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Tweets for 27 Feb 2013


(00:12:12) Off to bed now. Thank you for your company today. It's been miscellaneous (especially in terms of caffeination). Night!

(08:29:40) Good morning. Seems like Google has sent out about a million app updates today... hard to get a word in edgeways. Have a good day!

(16:23:58) http://t.co/7qt1LxBsES - quite right too. I will ask @superalora if she has accidentally done this.

(17:22:11) Why has Oswestry just popped into my brain?

(17:31:22) Marissa Mayer news on the @BritishTech BIG show for sure.

(19:51:16) Just found a copy of Lenni's homework... it's states of matter. Under liquid she has listed: "Family/friends, undrunk tea."

(21:17:10) The new @SuePerkins sit-com 'Heading Out' has some very amusing bits. Worth a watch. Bonus Mark Heap, Scanlon lady and NEVILLE. iPlayer it.

(22:49:04) Just watched the last episode of Campus again. Still wiping tears of hilarity - so funny.

Tweets for 26 Feb 2013


(07:52:26) EMERGENCY. http://t.co/dkZPgDIgPm

(10:50:21) RT @stevyncolgan: So true RT @stevehills RT @kimismay: Bliss. http://t.co/ALamOZXuMX

(10:52:38) Right. I'm here now. There is fruit tea. Let's do this. Fruitily.

(13:40:31) RT @SamBonham: Visual radio in 3D!!! http://t.co/VmOIGr01EJ

(16:51:42) Decaffeinated coffee suspicions. #justsayin

(21:59:18) Late Night Loaf is about to take to the air... I say 'air'.. it'll bounce awkwardly off the doormat and landing on the drive. Help yourself.

(22:05:20) RT @fridgemagnet2: Compare and contrast my two listening options this evening..... Loaf or lurve. http://t.co/eNPDBMfbE3

(23:17:53) Now playing on @MintFM ... @Jamfolder ... the circle of Tweets is complete.

Tweets for 25 Feb 2013


(18:50:13) My dropbox is full. Outrage. Outage. Time to have a rummage.

(20:57:25) They should rename Luton to Lutein. That would be cool.

(21:09:53) This "Spy in the Huddle" programme is just You've Been Framed for penguins. Which one gets the 250 quid? And where's Harry Hill? #bbcone

(22:25:08) Right. To bed with me. Busy day tomorrow. I will be wearing one of my best jumpers.

(22:25:19) Good night to you.

Tweets for 24 Feb 2013


(14:57:05) This afternoon I are be mostly going through Lenni's My Little Pony (and My Little Fakie) collection with her, working out the names.

(16:21:06) Symbolic links will be the death of me.

(20:21:33) What happened: I played Realistic Summer Sports Simulator with the children - http://t.co/jVIAIqm2AW - and now I have hiccups from laughing.

(20:37:13) I am enjoying the anachronistic dashboard shots on the Range Rover piece. Not enjoying the vehicle so much. It's a gangstermobile #topgear

(20:43:17) RT @DunlopBTCC: Patrick Watts has bought two ex-works BTCC Peugeot 406s & plans to contest new series for 90's style Super Tourers h ...

(22:45:46) Right. Back to work tomorrow. I do hope I can remember how to do it. Night night.

(22:49:32) Definitely gone. It wasn't my idea.

Tweets for 23 Feb 2013


(13:23:22) Finally getting round to sorting the recordings on my Zoom H4 and uploading the least worst ones to http://t.co/WE48hrO8ts - ambience fun.

(14:14:20) This is a tweet for @AvivaUK so they donate money to @RailwayChildren #1every5 - worth doing, I think.

(16:26:21) Blimey... http://t.co/aHOFcpoMET #softkitty @RadioKate

(16:30:38) RT @DawnHFoster: Oh dear. "Austerity engagement ring" http://t.co/woBrNcAOSe

(17:23:23) The Evernote Windows installer is nearly 60MB. It's a glorified notepad. 60MB? Baffling.

(17:23:41) With all due respect, not being funny or nuffink.

(17:26:18) Adobe Audition refuses to install on my PC. This is vexing.

