 hours, Late Night Loaf takes to the internet like a rather dodgy raft. Always after your 'Get My Goat' ideas.. bovvered?

(09:10:13) Why is there a man mowing the grass by the ring road in the snow..? The grass hasn't grown - it's covered in SNOW.

(10:03:03) Snowmower update: I think they broke it - last I saw there were three blokes standing around looking at it..

(10:04:45) Working from the walk to the office... gotta love technology #tethering #tablet

(11:39:48) My teeth hurt. Does that mean something? (Not in a toothache way, just generally). Feels somewhat ominous.

(11:40:10) It doesn't help that I was researching Danté's Inferno for the show later.

(18:05:13) Better go home. Laters. Literally.

(19:56:37) Time to head downstairs to prepare a cavalcade of sound and non-vision for @LateNightLoaf on in two hours. Mmmyeah.

(19:57:19) RT @DunlopBTCC: Ten minutes until @AlanHydeStudio presents @TinTopTuesday - details are here...

(21:49:58) Carrying out last minute preparations for @LateNightLoaf.. got to make sure I get both channels of whumping bass...

Tweets for 25 Mar 2013


(00:09:48) Struggling to sleep. There's a meeting tomorrow night where there's a good chance I'll speak to the parents of the boy who assaulted Chris.

(07:31:45) Good morning. Monday, though, eh?

(21:58:12) I saw one of those tiny Aston Martin iQ things today. it is SMALLER THAN MY CAR. And has the vent thing on the side. Brilliant. Or not.

(21:59:49) I am not being made to watch Googlebox on 4oD.

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(08:11:35) Morning. Must do the hoovering today #dayofrest

(08:28:42) If I were a character from Harry Potter, I would probably be Run Wheezily.

(13:07:33) Very proud of @superalora - she played viola at church this morning (while I put her off with my guitar). Very impressive.

(17:14:14) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is posted with @acedtect @jgamet @sarahjaneuk @verso @Syzygy @EwenRankin Pls RT &amp ...

(21:18:16) An enjoyable afternoon with family and family friends... exhausted now, though... I think it was all the guitar playing earlier.

(21:18:46) There is so little comedy on at the moment that we're watching a re-run of Russell Howard's Good Olds.

(22:11:17) Right, that does it. Going to attempt a Monday, and this is the run up. Expect a virtual 'You've Been Framed' moment as I slip over. Nighty.

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(06:01:18) RT @LDNLutonAirport: Operating normally but severe weather is forecast. Do check if flying today at and watch for ...

(09:41:12) New musical genre idea... like house music but more sheddy: shiplapstep.

(10:01:54) king of the batteries: the Li ION.

(10:06:22) It's remarkable how something as innocuous as a hair cut can make one so light-headed...

(11:07:56) RT @Record_Producer: This woman nearly gave 'Yesterday' an electronic backing! #paulmccartney

(11:08:57) Throwing away Pyrex Pyroflam stickers.. unless anyone wants them? (60% off pyrex stuff basically)

(12:40:49) We just had bacon pancakes made by @poots. Everything about that is WIN. Highly recommended. Not suitable for vegetarians.

(12:43:29) Me, post haircut (still the same face - sorry!)

(14:04:27) Gutted.. new Raspberry Pi, but it won't boot. The green light goes on then off.. tried loads of SD cards. Power OK. MOST frustrating.

(14:58:10) Weird. @Poots looked at the stricken Raspberry Pi and it started working. Back to hanging up the washing with me now, then...

(17:21:02) I am SO going to have to use these (until they get withdrawn!)... I'm really surprised I had never seen them before!

(19:25:13) RT @goitsagch: "@hollycandy: My hero." << bwahaha!

(21:18:16) Ah. I see. shows there's a major enough difference between old & new @Raspberry_Pi that ALL OSes need fixing. HELP!

(23:40:12) My day of @Raspberry_Pi fiddling has come to a moderately satisfactory end. I wrote a blog post..

(23:41:15) Bedtime, I think.

(23:46:07) Right.. definitely off to bed now. Please have a good night.

