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Tweets for 30 Mar 2012


(06:14:24) Good morning. Bit bleurgh (mainly due to a late night) but at least I've figured out how to get working again. JAMYEH!

(09:21:08) RT @riggwelter: #ff Parish @StFrancisLuton @fiverscarrot @NemoTempleman @Meppershallkc @ollieoboe @jessicacallard @syzygy @poots @goitsa ...

(09:33:59) I ~am~ going to do something creative with the boy this morning.

(09:59:52) - @Riggwelter I'm ~so~ there ;) (Caustic on my Galaxy S - fun for a bit of noodling, but not during the sermon. Oh

(12:30:40) RT @BritishTechNews: The Photo Show is in 40 Minutes with @MissyMWAC @AlexGFox @EwenRankin & @Claw0101 - The Bagel ...

(14:48:04) Lenni's Easter play was wonderful. Plan: Celebratory milkshakes to end term. Also: visit to @TheMallLuton to buy @poots birthday presents.

(17:39:58) Has anyone suggested panic buying cheese yet? Perhaps something for @CathedralCity to mention in their next tweet?

(17:40:37) I need to wrap some presents for Beth.

(19:37:10) Comedy time. No Charlie Brooker bit on 10 o'clock Live.. darn babyings ... now it's Millicano

(20:48:03) I want a hardware random number generator in my house. For science. Actually, I could use my daughter's bedroom.

(22:01:45) I gave myself a rather nasty cut on my right foot using a toenail on my left foot. I'm falling to bits :D Time to cut my losses.. nighty!

Tweets for 29 Mar 2012


(05:27:15) Morning. I think. Let's do this. Well, at least, check. Happy Thursday.

(05:41:43) Long queue for the Luton airport Shell petrol station - only one of the pumps is open.. for now, anyway. #luton

(08:03:57) RT @goitsagch: No petrol queue at Tesco Dunstable, or BP Luton road, or BP High Street South or Sainsburys. Nowhere, basically. All have ...

(09:03:24) I liked a @YouTube video Bald Explorer Ep 4 Update

(09:30:25) I've got a man round, having a look at my Outlook calendar conundrum. You can call me Jamie Two-Calendars

(09:31:58) When I think of the word "sunshine" I always hear it as Liam Gallagher sings it in "Cigarettes & Alcohol" - with three syllables. #oddbrain

(11:56:54) I tried to childproof my home, but children STILL GOT IN.

(19:38:47) Bit tired now.. but I shall perk myself up for the BIG show later. In under an hour's time. Heavens.

(19:39:19) RT @BritishTechNews: The BIG Show is in 2 hours with @ErikLanigan @SarahJaneUK @Syzygy @AlexGFox and @EwenRankin - ...

(22:20:38) Right.. definitely going to bed now.. made it through the BIG show without too much typing noise* and a bluetooth headset. Night!

Tweets for 28 Mar 2012


(05:26:26) Good morning. Up comes the sun. Time for me to brush my teeth and avoid meetings (this will not work) A bientot <- insert your own accents..

(07:06:15) Bleugh. North Circular broken again.. another interminable trundle to work in the stretch limo...

(08:02:27) Objective for today: cope.

(11:20:56) Not having the best of days. Still.

(13:04:31) I'd like to spend the afternoon in Poundland. Or just outside.

(14:50:29) What's all this about pasties? Pastys? Patsy? RICKEEEEEEE?

(16:26:40) RT @debsylee: Twitter admits 'unfollowing bug' - Telegraph #SocialMedia #Tech via @bonzotweet @SteveBomford

(16:28:55) Heading homewards. One more day of work this week.. I just hope I can have the temerity to turn off my work mobile...

(16:29:50) On the upside, @errolin has given me a copy of the Ferengi rules of acquisition to read on my way home. What a thoughtful crew member.

(17:21:05) Spam call from 01614783073.. "ETA Claims" - is a handy site to know..

(18:02:30) RT @JamesBushTHFC: Ok Twitter... A guy left his bag in my wifes coffee shop today, Costa Waterstones Hastings, his name is Alan Naylor. ...

(19:36:59) RT @Martinbigpigmor: Where am I supposed to store all this petrol?

Tweets for 27 Mar 2012


(05:25:09) Good morning. Better see what format Tuesday is in. I think it might be a .ZIP

(05:27:32) Both Beth and I have unexplainable finger injuries. I have a 7mm cut on my pointy finger. WHAT IS GOING ON? (Please check your fingers).

(07:11:11) Finally.. The walky bit. Seems to get later every day :/

(10:16:06) Hmm.. I feel a bit sold short.. my Dilbert calendar hasn't got a March 27th.. it has another 22nd instead..

(11:42:14) On a conference call. It might be my first meeting of the day. Might.

(12:49:28) Dave Pearce. WHY?

(16:36:18) The end of another crazy busy Tuesday workday. No Salford for me tomorrow (boo.. I'd hoped to stalk @claremac82 :D) but it's OK.. meetings!

