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Tweets for 29 Apr 2012


(05:57:03) Good morning, and happy Sunday. Looks like it'll be a damp one all day. Charging myself with coffee in an attempt at a running start :D

(11:32:44) A bit of a damp squib to start today's #BTCC races at #Thruxton. No great surprise, though.. all a bit damp and slippy out there.

(11:34:15) RT @Tone_720: LOL thanks to @TopGearBabe for sharing this on the Other Place http://t.co/udOO2G5u #BTCC #Thruxton Standard issue for Ra ...

(11:34:47) RT @RobJD: Red Flag = 2nd place & podium for @TeamESRacing @newshamracing :) nice one, great result! #BTCC #TeamLuton

(17:59:44) A fantastic afternoon in the woods with the children, @dt90spt & family - great fun (and mud!) Lots of bluebells, too. And sticks. And mud.

(18:00:59) Catching up with the damp races 2 and 3 of #BTCC at #Thruxton (and mud, no doubt) - some drama I am fairly sure.

(21:49:52) Well, I have camomile tea and a Monday to see if I can persuade to let me have a go on. But that's all in the future. Now: Night night! :)

Tweets for 28 Apr 2012


(07:55:28) Morning. And, indeed, bleurgh. Coffee and (later) #BTCC qualification. In the damp. Oooh ...

(08:58:53) RT @john_self: Why does a small island like Sodor need such an extensive railway network?

(09:25:42) 150 photos saved from yesterday... some of them are actually approaching OK. Definitely a worthwhile trip (with tripod).

(09:37:02) Favourite photos from yesterday 1: Canary Wharf from Greenwich http://t.co/cuMFOeFQ

(09:37:58) Favourite photos from yesterday 2: Pigeon man http://t.co/fSYwEUqk

(09:39:11) Favourite photos from yesterday 3: Diana Memorial Fountain Gone A Bit Instagrammy (cheap Neutral Density Filters!) http://t.co/W9GhBRXt

(09:39:58) Favourite photos from yesterday 4: Mechanical http://t.co/Eb8s4rWP

(09:41:00) Right.. time for a shower...

(11:01:57) I just got kicked off a Minecraft server by my son for misbehaving. That's what Dads are supposed to do these days (I think)

(11:12:06) Time to heat up some pasta. Yeah. #lunchingtons #enoughforeverybody

(11:53:22) I am complaining about the pronunciation of 'dynamite' in that song where they say 'dy-no-mite'. I am SO old.

(12:31:28) Audioboo: Invasion of the cheery zombies http://t.co/Wc2LVQEh #ambience #recording

(12:38:06) I think I spent my 50,000th tweet with a bit of a moan about the current state of pop music. I should really have said that I love you.

(17:17:17) An afternoon of Minecraft building challenges here - designed by the children. Good indoor creative fun out of the rain :D

(19:18:45) It would appear that I have completely run out of sorts. I'm tempted to go and see if I can spot some on the inside of my eyelids...

(20:46:06) Time for bed. Curling up with a book (not even a good one). Night night!

Tweets for 27 Apr 2012


(05:04:44) Good morning. Listening to Jarvis Cocker's "Radio Nights"- I'd not heard it before. Now THAT's how to make radio. Awash with whimsy. #Radio4

(05:49:49) I am being cooked.

(06:02:22) Irritation is the insidious form of battery.

(07:15:35) Rocking the scruffbag look this morning #dressdownfriday #halfday http://t.co/A21iqXJu

(07:40:11) Doing early morning emails to the accompaniment of Vulcans Rock ( http://t.co/stBmIaJ2 ) - early morning Trekker fun heh (h/t @MissyMWAC)

(09:10:44) A confluence of delivery people (well, OK, two) just arrived at my front door.

(09:15:23) Weakly report.

(09:41:19) I'm a man about town.

(11:01:25) My email server's broken. Well.

(22:25:52) Heading home after a random but very pleasant afternoon & evening of photography. I don't think I made any amazing photos, but it was fun.

Tweets for 26 Apr 2012


(06:06:49) Oops.. my wallet ended up in the wrong trousers (Gromit) delaying my triumphant stretch limo ride to work. Also I think hay fever's started.

(06:35:21) If you end up speaking to a man called Gavin, please ask him what sort of day he's having. #rhymingsmalltalk

(06:36:25) If you find yourself next to a bloke called Pete, you could always ask if he wants something to eat. #rhymingsmalltalk

(06:37:49) If I find myself bothering a woman called Sue, she will often say "have you nothing better to do?" #rhymingsmalltalk #boredofthisnow

(07:14:32) RT @FloraMarriott: Here's your social media policy pre written for you in 1 sentence by @MervynDinnen http://t.co/mYZbeiWn

(07:17:30) MT @poots: wishing all the best to @nxmee today who has his Maths Challenge (http://t.co/2eNFrhTl) this morning. // Good luck, my boy!

(09:07:36) Coffee time. I have a BIG bag (nice one, Doug!)

(11:18:22) I am adhering to every single one of the principles of our Change Control system. Yes.

(15:40:16) RT @MissyMWAC: One of the best things I've ever heard. Ever. http://t.co/4VknCjEc

(16:46:56) Trundling home - watching @BritishMac Cinema ... quite odd to see him as well as hear him. I've never been to Swanage.

(18:04:21) And I still haven't found my-y hou-use keys #NotU2

(19:09:27) RT @jmacdonald: Holy cow...how google drive terms compare to dropbox and Microsoft. ..wow. http://t.co/Ixhk1l5Z

(20:37:44) RT @BritishTechNews: Chatroom Prizes this evening thanks to @BetsyWeber and @TechSmith. You HAVE to be in the chat though, not just watching

(20:38:46) RT @BritishTechNews: BIG Show is LIVE with @ErikLanigan @Syzygy @SarahJaneUK @HumeDini @EwenRankin http://t.co/wcv5AZlB Pls RT & come Along

(22:19:04) Off to bed. Half a day of work then the weekend YEAH! Night night

Tweets for 25 Apr 2012


(05:34:23) .@alaindebotton Nice to hear your tweets receive a mention on Ed Reardon's Week yesterday - you are now part of the Grumpy Old Zeitgeist ;)

(05:36:10) Good morning. There is an obligatory toddler on the commuter service. I am becoming Ed Reardon (although I did pay for my ticket :D)

(05:51:12) I am truly feeling the Twitter Love this morning. It is a happy place (certainly the part of it I inhabit :) Thank you!

