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Tweets for 30 Jul 2012


(08:48:32) My dear sister @cloudexplosion sent me this under a Facebook. It is a lovely bit of unhinged folk: http://t.co/JaG1Y3DL #inspiration

(08:49:42) RT @RonnieBarko: Discovered this weekend it's impossible to inflate an airbed with a foot pump without looking like you're in Dexy's Mid ...

(08:51:20) RT @nickgreenphotog: @BritishTechMac @tioaboa @AlexGFox @eriklanigan @syzygy @EwenRankin Enjoying the shows; bit like a Dad`s Army versi ...

(10:42:47) The youngsters are perplexed because when they do internet speed tests at the same time on their iPod Touches they give different values.

(14:42:46) Bit of the ol' diving on the telly. I am going to go to the dentist. It's kind-of similar.

(20:36:17) All this Olympic sporting expertise just serves to indicate the vapidity of celebrity culture. These people can actually ~do~ something.

(20:42:51) It's not the prettiest thing in the world, but it's a blog nonetheless.. what I'm doing (or not!) with my Raspberry Pi: http://t.co/Fa64c83q

Tweets for 29 Jul 2012


(06:31:42) Morning. Just watched the last 'Twenty Twelve'. Quite amusing. Right.. to work. Those computer keys aren't going to bash themselves, y'know.

(07:22:46) It's amazing to hear how good pelicans are at riding bikes.

(08:24:24) Well, that wasn't the best start to the working day.

(12:22:28) Someone has just put go karting (or something) on the telly. It sounds like trapped mosquitos. Or do I mean mojitos? Or wasps.

(12:31:50) It's good to have a clearout.

(16:20:02) Right. All nice & tidy in the store room. Any more weekends and I won't be able to ask for a Stores Bird (only about 2 people will get that)

(16:20:13) Heading home. It's gone a bit damp, I think.

(17:45:05) Stopped raining for a bit... http://t.co/uMNDRjTZ

(17:58:44) Double rainbow over Luton Airport http://t.co/devZb90Y

(18:58:05) Preparing to raise a glass in honour of @GHOGIT, whose birthday it is today. And an apple. http://t.co/a3xwp9Rh

(19:20:43) RT @PeopleIKnow: I didn't know that Portal was an Olympic event? http://t.co/77wJFxrw

(19:39:06) There is Lewis on the TiVo. It's only right. #SundayEvening

(19:58:40) In this episode of Lewis, Hathaway has had his Gibson SG guitar stolen. The actor plays gutted SO believably.

Tweets for 28 Jul 2012


(05:18:33) Good morning. I love the peace and cool of this time of day - quite weird being awake so early on a Saturday, though...

(05:25:59) Right. Better head up the hill. Until, then..

(07:58:50) After the initial flurry of noise in the office as the loud-voiced supervisor scouses at his team, it is quieter now. Time for coffee.

(08:08:00) Watching the opening ceremony as I work. Absolutely epic opening cinematics. The sort of thing I would love to make, given the time.

(08:08:28) The rest is a bit twee. Tear-jerking stuff nonetheless.

(09:27:47) I love the wind turbines outside the Limpic stadium.

(09:51:06) I'm not sure how BBC Three AND CBBC/CBeebies can be on air at the same time. I though they shared a broadcast slot. I'm SO out of date.

(09:59:57) New TV show idea: @AideanBurleyMP and Mitt Romney go on telly to see how many people they can both annoy. Winner gets pinged into space.

(10:31:18) RT @GreavsieE17: @syzygy Clever work by our always-brilliant colleagues in Distribution. Hint: try watching BBC Parliament.

(10:35:50) Other contestants will include Piers Morgan, Louise Mensch and Richard LittleJohn. Oh and Kay Burley. #pingintospace

(10:58:33) Happy (belated) anniversary to @akrabat and @Pewari for yesterday! :)

(11:16:56) Stopping on the stairs to look out of the window @ BBC Broadcasting House http://t.co/QmAbooc4

(12:41:29) epic lift journeys of my life #1 - 5th floor http://t.co/4k4PSJJW

(13:02:04) I honestly can't decide whether or not I want my photo taken with while holding an Olympic Torch.

(13:09:59) Wow! #Luton and Dunstable now feature on @walkitcom -

(14:17:33) Yesterday I found a piece of paper with petrol prices writen on one side and someone's name, bank account number and sort code on the other.

(14:17:56) That's a really silly thing to leave lying around, right? (The bank details, not the petrol prices)

(14:19:59) Right. Coffee. In honour of @MissyMWAC who is my coffee hero.

(14:27:33) Time for a mug of the good stuff... plenty in the pot! http://t.co/rzEnYN1R

(14:41:11) Is David Coleman still going? Or do they all just sound like him these days?

(14:53:19) I do believe I have been good today, so I shall leave 6 minutes early.

(15:19:40) Waiting for my stretch limo. Which is departing from here. A minute ago. Makes no sense. Weekend travel is rubbish.

(15:30:40) It's confirmed - the Greenline 757 coaches are running to a completely random timetable. Must remember to get off at Finchley Road. For fun.

(18:00:55) Me: "I love you my boy." Chris: "Software update!" #Sheldon

Tweets for 27 Jul 2012


(05:16:07) Oh fabulous - a double-bill of excellent comedy from yesterday's #Radio4 #iPlayer - Fags Mags & Bags and Alice's Wonderlund. YEAH!

(05:30:04) Time to hurtle. Up the hill yeah.

(05:41:17) Urban Cookie was a hard act to follow... not sure this battered silver Micra has a hope.. http://t.co/IP9QFBoH

(06:07:19) RT @SoreenHQ: Morning all! We're closing the comp today. RT&follow for a chance to win Soreen trainers & bag. #SoreenSummerOfSpo ...

(06:10:26) ...because I have always wanted trainers made out of malt loaf... @SoreenHQ: RT&follow for a chance to win: http://t.co/KB4culdd

(06:13:46) There's a van puffing out masses of smoke on the southbound #M1 between j9 & j8 - on the hard shoulder but people changing lanes to avoid..

