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Tweets for 30 May 2012


(05:42:26) Good morning. There’a a heavy, almost smokey mist hanging over Luton this morning. Still rather warm. I know what I shall do. Go to work.

(05:46:12) Catching up with an extra-long @vobesshow (with @vobes and @beershowjimmy - fine mainstays of..) while the coach trundles slowly down the M1

(11:46:06) I've come over all sleepy. CAB or nap? CAB or nap.. or both...zzzzzz

(16:44:09) Escapation. What an afternoon. Things broke. Things got fixed. I need to find out why things broke. I want answers darnit! On a charabanc.

(16:44:44) Not so much a stretch limo as a jalopy. Older than both of my children. Put together.

(17:25:53) Sitting in front of a whingeing toddler and behind a stinky man on a coach where the heating won’t turn off. A middle class slice of hell.

(18:03:33) Left my wallet on the coach (probably) #idiot

(18:49:11) Huzzah. My wallet has been found on the coach and I can collect it at ten to nine. I might bring 'thank you' biscuits. #stilladonkey

(19:12:18) celebrity ice cream then off up the hill again to collect what is rightfully mine.

(19:48:02) All present & collected. Biscuits bought with any small change I had left. Home by 9pm. Shower. Bed. That's some kind of Wednesday evening.

(20:18:20) I'm going to see if I can install Spotify (I am sure I have an account from the Olden Days) and then I am going to bed. Night nearly night!

Tweets for 29 May 2012


(08:09:34) Ahh back in the office again. Better get my email list down...

(11:43:47) I have eaten sufficient custard creams not to be particularly interested in lunch.. :/

(13:03:07) I think I might have pulled something in my back at the weekend.. really nasty twinges. If it's still hurty next week, I'll call the doctor.

(18:23:21) Nearly home. I have no idea what bus I'm on, but it's going broadly the right direction. I will ask him to stop right outside my house.

(18:25:59) Today I have been given the gift of music thrice. I am indeed blessed. With music. And friends.

(18:27:04) See, I really have no desire to be famous - I have the most amazing friends, and they give more than strangers ever could. They include you.

(18:32:09) Great news! I'm not going to end up in Dunstable!

(19:42:38) catastrophic cable failure

(19:43:55) Right. Time to venture behind the telly and thence into the loft on the quest for a Wii to SCART (or composite) lead. Darn its socks off.

(20:59:19) Oh dear. I've just about run out of Tuesday. Time to jump back in my cupboard. Night night!

Tweets for 28 May 2012


(05:33:17) Good morning (first attempt at Monday) I definitely need some antihistamine today.. a sneezing fit last night pointed this out. Throaty now.

(05:56:30) It’s all going off in Greenwich this morning (chemical fire & air raid siren!) What a wake-up! h/t @johngs08 @PaulLomax

(06:03:10) Back to work today after a week off. I wonder how many undead emails I have lurking & waiting for me… probably about a million…

(06:19:55) RT @akbea: MT @BBCRadio4: launching a new podcast today featuring all 60 episodes of Clive James' essays for A Point of View. http://t.c ...

(07:01:34) In the stack for the bathroom…

(10:22:12) Two splendid things: [1] an elevenses snack of peanut butter on toast & Dr Pepper; [2] You.

(11:37:36) Time to cook something vaguely resembling lunch and get on with something vaguely resembling work.

(19:30:22) Booooo! Sealion is SO a word. @zany_zigzag

(21:27:55) Right. Tuesday isn't going to untangle itself. It may take me all day and I might not manage it, but hey.. it needs doing. Night!

Tweets for 27 May 2012


(07:29:56) Good sleepy Sunday morning. Nope. That’s all I’ve got.

(08:41:42) RT @billl_murry: 20 years ago we had Johnny Cash, Bob Hope and Steve Jobs. Now we have no Cash, no Hope and no Jobs. Please don't let Ke ...

(12:05:05) "Did @StephenFry invent Friday?" - Lennj

(12:28:04) Watching #eurovision again in the warm light of day - so cruel that some perfectly good songs ended up doing so badly..

(12:29:09) My children are bewildered by the Albania performance. And even moreso that it came 5th...

(15:09:43) There's obviously something going on in Harpenden (apart from a family swimming trip) - there's a helicopter

(15:37:52) There is something, having just heard the recent Rihanna & Calvin Harris noise on ThisIsHeart that I believe needs to be done. I may do it.

(15:54:08) I've decided, having listened to Rolf Harris's "I've been everywhere" (and the Lucky Starr version) that they transcend modern pop. Sod it.

(15:58:02) Back from a swim.. turns out the police vans were all about the protests/counterprotests outside Rothamsted

(16:02:20) I shall now build a microphone cable, while listening to some old records. Keeps me out of trouble.

(16:18:52) Thank you to @_windrider for this amusing comedy thing by Scared Weird Little Guys:

(16:29:58) RT @mccauleyphotos: URGENT: Pro photographer needed in Croydon NOW. Can anyone help?

(17:34:27) There really should be something one should say in response to hearing someone hiccup. Like 'bless you' except less plague-related.

(17:41:50) Cheese upon toast. My favourite village in the east of England

(17:43:16) I have a very big decision to make in three days time. In fact, sooner. So I can be prepared. #abitscared

(18:26:09) I made the mistake of sitting on the sofa. I am doomed to be here for the rest of time unless I can persuade myself to get up...

(19:53:41) Ahhh... a nice tidy studio. Although I'm a bit concerned that the IT cable section is mainly spaghetti and VGA/PS2 leads. Hmm.

