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Tweets for 30 Jan 2013


(00:12:26) Off to bed now.. g'night! :)

(08:31:35) I need scratch mittens. Or, more accurately, nose-scratchy mittens

(17:01:55) Ooh.. I've found out why some autoarchiving on my Outlook folders hasn't been working.. it looks for 'modified' dates.. http://t.co/aPyEshX1

(17:36:21) If my boy doesn't go for this it'd be a shame... http://t.co/ZdWcTZ9q - he'll be one of the first to do the eBACC, I think. CompSci YEAH!

(23:11:36) RT @latenightloaf: Late Night Loaf - 29th January 2013 http://t.co/km7n2YCy via @audioboo

(23:14:14) Off to bed, now... Late Night Loaf now has its own Twitter and Audioboo accounts (@LateNightLoaf and http://t.co/FHScd77j )

Tweets for 29 Jan 2013


(07:56:57) Yawning and stretching and all that. Can be done any time of day, but best in the morning.

(14:52:42) Rare competition entry; Win a Monopoly board designed by you! RT & follow to enter. Terms: http://t.co/9jlO5J05 Ends 9th Feb #ArgosMonopoly

(19:14:51) RT @MintFM: Coming up at 10pm UK, 5pm US Eastern, it's the debut of @syzygy with Late Night Loaf. Don't miss it! http://t.co/IF8Mmjf9

Tweets for 28 Jan 2013


(09:17:20) Both. Accident southbound just after junction 8 of the M1.. lanes 1&2 closed. Oops.

(13:53:27) Working from home this afternoon - treated to a visit from my favourite Small French Meter Reader. She's called Dominique and is great :)

(18:04:32) One of the delights of working from home is that I could witness the @UKTesco Delivery Person. This one was rubbish. Quite disappointing.

Tweets for 27 Jan 2013


(09:33:59) Good morning. It's all go. Well, abut 65% of it is. The rest (i.e. me) is sitting around drinking coffee. It shouldn't be.

(18:41:48) RT @MintFM: MintFM would like to welcome James Hart, @syzygy to our broadcasting family! #fb

(20:15:02) I thought for someone was playing a dramatic synth pad in my browser, but it's the kick heater in the kitchen rattling on its bearings :D

(20:16:30) The eternal battle* of Call The Midwife vs. Top Gear. *television scheduling triumph

Tweets for 26 Jan 2013


(12:29:38) I do wish hair would not find new and innovative ways to escape from my face. #old

(16:07:26) sooooo sleeeepy.

Tweets for 25 Jan 2013


(07:27:40) Friday. Statistically the most sung about day of the week (citation needed). Good morning, nonetheless :)

(07:47:30) I would like to apologise to Apple for besmirching their iTunes store; it turns out they did use my credit, but didn't update the store...

(08:34:49) MT @svartling: Facebook Cuts Off API Support For Vine App - http://t.co/1UhtD1CK ("THAT's what you get for banjaxing Instagram, Twitter!")

(12:21:42) Me, just now: 'Saying "A bloke called Keith told us and it seemed to work" doesn't quite cut it.' This is true for all things in life. FACT.

(16:01:23) Rehydrating.

(16:10:17) RT @dwhelton: This reads like an Onion article, but it is from a blog. Wonder if it is true... hilarious if so: http://t.co/3DlbJSbT

(17:59:03) Tools down. YEAH.

(20:05:33) I can never remember what hubris means. But then, I don't need to.

(23:13:24) Early to bed, and early to rise, makes me remember archaic rhymes. Night.

Tweets for 24 Jan 2013


(08:03:22) Good morning. Is it too late to make a new year's resolution? Too soon for Lent, I fear. It's the slump. The slump I tells ya.

(09:15:54) Footballers are kicking children now, are they?

(11:13:08) Fastidious.

(11:13:15) Conjecture.

(11:13:27) (Just making notes of words I can never remember when I need them).

