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Tweets for 31 Jan 2012


(07:34:55) Mug of coffee. It didn't last long.

(07:36:32) Woop! The mighty Richard @Vobes has made episode 3 of the @BaldExplorer .. filmed near my childhood home: http://t.co/FwhvKqSF

(07:40:59) RT @vobes: If you need a #video produced for your website or business, do let me know. It's what I do: www.Vobavision.com #corporatevide ...

(10:52:47) Celebrity Pot Noodle

(11:27:27) RT @RyanJohnNelson: Angela Merkel has trouble with superglue. This made me laugh more than it probably should have. http://t.co/PHtEhYYR

(12:23:52) I've discovered my 'local' is on Twitter - @TheWyvernLuton.. I can say I've been going there (occasionally!) for 18 years :D h/t @riggwelter

(12:51:02) I hate it when I'm stepping nimbly down several flights of stairs and then realise what I'm doing and completely forget how to do it.

(14:50:29) Stage two of the Voyage North. People don't voyage enough these days. [pic]: http://t.co/FwrcSqcJ

(16:57:11) Some gorgeous tunes on ep 199 of @thisrealitypod - great listen as I wend my unfamiliar way to a hotel. Somewhere. Nearish here. Hopefully.

(19:17:48) Nom, basically. Waiting for my seafood balti to arrive.. this is an incredibly busy restaurant - on a Tuesday too! http://t.co/7wHYTnvy

(20:10:03) "Nap time" #portal

(20:11:32) RT @davelortal: My longest running podcast, The ILP, returns after the new year break tonight @ 20:30. Come watch us live: http://t.co/d ...

Tweets for 30 Jan 2012


(07:43:15) Good morning. Running on two cylinders at the moment.. it's going to be a challenging week. Hmm.

(07:51:27) Lenni: "I'm not going to be a grumpy teenager - I'm doing that now."

(08:48:09) One of the highlights of my week is the walk-to-school conversation; today it was mainly about snowflakes. Tiny ones fluttering this morning

(10:41:31) Just put some out-of-date peanut butter (crunchy) on a metal tray for the birds to nibble. If they can beat the ninja squirrels to it...

(11:18:50) RT @TwopTwips: TEACH your child about the importance of punctuation by making them some "No, More Tears" shampoo out of lemon juice and ...

(11:58:07) I have still not read the Joomla documentation. I expect I am probably doing this all wrong.

(12:22:44) Warming up the studio for an afternoon of worky work.

(14:33:40) Really struggling to keep down to one mug of coffee... winding down for a caffeine-free day next Monday :/

(14:53:06) This afternoon's vinyl listen is The Mission's Children. Haven't played this in a LOT of years.

(15:56:39) Dentisting.

(17:24:19) Sad day - I've had to swap out my Rogers LS3/5s because the left cone is just too rattly. Now: oversized Missions. Hmm.

(17:45:30) "Communication lets me down, but my left ear, my left ear..."

(17:53:09) Don't tell anyone but I'm using an elastic band in my record turntable since the proper one's gone all slack. #crimesagainsthifi

(19:31:03) I consider myself Toby Anstis's anthesis. And now I want him to try and say that.

(20:07:04) I actually consider myself Toby Anstis's antithesis. And now I want him to try and say that. Instead (thanks @goitsagch!)

(20:56:20) Absolutely unhinged: http://t.co/Ez9QniH0

(22:51:49) Some progress made. Bedtime, though now. TOO LATE! Incomplete sentences. Night!

Tweets for 29 Jan 2012


(09:10:02) Good morning. Bit achey.. I think I overslept. Definitely need some exercise today, I think. Not going to join the Shakers, though.

(09:15:45) Onwards,

(11:59:24) Explaining to our children why the entry alert sound of our house alarm puts the Captain Pugwash theme in my head. I may Audioboo this. Heh.


(14:20:36) I tried to play the @thisisjinsy theme on Lenni's viola. It did not go well.

(14:24:09) Me: "Is that the Australian theme tune?" Apparently, they're called national anthems.

(14:27:10) They should rewrite the Japanese national anthen for Hatsune Miku to sing.

(14:35:57) Chris: "I've never seen someone choke on water, but I have seen someone Stoke on Trent." Conversations in this house just get weirder.

(15:22:48) It would appear @pootspublic has taken quite a liking to the kettle. @SuperAlora is singing the national anthem aggressively. Strange house.

(16:00:57) Wrestling with CSS to try and close inexplicable gaps in my website design. I really am not very good at this.

