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Tweets for 29 Nov 2012


(11:14:32) Heading to the office; getting a lift with @davewitchalls while on a conference call. Non-stop fun/action. Literally. Since 9am yesterday :D

(16:26:58) I popped out at lunchtime without my in-ear headphones on. Basically, it's just traffic noise out there. #urban

(21:52:26) I think bed is a VERY good idea. I'll see you on the other side of a darn good night's sleep! N'night :)

Tweets for 28 Nov 2012


(07:20:16) Launching in 5... 4... 3...zzzz

(15:46:27) It appears that @PerryGascoine is printing out all of his emails that have "Please think before printing this email" at the bottom.

(18:47:13) I'm fairly sure @fridgemagnet2 will be pleased that even Royal Mail are apologising for the Birthday Packet he sent.

(20:26:02) Big thanks to @perrygascoine for the tech support earlier - got it working, thank you!

Tweets for 27 Nov 2012


(07:43:44) Good morning. Another day of pressing buttons ahead. May it be brung on. Gently, though.

(20:17:17) Paloma Faith ~dies happy knowing that she is in the world*~

(22:43:22) Onwards. Onwards to eternity and that. Or at least a fair to middling night's sleep. Night!

Tweets for 26 Nov 2012


(08:59:03) Good morning. Must remember to pack myself a lunch before attempting to hurtle on the M1 (which is borked according to @PerryGascoine!)

(15:15:58) When all is despair, and you're feeling so down, take heart in the fact that you're not @ChrisBrown .

(18:26:02) Time for homewarding. With you as soon as the M1 will let me, darling @poots!

(20:34:00) Me: "I'm going to check my internet banking." @poots: (incredulously) "On Windows 8?!" #technology

(22:09:23) I chuckled at this wonderful moment in the first #WTCC race at Macau. 1 min 33.. surely they knew this might happen?

(23:22:23) Today, apparently, @superalora asked “Why can’t Daddy get a job where he is paid to play Minecraft with me all day?” Oh I wish :D …

(23:44:21) Now: sleepings. Night :)

Tweets for 25 Nov 2012


(13:52:47) I can tweet at the same time. Go me #partialbeardmalfunction

(13:53:42) Clearly I cannot shave and tweet at the same time #partialtweetmalfunction

(18:06:29) Tools down.. (sort of!)

Tweets for 24 Nov 2012


(09:04:20) Good morning. Mainly trying to make myself useful today... bit of a first.

(09:06:21) Happy birthday, @drgonzolives :)

(09:58:24) Super 12 - the loudest electronic game in the world (caution: loud) via @audioboo

(09:58:32) RT @nxmee: The first nxmeeboo via @audioboo

(13:50:01) Come on, then.. whose idea was it to put a 'pause' button on a washing machine? It's not like you can play musical chairs with it. #baffled

(18:07:18) It annoys me when I set something up on my Linux box and then can't remember how I did it, and then I want to change it and I can't #idiot

(20:36:24) I think I've had altogether too much screen time today. Popping off unless I have something useful to say. N'night! :)

(20:58:12) Question for lovely Lutonian people: are there any second hand record shop in #Luton? I want a second hand record. Or CD. Or both. Or some.

(21:03:45) FOUND IT! Vinyl Revelations #Luton - thanks @poots #sounditout

Tweets for 23 Nov 2012


(00:05:53) Ready for the long haul (coffee not pictured)

(02:11:58) RT @_windrider: Dalek Relaxation for humans:

(06:25:06) I admire @miz_shake68 - who plays #WordsWithFriends before tweeting for the day ;)

(06:33:10) Roboteers... cease! Back in a bit.

(07:51:23) Going into stasis.

(17:34:12) Get with the programme, old-timer... #wordswithfriends

(19:09:00) In celebration of the approaching weekend, the children have taken to pinging Rebecca Black along a road in a Flash web game. #Friday

(19:38:36) I am SO going to toast some muffins in a minute.

(19:43:11) And I quote: "Those potatoes are FAR too patronising."

(21:09:57) Fluff!

(21:17:49) Watching another documentary on #BBC4 - this time about 7" singles. I am SO the target audience for this.

(22:04:51) 'Single mix' or 'album mix' ..? The former every time.

(22:06:23) There may well be a generation of children on the way who never own a physical copy of a piece of music they love. That is weird to me.