(12:45:56) Radio clocks: The MSF 60 kHz time & frequency signal will be shut down from 09:00 UTC on Tue 29 Jan until 18:00 UTC on Wed 30 Jan 2013. #NPL

(19:07:19) Home and having a sit down and a read...

(19:11:20) That Derek B, though, eh?

(19:53:00) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is LIVE in 40 Minutes with @stevenaybour @syzygy @daletownsend @paulwheatley The warmup to the weekend. htt ...

(21:27:50) Conflagration #nameourplane

(21:28:22) Jessops #nameourplane

(21:28:44) SPLODY #nameourplane

(22:05:46) Wow.. the insanely talented @cyriakharris has created another mindboggling video.. http://t.co/AFzPwEDq (/via @Cassetteboy)

(23:05:08) Sleeeeeeee(ee)p

Tweets for 23 Jan 2013


(08:19:11) Darn it. Still out of stock of Diggity.

(10:31:08) Wardrobe malfunction this morning... second-from top button was left undone on my work shirt. I'm not in a trendy wine bar now, y'know.

(17:01:44) I've got sinusache. Pronounced "sigh new satchee"

(17:05:10) Looks like someone here has about as much ADD as I have.. just read a shell script comment that simply says "this script cannot"

(19:41:09) I really love your tiger's feet.

(19:56:42) Thinking of doing a radio show demo thing.

Tweets for 22 Jan 2013


(10:51:04) Not the most impressive start to the day... wandering out of the house without my work bag had knock on effects. Typical Tuesday.

(10:52:07) (Also I nearly slipped over on the way to work.. after seeing a man actually slip over. It's hazardous out there. Hazardous, I tells ya).

(10:52:49) I am therefore *this* close to sending an email to the entire occupants of the office asking who has biscuits and I can I have them.

(15:45:08) Graphs is just one of the reasons I follow you.

(16:26:40) Wow.. pretty.. http://t.co/QBgp8i1B

(19:12:28) Right. That does it. I formally hate Apple. £12.50 of credit; I buy an app for £13.99. How much does iTunes take off my debit card? £13.99!

Tweets for 21 Jan 2013


(10:05:38) Morning. My work computer is on a go-slow (in fact a not-go-at-all-stuck-on-the-"Welcome"-screen). Time to brew some coffee. Shoulders back.

(11:39:06) Two similar snow scenes in swift succession on my timeline.. made me look twice! https://t.co/I3ECoH2M https://t.co/uOW4tNRh Neato! :)

(16:27:46) I am everso fond of @SpaceKate and thus want to send her into space. Please help: http://t.co/3sFFWUdA

(18:37:30) Too many tools, too little creativity. Bleh.

(19:11:58) The children are doing an online quiz: "Which Muppet are you?" This offers more punchlines than Twitter's character count will allow.

(19:12:49) "The one that is doing a pointless online quiz." For example.

(22:05:10) Neville! #miranda

Tweets for 20 Jan 2013


(09:06:52) Good morning. I've woken with a headache...and dozed off again. Didn't work - I shall have to try coffee instead...

(09:23:47) "@ThePoke: Restaurant chalkboard of the day http://t.co/U9CAFyiD" @MissyMWAC

(09:43:41) Really weird rainy snow. It's settling though. @nxmee is playing Minecraft and pretending to be Bear Grylls. Trying to do the voice...

(09:53:43) Hmm.. @nxmee is playing Bear Grylld. Who is @superalora playing? "The voice inside his head" #bizarrechildren

(10:03:18) For some reason, @poots is looking up German winter obligations. Arguably, Eiszapfen is a cool word.

(10:12:36) Lenni's shop: "Stuff." I got two for the price of one on a dirty mug and spoon. http://t.co/aHZPx7r8

Tweets for 19 Jan 2013


(05:26:23) Onwards into the fray.. bit early but...

(16:29:42) I am completely baffled by Antiques Flog Hunt In the Attic. I keep getting it wrong, which doesn't impress @superalora

(17:24:57) Me: "Did you cry watching Les Mis?" @superalora : "Yes. But not because of the play." Me: "Because of your brother?" @superalora : "Yes."