(16:40:09) Cheese on toast NOM.

(17:05:45) Actually, cheese on muffins. Still nom.

(17:07:13) Today's prevailing topic of conversation has been "Inappropriate baby names." It's a rich seam of humour.

(17:42:25) Good grief.. @Asda are doing a £40 pay as you go Android phone.. (Froyo, but hey..) http://t.co/62Q7ROsv <- That's pretty cool, I think.

(20:11:31) Watching idiots drive ridiculous cars. Quickly. Yup.. #TopGear is back.

(21:06:37) Apparently describing my beloved wife as "Adorable the Explorable" is not as affectionate as I'd intended.

(22:21:45) Ahh well. Off to bed now, I think. Progress is slow, and I don't think I'm any the wiser on CSS. Can I put it down to old age? Night.

Tweets for 28 Jan 2012


(08:45:28) I want to be adored like Peter Andre. Or is it André? Maybe I need an accent or two. jamès Hårt.

(09:19:09) I'm a bit short of ideas for what to tweet this morning, so I'll go for the safe option "...but what was the year?" TIME TUNNEL TWEET!

(09:30:38) Derpy hooves. @pootspublic & @SuperAlora are off out to see The Lion King at the cinema. Time for Rainbow Pony Dubstep http://t.co/BbBOel1P

(09:38:51) I aspire to a Chuck Testa level of celebrity.

(09:50:27) Right. Turning off Twitter to do something more real life. Like emptying the kitchen bin without the use of a hashtag.

(10:07:56) Incidentally, I'm doing this today: http://t.co/DP7AlnhZ - so far, one robin, a collared dove and a woodpigeon. Not bad for ten minutes :D

(12:45:23) We have a terrifying number of plastic forks.

(13:05:16) Just installed the PlayStation 2 in the lounge. #oldschool

(15:11:04) Doing the #RSPB Big Birdwatch thing. Nearly halfway through the hour; they're definitely hiding. Just like last year. I shall stop waving.

(15:21:15) I may well have been seeing things (so far, 2 squirrels & a ginger cat - neither on the form) but did a fighter jet just go over Stopsley?

(18:11:46) I know nothing about Telford.

(21:39:34) Dubbing. Not stepping. Yes. Dubsit.

(21:44:12) I'm not really sure I was expecting a children's 'cover versions' cassette to include Kids by Robbie & Kylie. Spicy lyrics, no..?

(23:54:32) Right.. bedtime.. I think I've done at least something this evening, even if it's move a carrier bag from here -> to here <- Night!

Tweets for 27 Jan 2012


(05:56:28) Morning. There are plenty of muffins, and I have uninterrupted use of the toaster. Bring it on (butter and honey - if I can find some).

(06:17:46) I do hope @JakeYapp & @MartinKelner's "Pleased To Meet You"gets repeated on #Radio4extra. Or new episodes get made. Or something. @DoraDale

(06:28:35) Righty.. going to brush my teeth and then hurtle up the hill.

(07:08:58) An interesting (if brief) conversation about the Great Fire of London with today's stretch limo driver. Amazing how history can be rewritten

(08:29:58) Does anyone fancy doing my one-to-one with my boss later? In rhyming couplets.

(12:08:22) Preparing for a kicking.

(14:42:13) Well that didn't quite go to plan. I will think of something else.

(17:55:09) One of my objectives for this year is to take a long exposure photo of the stars in a place where there is no light pollution.

(17:55:52) The woman sitting in front of me in the stretch limo home is snoring. Heh.

(21:39:43) Bouncing stems in Reaper while catching up with Twitter. Relaxing. I can't believe this simple piece of music has so many tracks! #jamfolder

(23:02:56) Right.. definitely going to bed now. 11pm. That's not too bad. Night!

Tweets for 26 Jan 2012


(06:29:53) Mornin'! Can't stop.. running late (as always) But my sleepiness over the past couple of mornings can be explained: decaff coffee. Oops!

(06:30:20) Suffice to say I'm on the good stuff* today. JAMYEH! *i.e. coffee with caffeine in.

(06:40:54) Am I supposed to know what an Avio is, or more to the point want a million of them..? http://t.co/qbDvOIRm

(07:16:12) According to @pootspublic & @PaulLomax Avios are rebranded Airmiles. Or, er, Norwich Union..? A million? I could go to the moon! Or Norwich.

(08:03:19) I was quite pleased to hear @AChrisEvans play Rolf Harris on the #Radio2 breakfast show.. the stretch limo driver's station of choice.