(08:28:03) Having a nice pear.

(08:52:36) Another day, another scheduling shambles.. :D

(10:15:13) Involved in a detailed discussion of who exactly were the captains of the Enterprise. It's all gone a bit Big Bang Theory.

(13:33:55) Quite splendidly, the sun is shining for my afternoon off. I wonder if a frolic is in order.

(16:35:09) Well at least it's not raining.

(16:51:47) Oh hang on. It is raining.

(17:29:51) RT @EwenRankin: If youre in the Chatroom for The BIG Show on Thursday, we have a copy of Camtasia2 & Snagit2 to give away. You gotta be ...

(18:03:55) I have only had one mug of coffee today. It was a fairly generously sized one, but still. Not really very impressive.

(19:39:00) My website's broken.

(20:25:57) Gah.. for information: http://t.co/STO4Zj9c #UK2 @UK2

(20:36:22) All tired out and two more days of work to do before the weekend. Well, one and a half. Must remember my tripod on Friday. Night night now!

Tweets for 24 Apr 2012


(05:29:08) RT @EwenRankin: Worlds Apart is posted with @missymwac & @Claw0101 - Roads & Royals - http://t.co/8NQyfFrg - Pls RT and Review...

(05:31:38) Morning. Tuesday is stuffing a load of salad into my work bag day. I'm the pied piper of rabbits. In a commuting stylee. Bis später!

(06:43:10) I wouldn't normally link to the D**ly M**l but I think @wmarybeard deserves the right to reply to odious tosser AA Gill http://t.co/lmSMxSMO

(07:44:26) RT @ejdelavega: Pulling pranks at the MIT geek level: Turning an entire building into a game of Tetris. http://t.co/6VzjpGVi

(09:43:54) Mmmpistachios

(15:24:09) I think I've sprained my metabolism.

(15:59:17) Help, @CathedralCity! My cheese has gone rogue and won't let me in :( :( A batch problem? NU007 16:53:47 PN2077-1 http://t.co/lSdsdP1c

(16:39:27) Heading homeward. It's warm and fragrant on the stretch limo today and the apparently obligatory toddler is asleep. Wishing you a happy now.

(16:43:22) Celebrating the journey home with a bit of @Vobes and @BeerShowJimmy "Take care one and all and join us now." (with a Hoover. How tidy ;)

(17:56:57) So good to be home. Which is where I am. Comes highly recommended.

(18:07:43) YEAH. Portal + Lego. http://t.co/wzBtk83E

(18:37:53) I don't do failure. Because it is really inconvenient.

(20:21:06) I'm watching something really weird with Simon Amstell in.

(21:06:50) Bedtime. Tomorrow is another 24 hours.. hopefully in the right order. See you quite close to the beginning! Night :)

Tweets for 23 Apr 2012


(05:22:46) Morning. Monday. Coffee and toast...

(06:18:25) It's only easy if you know the answer. Or have access to Google.

(06:23:44) While I remember, the man who's bought the house next door popped round to introduce himself. He's called Roger. #buytolet

(07:55:42) Sunny and cheerful walk to school. Actions arising: Daddy to empty some of the compost bin into ToysRUs carrier bags. #WhenIGetRoundToIt

(08:54:41) Is this the shape of the future? (nonagon)

(09:52:14) Happy 30th birthday, Sinclair Spectrum! That surely deserves a quick game of Chuckie Egg! (@andytuk @oldgoldtech) http://t.co/ZCE6d1Hc

(10:10:24) Right. Coffee and working through the list. While catching up with Audioboos. That's about right.

(11:41:36) The devastating effect of changing my password when connected remotely. Complete lockout. Oops.

(17:15:35) Stopping work now. I shall see if the children fancy a go on the ol' ZX Speccy while it's still downstairs....

(17:18:54) "Ooh.. that's the programme with Kate Humble in..." (doesn't narrow it down much..)

(18:09:40) Audioboo: Tape loading error http://t.co/Kw1juKRe #birthday #sinclair #spectrum

(19:50:39) Today's schoolrun parking shame: a quartet of numpties 'cos it's rainin'. You couldn't get an ambulance through. #YPLAC http://t.co/52QTMTRb

(20:01:51) I remember typing BASIC games from Sinclair Programmer into a ZX81. My boy is doing the same: but with Java from Youtube.. for Minecraft :)

(21:17:47) In bed, slowly drifting towards an inevitable Tuesday. It has punctuation. More I simply cannot say (or tell from here). Night night.

Tweets for 22 Apr 2012


(07:20:27) Good morning. There are thousands of people lolloping through London today. I'm not one of them; a run to the bus stop is the closest I get.

(07:25:21) Random tune to get me out of bed: Abba - Summer Night City. Really weird compressed production, but great bit of pop.

(07:32:39) #NowPlaying Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita ... Europop classic. I am supposed to be getting up, but listening to 80s synth pop arrangements is fab.

(08:25:21) RT @kief: Congrats to Google on hiring fellow @syzygyuk alum and celebrated online marketing creative whiz @iaintait http://t.co/jxxfhBr6

(10:22:30) Praying for sustained sunshine - Lenni has a caving party this afternoon, AND @poots has a 'minilympics' :D

(12:31:32) Making sandwiches for a children's party. Banana and mustard. It's a taste sensation.

(12:41:20) RT @iamamro: New Hart's Rules http://t.co/T4R2hvBA

(12:45:10) RT @Nigel_Pickover: Everyone - just #findlouis - can you imagine the heartbreak right now? A legend is all alone. Remember my treat! htt ...

