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Tweets for 30 Aug 2012


(07:20:24) Good morning. Conference call. YEAH. *dies inside*

(08:57:59) RT @cindyvriend: "A handwriting font for doctors via @BoingBoing rt @feplastics @MafiaMusings

(10:33:50) I've just come out of a meeting where I was (comedically) accused of suggesting the attendees had 'special needs'. That went well, then :D

(13:09:43) Fixed it.

(19:07:33) RT @BritishTech: The BIG Show is LIVE in 30 Minutes with @ErikLanigan @sarahjaneuk @syzygy @EwenRankin Come on, don ...

(20:42:18) Great @BritishTech BIG show tonight - thank you @ewenrankin @SarahJaneUK @eriklanigan and the mighty Doctor @alexgFox! And the chatroom :)

(20:42:33) Time for bed now, though.. I have been ordered :) Nightnight night

Tweets for 29 Aug 2012


(07:15:06) Comedy electric car thing - never seen one of these before! (It's a Renault Twizy, apparently).

(07:28:17) It would appear I am incapable of coherent speech this time of the morning...

(09:06:44) RT @TwopTwips: BEFORE you close a web page make sure you scroll up to the top, so it’s in the right position for the next person.

(09:39:29) Oh dear. It looks like #wordswithfriends has completely obliterated all the games I was playing. New requests on the way... I'm cacophonyx.

(10:40:29) Shoulders! @Tactless_Claire

(12:35:53) This is why I love @osymyso - the third track is wonderful (and quite short.. just like my tunery)

(19:20:10) We're trying to work out why quite a few of the England football squad aren't in the paralympics. Probably a bit harsh.

(20:40:23) Going to bed. It's the safest place to be, under most circumstances. Nighty nighty.

Tweets for 28 Aug 2012


(06:48:08) Right. Time to head in to the office. A bit later than normal, but technology means I can actually work on the way to.. er.. work. Mornin'.

(07:07:45) Leaving the house. Now. Really.

(11:26:39) Good heavens. What a Tuesday!

(12:08:26) Thought it was CABbage time, but it's not yet. Oops.

(21:26:50) jamelopoeia - all available staff on @audioboo #music #snippet #jamelpoeia

Tweets for 27 Aug 2012


(08:46:58) Morning. Been a bit 'dealing with work calls' so far.. there are better ways of kicking off a bank holiday Monday. Hey ho. Shower time.

(22:00:43) Down tools. Bedtime. Probably not going to be up at the usual half-five tomorrow.. perhaps luxuriate to half-six.. nighty :)

(22:14:22) Nope. Not quite bedtime. Darn.

Tweets for 26 Aug 2012


(07:51:26) Good morning. Thank heavens for coffee and @106jack.

(08:16:54) Need to get showered and dressed.. banish the Weird Church Dream I had...

(11:24:21) Some unexpected delights in the first #BTCC race of the day. Looking forward to catching up with the later ones...

(13:25:32) I found National Trust South Bedfordshire: Family Trail 1 ( #cgeo #geocaching

(13:43:09) I found National Trust South Bedfordshire: Family Trail 2 ( #cgeo #geocaching

(14:10:37) I found National Trust South Bedfordshire: Family Trail 4 ( #cgeo #geocaching

(14:33:18) Impromptu jamming session in Chute Wood beyond Dunstable downs

(14:43:03) I found National Trust South Bedfordshire: Family Trail 3 ( #cgeo #geocaching

(14:59:30) Getting some vitamin D

(20:35:39) Wow.. ~all~ the comedy stops have been pulled out for "A Touch of Cloth"... from bad puns to amazing visual gags. Nice one @charltonbrooker

(22:32:25) Right. Time for bed. I think I have wreaked an appropriate amount of havoc. Night!

Tweets for 25 Aug 2012


(06:29:52) Hospital radio in a nutshell (at the Luton & Dunstable, anyway..) - undoubtedly passionate but frighteningly parochial.

(06:36:03) morning. I will get up in.. hmm.. ten minutes after this brief doze...

(08:26:17) I really shouldn't be getting my *nix on at this time of a Saturday morning. I find it relaxing, though :/

(14:52:42) "What's 'The Norman Wisdom Collection' got to do with Sims 3 for X-box?" - Lenni. She will learn the internets.