(08:10:29) Listening to Eurovision entries for this year's contest. Gonna be good! (@ Baker Street Underground Station) http://t.co/rJ6akKBK

(09:23:14) Is it just me, or does "Turned it off and on again and now it works" just not give that ring of confidence that it won't do it again.. :/

(13:52:59) RT @wowser: Today's TfL Weekend Closures email was a bit weird: http://t.co/NR8T07cJ

(14:38:07) I just wrote what I believe to be my first comment on an online newspaper article (only to add a bit of trivia). Wow there is a lot of bile!

(15:02:16) Umbongo embargo.

(16:08:08) It is my scientifically derived conclusion that 11.45am & any time after 1am (if drunk) is the best time to prepare & consume a Pot Noodle.

(17:47:08) Yay for going home on a Thursday evening. It's been a couple of weeks since I last did that:D Not going to miss the @BagelTechNews BIG show!

(17:54:03) Oh this is Aardman at its best (@nxmee & @superalora might enjoy it): http://t.co/4O0wkbvn #aardmanBatman via @prof_elemental @teruterukama

(19:13:18) Sometimes my Dad amazes me with what he finds to share.. a rather nice bit of ambient electonica by Leila Arab: http://t.co/2UakFbPa

(20:43:50) Oh that is SO cool.. @TeamESRacing are selling last year's Chevvy Lasetti.. what a great car to commute in :D http://t.co/0y8wDNyx

(20:44:47) (apart from the fact it doesn't come with an engine :D)

(20:45:22) Right.. time to set up the studio. @pootspublic is watching One Born Every Minute on the TiVo.. not really my cup of camomile.

(21:27:13) Just about to play @BagelTechNews BIG show with @ErikLanigan @@Tioaboa @SarahJaneUK @ChristopherW & @EwenRankin http://t.co/Pmu6mXRz

Tweets for 25 Jan 2012


(07:05:12) Good morning. Sleepy.

(08:58:52) Coffee has been imbibed and some biskits have been eaten. Before the meeting in half-an-hour, an all out assault on Desk Tidying yeah.

(09:05:49) #nowplaying A brief study of "State of Independence" - originally by Jon & Vangelis.. popularised by Donna Summer & rebooted by Moodswings.

(10:38:27) Caffeine buzz at maximum. Lovely.

(13:35:42) RT @DavidCWG: 1 divided by 998001. Mind. Blown.

(13:41:35) It's called SAP because it saps your soul away.

(14:59:05) Lordy.

(15:33:31) This afternoon I am nesting meetings. Clever trick if you can do it. I can't do it.

(18:10:55) Moving slowly up the M1. Very useful to see the traffic slowness on Google Maps. Useful but a bit depressing :D

(18:12:22) Someone on this coach has a rubbish ringtone that sounds a bit like the Emmerdale theme.

(19:04:36) I share a name with a film editor of Top Gear. How did I find out? Because someone emailed me to ask for a job... http://t.co/uwJkhAU8

(19:32:29) Right. Shower, jimjams and a little Jinsy, I think. If Beth will let me #notaeuphemism

(20:53:59) I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/IJkMiWog Imogen Heap - "Hide And Seek"

(20:57:28) Holy cow.. I've just discovered "Location History" in Google latitude. It remembers where I've been better than I do! :D

(21:13:15) "Face Cake... Face Cake... Face Cake!" @thisisjinsy

(22:01:12) I had better go to bed.. it's Thursday tomorrow - altogether a better class of weekday. Night!

Tweets for 24 Jan 2012


(06:29:10) Good morning. Better get a wriggle on... yesterday's Unbelievable Truth had some proper laugh-out-loud bits in, even at this time of day.

(08:57:04) Is it too early for a pot noodle?

(09:01:54) Gosh I think I could probably do this.. http://t.co/80yjGrSM ... just a shame it's in London. Commuting is evil.

(09:14:55) New arrival to the office: Wroxham NcKenzie - a cafetiere with character. Thanks to @Bubble2009 & @GHOGIT! http://t.co/ZRamTzKy

(10:05:59) I'm going to wash my hands and then go to the Other Building. It doesn't get much more exciting than that on a Tuesday morning. Oh no.

(10:32:41) Serendipity. It's an interesting, quite shiny thing.

(11:08:23) RT @nedtypeseagoon: @syzygy Serendipity is one of my favourite words - half of it 'seren' sounds serene & calm - 'dipity' sounds like it ...