(12:45:35) RT @SuffolkDogDay: Have you seen Louis the Beagle missing near Cransford #Suffolk ? There have been sightings. Contact @beagleboy1982 #f ...

(12:49:42) RT @beagleboy1982: #findlouis update. He has been since in last 15 mins near the main road between Framlingham and Sweffling. Local pers ...

(18:00:59) Home after a caving birthday party thing for Lenni and some of her school pals. A great time had - I recommend Dell Farm to all Lutonians :)

(18:05:12) I forgot about the hosepipe ban - Lenni had to remind me earlier before I started washing the car.. oops.

(18:51:40) Why is my body telling me it's bedtime? :/ I have come to a complete stop. This is less than ideal. Defibrillator on standby...

(19:45:15) RT @thatsjustme0: @syzygy the weekend has just passed far too quickly :-( oh well snuggled up now, I like Sunday evenings ~sighs~ :-)

(21:08:18) Sleepytime.. listening to the tail end of "Material World".. always quite an interesting listen. #Radio4

(21:08:26) Oooh.. goodnight!

Tweets for 21 Apr 2012


(06:37:40) Good morning. I woke with the sensation of a wasp smashing into my neck. On the side that was against the pillow ~rudeimaginaryawakening~

(06:47:54) I thought for a moment I would have had to climb out the window this morning. As it is, I simply need to look at the Screwfix website :D

(06:49:37) RT @nxmee: :( we are locked in our house (the lock has broken methinks)

(06:49:39) RT @nxmee: fixed :) (thanks @syzygy)

(19:26:11) Finally home after a day of family fun in Derbyshire :) LOADS of photos to sort (and doubtless upload to Facebook)

(19:44:13) Comedy time. Three in a row (Argumental, Would I Lie To You and Not Going Out) and then the photo editing...

(21:43:32) Right. After all the excitement of the day (and I didn't even go on the zipwire) I shall go to bed. Sweet dreams and NO wasps to you. Night!

Tweets for 20 Apr 2012


(05:24:15) Good morning. Everything is as it should be: Take That on the radio, grey skies above & a hurtle down the M1 ahead. Best bit is it's Friday!

(06:05:24) Chuckling quietly at The Audacity of Hype by @aiannucci as the 'news' on the radio features the story "Petrol is more expensive than ever."

(06:22:52) Very much enjoying some Ulrich Schnauss in my ears as I put away my book for the yomp to the office. Much better time today.

(06:38:29) That's stunningly specific to go to the lengths of printing a sign! Couldn't they have put a note through the door? http://t.co/VAqCg0VP

(07:39:59) The massive multifunction printer photocopy thing in our office genuflects before it starts printing. Never seen a Catholic printer before.

(07:40:39) Time to do battle with everything. In other news, once again, someone has walked off with my work mug. That has photos of my family on it(!)

(08:16:58) I need to get some gold stars. #errolin

(08:29:31) MT @Maybeitwasutah Hilarious and depressing. Last one's the best. http://t.co/f1tNGJXF /via @Dappydoris

(11:05:44) Is it too early for lunch?

(11:33:46) Thing I mean to get round to and never do: creating a google calendar of my Twitter pals' birthdays. Happy birthday, @kyleswager

(12:14:33) Staying in and buying stuff.

(14:39:24) It comes to something where, to request leave in this place, you actually have to request it in person. Quite possibly with bribes #biscuits

(14:54:21) Some despicable lickspittle has turned the thermostat up in the office. My thermometer is saying 32 degrees C. @BluebieH - sort it out!

(16:42:56) I are damply going home. Hungry and tired. Like one of them industrious types. I know - let's go and grab a weekend on the way.

(18:29:58) I think I deserve a pint this evening. I have been ~very~ good.

(21:00:27) I have a glass of port and a computer to transplant. I'm not sure these go together ~that~ well, but it's worth a go.

(22:03:44) Audioboo: Replacing a noisy fan boo http://t.co/RQh76b73 #amazon #computer #fan #noise #somethingtodoonafridaynightisuppose

(22:14:09) I think there is a bed with my name on it upstairs. Not that I have been performing acts of impropriety with a sharpie. I used a metaphor.

(22:28:40) RT @Tone_720: @syzygy I now have an image of you sat there with a sharpie... or one of those label maker guns, putting your name on ever ...

(22:30:06) This could be my theme tune. And on that note, goodnight :) http://t.co/73wSvdv4

Tweets for 19 Apr 2012


(05:06:31) Morning. I wonder if the hosepipe ban has been cancelled...

(07:43:41) Just did that silly Cadbury Unwrap Vault thing. How hard is it not to use my cashpoint PIN? :D

(08:04:49) RT @BaldExplorer: The #BaldExplorer teaser video for episode four is now here: http://t.co/yOJMn2lD

(09:31:59) Handy and sensible packaging.. http://t.co/QHGR3L2G

(10:20:29) Readiness. Yeah. Or, well, not.

(16:45:34) RT @BritishTechNews: The BIG Show is at 9.30pm with @ErikLanigan @BBusschots @AlexGFox @syzygy @EwenRankin - http://t.co/5g0v4iZx Pls RT ...

(17:10:43) Going home after a day of work which happened, at least. Did I survive? Or is this just the weirdest afterlife? I guess it's not so bad...

(18:51:13) Going for a shower. That's where I do l my best thinking. Just hoping I can avoid thinking about work. Or needing to write anything down...

(18:53:15) Lemsip can be a leisure drink too, right?

(22:04:43) A fun bit of internet telly with @BritishTechNews, @AlexGFox, @BBusschots and @ErikLanigan - we did NASA and Windows RT. Bed now.. night!

Tweets for 18 Apr 2012


(05:11:34) Morning. Not sure I'm doing very we'll timewise. Better zoom....

(05:16:05) Strange coloured morning.

(06:02:10) RT @alaindebotton: Intimacy is the capacity to be rather weird with someone - and finding that that's ok with them.

