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Tweets for 28 Feb 2012


(06:12:49) Morning. Bit of a short night. Sleepy.

(06:24:33) Listening to "Recycled Radio" - really weird. Needs to get a bit of a flow.. #Radio4 #iPlayer

(09:29:18) So far this morning I have managed to fail to raise two purchase orders. From the dead*

(11:19:04) Stuck on the Westway, listening to @AlexGFox being called 'james' on the latest @BagelTechNews BIG show and catching up with work emails..

(13:15:55) "Woman's Forty-five Minutes" Heh.

(13:49:22) Dashing to Salford. Synonymous with Tuesday lunchtimes for me.

(15:26:19) RT @OmarRaza: The family is complete: Ramesh (Sanj @govindajeggy), Dave (Donny @DonaldMcleary), Alok (Susheel @intothesun) and ME! The s ...

(15:27:48) Gannin', like.

(15:51:14) Just stopped at Stoke-on-Trent. Managed to wring a little bit of connectivity out of my phone. Hurtling isn't good for 3G coverage...

(16:00:54) .@OmarRaza OK, then. Best IMDB entry ever :D http://t.co/fAGBEsHs - Genius!

(16:35:01) Resisting the temptation to check in at Pomona on FourSquare. I want to live there.

(16:40:34) I always sit on the other side of the tram when heading to MediaCityUK; I've only just spotted it stops next to this! http://t.co/jik1Y2AP

(16:50:52) RT @BritishTechNews: “@drhappymac: Biig @BagelTechNews news doing the rounds today. Ewen has altered the course of the supertanker! Sou ...

(19:23:57) The important thing about rap music is hand and finger waving/pointing. And the beat that goes boom->clack #thoughtsfromaburgerbar

(19:51:29) RT @BritishTechNews: Hi Everyone. Please be aware that as of 1st April, we will be http://t.co/xmtjjAZk and you will need to resubscribe ...

(20:43:43) Just had a 'staring open-mouthed at an email' moment. Genius*

(21:47:43) And so to bed. Yeah. Night!

Tweets for 27 Feb 2012


(07:07:53) RT @debsylee: 15 of the Most Beautiful Subway Stops in the World http://t.co/itdTw2Sc #travel /via @Marcome @hwadia @2morrowknight @rM1L

(07:21:24) Trying to work out if I operate more effectively in the morning or the afternoon. The conclusion I'm coming to: no.

(09:17:51) Trying to find a tweet about a comedy podcast that I was intending to subscribe to. Absolutely no hope.. :/

(09:23:11) Found it.. it's @thecomedyfix from That Burmingham.

(09:25:09) RT @kathyclugston: & just had a sneaky listen to a bit of Recycled Radio - old interviews chopped up and stuck together. loads of famous ...

(11:56:59) Awaiting the arrival of the Gas Man. He cometh to replace our metal pipe (Hoping for no Flanders & Swann action..) http://t.co/T0n7dICD

(12:23:29) To re-enable Flash in Chrome when it says "Missing Plug-in" go to Options->Under Bonnet->Content Settings-> disable then re-enable plugins.

(12:23:56) Logging in to work. Yeep.

(14:59:20) No gas yeah.

(16:58:12) RT @RadioKate: LOL RT @marcsettle: @JemStone RT @vizcomic: it's all kicking off in Haywards Heath. http://t.co/FHE2bVk2 | via @blogmywiki

(16:58:49) Right. The home straight. The workers have gone, leaving a slight whiff of natural gas. Let's do this.

(17:24:28) I have taken to walking round the house singing "Now you're just somebody that I used to know SOMEBODEEE" in a squeaky tortured voice.

Tweets for 26 Feb 2012


(08:17:08) G'morning. Attempting computer avoidance now.. although getting a bit distracted. Right. <-- always the best way to start.

(08:45:03) Carrying out morning ablutions while listening to the world's favourite tech agony aunt @BagelTechNews's @MissyMWAC. It's good to ablute.

(13:13:40) Beer battered onion rings. Let's just stop and consider that for a moment. Surely we have reached food nirvana? (Scurvy is a possibility).

(16:10:39) Visiting my Dad after a good swim with the children. A much improved weekendery experience... he has papaya.

(18:51:28) Home and eaten. Emptying the washing machine, then seeing if I can put @nxmee's telescope back together.. LOTS to see tonight (hopefully!)

(20:08:49) What is happening on #TopGear at the moment is.. well.. I wouldn't want to do any of that. Makes me feel rather uncomfortable, actually :D

(20:52:00) Watching #TopGear while eating a sherbert fountain. Works.

(22:15:20) Catching up with Audioboos while ironing. That is what a Sunday night is, really.

(22:25:01) I liked an @YouTube video http://t.co/k9qtHZn7 News and Boobs - The Sun prints on Sunday

(22:54:55) Right. I think I'll stop now. Starting again at a Reasonable Hour tomorrow morning. Join me for coffee and something in a bowl. Night!