(06:16:46) Holy crap.. there is ANOTHER car on fire southbound on the #M1 just south of j6a. What is going on..? Is this an Olympic Torch thing..?

(06:24:29) The opening round of this week's @PodQuiz is heartwrenchingly sad. Fat American men shouting over perfectly reasonable bits of pop music.

(06:29:41) Exchanging work emails at 7am.. that's not right, is it..?

(06:37:21) Despite roadside fires, the stretch limo is fair hurtling into London - I suspect people are avoiding the roads round here for a few weeks..

(06:41:59) RT @BBCNews: Big Ben to lead chimes across England for 3 minutes from 08:12 BST to celebrate #London2012. http://t.co/KELUZVRo #Allthebells

(07:24:36) Audioboo: All The Bells around BH at 08:12 on @audioboo http://t.co/mDocO1xz via @Audioboo

(07:50:20) No, autocorrect, I do believe I meant to write 'kicking arse'. Turning the 'k' into an 'l' completely changes the meaning.

(08:21:51) I have just sent an email about the overuse of the word 'crashes'. It is the IT equivalent of the word 'nice'. Please don't use it.

(09:33:18) A colleague (from the 'other' team), when I asked him how he wanted his tea, responded "normal". NORMAL? What..? (milk no sugar apparently)

(10:02:21) Dear @AliceLowe I love you and your weird. Ness. Please release the 'Jason' dubstep theme as a single. I would buy it. Or make it available!

(11:35:15) RT @emmagohara: @lutoncouncil please be aware travellers have parked up at Raynham way community centre. Locals cannot use the field, pa ...

(13:22:12) RT @govindajeggy: Apparently in The States, "Fanny" actually means "Mitt Romney"

(15:57:23) I think I might just escape. I never got my coffee.

(17:45:53) I'm not a fan of rapping music and sports commentary for much the same reasons. There is too much unnecessary shouting.

(17:52:43) The plane spotters are out in force at Luton Airport- no surprise really, given the amount of planes arriving from all over the world...

(18:21:09) I'm feeling unsettled. I think it might have had something to do with the emails our Lords And Masters sent this afternoon. High pressure.

(20:33:24) In the middle of all this, #FF @fluffysuse

(20:50:49) It would appear @poots is in stitches because of Mr Bean.

(21:03:28) Right. Off to bed. Work in the morning - that doesn't happen very often. Doesn't really feel like a Friday. Night night!

Tweets for 26 Jul 2012


(06:49:20) Good morning. I love the coolness of the hours after dawn. Starting to warm up now...

(10:46:57) Right. Stopping for a moment.

(10:54:01) Is Mitt Romney's first name actually "Mittens"?

(14:13:10) Reading 27b slash 6 is NOT sensible when one is stressed. My emails take a rather strange turn under such circumstances.

(14:13:57) RT @miche: Today's horoscope for Scorpio: You're still not as good as the Liberator and you never will be.

(17:25:22) I've been reading up about my kiwi fruit allergy: http://t.co/UqATFbzc - an interesting case study in emergent allergens. Gold kiwi: scary.

(20:39:29) Right. Off to bed after some teeth brushing and unmentionable nose treatments*. Night night.

Tweets for 25 Jul 2012


(06:30:17) Morning. First day of the Olympics.. let's see how the traffic is at this time of the morning. Queues at Brent Cross.. but that's normal

(06:49:19) RT @graeme_mccloy: Actually found this on my car... Too good http://t.co/GNcNL92S

(07:06:36) Just saw a lady selling News International newspapers on the corner of Baker St & Marylebone Rd in direct sunlight. All of this concerns me.

(09:11:49) As I fell alseep last night I came up with a title (of either a prog-rock track or movie) "The Bexhill-on-Sea Murder Raffle" Such potential!

(15:45:40) I have stopped being in meetings. Nearly ready to go home. One more email to batter, I think. One more.

(16:16:37) London dot stinky dot info.

(16:39:32) This is a warm warm coach. I work on the principle that if there isn't any air conditioning at least the windows should open.. :/

(16:39:55) Did I say coach? I clearly meant 'stretch limo'.

(16:41:53) Blatant heat of evaporation.

(17:21:49) A beer tonight, I think. Also: where is everybody? The M1 is moderately quiet.

(17:43:54) These Limpic cars get ~everywhere~! @ London Luton Airport (LTN) http://t.co/SIFIPPXJ

(19:13:24) Today I put the dishwasher on without having overloaded it. I'm mellowing out in my old age.

(19:24:21) Boof. Shower.

(21:00:14) Covering Wednesday in clingfilm and sticking it in the fridge. Mind, it'll go soggy and get chucked out. Thursday is crispier. Night night!

Tweets for 24 Jul 2012


(06:07:40) Hurrah. My voyage into Tuesday will be saved by a Worlds Apart and a British Tech Missy podcast. Thank you, @MissyMWAC (and @claw0101 ;)

(06:09:09) It's too early to be yattering into a mobile phone #passiveaggressive #annoyingwomanbehindme

(07:07:12) Listening to the mighty @VobesShow podcast - always perks me up when he plays one of his music beds.. it's the same as my work ring tone :D

(11:39:18) I can't believe this video is still up.. Cassetteboy's genius interpretation of Boris's Olympics (expect wrongness)

(11:46:28) I'm going to have some noodles in a mug. I will not be stopped.

(16:16:29) Hot trousers weather.

(16:23:30) Limpic Lane for extra misery http://t.co/stdYYdG8

(17:01:12) Happy birthday, @moyskii! You don't look it! If I was still at work I'd give you a big birthday hug (lucky you;) [thanks, @corrie_corfield!]

(17:38:39) I don't think I have ever made so many noises of exasperation as I have since I began playing SongPop with my (figurative) Fat Fingers. Gah.

(18:14:51) MT @OmarRaza Series 4, Episode 1: "Foam Wizards" will commence THIS Thursday, 6:30pm, BBC Radio 4. - @FagsMagsAndBags is BACK!

(18:39:59) Right. Time for a pleasantly cooling shower. And then perhaps another one.

