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Tweets for 30 Oct 2012


(09:51:22) RT @moongirl01: Currently listening to: BBC Radio 4 - Swansong, Synchronicity by the Police http://t.co/SQAaR8dp

(10:39:05) A really interesting - and useful - Android browser comparison article by @itpro: http://t.co/hXR7XbIQ

(11:31:49) Mmm. Wagon Wheel. (thanks, @poots!)

(11:34:38) RT @Life_Insight: Hypnosis myths busted!

(14:54:58) Dealing with tax things. Nightmare.

(15:06:06) I am absolutely gobsmacked by what I have just discovered. I now know why I never got my P45...

(15:35:54) Just got an out-of-office autoreply from my former boss suggesting people contact me for queries. I left nearly a month ago. Says it all.

(15:45:40) Calming down a bit now. Thank you for listening and for your patience. Still doing that *bemused expression* thing. Therapeutic Wagon Wheel.

(16:12:54) A Wagon Wheel is the only non-vegetarian thing I have eaten today. Apart from another Wagon Wheel (it was an emergency).

(18:43:03) A bewildering array of happenings today. Which rhymes, but that's about the only good thing.

(19:15:20) My little car was making a BAD noise. A very nice man from the AA said "drive it backwards for a bit." It stopped making a bad noise #stone

(19:46:06) I am going to have a celebrity shower.

(20:27:08) Another song that would be complete rubbish if Pino Palladino hadn't played bass on it: Lady In Red by Chris De Burgh.

(23:29:57) jamelopoeia - cemental (snippet) http://t.co/9h24Iae5

(23:35:00) That'll be Tuesday finished with then. Night night.

Tweets for 29 Oct 2012


(07:09:15) Good mornbleurgh.

(07:58:37) Right. Time to angle myself to the south and thitherto. Bon chance!

(12:15:26) I can't seem to be able to find a watch that plays "Yellow Rose of Texas" when the alarm goes off.

(17:17:31) Time to get dark and damp. Allons-y!

(18:44:06) Chris: "Lenni.. look how long this [YouTube] snake is!" Me: "Are you paying any attention to the video?" Chris: "No, not really." #numpty

(18:52:12) What the heck is Nick Coffer doing on the radio? He is rubbish, and I personally know much better presenters who have no airtime. @BBC3CR

(19:56:38) BE AWARE: #FF is also the internationally recognised hashtag for Fish Fingers.

(22:47:18) Time for bed, after an episode of Buzzcocks that is well up there with the oddest. I want my very own pet Stacey Solomon. Night night.

Tweets for 28 Oct 2012


(13:22:25) Home after a delightful wedding in the Deep South West. Thank you again to @_forky and @jopijedd for such a fun celebration. First dance?

(13:27:02) Watching the British Bake-off technical thingy. Non trivial sweetmeat preparation. Cheaper from Asda.

(13:30:57) Thank you to @junkmanuk and @Matildamouse for the delicious breakfast treat on my way home :) And the horror maze anecdotes.. brilliant!

(13:44:25) Fireworrrrrrks last night. Imagine about three quarters of the way through "Rule the World" by Take That. Th http://t.co/W1JnEjv1

(16:39:20) Back from swimming to hear the next module @poots is doing involves metals. This is all she really needs to know: http://t.co/wmCVSyXP @sm2n

(18:26:37) RT @le3ky: Go do this now "Twitter's new default=anyone can reset your password w/o any authentication. Let's all change that" http://t. ...

(21:00:19) I love that my timeline is divided between two extremes - X factor and The Code-breakers. I am watching one of these. Can you guess which?

(22:20:18) Off to bed. It is later than I think it is (or vice versa) nightly night.

Tweets for 27 Oct 2012


(13:58:59) This is @_forky and @jopijedd - they are outside being wedding photographed. @ Taunton Racecourse http://t.co/vb4V7JV9

(18:44:17) There is dancing to the Smiths going on here. #weddingreception

Tweets for 26 Oct 2012


(08:52:34) Good morning. If today was a character from Balamory, it would be Eidie McCredie. Happy thisthing.

(09:04:24) I have the Paddington Bear theme going round my head. #brainitch

(18:35:46) Listening to @superalora singing the intro to ‘Eye of the Tiger’ with the word ‘Beans’. It’a Friday night in the Hart household.

(18:43:14) If I had a cat, I would call it ‘The Cooper Temple Claws’. I won’t be getting a cat.