(20:14:12) RT @BritishTechNews: *NEW NEW NEW* The Web Show is posted with @PaulWheatley @SarahJaneUK @Humedini and more - 'Web v Native' http://t.c ...

(21:12:59) Audioboo: East Luton Evening Soundscape #birds #luton #noise #soundscape

(21:47:39) I have nearly started doing the ironing.

(22:29:51) Right. Irony done.. bedony to follow. Goodnight then!

Tweets for 26 May 2012


(05:17:02) Good morning. Plenty going on, even at this #Binaish hour. S'pose I ought to drag myself out of my pit...

(09:33:18) Blue skies. Or sky.

(17:19:25) RT @nxmee: you know when life has failed you when you hear 'i'm sexy and i know it' played at a childrens family disco!

(17:23:05) Ooh.. just over an hour and a half until #Eurovision. After a refreshing shower, I'll be tweeting as @eurosyzygy if you're so interested :)

(18:14:52) There is something very strange (or rather depressing) going on - the left speaker of my studio monitors is buzzing. That's the second time!

(18:15:36) I'm beginning to wonder if my power amp is sending out something unpleasant (DC?) to the left speaker causing the cone to displace too far..

(18:15:55) *sigh* I'm going for a shower.

(20:33:19) O NO #sadface @eurosyzygy is in Twitter Jail :(

(20:33:37) Boring boring boring boring #hat #eurovision #Germany

(20:36:30) Jedward hair. And a chorus FAR too long in coming. #Malta #Eurovision #nottop5

(20:37:21) What have they done to this song? I'm sure he performed it better in the semi-final #Malta #eurovision

(20:40:23) Ahh yes #FYRMacedonia - Kaliopi has a big following. A reasonable little song. But not top 5. Oh no. Not. 5. #eurovision

(20:42:59) "Last one standing" #eurovision #FYRMacedona #nakeddeli

(20:43:39) Here. We. Go. #Jedward #Ireland #eurovision I can make the children sing this with just three words.

(20:45:18) See, right, Jedward have no idea about women. That's the only problem I have with this song #eurovision #ireland.

(20:47:15) RT @JoOstermeyer: Jedward or Ralph and Michael Schumacher!! It's uncanny #eurovision

(20:47:39) I've completely lost interest in the songs now. #eurovision Actually, the rest are rubbish.

(20:47:55) RT @SlimJimSim: Little know fact that Jedward's entry was penned by Will Self. #Eurovision

(20:48:47) RT @BoromirDoesNot: One does not simply put a pile of Spaghetti on a suit of Armour and high five it into Mordor. It is folly #Jedward # ...

(20:49:44) They got the mops out quickly for #Serbia. They're slow movers. That said, one of them had better not slip over #eurovision #claimsdirect

(20:51:46) I don't like this song. #ukraine #eurovision #notthedisneyversion

(20:52:35) Another bass drop then. #atthewrongtime

(20:53:59) I have to say it's clever how they got over the stage limit by putting people on tellies. And in skirts. Also, #moredubstep #eurovision

(20:56:54) It's the lampshade song. #eurovision #Moldova This one is a good closer - it might do quite well #topten

(20:58:32) Oh. The falling on the floor bit. Loses a point. #eurovision #Moldova #IdontevenknowwhereMoldovais

(21:00:57) Should I be making a phone call? Should I?

(21:03:45) My Top Ten in reverse order: #TheHump #Ireland #Sweden #Iceland #France #Cyprus #Moldova #Hungary #Russia #Greece #eurovision

(21:31:32) I do like the portrait frame of the voter representatives... although I'm not so keen on the partisan voting :D

(21:42:49) Is guyliner in? #eurovision

(21:44:01) I find it a little sad that Iceland didn't do better. We haven't had the Scandinavian countries yet, mind...

(21:54:11) RT @akbea: ...oh, ok. Yes. That. RT @colmtobin: Singlepoint Humperdinck #eurovision

(21:56:57) I have decided that we're going to have to move the UK to somewhere near Kosovo. #eurovision

(21:59:40) I love the Sweden voting woman. Please come round my house :) #eurovision

(22:07:08) Another character, then... #eurovision

(22:10:31) 12 points for Albania? Italy is surely a bit bonkers. #eurovision

(22:17:59) A convincing victory by the trancy darkness of Sweden. Well done, David Guetta and the kicking in the head man. Night night! #euphorovision

(22:25:45) I love Twitter.. lots of coverage of Eurovision but I had no idea what the England vs. Norway match result was :) Bedtime now. Night! :)

(22:26:55) Genius:

Tweets for 25 May 2012


(06:36:04) Good morning. I am going to build a massive parasol. And a fan.

(06:38:01) I am also close to the waterline.

(08:27:42) Struggling with lyrics this morning. Quite hard to avoid cheese (rhymes with tease, geese and long-term lease agreement)

(10:02:43) Kuuuuuuuuuuuuuulna!

(13:46:43) Bit of a late lunch. Made some musics, at least.

(15:27:17) About twelve years ago, I subscribed to the @FHM weekly newsletter email. Today I got the 'Closer' newsletter. To my FHM address. Spammers.

(15:28:55) I need a disco nap. Or an early night (starting no

(16:07:28) I am opting out of living in the South East of England. I am going where there are igloos or something.

(17:56:42) Off to a Jubilee Disco. Gosh.

