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Tweets for 29 Sep 2012


(07:27:01) Good morning. The children are building unfeasible molecules. A good way to start a Saturday.

(08:04:09) Time, I think, to play with PC bits. I may end up with a computer again. Maybe.

(10:53:06) Bit of a stroke of luck.. found a motherboard which is compatible with my quad core CPU. Back in business (eventually).

(11:34:37) Not impressed by the refund on my Stretch Limo season ticket. This makes NO sense, and was not mentioned anywhere..

(13:23:22) Bless her.. Lenni is trying to make the molecules on @MrJamesMay's Things You Need to Know; it's wrong. 5 bond carbon?

(13:30:08) Molecules!

(16:06:09) Best. Molecule. Ever.

(16:41:11) Happy birthday, @Tactless_Blonde :) May your food be celebratory. Or celebrity.

(20:49:06) Wagon Wheels Wheelies now..? Coolio (I had one)

Tweets for 28 Sep 2012


(11:28:00) Lunchtime‽

(16:59:14) Home in record time and off to St Albans beer festival to meet up with @ucalegon shortly. A good end to my first week at a new job. YEAH.

(19:14:43) Half-pint number 1 is Millstone Tiger Rut - very light but a bit too hoppy.. I may well have had this before...

(19:23:17) Half pint 2 - Newby Wyke - White Squall. Another pale one.. much more full-bodied than the Tiger.. sweet & fruity. Pineapply. Strong 7.5/10

(19:50:03) Half-pint number 3 BlackBar Left Hand. Pale, but very flavoursome - almost to the point of the kitchen sink. Not bacon.

(20:07:28) On the advice of @goitsagch I have opted for half-pint 4: Oakham's Green Devil. So grapefruity I fear it is trying to drink me. 6%/10 :D

(20:51:33) Half-pint number 5 - Oakham Citra. They've turned the fruitiness up to an almost greengrocer level. Fun but not sessiony. 6/10

(21:03:54) Cooking with gas for the last two.. first a dark Dochter Noblesse Extraordinaire - burnt liqueur, with spices. Wow.

(21:47:28) Last half of the evening... Ongelovie Thomas - very spicy but very very strong.

(22:24:04) Heading home after an evening of #realale appreciation with the mighty @ucalegon - what a fine way to end the week :)

Tweets for 27 Sep 2012


(06:56:36) Good morning. @nxme is talking about turning milk into something harder than stone. Frightening Things A Boy Wants To Do.

(06:57:10) Today is a good day to wish @EdTJones a Happy Birthday. I would encourage it.

(07:12:50) Off to work. YEAH.

(10:03:37) I understood all of what just happened... I think I deserve a coffee and some cake.

(12:19:41) RT @annainterrupted: @bunnywoomble – turn your coffee into an owl -

(18:33:10) M1.. once again you have ruined my day :/

(20:51:26) RT @AdrianLester: Nice to read this from J.K Rowling,

(21:30:25) Off switch. Well, start - shutdown - OK. Night night (installing updates/ brushing teeth)

Tweets for 26 Sep 2012


(06:54:06) Good morning. Midweek. Not with Andrew Marr.

(10:13:54) RT @Execcer: @syzygy @106jack you heard the voice Maestro Darrow (w.Paul McGann & Jenny Agutter) in this Free series? ...

(10:22:29) Just struck a rich seam of information in the Wiki.. I love decent documentation :)

(17:20:29) M1, you are rubbish. That is all.

(19:10:58) There is an evening. There is a sofa. And there is a Lewis on the TiVo that I can't remember if I've seen yet. It's getting hard to tell :D

(21:16:53) I've got a lot of time for @markhoppus (out of off of from Blink 182) - a very well rounded individual.

(21:36:29) Bedtime? Already? Well, since it’s gone half past ten. Night night Wednesday :)

Tweets for 25 Sep 2012


(06:07:23) Good morning. In the stack for the bathroom...

(12:45:03) RT @themiltonjones: Co-op member? If so please visit and vote for @Scope to be their Charity of the Year! Please RT

(22:13:36) Daniel Beddingtons. Night night.