(23:18:08) I've just joined "StreetBank" (http://t.co/003mpG9D) - which seems like a fine idea. Is it weird that I know 5 out of my 10 'neighbours'..?

Tweets for 25 Feb 2012


(00:02:05) The timing of the shrewd #trainhome

(00:36:23) One more last walk home and that'll do for the week. Somebody else can deal with the weekend.. I'm opting out :D

(01:06:53) 90 seconds from home.. yay!

(08:59:42) Morning. Bit noisy out. #drilling

(10:07:02) Doings.

(13:46:18) Doing some tinkering on the computer. Currently: motion detector on the CCTV -> DM tweet -> mobile phone beep. That's the challenge.

(22:27:55) I've really not achieved a massive amount today, so I think I shall go to bed, and see if tomorrow works any better. Night night then.

Tweets for 24 Feb 2012


(06:06:51) Morning. Listening to "It's not what you know." Gently amusing.. if it wasn't presented by Miles Jupp it'd not be much good, though, I fear.

(06:25:39) No, Nathaniel, no. Oh, hang on. Yes - two sugars, please.

(06:27:20) Ought to up sticks. At least my migraine thing is nearly gone (not sure peanut butter on toast would be wise if it wasn't :D) Later potato.

(07:09:04) Another glowing satsuma of a sunrise day... http://t.co/usolfiFC

(07:42:45) The stretch limo driver is taking his passengers on a magical mystery tour this morning. We're at Henley's Corner, so it's not impressive.

(08:01:04) Rubbish rubbish rubbish London traffic. I think the driver made a bad decision. Never go near the A1.

(08:14:31) RT @liz_buckley: Utterly, utterly amazingly beautiful RT @Pogue: An owl approaching the camera at 1,000 frames a second. Jaw-dropping. h ...

(08:15:08) Still not at work. Bleh.

(08:17:07) Our number plates have been stolen. Not the best of starts to the day.

(09:14:49) I'm going to leave @Poots to decide whether or not we get vanity plates. Heh.

(16:46:09) My team is getting feisty. Coffee has been drunk.

(21:31:28) MT @dt90spt: My latest tune w/ supertalented @syzygy http://t.co/WOBBRsR3 please let us know what you think in the comments.(talented? Eep!)

(21:32:13) Wow. Lots of alcohol. This will notes wend ell.

(21:56:49) Me #fail

(23:50:13) Eating Sushi at St Pancras, while listening to a Toon family @Audioboo. Hoping my stomach is lined before the 00:02 to Luton. /cc @dt90spt

Tweets for 23 Feb 2012


(06:08:59) Morning. Chuckling at Count Arthur Strong - beautifully written. Car insurance man: "I don't know what to say to you any more." Heh.

(06:28:16) Going to work. With brushed teeth.

(07:21:24) I think I'm a bit overdressed for the weather. Rather warm and sunrisey.

(07:32:33) Amazin' really - only a few years after the M1 was widened and it's started to get congested again even at 7am.. #iamthetrafficjam

(07:40:57) Learning about Flantum Physics with @dt90spt (and @jn2n) - definitely raising a smile on a Thursday morning :) http://t.co/EDVBgSyy

(08:07:04) Listening to Prime Minister's Jeering.

(09:33:06) 127 emails and counting. Down would be best, but you can't have everything.

(10:08:46) It was @errolin's idea to bring in a blood pressure monitor. I can't see this ending well... http://t.co/E0l6fNcA

(17:43:54) RT @BagelTechNews: BIG Show at 9.30pm UK. with @ErikLanigan @Syzygy @SarahJaneUK @EwenRankin and Carey Holman http://t.co/kLWJmg0U Pls RT

(17:54:15) Headachey journey home. Body chemistry all at odds again. Not sure I've drunk enough today. But having said all that, at least I'm comfy :)

(19:22:43) I'm getting really rather bad signals from my snozzle. I think it might have been the fumes at work. There were fumes. Fuming.

(20:35:12) Off to bed. Everything else can wait. Except @BagelTechNews BIG which will doubtless thrive without me. It's got Curry Holdsmith on it.

Tweets for 22 Feb 2012


(07:33:26) Happy Ash Wednesday. You are a shining light.

(07:49:40) Sniffly morning. Not really suitable for Snozzle Examinations (the forthcoming highlight of the day) :D I'm off for a shower.

(09:32:08) Uhoh. Caffeine fade.

(10:11:00) I do believe I'm spending more time in the company of the NHS than ever before. I brought coffee and @thisrealitypod with me. Splendid.

(11:04:31) Good #snozzle news - no blockages :) Need to squirt salty water up there. Or move to the seaside and paddle, presumably.

(11:54:25) Home and full of good intentions. It is Lent after all. Inlentions?

(12:16:40) I shouldn't be reading work emails on my day off, but I was amused by an irked email from UCD: why was their hard disk delivered to the BBC?

(15:18:16) I have succeeded in making unpleasant synthy noises this afternoon (with my computer). Not my most creative of days :D Now: schoolrun yeah!