(18:43:41) Animations at elearning@Luton http://t.co/Y81V86MN - @SuperAlora made this: http://t.co/mjckdZwt and @Nxmee made this: http://t.co/CcweRIh5

Tweets for 23 Jul 2012


(08:48:03) Good morning. A little late, but the important Taking The Children To Summer Activities has taken place and now Monday is happening.

(09:05:37) I have made an executive decision: it's too warm for long trousers. #shortsweather #notgoingoutlikethat

(11:30:03) I like running shell scripts at lunchtime.

(14:33:19) I'm sure @FridgeMagnet2 will be pleased that Caeser the 'Geezer'* is back on the radio http://t.co/i48vKYF3 (*dodgy bloke)

(14:45:27) Haribo is addictive.

(14:51:01) Right. Tea break over. Back on my head.

(16:59:41) RT @BritishTech: From 16th June till this weekend, BTN podcasts had 750,000 downloads. Who wants to sponsor us?

(17:13:21) I keep being able to smell burning rubber. Might be next door cooking, mind.

(21:30:19) Pretty much had enough of my phone playing silly buggers. Time for another factory reset. And that's just for me. Nighty nighty then.

Tweets for 22 Jul 2012


(00:38:43) Right. That was today. I'm going to see what tomorrow is like. Which is sort of now. Night night!

(08:17:21) Good morning. Another day when it'd be a shame not to be outdoors. Cricket over rickets any day (although I doubt I'll be playing cricket)

Tweets for 21 Jul 2012


(06:48:28) Morning. I might get up. Might.

(07:24:53) I have a hankering for fried food. This is NOT a good idea, since I'm going to barbecue later and I kind-of need my arteries. Porridge, then

(07:44:20) Breakfast. Resisting the lure of artery clogging - "strawberries - they're nearly fried food" - @poots http://t.co/gWMj5MZX

(08:06:02) RT @999Response: How many G4S staff does it take to change a lightbulb?

(09:40:49) What Foreigner song does bring to mind..? http://t.co/B4w4SCXw

(09:59:02) It has just been revealed to me that Sheldon's girlfriend in Big Bang Theory used to play Blossom in.. er.. Blossom. #geektastic

(10:06:04) RT @poots: @syzygy She's also a neuroscientist by training and a home educating mum of two.

(12:53:39) Looks like an incident on the M40 just in front of us.. be there soon, @cloudexplosion http://t.co/FpH5O6Ya

(19:42:36) Gosh, that was a shindig. Home from a barbecue hosted by @CloudExplosion and @Marvin_engl - with @MatidaMouse, @junkmanuk and family! :)

(20:03:43) Right.. time to hit the studio - it's well overdue.

Tweets for 19 Jul 2012


(05:20:20) Morning. Sort of. Hard to tell through squinty half-open eyes...

(07:00:18) One of the things I love most about Twitter at this time of the morning is the stories of school preparation and the way children think.. :)

(10:18:01) RT @poots: Very pleased that @syzygy results are back and his heart is in good health. Just some quirky but harmless odd electrical acti ...

(10:22:13) I have just found two emails that I should've sent earlier still open in other windows. That really sucks. I keep doing that :/

(16:47:48) RT @iamMUNGRY: HAHAHA This is BRILLIANT! In a Whsmith.. http://t.co/QXSE6Yv9

(18:12:05) RT @sizemore: From this http://t.co/qzVm1rB1 to this http://t.co/fXUFxpPW Looking forward to using Flickr again.

(18:24:48) Interesting.. Greenpeace did the 'ArcticReady.com' Shell spoof site.. http://t.co/5BBqm9rX

(18:30:05) Right. Better get myself prepared for a BIG show at 8. I am NOT ready. In almost every possible way. Except show prep. Oh yes. Done that.

(19:18:36) RT @sarahjaneuk: About to start @BritishTechNews Big show w/ @EwenRankin @acedtect @syzygy @ErikLanigan @sarahjaneuk Live at: http://t.c ...

(20:27:37) Right.. need to go to bed, I think... it's been a fruitloop day, and I will be glad to see the end of it. Which is.. NOW. Night night!

(22:08:48) RT @ngyt_uk: 8-18 yr olds NGYT Luton summer school, 20-22 Aug - musical theatre showcase scenes & songs. DM for more info. Pls RT &a ...

Tweets for 18 Jul 2012


(05:17:32) 06:17 here at the kitchen table. Or at least it would be if I tweeted quicker. Good morning.

(05:54:05) I think @LilacNun needs to have happy birthday said to her. Wouldn't be the first time.

(05:58:22) Since @ThreeUK saw fit to make all my free texts evaporate, I've started using Kik - I especially like the delivery notification bit.

(08:16:38) In the spirit of that Rogue Traders guy getting busted for benefit fraud, I have to confess that I fix computers at home.

(10:50:54) Because I love corporate anthems.. http://t.co/jqsXvqEY (skip straigh to the musical irony here: http://t.co/YS24BrvU )

(10:54:29) ...and this really happened..? http://t.co/zzZDJAo7

(13:42:25) Well, @LilyShambles worked her magic - we managed a database failure in the end. Now.. what caused it..? Anyone? Anyone? Someone..? :D

(13:50:55) MT @cloudexplosion http://t.co/0BknOnAT --- the definitive version of the G4S Corporate anthem. YEAH.

(15:08:05) The beginning of this conference call has been spent trying to think of eponymous hit songs by bands/artists. Big Country, Livin' in a Box..

(16:06:20) I really must stop putting things in my shirt pocket. Yesterday a teaspoon; today Alex's scissors. And a pen. And a Tunnock's teacake.

(16:06:46) That last one was a lie. A Tunnocks is not for stashing.

(16:43:21) Sticky and yucky and stretchy limo.

(16:48:42) Looks like they've made good progress on #Raspbian - gonna download it later for my #raspberrypi.. http://t.co/Y2TZRLyN (h/t @robjd)

(16:59:55) RT @fleetstreetfox: Six years in solitary confinement for refusing to pretend he didn't have a willy http://t.co/1OdQZjf1 (via @dansumption)

(17:41:00) Downhill. Slowly.

(19:12:46) This tweet can not be displayed on your browser.