(06:08:07) How is the bottom of the M1 jammed up at this time of the morning? Traffic bleh! #hatecommuting

(06:23:59) RT @poots: I'd like to use my 5000th tweet to wish @syzygy a happy 14th wedding anniversary, thank you for putting up with me so long!

(06:27:13) Today's special is a recollection that in just a few hours 14 years ago I stood in front of a man in a dress and got married to @poots.

(07:25:41) Luton: home to 1000 Islamic no-go zones. (So.. that's peoples' houses, then?) http://t.co/4U5C3M5D <- stupid numpty man.

(07:41:26) The Metro: Free rain hat. http://t.co/JVzXWmnQ

(07:48:12) RT @TheMediaTweets: Daily Mail marks National Stalking Awareness Day by publishing long lens shots of 6-year-old Suri Cruise, and 34 of ...

(07:51:00) RT @JemStone: Some of the Ceefax archive/fan sites are a bit specialist to say the least. http://t.co/a3lkSU9v (impressed none the less)

(07:51:39) RT @jilliancyork: Guys, Sweden has a country Twitter account run by "a different Swede every week." BEST. IDEA. EVER. #sif12 @sweden

(07:53:52) Some really interesting (and lovely) tweets have compensated for being hijacked while making coffee at 7.45.. back to tender docs now, but.

(07:57:21) Apparently it's our ivory wedding anniversary. I'm sure @poots will be really pleased with the elephant I've got for her. Called 'Stampy'.

(08:31:35) I do believe I have done @mcdwebster's bidding.

(12:19:13) I am implicating @JunkmanUK in this... Rebecca Black meets Samantha Brick. REBECCA BRICK! This is unspeakably bad:

(13:29:25) I am so totally meetinged out. Only two more to go today. TWO.

(15:42:17) Rainbow over Western House :) http://t.co/dhzmoTRw

(16:27:09) Completely drained of all meeting juice now. Small child making unpleasant noises in the stretch limo. I will be glad to be home...

(17:04:44) Accident in the third lane on the #M1 northbound near J5 - other two lanes are open.. the traffic is slow before it http://t.co/9O3PNoQU

(18:49:15) Fabulous anniversary gifts from @poots (thank you!) It's good to be home on a day like today. http://t.co/mInWAITE

(20:35:53) Right.. I'm going to take a run up & see if I can jump over the rest of Wednesday. Seeya on the other side *scrapes ground with foot* night!

Tweets for 17 Apr 2012


(05:30:43) Good morning. I'm not terribly good at Tuesdays, so please be patient with me. I'll doubtless have dismantled it by lunchtime.

(06:21:29) RT @vobes: Need a video for your website? This is just what I do! http://t.co/BxVVNa5s

(07:00:27) A bit of impressive kit by BBC R&D: http://t.co/RIo3L4DZ (circuitously via @meeware)

(08:08:17) I want a barrister's wig to wear to meetings. I reckon it'll go really well with my pipe.

(11:40:50) Running a little behind on all the things I am supposed to be doing. Mainly due to meetings. I shall have some lunch #soupandsalad

(13:09:16) I found an Oyster card & I handed it in and heaven knows I can't really express how I feel about it now. But clearly felt the need to share.

(14:18:38) I'm at a problem management meeting. My current objective is to get my team's list to a total of 99. For comedy value.

(17:13:48) Work news 1: most of my team had a haircut over the weekend. What's with that? Have our barber cycles gone into sync? Except @Errolin

(17:15:22) Work news 2: I came into the office today to see a scrolling LED message saying "we (heart) our boss" - @Errolin assured me of no sarcasm :/

(17:20:37) I am so going to watch my stretch limo driver have a go on the M1 now. Watch him go. Zoom!

(18:59:55) Bah and blah... the PSU fan on my supposed-to-be-quite-quiet kitchen PC is rattling like a bad'un. Warranty time :/

(19:30:24) Having a high-level Skype meeting with fellow @Jamfolder bandmember. Hold my calls. I've got biscuits between my piano keys.

(21:01:09) Better get going to bed. With this thought: There are just a few too many dubstep remixes of the Pacman theme on YouTube. Just a few. Night!

Tweets for 16 Apr 2012


(06:15:39) Good morning. Listening to @ewan's @ESCInsight Juke Box Jury with @theollymann and @helenzaltzman ... it's a pop podcast confluence. Gosh.

(08:43:53) Simple plan for me and Lenni this morning - plant out these little badboys #sunflowers http://t.co/AkQjBFnY

(12:18:06) Right.. better get on with work- in sole charge of the children, whom I have just given the chance to get hyper with a home-made smoothie :D

(13:17:27) Having such epic slowness with my work computer (even after pimping its memory) that I was 14 minutes late for the 2pm conference call. Oop.

(13:20:18) The next in the (steadliy growing) collection of Weird YouTube Videos my Dad has sent me: http://t.co/HQiXuaNx (quite brilliant, though)

(13:50:26) RT @MissyMWAC: To the Ethiopian who 1st looked at a coffee bean and said, "Hey, I wonder what THAT tastes like?...thank you.

(14:13:13) Time for a little afternoon indulgence ... plenty there if you'd like some! http://t.co/YBEh7Nd5

(14:49:39) Lenni: "Who would smoke tobacco if it's poisonous?"

(14:50:16) RT @kuramanga: Firs tweet from my new @raspberry_pi using my cmd Twitter client and a borked HDMI monitror

(15:11:19) Completely broken Windows. http://t.co/Da4muZln

(17:50:22) If I were benevolent dictator, I would have "IGNORANT" tattooed on the foreheads of any jobsworths who let this happen: http://t.co/qL1eJVec

(18:02:01) Working late on some tender document responses. So far I've got "Your rich text is priceless" and "Your words move me to a whole new font."

(18:39:12) Right. Down tools. Duck feathers are just SO unsuitable.

(19:08:37) I reckon I could be quite a good Tesco Delivery Van driver. "Good evening" *clattery whump* "Cheerio". Yeah. #nextcareermove

(21:16:42) Bedtime. Once I've put my shirts away. That's how I roll(!)

