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Tweets for 29 Jun 2012


(02:29:56) I am not awake. It is not altogether too warm. My tummy doesn’t hurt.

(05:20:37) Good morning. Friday, and this is plenty early enough for me. Looking forward to a doze on the coach.

(07:06:26) Lovely.. some Laurie Anderson pops up on random as I walk to work. I aspire to such wonder. Kokoku #np

(07:37:36) We have been discussing this:

(12:38:25) I have decided that I will use Facebook on an entirely different browser. Time to contain those cookies.

(16:40:08) International flags on Regent St http://t.co/AmWNZIzj

(17:05:39) A watched-for stretch limo never arrives.

(17:21:35) This is how I roll, uhuh yeah @missymwac @lilacnun #stretchlimo http://t.co/1zYPJ5o1

(18:53:21) Apparently a cat has adopted our local Asda. It is clearly making a play for the fish counter.

(19:26:59) I have something wondrous to show the children tomorrow. I suppose I ought really to prepare it.

(22:38:52) I think I might have sorted out some well-overdue arranging. The guitar riff sounds worryingly like Party In The USA slowed down, mind. Oh.

(22:39:10) To save any further damage or oblivion, I shall go to bed. Night night to you.

Tweets for 28 Jun 2012


(05:22:38) Good Mordrin. I'm catching up on yesterday's #radio4 comedy offerings. Katy Wix's "Bird Island" is gently lovely. My Teenage Diary: less so.

(08:42:26) Right. Email conquered. Time to write up my appraisal. There is a server whining away behind me. It may influence my writing. Wrreeeeee

(16:32:53) Making good my escape despite there being an utterly epic oriental buffet at the East Asia Hub ‘meet the neighbours’ session. I’m SO hungry.

(16:39:29) Today’s homeward stretch limo summary:

(17:41:22) It's definitely less horribly hot in Luton.

(17:55:26) Home. Oh my goodness it's warm but nice.

(18:21:28) Time to prepare myself physically & metaphorically for @BritishTechNews BIG Show on which I will be having a go later (when Ewen gets home)

(18:34:47) RT @Alan_Actually: If you lose one sense, your other senses are enhanced,that's why people with no sense of humour have an increased sen ...

(18:36:03) Biding my time. Cos you bide on time.. dah dah Dada dah dadah.

(20:05:30) I have my EXCLUSIVE pair of Google Glasses for the @BritishTechNews BIG show this evening http://t.co/gdFFa96S

(21:14:38) Time for bed. Some amusing amusements this evening. Night night.

Tweets for 27 Jun 2012


(05:26:36) Good morning. Back to the grind (no bumping at this time of day). Rather unusual dreams last night, which I will put down to the heat.

(07:45:33) Email count: 209. Meeting count: 7. I'm going to need to take a run-up, I think. A coffee one.

(12:30:51) Going on a mid-CAB biscuit forage. The fun never stops.

(16:30:24) (Long live) LOVE LIFE http://t.co/XpA3JlQ2

(16:35:11) Oh. Oh oh oh.

(16:58:22) Well that is a first. I've bailed the limo at Brent Cross because the air conditioning's broken, the windows don't open and a baby's crying.

(16:59:58) That truly was a nightmare hellride. It couldn't be any worse on the next bus... could it? (!)

(17:04:31) Ahh. At least 19% better. Definitely a good call.

(19:19:37) Fan and open window. One step away from the Damp Teatowel.

(19:46:26) Hello @DanSumption - always an interesting rarity to follow someone who'd done more tweets than me.

(19:48:47) RT @OmarRaza: To the @FagsMagsandBags fans, you'll be glad to hear that we start recording Series 5 next week (and the following week).

(20:13:17) One episode of Big Bang Theory before bed. Then bed. By all accounts there is a day tomorrow, and I might need to have a go on it. Night!

Tweets for 26 Jun 2012


(07:08:59) Morning. The active ingredient of my hay fever tablets is loretadine. As opposed to Loretta Dean. (Or at least I hope so)...

(08:31:31) We've been sent a poo in the post... the children will be delighted(!) http://t.co/9Z1yjUT9

(09:16:26) Almost every box of cereal has some kind of messy food explosion on it. I do hope this is not a serving suggestion.

(09:18:36) Exemplum: http://t.co/AilGfSxJ

(13:10:27) Lenni - preparing for the 'Fiddle Fiesta' this evening... http://t.co/EfnOZF86

(14:26:07) RT @johndredge: Am on Resonance 104.4FM and http://t.co/VRkaAj4p at 4 with some of the best bits of the weird radio comedy series I did ...

(14:26:28) There is humidity going on. I'm not a fan.