(15:49:42) Looking through my tweet archive to find out when my last phone re-install happened. Two and a half weeks.. that must be a record #borked

(19:32:06) Right. Well, that's my geekery done for the day. Quite epic, really.. gives me something to talk about on the Big show next week...

(20:31:20) Just... WOW: - cordless phone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1880 (h/t @connorwalsh)

Tweets for 24 Aug 2012


(11:24:18) RT @FagsMagsandBags: Ep5 of Fags, Mags & Bags, featuring Kevin Eldon as a Moving Alan obsessesed man of medicine, is now up on i-pla ...

(11:24:42) Bit of a moment at work.

(11:36:44) RT @leica0000: Harry photos ruined by old Spanish woman:

(11:44:40) Once again I have demonstrated that I am a genius. Unfortunately, it may well be an evil one. *maniacal laughter*

(17:35:38) Big time.

(17:43:29) For reference: Spitfire - great session beer; goes down very easy. Flying Scotsman - similar to spitfire.. bit more tangy. Lovely. #realale

(17:53:28) People I know via Twitter

(18:07:43) How to pronounce 'syzygy' (thanks @leica0000)

(19:44:10) Oh my.. "Them From that thing" (Channel 4) is absolutely amazingly made! Worth a watch. And has Kevin Eldon and Sally Phillips in. Yeah!

(20:03:36) 8 out of 10 Cats Does Countdown..? Oh my. My brain has just dissolved.

(20:07:17) I'm not sure the new version of #WordsWithFriends works properly on my Galaxy S...

Tweets for 23 Aug 2012


(09:58:03) Conference call. I have no conference pears. But that's OK. I have conference lemon & ginger tea.

(12:27:14) lunchingtons. I really should stop working. But oh the momentum (and resulting inertia)

(13:54:50) I want a USB espresso machine.

Tweets for 22 Aug 2012


(05:30:40) Morning. Wednesday, though. Meetings central. Uhoh.

(14:10:29) Y'know, when you're offered grapes and have a couple of grapes and then go away from where the grapes are but still want more grapes? That.

(16:06:15) It may just be me, but recognising some of the tunes on #SongPop is made just a little bit more challenging by being poor cover versions.

(19:15:13) Just got home from @Superalora's inaugural performance with @ngyt_uk - a fine band of players, full of enthusiasm. Well done to them all :)

(19:42:49) I love the way the bathroom smells like bacon after a fry-up. Bacon shampoo.

Tweets for 21 Aug 2012


(04:57:28) Oops. Not enough sleep. Remedied, I think, by coffee.

(07:04:51) My whole walk to the office has smelt like cigarette smoke this morning #yik #London #stinky

(09:09:53) Sister moaner meeting yeah. Nice to have a brief teabreak with @leica0000 and @Sk287 beforehand...

(12:55:54) What is is about the photo in this article that makes me say "MEDIBOT!"..?

(16:29:48) Ah wonderful. I enjoy it when the coach driver piles past a bunch of parked buses to avoid picking me up. He would claim he didn't see me.

(18:55:11) It's handy having a domain with unlimited email addresses... you can see which have been hijacked (sold?) for spam..

(19:17:58) Watching "The Function Room" - another bit of new comedy.. it's got Kevin Eldon in it.

Tweets for 20 Aug 2012


(07:12:06) Oh yeah. Good morning. Up at 7 in a mad dash to put the recycle bin out before the lorry arrived.. coffee and sniffles now. Right. Monday.

(14:14:07) Need coffee.

(15:24:39) And lo, God gave us fingers so we could raise Change Requests. Genesis 20:1 (not their finest album).

Tweets for 19 Aug 2012


(11:09:30) We're listening to DAB radio. Quite a rarity in this house...

(18:29:09) Completely worn out by weather. That's sort-of impossible, isn't it..? Not sure what to do except sleep. A glass of water (over my head?)

(19:25:56) Watching "People Do Nothing" on BBC Three.. it is really quite amusing.. it's wonderfully written.. worth catching on iPlayer

(20:12:40) Where has all the #Channel4 comedy gone..? Long time passing etc.

Tweets for 18 Aug 2012


(08:55:46) Good morning. Not sure what direction to ping myself today.. email catch-up first, I think.

(09:01:10) Interesting.. is closing - Audioboo survives another one...