(20:22:15) RT @johndredge: Am putting my book for kids out as a blog in very short bits - we're up to Bit Number Five..

(21:00:09) Ahh yes, that moment when I want to extend an installation & I have no idea how I installed it. And so I have no idea how to extend it. Boh.

(23:02:52) Dropbox-based system backups sorted. Another item off the 'to-do' list. Splendid.

(23:16:32) Right. To bed before I cause any more diplomatic crises. Night night!

Tweets for 22 Feb 2013


(08:53:11) Morning. Still a bit wibbly of tum. Attempts will be made not to squander the last weekday of half term. First, though: porridge & coffee.

(09:19:04) Has anyone suggested voting for the new Pontiff live on @R2KenBruce's show? What a week of Popemaster that would make.

(13:15:37) MT @Bowen707 http://t.co/girLOBb1OK ooh do share it around! On Itunes podcasts too https://t.co/tNTelU9ZAM <- quirky radio goodness!

(13:23:14) RT @TheMichaelMoran: I could look at this .gif forever. In fact, I just might. http://t.co/PZ2lbQzuuj

(16:23:40) I have learned something today. And if it says it on a tin, it is fact. http://t.co/kW6p3kP3I5

(16:51:39) RT @AnglianHome: @syzygy thanks for this, we will inform the relevant managers

(17:49:55) Closing down... http://t.co/LejwpTY8hJ

(19:26:21) Poked around like a demon on my website. I want content published (& not to disappear).. did it myself. I MAY be getting the hang of Joomla.

(21:58:59) There's something very strange about the concept that Danny Dyer is actually on television. It makes no sense. Danny Dyer. Television. Nope.

(22:56:47) I am sure I just saw an advert for a new Peugeot where the selling point is 'it will get flashed by speed cameras'....

Tweets for 21 Feb 2013


(09:32:38) I am aching like a donkey. Some divine intravention is required... coffee.

(15:20:56) The musical act band @Jamfolder has finally released a new song. It's called "Blue Order" and it sounds like this: http://t.co/h24NG3FyJl

(17:00:30) BT London Gigapixel Panorama 2013 http://t.co/pyl7YCCaCH #BTTowerView Cranes and Trees.. quite, quite amazing panorama of London!

(17:15:02) Probably my favourite bit of the BT London Gigapixel Panorama 2013 http://t.co/3oIAVLj0dd #BTTowerView #collapsed

(17:47:56) Ooh.. new beta version of @Audioboo is available. But not for my Nexus 7... (boo!) http://t.co/H8jOyuBpK1

(18:13:42) Test of audioBoo 2 beta on my Android phone... http://t.co/4SGUt96klN via @audioboo

Tweets for 20 Feb 2013


(08:31:54) morning then.. coffee very much needed.

(08:35:07) Ooh cool. I've found the name of the legendary £40 record.. even in v.good condition it's only £25 on discogs... http://t.co/6TqNGwFl

(09:01:43) Right. need to get rid of this stupid beard. rock and roll lifestyle etc. Hasta la vista twitter (until later)...

(17:33:39) A fun morning was had by me and @nxmee at @QuasarHemel - I would definitely recommend it for their enthusiasm and friendliness. Brilliant.

(17:35:54) Also, I won a bit (@nxmee was the victor in the first) even though I'm old. Made it even more satisfying. @QuasarHemel http://t.co/ifrxnjNj

(18:24:08) Too worn out to do anything now. I shall play XBox and not iron. studio later, maybe...

(21:30:18) Last night's loaf is sitting on the draining board... get a slice here: http://t.co/1gaIOnq6 - full show here: http://t.co/ZP0PmWSV

(23:22:26) Righty.. off to bed with me. Sony can do their announcement in their OWN time. Busy day tomorrow. night! :)

Tweets for 19 Feb 2013


(07:52:56) Good morning. Definitely going to be a half-term day... children's activities and the like...

(08:11:49) Right. Better jump under the shower and get going ... early(ish) start today. I do wish this cold would buzz off, though. Have a good day!