(18:59:08) Home again home again, after a gig (Lenni's debut performance at the ol' viola). She did very well. I videoed it for future proof. YEAH.

(19:39:06) Preparing for bed while listening to people talk about cats on @TinTopTuesday; one of those conversations I came in halfway through.. #BTCC.

(19:44:21) I love British Touring Cars.. they have a radio show with features like @FrankWrathalls' Frank Raffle.. spot the station sticker on his car.

(19:45:39) Off for a shower. Only had two today. That's a shambles.

(20:26:29) What I've learned from #TinTopTuesday: @aronsmith_ abducts injured pets, @robaustinracing has one line in a film and @wbrattracing rocks.

(20:46:05) Right.. better get to bed to get to work. Night!

Tweets for 25 Jun 2012


(06:06:42) Good morning. I have coffee and rather cheekily subcontracted some necessary ironing to @poots. She is very good to me. And irons SO well!

(06:42:38) It's bin lorry central on our road this morning. Lenni has tired of me shouting "CHAARGE!" whenever I see/hear one trundling past our house.

(06:59:50) It’a probably been mused upon before, but it occurs to me that Counting Crows must bear some responsibility for Billy Paul’s indiscretion.

(08:37:11) Gosh. Major caffeine crash. Fruity tea is in order.

(09:17:16) RT @thejoeturner: twitter please show support for @natwest. she's not the bank.

(09:23:13) RT @solobasssteve: How to get signed to a record label, & never be "unsigned" again - http://t.co/I42gm9Mu #ProTip

(09:23:45) In the intermediary.

(09:24:04) As opposed to the intermedairy.

(10:26:32) Well, this is a break from the norm. Having a sit down.

(12:16:10) I just looked down and thought "These aren't my feet." Fortunately, it turns out they are. But that is the kind of morning I've had.

(16:33:47) Tools down; day off work tomorrow, too. There will be serious @Jamfolder noise practising. Now, though, peanut butler on toast. Heh. Butler.

(17:45:35) Maple Treeway.

(20:04:04) I just did that Dad thing - throwing a spade and it going 'thonk' into the ground... #littlethings #littlemi http://t.co/FTUNTRZX

(20:39:16) I might have accidentally neglected to go to the Scout group AGM. It's been a stressful day...

(20:54:14) Chris attended a talk on soldiers in Afghanistan at Scouts. There were sandwiches. What flavour? Chris: "meat." What sort? "Just meat."

(21:13:26) Chris brought home the wrong trousers. For some reason this has really tickled me.

Tweets for 24 Jun 2012


(07:17:15) Good morning. It's a bit dim.

(11:46:37) First of the day's #BTCC races caught-up. Lots of dents. And Honda being a bit boring, to be honest. Nice work by the BMW drivers, though.

(13:41:45) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 1 and we're off (http://t.co/GdAQGVSE) #cgeo #geocaching

(13:55:50) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 2 a bit urban (urbane..) (http://t.co/QxRsSbpX) #cgeo #geocaching

(14:12:05) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 3 Rest your bones (http://t.co/aNqYUyrj) #cgeo #geocaching

(14:22:15) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 4 Neither here nor there (http://t.co/I8WwtnuH) #cgeo #geocaching

(14:37:23) I found Bridle Path Cache (http://t.co/ZZg4xc0V) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:19:14) I found Wigmore Wanders 5 Entering Herts (http://t.co/JIXmwUO5) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:23:56) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 6 Nice view (http://t.co/FKY8wJ99) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:48:41) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 8 Bods ready to go (http://t.co/ThLSq9Aq) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:59:16) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 9 walk along (http://t.co/FBAdCyLD) #cgeo #geocaching

(16:42:57) I found Wigmore Wanders Number 7 Harrys starting point (http://t.co/QAfSSbc3) #cgeo #geocaching

(19:26:38) Necessary maintenance required on my Galaxy S.. the SD card was full (despite the system saying it wasn't.. hmm)

(21:48:08) RT @VisitEngland: England lose on penalties. For more on our culture and traditions go to http://t.co/hufIKacu ;)

(21:49:21) Off to bed. I have been watching 'Big Bang Theory' while writing stuff in red pen. I am officially 37.5% Sheldon.

(21:49:32) Bed time. See yourself out.

Tweets for 23 Jun 2012


(00:16:50) Dropbox is playing silly beggars. Bleh. Definitely going to bed now. It is non-technological, and thus works. Night night properly.

(07:54:35) Wonderful things to read & listen to: Clive James on crap journalists: http://t.co/SlTf7fB6 and @AdamGopnik on critics: http://t.co/pPYqOYht

(08:29:28) First sight of a house sparrow on the feeder (poorly photographed from inside!) - this new birdfood is great! :) http://t.co/TQqddYy8

(08:36:13) Right. That'll do. Better get on with THINGS.