(22:23:33) Ahh the Channel 4 Constant Cutaway. I say that like it's a good thing. It is entirely not. Can they not hold a shot for more than 3 seconds?

Tweets for 22 Nov 2012


(12:50:00) Happy Thursday. I think it's Thursday, anyway. I have an A3 Gantt chart. Quite nice.

(12:50:47) Branding.

(12:55:24) Precision. Precision branding.

(13:03:37) Happy Thanksgiving to my American follower :) I am almost always thankful. Gratitude is cool (like a hat).

(21:47:37) Diiiiisco nap.

Tweets for 21 Nov 2012


(07:45:37) Happy birthday @RobJD - I wish you a brilliant day!

(07:46:10) Happy birthday, @pauldmorgan :)

(08:02:51) .@Matildamouse And a very happy birthday to you! I hope you have some smashing treats today! Hugs from us all xxx

(08:10:05) I don't care if it doesn't go, I am totally wearing my new hoodie to work #glees

(09:38:11) Sweet parking ticket

(14:32:33) I am all tired out already. It was scampi and work dreams.

(15:18:31) Looking for the Print Room.

(17:15:38) RT @olivia_solon: This RT @WiredUK: BBC is so wrong to kill The Naked Scientists argues @natelanxon #savethenakeds ...

(17:23:08) Every now and then I start up Internet Explorer, which is still set to the MSN home page, showing irrelevant showbiz stories. Must sort it.

(19:27:17) Woo! Thanks, @RobertoAustini and @WixRacingUK - this pic and a posh pen.. arrived today; perfect birthday presents!

(19:28:30) HURRAH. HOME. And no work for 90 minutes :D

(20:21:16) Going for a shower, and then I am going to work in my pyjamas. #notaeuphemism

(21:43:38) This made me chuckle: (Thanks, @fiverscarrot :)

(21:56:24) RT @Beckyyyy123: Here's a picture of a happy microwave, have a good evening

(22:19:37) RT @matt: Great work from @DeanJWhitehouse on the @funkids site - when it loads it turns black and white, you paint back colour! http:// ...

(23:52:35) B.V.S.M.P. Heh. Night!

Tweets for 20 Nov 2012


(08:00:31) Good morning. We are playing word plants with Lenni. Not word pants.

(08:01:39) RT @govindajeggy: When you get to the bottom of your professional career it's called "reaching your Nadine"

(17:45:04) Better get myself home for a bit.

(20:31:37) RT @claw0101: The latest Here 'N' There is up. What does @MissyMWAC do with her giblets? Find out on this weeks show.

(20:32:04) RT @jamierubicin: Australia had it so right. A male and female Bishop.

(20:38:22) I have found myself reading Jeremy Clarkson's tweets. Time to move AWAY from the Twitter. #betterthingstodo #althoughheisquiteamusing

(20:38:51) RT @MandyPandy32: The map of Twitter (ht @davidschneider and @chigwiri)

(20:40:08) Oh and I have just voted FOR female 'me's. How progressive is that? #myowndemographic

Tweets for 19 Nov 2012


(07:18:09) Good morning. Another night of weird dreams.. can't quite remember them, though. Let's see what we can do with this Monday, then. Origami.

(09:16:57) I love this - by @TOther_Simon - Mantrap! via @Audioboo

(09:40:03) RT @TomMeeten: Spoiler Alert! #spoileralert

(11:31:52) RT @mostlygeordie: You think you've got problems

(13:21:37) There's no "I" in salad. (that's an 'i', not a lower case 'L'. Obviously).

(21:28:06) Just caught a small snippet about #chiptunes on #bbcradio1- nice that 20 year old technology can still be cool. For the kids yeah (etc).

(21:41:56) RT @TiernanDouieb: Instructions on my ready meal said 'remove sleeve & film lid'. The food is still cold, so is my arm & I now h ...

(21:45:13) This keeps blimmin' well happening in #wordswithfriends - I get a seven letter word, but nowhere to put it. Sort of.

(21:56:51) RT @Twips2: TURN your office into a kids' party by ignoring your boss's instructions unless he starts them with "Simon says ..." (via @e ...

(22:10:27) Right. I will now attempt to be in bed by ten thirty. Mainly by resisting any temptation to tinker in the studio. Ready go. N'night :)

(22:11:27) PS Went to @nxmee's parents' evening earlier. Main things taken away: his science is boring, and his art teacher is very good value.