(09:24:04) 30 seconds in the shade before I head home from the post box. It's hot out there. So hot you could fry an egg on it. Serve with parsley.

(10:12:40) jamelopoeia - Berlin (noodle)

(11:53:19) Right. This is perfect soldering weather (regardless of anything @Fridgemagnet2 might say). If anyone wants me.

(13:02:43) Wiring fault. Bah.

(14:01:47) RT @SimonNRicketts: Bloke sits in a coffee shop with Macbook. An old man talks to him. That old man turns out to be amazing. ...

(16:06:21) I found Bonnie - caching canines in Kidney Wood #2 ( #cgeo #geocaching

(16:13:12) Cute* green insecty thing on the side of our car (*Lenni didn't think so) @ Kidney Wood Playtrail

(16:34:08) Lenni on a rope swing at Kidney Wood!

(22:11:36) Why are there no children called Thames?

(22:13:05) jamelopoeia - rackmount (snippet)

(22:18:08) jamelopoeia - rackmount (snippet) on @audioboo #tx81z #sqr #evs1

(22:20:02) Right. bedtime. Night night night.

Tweets for 17 Aug 2012


(06:36:07) Good morning. Catching up on audio boos while I prepare for some hot breakfast action...

(07:38:33) I have that Spice Girls song that goes "Shake it to the left if you're having a good time.." stuck in my head. I am displeased.

(15:07:59) The best interviews are held in a meeting room that has heads on spikes. (it's called "Hor @ BBC Quay House

(15:43:47) The tram driver just walked all the way through the tram saying good afternoon to everybody. Very marvellous.

(16:00:50) Gonna chance it.

(17:38:46) Two trivial things: ONE: There is a nun sitting behind me. A grumpy looking old nun. I am sure she is quite brilliant, though.

(17:39:51) TWO: The 'o' key on this keyboard keeps stopping working. It makes my tweets look like they're nearly written in text speak. But not quite.

(17:40:39) THREE: Nearly at Milton Keynes.

(18:45:51) I found SideTracked - Milton Keynes Central ( #cgeo #geocaching

(18:54:02) Finally heading home. It's like being a student again...

(20:24:27) ARRRGHHH how do I watch the #comedymarathon on the @VirginMedia TiVo? I just get iPlayer, News & Sport. BAH.

(20:34:23) *sigh* I give up. Lewis it is then. And trout :)

Tweets for 16 Aug 2012


(04:55:34) Morning. It's that time of day when my typing takes twice as long because even autocorrect can't make sense of what my fingers are doing..

(06:30:52) RT @PinkBlancmange: Good morning! Do spread SMILES today! Or even better... make a stranger laugh nervously at your awkward grin & w ...

(07:36:29) Hope @nxmee has a great time camping.. what a fun-filled summer holidays he's having! :)

(10:45:59) Every couple of weeks, I feel like rebranding. Often it involves the name 'Steve'.

(11:02:44) If I were doing my A-levels now, I would want an A and 2 Ds. It would accurately represent my mental state. And may well get me into Hull.

(12:32:00) Time, I think, to head north. See you there (if you're there).

(13:07:49) Informative train sign then (hope I'm on the right one!) @ Platform 15

(15:51:49) When the tram to MediaCity goes over the canal & down the slope past Pomona it's like a rubbish log flume. About as exciting as I like it ;)

(17:23:39) I like to think I know where I am.

(17:29:56) It may be simply my sensibilities, but I find myself irked & grumpified when I see people pushing push-chairs while taking on mobile phones.

(17:56:27) I've just been writing interview questions while awaiting my tea. That is how I roll. (Low insulin causes me to write devilish questions :D)

(17:58:39) I'll be honest, I'm not really big on this whole 'catching a grenade for people' thing.

Tweets for 15 Aug 2012


(04:54:28) Morning. Attempting bed ejection. Not working.

(14:15:33) It's normally at this time of day in Salford that I have a quite frankly bonkers cup of coffee. I feel like a bonkers cup of coffee.

(14:44:46) Holy cow.. a 10.6" Microsoft surface tablet for the same price as the Nexus 7..? That will take some beating!

(14:49:35) I need to build an exclusion zone around my work laptop's fan vent; it melted the Orange Club that @Errolin gave me. BOO.