(19:18:02) Next week I shall be expressing surprise thus: "Mavis Cruet!"

(21:57:50) Night night the twitters.

Tweets for 25 Oct 2012


(11:37:25) For great justice.

(17:36:18) Home and catching up with #TinTopTuesday - good to hear the banter … definitely my favourite sportsmen #BTCC

(19:36:06) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is LIVE…RIGHT NOW! with @eriklanigan @sarahjaneuk @syzygy and @joedemax watch at http://t.co/GT4TmyhP

(22:44:09) Bedtime. The surface of the earth is constantly moving about. I am going to be horizontal and have a good ponder. Night!

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(06:22:12) Morning. Weird James Bond dream last night. No idea.

(08:33:29) Oops. I think I might have run out of coffee.

(10:42:27) Huzzah... managed to squeeze one more mug of coffee flavoured drink out of the remnants... recaffeination is complete.

Tweets for 08 Oct 2012


(06:44:48) Good morning. I had one of my alien invasion dreams last night. Could so easily be a movie screenplay, but ended up being quite dull.

(09:02:14) My son has just had two teeth removed and is being brilliant about it. Love you, @nxmee https://t.co/fmYVtC9d

(09:19:51) I am rather bewildered by the sheer number of people here with Nokia phones who haven't bothered to change the ringtone. Diddle oo-doo..

(11:25:03) WAR.. huh.. good God.. what is it good for? Collecting a number of java classes for distribution in one monolithic file.

(11:26:27) RT @ewanpearson: New depths in icky-wicky producty-woducty food marketing. http://t.co/GFNvwAjI

(17:49:03) Home, allowing my feet to dry off. I should have expected as much from Water Lane…

(18:14:28) It is not safe to assume that either my Dad or Father-in-Law is calling when answering the phone “Hello, International House of Pancakes.”

(18:15:21) I would add that, at this time of the evening, it normally is one or the other. Not the manager of a Harvester restaurant.

(21:20:17) It's about bedtime, I think.. I fear I'm not going to be able to wrestle much more out of today. Night night.

Tweets for 07 Oct 2012


(07:44:21) Good morning. A day of fun and frolics ahead - congratulations to @Bubble2009 and @GHOGIT on your Ruby Wedding anniversary. And #BTCC!

(08:21:46) Once again, I'm seeing tales of entertainment booking systems causing frustration by being completely unsuitable for the task. Sort it guys!

(08:24:33) Lenni's catching up on last night's Strictly... the musicianship is amazing. Shame they are imprisoned in a brightly colour lit cage. #scd

(18:17:14) RT @FOTSN: Canterbury! Are you ready for #SpokenNerd? We are at @TheGulbenkian to set science ON FIRE!

(20:35:12) Beth: "Who's that?" Me: "Example." Beth: "Who?" Me: "A rap artist. I think." #nmtb #downwiththekids

(20:38:23) Neither @poots nor I know why Wretch 32.

(21:01:38) Betimes bedingfield. Night night might x

Tweets for 06 Oct 2012


(09:18:40) Belated good mornings. Fiddling with Android apps & generally faffing, while the boy tells stories from the internet of irrational parents.

(11:49:43) Listening to @Slandi's latest @Audioboo about jazz and stuff. Reminds me of Pino Palladino - one of my favourite bass players ever...

(11:50:13) ...I was reminded of a conversation about Paul Young's "Wherever I Lay My Hat" - Pino Palladino led the track with his fretless basss.

(11:53:15) (Pino Palladino also played bass on "Music For Chameleons" by Alan Partridge. Also: HIS NAME RHYMES).

(11:55:29) What does one do when one has finished* the ironing? It may be time for a cup of tea. Or lunch or something

(14:48:44) "While you're still sleeping

Tweets for 05 Oct 2012


(06:50:43) Good morning. Nice and quiet in the house, punctuated by laughter from the children at YouTube videos. Jeff the glitchy silverfish etc.

(11:48:40) Time for the Patented Post-nuclear Pizza Pyramid

(13:07:29) RT @michlan: Mums: Do you avoid being in photos? Read this:

(17:27:04) We can put electric fondues into the recycling but not that grey eBay bag packaging stuff BOO. When will you do /4\ plastic, @LutonCouncil?

(17:43:13) Words I will never use as verbs: party; action; cheese.

Tweets for 04 Oct 2012


(06:10:38) Good morning. I feel like I have bashed my toe on something. Odd night.