Tweets for 24 Sep 2012


(06:26:10) Good morning. Nice to be up at a sociable hour. Drinking coffee and listening to Johnny Ball's daughter on the radio. Packing my bag soon...

(07:45:49) Allons-y! (even)

(08:46:55) Touchdown at the new office.. 50 minutes door to door isn't bad - I reckon I can get it down to 45 (while not being a menace on the road)

(08:49:01) RT @leica0000: In case anybody thinks The Thick of It is just joking, oh look we bought a bank:

(18:57:40) Letters home from school like this leave me bewildered and a little vigilante-ish. @YPLAC

(21:05:18) Lyricists: stop using the phrase "you and I" in the objective sense. "I see you and I" = WRONG. "Something about, baby, you and I" = WRONG.

(22:15:25) Well. A little bit of a disappointing end to the evening - it would appear that I have just destroyed my studio PC. Night night, then.

Tweets for 23 Sep 2012


(07:41:49) Good morning. Sundays are a difficult day to seize.

(07:55:08) Me: (sort-of singing) "Set fiiiiiire to the rain..." Chris: "Who's Lorraine?" #oldiebutgoodie

(08:25:07) RT @amerbob: This is possibly my favourite thing on twitter EVER. Two starship captains bemoaning their cable service. Brilliant. http:/ ...

(17:20:12) I am getting those hibernal vibes. Big first day in the new office tomorrow.. slowly urging myself towards it...

(17:51:00) Oh splendid. My Linux box's clock is 35 minutes slow. Odd. #ntpfail

(18:09:30) It would appear there are.. well.. considerations to running a Linux virtual machine when it needs to synchronize time:

(21:19:13) The unleashed idiocy of social media.. people are giving someone called Andrew Mitchell a hard time because he's called 'Andrew Mitchell' :/

(21:57:49) jamelopoeia - meaningles (noodle)

(21:59:46) jamelopoeia - meaningles (noodle) via @audioboo

(22:08:56) Right. bedtime, after pyschological preparation. And teeth brushing (both can be done at once..) Night night.

Tweets for 22 Sep 2012


(07:40:09) Good morning. Today I am going to do productive and non-internetty stuff. Possibly involving housework. Enjoy your day! :)

(07:55:10) Right. I am going to engage housework brain. Expect hoover-related tweets and sneezing. #dustallergy

(09:55:53) Listening to the 'best' of @106jack's breakfast. Poor @hubbardcj and his Tina Turner earworm. My son @nxmee suggests

(13:09:07) Right. All done with housework, I think. I like the smell of clean washing, as it permeates the house. Time to make another list...

(16:52:16) Amused by @nxmee's rather modern take on 'having friends round' - he's been on a Skype call with an international pal all afternoon.

(21:26:32) Splendid.

(21:29:45) G’night then. I am really not very good at being awake at this time of night…

Tweets for 21 Sep 2012


(07:13:04) Good morning. I've got my list of Things To Do today on the back of an envelope. Going to make myself useful. #sortofunemployedforaday

(07:36:48) Bye Bye BBC on @audioboo

(08:33:57) I think there's a bug going round.

(09:25:54) I'm going for a wee and then sorting out car insurance. Like stroking a cat, it should NOT be done the other way round. Also: I'm allergic.

(09:51:31) Watching the Nick Clegg Autotune video ( ) makes me wonder how the Lib Dem's equivalent to Malcolm Tucker reacted.. :D

(09:52:48) I do worry that I paint every political story with a #thickofit brush, and try to imagine what's going on in Whitehall behind the scenes...

(09:54:48) I've just rebooted after a Windows 7 update and all the animations have gone REALLY slow... is it just me?

(10:07:59) Oh. It's fine now after another reboot. Good old Windows.

(11:29:33) Cheapest quote.. Swiftcover. Ooh.. let me have a look at the reviews.. - I think that says it all.

(13:43:16) Just popped to the local Post Office. It is at the heart of the community and has been in my life since my infancy. Long may it last.