Tweets for 18 Nov 2012


(09:48:22) An amusing discussion with the boy this morning about creative self expression and why instagramming the kitchen table isn't so appreciated.

(09:49:26) I keep getting 'spam' tweets saying "I can get you 4000 followes in 24 hrs." I say: I bet they aren't nearly as good as the ones I have now.

(09:53:16) Good morning. And you can take that to the bank (although it's shut).

(14:51:43) Just back from a very pleasant welcoming meal for @LutonRev and his family. Now: swimming in the autumn sunshine. Sort of. Indoor version.

(21:52:39) RT @mostlygeordie: If you prefer Twitter over Real Life please DO NOT RT this tweet. I'm trying to show my sister that most tweets get c ...

(23:58:25) Another night another something s'something something. Nope. It's gone. Beddingtons. Night! :)

Tweets for 17 Nov 2012


(09:26:01) RT @stuartthomas: In case you missed last night - the new Doctor Who trailer which confirms his new companion is called Clara.. http://t ...

(10:47:00) Good morning. I had a thought yesterday: Advice for life: Live, but don't get sucked in. Can't decide whether that just works for me..

(10:48:02) In other news, I've faffed about quite substantially so far today, mainly looking for an errant DVI to VGA adaptor. Ordered one off Azanom.

(10:55:57) Last night I dreamt about being on remand. Weird. I didn't like it. Therefore I shall continue to be quite quite legal.

(12:50:20) Yeah, thanks for that, Microsoft...

(15:04:16) Free cow!

(15:53:21) Twice today I've seen the word "Chirality" in our house. I have a cool family. Also, every day I have heard the word "Fancy." #statistics

(15:55:12) Also today, @vihartvihart has introduced @SuperAlora to the concept of Flexahexamexicanfoodcravings.

(21:24:08) Watching the behind the scenes of Trollied series 2. Interesting to see what goes on.. but it's not the first sitcom set in a supermarket.

(21:42:22) I would love for the song I'm currently working on in @Jamfolder to be pressed to vinyl. One day. One, affluent, day. When it's finished.

(22:17:36) Out progeny have engineered some rather patriotic feeding tubs for the guinea pig. She is entirely oblivious

(23:25:08) Vinyl Indulgence - beginning and end of Side A from where I was sittting... via @audioboo #sounditout

(23:52:05) May your dreams be joyful and interesting. Just a couple more tunes from me before I sleep. Night night.

Tweets for 16 Nov 2012


(00:06:50) More mixing and noise done this evening. Progress, albeit slow. Need to add some sparkle (does that sound too 'showbiz'?) G'night.

(07:48:33) RT @johndredge: Coming soon...

(09:38:28) RT @Loadofoldshit: Dunno why people moan about paying to use the bogs up Victoria station - 20p ain't bad for 8 bog rolls and 6 bars of ...

(10:04:34) RT @drewb: A 20-min presentation on "Precisely why the Daily Mail is irredeemable shit" via @BoingBoing

(10:42:49) vub vub vub. German dubstep.

(11:29:17) Via @webziggy Lossless codec 'Pono': Musician Neil Young launches challenge to MP3s - pointless with current mastering.

(13:57:09) Let's see.. @106jack: .. local, relevant; @thisisheart: .. facile nonsense. #saysitall

(15:03:16) RT @EwenRankin: THe Mac SHow is LIVE in 30 with @BritishMac @AlexGFox @Verso @KyleSwager @drhappymac @EwenRankin

(15:03:44) Good to have you back, @BritishMac ! And what a fine panel.. @AlexGFox @verso @kyleswager @drhappymac @EwenRankin

(16:38:11) Another wonderful preview of An Abandoned Canal by @BaldExplorer … - looking forward to it! :)

(19:00:19) I arrived home to discover my daughter had been on stage at the Globe Theatre today, delivering lines of Shakespeare. #prettycool

(19:43:26) Improper bo.

(20:00:10) Season of mists and yellow bonfirenees via @audioboo

(21:46:36) RT @inkyhands: Everybody join the the chorus ....

(21:48:06) What I have learned from science programmes: If you don’t have spooky background music, science is impossible to explain. And doesn’t work.

(22:28:50) Watching Russell Howard doing shouting. Then bed. I did do a bit of reading, though. I may well take Bill Bryson upstairs. Night night.