(08:48:09) RT @jonohunt: LostWinds (iOS game) is free at the moment http://t.co/Ib1acodQ

(14:18:05) RT @BothersBar: Chris Lowe of The Pet Shop Boys is 53 today.

(19:28:36) Are we ~ever~ going to get our double broadband speed, @Virginmedia..? Going to have to wait till next year now... http://t.co/3F5ImvET

(21:58:06) Attempting to extricate myself from the sofa and go to bed. I bid, therefore, you a pre-emptive goodnight.

Tweets for 03 Oct 2012


(06:21:17) Whenever anyone says "Greggs" I always think (in my mind, and on occasion, out loud) "Olllllldd Greeeeeeg!" #mightyboosh

(06:25:05) RT @debsylee: RT @richardbranson: .@virgintrains #backontrack! UK Gov no longer awarding West Coast MainLine franchise to FirstGroup htt ...

(07:12:21) I hope someone in the government gets a good kicking about this West Coast Mainline debacle. Worst. Government. Ever #corrupt

(08:43:15) In today's queue on the M1 this morning (another traffic accident) I was pondering what punishment should be wrought on whoever caused it.

(08:43:49) In other news, my feet are a bit damp.

(18:04:36) RT @poots: Very pleased to get the news that the wheat at Rothamsted has been harvested. The vandals didn't win that one.

(18:06:34) Home and cooking with gas. And electricity. But not lasers (yet).

(21:37:22) Catching up on comedy on the #BBCiPlayer before bed... great!

Tweets for 02 Oct 2012


(06:37:21) RT @johndredge: My kids book 'The Silly Adventures of Twighead Larson' today Tuesday 5pm on Resonance 104.4FM x

(06:39:23) Good morning. Today requires a greater than average coffee consumption. That's greater than average for me, not @MissyMWAC :D

(08:31:52) Sometimes thinking makes me sneeze.

(08:42:41) RT @deloresaudioboo: @Audioboo are still looking for London users to attend a forum on Tuesday evening at 7.00pm. it should last approx, ...

(09:01:46) RT @audioboo: Fascinating - the story behind Gangnam Style - from BBC Newshour: http://t.co/ObZh6dwz

(11:48:57) Still a bit bewildered that a CPU I bought a year ago is still one of the best value processors.. http://t.co/LtxgUVjE - no Moore's law..?

(12:33:40) There's some cool ruins on Lundy. https://t.co/6mtYUbmO ...one day I will go to Cornwall (and thereabouts)

(13:51:46) I have come to know and love "Format Painter".

(15:11:44) RT @giagia: THIS IS AMAZING!!!! Hexaflexagons, yea, you heard me - Hexaflexagons: http://t.co/un8YYoHe

(21:50:09) Well, my attempt to tidy my studio has resulted mainly in building a new pair of MIDI cables and making even more mess. Oops.

(22:55:45) Gone. night night!

Tweets for 01 Oct 2012


(10:17:22) Happy birthday, @EdTJones. Properly and (more or less) correct, this time!

(11:17:01) RT @CliveHasTheHorn: Apple have just launched their London tube map app. See latest screenshot here!

(18:03:47) Ahh it's good to be home. There's no place like it, so I understand.

(21:40:04) Brilliant - the More Or Less podcast's record for inaccurate reporting.. http://t.co/VHQzj7YX (MP3)

(21:40:19) Right. I am all tired out after a long squawk. night night.

Tweets for 30 Sep 2012


(18:09:40) Wow..! @Asda FM are playing Howard Jones.. "Soon You'll Go." Blissful- and certainly giving @106jack a run for their money for eclecticness.

(18:39:23) Lenni, when interrupted mid-sentence (again) by her brother: *sigh* "Please save your corrections till the end."

(18:42:48) RT @BritishTech: The BIG Show is posted with @ErikLanigan @IanBurton_ @SarahJaneUK @Syzygy @AlexGFox @EwenRankin 'Bring-A-Story Party' h ...

(18:49:36) I just went upstairs and poked the children with a stick because BOTH of them forgot to brush their teeth. It's an upside of being a Dad.

(18:52:32) RT @mjyharris: Jesus has been in Tesco again http://t.co/n5XJmCHM

(19:11:08) Me, in the countryside, as taken by lovely @poots :) http://t.co/qQ1CRNzN

(22:34:20) Right.. time for bed without any delay. Any more delay. Au du lait. Night night.

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