(13:46:53) Walking to the post office, I followed a man who had mobile and home phone numbers printed on the back of his polo short. Presumably his.

(14:56:26) If I ran the Royal Mail, I would instruct the postmen and women to put the elastic bands through the letterboxes of houses with children in.

(16:20:50) Walking to the post office, I followed a man who had mobile and home phone numbers printed on the back of his polo short. Presumably his.

(16:42:08) This* calls for a toastie.

(16:43:18) Or billiards.

(18:46:54) Walking to the post office, I followed a man who had mobile and home phone numbers printed on the back of his polo short. Presumably his.

(18:51:17) Stoopid Twitter client.. sorry for the dèja-tweeted phone number polo shirt anecdote - it didn't send before :/

(22:09:46) Right. Bed. Now. (me, that is. You carry on). Night night!

Tweets for 20 Sep 2012


(04:08:49) RT @Dr_HelenMC: When you find something that no-one else in the world (or universe) knew before, you realise that being a scientist is t ...

(05:18:37) Good morning. It's Thursday - there will be doors.

(09:18:19) Standing in new BH reception, Googling the people who come to be collected.

(09:20:58) Sarah Dunant out of off of from a Point Of view is here, and The Galloping Gourmet (actually a bloke) #peoplewatchinf

(14:36:04) Well that's it.

(16:25:23) A sort of extreme retail therapy.

(16:49:12) Interview with an Assistant Manager. Box office flop, to be honest.

(21:35:43) Sleepified. A bit like petrified but more… tiredly. Night night. Another day tomorrow, and this side of the equinox.

Tweets for 19 Sep 2012


(08:54:09) "I'm sure you have seen the 'heads-up display'..." - er... no. Actually yes - it's a massive piece of paper blu-tacked to the wall. #hitech

(09:06:52) It's going to be strange not going to meetings. Good, but strange. But good.

(15:33:22) In my last meeting at the BBC. Probably the best one, too, which is heartening.

(17:37:18) Harrrr! I've been endeavouring to spell piratey words in #WordsWithFriends today.

(17:55:39) Must remember to take my noodles home tomorrow.

(18:02:21) See that red line..? I can assure you it is not a cue for the small child in this stretch limo to start whingeing.

(18:39:33) Ooh.. has enabled sync... game on with Dropbox..?

(21:04:45) Much as I'd love to stay & chat, I have a horizontal to be, so I shall bid you good night. Any advance on good night? Going.. going.. gone!

Tweets for 18 Sep 2012


(05:53:37) Good morning. Freedom is a fish cake.

(05:56:08) From yesterday - usual rogues' gallery of selfish school run parking, including this Xsara, barely on the road! @YPLAC

(06:58:23) I have golden retriever hair on my work trousers #JustSayin

(16:08:06) Good heavens. What a day. I blame George Entwistle.

(20:41:30) Heading home after my Last Supper with the team. Shame @errolin wasn't there... we would have been all together. Ahh well.

(20:53:15) Keep my fingers away from my work email.

Tweets for 17 Sep 2012


(07:21:47) Playing "Which one's woo?" with Beth. Frankly I can't even pronounce 'chiropractor' (differently from chiropodist, apparently) Good morning.

(07:52:53) Must remember to do some running about today. #couchto5k

(09:38:49) Me: inadvertently making spiders homeless since 10:36.

(10:48:22) New hobby: harassing car salesmen with rhyming names.

(13:58:08) YES..! I think @MissyMWAC will really get an idea of how cricket is played from this video: (h/t @robertpopper)

(15:51:08) Long and tedious queue at Alley Barbers... encouraging that they're doing good business, but takes a little time to get a haircut. Ahh well.

(17:14:22) I show @nxmee a really interesting TED talk about femtophotography: .. he responds with: *sigh*

(20:25:05) RT @LibbyDaniewska: Interested in sharing your story? Get in touch! #squatters #squatting #london

(21:17:45) Good heavens. It's late. Good night.