Tweets for 22 Mar 2013


(00:10:55) The 'highlights' of this week's Late Night Loaf - 19th March 2013 via @audioboo

(00:12:07) This week's Late Night Loaf has sauntered into the archives... ...if you listen, Lionel will give you 95p.

(00:13:22) Right. That took a little longer than I was expecting, but this week's @LateNightLoaf is all put to bed. And now I must be. Night night!

(08:43:37) Hehe... it's @serafinowicz, Joanna Scanlan and Matt Berry.. in What Has Aid Ever Done For Anyone?: via @youtube

(08:46:05) Laurence Fox out of off of Lewis is a singer as well? Bliminy. .. yeah. Not bad at all. @LozzaFox

(08:47:39) In case you missed it last night (it was a bit late) this week's @LateNightLoaf 'high'ligh't's are here:

(10:13:32) Happy golucky.


(14:43:01) It's always a bit weird when I only notice a speck of something on my screen when it looks like there's a spurious accent on a letter...

(18:04:35) Oooh.. since when did Google Mail start sending emails when one hits CTRL-Enter? I can't decide whether that's good or scary...

(18:04:46) Going home now. BONUS.

(21:42:38) And now time to play 'how many laugh out loud moments will there be on catchup 8 out of 10 cats'? My guess: <=4

(21:54:37) Running total: 2 #8outof10laughs

(23:15:19) Off to bed. I wrote a brief blog post about podcasts... just because I hadn't written a blog post in AGES.

(23:17:02) And so to bed. night.

Tweets for 21 Mar 2013


(07:41:16) Good morning. It actually looks a bit springy out there (apart from the frost. and the lack of leaves of the trees). OK... it's just sunny.

(09:47:42) I'm thinking about growing one of those tiny little tufty chin beards.... and now I am not thinking about it any more.

(10:20:33) Today is World Poetry Day, so I dedicate this tweet to struggling poets and others who strive to write something poignant and sweet.

(11:09:29) Brilliant.. must try this on @superalora (not sure it would go down particularly well!)... (via @GiaGia)

(13:38:39) Lunchtime.. a bit of @MintFM with @dj_frabs @Tuglets I think...

(17:15:40) I am glad I stopped doing "Daily Mail Columnist Through A Megaphone" on Late Night Loaf ... Richard Littlejohn is not even funny any more.

(20:05:54) RT @sarahjaneuk: British Tech Ryder Cup live now! @Acedtect @Verso @JGamet v @sarahjaneuk @syzygy @EwenRankin - ...

Tweets for 20 Mar 2013


(00:02:47) Thank you SO much for sharing this musical (and somewhat nonsensical!) journey with me this evening. Highlights & archive coming soon! :)

(10:23:03) RT @ryan: This is by far the best bit of user interface design I have ever seen. Ever. EVER.

(10:24:06) RT @PlainTalkingHR: Happy World Happiness Day to @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @syzygy @poots @hrbeginner @Lindylooloo, be happy and make ...

(11:50:41) Reply to @Andreaeday Love it! :)

(12:19:17) Hmm. Should I be admitting to quite enjoying listening to the instrumental versions of the Motherhood/Fatherhood Fiat 500 adverts..?

(13:32:16) Gosh I am outstandingly bad at shopping.

(16:39:49) RT @BaldExplorer: A sneak preview of the next #BaldExplorer, currently in production:

(18:03:08) Right. Homeward. A beanstoast.

(20:18:16) #Youhadonejob

(20:39:27) Mid-week wash WIN. One step closer to laundry-basket zero.

(21:55:33) Wow. Feynman was THE BEST. If it didn't risk sucking out my soul, I could be just a vague shadow of his excellence. Challenger. Brilliant.

Tweets for 19 Mar 2013


(07:10:17) A sort of good morning. It's a Late Night Loaf day... but will it be cooked in time? Or will we all have to settle for a slice of Kingsmill?

(10:37:24) Ooh I like: - @minuum (via @RHAAudio)

(12:00:46) Grepping like it's going out of fashion. It was never really in fashion, to be fair.