(22:19:11) RT @jamfolder: Audioboo: Jamfolder - You'll never, no http://t.co/sVuIZiRA #jamfolder #music #no #song #youllnever

(22:23:09) The second @Jamfolder song has been released on an unwitting world. I'm going to hide. In bed. Goodnight!

Tweets for 21 Feb 2012


(06:34:52) Mornin'. Wow.. the sky's getting light already. Spring on its way?

(06:35:56) Zooom.

(09:23:47) I have, on my calendar a "Wider management meeting" booked at 10am. I'm not really that wide, so should I go? I could put my coat on...

(12:56:23) By @WillCritchlow: "Pinterest has a massive gap between its terms and its marketing.." http://t.co/7OJVh85e - @BagelTechNews BIG show topic.

(13:56:24) A lot of today has been spent shouting down the phone.

(17:47:49) Warm stretch limo, hurtling home. I have tomorrow off. Well, I say "off" I'll keep up with my emails. And I have a hospital appointment. Heh

(19:03:08) Home. And the smell of cooking. Yessum.

(19:53:15) Watching the Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff. I am amused by it...

(20:36:38) I am not watching the #Brits. It represents everything that I am not. A musician, mainly.

(20:42:25) I like Josh Groban - he seems to be an affable man.

(22:54:51) niiiiight. Only 4 'i's. It's late.

Tweets for 20 Feb 2012


(07:50:40) Morning. I've been up for ~ages~ #noreally

(14:57:03) Ooo! The Bleak Old Shop of Stuff - the series starts proper this evening.. http://t.co/5D5ZGf2P #BBCTwo

(15:48:17) Cool beans... Lenni's school had a visit from Jeff Rich. Who? The drummer out of off of Status Quo, that's all. http://t.co/2gPVmtzl

(16:10:43) I just got a very interesting, unusual email. We'll see how that one shapes up.

(16:10:50) RT @poots: This evening has become slightly surreal, I'm just going to go with it.

(18:04:22) Shutting down my various computerers. Scout Committee meeting tonight. Voluntary bureaucracy - it's what makes us British.

(18:38:44) If ever you thought children's TV couldn't get any weirder.. this is exquisitely bizarre http://t.co/WpfNs8U0 (Vic Reeves and Angelos!)

(19:53:44) Waiting for the meeting to start. I have coffee and biscuits. Apparently it's musician's badge tonight.. could be cacophonous :D

(21:44:36) There is a tragically uninspiring programme about #Luton on BBC Three at the moment. Or should I say "Lu'on" *sighs* I don't come from here.

(22:03:11) Time for sleeps. Tomorrow, there will be coffee (I can think of no fewer than three alternative preparation methods). Bring it on, Tuesday.

(22:03:18) Niiiiiight.

Tweets for 19 Feb 2012


(01:37:12) jamelopoeia - Rainy Thursday http://t.co/L9bxjTUc

(08:48:29) Bit late to bed last night but I need to be up an' at 'em. Not really very good at timekeeping. Morning (then).

(15:32:29) Back from a swim. Jolly good. Time for a nice hot drink of something (not cola). Kettle's on.. come one come all :)

(17:37:05) Audioboo: Saturday night noodling: jamelopoeia - Rainy Thursday http://t.co/zCV8kbhU #noodling #saturdaynight #song #jamelopoeia

(18:50:50) Just saw Gnomeo & Juliet. Nice bit of British animationary, although a bit too much Elton John* for my liking.

(18:59:53) Oooh.. @Raspberry_pi is only a few days away. My 2012 moratorium of gadget purchase may well be coming to an end.. uhoh...

(20:50:07) Two pints of Guinness makes #TopGear quite funny.

(23:24:26) Off to bed. Loops rattling round my head... it's been a good weekend. Night!

Tweets for 18 Feb 2012


(09:29:57) RT @claw0101: How to take great looking portraits with your iPhone camera http://t.co/FdUKU2RC - Some sensible tips to get better result ...

(09:51:37) Right. Better get all dressed and that while the caffeine's still working.

(09:52:57) This week's #bbcradio4 Now Show sounds like it was great fun to make.. you can tell when the presenters are in a good mood(!)

(11:47:34) I have not just set up Nagios monitoring on my home Linux box ~looks around furtively~

(13:22:00) Actually doing something.

(13:41:23) I just followed @CelesteCruz .. pop legend. My Saturday is complete (save for necessary housework that has remained undone due to Twitter)

(13:58:39) Definitely reservoir-filling weather out there. Lovely.

(15:07:54) The evil ninja squirrels have managed to unscrew and thus DESTROY one of my bird feeders. HOW?

(15:10:40) The only problem with being a mac ~and~ a Windows users is those annoying ._ and .DS_STORE files that the mac leaves all over my NAS. Pleh.