(21:39:52) jamelopoeia - Berlin on @audioboo

(21:40:44) jamelopoeia - Berlin. (A noodle for a Wednesday evening - inspired by @connorwalsh's cassettes and @slandi's Reaper)

(21:59:32) It's impossible to go to bed on time. FACT. night.

Tweets for 14 Aug 2012


(12:29:27) Just went on this. It was traumatic. @ The Swarm

(17:58:47) All tired out after our family summer holiday.. a long weekend zooming and swinging.. amusement park overload... back to work tomorrow.

(18:20:01) Something is amiss with the @Twitter website's CSS.. looking a bit weird...

(18:28:47) I caught up with the #BTCC when we got home.. congratulations to @newshamracing on the win for local #Luton outfit @TeamESRacing ..! :)

(19:40:40) Twitter is first with the news again..?

(19:42:18) No. No it's not.

(20:14:24) Time, I think, for bed. Nice to be back in my own one again. It's not perfect, but it's in my house. Night night until then night.

(20:18:19) The classic 'propping up a burnt out ambulance' pose @ Thorpe Park

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Tweets for 12 Aug 2012


(18:34:41) Beth looking lovely on a day out at Chessington

(20:44:52) RT @kevinpoulter: Is Trevor Nelson on a sponsored silence? Where is his justgiving page? #ClosingCeremony2012

(21:15:44) RT @shanerichmond: “Imagine there’s no countries…” what kind of Olympics would we have then, John? I don’t think you’ve thought this thr ...

(21:17:50) Are they doing the BBC News theme? #closingceremony2012

(21:42:05) RT @duncanbudd: Can we finish the #closingceremony with a large cut-out cartoon foot crushing everything? #montypython #bestofbritish

(21:42:45) A man playing loops. That's entertainment.

(21:52:40) I'm not sure the acoustics of a massive arena does much for rap. It's more suited to a soundproof box. A long way away. #closingceremony

(22:00:41) RT @firetail: Jacques Rogge declares this "the best Radio 1 Roadshow ever" #closingceremony When are they gonna play Bits And Pieces..?

(22:15:28) I am so going to make a bass guitar like that bloke from Muse. But will never be able to make it sound like that..

(22:27:53) Every time the announcer says "Jacques Rogge" during a French bit, @plots and I can't help sniggering. No more of that now.

Tweets for 11 Aug 2012


(09:23:48) Good morning. Playing Minecraft with @superalora and @nxmee because I have been asked to. Uhoh.

(11:36:23) Ten and a bit minutes of Anthemic Elbow.. One Day Like This, and then First Steps (the full 6 minute version). Nice run up to lunch.

(12:09:27) They should do a Skrillex My Little Pony. Remember where you read it first.

(20:55:03) Another impressive Saturday of sports. #Limpics

(21:56:46) Bit of a ploppy night to see the Perseids (too much low cloud and light pollution) ... one day I will live in the middle of nowhere :)

(22:09:58) There do seem to be a lot of people taking photos with iPads at this olympics. it looks like they're holding up a tray with an apple on it.

(22:13:02) Right. That'll do. Off to bed. Night night you. With two 'ff's.

Tweets for 10 Aug 2012


(05:49:31) Morning. Proper summer then. My waking thought was about local caching of network streamed recordings. Too much in my addled brain.

(10:54:02) RT @cyberdonkey: prolific tweeter

(10:55:09) Nearly midday. Starting to get a bit hungry. I could do with a sit down, although I'm already sitting down. Not sure how that works.

(11:18:50) Thanks the mighty @SparkyAnnc I have found a version of the Olympics Opening Ceremony WITHOUT the mindless commentary!

(20:40:30) When people answer emails and say "many thanks" what is the average number of thanks enclosed? I think it must be about 15.

(20:55:37) Red route wheeltrim self portrait

(21:02:12) Sneezing fit

(21:19:14) RT @MooseAllain: I thought I'd seen every episode of "The Lazy Campanologist", but that one didn't ring any bells.

Tweets for 09 Aug 2012


Tweets for 08 Aug 2012


(07:07:53) Too much Simply Red. ie: some.

(07:39:13) Take it from me, almost everyone broadcasts from a swivel chair these days. More thrones on radio. #majestic

(07:45:35) A man is making doughnuts for me. Right now. For me (and the folk in the office) JAMYEH! #freshdoughnuts

(14:01:21) I've just realised (since I'm in a meeting room just next to the Blue Peter office) that I've no idea what presenters look like these days.