(11:12:59) ‎"I once bought a Bonnie Tyler satnav. It was rubbish. Kept telling me to turn around, and every now and then it fell apart."

(13:11:53) I'm not sure I can be bothered to make a salad. On ~extremely~ rare occasions, I can sympathise with the giant panda.

(17:42:58) I say.

(17:45:25) The toddlers behind me smell like raspberry fromage frais. The mothers may most diplomatically be described as.. inarticulate.

(19:24:00) Gosh it's good to be home.

(20:12:19) RT @TheLisaKerr: Extract from my daughter's reading book .... School library needs updating! http://t.co/2YJ6vIFE

(20:30:43) Is it just me, or is the call to cancel LAFitness contracts in protest something of a risky strategy..? Although I agree with the sentiment.

(20:38:16) All righty then.. time to throw myself under the shower, and then curl up in bed with an instruction book. Night night!

Tweets for 23 Jan 2012


(08:09:16) Good morning. Off to further my ponderings under the shower. Why does the bathroom have such a good thinking ambience?

(09:32:15) Just had a call from Nuclear Medicine (*laser sound effects*) asking my height, weight & if I'm claustrophobic. Post hospital checkup yeah!

(09:33:44) Right. *definite*

(09:47:54) Off to Asda to get baking soda, which forms the fundamentals of life (apart from nitrogen apparently. we can get that from the Asda air).

(10:41:08) RT @ChristyMedia: Broadcast Engineers sought for contract roles with a leading broadcaster, London... http://t.co/c6T1JqpQ broadcast job ...

(10:54:23) Cool.. Luton-based ES Racing have got the ex-888 Vectras: http://t.co/gveZMHLr (via @TeamESRacing) .. I thought they were NGTC though? #BTCC

(11:53:24) Definitely hungry. Something noodly will help me focus. Happy Chinese New Year!

(11:59:45) I don't normally retweet comedy cat pictures, but these are great.. HTTP Status cats: http://t.co/JbFk6HiQ (via @TimHarford) H/T @girlie_mac

(14:00:09) jamelopoeia - Of The Jam (edit) http://t.co/jAChj349

(15:24:51) Audioboo: Heart monitor boo http://t.co/i9NjIHmT #ae #hospital

(16:57:20) Oop.. I've discovered that my phone has only just uploaded my boo from Thursday. Wow.. retro!

(23:12:51) Heavens a beddy it's late. I'm outta here. Night!

Tweets for 22 Jan 2012


(00:17:41) I should have gone to bed, but got a bit distracted by Numberwang on YouTube. This happens all too often. Night night.

(08:27:30) Good morning. It was a struggle to get out of bed; now coffee and snippets from "The Big Picture Little Book of Fast Facts" read by Lenni.

(09:09:03) Oop.. the power cut yesterday rebooted the central heating. That'll explain the rather tepid shower.

(09:32:37) Miscellaneous photo of Frisbee the guinea pig - out of her cage for a cuddle with Lenni. http://t.co/5mECUXWm

(15:36:21) Time to relax with Lenni playing Harry Potter on the Wii while Chris builds a farm on Minecraft #thoroughlymodernSunday

(17:54:34) I just finished writing a blog post about my hospital experience.. it looks like this: http://t.co/9OdYQ3vJ

(19:17:47) Righty. This evening's excitement include booking my commutes and trying to make a new website thing. There will be pondering, too.

(20:05:28) I wonder if it detected this language in error; I had to click "translate" to be sure... @easyBus http://t.co/yxzsvetR

(21:26:50) Taking photos of my studio. They aren't very good :D

(21:40:56) Toast.. once it pops I just can't stop #addicted

(22:58:41) Time to haul my sorry rump to bed. I haven't made much progress on my website. I shall read a book. Or PDF or something. Night night!

Tweets for 21 Jan 2012


(09:43:54) Good morning. Listening to Sounds Of The Sixties... pretty much perfect programming for the time of morning. Monsieur Dupont by Sandie Shaw!

(09:47:58) Woo! I passed the exam I took just over a week ago :) A celebratory coffee is in order :) http://t.co/Gy2M4Ys2

(11:06:42) RT @taniaglyde: RT @olivia_solon: Sign of the week: "Warning! Horse is very old. He lies down a lot. Stop telling us he's dead" http://t ...

(13:35:54) Power cut. I shall go and play with the compost bin.

(14:02:59) Yeah! All time low record! http://t.co/GPwc1IQ8

(14:07:38) Baaaaack #electricity

(14:09:20) Chris: "I used to do sewing. But then I took an arrow to the knee - BOOM!" #comedydelivery

(16:00:31) Doing something half-arsed. I excel at such things (which is somewhat ironic).