(18:25:46) RT @johndredge: http://t.co/RPka8hKl my weird show be on resonance 104.4fm at 6.30 and online also, you x

(22:22:04) 8 out of 10 Cats has gone feral.

(22:59:34) Bedtime. It's a place. Nighty.

Tweets for 18 Jan 2013


(07:34:44) RT @OctoberJones: The puzzle in The Guardian was EASY. I thought this was a paper for brainy people. http://t.co/PVrxn66d

(07:56:20) They've done it again... a YouTube pre-roll ad that made me watch to the end (it's quite funny actually) http://t.co/DNnQNBFj #owntheweekend

(07:56:57) ...although it amused me that the video started with a pre-roll which was the actual video. If you see what I mean.

(08:03:11) This is what made me laugh this morning: http://t.co/LePgUBsk *chuckles*

(11:16:29) Amusing that Chris is 'working from home' today and tweeting his lessons. He's a good lad.

(13:06:14) Looks a bit sleety out now. It's not really gathering too much. Yes, it's another snow tweet.

(14:21:47) Tagging like a boss #CVS

(14:23:10) RT @rickhurst: careful out there guys - the pavements are literally covered in instagrammers..

(16:06:01) RT @lutoncouncil: Our gritters are out but it does take time for the salt to work, and with fresh snow falling all the time it's a round ...

(19:25:20) Molasses are our friends tonight.

(19:32:25) RT @lutoncouncil: How do we decide when to grit? http://t.co/G1JxEcmE

(21:36:45) RT @EwenRankin: One of the most enjoyable BIG Shows I've been on is posted with @Syzygy @AlexGFox @sarahjaneuk @daletownsend http://t.co ...

Tweets for 17 Jan 2013


(07:25:01) My body's system is stuck in a reboot cycle. Good morning anyway.

(07:59:46) It baffles me how a train, which is almost entirely made out of tons of mettil can catch fire. Or is the Gatwick Express made of wood?

(08:11:15) RT @billt: my dear friend @RadioKate aka @spacekate really wants to go into space but will start with this... http://t.co/NIwNMw8T - if ...

(10:16:09) RT @BBCRadio3: @syzygy @Barwickgreen @producerlaura @BBC3CR The approved Radio 3 method is to wait patiently while it melts of its own a ...

(11:30:49) I call shenanigans on Internet Explorer's "Offer to check if it's the default browser" checkbox. It keeps asking whatever I do. Dimwit.

(12:15:57) My scarf is mostly bobbles. #notaeuphemism

(12:18:07) Guide to British English #95 Acceptable: "Lovely jubbly." Not acceptable: "Lovely jubblies." #trialanderror

(12:23:00) I get a bit overwrought with excitement at the prospect of paying a cheque into Nationwide's paying-in machine. It prints a tiny version!

(19:45:39) RT @DarrenGriffin: “@EwenRankin: Have you voted for our shows? NOW is the time as the voting closes soon. http://t.co/a3A0RAFn” I’ve vot ...

(19:50:31) Dear gritters, please park outside my house tonight and drive 100 yards ahead of me tomorrow, ta.

(20:14:34) Can't be bothered to tweet about #Quenington

(21:53:37) Great @BritishTech BIG show with @sarahjaneuk @daletownsend @BritishTech, the mighty @AlexGFox and a fab chatroom. Thanks for the chuckles!

(22:27:03) Silophone - the best (and biggest!) on-line reverb unit going http://t.co/5X853s1e via @audioboo

(23:01:11) All gone. Night!

Tweets for 16 Jan 2013


(00:20:53) Playing one of those songs that gives my emotions a punch. I wish I could make music that had as profound an effect. Beyond bed time. Night!

(07:38:51) I play too many computer games to be allowed near my daughter's hair, ever since I gave her a pwny tail.

(07:42:28) My joke on the matter: So they've been putting horsemeat in burgers have they? That would explain all the nagging. #tooearly #toolate

(08:48:50) A couple of weeks back, Lenni and i created a new word: drizzard. Today is the complement- it's drizzling snow (hallelujah?) - snizzle.