(17:53:59) The M1 northbound from J9 is woefully broken.. starts with a bump and gets worse. J10A towards the airport isn't much better. Best avoided.

(19:22:49) I liked an @YouTube video Give It Aldi - Drive Thru

(19:23:00) RT @CharAvell: Check this! @OmarRaza doing Aldi advert! Smashed it

(19:41:13) I'm very successfully putting off the ironing.

(19:42:50) RT @danscotton: We launched our new site today, and this is how it looks on all of the devices we test on. #rwd htt ...

(21:08:45) Niiiight :)

Tweets for 26 Mar 2012


(08:05:21) Good morning. A sunny school run, and I can't help but feel a little schadenfreude when I see cars parked selfishly getting tickets :/

(08:27:26) Conversations with Lenni on the way to school included "You make your own luck" and "History is so much more massive than technology".. :)

(09:47:11) Trying to resist the temptation to wash the car.

(10:50:21) Seriously hungry now. NUMS.

(11:50:44) Going to top up my caffeine levels, I think.. impromptu conference call at half-one...

(15:02:01) RT @helenduffett: Three baby squirrels just fell out of the tree above me

(15:15:48) I love the automatic transcription of YouTube videos.. it doesn't ~quite~ work properly..

(17:30:47) Right. That's it.. down tools. I'm all worn out now. I think something toasted with honey on might be just the ticket. A fish finger, maybe.

(21:47:57) Right. Off to bed now (a bit late, as always). Sleep well, when you do - and that includes you, @Ms_Howard. Please try, at least. Night!

Tweets for 24 Mar 2012


(07:28:29) Good morning. Stayed over at a pal's.. breakfast with the under-5s... amusing :)

(10:31:15) Listening to @MissyMWAC's latest podcast of Internet advice. And boxes of soup.

(12:20:22) A brief time in the garden to plant the first seeds of the year - here Lenni makes a channel to plant peas..

(12:43:19) While I was out I had a ladybird career into my neck. That's lucky, right..? (Not for the ladybird, although I brushed it off safely :)

(13:49:51) Watching the children stretch their legs at Luton's only adventure playground. Super sunny Saturday..

(19:30:55) I have learned so much about television from TV Burp, I have no idea what I am (or Amanda Lamb is) going to do once it's finished :/

(21:07:56) Watching a history programme - it's the best of what I pay my TV licence for :)

Tweets for 24 Mar 2012


(07:28:29) Good morning. Stayed over at a pal's.. breakfast with the under-5s... amusing :)

(10:31:15) Listening to @MissyMWAC's latest podcast of Internet advice. And boxes of soup.

(12:20:22) A brief time in the garden to plant the first seeds of the year - here Lenni makes a channel to plant peas..

(12:43:19) While I was out I had a ladybird career into my neck. That's lucky, right..? (Not for the ladybird, although I brushed it off safely :)

(13:49:51) Watching the children stretch their legs at Luton's only adventure playground. Super sunny Saturday..

(19:30:55) I have learned so much about television from TV Burp, I have no idea what I am (or Amanda Lamb is) going to do once it's finished :/

(21:07:56) Watching a history programme - it's the best of what I pay my TV licence for :)

Tweets for 23 Mar 2012


(06:16:46) RT @corrie_corfield: Today is LAST chance to get your tickets for the Slanket Raffle. & this morning I'll be ch ...

(06:54:08) Wizz Air check-in queues at @LDNlutonairport - and this is 5 months before the Olympics... and before 7am :/

(07:05:35) Good morning. It's, like, going to be a totes amazeballs day. Oh who am I kidding? Dunno what an amazeball is. I heard @richardosman say it.

(08:38:30) Landed. BLOMP. Now time to work...

(13:11:23) Having some freaky behaviour where my work calendar has split. Like a two-celled organism. Quite spooky. Should I clone myself..?

Tweets for 22 Mar 2012


(06:19:42) Good morning. I have ten minutes to finish configuring nagiosgraph before I have to leave for work. I think I'll leave it. Broken :D

(07:08:42) RT @BritishTechNews: Todays News Show is posted with @EwenRankin - 21 Miles Down - - Not tried The News Show? Give ...

(07:20:18) My main objective today: keep my finger out of my nose (TMI? Sorry!)

(07:28:11) Dear @KoneUK please may I be the voice of your lifts? I am ~much~ more better than a bored sounding woman from the midlands. Thank you!

(07:32:10) Ooh.. @brennig played the WalkOffTheEarth version of Somebody That I used to know. That bloke who sings the chorus MUST be double-tracked!

(07:34:26) RT @TweetSmarter: Gmail will now tell you WHY a message ended up in your spam folder: /via @psweetman

(10:12:32) Just got an email from @APRMediaLtd with the subject "Did we do something wrong?" It's like one of those automated apologies at a station.. 

(10:12:50) I am drinking full sugar cola this morning. This will not end well.

(12:21:41) All the mugs in the cupboard were plain and white. I had a sharpie in my pocket. I couldn't help myself.

