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Tweets for 29 Dec 2012


(08:48:48) Good morning. Having a bit of a read - "The Overcoat" by Gogol as inspired by @TimKeyPoet - (free eBook - Gogol it ;)

(10:17:16) RT @kfury: There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand binary, and those who dont, and those who weren't expecting a ...

(10:31:58) I could stare at this little glowing rectangle all day... better get on, though...

(13:15:56) I seem to be spending a lot of time putting things on charge. I totally need one of those inductive surface things.

(13:17:58) Time to put some different trousers on. And check I have all my phone batteries.

(17:13:20) "Just Dance"ing

Tweets for 28 Dec 2012


(09:41:42) I've got a bookmark on my Firefox called "500 Internal Server Error" This means I win.

(11:59:07) RT @johndredge: @syzygy

(14:51:33) This afternoon, for diagnostic purposes, my first name has been portalortal. This is a tribute to the mighty @davelortal and @theilppodcast

(17:17:02) RT @ThePoke: Daily Telegraph letter of the year

(18:16:30) Wow... they didn't hang about deChristmasifying Asda...

(23:56:17) Watching the likes of @MrMichaelSpicer and @somegreybloke (or similar) on - bit sweary but very internets. YEAH.

Tweets for 27 Dec 2012


(09:47:30) Good morning. Really, quiet in the office this morning. Hardly anyone in... it's quite nice, but I have to resist putting TUNES on :D

(14:45:28) Hoping @nxmee got on OK at the orthodontist earlier... can't be nice (especially with all the tasty food about!)

(17:07:12) I have been trying valiantly not to eat too much today. My tum has been helping. "NO!" it says. Quite often.

(19:39:57) Watching yesterday's @ri_science's Christmas lecture - @superalora's comment: "You can make a lamp out of wee..? Cool!"

(19:50:47) RT @englishwhirled: Hamburger, cheese burger, king burger!

Tweets for 26 Dec 2012


(00:00:23) Almost did ALL of Christmas Day. I hope you were able to share everything you wanted to. No alarm set for the morning. Night - schlaf' gut!

(10:03:37) Good morning. Boxing day is one of the only days of the year when you can have mince pie and custard for breakfast...

(10:52:11) RT @neilcochrane1: @syzygy You can have a mince pie and custard any day you like, Boxing day is the only day you can tweet about it.

(10:55:29) Having a go at BeyondPod for Android to try and move my podcasts off my iPod Touch. It's not a slick as Downcast & a bit clunky but it's OK.

(11:02:20) Every now and then this pops up randomly.. I always make it go away.. Must find out what triggers it...

(12:06:46) Happy boxing day!

(18:06:13) 11 days ago, I had been making a racket on this planet for 15,000 days. Post-Christmas discoveries...

(18:53:31) Lenni and Chris giving their puppets a Boxing Day brush :)

(20:35:02) The revolution will not be televised, but will be available on iPlayer for 7 days afterwards.

Tweets for 25 Dec 2012


(00:05:51) Well, here it is. Merry Christmas. And goodnight (better get to sleep before Father Christmas turns up...) Night!

(07:51:15) Festive breakfast by headlamp...

(07:51:34) Just posted a photo

(08:16:31) Never too early to wear a cracker hat.

(08:20:55) Right.. time to shower and squeeze myself into my Christmas dress...

(16:36:32) Just been experiencing the joy of Rage Quit when I beat the boy at Worms #familychristmas

(21:58:39) Watching the @baldexplorer exploring @Lewes - we recorded it on @ComChanTV earlier today... Nice bit of history.

Tweets for 24 Dec 2012


(08:12:16) Oh Lordy. @OneLouderApps updated Tweetcaster and it's crashing a bit - even after a full reinstall. Caution if you are invited to update...

(08:24:01) Today, incidentally, is @superalora's least favourite day of the WHOLE YEAR. Why? It is NOT Christmas. She's out of bed. It's a start :D

(09:33:18) A Christmas Eve comedy treat: Episode 4 of The Nothing To Do With Anything Show! Who's behind the cartoon door today?

(11:10:54) I was cautiously pootling down the M1 this morning (quiet but VERY wet!) when two Ford Foci(?) whipped past at must've been 90mph. IDIOTS.

(11:14:43) #punsr bumblebee: Boris Johnson

(11:14:55) RT @Queen_UK: If you're working today, leave immediately. It's Christmas. If anyone asks, tell them the Queen said it was ok.

(11:21:59) RT @lloydbayley: If you're in the UK and looking for something to watch on Xmas Day, the Community Channel is showing The Bald Explorer! ...