(15:28:44) Gonna take a while.. http://t.co/GCf8d1OD

(18:47:48) This sort of thing happens if I get involved playing 'Hama Beads' with the children.. #retrocomputers /cc @oldgoldtech http://t.co/vJH8KNIt

(21:10:52) I'm sitting down here, but hey you can't see me. Happiness is a tidy studio and enough energy of an evening to at least noodle. Mmm :)

(21:21:04) Thinking of buying Beth a REALLY geeky birthday present. I blame* @dt90spt for the inspiration (*in a good way ;)

Tweets for 17 Feb 2012


(06:26:50) Morning. Definitely better go. Lots of rushing about at the moment. I wish you an immense day.

(07:24:20) Wow. Cool sunrise. Epic sunrise? Moderately impressive sunrise. Over there ~points~

(09:46:04) Now I don't know if I've got New Twitter or NewNew Twitter. Is there a NewNew Twitter? Actually, I'm using Tweetbot. Does it matter? :/

(11:24:20) 11.21 and all's well* *probably

(12:15:58) My lovely #PervyCouncil pals: @BaronHawkey @painted_duchess @jrr4film @GettingShirty @bootcoot @PervyWilbury @_forky @dappydoris #FF

(16:21:02) Stopping for ten minutes before the final straight of the day. Keeps me out of trouble, I s'pose. Well, in theory. Nearly the weekend yay!

(20:50:07) Home. Sausage in a bap. Rhubarb and custard. Home.

(21:54:10) Watching #10oclockLive after the event. Just shows about news or something. News gathering. Ha. Go gather some news and bring me some back.

(22:37:30) "Next, Chris Moyles talks to Ice Cube, Olly Murs and David Walliams" <- not that. Watching the Onion News Network - they put it on Sky Arts!

Tweets for 16 Feb 2012


(06:26:55) Good morning. Too long in bed.. better get some coffee down me. Then up the hill with me (as is traditional). Muffins & honey.

(07:08:18) Made the coach by -1 whisker. By all accounts things are going to change (not least the walk to/from the coach). But not getting up later...

(09:18:46) Scarlet Fantastic - No memory (a song I had completely forgotten existed!)

(11:26:42) I am seeing more and more the additional use of hijabs as mobile phone hands-free kits. Heh.

(19:44:25) Shower -> Nap -> coffee -> BagelTech BIG show. It is a plan. What could possibly go wrong*? *probably the nap bit.

(23:04:02) Just finished a random & amusing BIG show with @ErikLanigan @ClothheadHQ @MissyMWAC @ChristopherW @EwenRankin - thank you for the fun! :)

(23:04:11) Bedtime - night night :)

Tweets for 15 Feb 2012


(06:09:41) Morning. Chuckling at the comedy pics posted on Facebook by @Georgetakei while eating croissants and drinking coffee. Quite, quite spoiled.

(06:16:13) Mustn't forget the cheese.

(06:21:51) Well, I like @TimHarford and I like @AlainDeBotton. But who's better? There's only one way to find out.. rational discussion.

(06:24:09) Heading up the hill to my destiny. Or do I mean destination? Or perhaps a healthy scoop of both.

(07:49:10) Oh I do like a comedic podcast.. here's a new silly thing by @JohnDredge and @MissMcQ - Poncho Fandango http://t.co/mkQBtMsy

(11:53:55) Why the muffling foodstuffs have I got Cliff Richard's "Mistletoe and Wine" stuck in my head?

(15:21:06) The day goes by so quickly. I may well have been on a caffeine rush up to now. Which doesn't help. SO much going on!

(16:24:37) Last meeting of the day. And it's not quite getting dark yet. Got to be good.

(17:28:25) You'll never get rickets or scurvy with Toblerone, beef on a stick and @AsdaCurrySauce - the three major food groups.

(17:32:40) I am in the stretch limo. It only has one floor. It has a dozen windows but approximately 2.5 doors.

(21:14:38) I find few things more relaxing when I get home from work than crawling under my desk and tidying up my cabling #notaeuphemism.

(21:46:49) Good night to you. I think Thursday is on final approach, so I'm going to scurry off the runway like an existential rabbit. Or something.

Tweets for 14 Feb 2012


(06:22:05) Good morning, then. Savlon doesn't actually look like it does anything. Is it just a slightly aromatic placebo cream?

(06:24:47) Up 'n at 'em. And other apostrophe-heavy aphorisms. My stretch limo won't wait (this has been shown on a number of occasions)...

(06:26:49) My commuting listen will be @EmmaAndPete - a midmonth show. Hurrah! (Good morning @emmathegardener :)

(08:02:30) Bailing out of the stretch limo. Today's driver was the first who ever drove me to London, nearly 11 years ago. Legend (blows the horn lots)

(09:22:14) At fire warden training... they are trusting me not to destroy the place. There has better be a bit on fire extinguishers and office chairs.

(09:46:57) .@poots I've just heard an example of the fire alarm. It sounds like Lenni playing her viola followed by a voice saying 'leave the building'

(17:53:15) I've just been on the bit of the northbound M1 that actually goes a smidgen south... dull, huh? http://t.co/EFnZ34w6

(18:00:45) In other news, my super technological Control Centre/work desk is nearly up & running. There's a distinct lack of lasers, though. pow-pa-pow

(18:02:02) "Animals in road - slow" apparently.