(14:01:38) Probably Barnsley Hardwood.

(15:53:59) I shall never tire. Pomona ragga tip. @ Pomona Metrolink Station

(16:15:35) It would appear this train has a bit missing. I thought it prudent to let you know. @ Platform 5

(16:25:30) Apparently the hatch is removed when it's being pulled by another locomotive (ie when trains are joined). Or it broke & was taken/fell off.

(17:57:58) This train should be in Milton Keynes right now. Overhead cable problems, they say. I reckon the sat nav fell off.

(18:49:38) Fighting chance of making it back to Luton by 9pm.. I'm at the bus stop now, at least...

(19:07:12) RT @JosephOunsworth: That may be the BEST thing I've ever seen. I never laugh out loud...

(20:34:25) Right.. ditching this moving vehicle, praying for a soft verge, where I can curl up & wait for the Thursday ambulance to pick me up. Night!

Tweets for 07 Aug 2012


(06:11:30) Morning. Happy birthday to @nxmee - we will have at least one teenager for the next twelve years..!

(07:14:39) Heh.. today's Google Doodle brings me back to the days of Track'n'Field ... still got it ;) Beat that!

(07:29:25) Important note to followers of @Dappydoris - someone has hacked her account, so please be cautious. Twitter will sort it out (hopefully!)

(07:43:41) Wow.. thanks to @CloudExplosion, I have seen the future of the Olympics.. Littlehampton 2016.. it works for me!

(14:24:59) Grumpy train tweet. The man sitting next to me (because I let a couple sit together using my reserved seat) doesn't fit on one seat.

(14:25:54) On the other hand there are two blokes on the opposite side of the train who are sharing one Motorola Razr. Oldschool.

(14:28:45) Oh yeah and my phone has gone wrong again. Time for yet another re-install. Must have been three weeks since the last one, though #bonus

(15:54:43) Football fans singing on the Metrolink on @audioboo via @Audioboo

(16:22:19) I am sure they're making these 'Captcha' challenges harder..! Equation editor, anyone..?

(18:20:56) Taking the opportunity to put Cyanogen Jellybean on my beleagured Samsung Galaxy S. What's the worst that could happen..? :D

(18:46:28) Nesquikadalian

(20:03:56) I have found the switch that makes the little green light in the bathroom come on #veryeasilypleased #takenoverayear

(20:21:16) The mysterious green light explained for your erudition and elucidation.

(20:54:14) Yesterday I exchanged emails with @Scott_Cawley - one of the Guardian's finest producers, now jobbing with Aunty. Top bloke. Made my day.

(20:55:06) Oops. Too much bath froth.

(20:56:48) I'm flattered my mate Pete's taken my technique for stripping wires with a stanley knife. But a bit mortified that I do it without thinking.

Tweets for 06 Aug 2012


(07:06:44) Good morning. Chris has got @Sky1GadgetGeeks on in the lounge - far less shouting than the Gadget Show and 16% more beards. I approve.

(07:16:51) RT @porridgebrain: I'm waiting for the strains of 'Hey Jude' over Curiosity's feed as McCartney pops up from behind a space rock.

(09:04:36) Holy crap, Mix 96 ("The best mix of music") is as generic and tedious as ThisIsHeart. Is @106jack the only decent station left? ~sigh~

(09:06:43) Trying to find a decent local substitute for @BBC3CR now it's gone all rubbish. I am going to have to start my own station :D

(09:08:02) Heh. @poots and I tweeted the same thing within 40 seconds of each other. No conferring.

(09:08:38) RT @mardyguppy: Another cat poisoned by anti freeze, come on sign this petition and force manufacturers to add bittering agents https:// ...

(09:09:29) Congratulations for @Mad4mogzz and @BendyBanana on the arrival of Xanthe. Cool name. I was hoping for "Your not bling or a cat" but hey.

(09:16:12) I have just turned off Jason Mraz. This is entirely due to ThisIsHeart overplaying his songs. Ashley Tabor, you are unspeakably intolerable.

(09:22:58) Right. Somehow it has become nearly half-past ten, and I didn't notice. I should apply myself.

(10:50:35) I think I've done my exercise for the day - clearing a couple of square feet of overgrowth at this end of the garden. All warm and hot now.