(11:38:04) MT *BRILLIANT* Xmas car park #welldonemum

(12:04:59) RT @fandrews: Official NORAD Santa Tracker -

(13:07:52) I love my @RHAAudio MA350s - I just discovered the little 'bobble' on the cord grip of the left hand earbud so I can feel which is which.

(13:30:01) I was told off by my children for considering the "Twelve Days of Christmas" was irrelevant and TOO LONG. Apparently it's about Jesus.

(16:44:19) Dear America. Please keep your guns. And Piers Morgan. (h/t @JamesCridland )

(16:49:57) A question for my fine Android twitter pals.. have you tried 'GotYa! Face trap!' Worth the £1.99 in case of theft..?

(18:40:48) We wished the crew of the #ISS a very happy Christmas as it flew over about an hour ago...

(20:03:50) The girls are watching The Snowman and the Snowdog. The score is amazing - quite ‘in your face’ in terms of dynamics, though.

(20:38:18) Festive ginger ale. From Aldi. Really tasty, actually. Ideal for doing very little.

Tweets for 23 Dec 2012


(15:14:49) Our microwave has a new and innovative way of telling us it has finished - it sets the car alarm off. #technology

(23:07:54) Why is everyone talking about Christmas Jumpers?

(23:30:13) A brief boo about my favourite Christmas song... via @audioboo

(23:43:41) Right. Better sleep - need to work tomorrow etc. Night!

Tweets for 22 Dec 2012


(11:32:09) .@Gadgetlab asked for photos of old-school cellphones.. I've found my first mobile.. Nokia THX-41 (no reception - heh!)

Tweets for 21 Dec 2012


(10:19:00) RT @audioboo: Listen carefully and you can hear them singing carols in 1902...

(10:21:20) Two things have brought tears to my eyes today.. first is Toyah's "Brave New World" played during a Smash Hits doc.. ..

(10:22:15) ..The second is this @audioboo of a family singing Christmas carols in 1902. A moment of history captured. LOVE IT!

(11:25:24) Festive juxtaposition thing via @audioboo

(21:04:33) I'm going to go to bed, in order to be maximally festive tomorrow. Cocoa, banana and no computer games. Night night.

Tweets for 20 Dec 2012


(09:44:35) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show TONIGHT! 8.30pm with @paulwheatley @sarahjaneuk @syzygy @stevenaybour @claw0101 @AlexGFox @TheSantaClaws ht ...

(09:48:02) In the office, not drinking coffee.

(11:15:18) Quote from a late arrival in the office: "Trains - they should never have been invented." @106jack

(13:39:11) Robin reliant. Bus replacement service. Are they the only two phrases that habitually get spoken out of order..?

(15:39:17) Good heavens.. all go in the quiet time between #BTCC seasons - @newshamracing has joined Speedworks and @tomonslowcole is going to HARD.

(16:39:36) RT @cluedont: If you hold a buttercup underneath someone's chin you can tell whether they have an issue with people invading their perso ...

(23:26:41) Onward, then. N'night.

Tweets for 19 Dec 2012


(07:43:53) Good morning It's weird - and a bit poignant - seeing photos on Twitter of my old workplace. Nice to think 'I used to work there', though.

(08:31:34) YES! Happy birthday to @Barwickgreen - as @JamesCridland says, one of the nicest people in radio. And the cleverest. #topchap

(08:39:13) Right. Prepare for launch (not lunch. Far too early).

(09:58:18) A little festive desk action...

(11:45:24) I think it's official - I survived my probation and now I'm a full employee (or similar). Something of a relief, to be honest.

(13:06:46) Oops, @OfficialSanta ... innocent until proven guilty! (but amusingly placed nonetheless) [repost - sorry]

(21:07:32) For information: custard should always be prepared in a glass jug thing. I know all the jargon. #HestonServices

(21:41:20) Are we all still using Instagram, then? What with the beige-ness and the Twitter not displaying pictures and the advertising? Oh I dunno.

Tweets for 18 Dec 2012


(09:44:08) RT @GreavsieE17: *Shudders at the memory* RT @grattongirl

(09:52:21) Right. I'm at work and doing the biz.

(13:56:13) RT @UKPositiveLad: Bored of Instagram messing you around? Check out @EyeEm where the photos belong to YOU. For iPhone/Android/WindowsPhone

(14:05:07) biscupid

(16:18:29) RT @EwenRankin: Are you thinking of getting into DSLR. This is FREE on Amazon - cc @AlexGFox

(17:28:57) Going home. I have the desire to do something with LEDs.