(08:12:38) Incidentally, regardless of how much preparation I've actually done, @LateNightLoaf will be inflicting itself on @MintFM tonight.. 10pm UK!

(09:28:05) I love to browse charity shops for old records, but I do draw the line somewhere... [pic] — http://t.co/UVqfYwLC

(18:59:54) RT @johndredge: http://t.co/b2ilRhHJ Am putting my book for kids out as a blog - this is the first in a series of very short bits!

(19:02:23) Warning: @LateNightLoaf is on air at 10pm UK time tonight on http://t.co/9Zznmk9s - extra warning: I will be doing some rap. Yes. RAP.

(22:12:31) Doing radio on http://t.co/9Zznmk9s - it's silly.

Tweets for 18 Feb 2013


(08:09:47) Good morning. Today's fragrance will be eau-de-fabric-softener. Ought really to do some show prep, too...

(09:51:26) U is for Ukulele.

(15:03:40) It's dentist o'clock (well, maybe it was 32 minutes ago...) Oh the fun that can be had here*

(18:18:15) Ooh that's gotta hurt @BurgerKing ... http://t.co/CoWRD4ZQ

Tweets for 17 Feb 2013


(09:01:27) Better get up better get up better get up (woah woah)

(10:02:47) Note to myself: get all the content off my Posterous site. It's going. Going I tells ya. Onto my blog.

(15:13:30) I found Stanbridge Circuit, Village Green (http://t.co/YhLIPYQJ) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:44:14) I found Stanbridge Circuit, Fancy a Bath? (http://t.co/vHARXLHF) #cgeo #geocaching

(23:15:03) G'night. Same time tomorrow? I doubt it..

(23:16:39) Before I go.. a public service announcement: http://t.co/0j7QDTJN - via @Richard_C :)

Tweets for 16 Feb 2013


(10:28:58) Holly Walsh x Holly Willoughby = Holly Wallaby.

(10:37:00) Onward. I think I might be going to London today.

(13:51:46) Utopia - as seen at the bottom of a pint glass... (apparently it's a brand of beer) http://t.co/WHhYqlD4

(21:53:57) Piano player at St Pancras http://t.co/pfbCV6bj

(23:35:47) A fun day, mainly spent in the pub(s) with @nickleach1, @liamwhiteside, Paul, Nik & Showbiz. The beer and laughs did happen. Home now. Bed.

(23:36:13) I bid you, therefore, good night. Going, going, gone.

Tweets for 15 Feb 2013


(08:03:20) I've got another think coming.

(10:39:02) Just been listening to the @guardiantw podcast... if you have offspring of 13+ you can sign up for http://t.co/3iGqYM1y - cool free stuff.

(10:42:55) RT @stuartthomas: Extraordinary video of the meteor shower in Russia that's injured at least 500 people

(10:43:57) Right. Onward. And coffee. Done some housework. I nearly bought something, but then didn't. That's about it so far this morning :D

(12:20:32) The latest @LateNightLoaf show has been slung unceremoniously online: http://t.co/UMlVHAet ... snippets are here: http://t.co/t35ckwaz

(12:59:57) RT @Essexairamb: Pls RT - be aware there are air ambulance charity clothing bags being dropped in your area... proceeds of these DO NOT ...

(13:37:02) RT @unulty: Yes, kids truly are creative genius. My 2yo just made an amazing drawing. On the top of baby's head. With a permanent marker ...

(13:54:53) This is good.. and I'm rather surprised it's only got 62 followers! The Guardian Audio Edition on Audioboo: http://t.co/wZNm7K0E

(16:08:55) RT @Barthsnotes: Dorries and expenses: her IPSA guide "fell" from her office window + she took photo for her blog. Pic removed today htt ...

Tweets for 14 Feb 2013


(00:38:35) Happy VD

(10:03:24) RT @2225dominic: @syzygy I've looked it up and it's from a recently discovered Babylonian tablet meaning "garage flowers are not on today"

(10:15:49) Good morning. And thank you for the card whoever sent it. Oh who am I kidding? Thank you, @Poots :D

(10:42:04) Just looking at the @BBCPress announcement about the shake up at BBC Towers. http://t.co/Fa5JRuPw NOTHING about Technology delivery. Fail.