(21:18:46) Bon nuit! :)

Tweets for 15 Apr 2012


(07:32:38) Morning. I like the sunniness. ~approves of what God's done with the day~

(07:47:40) Right. I'm going out front.

(07:48:32) In other news, I'm considering making a doctor's appointment. Yes. I'm a bloke. Consdering a doctor's appointment (it's me snozzle)

(10:24:50) Easter lilies on the font http://t.co/x1Cf17pa

(13:40:49) I found Forgotten Station (http://t.co/JYi7dK9n) #cgeo #geocaching

(14:14:02) Never too cold for a paddle in the river Lea :D Didn't find the geocache, though.. ~sigh~ http://t.co/uniTs9vG

(14:44:48) Happy geocaching kids... with STICKS! http://t.co/FYnpyiou

(14:47:15) I found King of the Castle (http://t.co/3Oka6BS3) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:05:10) I found Because You're Worth It! (http://t.co/Rt5I4TPH) #cgeo #geocaching

(16:45:31) Back home after a fun (if occasionally damp!) geocaching afternoon with @nxmee, @superalora, @Matildamouse & @junkmanuk - now: BTCC catchup!

(18:00:55) Wow! What a tense #BTCC day of races. Not sure Jason Plato is Mr Popular around the paddock..but was he ever? Top zoomy action, nonetheless.

(19:23:20) Gosh.. not quite the final result I was expecting from race 3 of today's #BTCC! http://t.co/nLlVZzmv

(21:25:52) Off to bed. There is a scientific formula for it, but I am too tired to work out what it is, so I shall go and brush my teeth. Night!

Tweets for 14 Apr 2012


(08:00:55) Time for a shower and then some tidying .. and some webcam wrestling.

(08:04:37) I would like to assure @poots that I do not intend to do wrestling on webcam. Wrestling ~with~ a webcam. Yes.

(08:22:58) One of the best things to come out of Finland: http://t.co/7rd1Lq8C

(09:18:08) The webcam is now behaving. All I did was plug the cable modem in somewhere else. Utterly bewildering #ineptotech

(11:06:40) Made the most of a miraculously recovered webcam and @poots being out to tidy "Technology Corner". Plugs are now labelled. @Nxmee helped :)

(12:52:22) About a million half-completed coffee loyalty cards: YES. Library card: NO. Oh dear.

(12:53:24) Wearing my spare hoodie. It's not quite as big. Or purple.

(14:21:58) Nice bit of @DunlopBTCC qualifying, I think: http://t.co/XsOoZpmw MUCH better than Formula 1.. :D

(14:40:28) That Plato chap is SO jammy. Quite a good driver, but very jammy. #BTCC

(18:55:02) In this evening's musical endeavours (cacophonous, since the children were 'rocking out' on electric guitar & bongos) I broke two nails. Ow.

(19:17:50) RT @nxmee: Rocking out with @syzygy and lenni in the studio!

(21:36:53) Cat ding. It's true. Well it was until I broke it. Again.

(22:54:13) A late goodnight.. some ponderings this evening, yes.. but also some technological conundra. Like a tundra. etcra. Night night!

Tweets for 13 Apr 2012


(05:35:58) Good morning. Hoping for an early arrival in the office so I can be all done by 1pm... the weekend starts early yay!

(07:12:15) Right. Well. Today hasn't started quite as expected, but I'm going to carry on as if nothing is amiss. And not swear at the printer.

(07:13:34) Although I am not looking forward to going to the schedulers to find out why I've got an extra day payment in April. *sigh* Totally rubbish.

(07:21:14) The man's done it again.. @johndredge has made some more comedy:

(09:27:53) I'm a little bit late (one hour twenty-seven minutes) for a meeting with my boss.

(12:13:42) All too much rushing about in this life.

(12:59:07) Octopus.

(15:14:33) The UK prides itself on its poorly organised shambleses, I'll have you know.

(17:24:27) Why are lemon puffs so expensive? WHY? £1.69 absurd. I daresay you'd not get much change from a thousand pounds.

(17:29:59) Decapitated Easter Bunny. 35p. http://t.co/l1rECdqx

(17:55:33) Could someone tell my daughter that air freshener is NOT a suitable alternative to soap..?

(19:10:30) RT @artistsmakers: Sussex Police filming teenagers in local park. Teenagers told off for playing Enya too loud #fb

(19:10:54) Now playing Enya to Lenni to explain how hard it is to play too loud. /cc @artistsmakers

(19:55:49) My studio is SUCH a heinous mess at the moment. I shall tidy as soon as I've finished this fruitcake. http://t.co/uvG7DPlG

(20:34:53) Not Going Out is back. And already some proper laughs :) Proper comedy - and on #BBC1 :)

(22:45:59) Completely ridiculous IP camera behaviour bothering me this evening. Not a wi-fi signal strength or PSU issue. May well be rust, then...

(22:53:43) Off to bed. I think I have a plan. Night!

Tweets for 12 Apr 2012


(06:34:11) Good morning. I shouldn't be typing at this time of day, but I am. I think there will be the need for coffee soon, too. Definitely.

(06:40:48) An interesting (if slightly morbit) view of Luton - pedestrian and cyclist casualities 2000-2010: http://t.co/gtjsT7Sl (via @GuardianTech)

(08:19:19) And so to work (again)

(09:23:14) Captivated. No. That's not it. Captive.

(10:18:08) 5 minutes of sitting on my foot waiting for a conference call to start, and now I have pins & needles. What's the number for Claims Direct?

(11:06:51) Project and survive.

(11:33:45) Coffee and chocolate. Purity in delight. And the breakfast of champions.

(12:34:00) You really get a different type of banter on LinkedIn... the difference being there is none at all.

(12:44:20) I do believe I've said this before, but it bears repeating: I think I might be immune to electric hand dryers.