Tweets for 15 Nov 2012


Tweets for 14 Nov 2012


Tweets for 13 Nov 2012


(07:58:59) Good morning. Anybody put that fire out yet?

(11:18:33) I absolutely LOVE this video of Toyota Aygo football - I've got one of these. Just like #BTCC superstars driving them!

(11:19:51) (Quite amusing to see Ben Collins not dressed up at the Stig for that previous video, along with @mattnealracing & a young TomChilton_ )

(11:31:14) Congratulations to @SparkyAnnC for being one of this year's @RadioAcademy #30u30 -

(13:16:14) Wow. There are more Saisho personal stereos on sale at eBay than I had expected.. #cassettesarecoolagain #not

(13:35:33) When sending an email update about the air conditioning being broken, it may be worth reconsidering (mis)using the phrase "bare with us" ...

(18:00:15) When the air conditioning goes off in here, it reminds me of that bit in Total Recall when nobody can breathe. Also that I need to go home.

(21:57:40) Spencer Compton, Henry Pelham, William Cavendish, John Stuart, Augustus FitzRoy, Charles Watson-Wentworth, Henry Addington. Prime Ministers.

(22:31:18) N'night. Upearly.

Tweets for 12 Nov 2012


(09:14:47) An epic coloured car (despite being a Ford) brightened up a woeful M1 this morning

(12:07:30) Note to self: cheapest place to get the Windows 8 upgrade is a direct download from Microsoft's own site..

(12:49:18) I like to see numbers scrolling up my screen. Has to be up. Down just makes me uncomfortable.

(13:26:24) I'm waiting until Call Of Duty: A Good Sit Down comes out.

(15:40:23) Someone really needs to put that fire out.

(18:23:13) Naughty and inconvenient fire just off the M1 (apparently for gawping at)

(18:43:38) Off to watch a new vicar get installed this evening. The best bit? When we discover he's the 64bit version & he needs to be rebooted. Twice.

(19:25:55) More free wifi in church! #sermonbackchannel

(19:27:00) What does one have to do to become a visiting dignitary?

(21:01:09) The bishop sounds like Robert Webb & has his own personal stick carrying lady. If I had known bishops get one of them I'd have tried harder.

(22:17:19) Installation complete. Drive home in a bonkers car. Buzzcocks then bed. G'night.

(22:43:56) Right. Definitely gone. Night!

Tweets for 11 Nov 2012


(12:24:55) Cool.. @nxmee is in his bedroom listening to Pendulum on his iPod dock. That's my boy.

(15:42:31) There is car washing going on. Kinda damp.

(16:28:25) To the victor, the spoils. Or the remainder of the beer that didn't end up on the floor when I knocked over

(21:11:30) Popping upstairs after an entertaining chat with @fridgemagnet2 to find small child had put a football at the top of the stairs. #seemeoff

(21:46:10) Gritty drama.

Tweets for 10 Nov 2012


(00:11:16) I have just got to the bit about the woman who swallowed a toothbrush in the @106jack podcast. @hubbardcj cracked first. @julietmayne win!

(00:12:24) 0 moments till sleep time. Night.

(09:58:53) Right. To my ready room to prepare for an away mission.

(13:34:07) Away mission a success. Captain Kirk got all the snogs, though. Never fair.

(13:53:41) If I get called up by one of those "Injury At Work" salespeople, I will confirm that my whole life is one massive frolic of my own. Frolic.

(14:09:18) Explaining the prefix 'sub' to Lenni. Me: "Can you think of any others?" Lenni: "Subconscious!" "Yes! Any more?" Lenni: "Er.. Subastian?"

(17:41:33) All warm after a good hoover.

(20:14:25) Dear twitter pal, do you own a fabulous 'bean to cup' coffee machine? Did it cost less than £1000? Is it brilliant? If so, please tell me!

Tweets for 09 Nov 2012


(07:26:36) Good morning. Saturday #FF

(07:56:39) I'm getting a bit fed up with always telling my mummy before I go off somewhere.

(15:27:37) RT @olivia_solon: Time for some more of The Useless Web (click at your peril)

(20:24:55) Oh wow. There's a version of RISC OS for the Raspberry Pi. And they've got an Archimedes Emulator for it. Such fun!

(22:04:16) Sorted the micro USB charging socket of my Galaxy S - needed cleaning out with a pin.. works now *phew* (note: take the battery out first!)