(21:04:33) RT @EmergencyPuppy: Currently conducting intense scientific research on the visible guinea pig spectrum.

(22:15:29) RT @JustLindaSTL: My kid is almost old enough for social media so we'll need to have "the talk" soon. You know, about your/you're and th ...

Tweets for 17 Dec 2012


(08:05:41) RT @johndredge:

(08:28:38) Morning. Adjectives available on request...

(10:35:42) Oh wow.. Community Channel have launched on iPlayer - how cool is that..?! @comchantv

(11:20:24) Totally wearing odd socks today.

(13:04:44) I have an urge to go on a bonkers rollercoaster.

(16:50:20) I love the word baubles.

(16:50:45) RT @sixthformpoet: When one door closes, another door opens. I need a new car.

(18:56:37) The children took exception to this... which is wholly appropriate for a card from @fridgemagnet2

(20:48:30) There are some clunky bits of 'Arrow' with the woman in the IT department. None more so than when she uses a Windows 8 tablet, though. Ouch.

(21:58:57) Right. Peppermint tea, antacids and bed. I can beat the flu*

(22:16:33) RT @claw0101: Halfbrick's entire iOS game lineup is free today only - Result.

Tweets for 16 Dec 2012


(09:30:10) Good morning. Blue skies and a day of potential. Hoovering.

(09:31:20) Tempted to do something LED-y with my raspberry pi. But I probably won't. I'm not really a software developer. But I like blinkenlighten.

(20:06:07) Baubles.

(22:49:32) An evening spent in the company of music. Some of which was very samey. I'll use what I've learned. At some point. Now, though: bed. Night!

Tweets for 15 Dec 2012


(00:01:40) Oop. Bed. I have a rather handy new toy for the studio (it'll be my pick on next week's Big show, although a bit niche). Night night

(08:59:15) Mornin'. There is SO much cool tech out there at the moment.. (h/t @dansumption)

(09:04:58) This morning I am mostly be going to be with 'other dads'. I am treating it as an opportunity for time with the children. And observation.

(09:32:14) RT @ThePoke: My favourite ever comment under a picture: (via @MrLloydSpandex)

(10:29:25) Lenni and her bunny post-ear-surgery (she accidentally pulled it off, but did a great job of repairing it!)

(11:08:01) Family bingo action!

(16:23:55) Nice textbook bit of electronics repair - normal wear and tear on the headphone socket has loosened the solder joint.

(18:41:34) RT @johncoles: Here it is, the secret project I've been working on using my @RaspberryPi. Control my Christmas Lights here: ...

Tweets for 14 Dec 2012


(08:03:15) Right. Time to inflict myself on the small parts of the world that will be putting up with me today. Onwards and tally ho.

(09:27:53) Yellow industrial train on a low bridge

(12:31:51) I'll be honest, I'm not really an Etsy sort of person.

(17:32:53) I do believe there is a weekend about to happen. BRACE BRACE BRACE.

Tweets for 13 Dec 2012


(07:48:43) RT @EwenRankin: If you find me and say hello you win a prize.

(07:51:08) Turns out the power cut we had the night before last caused the central heating to reset and turn off. My reaction? Need an alert for that..

(08:43:28) Hmm. Broken M1 this morning... still queueing to get on. ~sigh~

(08:46:48) Slow M1 southbound at junction 10 - probably an accident between 9 & 8

(12:09:24) Have I said hello yet today? Nope, probably not. Annoyingly this is my favourite time of day to make music.

(14:07:32) Right.. better eat before I fade away*

(14:20:05) RT @leica0000: Good grief!

(15:09:25) May I be the first to wish you a happy new year?

(18:23:33) Good heavens. Better go home.

(19:51:30) .@ngyt_uk Beer battered onion rings #thelittlethings #mainlyfood /cc @poots

(19:54:58) Off for a walk and a ponder and a podcast or three. Yeah.

(22:12:20) RT @rainbowtaylor: Please RT. I'm using the power of twitter to see if I can find a fellow sufferer of Tullios Phenomenon. Thank you.

(22:32:25) Right. I had better be back to 100% health tomorrow or so help me I'll not be. Good night.

(22:37:25) I had one single pondering while on my walk, incidentally. I need to make it easier to create music in my studio. It's too much of a faff.

(23:24:47) I believe Woman In Love is one of the greatest songs ever made. Absolutely stunning bit of Gibb/Streisand action. It’s late. I can say that.