(10:43:04) Right. Time to shower and prepare for a trip to the orthodontist with the boy. Rites of passage and the like.

(11:00:10) RT @106jack: “@syzygy: Right. Time for a trip to the orthodontist.” Ooh, brace yaself!

(11:48:35) Watching the boy getting his brace redone. A 'Wishing I could do it instead of him' moment. Although I would get in trouble for tweeting.

(12:21:54) people do things so much more slowly during the daytime #retailexperience

(12:54:07) Gosh I love Google Calendar.

(12:56:15) RT @StJosephsY5: We're trying to show our school why we use Twitter - please can you retweet this to show how far it can go? Thank you!

(15:05:47) RT @EwenRankin: THEN…at 8pm its The BIG Show with @sarahjaneuk @RichHarkness @syzygy @daletownsend @AlexGFox http://t.co/GT4TmyhP

(15:15:31) Inexplicable video mashups! @nxmee might like a bit of weirdness (via @robertpopper ) http://t.co/ALcWoYm8

(21:49:40) Playing with @Twefax - http://t.co/BJKISMrG This is OLDSCHOOL! (Thanks @AlexGFox)

(21:56:45) Thank you, @misscorsham; due kudos to @JonathanEx on FAB TweFax! http://t.co/BJKISMrG (perhaps register the Twitter name?)

(22:09:36) Did this really happen in Canada? https://t.co/ub2rXZAd We need this at PMQs here. Most definitely :)

(22:47:59) Ooh... exciting... and a bit frightening. I'm gonna do it..! http://t.co/c1OTecOj

Tweets for 13 Feb 2013


(08:05:53) Good morning. I have coffee. Could be a lot worse.

(10:49:22) Checking the ingredients of biscuits - we're OK.. no horse.

(11:07:15) RT @_windrider: @syzygy What kind of bread to Tesco use when making their prepacked 1/4 pounders? Thoroughbred.

(12:05:22) RT @nxmee: wow... just wow.... http://t.co/vM3rBfFQ

(12:54:05) Still chuckling thinking about Lenni and Chris doing the Harlem Shake in the studio last night. Bass up good'n'loud :D #reasonstobeadad

(15:48:38) poew's day. Well, actually, I'm working tonight. Hey/nonny/no.

(16:03:51) it's only blimmin well started doing the s-word again... what is this, Switzerland..?

(16:26:16) accident. northbound between j8 and J9. outside lane broken. boo!

(17:38:36) An actual AMC Pacer - seen in Watford this afternoon; I used to LOVE this car (as did Garth from Wayne's… http://t.co/ShYsXeLO

Tweets for 12 Feb 2013


(00:51:03) Early to bed. Ish. Night!

(09:11:56) Playing tunes loudly before heading to work. Today's best mix. HA.

(11:04:16) Tidying up emails.. only 300 to go..

(12:05:18) I think I have a major seventh chord threshold.. more than three in a short period of time and I have to turn it off. #ballads

(17:09:02) Going to escape. There is show prep to do and I smell of garlic.

(18:48:46) RT @SOTCAA: @johndredge is Podcast of the Week in the Radio Times. Next issue, John's 'My Kind Of Day' (with a Kipper Williams cartoon o ...

(21:55:00) RT @MintFM: Join James at the top of the hour for this week's Late Night Loaf http://t.co/eOdfUui1 Don't forget the butter!

(22:48:37) That went well... my Twitter computer just fell off the internet :D

(22:55:32) I'm playing radio stations on http://t.co/6jvejVsT - Late Night Loaf .. tune in if you don't value your sanity :D

Tweets for 11 Feb 2013


(11:39:28) On the school run this morning it was remarkable how many children were carrying large lumps of snow triumphantly... great to see, though :)

(17:04:32) Oh dear. Suffering from minor body failure. I think I've got a virus. Where were you when I needed you, Sophos Human On-Access Scanner..?