(16:26:59) Talk about mixed messages.. Beth said I can wear what I like to Christopher's birthday meal, but Chris insists I put some trousers on. BAH.

(17:51:26) Surely it is only my family where, during a family meal out, the topic of discussion turns to the origination of Derpy Hooves. Strange folk.

(18:52:11) The family dinner theme song (especially when selecting dessert) has been "Ozone Layer" by Mark Allan Barnes. We find @CloudExplosion guilty

(21:12:22) Listening to "The Hit Factory" (on ITV+1).. one of those programmes that can be heard rather than seen. It's all about the music.

Tweets for 05 Aug 2012


(08:08:39) Good Sunday morning. Today is the final of the Dad and his two children splashing about in the swimming pool. Doing it for Britain.

(08:39:26) He says 'amen' and 'alleluia'.

(12:25:38) Right. Time to see if any of my arm muscles work. I need to get into a fitness regime. I wonder if there's one that involves Twitter.

(15:05:30) Home from swimming.. there's some bat & ball on at the moment, I hear. Too tense for me, so I shall have a Good sit Down and a cuppa.

(15:06:25) There was a proper swimming man at the pool.. made the place look tiny the speed he went at. We stuck to what we knew: splashing about.

(16:22:39) A very informative post about the olympics and how the telly is made:

(22:39:19) A new @Jamfolder song is taking shape. It's been the first studio session with @dt90spt in a good while. That makes us sound almost good :D

(22:45:56) Right. That's the weekend done and dusted (well, hoovered and wiped down with a damp cloth). I shall bid you goodnight. Like this: NIGHT!

Tweets for 04 Aug 2012


(01:24:35) Awake, on the sofa, listening to Seal's version of Killer. Mainly due to the alarm going off next door earlier. Best shut down brain. Night.

(09:38:49) Good morning. Fun and action on the big screen - I've got Super Bubble Bobble running on the @Raspberry_Pi (slowly!)

(10:14:14) Wow.. this MAME game runs brilliantly on the Raspberry Pi! Another former fave - bonus points if you can identify it..

(11:50:04) Props to @Drogon for the excellent GPIO library.

(13:10:07) Hmm. It's "Tate & Lyle sugar" but "Lyle's Golden Syrup." I can just imagine Mr Tate saying "Sticky decadence! I shall have no part in this!"

(14:10:57) Proud to be bodging with Blu-tack since 1983.

(14:12:36) How times have changed.. Lenni: "Come ONNN! It's only 25%!" - to a 3.5GB game download. It's only been going twenty minutes...

(15:55:00) Watching the bonkers cycling. There are a lot of bonkers competitions. #Limpics

(17:19:39) Whoever invented popping candy deserves a medal. Whoever came up with the version that wasn't poisonous should be given TWO medals. Yum.

(17:23:19) Must get round to finishing that velodrome.

(20:26:14) Good bit of running about today. #Limpics

(21:37:29) I think the fine efforts of @TeamGB have more than adequately proved that football is rubbish & this country has much better sport to offer.

(22:05:07) Bedtime. I had no idea I would be sharing in such amazing moments of British sporting success this evening, but I have enjoyed them. Night!

Tweets for 03 Aug 2012


(07:09:11) Fence of old

(09:53:51) Free Microsoft eBooks yeah..

(14:23:03) Gosh, there really is a big difference between a basque and a basilisk, isn't there..? #oops

(14:59:13) There seems to be a lot of crying going on in the #Limpics. The difficulty is in determining which is happy crying and which isn't.

(16:30:33) Struggling to stay awake.

(17:39:54) It's a bit tragic that I can spot apostrophe abuse out of the corner of my eye. And even moreso that I share

(19:06:28) Why has nobody shouted "Away you go!" at the end of the swimming? WHY?

Tweets for 02 Aug 2012


(06:41:17) Morning, then. I have a list of things to do today and enough coffee to do at least some of them. Let's do this thing.

(08:20:40) Better get going then. Or gone.

(09:05:33) Haircuuuuut. The boy is being done now. Smaller head, but proportionately about the same amount of hair. #receding.

(09:15:04) Haircut @ Alley Barbers

(09:45:25) Checking Instagram while on hold with Nationwide. I think they have lost me... it's been 15 minutes...