(13:21:42) Dominic: "You've got your conference call hat on..." (to me, wearing my headset) No.. calling the IT service desk. Might take a while.. :D

(13:44:46) Every department needs a Dave.

(14:35:53) Interesting.. this is near us. Occasionally a bit stinky, but hey.. I work in London, which smells most of the time

(14:53:47) Wrestling with clock changingnesses.

(15:50:53) I just heard the most absurd thing. A change request has been raised to deal with the clock change. I am going to have fun with this...

(17:49:52) Homeward. In GMT. Saints preserve us (sinner chutney)

(17:55:25) RT @emilyquintin: Oh dear: “@AmandaJDavies: If you've had a bad day... someone at Fox News has had an even worse one. Spectacular. http: ...

(19:58:37) I'm surprised 10 O'clock Live doesn't put @charltonbrooker's bit later in the show.. it's by far the best part... #10oclocklive

(21:42:24) RT @sarahjaneuk: About to start BIG Show with @ErikLanigan @SarahJaneUK @Syzygy @TIOABOA @EwenRankin - LIVE -

(22:48:50) Off to bed with me - always great to have a natter with @EwenRankin @sarahjaneuk @eriklanigan and @tioaboa #BritishTechBIG night night!

Tweets for 21 Mar 2012


(10:41:26) I'm still not sure what a Certified ScrumMaster is. It sounds a bit clammy.

(10:44:09) I need scratch mittens.

(14:11:53) Stopping. Now going again.

(15:31:08) I have brought my pipe to this meeting.

(15:59:17) One more meeting before I get to go home.

(17:31:12) Hometime. The stretch limo drivers have bright green ties to wear. And grey shirts. I have no sartorial intelligence but that's not right..

(21:24:21) RT @TeamESRacing: On offer is a pair of VIP tickets to spend the race day with the team and get to see behind the scenes, head to http:/ ...

(22:03:44) Right. Time to try sleeping. I hear it's impressive. Night!

Tweets for 20 Mar 2012


(07:55:29) I wonder how much work productivity is lost by crap transport infrastructure...

(10:27:45) RT @akbea: "Fabulous stupidity. (via @danpalmer and @johngirvin)"

(18:24:45) RT @sitcomgeek: My friend Hannah has gone missing. Seriously. This is her: #missingperson

(18:56:05) Wow.. another majorly clear night (or dusk at least). This is my all-time favourite weather at my favourite time of year. #natureisbrill

(19:14:17) Home and warm. Lovely.

(19:15:11) Probably being a bit thick, but I'm struggling to work out how Venus & Jupiter can both be in the western sky, just above the sun. #research

(19:18:04) RT @betsyweber: Any interest @cbetta @geeksoflondon RT @claw0101: The BTN Photo Show & LMUG Photowalk details are ready. Join us - h ...

(19:46:59) The answer to why Jupiter is just below Venus in the current night sky.. it's beyond the sun:

(19:57:29) I just got clonked on the head by a clothes hanger #notsobright

(20:26:44) Note to self: hazelnut yoghurt tastes (a bit) like petrochemicals.

(21:59:25) Ooh. "Entropy in Linux is viewable through the file /proc/sys/kernel/random/entropy_avail and should generally be at least 2000." #linux

Tweets for 19 Mar 2012


(07:10:12) Good morning. I'm doing science this morning. Well, making coffee...

(07:58:25) Right. Need to douse myself and then propel myself at nearly lightspeed into the week. I'll be all mashed up when Sunday comes back around..

(10:12:26) And there was I wondering why I don't watch soaps... death and doom lovely :/ #cheerupbritain

(10:36:25) Ooh! Ooh! Gotta check out the Humperdinck. #eurovision (more eurovision tweets will be at @eurosyzygy ... MUCH closer to the time :D)

(10:58:14) Yeah nice one, Englebert. Passable. Gets a 3/10 on the #MyLovelyHorse scale.

(11:53:33) RT @thoughtcat: Excellent: Otters who look like Benedict Cumberbatch /via @not_catherine and @LudditeWebDev

(12:51:22) Hungry.Underestimated the cooking time of lunch. Having some @CathedralCity and crackers as a hors-d'oevre (Fr.: Riding a Horse to Dover)

(13:36:03) If I was Umberto Eco, I would insist that my surname be pronounced twice, with the second one just a bit quieter.

(13:38:58) I can't win it, but this is SUCH a good prize: - @Corrie_Corfield and @KathyClugston's Slanket Of Con (for @Twitrelief)

(13:42:59) RT @_millymoo: Dear PCSOs, do read the ACPO guidance on photographers. It isn't written in complicated language.

(13:51:13) This isn't for the faint-hearted (i.e. SWEARY) but is is undoubtedly the culmination of what the internet has achieved:

(13:54:05) Having seen (via @jopijedd) that @ChrisDJMoyles is doing a lunchtime show, on Chrome he looks like he has a nervous tic

(13:59:52) I've added a video to an @YouTube playlist Vytautas Mineral Water! It's Earth's Juice!