(18:43:42) That'll be @nxmee rocking the @brettdomino look at the Jubilee School Disco yeah

(20:37:34) Audioboo: Chris - Geeks are Cool Too #chris #rap #nxmee

(21:08:10) Just ordered some new accessories for my camera. Not because I am a gadget obsessive.. because I broke the CPL filter and lost my lenscap :D

(21:30:45) Right. Bedtime. I need to watch a child be dampened tomorrow. Not in a 'drink spilt on a toddler' way. That's not a spectator sport. Night!

Tweets for 24 May 2012


(07:17:20) Congratulations to @JohnDredge on being featured as "Podcast of the Week" on - he wins a plank of wood called Eric.

(07:22:23) I'm being told off by my dear daughter for not wearing sufficient clothes for the school run. I even put socks on for heaven's sake.

(09:42:45) RT @hedgemint: Bazinga

(10:31:22) Some pictures from my Canterbury visit yesterday..

(13:40:37) Roger the New Next Door Landlord has just had some scaffolding put up in the front of the house. Wonder what he's up to...

(13:48:26) I have found some chocolate. I am going to struggle not to polish the whole lot off.

(14:00:16) I signed some petitions. Now I get emails constantly asking for me to sign more petitions. It's like pyramid petitioning (or similar).

(14:35:03) Candidly, I need to move closer to what remains of the polar ice cap. Or Polish Ice Hat. Whichever is cooler. Or a castle. Or bus station.

(15:03:51) Thinking of some friends from church who lost their child shortly before he was due :/ The funeral's about now.

(19:50:19) A rather unusual way to spend a Thursday evening - walking Lenni to Cubs. then unexpectedly helping Chris make a rap about being a geek(!)

(21:15:52) Right. I'm going to go to go to bed. Tomorrow had better not be warm. I'll be keeping an eye on you. Goodnight :)

Tweets for 23 May 2012


(07:07:13) Bob Moog is slowing me up this morning #googledoodle

(08:47:47) Hello. Today I have no specific intentions. Nothing at all. Right now I'm having a sit down. I may have another one later. #dayoffeverything

(10:41:45) I'm sort-of home. Sort-of home alone. Weird and beautiful.

(10:48:36) I've just realised that there are students at my old university that weren't born when I was there ...

(12:29:07) I found Off Track ( #cgeo #geocaching

(12:34:27) Bit melt.

(12:34:43) Bit melty.

(17:02:46) I am in a castle. Castles are cool (literally)

(18:28:28) Walking old steps is intriguing. Half-memories gel into something that is real enough no longer to be entirely familiar. It's further, too.

(18:55:04) Obligatory 'Cathedral from a long long way away' photo

(19:17:56) Massive satsuma sunset.

(19:32:12) Hurtling home after a day of retracing 20 year old steps. I had a bike back then, to be fair. Tyre tracks, then. Lots of them.

(19:59:42) I do like HS1.. speed from Canterbury to Ashford: 70mph; Ashford to Ebbsfleet: 140mph. This is a very quick train. Houpla.

(20:58:47) Millions(ish) of people waiting for delayed and woeful First Crapital Connect trains at St Pancras ~sigh~

(22:18:39) Time for bed. The good news is that I didn't lose anything on my day out today. Drank 2.5 litres of water, to boot. Needed it! G'night :)

Tweets for 22 May 2012


(06:37:35) During yesterday's Twitter break, I saw a fledgling, threw a tomato behind the cooker and worked on industrial electro with @junkmanuk

(06:38:24) Also, the air was thick with pollen. I could practically see it. And smell it. Atchoo. Nettles inject histamine into the skin! #fact

(15:38:33) Home after an extensive and informative tour of an ancient town by a very well-informed guide. Drinking tea and being dozy now..

(17:15:54) I got sunstroke on the first summer day this year. Go me! Just woke up after attempting to sleep it off (in time for #Eurovision semi 1)

(18:08:29) I just saw the strangest Futurama ever - the 'eyePhone' episode. (It's one of @superalora's favourite programmes) ...

(18:24:08) Tiny gavity-defying great tit fledgling...

(18:47:58) I'm a little warm. This could make me grumpy,. Fortunately, there is banana bread beer in the fridge. Degrumpifier.

(18:49:15) 12 minutes until semi-final number one of #Eurovision 2012. THIS is why I took a week off work. And stayed in the UK #Azerbaijan #Corruption

(19:00:46) Time to change to my @eurosyzygy identity for some #eurovision action. MMmm yeah.

(22:17:26) Eurosceptic unalphabetic - try not to be hermetic. I'm off to bed in a tick, so I bid you goodnight - and thank you for being so eclectic.

Tweets for 21 May 2012


(06:51:47) Good morning. Focussing on real life today. Wonder how I'll get on. It's often a bit sunnier on Twitter (law of averages). I'll report back.

(22:40:35) A day away from Twitter is kinda odd. Night night.

Tweets for 20 May 2012


(07:59:33) Morning. Bit achey, but yeah. I'm going for an old-school rummage later. There will be anorakky photos, most probably.

(08:08:41) I was kindly donated a can of John Smith's which I drank last night. I think I might have trapped nitrogen. One spits out the widget, right?

(11:28:19) An interesting, unusual morning at the Dunstable Downs Radio Club boot sale ( with my pals

(11:29:12) Sunday morning antique tech quiz.. what is this?

(11:36:39) My trapped nitrogen appears to have somewhat subsided #extrasmooth

(12:30:19) RT @mssres: @syzygy Is it the predecessor of the fax, that they used to wire photos to newspapers?

(13:09:42) A man in a suit, shirt and tie delivered our free local newspaper "The Cat Litter On Sunday". This is a very strange day.

(13:11:19) Thank you to @mssres (got it right!), @PlainTalkingHR, @AlexGFox, @mostlygeordie, @fridgemagnet2 @drhappymac and @justliketoby for playing!