(09:30:29) Fringe benefit of working from home: putting araldite on the letterbox.

(12:06:09) Settled on some @amazingradio to have as the soundtrack to my work. A pleasant diversion from the norm. A bit like Lorraine @Bowen707 .

(13:13:41) Is this a new thing where twitter colours in red the extra characters when I over-run the end of a tweet? That only serves to encourage me t

(13:45:28) Lordy. http://t.co/v2oXlCR3 (via @BrettDomino who made a song with it)

(16:41:22) The consensus over tea is that all three of us have tried to operate our mobile devices with our noses. Our own. Not each other's.

(16:44:34) Google Mail has a reading pane. #onlyjustspottedthis

(21:01:17) Who's going to help me get an EarlyNight™? Actually, that sounds like something John Lewis would sell.

(21:58:36) I just wrote a blog post - the biggest real life reverb unit I've ever played with.. http://t.co/4QCXX77r

(23:03:01) RIGHT. BED. *sigh* Didn't make the 10pm deadline. Night! (and sorry, @fiverscarrot!)

(23:04:46) *gone*

Tweets for 15 Jan 2013


(10:30:01) Wow, January is clattering by.

(10:59:25) Lutonian Physics.

(13:32:18) I'm like a coiled spring. Well, actually like a tangled Slinky.

(17:33:29) I just found a foot in my sock. Another one. http://t.co/zuv04S4m

(18:46:21) Gonna wear my cardy like it's my birthday. (November can be chilly)

Tweets for 14 Jan 2013


(07:46:46) Good morning. Some light dusting.

(07:59:54) British local politics at its best / most baffling... http://t.co/f5UJBU3U

(10:30:35) There's something vaguely disheartening about putting "sort out pension" on my to-do list. Again.

(20:47:15) There's a doin's a transpirin' ... Lewis is back yay! :)

(21:10:36) Beth and I just came up with the BEST Tarot card based comedy sketch.

Tweets for 13 Jan 2013


(16:29:04) Actually, I quite like it. http://t.co/e76pSPJ7

Tweets for 12 Jan 2013


(11:36:53) Good morning. There is pottering going on. Just not quite as much as I would want.

(18:02:50) MT @thisistomgreen: If you like "Drive" or music with a weird 80s vibe, listen to this, it's ammmmaaazing http://t.co/nRyJO7nq /massive!

(18:03:23) RT @johndredge: http://t.co/ZVON2JMO Am on Resonance 104.4FM at 6.30pm tonight with daft comedy and music. Then Peter Blegvad's doing so ...

Tweets for 11 Jan 2013


(16:34:09) This phone hasn't got a 'mute' button. At some point during this conference call I did a little burp. I have stopped eating Lovehearts.

(22:20:21) Campus on DVD and salt & pepper pistachios... a bizarre but pleasant combination. And I have a bottle of Golden Glory. Friday evening. YOSS!

Tweets for 10 Jan 2013


(13:13:04) Beaten by Excel chart limitations. Gah. I won't have it, y'know. I was ~this~ close to writing my own graphing routine. Now: lunchtime.

(21:58:37) RT @Sysadm_Borat: Borat teach you identify network cables: 1. pull cable 2. listen which coworker shout WTF 3. if all coworker shout WTF ...

(22:37:00) Quick blog post - a cheapskate's guide to oneline backups: http://t.co/cNaPMfi7 (with all due caution!)

(22:38:18) Onwards to bedward. Ward. Night! :)

Tweets for 09 Jan 2013


(00:07:21) G'night then.

(08:02:11) .@LDNLutonAirport We're reviewing the airport plans over breakfast. Ideas so far: double decker runway & aeroplane treadmill. You're welcome

(11:08:38) The new David Bowie single sounds like one of those 'last track on an album' songs. Maybe a grower, but a bit dirgey. #musicreviewinatweet

(11:23:57) RT @stuartdredge: Oh, just amazing. All the craziest bits of that Qualcomm CES keynote cut together into two minutes and 32 seconds http ...