(16:53:37) Uhoh.. local @virginmedia TV and internet fail. I'm still working, though- via a tethered wi-fi connection on my @ThreeUK phone. #resilience

(16:53:52) RT @DunlopBTCC: 1 Newsham 59.965s; 2 Shedden +0.394s; 3 Neal +0.410s; 4 Collard +0.443s; 5 Jordan +0.473s; 6 Austin +0.530s #BTCC

(16:56:33) Well done @TeamESRacing and @newshamracing - top spot at today's #BTCC Driving Really Quickly Around Alicia Silverstone Challenge.

(17:11:01) I've just invented "Wolfercise" - where you get exercise from being chased by a wolf.

(18:10:29) I've been told that using mobile internet in a public place is as inconsiderate & rude as leaving dirty socks on the lounge floor. Really?

(18:12:18) Using mobile internet while ~walking along~ in a public place is as inconsiderate & rude as leaving dirty socks on the lounge floor. Really?

(18:46:58) Right. That'll do for work, I think. The internet's back up, at least...

(19:15:11) I'll be listening to #TintopTuesday at 8pm (on a Monday!) to hear about the Fast Driving Around Silverstone thing #BTCC

(20:08:32) Listening to something approaching radio at @TinTopTuesday - they need a sound engineer :D #TTTT

(20:39:35) To heck with this. Monday is going in the bin. Night!

Tweets for 18 Mar 2012


(07:43:08) Good morning. Lurking in a hotel room, waiting for breakfast.. the children are watching re-runs of the Gadget Shouting. Shush, Bradbury.

(09:03:17) Bit damp. Discount dampness.

(18:05:20) Home after an epic weekend of Science and Driving. Quite sleepy now. Too late for coffee..?

(18:41:36) Audioboo: National Space Centre Boo #1969 #space #nationalspacecentre

(18:59:55) Just sent some good karma over the internet. It's been a lovely weekend, and we've had some good service.. it's only fair.

(19:20:24) I'm still impressed that Beth was one of the first 85,000 users of Twitter. I can only claim to be within the first 1.5 million...

(19:35:04) Looks like Tim Kring's done something bonkers again.. World premier of "Touch" on Tuesday 20th at 8pm #touchonsky

(22:12:47) I do believe it's time for me to draw a veil over proceedings for the day. This veil looks like the fake grass on a butcher's counter. Night

Tweets for 17 Mar 2012


(06:51:18) MT @TwBirthday: @syzygy Happy 5th TwBirthday! You've been around since 18 March 2007! - good heavens... five years?!

(11:28:42) The thing I think I like best about the Big Bang Science Fair is the exclamations of surprise and impressedness when something cool happens.

(12:54:11) An annoying (poorly thought out?) factor of the #BigBangFair - queueing for 1hr 10 mins to get into the theatre show.

(20:33:46) A busy day meeting old friends (and workmates - hello @mcdwebster!) at the #BigBangFair. Even said hello to @DrKenFarquhar :D

Tweets for 16 Mar 2012


(06:00:13) Wha.....?

(06:16:43) Good morning. Or substantively associated asymptote.

(08:08:03) I like my days lightly fragranced. With a Rolf Harris soundtrack.

(17:17:56) Down tools. For another week. It's all blinkin' comin' togetha...

(17:29:19) Quote of the day: "Idiot." - @claremac82

(20:01:02) Audioboo: International chatter on the @easyBus coach to Luton #ambience #chatter #coach #london #luton

(20:54:25) Having a St Patrick's Day Guinness (from a can. The day before). So. Nearly.

(22:17:28) RT @DalekThay: The SUN will EXPLODE, TOMORROW. BET your BOTTOM DOLLAR that TOMORROW, you will be DEAD. #LittleDalekAnnie (via @zany_zigzag)

(22:19:31) Orf to beds. ~waves an enforcement notice~ night night then.

Tweets for 15 Mar 2012


(06:17:44) RT @Brays_Cottage: Cathedral peregrine has just landed, looking damp & bedraggled from the fog

(06:25:02) Good morning. Time to make myself scarce. Much like the giant panda but with a slightly better diet. Zoooom!

(07:39:42) The coach driver is still listening to The Foo Fighters. This will be day 3.

(10:35:45) The message from our printers when they've finally deigned to spurt out a bit of paper. What does it MEAN?

(13:44:00) So far today I have had my mobile phone stop being a phone and another thing happen that I can't remember. Quite a peculiar day. I think.

(14:48:38) Going for a pedantry. No a pediatrician. No.. perambulate? Something like that.

(18:52:49) I would like formally to apologise to @Pewari for the last drawing I did on @WeDrawSomething. It really is sehr, sehr schlecht.

(18:57:34) I'm home. It's good to be home. I can recommend it (please give notice and ask Beth nicely).