(13:34:53) Quiet Sunday afternoon. Coffee and sleepiness.

(14:48:01) Just watched my son @nxmee eat a packet of BBQ Beef Hula Hoops for the sake of art. We all thought it was rubbish. We are philistines.

(15:09:35) My father-in-law bought my children plastic megaphones. They only now talk through these megaphones.

(16:36:10) My eyelids appear to be preparing for a campaign to close early on a Sunday. How annoying. I blame the nitrogen.

(17:05:04) Sunday evening: @nxmee is trying to control a PC using Windows 7 speech recognition. @superalora is trying to put him off. From her bedroom.

(18:11:22) All tired out now..the children are in bed, and I'm trying to work out what I have the energy to do. Tidy and listen to 12" singles. Yeah.

(18:58:44) 7" singles with wonky holes. I think I have my fair share...

(19:35:37) I've run out of elastic bands. Without stealing my son's.

(20:13:28) Almost everything I've put through the "record bus" of my mixer in the last year has had a limiter on it. *sigh* I'm fit only for Radio 1.

(21:52:22) Right. Time to call a halt to proceedings. I have imbibed ZERO nitrogen this evening (although I had some nuts). Good night to you especial.

Tweets for 19 May 2012


(06:56:09) Good morning. Struggling a bit with toast logistics and tidying. However: there is coffee, and @FridgeMagnet2 might be popping by later.

(07:21:50) According to Myers-Briggs I'm an ESTP. #WhatWeDoOnASaturdayMorning

(07:26:40) Being able to say "Caution. Vehicle reversing" into a megaphone near @nxmee's Skype voice conversation is why I had children.

(07:42:18) "Rasputin" by Boney M could have been a Horrible History song.

(07:50:51) An excellent More Or Less - "troubled families aren't necessarily troublesome families" Nice work, @TimHarford & team.

(07:54:52) Right.. better shower. And shave. And make myself look approachable.

(07:59:01) Before I go, though, I was given a flyer yesterday by a pleasant young lady. Nuclear Power in Koodankulam protest:

(08:47:25) Syncing my iPod Touch with my work iPhone's Downcast feeds.. it's doing it the wrong way and marking everything unplayed. #gah

(10:31:25) Snail interloper in the bird feeder #gah

(11:03:36) A little overgrown... but still quite lovely to be out in today :)

(13:23:52) That @fridgemagnet2 is here. We're sending him off to find the Wenlok Jug.

(17:05:44) Can you fry ham? #bacon

Tweets for 18 May 2012


(05:25:58) Good morning. I am helping myself to a delicate first slice of Friday; saving the rest for the inevitable cavalcade of meetings I have today

(06:22:45) Not a bad Friday commute.. nearly at Dim Sum Daily traffic lights (it doesn't say that any more) #FinchleyRoad

(07:16:47) Bit warm in the old orifice this morning.. I shall have coffee in an attempt to stay awake...

(07:20:31) RT @alnicholl77: Today is going to be an awesome work day. Just wait. You'll see. #positivethinking #Alrocks

(07:50:08) "State Of Independence" featured: Michael Jackson Brenda Russell James Ingram Dionne Warwick Kenny Loggins Lionel Richie  & Stevie Wonder.

(07:55:27) Heh.

(08:32:44) It's when my boy @nxmee says things like "Skrillex isn't dubstep - he's electro house" that I am most proud of him. #thatsmyboy

(09:22:21) I've just discovered there's a tiny little thing you can click in Outlook 2010 that displays the message options. That's rubbish. And TINY.

(16:15:34) Loads of polices on The Mall. Jubilee goings on? Protests? Resurfacing? (polices not pictured. They don't like it)

(16:16:10) Loads of polices on The Mall. Jubilee goings on? Protests? Resurfacing? (polices not pictured. They don't like it)

(16:52:39) Running hard at what looks from this angle like a weekend. It had better not be a giant mirror. #turningmyworkphoneoff

(16:55:44) Jubilee: quite OK • Olympics: not quite OK #opinion

(18:21:27) Home yeah :) It's nice.

(19:14:04) RT @GeekandSundry: Ticket to Ride Pocket is available for FREE download today! You can take your gaming on the go, courtesy of G+S! http ...

(19:38:20) Watching Grandma's House. @rebeccafront is formidable - and utterly gorgeous.

(21:03:54) Greg Davies is an inch taller than @RichardOsman #WILTY

(21:56:46) I'm going to bed. Token sleeping. Good night to you and those you hold dear and may all your dreams be sweet, entertaining and a bit odd.

Tweets for 17 May 2012


(05:34:51) Good morning. I have a cunning plan.

(16:52:55) The Goodyear Blimp over Lords Cricket Ground

(19:40:13) Watching this: while joining the panel in the @BritishTechNews BIG show live now:

(20:48:53) Time for zed said bedebee. Night night! :)

Tweets for 16 May 2012


(05:24:19) Good morning (and a much less damp one) - yesterday's coach mystery solved.. it was a part timer who went the wrong way & skipped my stop...

(07:44:27) HAPPY BIRTHDAY @iamamro (thank you for the reminder @JulieAnon and @Littlebit_Bod!)

(07:45:34) Is it wrong to admit that I derive an amount of pleasure out of wrapping up a nice looking XML file? I have clearly missed my vocation(?)

(09:06:18) Right handed milk bottles?! For shame. #lefty #ActuallyIPourTheMilkWithMyRightHandSoItIsAFussOverNothing

(09:14:47) RT @johndredge: First episode of my new comedy podcast series here..nice mention in Metro this morning!