Tweets for 16 Sep 2012


(07:48:22) I've been very much enjoying @DeanAbbott's old-time radio style show called "Your Neighborhood Almanac" - - gentle fun.

(07:53:18) Good morning. Much like @poots, some strange dreams, including hearing one of my music beds used for an advert on the radio.. how..? Why..?!

(07:54:48) Having struggled to find a decent reliable twitter client for my Android phone (no Tweetbot) Beth suggested the web version. Trying it now.

(08:28:31) Twenty minutes of frustration trying to untangle Minecraft mods. It ain't for

(19:53:38) Home from a technical mission for my Dad - MP3 player woes. Think we've got it sorted. All tired out now. I'll make hot chocolate. Want any?

(20:19:10) While I remember, it appears our neighbours who live at Roger The Landlord's house have moved out. Who will be next? YOU DECIDE. (

(20:28:16) I may well call a halt to proceedings for the day and make for bed. I have a plan. It involves reading and listening to MP3s. Night night!

Tweets for 15 Sep 2012


(08:03:18) Morning. You know what I hate more than so-called 'News'..? I hate so-called 'News' stories about so-called 'News'. Nauseatingly meta.

(09:00:30) Inspired by @tioaboa, I'm going to give @Rundouble C25K a go. It has so far taken me 20 mins to find my tracky bottoms.. now: mp3 playlist!

(10:31:39) Hashtag yoga.

(11:32:59) If only it were possible to tweet smells. The aroma of sausages and bacon cooking. Divine :)

(15:10:52) It would appear @poots is steam cleaning the entire contents of the kitchen. I'm off.

(17:43:15) I won't be watching #scd until they start judging on style, control, damage and aggression.

(20:23:25) Jo Enright isn't on the telly enough. It may have something to do with her height and camera angles. But that doesn't matter. She's ace.

(20:38:45) There is some quite splendid comedy on - Trollied is shaping up to be a great second series, and Moone Boy is just hilariously written.

(21:13:52) Best analogy ever by Malcolm Tucker. #thethickofit

(22:48:51) Right.. enough amusing comedy (and New Tricks thrown in).. night night. Bis Morgen (not Miss Morgan - she was my primary school teacher).

Tweets for 14 Sep 2012


(05:30:42) Good morning. Best be off. Destiny (or one of its offspring) awaits.

(08:01:50) Do you like my smiley's hat? #:)

(09:58:34) Well that's my chances to buy tickets for #ISIHAC scuppered, then... #websitesplosion.

(16:28:34) RT @BritishTech: BIG Show tonight at 8pm with @eriklanigan @verso @AlexGFox @syzygy @tioaboa @EwenRankin Pls RT

(16:29:57) Waiting for a stretch limo #7 (or #9)

Tweets for 13 Sep 2012


(05:07:40) Good morning. Muffins.

(07:14:40) As I approached BH this morning, I followed a kerfuffle - a tall scruffy youth was bring made a fuss of. Apparently he was a Rizzle Kick.

(10:38:37) What time is it? It's meeting time. Chico was misnamed.

(17:16:10) RT @EwenRankin: The big show will be tomorrow night at 8 PM. Sorry everyone. But I’m stuck in traffic. please retweet this.

(17:20:54) Bobbins traffic on the M1. It was fine during the #limpics - more sport I say. (Foopball doesn't count)

(19:38:25) Fantastic bit of triv from @nxmee: the robots in the "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship" #DoctorWho episode were also Roboidz in #CBBC's Mission 2110

(20:47:11) Right. I do believe it's Friday tomorrow. The next Friday and, indeed, the last Friday. But a good Friday? Time for bed to prepare. G'night.

Tweets for 12 Sep 2012


(08:05:48) Good morning. Operating a little behind the curve so far today. OK. I'm late.

(12:40:01) *cries* Three words: Mandatory. Safety. Training. Basically an inteeractive video with that earnest bloke from Rogue Traders (not the biker)

(12:49:51) I am not tweeting while an interactive but earnest safety video plays on my computer.