(16:06:20) Having a rather poor Twitter experience while hurtling. Slightly worse than normal. Has someone stolen their stylesheets..? Or is it me.. :/

(20:58:11) RT @BritishTechNews: BIG Show NOW with @ErikLanigan @SarahJaneUK @Syzygy @EwenRankin and Carey Holzman http://t.co/D5Vfj7qY

(22:15:32) Off to bed. An entertaining show with @ErikLanigan @SarahJaneUK @EwenRankin and Lego Hard Drive Gunboy this evening. Night night then!

Tweets for 11 Apr 2012


(04:50:41) Morning. Coffee now then.

(06:32:38) Listening to Thinking Allowed at 1.5x speed is about as much brainial overload as I can take. I've no chance with In Our Time at that speed!

(08:40:59) I am struggling to operate without further coffee action. Mustn't have slept all that well last night :/

(11:15:51) Listening to @MissyMWAC and @Claw0101's fine podcast, I wonder if Missy's ever had the best food in the world: Beer Battered Onion Rings.

(11:55:26) So far today I have had a sugar disaster and a sandwich disaster. One more for the full set!

(14:25:42) There's definitely some kind of bug apparent in this video.. just watch for ten seconds..! http://t.co/qvKPeJ28

(15:49:18) One more meeting today and then.. er.. a bit of work.

(21:25:13) Sleeping. Underrated under most circumstances. Night!

Tweets for 10 Apr 2012


(05:50:29) Good morning. Tursday... how many ways do I tolerate you? Let me count them: about two.

(07:38:31) If you like your comedy weird with electronical music in the background, this is quite a marvel:

(07:43:09) Nice and blippy noises:

(16:30:32) What a type of day! Only 33% frustrating, and 58% productive. I'm now on a completely full stretch limo home, which is warm at best.

(16:38:16) Hey, @BluebieH, why do you not have a meeting room called Count Arthur Strong? Eh? We've been diddled.

(17:33:56) Oh dear.. traffic southbound on the M1 from J9 is horrible down to J7.. not a good day to be out driving...

(20:33:38) Right. Time to fill my bag with good things for the morning, and then escape to bed. Night night night night! DOUBLE ACT!

Tweets for 09 Apr 2012


(07:44:23) Join me and master @Yoda to help video-game maker @ea stand strong against dark forces of anti #gay hate http://t.co/KZrijxig

(07:45:27) Coffee's made. NUM.

(08:37:18) The sound of Lenni's glee is because there is a Doctor Who mod for Minecraft (http://t.co/X9QYL0eJ) - that's intense!

(08:38:07) Minor technical support issue... the children's ethernet switch stopped working. P2 :D

(09:18:07) Cuppa tea and a game of Harry Potter Uno (and just the one if Lenni loses :D)

(10:33:08) I have a question from my daughter: "Mirror Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of @TheMallLuton?"

(11:22:20) Why are people talking about the 1992 general election? I bet it's on telly or something...

(16:14:01) Oooooh #horriblehistories! I reckon CBBC will have record audiences :)

(16:43:50) Right. #HorribleHistories is done (and was as excellent as always) - now to make something healthy to eat before attacking the loft again.

(17:05:52) RT @BeeStrawbridge: When a bumblebee lifts her leg like this (sometimes 2 legs) she is asking you politely to back away... http://t.co/R ...

(17:09:41) This time of year, salad is almost entirely water #soggytomato

(17:25:51) So.. do I go to Hipstamatic for interesting photo shenanigans..? Oh dear.

(17:27:42) Hmm... what to do, what to do..? http://t.co/f2iOJWu2

(17:41:53) Going for CameraZoom FX and Picplz... nice to have an opportunity to review my photo tools :)

(19:23:55) The newly edited 'tower of boxes' after this afternoon's clear out. Good to do some recycling... http://t.co/6ZnnWbj6

(19:43:07) Ironing time. Ooohyeah. Luxury ironing ooh yeah. Nope.. doesn't make it any more fun :D Might try it with TWO irons.

(20:02:25) They call me Jimmy Three-irons (yeah, I know.. best I could do) /cc @riggwelter http://t.co/0X0WdrLN

Tweets for 08 Apr 2012


(07:18:02) Good morning. I do believe I slept moderately well - marvellous :) Time for coffee, hoovering and Easter observances.

(07:29:22) RT @claw0101: Want more @MissyMWAC? Check out Worlds Apart - Food & Fings http://t.co/LPY869H2 You have to put up with me too though. :)

(10:28:50) Easter candle service http://t.co/8i8TcYWO

(10:40:15) The panoramic photo mode on my phone has some rather odd side-effects when @nxmee gets involved.. http://t.co/uRLv8U3H

(11:05:55) Dicussion on the way home from church: what does 16, 32 & 64 bit mean..? Cue surprise to hear we all still use a 7 bit system... old-school!

(11:13:09) An Easter treat that maybe @MissyMWAC might like? http://t.co/Lmq4xtNf - all the major food groups... (although we're opting for sausages)

(11:52:39) Lenni and her tower of chocolate treats! http://t.co/KYC9PEkA

(15:32:19) RT @DarienGS: These people (supposedly) broke into the Shard and took pictures. Unbelievable. http://t.co/Xm4IzN42

(18:42:53) Another visit up the hill to sort out fellow churchgoers' email woes... in doing so I set their clock to BST and uninstalled AVG :/

(18:56:49) Why are my eyelids so heavy again? Is this a mascara thing? I'm not even wearing mascara.

(19:34:09) Oh my goodness.. http://t.co/bN25Viwv

(19:45:48) Thing I learned about today: http://t.co/scudgdGh

(19:48:30) I liked an @YouTube video http://t.co/UvS1lPov The Real Truth About Cats and Dogs

(19:59:51) Hmm. I never went for 'Layar'.. am I failing to encourage something cool and new, while jumping on the bandwagon of such as instagram? :/

(20:27:32) I'm going to attempt an early night.. race you there. Or.. well.. maybe not.

(20:44:11) Nice work, @SiDawson - @TwitCleaner is quite clever! (H/T to @TheDizzyMama for the link!)

(20:44:23) Bedtime. Definitely. Night!