(09:52:36) On hold with Nationwide again. Hold music this time. I don't think it's smooth guitar based jazz. I hope it isn't.

(10:11:44) Wow. That's really something: out of two accounts we've attempted to open with Nationwide two have been cocked up. HOW do they get business?

(10:38:46) Just explaining to the boy that the proxy server doesn't have a 99.99% SLA. (That's 53 minutes a year :D)

(11:02:59) There is a substantial difference between being ruthlessly efficient and efficiently ruthless.

(11:04:30) I am SO in Iceland right now.

(11:17:43) I have stopped being in Iceland.

(11:53:48) I am trying to write a 'how-to' blogpost. However, I can't remember how I did something. This has hampered my progress somewhat.

(12:32:24) RT @lutoncouncil: Lady Godiva's route altered. Not going to Market Square. Coming straight from A6 to enter square by the Galaxy bus stop.

(12:50:22) It might well rain. Gosh I'm good at this.

(13:03:35) RT @lutoncouncil: @syzygy Hey, she's expected to arrive around 4pm. We'll tweet if there's a delay for any reason.

(14:27:49) Yarnbombing in St George's Square, #Luton @ St Georges Square

(14:36:51) RT @LutonNewsSally: Ho hum, apparently Godiva now has a puncture, she should hopefully be in town about 4.30pm.

(20:29:23) I say: celebrate the @FluffySuse of this world.

(20:36:50) AdvMAME has been compiling on my @Raspberry_pi for the past 4 hours. At least it hasn't crashed...

(20:39:13) Niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. Because the night has a thousand 'i's.

Tweets for 01 Aug 2012


(05:05:33) Morning. Coffee and porridge. Oh, and it's August. Crivens.

(05:16:43) Right, speaking of which.

(05:56:46) I love "Kevin Eldon Will See You Now" - it reminds me of "The Burkiss Way" - high praise indeed :)

(06:00:43) I had completely forgotten - we get a bank holiday this month, don't we? 27th August. It's all go.

(16:14:39) One Raspberry Pi just isn't enough...

(16:16:30) RT @LutonNewsSteve: Don't forget Godiva Awakes - a ten metre high moving piece of art - is arriving in Luton tomorrow, Market Hill 3.30p ...

(16:42:43) I like that the Greenline coach drivers have different coloured shirts- it's a bit like Star Trek. White=boss; grey=normal; cyan=dispensible

(17:23:36) A painter? A printer? A pointer? Harold Pinter?

(18:10:06) Whuh..? The asymmetric bars are now called the 'uneven bars' ..? What's that all about?

(18:22:56) I am SO going to get a cauldron of chalk for my desk at work.

(21:46:28) Noodled. Went to bed. N'night.

Tweets for 31 Jul 2012


(05:23:44) "..those affected had visited the JFT megadiscount store in Stoke on Trent" - now that's an intriguing way to end the news #iPlayer #NowShow

(05:47:24) I loved @JohnFinnemore's bit on the Now Show Live last night - that was totally me.. I wasn't prepared to be so impressed by the Limpics.

(07:30:44) Well. Work. It is definitely time to make a list.

(09:57:24) I seem to spend an increasing amount of time unsubscribing from marketing emails. I have a sense I'm just wasting my time..

(12:55:30) I think I need something to eat. It's been a bit of a morning. And a substantial amount of afternoon.

(13:08:07) For some reason my boss found my lunch really amusing.

(16:01:58) Right. That was a day, to be sure. Apparently there's another one tomorrow. It might have meetings in. Hometime now, though yeah.

(16:35:58) Wow. Looking at @TheEggKing's rather sporadic tweets (hello!) I find it hard to absorb that the London riots were a year ago already!

(17:44:55) Well, today has been a tough day. But eyes on the future, both near and far.

(19:54:24) Tinkering in the studio while finally getting round to playing @RedBoxMusic's "The Circle & The Square" LP. Wonderful. LOVE. A time gone by.

(19:57:22) Note to self: don't wire VGA cables next to audio cables. Makes a horrible noise.

(20:02:02) Follow limit BOO. Because my following + followers = 2000. That's just crazy.

(20:32:26) Ooh. Not so much of a fan of the Orange Crabbies. A bit too sweet for me.

(20:33:34) I'm supposed to be doing paperwork. I keep getting distracted by Twitter. Please stop being so both amazing and great.

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