(19:22:10) I want to put the phrase "arbitrary constraints" into a song or speech or something. It may find its way into an email tomorrow. #BestICanDo

(19:52:09) Dear @BlueMoon_11 and @smartie999 - you two may be local to each other (sometimes). There is talk of a tweetup. You are both lovely. Go go!

(20:09:22) RT @linseyt: @syzygy twitter imposed an arbitrary constraint on us all - 140 characters' worth ;)

(21:15:16) I wouldn't know anything about that. Goodnight.

Tweets for 17 Jul 2012


(05:27:48) Morning. Time to go to work, I think. I don't think I slept very well... coffee, thank goodness. And complex carbohydrates.

(05:48:06) Going to work the Burkiss Way (although struggling to muster up any dynamic living) #bbciplayer

(12:26:10) I don't know what a Roche Bobois is. I'm going to have something to eat. I do hope it's not a roche bobois.

(14:52:44) Absolute nightmare - we're trying to investigate some fairly major faults, but we can't get things to go wrong. The curse of the engineer...

(16:18:40) I love it when the smell of an old house spills out onto the street.

(16:21:04) Minicab driver just pulled over and said "Edgeware Road please." to me. I'm really not sure he's got the hang of this.

(16:59:12) Bumpity ride home - it's driver O'Leary. He's been doing this since long before I started commuting. Possibly even before I was born.

(17:02:30) RT @AndrewBloch: LOCOG won't be very happy when they see this billboard next to the Olympic Village http://t.co/a4rd8VxZ

(17:16:52) RT @fridgemagnet2: #olympictorchrelay outside @dlwp with @eddieizzard http://t.co/lQ1vVh58

(17:22:01) An interview with @EddieIzzard on 5 Live - there is a terrible delay on the call.. to be fair, he is in Bexhill. The delay is 8 years.

(18:32:39) Awaiting the arrival home of the boy. By all accounts today and Thursday are NOT good days to have poor handwriting.. Tue 17th & Thu 19th...

(18:48:54) Shower then studio...

(19:02:09) No doubt about it... @106jack gives good breakfast. Don't believe me..? http://t.co/1cTNkvpE

(21:32:31) I am SO going to bed right now, you would be surprised I'm not there already. I am. Sort of. In my MIND. night night.

Tweets for 16 Jul 2012


(06:43:52) Morning. Barely moving... I would ask someone to give me a shove but my children would, willingly: D

(07:03:06) Lenni is singing "I know everything..." to the tune of a certain song from Annie. She is unwittingly hilarious.

(08:59:41) Everything would work a little more easily in the grand schema of things if the tables were indexed.

(09:01:29) 50 shades of graze - erotic friction.

(09:16:27) The indicators on our car flash almost in time with Keane's "Somewhere only we know" #littlethings

(12:58:54) Top double-act @claw0101 and @MissyMWAC are back together for another week - and yet Worlds Apart! http://t.co/bxzqgfQT


(16:59:51) A little known fact: the name of delivery firm YODEL comes from the phrase "YOu have to DELiver it to your neighbour's house yourself."

(17:10:12) RT @mattmcd: #Olympic Mascots Wenlock Policeman Figurine http://t.co/zhVLPhVr [Worth it for the reviews alone] #London2012 #bigbrother #fb

(18:50:10) Watching a Lewis for a bit. And sniffling. It is the interstitial Scouts thing. None of this really makes sense. Like the Olimpycs.

(20:30:46) RT @chrisfloyduk: Oh wow! Shell public ad contest has been completely sabotaged. Here it is while it's still live: http://t.co/bRiKFMPI

(21:13:37) Hey! Good night! (I am a long way away).

Tweets for 15 Jul 2012


(07:00:46) Morning. I am alive and sniffling. Yeah.

(07:08:55) I think @Superalora might like this ... #starwars #callmemaybe http://t.co/OhXd8NL1 (h/t@LilythePurr)

(11:36:49) t's fair to say I'm fairly OS-agnostic.. a virtual Linux box, a @Raspberry_Pi and a VNC session to my Mac on Windows 7 http://t.co/fjb1cn88

(13:21:39) Right. I really ought to pop off Twitter if I'm going to get anything done this afternoon. Later..

(15:27:48) Coffee. Coughy.

(17:32:14) Installing Xcode from the Snow Leopard installation DVD. Sounds simple? Not when the optical drive on my Mac mini is borked :D

(17:55:36) ooh.. Debian backports. That's a good idea. http://t.co/dKNnUdO7 (some of the software in the standard repositories is painfully old!)

(18:26:40) Mucking about with 'smuxi' .. an IRC-based Twitter client. Tweeting from my @raspberry_pi - again. Heh.

(18:43:00) Some serious invasion of the fledglings at the bird feeders at the moment - loads of 'em! ( http://t.co/V91bW7iQ ) http://t.co/yo0znhqb

(22:26:10) I'm going to go to go to bed now. Not interesting but true. All out of energy and my nose hurts again. Right. Time to make a Monday. Night!

Tweets for 14 Jul 2012


(08:23:58) Good morning.

(08:25:17) What a day for birthdays - festive felicitations to @caritas730 @jarbennett and @JonBCFC! Hope you have a fantastic day! #happybirthday

(09:39:18) Right. I'm going to steam this cough out of me. Let's do this.

(09:40:15) Note: iPhone 4 cases that make it look like a cassette: BRILLIANT. Wish I'd had that idea.

(09:56:26) Listening to @hellobuglers episode 200... congratulations to those comic geniuseses! And Chris.

(10:53:28) I've just discovered I have 100 Google Mail invites left.. anyone want one? http://t.co/llsnWv3i

(14:56:02) Looking at implementations of X11 in C++ so I can try and write My First Halfwitted #RaspberryPi graphical app. This may take a while #years

(15:47:39) Y'know when you sign up for a website and it says "We have sent a verification email" and it never arrives, so you're scuppered? That.

(15:49:54) Y'know, it's occurred to me - I think I was missold a PPI, but I really have no idea what to do about it. Ahh well. Might as well leave it.