(14:39:45) Quite entertaining #BTCC qualifying, although no massive surprises... Hondas go zooom.

(18:21:40) DD is doing a hike, DS has just been trying to beat me at Mario Kart. I have taken 15 foot of tree to the tidy tip (the top 15 feet). Yeah.

(18:47:06) I just saw (or rather heard) @nxmee use a mallet to open a pistachio nut shell. There is an analogy and there is Literal Boy.

(20:11:13) I may well need to put an extra layer on. Me.

(21:14:54) I have yet to work out why my IP webcam goes a bit funny at about 10pm every night. Peculiar. And no, you can't burgle my house then.

(22:04:27) Bedtime. Niiight :)

Tweets for 22 Jun 2012


(05:31:06) I had a weird t-shirt dream last night just before the alarm went off. Oh. good morning. Better zoom.

(07:41:10) Right. Onwards.

(08:03:16) RT @andytuk: "function starWars(episode) {

(13:09:33) And the prize for being furthest off the mark in attempting to popularise science among women goes to: http://t.co/rzA7PpKm /via @Vicxter84

(14:20:35) Amusingly, I am giving the leadership team a tour of the new facilities. Two of them are leaving. Not sure there's a lot of point...

(14:24:53) I've just realised my wonderful commute in this morning was because of the London bus drivers strike. They should do that more often :D

(17:06:58) Trodden breakable things http://t.co/72xh2Zku

(17:37:11) I recall this morning's stretch limo driver was the grumpiest Arriva could muster. I shall refer to him henceforth as 'the pixie of delight'

(17:40:45) No. Twinklepixie. That's better.

Tweets for 21 Jun 2012


(05:54:00) Good Thursday to you. My phone let me down by being switched off this morning.. no alarm noise. Stealth wake-up by my brain at 5.44.. phew!

(06:35:55) I've got tonsils today. Stand well clear.

(08:10:41) I wonder if Ecuador will take me.

(08:14:32) Nokia. Wellies -> Mobile phones -> What next? I reckon cheese.

(09:32:30) Having lemsip. Too early for gin.

(15:49:11) Planning a 'walking to the bus while still on a conference call' trick. It will be SO funny if I get run over.

(17:08:55) The journey home wouldn't be the same without a whining toddler. They provide them free of charge.

(19:27:43) RT @MissyMWAC: Getting ready to upload my Star Trek inspired show to @BritishTechNews. I might wear the ears the rest of the day.xoxo ht ...

Tweets for 20 Jun 2012


(05:40:29) An early hurtly Wednesday to you. I have a day spattered with meetings… it’s all about surviving today.

(06:14:46) Too much traffic. At this time of the morning. Well.

(07:13:58) This made me properly laugh out loud. I wish all music lessons were like this.

(12:07:09) It's North CAB time. This means vague mumblings from across the meeting room that I can barely hear. I may prepare some soup.

(16:31:01) Escaped work relatively unscathed - with an itchy throat. Pollentastic. Bit on the old warm side...

(18:53:34) RT @fridgemagnet2: Right. Pub. Please RT

(21:04:35) I’ve just stopped Wednesday with my bare hands. Sleepy time now, so please carry it to a safe disposal area (the US?) night mighty night.

Tweets for 19 Jun 2012


(05:30:28) Good morning. Always a delight to listen to one of the best radio comedy programmes ~ever~ on #iPlayer .. On The Hour http://t.co/zBrctLa0

(05:31:52) Uhoh.. gotta go.

(07:00:57) Nearly time to trudge. Dozing on the coach is fraught, I tells ya.

(07:42:09) Waiting for my coffee to brew... la la la la la lalalala...

(09:10:13) This is jazz (or at least it typifies why I feel the way I do about it):

(13:14:43) The BT Tower from Fitzroy Square gardens - a brief lunchtime escape http://t.co/5UozGebf

(16:20:03) Attempting homegoing technology. It’s taking a while to boot up.

(16:28:09) RT @johnhegs: A41 blocked north bound just before Tring turn off.

(16:29:49) Homeheadage installation in progress. 2%

(17:54:23) Home and pondering... it's not a quandary ponder, neither.

(18:52:18) Right. Time to have a shower and pretend to do something that isn't #euro2012

(20:39:32) To heck with today. Heck, I say. Night.

Tweets for 18 Jun 2012


(06:33:00) Morning. Can I have another bedtime please?

(17:08:06) Right. Down tools for the day. Undead emails somewhat conquered, and a 'to-do' list (sort-of) sorted for tomorrow. Yeah. Now: TASTY BAGEL.