(18:34:15) Beth's gone a-babysitting.. I'm in charge of putting the children to bed. As soon as I turn off the techno and take the Sunny D off them.

Tweets for 20 Jan 2012


(05:19:50) My listening to yesterday's Prime Minister's Questions was interrupted by a doctor coming to take my blood. I shall be writing to my MP.

(05:21:39) I wonder what time breakfast is.

(05:26:15) The thing about broken sleep in hospitals is that it doesn't really encourage analytical thought. My prediction is the coffee's woeful too.

(06:35:13) Trying to boot up my brain. I'm not a morning person. Come on, energy...

(07:09:25) That will explain why the bloke in the bed opposite had a visitor overnight - he's handcuffed to him :D

(07:13:37) Arranging to have a member of my team smuggle some decent coffee in. This will be good if it works...

(07:45:23) Praise be to Doug on high. Between him & Pret, magic has been worked.

(07:52:43) WFH = working from hospital. Heh. Actually you would not believe how many people I'd be in trouble with if I did that...

(07:54:14) Oooh I may well be getting an ECG. From tired nightshift nurses. What could possibly go wrong? Dance little froggy!

(08:20:46) More things overheard that I wasn't expecting: "Ooh.. the sluice smells nice!" #hospital

(08:32:17) The first set of doctors have been.Interesting - the ECGs show some abnormalities - a slightly raised baseline after the beat but..

(08:34:25) No changes from yesterday - which is quite good news. Cardiologist expected later. And they've just asked my weight. I hope I guessed right!

(08:37:00) Oh wow. Very pretty dayshift nurse.. what is a man to do? (well, attempt an escape ultimately :D)

(08:47:19) AND pretty nurse has an Android charger. Best. Hospital. Ever.

(08:52:55) This coffee tastes like cardboard. http://t.co/H4rw4u8h

(09:07:01) A gift from one of the prison guards. All very good-natured here.. #hospital http://t.co/QNcvQxSI

(12:55:16) Well. As things stand the likelihood is pericardial inflammation owing to a non-specific virus.

(12:56:53) Oh, Doctor Walker the super specialist came round - with lovely Doctor Vivien (not from the Young Ones.. imagine that!) He's cool. Yeah.

(13:00:42) Oh, and they've done one more blood test to see if I have a blood clot.. all that travelling. Good idea.

(13:45:38) I have an enormous orange for dessert, but I really can't be bothered to excavate into it. A project for the afternoon, maybe. #hospitalfun

(15:02:48) Wow.. if ever I felt like I wasn't doing so well.. the guy in the next bed has had everything! And I mean everything. Almost.

(17:10:03) I have been released. FREEDOM etc!

(18:00:24) Yeah! Escape celebration! (The coffee cups have no handles. Continental!) With @brennig @SparkyAnnC @PootsPublic an... http://t.co/ugJb15C5

(18:54:57) Buying a ticket home yeah. :)

(18:57:26) I am overwhelmed and grateful for all the Twitter love - both virtual and real - I have been blessed to have over the past day. THANK YOU!

(19:28:26) RT @PontoonDock: @pootspublic @syzygy That deserves a JAMYEH!

(20:11:11) Gosh it's good to go home. Legally the best place for me. Signing off for a shower and a bed. Good night - and THANK YOU AGAIN! x

(20:16:12) My final ponderance for the night: I contest that facial hair grows faster in hospital: http://t.co/Z21q4Njj (that is coming OFF!) Night!

Tweets for 19 Jan 2012


(06:20:19) Good morning. I have non-specific aches... hopefully they'll shake down as I run (always late) towards my chariot to London.

(08:35:24) My miscellaneous aches have subsided somewhat.. I think it might be heartburn. Peppermint tea is the order of the day. Chin chin!

(08:58:26) Trousers now 20% damp.

(10:25:46) I think I might have managed to re-activate my Boris Bike account. But will I get round to using one?

(11:34:35) I think herding schoolchildren past Radio 2 when JLS (or similar) are about to emerge is probably one of the most challenging things to do..

(13:14:50) Using the symptom checker on NHS Direct. I've no idea what's wrong with me. Can't be that bad, though - some SCARY symptoms to choose from!

(13:16:13) That's frustrating. I got "call 999 for an ambulance." I don't think that's right. I shall have another go.