(21:14:35) Watching Noel Fielding's Luxury Comedy - it is as unhinged as I would have hoped. #4oD

(21:37:43) I've worked out why I find Al Murray so annoying on 7 Day Sunday - he can't actually make it through a sentence. I can do that. ~sigh~

(21:42:40) RT @Barwickgreen: There's still time to enjoy Michael Morpurgo's play Private Peaceful in surround sound for headphones or loudspeakers ...

(22:11:25) Right. As the rain of time trickles down the kitchen window of eternity, it's the end of Tuesday for me, so from all of me here, night night

Tweets for 13 Feb 2012


(10:07:31) RT @olivia_solon: Why does Adele's 'Someone Like You' make everyone cry? Science has found the formula http://t.co/e9mQ92e4

(11:15:52) Turning Lenni's CDs into audiobook (m4b) format is both painful and tedious, but she absolutely loves them. Two more to do...

(16:10:30) I think I might be falling apart. I will be going into work tomorrow wearing a suit made of gaffer tape and plasters. It's my only hope.

(17:40:24) Down to below 50 emails in my inbox. This is GOOD. But not brilliant.. only the difficult ones left :D

(18:13:11) Down tools. *horn sounds*

(21:59:32) Off to bed. My thumb's faulty. Night!

Tweets for 12 Feb 2012


(08:20:30) Morning. Trying to remove a metal splinter with a neodymium magnet is more of a challenge when one can't find the magnet. Tweezers, then...

(12:33:18) RT @BlackVeilGrooms: HMV You are just brilliant http://t.co/EhIANfP8

(12:38:51) Me: "Why are there bits of Orio on the floor?" Beth: "That'll be because they explode when you try and twist them." http://t.co/SRa1Ym3Z

(14:03:08) I'm going to get my soldering iron out. Let me know if you want anything, well, soldered.

(17:01:20) Finally wired in the turntable pre-amp to the patchbay. This is in lieu of doing anything more productive (i.e. making music). Oh dear...

(19:40:34) I've got sore knees.

Tweets for 11 Feb 2012


(09:03:33) Mornin'. Yum... coffee and toasties for breakfast before some industrial tidying of the children's room.

(09:27:08) Audioboo: Happy birthday Simon (@sm2n @dt90spt) from the Hart Family Choir(!) http://t.co/BeKV3g44 #happybirthday #simon

(20:09:17) I always judge the success of any technology repair based on the amount of sticky tape used to put it back together.

(20:54:35) Stopping is quite irksome. Means getting going again. I'm going to have a banana and a sucky sweet.

(21:49:26) If you can demonstrate a worse scheduling system than one I've just failed to wrestle with, I will share a bottle of Jack Daniels with you.

(22:41:04) I've worked out why I like @MissyMWAC - she has BIG HAIR.

(22:41:44) Having a 1986 moment before bed. Vinyl still is the best medium for music. When I make a decent song, I will get it pressed as a record.

(22:52:14) Why am I listening to Genesis at this time of night? *changes the record*

(22:59:23) A bit of early 90s rave music before bed. "Jellywobble (Blob a lob a mix)"? Can't say I've actually made it as far as this track before..

(23:15:06) Right. Bed, I think. I am quite keen to work on some music tomorrow, since today was, well, not quite so good for that. Night night.

Tweets for 10 Feb 2012


(06:19:52) Good morning. Not sure.

(06:51:08) I can recommend these spikey undershoe things for slippage avoidance in this chill weather (thanks, @poots!) http://t.co/IfdIJPcl

(07:19:34) RT @alaindebotton: It can take a really heavy snowfall before we can do what we wanted all along: talk to strangers in the community.

(09:59:25) Celebrity scrum outside the wireless station this morning - some Radcliffe chap (Mark?) http://t.co/YJvzS9Hd

(15:50:54) All my worldly goods* - moving to see @BluebieH at the weekend. *except the stuff I've stashed :D http://t.co/vJyOetzM

(17:22:36) On the stretch limo home. There is a fantastic conversation about particle physics going on behind me. Man=physicist; woman=frustrated.

(20:28:41) Watching ten o'clock Clive.

(22:30:25) I'm somewhat proud to say that my first act when moving to my new desk was to find and requisition a phone with a prime as its number. #geek

(22:36:28) Righty. Nighty. But not fighty.

Tweets for 09 Feb 2012


(06:28:48) I've got my jazz apple and my boots on. Let's do this.

(07:08:00) RT @106jack: @syzygy We've entered 'Best Publicity for Baked Goods' category. Sure thing so long as John Gaunt's not entered.

(10:31:42) Sometimes emails telling me I could win a free iPad are a welcome relief from ones I actually have to do something about... :D

(17:27:29) Took @cloudexplosion for a look around TV Centre.. she seemed to like it. We saw Harry Hill's bald head :D http://t.co/FwQxF9iW

(17:45:56) That @EwenRankin really treats his listeners with content. (@BagelTechNews)

(17:48:26) My favourite quark isn't the 'up' quark, nor the 'down' quark; it's the 'in my lady's chamber' quark.