(13:37:00) I fully intend to use the word "besmirch" in an email today.

(14:08:55) RT @ThePoke: Museum warning sign of the day.

(15:06:17) Anyone going to Ikea this week..? Free brekky until Friday if you've got a Family Card thing.. http://t.co/zQm2zMVD

(18:21:42) Time to go home. Oop.

(20:38:40) Science + BBC1 primetime = Dara O'Briain.

(23:05:01) I like the way iCloud's "find my iPhone" uses Google Maps for the location...

Tweets for 08 Jan 2013


(08:24:26) Happy birthday, @regularjen :) #elephantofsurprise

(10:02:09) RT @trevypoos: @syzygy I take it you are aware that Adobe are giving away Audition 3? https://t.co/3nDnioo3 You will need the patch as w ...

(10:11:07) The office conversation this morning is that kicking a ball about game. I'm keeping well out of it #nonothing #exceptLutonvNorwich :D

(14:50:04) RT @EwenRankin: PLS PLS PLS VOTE VOTE VOTE for The BTN Shows in the EU Podcast Awards. As MANY times as you can http://t.co/seZBhhM6 Pls ...

(15:17:23) I just walked 14.5 metres to the kitchen to fill up my pint glass with water. I may well go for a wee in a bit (30 metres) (via my.feet)

Tweets for 07 Jan 2013


(00:32:56) The neighbours can be reassured that I've stopped singing now. Antares has not yet invented autotune for party walls. Bedtime. g'night!

(08:16:05) Huzzap! RT @johndredge: http://t.co/MTZoaWCx This week’s John Dredge Nothing To Do With Anything Show does not include the word ‘fnurg.’

(10:56:32) Had a look at the @LDNLutonAirport development plan - http://t.co/kFlOJPfy (Ref: 12/01400/FUL - boundaries have somewhat hamstrung them!

(10:57:55) For a quick look, the current before / after overview plans are here: BEFORE: http://t.co/JYHfXqDM ; AFTER: http://t.co/s1pdHTaf

(12:47:27) RT @Lutonbookworm: Got a new ereader to play with? Luton library members can download ebooks free of charge, and there are hundreds... h ...

(15:17:53) I have torn my trousers. That's pretty poor form for a sedentary job!

(15:19:32) Gosh.. that is quite a lovely looking car: New NGTC spec Vauxhall Astra for @AmDessex #BTCC http://t.co/agEKJIn5 (/via @DunlopBTCC)

(17:52:39) Homeward. Swiftish.

(21:36:41) There was a bit of Miranda that I actually laughed a lot at.

(21:56:04) Taking my tablet to bed.. The intention is to borrow an eBook from the local library. What a splendid idea...

Tweets for 06 Jan 2013


(09:04:08) Good morning. I think there is a plan. I had better get up and see #lazylayabed

(16:47:24) Splendid swim with the progeny. Two days in a row of exercise... that has to be good!

Tweets for 05 Jan 2013


(09:32:05) Morning :) Woo! I just saw my gurning fizzog on the @GadgetLab podcast... I think I might have won some epic gloves..!

(14:30:03) Inexplicable tiny robot toy feature http://t.co/goRZ3bpr via @audioboo

(14:56:50) In the circle of hell that is the queue for returns at ToysRUs. Not without faffing.

(15:50:46) municipal tennis court @ Luton Hoo Memorial Park http://t.co/ilq4xXRF

(19:24:25) The children are pointing out the diving board they jumped off when #Inspire first opened... #Splash

(19:27:22) If you hadn't spotted it, Vernon Kay is in #Luton. He's making the place look untidy. I cannot understand his ubiquity.

(19:36:36) Do they really need TWO cue dots..? #TomDaleySplash

(19:38:47) RT @mediauk: RT @syzygy: Do they really need TWO cue dots..? #TomDaleySplash <- Yes, they do. Explanation here: http://t.co/pMaeQ9xe

(20:11:27) Calpol is responsible for your small child's poor behaviour in supermarkets..? I really have no idea about adverts any more.