(15:35:07) Checked in to Hotel A&E - at the posh UCL. Fortunately it's not too busy- last time I came to a place like this it was 1am on a Saturday!

(15:37:47) Good day for it, though - no meetings this afternoon. I shall tweet my experiences (while also checking my work email)

(15:54:24) I've just seen the nurse, and now I've been sent for an ECG... sitting in another row of chairs - all of which are already full. Waiting.

(16:06:25) I think I'm making a fuss over nothing. That's quite normal, I believe. To feel like it. And quite possibly to make a fuss. I have no idea.

(16:08:36) I feel so well looked-after. Thank you Twitter and NHS.

(16:10:33) Gowning up... lookin' good (not!)

(16:13:51) I think I might hold out for a CT scan. Reckon I can swing it? http://t.co/Oig1hxOl

(16:23:32) Hairy leg electrode. I am NOT looking forward to taking that off :D Printout off being seen by the graph doctor. http://t.co/AYaixddj

(16:30:01) Waiting for the bit where they tell me there's absolutely nothing wrong with me and send me home. It's what normally happens.

(16:33:06) Current odds: 20/1 ectopic pregnancy, 5/2 on trapped wind.

(16:42:59) A doctor has asked me questions - more heart traces to be taken. I don't have any of the other hallmark symptoms. Tongue medicine, too. Yep.

(17:01:28) Hospital bling. It's the new look for 2012 :D Going to be at least an hour for the blood tests to come back. I spy... http://t.co/O6Ymk6u6

(17:12:48) Taken some medication (including aspirin) to see if the pain goes away. I think it might be...

(17:24:45) Ooh. I may be called for an x-ray :) NEARLY a ct scan..

(17:59:19) Time to see if I can eat while in a jaunty position - a perennial hospital challenge... http://t.co/g0ydDuJI

(18:16:20) Going to x-ray.. apparently.

(18:43:02) Just been zapped with x-rays. I think they now know ~everything~ about me. There is training going on outside. Lots of anatomical terms.

(18:50:18) The blood pressure machine just inflated on its own without any warning. Thought it might squish my arm :/ It didn't. Phew.

(19:10:32) Awaiting the verdict of the Proper Medical Doctors - if they are happy with all the tests, I can go home. It's like being on XFactor.. er..

(19:12:55) The blood tests have come back showing no obvious heart wall problems. That's a bonus. No need to turn it off and on again, I think...

(19:15:21) I think the name of the bloke on the other side of the cubicle divider is James Harrison. What could possibly go wrong? :D

(19:43:07) Waiting for the doctors... always waiting for the doctors. Still, this A&E department is very well-organised.

(20:03:45) Another doctor has seen me - she is going to talk to her senior colleagues... c'mon!

(20:04:29) "I had her urine but I dropped it in the bin" ~chuckles~

(20:10:15) The nurse handover's just come round (pointing to me) "his bed will be ready at 8.15"... er... not if I have anything to do with it!

(20:52:23) Chiz - being sent to a ward. Then I will see the Doctor - then I will plead for freedom; but they may need to keep me in for another test :/

(21:24:51) In ward T1 bed 25 with a bunch of old people mainly. Not properly in bed. I'm like a pouncey thing, ready to pounce.

(22:54:20) Crazy hospital tweetup scenario with @brennig and @sparkyannc - lovely to see them but our escape plan was foiled! http://t.co/VPr3H1sC

(23:10:35) One of the blokes in here keeps playing with his electric bed. I haven't reached that stage yet..

(23:33:17) Time to see if I can muster some sleep during the Care Assistant festival that appears to be going on next to my bed.. night night!

Tweets for 18 Jan 2012


(07:43:05) Good morning. Listening to The Mighty Boosh - haven't heard that in ages. "Locked in a box by a nutjob Cockney". #iPlayer @BBCRadio4Extra

(07:43:38) Also, I had a dream where I got really cross with someone at PRS because it costs disproportionately more to play 12" singles on the radio.

(08:55:40) Enormous breakfast eaten.. better get down t'pit. Or to studio S01, I think. Onwards...

(10:34:13) They're doing a time & motion study on the lifts here.

(12:18:55) I think I might need a forage.

(13:18:07) Not a very interesting view from the window at today's CAB. But still less dull than the CAB itself :D Plus ça change. http://t.co/LnF9p9Ge

(13:27:56) HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aunty Evil (@fridgemagnet2 & @Mad4mogzz's Mum and @fishplatewo's wife) Have a lovely day because of them :D

(17:48:10) I'm a goin' home... an hour from the mad scramble for a bus at Milton Keynes...