(11:22:49) We have @Errolin reading from the Bible Android app to us. Me: "Which version is it?" Errol: "It's the one with Deuteronomy in it." *sighs*

(11:34:17) RT @GilliCosm: Time lapse map of Europe for the last 1,000 years. Dancing borders, passing empires and vanishing countries.. awesome htt ...

(16:06:50) I just shouted "JOLLITY!" at the rest of the team, pointed upstairs & went to the pub (to say hello to @claudiahaun). I'm a born leader #not

(17:32:27) Just had a delicious pint of London something or other (not Pride) with smashing @ClaudiaHaun and her family. Missed meeting my neighbours.

(17:43:35) Listening to @_forky and @jopijedd's SOA5 I am agog that they didn't draw attention to the inexplicable "MEAT! US!" man in Slovenia's song.

(20:50:22) I should be getting up and setting up the studio and going to bed. But I'm not. Bah.

(20:53:41) My beloved @poots is watching something very odd on the Community Channel. It's got @BrianBlessed narrating. This, naturally, makes it good.

(21:50:44) Right. Tomorrow is Thursday.. I need to have a go at that, so will warm up by breathing softly with my eyes shut.. Night night!

Tweets for 15 May 2012


(05:36:32) Good morning. 20 mins standing in the rain for a stretch limo that never turned up.. that's how to start a Tuesday. It can only get better!

(12:51:25) Some coffee would be jolly good about now. And not rain.

(14:31:04) New game I've invented: get the admin team to buy coffee from Starbucks with strange names on the cups. Facile but fun.

(17:38:41) Listening to @claw0101 showing @MissyMWAC a copy of The Sun in "Worlds Apart". A rarity? He is a van driver - it lives on he dashboard :D

(17:39:54) Heading home. It's the 'done thing'. Or quite possibly the 'doing thing' (or a verb). It's not raining quite so much now.

(18:15:40) Tired and hungry.

(19:37:55) One sock.

(20:50:06) Bedtime. I have one of those and it looks like this.. g'night!

Tweets for 14 May 2012


(06:33:55) Good morning. So, this whole Monday thing. I'm a bit too sleepy at the moment, but I'll make a start after I've had coffee...

(07:09:58) ~achoooo~ (post shower sneezes)

(10:36:41) Loft -> tunes.

(10:41:14) I've just moved the entirity of my Google Drive to Dropbox. It's a T&C thing.

(10:52:02) Having heard @rhodri's band 'boo it, I'm going to have to have another listen to the original of Syd Dale's "Marching There And Back" #tune

(11:40:55) Hmm. Call from car servicers.. mostly OK but apparently the clutch is juddering. Surely it's not done enough miles to require replacement!

(11:41:54) And no, I am not going to take them up on their suggestion to replace the wiper blades for me #shysters

(11:53:59) Time to forage for lunch. Downstairs freezer (outpost of the arctic tundra) If I'm not back in an hour, please send a St Bernard :D

(13:23:48) Successfully managed to listen to 20 minutes of hold music instead of the CAB. Replacement number sent out. No more music. Just talking.

(13:42:59) For some peculiar reason, 11am to midday on Wednesdays is the 'golden hour' for meeting requests; my record is six. This week: four (so far)

(15:24:06) I think Engelbert's song may well be top ten in #Eurovision. Excellent work. It's written & co-produced by the guy behind Mraz's "I'm Yours"

(15:30:54) Always weird when I hear myself back delayed (and EQ'd) on phonecalls. Major distraction thing.

(17:48:19) I've just found this rather marvellous piece of history in my record collection.. the Chris Morris Select flexidisc...

(17:50:58) Chris Morris was a genius (back in his GLR days) - an REM parody:

(18:33:18) Audioboo: Chinnywag! (Chris Morris Select Flexidisc) #chrismorris #flexidisc #polishicehat

(18:43:08) WHY! *sobs* I've just seen that Veep will only be on Sky Atlantic in June. What about us - the @AIannucci fans who have discarded Murdoch..?

(18:50:28) Hmm. my Beyer microphone has given up the ghost, and the world is a very strange colour outside. I'd better get out of the studio. A bientot

(20:35:06) Not putting off the ironing for a bit.

Tweets for 13 May 2012


(07:07:57) Good morning. I have a jam hangover - still seriously tired after last night's noise making. Lots of inspiration, though :)

(07:31:40) List: shower, church, tidy studio, read keyboard manual, lunch, swimming (probably), homework nagging, email catch-up. That's plenty.

(15:43:38) Home from a rather fume-ridden visit to Letchworth leisure pool. Definitely Harpenden next time... good exercise, though.

(21:27:28) A cavalcade of comedy (and beer.. two Wells ales.. banana bread - yum - and Eagle IPA - a bit malty for me) Is it bedtime yet?

Tweets for 12 May 2012


(06:38:08) Morning. My phone's still working, I have coffee and porridge and loads of housework to do.. it's Saturday.

(09:24:29) Taking a break from tidying to watch a DVD of Lenni's class assembly (thanks, @GHOGIT :) There is Jim Steinman jollity.

(09:48:34) Gonna get the hoover out yeah.

(11:21:29) Much of my Saturday morning has been spent indulging in unnatural acts. But socially acceptable ones. #venndiagram

(11:42:09) Chris's hands are so dry Beth is putting foot moisturiser on them.

(15:32:47) A very pleasant, if brief, visit from big brother Pete earlier on his way home. Back down to the studio now, for more noise practice. NOISE.