(18:17:13) RT @SlimJimSim: @syzygy my favourite quark is the one that is neither up nor down.

(19:32:27) Home and hungry. Doing some @BagelTechNews BIG show action later.. wonder what we'll talk about..!

(20:10:43) There's no CCTV camera outside George Orwell's House (or there wasn't when the Google Street View car went by): http://t.co/4oVXZPtv

(20:15:47) Ought to get on. OUGHT.

(21:35:45) I met the mighty @AshAtalla today. ASH ATALLA! Legend. And a lovely bloke. My sister and I snuck into the studio after him ;)

(23:05:37) Another great show with @sarahjaneuk @BagelTechNews @ErikLanigan @SarahJaneUK @BrianMonroe2583 @IconfessImageek @EwenRankin - thank you all!

(23:06:26) Right.. need to be fresh for a big day tomorrow. Well, it's the same length, but about 1.5 times as wide. Careful parking it! Night.

Tweets for 08 Feb 2012


(13:27:39) This is why I consider 24 rolling news to be utterly pointless and damaging: http://t.co/16nOQnef (In fact, I don't really 'do' news).

(14:26:37) I just bought this: http://t.co/4y7Bp7TY from Amazon. It's the anecdotes of a bus driver called Jimmy. And it's only 93p!

(18:24:49) Slow coach. Not you. The slow stretch limo. Well, to be fair, so is the traffic. Nearlyish home, though.

(18:47:52) Foursquare's gone wrong. I am nowhere near Southend on Sea, and haven't been in over ten years... http://t.co/k8NMApCM

(20:10:25) The earth was once purple #cool.

(20:43:41) I'm in prole position.

(21:36:46) I am proud to report that I am going to be Britain's new kickball team manager.

(22:21:25) A little way up the road, someone is trying to reverse up an icy drive #itwillendintears

Tweets for 07 Feb 2012


Gently Bedwards. That's not my stagename. Night.
10:18 PM Feb 7th from web

A rather unusual visitor for this time of year... http://t.co/DATf4MtF
8:18 PM Feb 7th from twicca

Well, it seems @OKGo have done it again.. this time with CARS: http://t.co/iirxFUXn (thought @Brennig would be interested.. :D)
7:49 PM Feb 7th from web

In fact, Venus and Jupiter are shining brightly, too. Amazing solar system.
6:27 PM Feb 7th from twicca

Wow.. amazing moon this evening :)
6:27 PM Feb 7th from twicca

Heading home after an interesting, hopefully useful team meeting - the team I work with is fantastic.
6:10 PM Feb 7th from twicca

syzygy Clearly @brennig @canuckuk @PontoonDock, @perrygascoine and @JQP74 didn't turn up because I entirely forgot refreshments. Next time! ;)
6:05 PM Feb 7th from twicca

syzygy Team meeting in 6 minutes. Everyone welcome.
2:22 PM Feb 7th from RockMelt

syzygy Dubtrot. HA.
10:37 AM Feb 7th from web

syzygy Brushing teeth and going.. definitely.
6:31 AM Feb 7th from web

syzygy Morning. And that's it.. night is over.. breakfast is done.. time to zoom. Speaking of time.. has someone sped it up? :/
6:29 AM Feb 7th from web

Tweets for 06 Feb 2012


Trolololololol is NOT a song about trolling. Dolololololts. #panorama.
8:47 PM Feb 6th from web

Wow.. stupid government, hiding behind a technicality:
8:38 PM Feb 6th from web

My workday needs a repchage.
8:29 PM Feb 6th from web

Me (with University Challenge in the background): "I got it wrong by one question." #bestIcando
8:18 PM Feb 6th from web

I'm putting off doing my commuting tickets. BLEH.
7:13 PM Feb 6th from web

I lost bathroom lightbulb-changing Russian Roulette.
6:44 PM Feb 6th from web

Audioboo: Heart MoT (although it has nothing to do with the Ministry of Transport) http://t.co/frcWmsb6 #heart #hospital #london #test
5:45 PM Feb 6th from Audioboo

Freedom! Heading home now...
3:40 PM Feb 6th from Tweetbot for iOS

Looking up on Google "Things to do when you're radioactive". FOR SCIENCE. (I don't quite believe @binabery saying my wee will glow :D)
3:07 PM Feb 6th from twicca

Stage three complete - I'm radioactive again :D This has turned out to be a most interesting day. Waiting for my second scan...
2:48 PM Feb 6th from twicca

Phase two complete. Now: pub.
1:09 PM Feb 6th from twicca

Phase 1 complete... I've got radioactive veins now 'D
11:18 AM Feb 6th from twicca