(19:02:54) Watching every single episode of Lewis, in order. Starting with the first one. Well, OK. Just the first. Only ever seen one other.

Tweets for 17 Jun 2012


(07:20:50) Morning - and happy Father’s Day (in the US and the UK, I believe :) I have had cards and gifts from my progeny.. definitely spoiled.

(07:37:39) It’s the London to Brighton cycle ride today. One of my team is doing the cycling, catching the coach back & then coming into work. Bonkers.

(11:04:05) Just completed a 12 minute sit down with @sitdownkeeper. Measure Good Sit Downs with the sitdownkeeper app for iOS, Android & comfy chair.

(15:14:18) RT @audioboo: New iPhone Audioboo app now live http://t.co/xvh5e8cg

(16:05:59) I've got sunburn on the back of my neck. I should really not be allowed outdoors.

(18:14:52) I have one of those plastic Starbucks credit card wallet things. The credit card holdy plastic has all but come loose. I may tape it. #sad

(21:37:58) Heh. @Z80GameCoder is funny https://t.co/ZmzE7ZAi

(22:53:58) Well that's it for me being Mr Popular Dad.. back to normal tomorrow :D Night!

Tweets for 16 Jun 2012


(08:08:17) Morning. My entire lower abdomen feels like its organs have been rearranged, and they don't like it much. Coffee/ibuprofen might help.

(09:12:41) RT @RopesToInfinity: I believe this is what the kids today call a 'pwning' http://t.co/WNMYqPba

(09:13:48) Taking a break from LPIC-1 to do some Wii Fit. Get a bit sweaty then shower. Then get dressed. It may be a plan. Maybe.

(11:01:40) Aww.. @superalora’a playing UNO on the Wii. Lovely game :)

(14:18:37) My goodness Twitvid has gone completely rubbish.

(14:18:58) I want all my drawers to do this.. http://t.co/DE0Fb7YF

(14:56:18) Time for a game of Junior Monopoly with @superalora. I have never won a game of Junior Monopoly. I'm not really a board game winner (baby).

(15:43:35) It's a close game with Doctor @superalora #JuniorMonopoly #rainydaygames http://t.co/tXJWeQvZ

(16:32:20) Junior Monopoly update: despite having more property than @superalora, she still won after a protracted game (is there any other sort?)

(18:11:48) Today's "Thing @nxmee has introduced me to": Mugshot Buffering. It's the amusing expression of a face on screen when a video pauses/buffers.

(22:17:00) Well, I've made some progress on pedal mashing this evening. I do like to overcomplicate things. Night night night then. Sleep well.

Tweets for 15 Jun 2012


(05:25:56) Good morning, both without and within. You'll not see nothing look the mighty Friday mornin'. One more commute till the weekend...

(05:26:48) Hurrah! Mordrin McDonald is back! Look him up on iPlayer (should you be so inclined)

(06:20:38) One day I want to go to work looking like Boris Johnson.

(14:54:35) There’a a telly on in our office that seems permanently to be showing coverage of the Olympic Torch people. They all look everso pleased.

(16:45:57) New stretch limo - it's got leather seats (it's probably got a CD playerplayerpla..) #luxurycruiser http://t.co/280WZsLy

(17:14:43) Please follow @tamarakuzminski because I love her and her photography and she's @superalora's gorgeous Godmother. #FF

(17:21:34) I really don't make enough use of 'Lists' in Twitter. I suppose that's a reflection on how my mind works in general..

(17:28:19) Dear you, if you’re planning a visit to Portsmouth’s shopping emporia, may I make a request? I saw a t-shirt there I’ve not found elsewhere.

(17:44:00) My mind has changed somewhat.. this stretch limo is all fizz and no furniture. Well. Some furniture, but it's a bit flimsy.

(19:18:32) Aww.. the leavers at our local school made a 'lipdub' video http://t.co/M42VkX3p - excellent work :) #Ashcroft #Luton

(19:20:17) This is the bar by which school lipdubs are set. though.. http://t.co/SxJymYqF #lipdub #FSL #Lisburn

(19:33:28) I’ve just heard that there is a “Chris Moyles Commentary” button for tonight’s match. I thought football couldn’t get lower-brow #baffling

(19:35:18) I wonder how many people watch a black & white TV now digital switchover has happened. Can one get a monochrome Freeview receiver..?

(19:48:47) I have just realised that I have have heard of nearly none of the Engerland players. Where's Sol Campbell? #foopball

(22:27:48) Night then. JAAAAAAm

Tweets for 14 Jun 2012


(05:12:43) Good morning. And oh my goodness, this has made me chuckle: http://t.co/rFtjD6IJ - drinking on trains and umbrellas. Genius.