(20:50:09) Preparing for the @BritishTechNews BIG show at half-past nine. Mainly by trying to stay awake :D

(23:03:57) An entertaining and animated show - excellent stuff. Thank you, @EwenRankin @sarahjaneuk @eriklanigan and @AlexGFox (and the chatroom!)

Tweets for 14 Mar 2012


(10:49:39) Hmm. Good morning. From the lofty heights of Quay House. There's not a Starbucks anywhere near here. Free latte an' all..

(10:50:02) RT @jimmycarr: Come down to @StarbucksUK today before noon and you can have a #FreeStarbucks Latte – I’ll even settle the bill. What's n ...

(12:16:13) MT @alaindebotton <- good thinking.

(12:28:07) Just been sent some questions about a system I look after. One of which was "I assume you ate the system owner?" THE RUMOURS ARE NOT TRUE.

(13:57:57) I just wrote an email that included the words "Pato Banton" three times.

(19:23:01) Quelle domage! I'm playing six games of Draw Something and nobody's made a move this whole coach journey home. Limited word selection, mind.

(21:27:17) I am sure it is a well-known fact (or not) but is Greggs the sausage roll shop owned and operated by Gregg Wallace? It would make sense.

(21:36:10) It sounds like there are jinks of a medium to high nature going on next door. Playing Risk or watching Chelsea. I am headed bedward. Night!

Tweets for 13 Mar 2012


(06:30:19) Gotta go. Always a ~bit~ late...

(07:00:40) Today's stretch limo driver is listening to the Foo Fighters.

(07:16:34) Oh dear. It's a bit bobbins both ways on the M1 just south of J10... 9 lanes clearly ain't enough.. :/

(09:31:44) Gosh. A meeting. Who'd have thought it.?

(10:22:30) I think I might have to ask the birthday girl (@Leica0000 - happy birthday!) for some help with this report.

(15:08:20) I'm on Jessica Varnish.

(18:23:32) Settled. Well. Still working.

(21:04:37) RT @TheGoogleFacts: Go to your iPhone/iPod/iPad, open up Safari, and search for 'tilt'. The results will look like they are tilted a bit ...

(21:11:50) I would like to make it clear that I am NOT going to light it up like it's dyn-o-mite. Because it's "dynamite". And it's very explosive. BAH

(22:37:33) Nighty.

Tweets for 12 Mar 2012


(09:25:10) Awaiting the arrival of Some People. In the meantime, I am wrestling with a scanner that has its own ideas.

(09:26:22) Oh, and good morning.

(12:24:46) I am SO horrendously badly organised. That is all. Lunch and work now, though.

(14:57:46) From conference call to crisis meeting. On the phone. I may actually get some work done. But it's unlikely...

(18:34:23) Right. That'll do then. Otherwise I'll end up working for, like, forever.

(19:37:08) I am beginning to suspect my Galaxy S has got screen burn-in. Never thought that would happen #oops

Tweets for 11 Mar 2012


(00:09:53) RT @poots: This sounds like the kind of thing @syzygy would like

(00:11:22) Home and sleepy.. a very interesting, entertaining evening with friends, just like the old days. Doesn't happen often enough. Night night!

(00:33:20) RT @vivdunstan: Complete Hitchhiker's on UK Kindle slashed on Douglas Adams's birthday. Down from 15 pounds to 2.19 pounds. Today only. ...

(08:20:30) Morning. Sunny. Time to shake a leg (left).

(08:45:05) Time to venture into the unseasonally* pleasant weather. Lovely

(10:43:20) Aww.. sleepy toothbrush heads..

(10:57:21) RT @BaronHawkey: @ThePervyCouncil @_forky @BitsyVonMuffin @Bootcoot @Dappydoris @GettingShirty @jrr4film @painted_duchess @syzygy Go Per ...

(11:00:18) Having a go at installing Windows 8. The Minecraft edition of Windows.

(11:01:04) RT @vobes: Pictures, podcast and blog post about the Camp Caradoc trip: #BaldExplorer

(13:54:45) Warming up coffee. It's needed for sure.

(16:18:05) I have a feeling there is something I should be doing. Rather annoyingly it's more than likely ironing. I'm stayinh here till it goes away.

(17:40:46) Calpol doughnuts. They're the future.

(17:54:13) Christopher's Sunday afternoon project - making some @SortedFood doughnuts. Not bad at all for a first attempt

(17:54:41) MT @poots Only my children could start naming six quarks and end up naming seven dwarves. / I mean.. "Comedy Quark"..?

Tweets for 10 Mar 2012


(09:49:53) Morning. The children are playing "AdventureQuest Worlds". For some bizarre reason They Might Be Giants are there..

(09:54:01) Audioboo: Is a record played at 3 rpm art? via @Audioboo / @Dt90SPT / Radio 4's Today Programme

(09:56:52) It's the @LutnScienceFair today - we're going to be there, Science is everywhere, but mainly in Luton Town Centre. (12-4pm)

(10:23:06) Downloading Windows 8 consumer preview thing. For @nxmee to play with.