(15:45:56) Here's my appearance on the latest @BritishTechNews BIG Show with @ErikLanigan @SarahJaneUK @EwenRankin & Carey Holzman

(22:47:26) Quite a splendid bit of @Jamfolder action this evening, including the first full rehearsal of our live show. Or at last first song thereof.

(22:48:18) I echo @dt90spt's gratitude to @Poots for noise tolerance (it's been a while since I've had rehearsals in the studio!) and to @jn2n too!

(22:49:04) Right.. to bed, then.. I am so going to do something which involves unconsciousness and not a whole lot else. Night night!

Tweets for 11 May 2012


(06:20:46) Good morning. Baker street is ahead, as is a weekend of doings. But first: a day of workage. Bring it on. Gently, ta.

(06:49:06) It's mornings like this that I need a kicking sub and decent speakers for my work desk. DUBSTEP FRIDAY right?

(06:56:58) Getting up from my desk and making coffee. I haven't started work yet, and yet, I have started work. STUPID WORK.

(14:59:08) Like some subhuman lolloping machine I appear to have made it to the early stretch limo just in time. It's how I roll. Or lollop.

(15:13:48) RT @JonathanHaynes: WOW: Er, China, that's NOT Germany's flag! (via most of Twitter)

(15:16:26) Going the long way round.

(15:20:53) Regaining my composure. Only a bit exhausted now...

(15:37:47) Finchley Road is slow. And stinky. Stinchley Road.

(17:57:47) My phone has gone rogue. Naughty phone. It may well require some factory resettage #customICSrom

(19:20:32) This is bad. And in not a good way.

(19:41:57) <- this is the bit I'm at now. Well, actually, I can get it to do this:

(19:47:03) Drinking water.

(19:47:11) (I am. My phone isn't).

(21:52:51) Woo! Unbroken phone :) giving up any hope of making music and going to bed. Good night!

Tweets for 10 May 2012


(03:23:38) Awake. Tummy ache. Waiting for the antacids to kick in...

(05:23:14) Second wake of the day is always the toughest work... good morning :)

(06:57:09) I recall my Dad telling a tale of when he defended Vidal Sassoon from a feral squirrel. I must (a) get him to retell it and (b) Audioboo it.

(07:35:59) A brief detour leaving the house this morning to remove the hedge leaves that were setting off the camera's motion detectors. All night.

(07:36:39) And a not-quite-so-brief sneezing fit as I arrived in the office. I think I might be approaching 'ill' (although I'm not sure what that is).

(07:59:16) I wonder how cross @poots would be if I replaced all the standard bulbs in the house with these:

(08:15:09) MT @TheHatFactory @mattfrog @DanDan326 Excellent! Everyone should see this video It's got our pal Ulrike in #Luton

(13:42:05) Just chased up my Raspberry Pi order... in broken English I was told "before the end of June.." Could be a while, then...

(15:53:07) A coffee with @BarwickGreen is always a good coffee.

(17:18:28) RT @MissyMWAC: Replace contact names in your phone with celebrities. Every time my daughter calls me it shows up as Ashton Kutcher. Talk ...

(17:24:04) My nose seems especially sensitive to freshly washed hair at the moment.

(18:39:36) Home and fed and rapidly genning up on the @BritishTechNews BIG show topics. I hope there's one about being barely conscious...

(20:19:07) We've been talking about the Internet:

(20:43:13) Going to bed now. Early(ish) and everything(ish). Night night!

Tweets for 09 May 2012


(05:01:48) Good morning. Needed to have breakfast & coffee by 6am, since I have a hospital appointment at 10 and can't eat for four hours... made it!

(05:59:07) Three hours until my fabulous tumbledrier experience. God bless the NHS :)

(06:26:40) Another truly appalling trundle down the M1 this morning. Still another 20 minutes from Brent Cross. Bleehhhhhh

(07:26:20) RT @sunny_hundal: The local bookshop's latest defence against Amazon (and its good ...via @unicorntreebks)

(08:56:28) I've arrived at my weekday apartment (floor 5 of UCH - nuclear medicine - pow-pa-pow) and listening to Eurovision songs. While I wait.

(09:00:55) Witnessing an awkward conversation between two young students who have just met. He's doing his best. I feel SO old.

(09:56:50) All done with the tumble drier - hopefully the pictures will come back nice and clear. It would be cool if they found two hearts.

(10:54:59) Back from my tumble rumble. I held my breath and everything. They didn't give me a sticker, but I still think I behaved quite well.

(11:53:27) Hey, Mister nPower man.. get away from my front door. If you're not tiny and French and a bit bonkers, you ain't reading my meters.

(12:03:02) RT @SamCarelse: All the Captchas have been done, I repeat, we have run out of Captchas. You will now need to write a poem to demonstrate ...

(12:03:24) Guess what..! CAB! Conference call! I am causing trouble.

(13:43:42) If your mobile number ends in "0393" you pocket-dialled me on Sunday, but my phone has lost your name (sorry!) Please send me a text!

(15:24:20) One more conference call then I'm free. Free to have a wee. WHY does this always happen? :/

(16:52:39) Trundling home. Completely emptied of energy again. I think I'm eating too many carbs and not getting enough exercise. #dozyme

(18:51:31) Being asked about TOGs. I am going to have to research this.

(18:59:14) RT @TimHarford: The Heathrow waiting time numbers game: (My saturday newspaper col)

(20:07:48) Audioboo: CT Angiogram scan at University College Hospital, London #angiogram #hospital #tumbledryer #ctscanner

(20:49:23) Bedlam. Or bedtime. Whichever is quieter. And closer. Good night!