(06:14:14) Has the whole 3G network stopped working properly? I keep losing connectivity both on my work O2 phone and my @ThreeUK phone. Blaaaaaah.

(06:39:04) Inspired by @simplytanny, my current #radio2 favourite is this - absolutely LOVE the delay vocals.. SO summery! @Pnau http://t.co/qeMz7psz

(06:57:19) Today would be a perfect day to be home rehearsing @Jamfolder songs. Such are the limitations of a mortgage & not being very good at music:D

(07:16:24) One of many reasons why I love @poots: she just sent me a text saying "I'm in a helicopter!" :D #comedycallback

(12:10:25) I'm off to TK Maxx. Just you see if I don't.

(15:50:09) Bailing out on the advice of Wiser Colleagues. I have plenty to do.

(15:54:19) I've just deleted my Foursquare account. Strangely liberating.

(16:30:01) Heading home to prepare myself psychologically for the chatfest that is The @BritishTechNews BIG show… mucking about starts around 8pm

(17:11:16) In case you missed it, here’s @JohnDredge’s latest ‘The Nothing To Do With Anything Show (ep5): http://t.co/H7jrdChP - Luton gets a mention!

(19:28:32) RT @BritishTechNews: "Broadcasting LIVE on Justin.tv": http://t.co/Y3ZZHb0X

(21:10:09) I'd better head to bed.. good night :)

Tweets for 13 Jun 2012


(08:38:40) RT @johndredge: @syzygy http://t.co/xaXJkUN7 The Nothing To Do With Anything Show Ep5 ! 'Try it if you think Milton Jones is too sensibl ...

(09:10:52) Listening to Status Quo while the damp wind blows rain through the open doors of the tram. I have a headache & altogether too many meetings.

(11:59:31) Happy as a pig going to CAB.

(12:34:29) RT @VauxhallEngland: We've got 2 pair of tickets to a VIP screening of #England v Sweden on Friday in Luton with an England legend to gi ...

(16:22:56) RT @RealJaffaCakes: If anyone sees this, let us know won't you? http://t.co/Deu85Das

(17:53:45) I want my own buffet car.

(18:01:17) Record time for the Big Bus Dash - arrived with ten minutes to spare. Now: homeward.

(18:07:31) Sunny down south. Don’t like.

(18:15:14) I love that tweets about #TheArchers outnumber those about Big Brother on my timeline. I have a very special Twitter.

(19:27:04) Home. YEAH.

(20:07:17) I wonder if the New Years Eve TV retrospectives will be full of Jubilee clips...

(20:16:38) Nobody got my jubilee clip joke. BAH https://t.co/PnMKI4Ei

(20:17:40) RT @leica0000: @syzygy related searches: Wing Nut

(20:24:23) RT @tall_rich: @riggwelter @syzygy I'm sure there will be jubilee clips in the pipeline; though that may be plumbing the depths.

(20:44:47) Tomorrow, I am going to find myself a pocket zeitgeist. I should get myself some sleep so I can have enough energy to catch one. Night.

Tweets for 12 Jun 2012


(05:28:00) Morning, then. Considering trying things differently today and doing everything backwards. Going back to bed.. (I wish)

(06:07:42) Happy Tuesday @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @Lindylooloo @TheDizzyMama @stopsleyvicar @GHOGIT @Bubble2009 #Lutonians

(07:07:14) Still commuting. FML FFS (which stands for ‘Find my limo, feel feisty sometimes’)

(08:51:47) The most consistent thing about cats is their unconditional indifference.

(08:52:23) Did anyone make a Queen's Fruit Tella joke during the Jubilee weekend? If not, I am annoyed that it has struck me as amusing so tardily.

(14:06:39) RT @johndredge: Am on Resonance 104.4FM and http://t.co/VRkaAj4p at 4…audio silliness ahoy!

(14:15:05) Just got an email from Lenni’s school in response to my whinge about them using Publisher in their emails.. they will ask their ICT person.

(15:46:33) Oop. iPhone charger cable #fail. I’ll be begging and borrowing at the office again…

(19:04:42) +1 @SparkyAnnC (good call Sapporo!)

(21:46:28) The lifts in this hotel even tell you how uncomfortably warm it is in there... http://t.co/0sXhcVVy

(21:54:37) Right.... bed. Night!

Tweets for 11 Jun 2012


(03:26:15) Back to sleep with me.

(06:42:42) Well. Nah den #nahden

(07:22:14) I don’t see David Cameron as a worse person due to a mistake made when his family took two cars. My opinion of him is FAR too low for that.