(10:41:24) RT @sanjar_satsura: 1 sperm has 37.5MB of DNA information in it. This makes the act of impregnation equivalent to a 529GB per second ddos

(10:52:16) I've added a video to an @YouTube playlist Markets of Britain, a short film by Lee Titt (

(13:15:53) The children with their DNA bracelets - Lenni has a carnivorous plant on her wrist :D @LutnScienceFair

(13:18:44) The children with their DNA bracelets - Lenni has a carnivorous plant on her wrist :D @LutnScienceFair

(15:45:46) Home from an interesting afternoon at @LutnScienceFair - I saw three 'first time' things: DNA, an electron microscope & a really cool robot.

(15:49:16) Having a sit down now. Sit downs are brilliant.

(20:05:18) Enjoying the hospitality of the mighty @dt90spt & @jn2n - lovely people :)

Tweets for 09 Mar 2012


(06:29:55) Good morning. Listening to topical satire - Newsjack on Radio 4 extra. Not quite as chucklesome as "It's Not What You Know" - which is top.

(06:30:28) Uhoh. Need to zoom.

(06:44:05) Just saw my Dad. He does that.

(07:16:08) I've decided it's Dubstep Friday. I'm sure my colleagues won't mind.

(07:26:16) Autocorrect on my Android phone hi-jacks my laughing smileys. These actually happened "... car :Dealership" and "...brilliant :Disguise" !?!

(07:44:14) Ohhhhh Lordy.

(07:47:36) Wow - excellent posters by @38_degrees about the damage that could be done to the NHS ( )

(08:16:08) RT @EwenRankin: Pls Thank Karl @Claw0101 for making the Friday Shows possible in recent weeks. Been so busy but he's been organising. #FF

(14:06:52) Sometimes work gives me that fuzzy feeling. And not just when I've had a massive mug of coffee.

(14:09:02) I wonder if John Linwood's on Twitter.

(16:00:00) I know what I ~should~ be doing. And I know what I ~want~ to do. I have an hour to do one or the other. I shall decide over a coffee.

(17:35:48) I think I made it moderately unscathed through today. I got stuff done and John Linwood didn't even look at me #result

(18:56:20) My preferred size of Stryder is... absolutely gargantuan.

(18:58:31) Homium (atomic number: 75, atomic mass: loads) There may well be sitting down done tonight. And of the beer. Just a tinchey bit.

(20:03:40) On my way to have a shower, I found myself thinking with Henning Wehn's voice. Also I have an inexplicable cut on my left foot. #notnormal

(22:36:29) In bed shortly after half-past ten on a Friday evening ~sigh~ it's been that kind of week. Night night.

Tweets for 08 Mar 2012


(06:26:16) Morning. Adjective to follow. It's almost daylight out there.. means clock change is coming :/

(06:33:55) Zooooo

(07:04:45) RT @poots: Good morning and happy International Women's Day to you.

(07:23:40) Psyching myself up for the busiest workday of the week. Hope I Get Stuff Done...

(08:55:17) Starting the day as I mean to go on. With lemsip*

(13:42:13) I am SO going to do something with our shed (if I ever get round to it)

(13:47:21) I really am surprised I haven't been run over yet.

(15:19:24) Saints preserve me from purchasing systems. An invoice error has resulted in causing me a world of bureaucratic pain. Computer says no.

(17:24:08) I am totes going to get a pair of them socks with the grippy rubber bits underneath. Wish I could remember what they're called...

(17:25:45) My work email is borked. Again.

(17:59:28) I just invented* a brilliant new word: branstormer. Means someone who regularly impresses. *mistyped

(18:23:14) RT @GHOGIT: I gather that Venus will pass between Earth & Sun soon, syzygy.

(18:40:47) Heh.. I got a (sort-of) mention on @TheILPPodcast - thanks, Dave!

(20:54:01) RT @WindyWilson88: MINI HEATWAVE - Windy says Tuesday 13th best day of the week next week. Clear blue skies, mild at +14/16 degrees with ...

(20:54:37) RT @tonguetweets: Want to work on our Radio One/ 6 Music shows? Broadcast Assistant job going. Run run run! here

(20:57:43) Making myself a pretend Lemsip before the @BritishTechNews BIG show starts in just over half an hour. It's got me on it. With Lemsip.

(23:01:31) Another remarkable @BritishTechNews BIG show done / dusted.. thank you @ErikLanigan @SarahJaneUK @ClothheadHQ @EwenRankin for your patience!

(23:02:32) Note to self: the correct follow-up to a bad joke is to tap the microphone and go "Hello? Hello? Is this thing on?" Works for @HelloBuglers!

(23:06:19) Bedd. With two dds. Night nightdd.

Tweets for 07 Mar 2012


(06:30:55) Arp.. need to go!

(06:52:57) These traffic lights covered with black plastic things remind me of those evil monkey things in Temple Run

(06:54:46) All the hi-tech solutions at @ldnlutonairport this morning...