Tweets for 10 Feb 2013


(09:29:39) Morning.. listening to @claw0101 and @MissyMWAC talk Superbowl, meat and cars on this week's Here'n'There podcast http://t.co/33IsWqJu

(13:25:46) So cool! RT @vobes: The Bald Explorer in the Daily Mail Weekend Magaine! http://t.co/F3oAfF88

(20:50:22) Top Gear should rebrand one of the sections of their show "Let's put a star in a comfortably long toilet break."

(21:05:55) RT @lutoncouncil: We are currently gritting priority routes http://t.co/rxRrqANP #gritting

(21:06:39) Lethal blizzard.

(23:21:15) Onwards to bed. Or offwards. It's a directional thing. Good night. GO AWAY SNOW. Ta.

Tweets for 09 Feb 2013


(00:05:45) I had no idea there even WAS a game of soldiers.. night night.

(08:39:03) An amusing 'back of cereal box' idea - a maze which is also a QR code. Works for me! (Realty weird… http://t.co/HRQrERCO

(08:56:51) Morning. Totally going to get stuff done today. Or maybe closer to 88%.

(09:22:08) RT @GunnerWhoWalks: This is gold. http://t.co/WcYu7W5O

(09:26:05) Right. Enough of this.. better get on. Have a splendid Saturday (even thought it's a bit grey)

(11:20:28) Random Sticker I Found On My Clothes While Tidying Of The Week: "Grrrr!" http://t.co/I8uQeRxU

(17:25:32) This afternoon's project- an LED make-up light for Lenni http://t.co/IjAeFjlE

(20:14:28) RT @mbrit: Oh yes. Probably the best traceroute result in the world:

(23:01:56) Moving things about on the web. FOR SCIENCE.

Tweets for 08 Feb 2013


(08:06:03) Happy birthday, @rainbowtaylor :) #f

(09:50:00) RT @poots: I do love that there is so much for children and young people to do in Luton. Thanks @LutonLibraries @lutonculture

(17:22:53) RT @johndredge: http://t.co/qmBYt2FN My weird comedy podcasts also on British Public Radio Audioboo channel here x

(17:33:25) I wish I had the presence of mind to notate how many times I laugh on a given date. I do believe it's quite a lot. I am Ainsley Harriott.

Tweets for 07 Feb 2013


(14:24:33) RT @verso: RT @almightygod: My sincere congratulations to @meganphelps, who announced she has left the Westboro Baptist Church: https:// ...

(17:09:28) RT @Dr_Black: Anyone ever used one of these? @TNMOC #bpark http://t.co/Yfbz1sSq

Tweets for 06 Feb 2013


(00:18:57) Right. To bed before Piers Morgan gets me. Night!

(08:17:31) Right. Better change into my superhero outfit and save the world. Happy Hump day...

(10:06:55) It's another one of those days when I find myself rummaging through my workbag. There is some scary stuff in there (and payslips :D)

(20:44:24) Somehow Late Night Loaf was let loose on Mint FM again last night. This happened: http://t.co/oEsZ3hPe Full show here: http://t.co/UMlVHAet

(23:01:28) G'night. Nearly made 11pm. NEARLY.

Tweets for 05 Feb 2013


Tweets for 04 Feb 2013


(09:59:21) RT @vobes: Need a video for your website or project? TV Producer and documentary maker, Richard Vobes is available. :) #VideoProduction

(10:01:04) RT @alaindebotton: A proof of good parenting? That the child has no aspiration to be famous.

(10:04:43) Right.. can't sit around here on Twitter all day... there are many other seats to tweet from.

(11:14:03) RT @purplebint: Horrible Histories - #RichardIII Song: http://t.co/OlCzbsIy via @youtube

(13:20:11) I found Church Micro 709: Lilley, St Peter (http://t.co/8RsslzCU) #cgeo #geocaching

(13:49:26) I found Back to Basics - A Nuvver Log (http://t.co/6UHVCZmx) #cgeo #geocaching

(14:08:16) I found Back to Basics - The Hollow Tree (http://t.co/15IJpSvI) #cgeo #geocaching

(16:11:30) Apparently, my 'club name' is Keieth the Giraffe.

(20:57:25) Right. Must get on. My face is getting hot.