(20:49:12) Good heavens.. cut down my list of applications that I've given access to my Twitter account from nearly 50 to 21. That's still quite a lot!

(20:49:35) Right. Off, before my eyes get too heavy! Night night to you.

Tweets for 07 Apr 2012


(06:52:24) Right. Time for some birthday celebrations for @superalora, who is nine today. Well, when she emerges from her pit, anyway. Good morning :)

(07:27:28) I did it again. One hand had the dead phone battery; the other had the charged spare. Sleight of hand & idiocy put the dead battery back in.

(10:11:13) Shame... but not unexpected: http://t.co/fDoB0yF4

(10:49:25) Purple tea and Harry Potter Uno #LenniBirthday http://t.co/N94abhWq

(14:47:00) Home from swimming and utterly exhausted. The children are certainly fit! Time to do more phone tinkering.. it's stilll not ~quite~ right..

(15:17:40) RT @WstonesOxfordSt: We couldn't watch the boat race so we put some Cambridge dictionaries and Oxford University Press books in a sink a ...

(19:00:07) Home after a lovely afternoon with @RobJD, @Bubble2009, @GHOGIT, @Poots and @nxmee celebrating @superalora's birthday. Family tweetup! :D

(19:01:47) Now, though, I'm heading for the studio.. I have stopped playing with my phone - moderately happy with "MyICS Ultimate Fusion" for Galaxy S.

(22:26:03) Night night night night. Happy nearly Easter!

Tweets for 06 Apr 2012


(08:37:00) Good morning. Caffeine imbued ready for Good Friday solemnities (mainly a walk of witness on Farley Hill) #goodfriday

(09:15:49) Outside the shops on Farley Hill singing Good Friday hymns (with @GavinShuker doing a reading) #GoodFriday http://t.co/tkHtO6Mb

(13:56:15) Back from Wigmore Park, where it is traditional for one of the children to have a meltdown/injury. Now: Easter cards.

(13:56:56) In other highly trivial news, I have had my first keyboard failure in years. The P key stopped working during an email. With "p"s in it.

(19:16:06) Catching up on 8.13pm Not-Live. All tired out now, although it's not actually Saturday...

(21:00:18) A wonderful boo by @GrahamGudgin about Wardown @MuseumsLuton being saved: http://t.co/ze4KNVsP - support from a distance! Wonderful.

Tweets for 05 Apr 2012


(05:08:07) Good morning. Listening to Ed Reardon's Week.. he's less grumpy than me at the moment... :D

(05:30:31) Last day of term yay :) Time to amble up the hill and ply my trade. Always good to do plying.

(06:06:59) For what it's worth, I now get the exclusive Commuter Stretch Limo which stops almost outside my house. I share it with commuters. Luxury.

(06:12:08) I think the word 'executive' may well be meaningless. I'm going to put it in front of and after my job title. Looks good in my signature...

(08:55:55) Here a death metal track, ready for a remix competition:

(10:23:28) HTTPS

(17:36:01) good heavens.. still working! At this time of day! going to the pub now. Only for one or two small snifters of ale or similar...

(17:37:21) I mean an Executive snifter.

(20:42:51) A mahoosive moon tonight.. waiting for the late coach home after a very entertaining team meeting. Easter weekend yay! http://t.co/ZeZROVnZ

(22:16:54) I am going straight to bed without any supper. My kidneys have had quite enough to do as it is. Night night.

Tweets for 04 Apr 2012


(05:41:52) RT @LutonTownFans: Help find missing 15 year old Kayleigh East who was last seen in Stopsley Luton on March 28th - http://t.co/hcGwVxtd ...

(07:47:04) RT @newsthump: From the archives: Zoologists finally bored of saving frankly useless Pandas http://t.co/VrJhvtvp

(07:48:53) Good morning (have I said that already?) In the office super early today.. I have so far had hugs, coffee and emails. Not so bad. Sleepy..

(09:50:01) Got my Traditional Wednesday 6 way 11 o'clock meeting clash coming up. I'm going to hide under this table for a bit...

(10:20:27) RT @DerrenBrown: May shed some light on the (hilarious) Samantha Brick Daily Mail piece. Great insight into Daily Mail practices. http:/ ...

(11:04:09) RT @LutonNewsConnie The missing 15-year-old from Luton who was last seen on Weds 28th March in Stopsley has been found

(15:11:03) Straight from a workshop to a conference call. Bigtime...

(15:13:24) Do I risk going to fill my pint glass with water while I'm on this conference call..? Yes. Yes I do.

(17:17:29) I've seen more people carrying petrol cans in the last week than I did in 2011... they're the bright new fashion in boutique pets, right?

(17:23:06) Late late late home. Lordy. Sorry, @poots - I'm only just leaving Gloucester Place :/

(17:24:02) The good news is that it's Jason driving. Jason is formidable (and on overtime) ...

(17:33:22) Someone sitting close to me smells of Head & Shoulders.

(19:40:00) Oohh yeah. Weird installation art piece by On Kawara - One Million Years (at BALTIC Centre, Gateshead) http://t.co/NbIh1xsi (via @ian262)

(20:29:44) Clock sync yeah! #MSF http://t.co/pnkSYWMb

(20:37:40) Enough. No. A little more. Yup. That's it. Darn. Too much. I'm going to pour a bit off the top of the day and make a run for it. NIGHT!

Tweets for 03 Apr 2012


(05:01:30) RT @BritishTechNews: SOME of the shows have been accepted by iTunes finally. The iTunes Feed addresses are Here - http://t.co/qwD3Xw1e - ...

(05:08:26) Good morning. I think. Coffee will help me work it out...

(05:20:07) Right. Time to voyage into the unknown. Well, I say 'unknown'. It's the future, innit?

(06:10:17) MT @jennhaber: @FashionforPaws Cannot wait to see what you and @syzygy (or @syzygyuk) events have planned #countingthedays

(09:35:47) They want to send me for a precautionary CT Angie-o-gram. I hope it's a nice one, like @kingfamily :D

(10:18:54) Heading back to the Tower Of Power where I believe some Spreadsheets Of Doom await me. But I'll be back, hospital. Oh yes. Me. back. Soon.