(09:45:33) RT @vpsnet: MySQL Vulnerability http://t.co/B7qF7lE6

(10:03:33) I learned something technical this morning. Now.. can I remember it?

(11:42:16) Hope: when I'm on a conference call on my mobile and I go for a wee... is my phone really on 'mute'..? :/

(12:49:57) MT @mostlygeordie Am now speaking to 5th person at @bt_uk & trying not to explode as I explain THEIR mistake to them again. @BTCare <-HELP!

(13:41:10) I have been on the phone for the past two and a half hours. I can't believe I do this for a living.

(16:44:16) I'm finding myself saying "Oh dear..." a lot. This must mean I'm watching England play the footballs.

(17:54:54) Well, the England match has finished.. time to up the excitement levels and do some ironing.

(19:12:26) Ooooh yeah. Scout committee meeting ooooh yeah.

(20:53:34) My brain is now little more than papier-mâché after that meeting - I am going to bed to dream about 50 shades of beige. Good night.

Tweets for 10 Jun 2012


(07:05:18) Good morning. Sniffly today.. I think I might have inhaled a lot of leaf pollen yesterday. Do I mean leaf pollen? Anyway. That. Coffee yeah.

(08:01:48) Right. Need to get myself showered. Otherwise all terribly things will happen (stinkiness etc). Laters.

(08:05:27) I'm beginning to think I need glasses.. I thought I'd been invited to a BBQ, but it turned out it was a leaflet for a sale on at B&Q.

(08:10:01) Right. Definitely gone. I blame @Bubble2009 for distracting me with the #BTCC race times. It's NEVER my fault we're late to church. Never.

(11:23:00) yay vroom #BTCC

(15:16:03) Some garden lopping went on.. now I am sitting trying to work out what I have the energy for. I fear it is very little :/

(16:01:52) I am carrying out an in-place upgrade of my Linux server to 12.04. I can't see this ending well. Hurrah for VM backups.

(17:29:32) Thank you @nxmee for the loan of your Android tablet, since #ITV4 saw fit not to show the 3rd #BTCC race on TV.. bah! http://t.co/nVjplLYj

(21:37:10) Bedtime FTW(nfc[RIP]) n’night.

(21:45:59) Perfect bedtime listening from @bbcradio4: A Point of View; Adam Gopnik's short essay On Bees & Being #podcast #radio4 http://t.co/btONEPSP

Tweets for 09 Jun 2012


(08:52:15) Oooh.. free practice time at #BTCC yay :)

(09:07:13) Right. I'm off to shave, shower and sneeze. Then.

(10:59:22) Well. Our broadband is down, then. I'm going to trim even more of the hedge. I don't think there is a connection. In other news: ZUMBATHON?

(12:47:16) Oh fabulous - the children made(!) me select the 'cover versions' option on the @virginmedia helpline. and they're playing Rolf! Top choice.

(16:35:59) Hurrah! The internet is back, then. @Virginmedia (what did you do? :D)

(17:04:41) In about an hour's time there will be a @jamfolder rehearsal. Passengers at Luton Airport have been warned about an unpleasant racket :D

(22:53:38) A splendid evening of @jamfolder-y with @dt90spt. We did two songs almost properly. I need to practice! Lots.

(22:53:52) Bedtime now, I think.. night night.

Tweets for 08 Jun 2012


(05:34:22) Morning. And, indeed, ZOOOM.

(05:57:14) Bit damp http://t.co/unjiSQu2

(06:32:48) Caffeine crash :/

(07:29:21) This morning's undead email count: 30. I managed to hack the legs off quite a few as I commuted this morning. Commuted in a 'sentence' way.

(09:35:03) I chuckled like a thing when I heard @johndredge's latest Nothing To Do With Anything Show. I urge you to do a similar

(16:14:20) Doing massive yawns at the bus stop.

(18:07:49) I have HOME. Blessed.

(19:22:01) comedying. (Watching comedy.. not as in "come dying with me") With beer. Banananabread beer to boot.

(21:28:39) oh #FF @smartie999 @Ariadnes_web - everything in the world is these two.

Tweets for 07 Jun 2012


(19:55:46) Well. That was a bit rainy.Tomorrow, conversely, will be worky. Nearly bedtime (after I've sorted out my phone. Again) Happy Thursday night.

Tweets for 06 Jun 2012


(15:45:40) One of many amazing entries into the 2012 scarecrow competition in the village of Bentworth http://t.co/NQ2JAWSr

Tweets for 05 Jun 2012


(06:00:36) Mornin'. And mind the bollard. http://t.co/Cwn1zLU5

(06:57:35) Caution: do not feed the traffic lights http://t.co/GrlWx5wA

(07:08:48) Banish members of the middle lane owners club. Banish.