(23:53:35) Successfully freed up a network connection by configuring my @Raspberry_Pi to work on wi-fi (under RaspBMC) Thanks to @Fridgemagnet2 :)

Tweets for 08 Nov 2012


(00:11:16) Horizontal and shutting down.

(10:34:16) With my birthday coming up soon, I only ask for one thing for it to be perfect. That I do NOT get given this: Arghh!

(16:22:17) Showbiz news. Showbiz. News. 500 internal server error.

(17:19:47) I do believe I am done for the day. Time to head homeward...

(19:01:13) On average, a bit tired.

(20:24:30) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is LIVE with @ErikLanigan @syzygy @sarahjaneuk @AreYouGettingIt - - Come on, we're wai ...

(21:55:30) Always a bit strange turning off the studio lights after the @BritishTech BIG show. Somewhat subdued after all the fun.

Tweets for 07 Nov 2012


(07:37:37) I've said it before and I'll say it again: nice one, Barry.

(07:39:58) Nearly time to brave the garden. That compost bin won't fill itself... brrrr though.

(08:01:04) Just found this gem of a programme - another splendid bit of #radio4, but I make

(12:27:04) Lunchiousness.

(16:53:48) Bye bye Clive Dunn. You were old even when I was little, but a mainstay of my comedy life. Splendid, splendid man. Never yet met you.

(18:18:14) Eventual Wickes discovery.

(20:20:53) Watching a retro episode of Buzzcocks, with Frankie Boyle and Greg Davies on it. Perfect comedy nonsense.

(21:58:19) I really need to apply myself.

(23:52:08) jamelopoeia - bass and mandolin jam

(23:55:48) Right. I have a blister on my left index finger, so I am going to bed now. Night night.

Tweets for 06 Nov 2012


(09:39:15) Good morning. Must go to B&Q later and get myself a MASSIVE lightsabre.

(09:43:07) My wife used to have Betty Davies eyes. Sort of.

(12:44:26) RT @BaldExplorer: The #BaldExplorer is on Tv again today on the wonderful @ComChanTV - don't forget to check it out and tell your frien ...

(19:57:26) I forgot to go to Wickes. I forgot to buy a Twix. A long, white glowy one. Sorry @poots

(21:54:21) Watching the Dara o'Briain science thing. The audio is compressed horribly and the content garbled. Quite challenging to watch. And hear.

(22:31:18) Ditching the science in favour of bed. It works for me.. night night!

(22:34:40) I just found myself cheering the epigenome. I SO live with a biologist. Night night

Tweets for 05 Nov 2012


(07:36:24) Good morning. The usual First Day Back After A Holiday shenanigans - looking for stuff that needs taking back to school...

(08:28:25) That splendid moment when I am just about to leave the house but I need to find my phone first. Which is on silent #typical

(13:48:27) Feeling a bit wibbly wobbly this lunchtime. I shall press on with soup and salad eating nonetheless.

(17:32:47) Right. I am going home and will learn Japanese on the way.

(18:35:42) The home fires are burning. Strictly speaking we don't have a fireplace, but there's a hob on...

(19:15:42) I do not believe there's an actual upper limit to how many beer battered onion rings I can eat. I've made a mental note to find out one day.

(21:47:05) Listening to a fascinating interview with Vernon Hopkins - of 60s band The Senators - on the @PaulEdwards_ podcast... a great story.

(22:57:32) You know when you start a file copy and it's bed time and there's still 45 minutes to go? That. Oops. Good night, my internet Krone tool.

Tweets for 04 Nov 2012


(09:22:26) A subdued Sunday morning here at Geri Halliwell Towers. Damp and drab outside, but warm and family-y indoors. Happy Sunday.

(09:25:17) I love the smell of toast in the morning.

(09:26:54) Right. Onwards. Or we'll be late.

(18:16:05) Quite high up for a Sunday evening...

(20:56:51) Right.. heading for the studio armed only with a pen and paper. Or similar writing equipment.

Tweets for 03 Nov 2012


(08:04:07) The news reader on @BBC3CR needs to blow her nose. Oh, and good morning.

(08:05:54) Kris Akabusi? At this time of morning? Lordy.

(08:07:45) While I'm wittering on about radio, dear @106jack please please please please upgrade your internet stream so it's stereo #firstworldproblem

(08:14:25) Yes. I do have a bit of a downer on radio at the moment. I believe that a platform with such universal reach is being squandered. Go figure.