Tweets for 08 May 2012


(05:05:14) Morning. Another day, another set of possibilities. A statistical one at that. I shall draw a graph then go to work. After a mug of coffee.

(08:34:36) Every part of my body aches. Even my spleen. I need to get fit and healthy. I may replace my swivel chair with a spinning bike thing. YEAH.

(08:34:58) Although that would inevitably turn my life into a Charlie Brooker story.

(08:41:33) The telephone conference call I'm on is VERY loud.

(08:59:54) I'm busting for a wee, but I'm on a conference call.. do I risk it..?

(13:45:26) For a moment I wondered "What am I to do?" Then I remembered: I need to do my expensives!

(15:30:15) Oh I do love The Onion Radio News:

(15:38:06) Heading home on an early coach. Fewer people but just as much traffic. And not a particularly good driver ~fastens seatbelt~

(15:57:20) Starting to get a bit peckish...

(16:08:29) RT @qikipedia: Maths joke: if you have a pizza with radius z and thickness a, its volume is pizza (or pi*z*z*a)

(17:18:35) Home and answering difficult questions...

(19:15:26) The bastard mouse has eaten my easter egg. I AM VERY CROSS.

(19:18:53) There are some cracking songs for #Eurovision this year (between the ballads). My two favourites so far are Montenegro & Sweden. Good stuff.

(19:41:48) I have started singing "Amanda Lamb, Amanda Lamb, everybody loves Amanda Lamb" every time I see a woman I don't recognize on telly.

(20:57:36) Th' gin.. Sleep. Oh ho. Peels. Night!

Tweets for 07 May 2012


(16:02:29) Air fury. Lordy.

(18:56:45) Home from a trip North-East.. accompanied by the CD of "Mr Stink" by @davidwalliams - and guess who done the music? Why, it was @TheQuill..!

(19:07:05) We had some epic weather on the drive home. The children refused to believe it was possible to drive through a cloud while it was raining..!

(19:57:54) RT @TheQuill: @syzygy @davidwalliams That's right. I've done the music to all of his talking books so far... Eh? Eh?

(19:59:14) Signing off from Twitter for the bank holiday, I think.. some telly and then some bed. In that order... night night!

Tweets for 06 May 2012


(06:57:52) Good morning. Struggling to rouse myself this morning. Listening to @vobes & @beershowjimmy retrospecting. Thanks for the mention, gents! :D

(07:05:55) I should try to extricate myself from this beige bed. Nobody else is going to...

(10:41:45) How many mugs of instant coffee equals one decent double americano? Or is that like comparing apples with nuclear power stations?

(19:28:50) They have some very impressive graphics on the World Snooker Championships. And the transition is one I'm sure has been specially made. #sad

(20:49:00) RT @PeoplesAstro: #syzygy must be my fav word.. Hell lets het it trending, how random would that be!!! RT away folks

(22:12:06) As two rather suspect characters put their bats away for the night, I bid you a happy Sunday rest & everything it entails. Ready? Go. Night!

Tweets for 05 May 2012


(06:50:15) RT @embee: The Samsung Galaxy S III: The First Smartphone Designed Entirely By Lawyers

(06:52:46) Good morning. If you could see me now (not a good idea) you could look up 'weary bedheadedness' on Google Images and I would be every pic.

(08:29:16) It's the look for spring/summer 2012

(20:18:46) I have wine. I may not stay awake.

(21:25:19) Watching the news. Inexplicably. I really, really dislike the television news.

(22:42:14) To sleep, perchance to have a good kip. Niiight!

Tweets for 04 May 2012


(06:13:33) An individually wrapped good morning for you, handed on a silver Friday platter. Another busy day for me.. plus ça change...

(06:47:04) RT @b_wildered: A man playing a guitar in a bin. Says it all, really.

(06:47:13) RT @Sizzlesmummy: @syzygy @b_wildered he has now finished guitaring and is now heading home on the number 38

(08:07:11) I have buttery hands

(08:41:11) I've got a plan to become an MP -> pimp my house on expenses -> when I'm found out, just be too bonkers to stand trial. It could work.

(08:44:42) I realise now that, given the current scrutiny of Twitter, my satirical comment could be taken as criminal intent. IT WAS A JOKE. *sigh*

(08:46:35) (And that was satire too, ladies and gents). I think my career in Twitter comedy will/has been shortlived. I'll never be @thekeithchegwin

(08:47:24) Speaking of @thekeithchegwin, he gets a mention in this week's @crabtreesmythe podcast. A very rude podcast indeed. You have been warmed.

(11:28:30) It's like waiting for an egg to boil. I have a meeting at 1pm. And no eggs.

(11:58:55) California, it would appear, knows how to party. It also knows how to turn a noun into a verb. Unnecessarily.

(16:24:33) RT @athinplace: Lutonians gather to show that Luton is not filled with hate and extremism. #lutonprotests @ St Mary's Parish Church htt ...

(16:28:42) Well. What an afternoon - ended up doing a 75p tour with some of the TechOps admin team. Saw @corrie_corfield but didn't say hello (sorry!)

(17:56:08) I may have a plan for the weekend. It is a particularly rubbish one, though. Devilishly so.

(17:57:07) Lenni can recite all the kings and queens of England, in order, since William The Conqueror. THAT is the power of #HorribleHistories.

(21:25:56) Everything happens for a reason. Except wasps.

(21:30:47) I've just realised I'm late for a very important appointment with a certain duvet I know. Let's reconvene tomorrow in mirth & pyjamas.Night!