(15:54:27) I love the references to Skrillex in the comments.. (great pictorial explanation here: )

(15:54:45) (With a hat tip to @andytuk for that previous tweet)

(20:50:49) I am REALLY looking forward to sharing some cracking tunes on tonight's @LateNightLoaf on @MintFM - 10pm after Kay's finished with you :)

(23:22:31) RT @neilcochrane1: @johnny_winter @syzygy @cochrane on (need followers)

Tweets for 18 Mar 2013


(10:37:19) Good heavens, I've been on Twitter for six years. Pretty much solidly :D

(16:53:50) Ribaldry.

(22:04:01) And so to bed. Ill-preparation is everything. With me, anyway. Oh, and happy birthday (if I am correct) to @JamesCridland. Night night.

Tweets for 17 Mar 2013


(00:17:01) Bedtime. Completely wasted the latter part of the day. Some days are like that, though. I hope. Night night.

(10:03:24) Good morning. The middle floor is full of shouting children on Skype - @poots and I are hiding.

(18:35:28) Who, in days of old, would have predicted that the future would involve staring at a glowing rectangle while someone shouts "ASHLEY BANJO!"?

(19:20:04) Our creative project for a damp Sunday afternoon - a little #Minecraft Creeper made of felt. Not too bad…

(23:18:00) Time for bed. I shall do it with diddly diddly music playing in my mind. It's what St Patrick would've wanted. Night night.

Tweets for 16 Mar 2013


(10:52:42) This morning we're enjoying the fruits of @LutonYouthMusic's labour.. @superalora is playing her viola for a bit.

(12:39:01) Idea for next Android OS - whenever someone tries to take a video in 'portrait' mode it displays a message saying "This will look rubbish."

Tweets for 15 Mar 2013


(07:44:30) Morning... bit vague and lethargic for a Friday. I am planning my approach to Watford. We can do this.

(12:19:38) Really weird timezone things happen when your US-built OS doesn't seem to recognise UK daylight savings.

(12:49:40) Ah.. I see.. when using the TZ environment variable to get yesterday's date, one must use the extra M3.5.0,M10.5.0 bits to time it right.

(18:53:01) Epic amount of walking done today (some of it damp). It's gong to be good for me in the long term, but I'm all pooped now. Weekend. Hurrah.

(18:55:43) Happy birthday @LloydBayley! A warm welcome to the decade that both Mr @Vobes and I occupy ;)

(19:45:54) This evening I are mostly be trying to find a way to persuade Android that 'tbr' is not an acceptable atlernative to a mistyped 'the'.

(19:46:56) Also, in my experience many of the comedians I have encountered are the most humourless souls of all. Except Cannon & Ball. They're a laugh.

(19:52:35) My personal Android dictionary says a lot about me...

(23:10:16) Done a bit of sequenced Android music with a bit of a shuffle. Now going to bed. it's quieter. G'night :)

Tweets for 14 Mar 2013


(09:47:25) A lucky escape - this is what south of J5 looked like when I came off the M1 this morning. best avoided southbound!

(10:09:06) RT @canuckuk: @syzygy Anti-airport expansion protest at your Town Hall today 12.30.BBC London News will be there.Tell your friends...ple ...

(10:13:00) There's something rather retro about the anticipation for a @Raspberry_Pi to arrive - just like those mail order days. 28 days for delivery!

(10:15:03) Wow.. is it @BigBangFair weekend coming up? It's worth going to; family tickets for the weekend are still available!

(11:05:49) RT @divaschematic: BLOODY HELL Pet Shop Boys leave Parlophone - new album confirmed for June | Music Week -

(11:08:54) Interesting.. Pet Shop Boys have joined the same label as Bjork, Skrillex, Trent Reznor, Moby and.. er.. Macca. I'd not heard of Kobalt.

(11:25:17) Correction: Pet Shop Boys will be using Kobalt Label Services (thanks, @Borningore). Kobalt are certainly a major publisher, though!