Time to go to London to be MICROWAVED or something.
9:10 AM Feb 6th from web

It's too early to wrestle with awful change management systems.. all done, though. Time to get dressed.
8:13 AM Feb 6th from web

mornin'. workin'. And not drinking coffee.
7:17 AM Feb 6th from web

Tweets for 05 Feb 2012


I think it would be sensible for me to go to bed now. I am planning to raise two change requests before 8am. With no coffee :D Night then!
10:23 PM Feb 5th from Tweetbot for iOS

poots Back home from a lovely meal out with my father-in-law, his wife, her sister and her husband (if that makes any sense).
9:01 PM Feb 5th from web retweeted by syzygy

Home after a meal out with.. oh, I'll let @pootspublic explain :D
9:02 PM Feb 5th from web

http://t.co/cShjp5N2 - Epic snow battle (excerpt)
5:51 PM Feb 5th from TwitVid.com

Just had an epic snowball battle... no real surprise that the children won (expect a YouTube video eventually..!) http://t.co/3pSKJlnI
5:19 PM Feb 5th from web

Chris (left) with my contribution to the snow population - snow schoolmistress overseeing drivers on the ring road http://t.co/pSuQnPPk
3:25 PM Feb 5th from twicca

Bickering noises from the lounge.
2:30 PM Feb 5th from web

Snow shenanigans done for the time being. I think it's thawing so I shall take a photo after lunch...:
1:31 PM Feb 5th from twicca

At church.. it's when my eternal instincts really kick in.
10:59 AM Feb 5th from twicca

Ah the sound of shovel against driveway. (Actually it's pretty horrible :Day)
10:53 AM Feb 5th from twicca

Trudging up the hill to @StFrancisLuton - quite picturesque. http://t.co/0kn7kNF2
10:34 AM Feb 5th from twicca

I wonder if there's such a thing as persistent snowy drizzle.
9:12 AM Feb 5th from web

Winter wonderland good morning. Need to get dressed to clear the bird feeders... I wonder where the squirrels are.
9:00 AM Feb 5th from Tweetbot for iOS

Tweets for 04 Feb 2012


Right.. definitely gone. Night beds!
12:35 AM Feb 5th from web

#UKSnow LU2 7/10
12:29 AM Feb 5th from web

Time to tidy the studio and head for bed.. no point in trying to go anywhere apart from under a warm duvet. Night!
12:28 AM Feb 5th from web

A fantastic evening spent in the guise of @Jamfolder with the talented Mr @dt90spt at Geri Halliwell Towers. The next song is nearly done :)
12:27 AM Feb 5th from web

Expecting half of @Jamfolder to arrive.. there will be noise this evening. There's even a section for it on my website: http://t.co/xeIBPkFn
6:55 PM Feb 4th from web

Wow.. http://www.uksnowmap is taking a bit of a panning this evening...
6:45 PM Feb 4th from web

#uksnow LU2 2/10 - fluttery like iron filings in a magnetic breeze, but indifferently settling.
6:42 PM Feb 4th from web

We're using our Ustream webcam to monitor the snow.. abusing technology while keeping the heat in :D http://t.co/V91gtHs0
6:22 PM Feb 4th from web

GazWeetman This is genius. In an effort to be Verified by Twitter, @brianblessed is attempting to impersonate Wendi Deng lockerz.com/s/180613911
3:52 PM Feb 4th from Twitter for iPhone retweeted by syzygy

Reverse icicle... http://t.co/aVKRpljl
4:36 PM Feb 4th from twicca

Right. Definitely need to do some tidying.
3:52 PM Feb 4th from web

RT @lutoncouncil: We will be out gritting from 16:00 and through the might until at least dawn http://t.co/rxRvYaOJ
2:54 PM Feb 4th from web

That didn't last long.. needed to shut down the new site to back it up :D
2:54 PM Feb 4th from web

Happy birthday @HarrietCass! You don't look it.
2:25 PM Feb 4th from web

(Well, OK, you can breathe)
2:24 PM Feb 4th from web

Right. I've just migrated my website from the mac to Ubuntu and it looks like it works. DON'T BREATHE. I'm off for a digital shower.
2:24 PM Feb 4th from web

webziggy Oh, bravo! RT @ruskin147 Take On Me by a-ha, North Korean Style: http://t.co/QNo761wz This is perhaps the perfect pop video - exquisite
12:03 PM Feb 4th from Plume for Android retweeted by syzygy

This happened to me yesterday: http://t.co/CTin17uQ I also got some helium balloons to put on my boss's chair while at lunch.. he saw me.
9:57 AM Feb 4th from twicca

Mornin'. Chris is listening to "Everybody's Free (To Wear Sunscreen)" - it's an 11 year old song! (It featured in his PSD class.)
9:03 AM Feb 4th from web

Tweets for 03 Feb 2012


(06:23:17) Morning... I think I might have to run to the airport to get warm :D Chilly billy morning...

(07:30:30) I wore a scarf over my mouth this morning. The condensation from my breath (or it might have been dribble) made it all damp. Not so good :D

(09:10:03) Right. I need to print something out. Musket on. Layers.

(09:35:15) Oh dear.