Tweets for 12 Dec 2012


(10:42:19) Happy arbitrary date day!

(10:43:38) Drivers: deter car thieves by perpetually coating your vehicle with a thick layer of frost. Even in the summer /cc @TwopTwips

(17:29:29) Uhuh yeah scripty.

(20:45:30) Watford (earlier).

Tweets for 11 Dec 2012


(06:53:12) Good moomin. I'm taking the early shift at work this morning... gets the car scraping out of the way :)

(09:22:09) Making the world better one network cable at a time...

(15:13:48) Save changes? (Y/N)

(17:59:47) Extra bonus being home early (a benefit of starting work shortly after 8): a chance to help the children with their homework.

(18:03:55) I have an ominous feeling that I'm the only person in the world who thinks Windows 8 has really interesting, useful features. I like it.

(19:37:53) People's computers are very much like their brains.

(22:44:30) RT @quarridors: Two more days left to listen to the full Pet Shop Boys concert on Radio 2 iPlayer, complete with the Alan Turing piece! ...

Tweets for 10 Dec 2012


(07:49:40) RT @johndredge: … Episode Two of The Nothing To Do With Anything Show sees our theme tune marched straight out of t ...

(08:36:43) I'm surprised there hasn't been a recall of those huge black pickups (Mitsubish Animal etc) - none seem to have their indicators wired up.

(08:39:08) I do like the arrangement of Robbie Williams's "Candy". Which means it really shouldn't be played on Radio 1 #iamold

(10:10:43) And so the working week begins.. with bonus email catch-up required from Friday. Days off don't really count, do they..?

(14:12:27) RT @johndredge: @jonholmes1 Managed to make Chortle’s Comedy Podcast of the Week,hope u might listen in!

(14:23:50) Interesting tip for Windows users - eating toasted muffins with honey on automatically activates sticky keys.

(19:24:27) Inconvenient things, petrol stations.

(21:40:08) RT @AvoidComments: Here's your daily reminder to simply not read the comments.

(21:48:56) I do believe it is heading towards an old-school bedtime. I shall bid you good night & try to be up by about 6.15am. Heh. Some hope. Night!

Tweets for 09 Dec 2012


(22:09:11) All home and home after a lovely day with @chepbourne, and a visit to @TUID and @Mr_DW_Brighton and their little'un :) Splendid seasidings!

(22:58:54) And so, the day comes to an end. Something something something somethingend. Night night.

Tweets for 08 Dec 2012


(10:31:05) Lenni, preparing for her performance with the Saturday Morning Music School. Kick-off in just half an hour's

(10:42:19) Collective noun for recorders: 'surfeit'; unique in that it also applies to the singular.

(10:53:49) Chris and I are: Teh Audiences.

(10:59:04) The descant of man.

(11:48:55) A quartet of junior male doctors issuing stage instructions truly show what it is to be British. Four man orderly cue. #aporopunofnothing

(14:45:24) I still find internet banking both frightening and exhilarating.

(14:51:22) Part of me wants to make music. Part of me just wants to doze. The sleepy part of me is winning.

(19:15:27) Mmm rewrite rules and Malibu.

(19:27:12) I was introduced to the idea of 'car darts' by @nxmee earlier. He will not be allowed NEAR our cars while he still knows about that.

Tweets for 07 Dec 2012


(08:03:54) RT @_windrider: Evil genius.

(08:07:18) Good morning. It is altogether too early for stationery browsing.

(08:25:47) That's quite enough, thank you #sleet #Luton

(08:26:50) RT @deargeek: The end of free Google Apps -

(09:50:45) Onwards.

(12:22:29) Sunshine hurrah. I have been out the front and out the back. Now: toastie (not pictured on Instagram)

(13:09:07) Putting some proper trousers on and making a list (not checking it twice. Who do you think I am? For heaven's sake...)

(15:32:11) RT @GHOGIT: @syzygy When you say 'out the front & out the back' is that why you've put proper trousers on?

(15:34:23) Here's some school run shenanigans: wait for your offspring on a bit of pavement just behind where an ignorantly parked car needs to go. Ha.

(21:40:55) The BluRay player and Wii are both carrying out software updates. This is the sort of thing I get up to when Beth's out of the house. HA.

(22:31:44) Hm. Moving my mouse to the right hand scrollbar on Windows 8 sometimes makes the odd pop out, well, pop out. Quite annoying.. #feature

Tweets for 06 Dec 2012


(10:53:21) There is disproportionate excitement in the office about a Star Bar.