(07:44:34) RT @stickydrawers: Have you got your ticket yet to see @vobes plus 13+ other acts at Matt's Comedy Club's Open Mic Night tomorrow - tick ...

(08:05:14) Ooh.. just crossed Marylebone Rd in front of a bright red Irmscher Vauxhall Insignia. That is a beautiful car.

(08:05:39) I would add that it had stopped and I am still in possession of my legs.

(10:20:31) Teamular meeting.

(10:31:01) I have a six meeting clash at 11am. I am going to stay in this one.

(13:28:05) RT @LLGoatJ: Spent all morning on the new machine at the gym. Think I over did it. Feel sick now. It's great though. It does KitKat, Twi ...

(13:29:08) I seem to be getting a lot of static electric shocks off things lately.

(13:48:10) Soup malfunction.

(16:56:37) Nearly brought to tears by another workplace hug.

(17:55:40) Loud talking Scottish woman in my stretch limo. They should do a byelaw.

(19:32:28) I spoke like a New York person today.

(20:32:28) Oooooh yeah. #luxurycomedy

(21:18:35) "It's the lowest form of showbiz, the train manager" - Frank Skinner (not if you have the wrong ticket for the train)

(21:51:53) Nightly bye.

Tweets for 06 Mar 2012


(06:28:59) RT @TimHarford: Since this is the funniest thing I've seen in weeks, I'm tweeting it again:

(06:29:34) Morning. "Information: You just unplugged a device from the audio jack." I wouldn't have known..

(08:44:15) In da office. Innit. Coffee flavoured drink time, I think ...

(10:21:58) I just got a hug off a work colleague. Quite unexpected.

(10:32:25) I just saw one of my colleagues peeling one of five hard boiled eggs in a tupperware. He's an actual real-life Mr Strong.

(15:06:50) Im a eating a very sad tomato.

(18:21:17) There is hurtling going on. The ultimate goal is my duvet. Depends if the hot water is working again or not.

(19:03:52) I can see Jupiter, Venus, Mars (which is looking red even to the naked eye) and the moon. Gets full quickly these days. Nice to be out.

(19:37:46) There are different sorts of chilli sauce.

(21:55:55) And so to sleep. Night :) especially to @PlainTalkingHR :) x

Tweets for 05 Mar 2012


(07:25:45) Good morning. Blue skies and sunshine. Although I think it belies the chilliness #weather Time for something warm and filling. Not a duvet.

(07:26:09) Also: awesome.

(08:07:11) Eep.. better get going. Time goes so fast (when you're having fun).

(10:35:28) Pooh sticks. I'm off out into the garden. We have no water feature.

(11:01:23) Hmm. The intermittent sunshine is playing havoc with my front door camera's motion detector thing. Keeps going 'Ting' :D

(11:02:03) Now I'm sneezing. Again. Doubtless sunshine related.

(12:11:57) Starting to get hungry now. I've put away my wrench (dripping tap investigations) and will now proceed to Make Lunch #notaeuphemism

(14:04:14) Making a MASSIVE coffee. I kinda need it.


(17:29:08) Darn it.. can't get under 60 items in my inbox...

(17:29:56) Also my fingernails are at the stage where they're making contact with my computer keys. Hate that sensation #chalkboard CLIPPAGE!

(17:31:40) RT @alaindebotton: What ultimately kills us isn't one big thing, but the accumulation of a thousand tiny obligations we can't say no to ...

(17:45:18) Right. Time to hang up my, er, fingers for another day.

(18:29:49) Here's my thing that goes 'ting' (it's made out of an old McDonald's toy, and it's activated by a Linux script. Heh).

(19:33:16) Dropped the boy off at Scoutages. When he comes back it will be bedtime. If not sooner...

(19:41:49) Wow.. @MissyMWAC: "Spice is the variety of life." She's so PROFOUND!

Tweets for 04 Mar 2012


(07:42:31) Good morning. Bit achey (probably due to this cold and all the hammering yesterday). Know what will help? coffee. Yes.

(08:39:56) Still tinkering with my camera script. Nearly works...

(13:47:57) Bizarre weird sleet stuff in LU2. Also: nature abhors a vacuum cleaner.

(13:50:09) Eurovision certainly seems Eddie Izzard-inspired.. first Azerbaijan, now Englebert Humperdinck!

(13:50:47) Engelbert Humperdinck. What is it with these musicians whose names are hard to spell..?

(15:25:38) Heh. #Bexhill

(18:04:56) Enjoyed a pleasant visitation from @RobJD - good to see ya, mate!

(20:41:09) Bentley with a Spitfire engine. Or a Meteor one.

(20:42:38) A bit of Alex James and no mention of his humiliating Festival thing (although in fairness it was the promoters)...

(20:48:32) "Ah haa.. that's 'A'" <- I like Alex James and his morse code joke. #TopGear

(21:00:47) RT @mediocre_mum: What I need from you...can you all RT @ImperialNHS can you please give @mediocre_mum's husband an appt. Thanking you ...