(11:15:53) RT @timoncheese: This was the best part of last night's Question Time #bbcqt http://t.co/l5fizY5i

(15:40:16) Right. I want to be the voice of the lorries who says "Caution. Vehicle Reversing. Please stand clear." Please organise this for me.

(15:43:51) i found the pixel in 4.3s! http://t.co/0AbGnumq

(15:45:37) Screen break over. Time to fill up my pint glass (with water, naturally :D) and bang on.

(16:35:26) How did I end up following George Michael?

(16:36:11) I had to decide between raising a change ticket and sorting my desk out. The change system is BROKEN. Email in lieu and desk tidy FTW(nfc)

(17:23:05) Someone is SO playing Pong on this stretch limo (the archaic game not the odour)

(17:23:12) RT @JesusReborn2012: @syzygy famous actor Tom Truong is the all mighty son of God reincarnation to save earth on 12/21/2012

(17:24:25) Sorry for that last retweet - it was just too deliciously unhinged to resist. I have no idea who that Famous Actor is. Solid spam gold.

(17:29:31) So so glad to be going home. Ended the week on something approaching a high. More of a 'slightly above middle'.

(17:32:58) Someone on the stretch limo is eating an apple excessively casually. Another is obviously having plumbing issues at home.

(19:34:44) I am a niche supervisor. Please let me know if you have any niches that need supervising.

(20:41:04) I'm going to get my pyjamas, my fluffy dressing gown and my banjolele. Ahh two out of three ain't bad.

(23:36:10) Righty oh. Some progress made on the ol' website, but lots more to do. Managed to remove the Infernal Server error by removing some code(!?)

(23:36:26) I think the bedtime is happening, though. It's a bit like the rapture except it works out better.

Tweets for 02 Feb 2012


(08:33:14) Morning. While finding the definition of "melopoeia" (don't ask!) I enjoyed @MerriamWebster's "Ask The Editor" video: http://t.co/RxdHVwtf

(08:35:38) RT @markhaggan: Anyone think that the printing company here didn't understand their brief...? http://t.co/gbJU3NdG

(09:01:49) Right. Time to do something with hot water. #vague

(11:04:19) This charity shop has some brilliant signs... http://t.co/TcjWxcq3

(13:13:22) Whose idea was those huge rotating door things that stop if someone doesn't go fast/slow enough? They are rubbish.

(18:27:54) I want a t-shirt that says Nick Clegg #trendivend

(18:35:08) If I received one of these, I'd think it was LOVELY http://t.co/N4ECkJVm - perfect. Well done, @Asda :) (Via @MooseAllain & @CreativeReview)

(20:30:41) YEAH. I've broken my new website :D http://t.co/hT0OBEZI

(20:41:02) JQuery looks fun. I may have to learn it a bit.

(20:43:42) I gave the woman who served me in Argos a chocolate. She was most perplexed.

(20:44:28) Right.. time for me to draw a veil on proceedings, poor myself a sugary (non-caffeinated) drink and prepare for the @BagelTechNews BIG show.

(22:41:26) RT @Tone_720: Trying to get #OccupyFarmville protest started. We are the virtual 99%

(22:42:15) We are the 99(.99)% who don't have virtual land to till #OccupyFarmville

(23:24:37) Right.. better get going to bed. Fun show as always. Nighty!

Tweets for 01 Feb 2012


(00:08:25) They have a collection (albeit a limited one) of magnetic letters here. I couldn't resist... /cc @ThisIsJinsy http://t.co/b3cMpnyD

(00:19:47) In the thick of it.. not sure I've been up this late for a while! Nibbling nuts (or, for pedants, legumes) while keeping an eye on things.

(00:56:43) Right. Time to do my patrols. Or at least go and wash my hands/screen break. #notaninterestingtweet

(01:05:46) I was rather surprised to see one of our uber-managers still working here at midnight. He's catching up before 2 weeks holiday. *sigh*

(02:45:30) Coupla little tweaks and we're good to go...

(04:06:00) And I'm outta here. Sort of. Night!

(09:24:32) Lots of activity without.. better get some breakfast within. Morning (sleepily)

(09:57:21) A pleasant breakfast at this particular Holiday Inn.. plenty to choose from and friendly, helpful staff.

(10:13:19) Gonna wash that hair right out of.. no.. that's not right.

(10:13:41) Sunshine in Manchester. Woo!

(10:37:56) Making judicious use of the mute button on this conference call as I pack away the hotel room and leave for work...

(11:03:42) Walking through Salford's sparse industrial area.. heading for my 11am meeting - not ~too~ far behind schedule http://t.co/k9j5tdjQ

(13:57:32) Two more meetings to go...

(16:20:07) ...and I'm spent ~throws laptop away~

(18:58:11) As ever, the sprint(!) from the train at Milton Keynes Central to the 99 bus to Luton is a time-critical one. Today: 30 seconds to spare...

(19:39:39) A propos of a thought I had earlier: my hands aren't compatible with hot air dryers (driers?).

(19:43:23) I appear to have lost the power of tweet. Bis morgen. Gute Nacht.

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