(21:46:57) Right. Signing off for the night. Half an hour in the studio and then bed. G'night! :)

Tweets for 03 Feb 2013


(16:08:05) A brief distraction by the delights of Sunday Afternoon Scripting... time to fold some washing. And maybe sort my jingles out. Finally...

(16:43:02) RT @thelawns: How to offend four groups of geeks with one photo... http://t.co/sBT4861r

(16:44:16) Ironing. I'll give it fifteen minutes, and if it's not done by then, I'LL SET FIRE TO IT.

(19:05:57) It is OK for a 41 year old man to wear a hoodie, isn't it? ~mutton dressed as emo lamb~

(19:10:34) Thank you for the confirmation.. shopping yesterday felt like people were peering at me in my Marshall hoodie "what's he doing in that?" :D

(19:19:47) RT @PrincessBagel: @syzygy My hubby's most embarrassing mo: bit hungover & unshaven in hoodie, sat on floor outside Tesco with our d ...

Tweets for 02 Feb 2013


(08:33:06) RT @akrabat: Today seems like a good day to change my Twitter password. After change, I see this... http://t.co/9vLe8RKE

(08:42:45) Right. Changed my password.. don't forget to delete any naughty applications that you don't trust. Good time for a clear out.

(08:45:09) Planning Saturday morning... it mainly involves [a] laundry [b] getting some fresh air [c] guitar practice [d] not wasting it.

(08:53:24) Amazing blue sky action outside.. may have to take the camera out before the sun gets too high...

(10:02:52) RT @gcluley: Twitter has been hacked, 250,000 users potentially at risk. Find out what you should do to protect yourself here: http://t. ...

(10:22:01) That moment when I remember I have an aloe vera plant on the window sill and haven't watered it in 3 months. How is it still alive? :D

(14:54:35) The choice of the audio professional... http://t.co/GZJjvuHF

Tweets for 01 Feb 2013


(07:46:25) RT @olivia_solon: Amazing. Woman orders a photographic cake, gives cake store a USB key with the photo on. Gets this instead: http://t.c ...

(07:53:23) Good morning. I wonder what delights February will bring... exactly four weeks of, well, who knows what. Who? Find out and win £3.99

(08:15:59) Right. Off to work before I get eaten by the house monster.

(11:40:52) That thing when you send an email asking a fairly detailed question and get a brief answer assuming you know EVERYTHING else. That.

(12:06:44) What the heck's going on with these retweets from a particular account offering some kind of affirmation of Twitter reality? Malicious code?

(20:29:30) I can't help but be a bit sad about this... http://t.co/2n5LERgW

(20:33:07) Knowledge is being aware that a tomato is a fruit. Wisdom is not banging on about it.

(22:52:33) I won't pass comment on anything on telly I haven't seen but I can't bring myself to watch Mrs Brown's Boys...

(23:18:24) BETTING ENDS. Night...

Tweets for 31 Jan 2013


(08:03:47) Kenny Jackett and Paul Buckle... makes it sound like comic strip characters have come to life. #foopball #ihavenoidea

(08:08:42) RT @Richard_C: Good Morning UK, it's #RAJAR Day. As Sonny & Cher plays on the radio, here's @Matt with some musing on the numbers. h ...

(08:42:39) A job playing with LEDs? COOL! MT @ChristyMedia: LED Systems Technician required...… http://t.co/kGJCj6tY REF2957 #jobsuk #engineer #jobs

(09:57:43) I just saw the strangest thing heading into Watford - a big green articulated lorry with blue lights and pol http://t.co/z7shKVxW

(10:31:18) Still a bit spooked having seen that scary truck on the way to work. By all accounts, it appears to contain Special Nuclear Materials.

(21:57:57) Thanks to @EwenRankin @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk and @chrisesch -and the @BritishTech chatroom - for a very entertaining BIG show! :) :)

(22:34:38) Is @charltonbrooker 's Weekly Wipe the natural replacement for TVBurp? I will find out tomorrow, i guess (watching it on catch-up :D)

(23:28:53) With a heart full of nostalgia and fondness, I head to bed. G'night.

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