(17:56:39) There is something of a charm to a carousel at night - especially when lit @ Chessington World of Adventures

(20:43:47) Home after an epic family day out - not many more of them this year, I think, especially under autumn blue skies. Exhausted now, though...

(22:24:06) Two things before bed. Brilliant in-car invention- the little shoulder on the inside of the door that I can put my elbow on while driving.

(22:27:57) Thing number 2: I wonder when the thing where two forefingers and thumbs are put together to make a heart shape was invented. Seems recent.

(23:09:25) Right. Bed, without a moment more pause. Night night. I need to write.

Tweets for 02 Nov 2012


(08:21:31) T'was on a Friday morning, the @virginmedia man was due; between 8am & 1pm, what will I find to do..? (Tidying & Workings from home mainly)

(08:22:09) This week has flown by.. doesn't seem any time since last Saturday!

(10:14:54) ASHLEY IS APPROACHING. It sounds all the more threatening when written in capitals. But he's the @VirginMedia man yeah.

(11:41:39) The @virginmedia men have gone. It was broken and then it started working (although we still only have 10Mb/s.. we'll get that sorted)

(13:44:45) Oops. I appear to have scuppered my website. My own silly fault for not having thought about it before leaving the house. Heh.

(17:32:04) I do believe the weekend is about to commence. Well done if you've made it this far. Tally ho! :)

(18:46:39) Home sweet home. And sweets. Well, strictly speaking, fish.

(19:30:06) There’s a BMW parked opposite our house. Likelihood of it being CID is directly proportional to the number of detective dramas I’ve seen.

(20:36:18) In the past couple of days I have seen TWO articulated lorries with 'COMET' written on the side... getting rid of the kit..?

(21:25:03) I cannot believe they went for the classic Del Boy moment on Trollied. Brilliant.

(21:58:56) I wish you a splendid weekend (to the tune of another song) night night night night night niiiight.

Tweets for 01 Nov 2012


(07:37:20) Morning. I have a feeling there is something I have forgotten...

(10:52:14) Statistics associated with sayings 1: "This will be great if it works" - Percentage chance of it working: 19% #madeupstatistics

(16:58:30) *applauds @Prodnose*

(17:00:37) I wasn't a regular listener to #DannyBaker - and certainly not @BBCLondon, because it's woeful. But they have been foolish to lose him.

(17:13:06) Oh dear.. broken #M1 this evening. @poots ... hopefully home before half six. What better means of communication than Twitter..?

(20:17:20) RT @BritishTech: The BIG Show is broadcasting with @ErikLanigan @sarahjaneuk @syzygy and @joedemax

(23:22:00) A toast: to sleep. Minty spits. Night night.

Tweets for 31 Oct 2012


(10:34:27) Someone has brought in some amazing looking and delicious Chinese snack products :) :)

(10:38:48) A thing I have learned today: - China has a QS code for Quality and Safety in foodstuffs.

(11:04:54) RT @OmarRaza: Calling all @FagsMagsandBags fans! The final episode of Series 5 is on at 11:30am today on BBC Radio 4! Get your, this thi ...

(11:15:40) RT @govindajeggy: Don't wish to worry anyone, but in today's @FagsMagsandBags (on Radio 4 in 20 mins) Ramesh has to jump over a bacon shark

(11:31:28) Finally catching up with @ShiftRunStop research.. Barratts does, indeed, exist - UK-based - they make Refreshers! :)

(14:22:36) Who is the best lord? That's today's HOT TOPIC.

(14:31:59) RT @CharlotteGore: Ethiopian kids given tablet computers. In 6 months they teach themselves English then hack Android.

(16:16:32) RT @AA_Members: @syzygy Glad #TheAA were able to help James. @PlainTalkingHR That's great to hear you have us to call. We think they are ...

(18:40:07) The amount of time I spend at this petrol station, it's not a loyalty card I'm expecting, it's more likely a share of their council tax bill

(19:09:12) I hardly ran over any trick or treaters on the way home.

(20:40:09) Is that James Bond film buying up airtime in TV programmes..? They keep playing the trailer.

(22:46:26) Silly #Octaver Music Quiz Thing via @audioboo #octaver

(23:02:10) May I bestow adequate repose to you, dear sesquipedalian twitter. G'night.

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