(18:58:03) Yay. Made it to the bus on time. And by 'on time' I mean with one minute to spare. Time to hurtle towards Luton...

(20:15:52) Good to be back at Geri Halliwell Towers - Media City to home in 3 hours 30 minutes isn't bad; only double my daily commute home from work.

(20:36:07) I've just learned that the children are really into Challenge TV, especially something called "Unbeatable Banzuke." It looks.. BRILLIANT!

(20:39:34) Unbeatable Banzuke has BRIAN BLESSED on it. Poor quality YouTube video here: http://t.co/7ThbneSu

(20:50:33) Time for a shower, but I think I shall watch a bit of the stargazing thing first. Apparently Venus & Jupiter were visible tonight...

(22:08:31) Time to jam myself into what looks like quite a cramped realm of unconsciousness - explains why I'm so stiff & achey in the morning. Night!

Tweets for 17 Jan 2012


(06:11:11) Morning. Frustratingly @easyBus are now charging for cancellations.. I wasn't expecting that :/

(06:28:16) Main action from last night's Scout committee meeting: schedule the December meeeting after the 21/12/2012, in case the world ends.

(06:29:13) Oop.. better go. Tuesday is up the hill. Thee will be puffing and panting.

(06:31:31) Ooh.. before I dash, I would like to wish @FridgeMagnet2 a very happy birthday. He may well be a Significant Age. But it's hard to tell.

(08:09:26) Playing with "Path" - a mobile diary app, a bit like a mobile blog.. thanks @BaronHawkey & @painted_duchess :)

(09:09:42) RT @alaindebotton: Love your children reliably and they'll gracefully outgrow you. Ignore them and they'll be obsessed with you for life.

(11:36:31) Just been for a visit to @Leica0000, @SparkyAnnC and the rest of the "New Broadcasting House" pioneers. Quite interesting. Low ceilings.

(16:53:09) Stuck on a tram. The line to Eccles is jammed up by a borked tram at Trafford Bar. Quite annoying (but peaceful in its way).

(16:57:55) Going again. Thank heavens. I really need to go to Pomona #mainlytocheckinonfoursquare

(17:03:48) I want to be the Pomona one (@ Pomona Metrolink Station) http://t.co/YW0aaFmy

(18:35:23) All settled in a room overlooking something or other. And a car park.

(21:05:53) Back from the food place (good to spend some time out of the office with work colleagues.. something of a rarity). Bathtime now, I think.

(22:49:27) That Lady Gaga's a bit weird.

(22:51:21) Apparently there's a programme about #Luton on #BBCone at the moment. Shootings and things. Could happen anywhere. Honestly.

(22:59:45) Time to pour a big glass of water and go to bed. Thirsty is as thirsty does. Night night!

Tweets for 16 Jan 2012


(08:06:06) Morning. Bit of a headache.. not helped by the woes of Chris's school ICT department. It is as bad as Govey says... coffee is needed :D

(09:09:58) Home again. A wonderfully bright wintry morning.. must check the birdbath isn't frozen over... we've had robins & blackbirds visiting :) :)

(11:27:49) Quite an amusing Guardian piece, inviting comments on #Sherlock; presumably to help write the next one :D http://t.co/rfhzQ0FC (SPOILERS)

(11:28:13) Quite hungry.

(11:36:42) Time for a quick trip to the post office, because I have no idea how much it costs to send something to New Zealand.

(12:29:47) I am rubbish at cooking.

(12:37:21) The course last week has inspired me to 'reboot' my work life. I really hope I stay on the right side of the edge of a rut..

(12:45:22) Heh.. there's a photo of my guv'nor on the internets.. http://t.co/NMJcUM64

(13:46:12) Talking my Dad through mail merge. Slowly melting.

(15:14:27) Listening to Red Box's "Motive" album on vinyl.. underrated in its 80s pop loveliness.

(20:18:50) Scout committee meeting. Exuberance in a church hall.

(20:40:44) Apparently the Cubs are doing a "home help" badge. All they have to do is keep their room tidy.. that'll be why Lenni hasn't mentioned it :D

(21:48:13) Home now.. really really quite chilly cold out. I think I shall hide in bed for a bit. Night night!

Tweets for 15 Jan 2012


(00:32:18) An enjoyable jam with Mr @dt90spt this evening.. no musical marvels emerging yet.. but there's time. Oh yes. Time. Night night now!

(09:13:49) Morning. Better get on, eh? I have coffee. Yer.