(10:23:46) A sincere thank you to @poots for coming with me to orsbitol and holding my hand. And giving me the correct answers to the questions :D

(17:15:23) Tired and stressed. That's not normal for me. But it appears to be happening more often... I think the Easter weekend will be very welcome.

(18:53:20) RT @instagram: Instagram for Android — Available Now. http://t.co/paDHsKAp

(19:01:16) Dear Downcast, please make a version for Android. I will pay you FIVE POUNDS.

(19:12:52) Was going to leave a comment about brands & access on @Matt's blog post about @Audioboo http://t.co/wlc4RYKH but lost the will to live.

(19:16:58) Right.. I'm going to have a shower and then contemplate horizontality. Actually, ironing THEN horizontality. Which is similar. BEYOND!

(21:39:15) RT @dansgalaxy: Why you should stop using 'U' instead of 'You'. http://t.co/dOwYpfGY via @evilmanic

Tweets for 02 Apr 2012


(07:00:23) Morning. Playing with "Downcast" - finally. Nice interface... just SO many podcasts to fine tune.

(08:28:52) That explains a lot.. the NPL MSF radio clock signal has been off for a week! http://t.co/kEcExwaF - don't trust your clock! /cc @poots

(08:32:54) Right. Time to get dressed in a celebratory fashion. As opposed to a celebrity fashion.

(09:01:09) RT @sonyxperiagb: Ever wanted to take a group shot & be in the picture at the same time? See how a Smart Watch lets you do this http://t ...

(15:20:51) Since my laptop's been 'refreshed' to Windows 7, it's been running like a dawg and the HD light is permalit. Time for more memory, I think.

(17:04:53) That'll do for work today.. if I do too much I won't have anything to do tomorrow. AHAHAHAHAHHAH etc.

(17:11:35) I fired a mastic gun for the first time ever today. If that's the correct verb. Bit disappointed it didn't have a laser sight.

(19:02:06) Watching series 1 of Big Train. They don't make comedy like that any more. Not even in series 2...

(20:27:16) Beddingtime is here again. Once I've moved all the boxes off the lofthatch #halfajob

Tweets for 01 Apr 2012


(07:14:32) Good morning, and happy April Fools' Day. I have so far resisted indulging my mischievous side...

(11:11:47) Avoiding Twitter since I'm catching up with #BTCC - so much anticipation on this first race of the season.. all 2 litre NGTC turbos woo!

(16:15:44) Last of the #BTCC races.. Hoping @TeamESRacing actually gets both cars to the finish line this time! A good first day of the season so far:)

(16:22:22) RT @jfraseruk: Everything you think about this Government is captured in this picture: http://t.co/5D79UHCS

(16:23:40) Wasn't expecting that. All went a bit wonky - I wonder if the cars that came off will get another go..? #BTCC

(16:36:09) Druid destruction #BTCC (seeing as it's trending!) It'll be interesting how the rest of the race goes, once they've removed the borked cars.

(17:05:56) I have no idea what KX is, but I fancy a glass of that now. Nice work, Plato #BTCC

(17:08:37) Well done @newshamracing - podium finish for @TeamESRacing. #BTCC

(18:28:31) Just popped by some fellow congregants to help them go from dial-up to broadband. Bonus 1GB memory upgrade.. their XP box only had 512MB :/

(18:57:13) Don't heave loam without it.

(18:59:12) RT @awhisper: Shedden, who finished fourth, has been excluded from the race results as his car was not running at the time the red flag ...

(20:22:29) Listening to @Ruskin147's boo about his PC 'under attack' http://t.co/0WFG22k5 - I hope he says "I'm the BBC's technology correspondent" :D

(20:39:46) Time for some @ESCInsight catch-up. My shiny new nephew is being Christened on Eurovision Final day. Good choice (hope we're home in time!)

(21:13:16) Yes, @ewan. I ended up playing the Epic Sax Game. http://t.co/Yqff0PTy (came in at number 22, and didn't do the 10 hour YouTube thing :D)

(21:28:48) Somewhat sadly, I'm uninstalling "Draw Something" because it will vacuum up my WHOLE LIFE.

(21:31:20) I am also uninstalling Draw Something because they've shilled out to Zynga. Although I kinda knew that was going to happen ~nods sagely~

(21:35:13) Going through the rest of my Android apps.. ones I never use include "DigitalSpace" and "Layar" (factory installed).. never did AugReal.

(21:46:55) RT @rhodri: Finally getting the hang of Draw Something. http://t.co/NLGDWrLB

(22:05:56) RT @TeamESRacing: Massive respect goes out to @ChrisJamesBTCC for starting this little #BTCC team just over a year ago.we're all so prou ...

(22:07:36) Vplayer is a phenomenal media player for Android - can play my Neuros OSD(!) streams and it's 99p to unlock at the mo. https://t.co/BDEm1RSt

(22:09:16) Right.. off to bed with me, shortly. Last bit of tidying to do. Last LOT of tidying.

Tweets for 31 Mar 2012


(07:39:30) Happy birthday to my beloved @poots :)

(08:51:48) Apparently the first of tomorrow's @DunlopBTCC races will be held in a queue outside the Esso petrol station near Brands hatch. #BTCC

(15:26:05) Just been to see Pirates (Adventure with Scientists) - brilliant film.. SO many subtleties :)

(15:43:10) Go @TeamESRacing! That cheeky @newshamracing has got pole position at the first #BTCC race in the Esso Petrol station queue tomorrow.

(15:55:09) Heehee.. google maps in 8 bit.. http://t.co/JsXUxFiK (h/t @skattyadz)

(19:40:22) Derp.. how ignorant! I had no idea that Pirates! in an adventure with scientists was originally a book (http://t.co/2fQzjis8) by gideondefoe

(22:17:14) jamelopoeia - Stare (snippet) http://t.co/cOI6VqrC

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