(16:01:50) For what it's worth, I have never taken out ppi. Once I had an apple and took out a pip.

(17:37:35) Seems @superalora has taken to The Sims 2. I wasn't expecting that.

(22:35:14) Bedtime. Need to get rid of these hiccups first. How old am I? *sigh* Night night you.

Tweets for 13 Jul 2012


(05:14:32) Mornin'. Toast and coffee... it's my best hope. And bizarre, unusual but clever comedy.. Alice's Wunderland: http://t.co/LF0g2E7I #iplayer

(05:56:24) Heading for London in the stretch limo for the last time this week. They've done something to the Wi-Fi on here and now it doesn't work :/

(06:38:14) Wow. Things I never thought I'd hear: an orchestral arrangement of "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga. Thanks, @podquiz! But why..?

(09:21:13) Wow. #unrelenting

(11:28:30) Lunch with my Dad has been cancelled. BOO.

(11:29:19) I am SO going to forage now.

(12:10:53) RT @miche: Fantastic. “@LettersOfNote: "I assure you I thought I was dealing with a Frenchman." http://t.co/MLk7TZtW”

(13:58:30) An entertaining conversation at the tea point.. basically, we all work for the BBC to satisfy our OCD.

(15:05:41) Hmm.. Raspbian or Debian Squeeze..? This is all a bit too tricky...

(15:50:54) One more conference call.

(17:56:33) Brief pint. Home soon(ish)

(19:02:25) I am ~so~ glad I don't use @easyBus tickets any more - they are a complete nightmare and a nuisance. And the Greenline drivers hate them.

(21:07:23) It’s something for Louis Spence to do.

(21:15:56) I would like to nominate @LilacNun @LilythePurr @MelodyMetcalf and @fluffysuse as #FF fabulouses for making me chuckle this week.

(21:25:57) Mocking the week….

(21:31:11) I wish this cough would forsake me. Not enough illness forsakementation these days…

(21:55:13) Right. Enough of this crazy Friday thing. I’m going to close my eyes and if it’s not cleared away by the time I open them again.. nighty :)

Tweets for 12 Jul 2012


(05:23:41) Right. Time to have something to work.

(05:27:53) uhoh.. gotta go.

(06:00:09) I’m uneasy about time travel. Surely when one appears at the earlier/later time, Earth’s position in the universe will be different. Space.

(06:02:46) Exchanging work emails at 7am. Bonkers.

(07:21:12) I like the noise a Prius makes in the brief time it’s running on electricity.

(07:34:03) RT @simonblackwell: Americans say Legos instead of Lego, presumably utilising the spare 's' from maths.

(11:01:04) Watching the last ever broadcast from Bush House…

(12:07:35) I keep forgetting where Slovenia is.

(12:14:00) MT @johndredge: http://t.co/t1TOGuKH <- WINNAR and has Dredgey in it.

(13:27:18) Note to self: when phoning a place and dealing with those menu systems, don't get distracted and forget what the options were. #oops

(13:49:10) Honestly.. nobody wants to know about my medical history. #stoopidrockmelt

(14:17:58) I think I have worked out why I have a cold. #BTNB12

(20:57:15) Just added my #RaspberryPi to the @RasPiTrack map here: http://t.co/iLpJG7CF ... why? Because I have got one and I'm a geek. YEAH.

(20:58:19) I liked Grey Fluffy Clouds - The Orb Vocals Alan Parker on the YouTubes: http://t.co/h8l1GWYb via @youtube / @MrMzHolland

(21:11:14) Props to @Shuby, @jevy_b3 and @SteveGoodenough - fellow Luton #RaspberryPi users on the @RasPiTrack map!

(21:18:30) Enough of all this frivolity.. best get to bed. Night!

Tweets for 11 Jul 2012


(08:20:10) Kenny Rogers - The Gambler #np #shuffle Love it :)

(08:23:36) Good morning, too.

(08:27:27) Seems Chris Moyles will be leaving Radio 1 breakfast, then. I'll stick with @106Jack. Anyway I'm too old for Radio 1...

(12:08:10) If you aren't at the North CAB you ain't where the party's at. A party with no music, no snacks and discussion of a whole bunch of changes.

(13:13:13) RT @newsthump: NEWS! Chris Moyles quitting Radio 1 could lead to TV appearances, warns BBC http://t.co/QzIkgbw3

(15:55:00) Heading for Manchester’s Piccalilli.

(17:07:46) A sniffly man sitting on a train. Me. Fortunately there is a pair of @vobesshow episodes (with @vobes & - in one - @beershowjimmy) to enjoy.

(17:58:58) Well. It would appear the 99 bus from Milton Keynes Central Station to Luton now leaves from stop Y4. Less far to lollop. Made it. Good.

(18:43:24) I've got a runny nose and I need more tissues. #pizzagratis

(19:18:04) Para para paradigm. An idea of what it is like having my brain.

(19:32:39) This is because of @EdTJones http://t.co/MSPaAT8R #audioboo #incorrect

(20:38:47) Right. Enough of Wednesday for me. I've put the rest in a tupperware pot - you'll find it warm in the fridge, making the milk go off. Night!

(20:58:29) Just walked past what @poots has on TV as I went to bed. I feel SO much joy for the rich sensory experience people with synesthesia have :)

Tweets for 10 Jul 2012


(06:00:57) Good morning. Went to sleep listening to music last night.. some of 70s productions are so wonderfully spacious. Need to work on that.

(06:33:25) RT @dt90spt: Wonderwall http://t.co/Slu5eRBm

(06:53:27) In the greater London area there are two “O2”s and two “Westfield”s. Always good to baffle a visitor, I find :D

(07:20:02) There seems to be a lot of sadness in the world. I think we should have a massive funfair with free rides for everyone. Run by robots.

(16:24:59) Heh. Me: “You missed off September.”

(16:48:45) Standing up on a train < sitting down on a coach. Although there is 0% whingeing child, so could be a lot more worse.

(16:51:23) "I am declassifying First Class accommodation".. heh train guards (I mean "managers") talk in a funny way.