(20:12:18) This is the longest I've watched ITV for since last episode of Lewis. I am still baffled.

(20:18:42) Amazing! MT @simonhardwick: here's why itv transmission is complex. the north transmission centre (one for south too) http://t.co/gEUASrP4

(20:22:38) I have to say the audio challenges of producing a show from the acoustic environment of a swimming pool is not inconsiderable. #splash

Tweets for 04 Jan 2013


(08:18:11) Morning. Time for me to shower and zoom. Make the most of the school holiday traffic while it lasts...

(14:14:46) RT @mostlygeordie: Morning! Don't suppose anyone's got a spare ticket to Adams Park this Sunday they want to offer me?

(20:39:57) Gosh this x-box thing is complicated. The X button is in a different place to the Playstation. Makes for some bad gaming decisions.

Tweets for 03 Jan 2013


(08:25:34) Good morning. Nearly ready to do the do. First: shower without waking the children...

(08:28:17) RT @alnicholl77: Morning. Apparently only now Russia is re-classifying beer as an alcoholic drink. Until now it's been a food as its les ...

(08:32:40) RT @johndredge: http://t.co/KuoJHTMG Fast-moving bizarre humor at 5.30pm today on Resonance 104.4FM with a repeat of The Nothing To Do W ...

(15:29:03) I just had a lychee. But apparently Persimmons are all the rage. Yes. FRUIT.

(15:43:54) RT @Mr_DW_Brighton: @syzygy I often have to Chown Fruit, otherwise I get a Persimmons denied error. #linuxJokesareLame

(15:52:14) Pondering the first recorded apology; it must've been played in the last 100 years. Before that, one had to apologise insincerely in person.

(17:48:26) I do believe it is time to go home. Please stay clear of Stephenson Way and the M1. It's all mine. ALL OF IT. Ta everso.

(17:48:49) Must write a blog post about internet reverb.

(20:23:51) Time, I think, to work on the 'to-do' list...

(22:33:41) It's hard to strike out with confidence, when all you see is glimpses. My poor old addled brain needs to settle down, I think. Night night.

Tweets for 02 Jan 2013


(10:13:58) Good morning. Sort of again. Mondayish Wednesday, yeah, although I made it into the office OK, so that's a bonus. Thoughts: addled.

(12:37:52) My food preparation style is definitely inspired by Heston... not Blumenthal - Services.

(14:42:12) Hurrah.. the family's geocache was found on the 31st.. it's damp, but no immediate need for maintenance :) @nxmee @superalora @poots

(20:35:00) What I have learned from @charltonbrooker's 2012 Wipe: There is a garish programme about Welsh people.

Tweets for 01 Jan 2013


(01:52:59) Home again after an amusing and entertaining evening with @Marvin_engl, @Matildamouse, @junkmanuk & families. Happy New 2013 to you. Night!

(11:01:55) Good morning. The children are still asleep - no great surprise, since they were up super late... I should really get up & make a list...

(15:31:30) I found Strathmore scouts - Scout so High (http://t.co/Sp6245S7) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:47:15) Coloured in, but abandoned golf ball... @ Stockwood Park http://t.co/lWeYGF8x

(16:35:48) I found Hollybush Heights (http://t.co/cJC2JO7V) #cgeo #geocaching

(17:21:12) It feels like a Sunday, for about the fourth time in a week.

(17:42:30) I think I've done fairly well foodwise this year - I'm not a bit sick of mince pies yet.

(21:05:09) This is the future of @jamfolder merch.. or maybe not given the expense & quality... http://t.co/HEWtQkvE (via @sounditoutdoc) /cc @sm2n

Tweets for 31 Dec 2012


(07:35:18) Good morning. Long day ahead.. trying to decide quite how much noise to take with me...

(11:03:55) RT @johndredge: @syzygy http://t.co/LbuZ5ifB This week's Nothing To Do With Anything Show includes a splashing sound,courtesy of Thames ...

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