(09:12:10) She spelt my name wrong.

(10:40:45) I reckon if anyone actually came up with an original name for a nightclub, the other owners would be filled with Pure Liquid Envy..

(14:28:39) Can't think where they got their inspiration from... http://t.co/ybKW2Rx3

(14:29:18) Today's charity shop vinyl bargain: Red Box's "The Circle and The Square" for a pound... http://t.co/7up1omTB

Tweets for 04 Jun 2012


(06:14:44) Being accompanied in an early breakfast by @superalora, who is far more awake than I am...

(10:32:29) Oh no - Eduard Khil has died. That is trolololololuly tragic. RIP one of the finest Russian crooners/vocalisers ever.

(12:22:24) Emerging, blinking into the sunlight after wrangling with emails. XML files and appraisal write-ups when I get back from some foraging…

(12:57:30) Listening to @HenningWehn while drinking a bottle of (half-price) Friij. Which I have poured into a glass. It's what he would have wanted.

(14:46:02) I hereby copyright and claim trademark / patent pending on the childcare system known as "Skypesitting" - I'll sit your kids from MY house!

(16:03:11) Listening to @claw0101 & @MissyMWAC’s ‘Worlds Apart’ - “Florida and Four-way” as I make my escape from work (hurrah!) http://t.co/Fx0RWehP

(16:38:48) Strange sunshine/clouds/blue sky thing going on. All of them are way fluffy.

(18:40:40) Home. Apparently I missed ten minutes where http://t.co/NECbYQ4d wasn't on the telly. Ahh well.

(18:41:18) RT @BritishTechNews: @syzygy You Lot. I'm just hosting. Dial in Show. Pass it on

(18:48:13) RT @poots: @syzygy aren't you going to come in, darling? It's JLS, your favourite.

(18:50:56) i love the way some Twitter clients 'shorten' will . i . am into a URL. HAHAH. I bet he regrets that now. That silly http://t.co/NECbYQ4d :D

(18:53:35) Right.. having had my fill of JLS (glued to my seat) my fight-or-flight reflex has returned through the cringefest that is Miranda. *zooms*

(19:06:21) RT @cf_sound: Sound Designers check this out

(19:55:14) I've stopped ironing now.

(21:53:39) RT @psweetman: LOL RT @xtaldave: Ah, "land of hopeless Tories", excellent choice, ma'am.

(21:54:39) Right.. bedtime; I think I've managed to avoid the concert. Quick check of the news. Oh the news is the concert. Or is it vice versa? Night!

Tweets for 03 Jun 2012


(06:51:30) Seriously struggling to boot up this morning. Need my turbo button pressed..

(07:28:51) Roger the next door landlord news: he is going to the Jubilee pageant. Along with about a BILLION other people.

(07:30:30) In my (rather error-prone) book a pageant is supposed to have jousting. It's not a pageant otherwise. And a princess in a pink hat thing.

(08:16:56) Nearly time to embark upon the drizzly outdoors. I went out once yesterday, to say hello to Roger The Next Door Landlord. ONCE.

(08:57:03) Found out what "PGL" actually stands for. "Paranormal Ghost Location"- which, for a kids' holiday company, makes it sound quite frightening.

(08:58:17) I hear that Gok Wan will be taking on the styling of One Direction, but only on condition that they change their name to "Gok Wan Direction"

(11:09:53) Amusingly, David Bowie's "Let's Dance" playing when we got out of the car had become "Party for Everybody" by the time we got in the house.

(12:07:06) I'm a little traumatised. @106jack played this: http://t.co/18geFeqM - they're truly pushing the envelope of what was acceptable in the 80s.

(15:36:12) We've decided that coverage of Her Maj's flotilla would be improved by a live feed on the red button of what Prince Phil is saying #pageant

(16:48:13) RT @riffraff40: Hey Jude. http://t.co/w7tf1ZnE

(16:49:41) I'm back home. Which is more than can be said for her maj. And about four people left in London. With an umbrella and a metal crowd barrier.

(17:11:37) Oh my. I just saw a sad sight from the kitchen window: an L-plated car emergency stopping, followed by passenger & (crying) driver swapping.

(17:17:51) Wow.. @106jack have redeemed themselves from this morning.. Rudimental feat John Newman - Feel The Love. Wonderful! http://t.co/cWEJuuF7

(17:58:59) Sending your son or daughter on a trip away? Save time & money on labelling by packing clothes nobody else would be seen dead in. @TwopTips

(18:02:56) I think I quite like this: http://t.co/ScUoKvRn

(19:41:52) Fully caffeined up, I am about to embark on some studioing. My challenge: work out how to arrange a synth-based song into a guitar format.