(18:01:14) Zooooooom (basically) http://t.co/68M6JK6B

(18:19:53) I love what heavy rain does on the window of a high-speed train... http://t.co/OPYscvT4

(18:50:32) For a while there, I wasn't sure where I was. But then the train arrived in Stoke-on-Trent. Ignorance is, indeed, bliss.

(19:39:44) Nearly teatime #bitlate

(20:14:20) I don't know what to make of the fact that my emergency Burger Dispenser has been taken over and become a Hungry Horse. Still.. big plate.

(20:25:57) Using traditional anti-vampire cold cures. Nobody will want to kiss me. Plus ça change...

(21:54:15) Right. Enough of this high-spirited nonsense - I have a cold and it needs to be slept out of. Please turn off the light. Night. Nightlight.

Tweets for 09 Jul 2012


(06:29:14) Good morning. Woke to some excellent pics of Lewis Hamilton and #OlympicTorch thanks to @LutonNewsConnie @LutonNewsSally & @LutonNewsSteve 

(06:35:20) I am witnessing @poots and @superalora researching cuddly otters on the internet. Bit early for that sort of thing...

(06:37:48) You should have seen the look I got when I did the inevitable 'otterpunity' gag.

(07:02:17) I have definitely got a cold. Sniffling all over the shop. You are advised to keep well clear.

(07:05:33) It's that time where I say "Right..." for about the fourth time and finally put my phone down... bis später...

(11:09:20) Ahh what better way to start the workday is with some @ThisRealityPod in my ears. Tunes I know I've never heard before, but will like! :)

(12:46:43) Fifteen minutes until C.A.B. Ohhh yeah.

(17:04:03) RT @poots: Impossible to see, too complicated for my brain to imagine but I named a symmetrical object in hyperspace for @syzygy http:// ...

(17:53:13) My family watches a lot of Big Bang Theory.

(18:53:15) Now, I think, is the time to work on my to-do list. As opposed to my ta-da list. Which is very limited. And rare.

(19:16:22) Listening to the @BritishTechMac show - fine entertainment and TOP quality sound despite the rain! Nice one @sfdrummer :)

(20:51:43) Right.. bedtime. Ninja night night *whooof*

Tweets for 08 Jul 2012


(07:13:24) Good morning. It's the wettest water on record.

(07:34:28) Trying to work out why selected of my emails aren't making it to me. Trying to untangle how I've set up my emails.. :/

(07:52:25) Well that would explain it #overcomplicatedworkflow

(16:01:01) Yes.. happy birthday, @sarahjaneuk! (Thanks for the heads-up, @dt90spt - you have a fine memory sir!)

(17:09:08) Awaiting the arrival of the Olympic torch in rainy Luton http://t.co/0hX2ByYw

(17:16:07) Damp and festive. The torch will be here soon... http://t.co/iLJWtYXU

(17:46:20) The Olympic torch on London Rd, #Luton http://t.co/PxAbIJFa

(18:32:34) RT @Bunnywoomble: Torch. http://t.co/H0LuZLg1

(19:22:49) Torch relay thing.. http://t.co/JXzcGTub

(19:52:55) I wrote a blog entry about the weekend. It has noise in it. Please be aware. And alert. http://t.co/GqE0lTqe

(20:26:43) RT @fridgemagnet2: @syzygy Mind you, it did prompt me to post this. http://t.co/PmWw54jD

(21:35:27) Bedtime, I think. Night night weekend.

Tweets for 07 Jul 2012


(06:46:50) Morning. Listening to “The Hits” radio. How long until they play Katy Perry? They’re playing “ohhh sometimes I get a good feeling”. Catchy.

(07:57:12) In celebration of my new rock'n'roll lifestyle I'm in a greasy spoon with the band & I'm drinking tea. TEA. JAMYEH! http://t.co/kiwxm0jN

(08:07:44) Myleene Klass sounds a bit like Merlin Pass.

(09:36:26) RT @JonathanHaynes: Best idea EVER: How to send a pedant insane if they leave their phone unlocked http://t.co/TkxLLTjf (via @kelkulus)

(10:07:32) During our drive home, @DT90SPT & I have come up with a new musical genre: Dadstep. There's also debate as to what 'naughtystep' sounds like

(11:57:38) Trying to psych myself up to packing away an errant gazebo. With big thanks to the #BTNB12 guys for dismantling it without a stanley knife!

(12:50:44) I like big chips and I cannot lie.

(13:37:49) Me: "Did that boy on the television just shout 'bonfire'?" #IAmSoOld

(13:41:47) This afternoon I am geeking out with a #raspberrypi - I've got it (finally!) booting off a 4GB SD card at least... oh the space!

(15:36:26) Played Lenni at a game called "Kings and Servants." Something of a game of luck. Quite unnerving...

(16:08:06) Compiling software on Linux would be almost impossible without Google. Just sayin'.

(16:26:40) X-Factor contestants know nothing of the suspense of running 'make install'; is it going to do it? 20 mins later: NO! http://t.co/9ybxDSJy

(21:52:09) My sole #RaspberryPi achievement today - mainly because this excellent blog has instructions: http://t.co/hUlXgHvg http://t.co/aEaV5MRc

(21:55:49) Bed, I think. Indeed. Mine. Night!

Tweets for 06 Jul 2012


(06:37:41) Morning. I need a shave.

(07:57:44) Listening to @ShiftRunStop; an Absolute-ly top class @DaveGorman interview & a scary revelation about McDonalds shakes http://t.co/akr4Ur1i

(09:00:05) Some of @Jamfolder's noise-making equipment.. ready for shipping to Birmingham in the JamBus :) http://t.co/0rAvxynk

(09:12:03) RT @dt90spt: Making my own pilgrimage on @audioboo http://t.co/XYaxZQbT #britishtechnews #btnb12

(13:04:25) Standing under a gazebo.

(13:20:49) The PA speaker we're using depicts some resemblance to @AlexGFox (listening to him on the @BritishTechPhoto show) http://t.co/XxNIygF2

(14:25:57) I have just met a personal podcasting legend - Mr @BritishMac himself. Best. Day. Ever.