(15:12:01) Next on BBC Three: My Parent Mother

(17:44:32) Off into the fray. If anyone's near junctions 5, 6a, 8,9 and 10 of the M1, please have a word, ta.

(18:34:44) RT @jgamet: What are you doing in 90 minutes? Watching me & @claw0101 @sarahjaneuk @syzygy @ewenrankin on The Big Show, right? http ...

(21:54:14) Dear @MissyMWAC, please can you fix it for us to have a @Herenthereshow show, please? Thanks, love from james from Belgium.

Tweets for 13 Mar 2013


(00:11:02) If you joined me for Late Night Loaf tonight, THANK YOU for your splendid company :) Off to bed now - night night! :)

(09:27:24) Good morning. It's well sunny and that. Quite nice.

(10:24:32) Oh yeah #coffee

(10:49:04) Sometimes in life's journey you encounter a fork in the road...

(11:44:29) RT @giagia: Watching The New Pope which is much better than all that Vatican stuff:

(13:26:09) RT @poots: I've written somethign too long to tweet, I may link it here a few times though as I'd really value your opinions. http://t. ...

(16:16:23) It's amazing how inadvertently copying an extra ">" can create half an hour of work. It's certainly redirected my efforts this afternoon.

(19:23:22) Seems Pope Francis hails from Buenos Aires... I do hope the qualifier for his election involved the Total Wipeout course. #PopeFrancis

(19:23:46) Ooh... I just got a letter! :)

(21:46:52) Last night's antics on @LateNightLoaf can be enjoyed/endured again at - or for the first time if you missed it. Yes.

(22:12:35) 'High' 'lights' from last night's @latenightloaf - an audioboo conundrumnum (via @audioboo)

Tweets for 12 Mar 2013


(07:36:48) This morning I mostly feel like death with a generous coating of creosote.

(08:09:27) RT @106jack: “@syzygy: This morning I mostly feel like death with a generous coating of creosote.” Which is also the recipe for making J ...

(14:33:03) RT @Dr_Angrybones: I've just seen an advert in my local newspaper.

(19:08:03) At 10pm UK (6pm EDT) Late Night Loaf strides purposefully onto Mint FM, then trips over a twig. Tweet @LateNightLoaf with requests & rants!

Tweets for 11 Mar 2013


(11:02:36) Good morning. I'm still alive, which counts for something. I need to make a biscuit:walking ratio calculator. Then I can have MOAR BISCUITS.

(12:40:58) If my calculations are correct, happy birthday @Manda_Jones :)

(13:05:41) It's interesting to know that Canadian teachers' pensions depend on people travelling through Kent.

(13:12:56) Good heavens.. they have got snow on the south coast..!

Tweets for 10 Mar 2013


(08:25:15) Happy Mothers' Day (UK) and Mothering Sunday. And, as I recall, Laetare Sunday. Have a lovely day.

(14:42:22) #seemslegit

(18:51:48) RT @johndredge: my new video on Chortle today, Peter Pilbeam's Hotel Review.

(21:58:18) If I am ill tomorrow, I will be well riled (that's what the young people say. Shame about 'vexed'.. scored more in scrabble...)

(22:13:33) G'night.

Tweets for 09 Mar 2013


(08:52:49) RT @daisythom: @syzygy I know! "Breaking: Vodka is good for you..."

(10:18:40) Thanks to @sm2n I've got this playing good and loud in the kitchen... house-music-tastic

(12:33:00) All done with writing semi-pointless scripts... I guess I really should carry on with the housework...

(19:18:49) I spend so much time socialising in the virtual world I have completely forgotten what a normal party is like. Real humans. Weird...

(22:01:15) Home now. I can smell the Captain, which is weird because HE IS NOY HERE.

(22:49:16) Comedy catch-up. The new @katywix & Anna Crilly thing (Anna and Katy) is the best comedy on telly at the mo. @WilliamAndrews - lucky bloke!

(23:14:24) Gon' bed. Yeh. night to you.

Tweets for 08 Mar 2013


(19:30:53) I have been carrying this apple around all day. At some stage I believe I'll feel like eating it. After writing "1/5" on it. With a sharpie.