(13:52:12) I struggle with temptation every time I walk past this button... #urges #twitter

(13:52:24) Instagram: I struggle with temptation every time I walk past this button... #urges #twitter

(14:15:08) To tell you the truth, I just don't know.

(15:22:30) I am considering changing my daughter's surname to "Password" just to scupper any chance of my grandchildren ever getting a bank account.

(16:01:34) Decisions...

(23:37:19) Ahh :) @bedspolice done a Christmas song… (via @Audioboo) Bless ‘em!

Tweets for 05 Dec 2012


(08:02:22) Good morning. Listening out for school closures. Bring a snow shovel. Actually, don't bother. Bring a fan heater.

(14:29:34) Stopshower.

(14:32:09) I think I might want another coffee... and a wagon wheel #stickykeys

(19:48:35) Ahh home yes. Despite the M1 (again)

Tweets for 04 Dec 2012


(08:10:50) RT @andycomfort: Has anyone had a card through the door from PDS (Parcel Delivery Service) with an 090.. number to ring? It's a scam. Pl ...

(08:15:55) Good morning. These made chuckle and wish I had thought of the idea.. love it! (h/t @poots)

(08:46:45) Ed Sheeran's Week.

(08:46:57) Best be orf

(13:11:57) I'm thirsty like a wolf. That's been eating salt & vinegar crisps (I haven't)

(13:37:29) Is it wrong to want to get @poots a fire extinguisher for Christmas?

(13:38:25) RT @impymcwimpy: 10 most commonly misunderstood words in the british language

(14:33:47) Dismantling a Wagon Wheel. For science*

(14:42:21) RT @pearcen: @syzygy

(15:15:25) My friend @Smartie999 is planning her life.. Has anyone ever been in person, to the Birmingham Indian visa office? Was there a long wait? :)

(15:26:06) RT @jamesstodd: 30 second time-lapse of airplanes landing at san diego airport

(19:32:03) I wish I could remember who keeps thinking I'm called Matthew.

(19:36:22) RT @poots: @syzygy Someone thinks you're called Matthew? I know Chris' ICT teacher thinks he is called Matthew, are you being Chris?

(19:36:30) Apparently it's not me, it's my son.

Tweets for 03 Dec 2012


(11:52:52) Oh M1. #broken

(15:20:24) Ahh brilliantings - that @johndredge has another bunch of hilarious podcasts on the way.. yah! #comedy #podcast #lamps

(22:35:53) Apparently there’s a game called ‘Letterpress’ for iOS… I’m finding my feet - if you fancy a game, I’m ‘jamelopoeia’ - kick my hindquarters.

(22:50:52) Congratulations to @lucieshuker and @gavinshuker on their forthcoming baby poppage :)

Tweets for 02 Dec 2012


(00:17:28) Orchestral manoeuvres in the dark. Night night.

(16:38:35) It's not a Sunday afternoon's DIY if it doesn't involve a hammer. Unless it involves a trip to the Tidy Tip.

(17:01:09) RT @johndredge: silly podcast series two episode one tomorrow...

(23:08:37) RT @DJPandapops: Jus found this please rtwt @LutonatLarge @jennaradio @RylanClark @UnionJworld #missing

(23:10:46) *enormous yawn* time to go to bed, and watch the weekend dissolve into the ephemeral haze that it often ends up being. N'night then.

Tweets for 30 Nov 2012


(08:06:10) Good morning. All go, innit?

(13:02:04) RT @johndredge: Second series of silly podcast series, ‘The Nothing to Do With Anything Show’ starts on Monday. Tune in and hear many st ...

(13:43:38) I keep charging my colleagues 50p for useful information I give them. THEY. NEVER. PAY.

(14:40:36) Happy birthday, @govindajeggy! (Thanks for the heads up, @OmarRaza ;)

(15:57:44) I don't think @superalora has ever wished a month away as much as November.. she wants to get that first Advent Calendar door open :D

(21:08:36) That fey posh comedian who looks like he's twelve with the big stupid hair hasn't got big hair on #HIGNFY. Not his script, either. Well.

(21:10:54) I am asking @poots who they're talkiing about on #HIGNFY. I am only half-watching it, I am really tired and have no idea about Teh News.

(21:12:32) Boris Johnson was made for the the internet. That is all.

(21:40:00) I have nearly had enough of John Bishop's voice. Better go to bed. Good night. See you when I wake up.. Wednesday?

(22:14:38) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is posted with @Syzygy @sarahjaneuk @ErikLanigan @TIOABOA @EwenRankin - Pls RT & VOTE!

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