(18:33:53) The live music strand of the #BTNB12 has been something of a success. Music from @Jamfolder, Mr @AlexGFox and the magical @MissyMWAC 

(21:59:51) What a day. @EwenRankin is a legend - had a great time at #BTNB12 … until next year then! Night night (Although I may wake up before :D)

Tweets for 05 Jul 2012


(02:49:03) A brief interlude in my sleeping pattern. This time my Unidentified Abdominal Ache rather than brainfullness. More later (undoubtedly)…

(05:12:16) Morning. Hmm... another broken night. Coffee is the cure-all. That and peanut-butter on toast.

(05:33:22) "Manly half-hug, half handshake, pull you close, pat you on the back type manly thing." Heh.. Mordrin McDonald shows affection like I do :D

(05:54:23) Someone has walked off with my stretch limo.

(06:00:13) Right. Off to the airport to select myself another luxury cruiser.

(06:12:49) Two words can make me switch off a podcast before the last phoneme is uttered: Maggie Brown. I find her tone akin to fingernail mistreatment

(06:31:44) Seems @LDNLutonAirport is preparing for the olympic festivities... obviously I ran past holding a bic biro aloft. http://t.co/BQiYzfLA

(06:47:30) I'm flagging already. (My phone's out of credit, so I've turned to tweeting by semaphore :D)

(06:52:32) Over sharing: it may not seem very much, but this is day four of me breaking my nosepicking habit. My poor snozzle would never get better...

(07:02:10) I am going to write an anthemic Muse/Coldplay/Embrace style song entirely based on the content of the 2012 #Reithlectures #Reith

(07:32:35) Flowered at St John's Wood #viewfromthetrafficlights http://t.co/ydRPl70K

(08:06:16) In the office now. A large glass of water is required, I think. And then a talk to the Document Management Person...

(12:28:55) I'm going to have to think again about my idea to pour nail polish & WD40 into a bucket on my way home tonight..

(12:52:09) There is something really troubling me, dear Twitter. It pains me to have to admit it. I think coffee makes my sinuses hurt. This is BAD.

(13:44:44) Rather pleased with my luch combo.

(16:23:53) I felt the need to share this with one of my work colleagues (I'm may well get in a bit of trouble for it): http://t.co/PQXgPX0B heh

(17:14:27) Good evening. Both of these seem to be true. If I can get a good night’s sleep and resist work emails, all the better. Packing cables later.

(17:24:11) I wonder if it’s possible to play an electric guitar with purple latex gloves on. @jamfolder is a fastidious band.

(17:25:23) I wonder if Niall Ferguson (the #Reithlectures 2012 man) is any relation to Mordrin the Magnificent..

(17:57:47) I just saw @superalora. She was frolicking outside with the Cubs as I hurtled past in my stretch limo…

(18:44:49) I am not in the slightest bit struggling with technology. It may LOOK like I can't get anything to read this 4GB SD card, but I'm bluffing.

(19:15:02) RT @dt90spt: Gig Tips by @davewitchalls http://t.co/NMlxZfux

(19:50:06) I am a little bit stressed because @poots is making tiny cakes. Tiny cakes put me on edge. They are tiny. And cakes. And some are on sticks.

(21:35:14) Right.. bedtime, I think. An evening of fiddling with various things, really. Quite therapeutic and relaxing in its way. Better than telly:D

(21:35:20) Night night :)

Tweets for 04 Jul 2012


(06:23:43) I have an urge to rock out this morning. One of the 12/4 time @Jamfolder riffs going round my head.. Friday is going to be bonkers.

(06:46:57) MT @mediaguardian: New BBC director general expected to be named on Wednesday http://t.co/nJzJFUcv — hope it’s @claremac82 ..!

(06:48:25) RT @fandrews: http://t.co/FJdonVFB Watch live webcast announcement from CERN at 8am UK time #higgs

(07:03:10) I have a suspicion my stretch limo driver takes his style from lyrics of Carl Douglas’s ‘Kung Fu Fighting’. Today: A little bit frightening.

(07:36:12) Today's bizarre workplace happening: there's a 10kHz tone coming through the PA speakers about once every 30 seconds.. http://t.co/Iw5YIrHt

(08:36:10) Wow.. bit of a moment at CERN..

(08:41:11) I love that the CERN Highs Boson presentation is done in Comic Sans...

(08:50:31) Higg's boson, not High's boson. Darn autocorrect...

(10:37:19) Whoever had money on Eric Sykes being the celebrity Olympic torch carrier in Luton next week.. nope. Sadly enough. #RIPSykes @lutoncouncil

(11:32:55) RT @akbea: One for @ajhmurray... #notnews RT @Badger5000: ARGH! TOO MUCH NEWS! RT @arewenotben: Breaking Norfolk news! http://t.co/Z1amoLtT

(11:35:56) Going to go for a going walk.

(12:19:29) I have returned. Returnily. And I have brought biscuits (@errolin wouldn't like them, but he's on holiday, anyway)

(12:28:41) Across the piece.

(12:33:26) How handy - @ebuyer are selling Higgs Boson-like particles - check out the suggested combinations :D http://t.co/pK8JZXKf (via @joedemax)

(14:43:27) I find pressing F5 quite refreshing.

(15:29:59) My personal email address has been a right nuisance today.

(15:30:13) Normally it's my work emails that annoy me :D

(16:20:49) Oh my. Probably the most shambolic @theILPPodcast ever. Whose idea was it to let @davelortal sing..? And you LET him, @TomBedwell..?! Wowzer

(16:21:55) Escaping the office environment. The beeping has stopped; meetings are over. Now.. who’s driving my stretch limo this evening..? Is it you?

(16:28:00) And..? It’s Radiant Driver. Must be about 30 degrees C in here. He is so warm.

(16:31:32) RT @OmarRaza: The Majhu Brothers - petrified! #FMBSeries5 http://t.co/dbtcTR2q

(18:47:04) I feel this bit of modest musical tinkering may well feature in a fair amount of Olympics footage: http://t.co/XiJTSDWz (via @contrarywitch)

(18:48:34) Right. I suppose I'd better rock out for a bit.