(21:22:25) This week's @LateLateLoaf is now in the MintFM archives, awaiting a strong, sweet cup of tea and a good listening-to.

(21:47:37) The noisiest bits of this week's @latenightloaf in AudioBoo format... via @audioboo

Tweets for 07 Mar 2013


(10:06:45) Today I am mostly being distracted by the aroma of new fabric conditioner we're using. It reminds me of visiting family friends as a kid.

(12:25:58) Oh dear me. I really should listen when people tell me their names at a call centre. Completely forgot. Guessed. Bit of a faux pas. Oops.

(12:29:15) My daily stats: I tweeted. I appreciated tweets and replies. I have no need to count (via #qualityoffollowersnotquantity)

(17:18:13) Been a bit of a scripty day. If it's hundreds of thousands of lines of data, I am well at home.

(20:28:35) RT @batwench: @PrincessBagel Oh Missus where are you for The Big Show on @BritishTech Network

Tweets for 06 Mar 2013


(00:09:07) If you joined me for @LateNightLoaf this evening THANK YOU for your company. It's been fun and wouldn't be anything without you :) Night!

(08:28:34) RT @stephencgrant: Other words: "Hey naïve, your letter 'i' should have two dots, not one!" Naïve: "Really? OK, I'll change it!" Other w ...

(08:32:39) Y'know when you remove a bunch of files from the /boot partition because it's getting full, and then do a reboot... and hope? That.

(08:32:52) Phew. That is an analogy for life (probably)

(11:29:38) I look forward, maybe just once in my life, to a day that can be best described using this picture:

(11:30:26) In other news, is there a more cheerful looking front of a car than the Mazda MX5?

(16:05:17) Tired now.

(16:09:37) I'm a little excited about @DunlopBTCC kicking off again at the end of the month... it co-incides with @poots's birthday, though.. hmm :D

(19:54:30) I know what I would buy if I had a million quid: an extensive spice rack.

(20:00:26) and a centrifuge.

(22:22:15) Right. I have had too many biscuits. This means it is time for bed. Night night :)

Tweets for 05 Mar 2013


(10:14:49) Drove the Crazy Robot Car in to work this morning... bit of a Tuesday treat, having cruise control and buttons that go beep. Thanks, @poots!

(13:53:28) There's a very warm welcome at Watford Junction for someone called Murphy...

(20:51:05) Show prepping like a boss. An incompetent one. Oh that takes me back.

(21:51:57) RT @MintFM: James will be here at the top of the hour with the Late Night Loaf

(21:59:40) Woo.. @dj_monkeyboy has played some cracking tunes this evening, but I'm not sure about the intro... :D

Tweets for 04 Mar 2013


(11:01:29) Treating myself to a big mug of tea. Mmmm. Otherwise it's a fairly typical Monday. Monday. Something something to me.

(19:06:38) It may only be me who's considering ditching @ThreeUK due to their attempt at viral advertising. I paid for that. May well go to GiffGaff.

(19:10:22) Lenni, while struggling to motivate herself to do her homework: "Life! Why does it have to exist..?" Me: "Sorry."

(19:11:18) Need to do some show prep. That nonsense doesn't utter itself, y'know...

(19:37:08) RT @trevypoos: I am also looking for a charity advert for each episode, which will be absolutely free. Please contact me if you are inte ...

(20:09:09) There is a special noise we make when Eastenders inadvertently comes on the telly. It's one of those really visceral, sickened noise...

(21:45:45) Taking myself and a pocketcastful of podcasts to bed with me. A demain, parcel de sealion,

(21:47:00) Pelmet.

Tweets for 03 Mar 2013


(10:09:30) Good morning. In an adjective noun way.

(14:14:18) Time, I think, for swimbling.

(16:57:35) Bit chloriney now. Serving hot chocolate to the children. It's appropriate.

(17:04:41) Lenni bought herself some new swimming goggles... can't think why they appealed :D

Tweets for 02 Mar 2013


(08:52:32) I've just discovered @BritPublicRadio on @Audioboo - speech and content-rich audio that is of a really high quality.