(15:15:41) I have always assiduously avoided reading the Sun, but I am resolved to extra-not-read it now. And the Daily Mail. Horrible creations both.

(16:54:46) Bus caught, which is quite splendid. Super sleepy, though. I shall endeavour to concentrate during the podcast I'm helping out with later.

(16:55:15) Stretch limo taken. Of course. Bus schmus.

(19:02:05) I think I'm supposed to be doing a podcast but I have no idea what or where... a little help..? @sfdrummer ..?

(19:15:50) I judge how busy my life is by how many rounds of SongPop I fit in over the course of a week. So far this week: 0. Lordy.

Tweets for 11 Sep 2012


(09:07:22) Oh heavens. I shouldn't have got distracted by @gilliandonovan - this is comedy gold:

(17:30:31) There's a doin's a-transpirin'...

(19:29:58) starting to fade a little now. #threepubsin

(22:36:23) Heading home on the next available stretch limo after a fine celebration organised by @BigAlTwit - nice one! Coffee will be required.

Tweets for 10 Sep 2012


(06:01:07) Good morning. I would like to raise the point that, despite it being cooler today, it will still reach 21C. That is warm. Happy Monday :)

(06:47:22) Oooh.. @106Jack is playing Little Bird by Annie Lennox.. one to turn up!

(06:55:48) Right. Then.

(18:05:03) Darn. @LutonCouncil's recycling page doesn't say which plastic type numbers their green bins will take. But iPads? Yes!

(18:07:25) Ah.. found it.. - thanks, @LutonCouncil - shame I have to bin type 4. Useful to know about small electricals, though.

(20:31:58) All tired out now. Not in the mood for Big Band, so Radio 2 is going off. Instead I shall listen to trees and traffic.

(21:16:01) Good night. Time for sleeps. Tuesday tomorrow....

Tweets for 09 Sep 2012


(08:28:52) Good morning. Better get on... if we're late it will be my fault (as usual :D)

(10:18:08) Just popped over to Stockwood to see the fine folk of @NGYT_uk who have been running about for hours in the #RelayForLife - heroes all.

(11:14:08) I just posted on a forum. Feels weird. (Trying to find out if my raspberry pi has a memory leak :D)

(15:17:56) Our dear daughter has just seen her namesake on the telly. That doesn't happen very often.

(20:06:07) It would appear that this particular VW Beetle runs on Red Bull... @ Bexhill Town

(22:08:21) The weekend ends. And that means it cancels itself out. And the limpics, too. Normality. It's coming. But we don't need to be normal

Tweets for 08 Sep 2012


(21:12:57) Home. Lovely to spend time with @Chepbourne today :) Catching up with The Thick of It. Lovely.

Tweets for 07 Sep 2012


(06:04:54) Mantronix: yes. Nu Shooz: no. Funny how these things work. #ThisIsHeart

(06:07:45) When I do this ~tilts head~ I get a double chin. Never had one of them before. #toomanybiscuits

(06:26:18) Happy birthday to my dear Mother, @chepbourne. Having a mum on Twitter is cool (although obviously I have to watch what I say as a result!)

(06:56:51) Listening to @106jack's podcast from last week - that @BryanRutherford is great value. No disrespect to @hubbardcj (please never sing again)

(13:18:57) An apple on the cusp of disappointment.

(18:53:52) Rehearsal @ Television Centre

Tweets for 06 Sep 2012


(05:57:19) Happy birthday to the frankly wonderful @tamarakuzminski - hope today is all smiles and plenty of luxuriating x

(06:51:28) RT @cookdandbombd: Blog: The coordinated, safety-in-numbers Twitter bullying by Simon Pegg, Ricky Gervais & Noel Fielding http://t.c ...

(12:22:52) RT @Aiannucci: #thickofit. It's on 9.45pm BBC2, but also 10.45pm BBC HD. Saturday.

(14:45:06) I have declined coffee... not so much to prevent overexuberance, but to avoid the major slump later...

(20:33:45) Bedtime. And then, excitingly, it's Friday. Night night!