Tweets for 03 May 2012


(05:09:01) Good morning. Catching up with the travails of Ed Reardon... time to zoom off to central London in a short mo. JML.

(08:14:30) I have decided my ideal way to participate on a conference call would be while driving around the Brands Hatch GP track in a Nissan GT-R.

(09:29:46) My @Audioboo follow recommendation of the day: - Mr Richard @Vobes does audio like few others I know.

(09:46:09) RT @alicearnold1: Dinking game. You climb into a tree and then drink until you are so drunk you fall out. Its called Possum..heard about ...

(09:47:41) Really struggling with patience today. Which is rather unlike me. I am glad I haven't got an airhorn.

(10:36:58) Should I be voting for anything today? I don't think so, but I do struggle to keep track. Has Big Brother finished? #Luton

(11:47:31) Just attempted to take a team photo (the whole of my team was in the building). Missed one of the guys (he was emailing) I am a BAD manager.

(11:47:45) I am, however, quite good at photoshopping.

(12:08:49) I think BBC Three should make a documentary about police raids on houses where people grow drugs. They could call it "Hash In The Attic."

(12:17:49) I can't hear an outgoing call ringing on a speaker without thinking of TC's (Or Caspa's remix) of "Where's my money" ..bipbipbipbopbopbopbop

(12:30:27) I didn't realise until now... Nick Douwma (the Sub Focus chap) produced Kickstarts by Example. Good bit of pop.

(12:42:13) Today is not a good day to get into an argument with a Change Manager. There's never a good day for an argument with a Change Manager.

(16:33:45) RT @BritishTechNews: The BIG Show will be at 8PM THIS EVENING. Dont be showing up at 9.30pm and watching a blank Screen. Pls RT

(17:37:56) Some blissed out walking home - The Way You Dream by 1 Giant Leap #nowplaying

(18:15:44) Home, showered and treated to my favourite tea :) Thanks, @poots! :)

(19:56:11) I am SO excited to be able to use Chrome on my Galaxy S.. a proper browser (only with ICS, apparently) Thanks, @sarahjaneuk :)

(20:40:51) Another fine (early!) @BritishTechNews BIG show with @EwenRankin @eriklanigan @sarahjaneuk & @iconfessimageek - thank you and good night! :)

Tweets for 02 May 2012


(06:35:53) RT @johndredge:

(06:47:03) Morning. Well. I'm really tired. But happy Wednesday :)

(10:20:57) Oh heavens - it's a Reply All storm... #emailhell

(12:48:46) I have run out of yogurt.

(15:46:05) Po-Po-Po-Pomona! It's the knee of Greater Manchester.

(17:28:06) RT @BaldExplorer: Podcast: Richard and Jimmy explorer the story of the Petworth Boys School that was bombed in the Second World War: htt ...

(17:32:58) Some hurtling going on, in general. The mad dash for the bus will soon be on. Yeah...

(18:54:57) Just saw a cat hurtle across the road headlong into the side of a car.. bounced off, lay in the middle of the road for a bit then ran away..

(21:19:23) Time to recharge my mental batteries. Thursday needs at least 2.4V... night night!

(21:27:18) RT @MrMichaelSpicer: Goodnight. Here are 9 gifs of Moss from The IT Crowd.

Tweets for 01 May 2012


(05:22:30) Good morning. Things I have decided: [1] that I will definitely go to Salford later and [2] I'll get the later work bus. Heavy bag an' that.

(07:04:28) I'm fairly sure a pigeon flew into the lounge window before I left for work. Quite odd.

(09:56:18) I have done some meetings and that. I am now going to do more meetings and that. Still haven't seen @Sk287 yet, though...

(12:53:09) Well... Pedestrian crossing indicators for tall people.

(13:27:16) Northerning...

(21:23:47) Coolest moment so far of 2012 for me: BBC Engineer Andy Langhorn with Student Radio Engineer Andy Langhorn.

Tweets for 30 Apr 2012


(08:36:52) I can assure the whole Twitter community that, despite the hawk and sunglasses, @Poots is ~not~ Craig David out of off of from Bo Selecta.

(09:20:01) Right. One of our neighbours has done something (involving recycling and our kitchen waste bin) that's too complicated to tweet about. Hmm.

(10:04:42) RT @imperica: OK, so here's your chance to put a question to the designer of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Rick Dickinson:

(10:23:45) There's only 38 minutes left of the morning. I'm not sure I'm quite ready for midday yet... Monday mornings go so quickly.

(12:54:10) RT @meeware: you are here:

(12:58:08) RT @simonaldo: lets see if this works. Does anyone know an Anna Dudley? You lost your Fitness First membership card on Charlotte Street. ...

(12:59:07) Right. Onwards. Tally ho!

(14:09:55) 28 undead emails and counting. Although the ones which are very much alive seem to have taken over the whole of my work life. Arrrrggh etc.

(16:53:49) I am finding that @handmark's tweetcaster android app gets slower "Tweetcaster is not responding" the more I use it... didn't do before ICS.

(19:09:54) Scout Committee meeting. Every action is ongoing so far. I s'pose I should volunteer for something ...

(19:18:46) RT @nxmee: retweet to support pray for kayla

(20:39:13) I'm going to resist giving these to the children to take into school... "You're collecting these, right..?" :D

(20:48:33) RT @DVVHolland: The first "Shite or Alright" podcast is now available featuring @_forky and @jopijedd #eurovision

(20:58:49) Right.. off to bed. I think I'm going to go to London tomorrow. Just to see what it's like. Probably the same as it was on Friday. N'night!

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