(08:54:03) - I know my audio, but I learned something from this.

(09:00:11) Is it wrong to be in awe of folk who have synaesthesia?

(09:14:46) Right. Shower -> Laundry -> Tidy -> ing -> Paperwork -> Generally being excellent (if I get to that bit). Where "->" represents Twitter.

(13:30:11) "Hello. I just saw a student get up and go to the fridge for some chocolate milk. Yes. They actually…

(14:19:38) Done with the cleaning (except one load of washing). Got an email about twoo. Not sure whether I approve. Anyone on Twoo?

(14:26:02) Things that bother me a bit: websites that, when you click the 'back' button, don't go to the previous referring site, but refresh theirs.

(15:01:14) 'That thing we do'... the click of the torch via @audioboo #familylife #habits

(16:27:09) RT @latenightloaf: Late Night Loaf - 26th February 2013 via @audioboo

(16:42:14) Tuesday's Late Night Loaf is now available to hear again on the Mint FM Archive: - always wear protective equipment.

Tweets for 01 Mar 2013


(07:14:38) RT @Zyote: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2 - Harlem Shake video is awesome! -

(07:38:45) Preparing for the first taste of coffee of the day. Yum. Morning, anyway.

(07:42:01) Happy Dave Day. Especially aimed at @GHOGIT, who is the Davest person I know.

(08:22:58) Off to work. And today, I'm packing SALAD. (no leeks)

(08:26:42) WANT: (tweeted yesterday by a fine twitterer.. can't remember who.. sorry!)

(08:32:03) In your own time, then... #daffodils #stdavidsday #distinctlackofsunshine

(08:54:30) Motorcyclist hurtling down the middle of a traffic merge lane, you are an idiot.

(11:12:30) One #FF from me today - the wonderful @thecabinstudio. An inspiration.

(11:31:41) "The key experiential question of Google Glass isn’t what it’s like to wear them, it’s what it’s like to be around someone... wearing them."

(11:37:19) (My previous quote on Google Glass comes from here: - via @PaulLomax and @wimleers )

(12:02:34) Just sittin' there. In the fridge. With milk in. The mind boggles...

(12:25:56) This, for me, typifies the best of @BBCRadio4 - - not least because @eddiemair is on it.

(12:28:08) RT @BBCRadio4: Terry Pratchett's Eric starts on Weds with Mark Heap as Rincewind. Listen to a preview clip: #disc ...

(12:47:24) Got to love @UK2 - they sponsor the @BritishTech network AND have great deals on web hosting and such things.

(13:41:35) Finally getting round to listening to @shellzenner actually live on @AmazingRadio ... I need to do better :D

(14:01:31) I love this. Too. (via @AstroKatie and @TotKat)

(19:22:59) I learned what a 'bridge camera' is today. I'm fairly sure they weren't called that before.

(19:24:40) Estimating the size of a musical instrument by the sound of its name. Piccolo. Bassoon. FRENCH HORN. Kudos to @nxmee for the concept.

(19:49:52) Do Ski still make yogurt? Yoghurt?

(20:15:26) Like a fox (like a fooooox) on our drive. Must play that song next week.

(20:19:55) Watching @charltonbrooker's Weekly Wipe. I'm not sure I could have hated news any more, but he managed to help with that.

(22:18:16) Television opining... am I alone in thinking Alan Carr is too screechy to watch? Also, I reckon the theme tune to QI doesn't really fit it..

(23:08:39) This train terminates at Sleepington, calling at Snuggledown Central and WaitForPocketCastsToFinallyFinishUpdating Junction. Night night :)

Tweets for 28 Feb 2013


(07:21:39) Early morning getting up noises. pre-caffeinated zombie prototype.

(07:24:26) Our @nxmee is capable of causing the weirdest noises to be emitted from his room. Today: clanking.

(07:37:11) RT @poots: Apparently 'a week tomorrow' is an "appointment riddle" when said before the first coffee of the day! @syzygy

(23:00:43) N'night. Tomorrow, then, eh?

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