Tweets for 05 Sep 2012


(05:45:37) Listening to "And now an urgent SoS message" on #bbciplayer... kind of like a sinister, brief prototype of "Home Truths" #bbcradio4 #classic

(08:30:58) I like the word "ursprünglich"

(11:07:23) Tragic.. someone just let a rogue print job go - over a ream of paper with just a few characters on each page.. #cries

(17:14:59) Stupid stupid traffic on stupid stupid Hendon Way. Something should be done.

(17:28:49) Stupid stupid burst watermain at stupid stupid Brent Cross @ Brent Cross Shopping Centre

(19:15:25) I like being home. I like being in nice fresh jammies even more. That's next. YEAH.

(19:44:53) RT @BothersBar: If you want to see this PSB live stream, it’s on

(19:47:15) Gah. Missed Pet Shop Boys doing a live.

Tweets for 04 Sep 2012


(08:12:15) Good morning, then. It's Tuesday, and I am going to endeavour to stay awake.

(08:40:12) RT @headfirst_dom: RT @totmac: The Sun reporting on "The Internet" in the 90s.

(10:22:36) Strange woman standing on our drive. And then not standing on our drive. Weird.

(14:18:59) RT @guardianmusic: Pet Shop Boys – Elysium: exclusive album stream

(18:21:48) Ah the delightful fragrance of an engineer's favourite Ancient Greek goddess, Araldite.

(18:29:15) RT @emmathegardener: Aha! The Peat-Free Diet audiobook is available on iTunes!

(20:51:26) Right. Bedtime, before social adventures await (not tomorrow). Night night night.

Tweets for 03 Sep 2012


(16:07:24) Down tools. Fluffy, fluffy down tools.

(19:57:52) Settling down to read an actual book, while I listen to the remarkable Humble Music Bundle.. (thanks, @poots!)

Tweets for 02 Sep 2012


(08:26:22) Good morning. Something about Sunday.

(20:16:19) Home from the Harry Potter tour thing. If you like your Harry Potter, you may well think it's amazing. If you don't, you may be impressed.

Tweets for 01 Sep 2012


(08:59:06) Good morning. Attempting minimal technology today. I may even try reading a book. Lordy. Happy Saturday :)

(09:46:55) Right. Better get on. Dress etc.

(16:41:20) If I were asked to provide a minute of video to sum up the first decade of the 21st century, it would be this: #scurvy

(18:22:41) Good heavens.. After The Fire's version of Der Kommisar came up on SongPop as a One Hit Wonder. It wasn't a hit. It was originally by Falco.

(18:23:08) #DoctorWho tweet.

(19:06:19) Lenni: There goes the whisk #DoctorWho #genius

(20:04:12) The new series of Trollied is fantastic - supermarket sitcoms haven't been funnier since.. Tripper's Day..?

Tweets for 31 Aug 2012


(08:20:59) I am going to get a celebrity coffee. It's Friday, for heaven's sake.

(09:18:45) This collection of DNA is waiting for Cheryl Cole. To turn up in a car. And then walk past them.

(09:34:31) There is an almost continental winter feel in the shade this morning.. gorgeous :)

(09:34:42) A bit weird that it's happening in August, though...

(09:35:52) Blue skies over the horseshoe this morning. Everyone seems 8% cheerier @ BBC Broadcasting House

(13:37:11) My stressball accidentally ended up quite near @TheEggKing and now he won't give it back. I can feel an internet campaign coming on.

(17:00:41) I found White City Stadium ( #cgeo #geocaching

(17:21:43) It's all about knowing where the half-decent free coffee is (although this machine seems @ BBC Media Centre

(17:30:27) Saxophone-based racket outside White City tube station on a Friday evening on @audioboo #busker #london #meh #noise

(22:43:10) RT @BritishTech: The BIG Show is posted with @ErikLanigan @Syzygy @SarahJaneUK @AlexGFox @EwenRankin 'Man Pole Car' ...

(22:48:35) JAMYEH! Instant coach (bit of a run at the end, though).

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