(21:04:16) I'm going to bed, since I have to be up early tomorrow for Work Duty. There will doubtless be coffee. That's all I know right now. Night!

Tweets for 02 Jun 2012


(07:20:57) A poster on the stairs from the children this morning. They’re lovely. Happy long weekend :) http://t.co/i6vi7ez1

(07:47:56) Right. Better get out of bed… an indulgent lie-in has been had (thank you @nxmee and @superalora)

(09:22:24) Stopping tidying to tweet. Going back to the tidying in 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1..

(09:29:47) Just found these Koss Porta Pro headphones in a drawer in the lounge - they really are excellent for the price: http://t.co/wOcWI2CA

(09:32:05) Wow... just saw a major gust of wind almost blow the birdtable over...

(10:12:46) OK, so I keep taking a break from tidying to play on Twitter and write shell scripts. I'll get the lounge finished eventually (2032?)

(11:03:39) OK.. getting back to the tidying now #sighs

(11:45:24) RT @Elle_Draper: ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! 19 Things That Will Drive Your OCD Self Insane http://t.co/3lhYwjUL

(16:22:54) Is it only shouty children that play outside these days?

(17:12:06) I'm going to go back on the Wii. I have decided against watching England play the foopballs.

(21:09:39) I am SO tempted to go to bed now. I might just listen to what my body wants me to do. For a change. Night.

Tweets for 01 Jun 2012


(07:41:14) Morning. I'm off sick. But kind-of not because I have too much to do to be off sick. Operating from a darkened room with a gentle breeze.

(07:54:51) Cool.. they still make Letraset (but Amazon thinks it's a toy): http://t.co/7UZXmrb0

(08:29:11) RT @Aiannucci: Ladies and gentles, an Alan P app can now be downloaded FREE here. http://t.co/JOiOkNds. Thank you.

(09:09:44) Headache has nearly dissipated, but the tummy feels like it's having a fast spin. Should've set it to 'delicates'.

(10:35:22) I just heard that Oliver Postgate coined the phrase "Dropped a Clanger" - makes sense!

(11:47:27) Post implement reviews. Oh my.

(11:51:14) I need a stretch.

(15:16:43) Roger's back. And I think he's sawing the hedge.

(15:17:58) In other news, I'm analysing music (as is my wont) & my tummy is still burbly. At least my head seems almost back to normal (as it ever is!)

(19:10:18) HOLIBOBNOBS! (I love Twitter!) @Dappydoris @katchooon http://t.co/XGF61Cdy

(20:08:49) We are discussing Jon Richardson. Funny, but I wouldn’t want to spend a lot of time with him.

(20:11:33) I like @KateHumble. Beth likes @KateHumble. This means she can come round our house (but I must hoover first).

(20:51:03) There are festively raised voices outside.

(21:48:15) Right. I need to sleep in chronological order (to maintain harmony in this and the parallel universes immediately nearby) Thus: good night.

Tweets for 31 May 2012


(01:24:18) Emailing my boss at 2.15am. Yeah.

(05:06:25) Good morning. I'm having toast. I need toast this morning.

(05:19:46) RT @poots: @brennig @syzygy Have you seen this http://t.co/d4xupjBU 'Somebody That I Used To Know - WOTE' parody. Made me smile.

(05:20:35) A busy #Binaish hour good morning to @PlainTalkingHR @Bazmati2020 @wkdstepmother @poots @TheDizzyMama @Lindylooloo & @StopsleyVicar #Luton

(05:25:35) I've got France's #Eurovision 2012 song stuck in my head. Despite it being grammatically incorrect, it's still a great slice of pop.

(05:26:23) In other news, I just listened to "So Wrong It's Right" - http://t.co/zdfPLBEG BRILLIANT. And it's all over so quickly.

(05:31:07) Right.. better go. Layers.

(09:11:03) The best time to remember one has left one’s staff pass on one’s desk is ~not~ when one is going through the glass turnstiles at the exit.

(12:48:19) Lunch! Then appraisal! oh my.

(16:29:48) I am beginning to be convinced that someone has left a grumpy toddler on this coach for the past couple of months and now it LIVES HERE.

(17:26:42) Oh dear. Migraine or thunderstorm approaching. At this stage it’s hard to tell :/

(20:46:07) Right. G'night - all tired out now! Night night night.

(20:56:54) Oh my. And goodbye May!

(21:27:55) My home-town! Bexhill-on-sea... *wipes away a tear* Keane - Sovereign Light Café: http://t.co/mEBL4RKR via @youtube

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