(20:21:02) I just found this bit of bizarreness. There are a LOT of people with too far much time on their hands.. http://t.co/zo5SHL8B

(20:48:05) Right. I am going to pack away today - the carry case looks awfully small, so please accept my apologies if I have to stand on you. Night.

Tweets for 03 Jul 2012


(07:08:51) Good morning. I say ‘good’ but the traffic this morning is truly abysmal. And dismal.

(07:50:56) I am being requested to "Please wait for the User Profile Service." I couldn't be more pleased to do so. To do what, though? Coffee time.

(09:34:00) I'm sitting down a lot today.

(11:48:40) Right. Time to put something unsuitable in a mug.

(11:49:22) RT @jonhind: Blimey its Marvin the paranoid android http://t.co/KHVWH1Mr via @TwitPic

(13:44:09) Oh. The massive quantity of free text messages I had accumulated has disappeared without warning. Consequently so has my credit #PAYGwoes

(14:21:43) Two things: one - there is a 1980s band called 'Gazebo' . Second.. I have just discovered 'Format Painter' in Outlook 2010. BRILLIANT.

(15:24:08) Male pattern badness.

(15:27:08) RT @dignut: Here is the best thing you'll see all day: a patient has brought me in a picture of her hamster eating spag bol. http://t.co ...

(16:57:28) Gannin’ huam. As opposed to gammon ham. There is some hot coach action going on (no crying childs hurrah) - I think the driver is radiant.

(17:04:48) This stretch limo won’t go above 50mph. It’s like Speed except in reverse. Not actual physical reverse. That would be frightening.

(17:05:06) RT @dlwp: http://t.co/HGAt7Nl8

(17:20:14) Wow! The band Elbow have made a #realale called ‘Build a Rocket Boys’ - @vobes and @beershowjimmy are drinking it (and scanning the QR code)

(19:14:33) Some Lewis before bed, I think. It's never the mildly evil one.

(21:20:22) Bed. Bed bed bed bed bed. Night!

(22:58:22) Camomile tea.

Tweets for 02 Jul 2012


(05:54:52) Morning morning. What with #BTNB12 being at the end of it, this is going to be a heck of a week. Time for some supercharged coffee.

(06:26:11) “I’m here for the craic” gets autocorrected to “I’m here for the fraud” :D

(06:59:33) RT @CosmicCoco: Lest we thinks it's actually all about sport! http://t.co/e6CHNn7l

(08:38:16) A state of heightened awareness. Be aware. Or go to Ware (it's quite nice there)

(16:26:56) Right. Why did nobody tell me there is a liquorice flavoured Wrigley's Airwaves chewing gum? (Not that I normally chew.. it's an experiment)

(18:43:27) Time, I think, for another bit of @Jamfolder rehearsal. We mean business. We mean pleasure. We are the mullet of music.

(18:45:51) RT @fridgemagnet2: Is this or is this not beige. As in not green. Vote now. #fb http://t.co/9Zq05ash

(21:47:39) RT @dt90spt: An awesome evening's @Jamfolder rehearsals with @syzygy - we can do this! @BritishTechNews bash here we come!!

(21:52:05) All done rocking* out# with the band^ - bedtime. Night!

Tweets for 01 Jul 2012


(06:38:28) Good morning. Coffee time, I think.

(09:58:20) At a different church. Fortunately the hymns are ones I know, so there will be singing with gusto. I might not be asked back. Again...

(10:59:36) Our growing boy: "What's the point of wearing colourful socks if you can't see them..?"

(11:30:02) http://t.co/xEvYohIu Repairing @superalora's mini USB mouse #makedoandmend http://t.co/5NZi4wie

(12:16:01) Time to be beaten at Uno.

(12:49:51) RT @msjenb: Want to hear a joke about sodium?
What about Potassium?

(12:52:44) Time for a swim, I think.

(15:41:59) Home after a good splash around at Harpenden swimming pool. All tired out now. Time for lemon & ginger tea and more losing at Uno :D

(16:18:52) Heh. Big kids, basically: http://t.co/dYDvCHlO ...although this is not like reality because at least one piece wasn't missing/snapped off.

(16:21:18) Ended up listening to ThisIsHeart on the way home from swimming. They've employed a man with the most anodyne voice IN THE WORLD. Terrifying

(16:22:33) There is a very interesting symbiosis on the terrace.. the sparrows & dunnocks eat from the feeders and the pigeons nibble what they drop..

(16:27:07) All tired out now.

(17:22:15) Accessories for playing Minecraft (apparently): Lenni - a ukulele tuning pipe. Chris - a mallet.

(19:05:28) Eep. @Jamfolder's first live performance (and my first gig) is in 6 days time. Beginning to feel the pressure now. Rollercoaster ride yeah.

(22:28:08) It looks like tomorrow's going to be an enormous Monday, so I'd better prepare for it. This will be done through the medium of sleep. Night!

Tweets for 30 Jun 2012


(07:02:45) Good morning. New (educational) toy! I equated this to getting a ZX81 when I was 12... #raspberrypi http://t.co/8M7w6Z5M

(10:39:08) I couldn't resist it.. my first tweet from the Raspberry Pi. Just a commandline twitter app at the moment, but hey...

(11:00:10) I've just been pointed to this by @Poots - it's called "Travel Luton" http://t.co/FMyfAtjc #Luton

(15:47:28) Home and eating popcorn after a successful town trip. We have bought @Fridgemagnet2's birthdag present. For next year.

(15:51:32) Also (somewhat) worthy of note is tbat I'm eating toffee popcorn - the first time I had it was from a swimming pool vending machine.

(15:57:11) Frustratingly, my raspberry pi twitter client seems to be incapable of sending a tweet without a typo.. most frustratinf.

(18:15:09) RT @brianmmonroe: RT @darrenmurph Spotted at Apple HQ. The world's nerdiest car. Amazing. http://t.co/Gckaejwt - I have seen that car ar ...

(21:38:33) Right. Off to bed. Apparently there's sport on. night!

(22:04:39) Much chuckling during my Bedtime Rituals at @JulietMM, @Sfolland and @hubbardcj's latest @106jack podcast offering. @50ShedsOfGrey: genius.

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