(21:07:08) I only pop by Facebook once a week or so. I wonder whether I'm missing anything..?

(21:16:59) I liked an @YouTube videofrom @WatchFunnyClips Brett Domino Trio: Earthquake (Labrinth Cover

(22:09:00) A nagging headache has prompted me to attack a McDonalds toy with a screwdriver.

(23:11:40) Right. Definitely need bed. Night.

Tweets for 03 Mar 2012


(07:59:21) Morning. Upstairs - downstairs as an objective.

(08:31:34) Right. Time to shower, dress and then stare a little bemusedly at the front of the house.

(09:01:02) RT @claw0101: Come and join us Wednesday evening for all the fun...and beer.

(13:28:38) A morning spent trying to gain ingress into the house. For some wires. I have a plan, and I will be using a hammer after lunch.

(18:07:16) All done with the hammering (and the hoovering. And the wires. Oh the wires) Now: last week's TV Burp (before it goes stale) ...

(19:51:19) Python scripting. I really am rusty.

(23:06:46) Right. Better fill up my cup and head to bed. Hoping for no overnight disturbances..! Night night night!

Tweets for 02 Mar 2012


(06:04:12) Good morning. Listening to "The 12 inch single" - right up my street! .. Paul Morley. Vinyl. Yeah /cc @dt90spt #radio4

(06:23:11) Right.. better shake a tail feather. Not a good look this time of the morning. Layers.

(06:29:15) *evaporates into the fogginess* <- heh.

(08:02:54) RT @Barwickgreen: We have to get one for the office. Not naming names. RT @TonyChurnside Speech-jamming gun

(08:48:10) Right. I'm going to make myself a coffee and then go to TV Centre. It's sort of an 'innoculation' thing...

(08:48:57) Pedigree. Chum.

(09:20:51) Actually, Pendulum are quite boring.

(15:41:08) Gosh this is, well, I can be glad I'm still alive...

(16:07:43) The lights don't work in here...

(20:29:48) Krapy rubsnif

(21:10:34) Oh it's good to be home.. and watching live satire from Wednesday. Not from the Addams Family.

Tweets for 01 Mar 2012


(06:27:02) Good morning. What light beyond yon window breaks? That'll be dawn, then. Many are saying spring is on its way.. mayyybe. Time to dash.

(06:27:26) PS Slightly unsatisfactory coffee this morning. Not sure what I did wrong. I shall have another go when I get into work. Weird

(06:27:43) PPS NO MEETINGS TODAY! This is a record. *makes a red mark in the diary*

(10:40:02) Our outgoing mail is collected from an area called "The Bridge". Hence: "Shall I take it to the bridge?" "Yeah take it to the bridge" #funky

(10:44:20) Playing with @snapseed's "Tilt Shift" function while waiting for a lift - @BluebieH's east atrium at a jaunty angle..

(16:04:34) I keep getting my typing in the wrong order today.

(17:53:00) I am hurtling. Hurtling like a stampede of spare tyres. Except homeward.

(20:31:17) Right.. time to paint myself bluescreen for the @BritishTechNews BIG show at 9.30pm. I have my cool thing ready #notaeuphemism

(21:46:55) MT @eriklanigan I'm LIVE right now on this week's @BagelTechNews panel: - ME TOO!

(22:25:26) RT @poots: Wow! Engelbert Humperdinck for the British entry to Eurovision 2012! (@syzygy)

Tweets for 29 Feb 2012


(08:37:48) Morning. Bit of a turbulent night.. better check out and get on. Wednesday, right?

(12:25:15) Coffee or not coffee. That is the question. Nothing to do with nobility or minds. Well except the slight headache I've got...

(13:42:03) Is it pedantic to get all a bit mardy when people say "Does anyone have any AoB?" It makes me think of Any Any Any old iron. Which is bad.

(15:13:54) One more meeting. And some words to write. The question is.. coffee?

(15:58:59) "Liebe Admins,

(16:37:28) Heading to Manchester Piccadilly - just about to have a Pomona moment. This trip is all over bar the travelling (!)

(17:23:52) Heading home - I can see the Pennines as the low western sun picks out buildings in the mist.. #Stockport

(17:29:54) Catching up on @Audioboos before indulging myself in the latest @vobesshow 'beer show' podcast with @vobes, @beershowjimmy and @striderpaul

(18:14:50) Gosh. Feeling a bit ropey.. this happens with alarming regularity on a Wednesday. It may well be an allergy.

(19:00:27) RT @SlimJimSim: I'm sure I speak for all daydream believers and Clarksville commuters when I say RIP Davy Jones.

(19:01:39) Another swift visit to Milton Keynes (Stoke-on-Trent branch) .. another coach back to Luton caught with less than a minute to spare. Ow.

(19:43:24) An interesting historical perspective on monetary union on this week's "A Point Of View" podcast: - I learned a lot!

(21:39:50) Long to bed. Night!

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