(09:14:14) RT @pootspublic: I've informed Lenni that 'Whatever!' means 'You are very right, thank you for pointing that out' so I shall reply 'You' ...

(09:15:45) Clothes. Oh.

(12:02:57) Having listened to @dt90spt's very interesting audioboo about Pavlovian responses & emails I am reconsidering my computer use. Habits. Hmm.

(15:59:08) Two trips to the tidy tip in two days. I may well move there.

(20:29:09) Ironing. Because flat shirts are are more aerodynamic.

(22:45:10) Yup #Sherlock

(22:51:27) There have been a number of mentions of the tesselector (@dt90spt) but still, that was a mighty bit of telly. Definitely a two-beer show.

(23:16:01) Righty-oh. Bedtime, and I don't think I ever really need to watch telly again. Night night!

Tweets for 14 Jan 2012


(09:02:13) Good morning. By half-past nine I intend to be fully functioning. Between now and then, well, it's that whole 'sputtering along' business.

(10:08:09) RT @LutnScienceFair: Come here for news on the exciting up and coming Luton Science Fair 2012 and other science related tweets. #luton # ...

(10:15:27) Hmm. Running about 45 minutes behind schedule. Better get tidying.

(10:34:06) Wow.. just watching @nxmee playing AudioSurf - that is a fantastic game.. it matches the music so well, and one can choose one's own tunes.

(10:34:47) Here's the Audiosurf game then here: http://t.co/HDr4glxK

(11:07:57) Just did the "knife block hop" - the instinctive leap required when one knocks the knife block over...

(12:35:19) I could do with some re-energising. Closing my eyes to see if I can think of a way...zzzz

(13:26:51) Well, it's a bit warmer outside, but I'm still not quite tempted...

(14:10:47) Taking (about) 22 minutes to listen to the side of a vinyl LP before doing some hoovering. I think I may have gone back to the 80s.

(15:04:47) Getting provisions for a musical journey (or something) (@ Asda Luton) [pic]: http://t.co/osY7RWro

(15:18:50) I get a bit overhwlemed by too much choice.

(22:06:15) Top* synth duo Jamfolder in the studio on a Saturday evening. Crimes against music then. (*not true) http://t.co/jtZFeW0i

Tweets for 13 Jan 2012


(05:58:45) ~yawns~ boot up in progress. I think I'm stuck in the BIOS.

(06:25:39) You just can't get rissoles any more.

(06:35:07) Late.. eep! Better run. (Almost a palindrome tweet)

(11:47:35) totally #FF @BitsyVonMuffin @BaronHawkey @PervyWilbury @_forky @Bootcoot @Dappydoris @painted_duchess

(11:48:05) Just out of the mock exam. Hmm. I'll find out how I did in a minute..

(12:00:29) Hmm.. 30/40 - a couple of crash'n'burns but a mock pass is a mock pass. Or something.

(13:11:45) Here we go then! #ITILexam

(15:09:11) Go me.. I got a certificate for not getting forcibly ejected from the building. Counts as a win, right? (exam was yuk) http://t.co/Wy2turfX

(16:12:03) I found Last Delivery (London) (http://t.co/TnWXwIkZ) #cgeo #geocaching

(16:35:37) I found The Lost River Fleet <19> The Fleet Prison (http://t.co/GQX5bLps) #cgeo #geocaching

(19:00:30) It's only the blimmin' M1 - for the last time this week. Jolly ho.

(19:37:50) Am I alone in 'doing a Sherlock when waiting in a queue? He will be being picked up when he gets off... she is only away for the weekend...

(20:18:09) Ahh home. Where there are fish finger sandwiches to be eaten. NOM.

(20:49:01) Time, I think, to recline with a bottle of something that @SpoonB has made and an episode of @thisisjinsy. Nightly bye.

Tweets for 12 Jan 2012


(05:52:01) Good morning. Still tired...

(10:42:56) Ooh.. some fine shiny new things at CES http://t.co/Bz6NDsxn (courtesy of @stufftv) - I especially liked the Blue microphone...

(12:58:50) Ninja lunchings + bonus cocktail sausages (thank you @pootspublic!) and then back to the last half of the penultimate day. Work inbox: 248.

(15:23:31) Tea break. They have lemon tea here, but it has black tea in as well. What's with that..? http://t.co/z952eK5W

(16:48:53) I found Ashes to Caches (http://t.co/KCMLnrsE) #cgeo #geocaching

(18:15:54) Do you know what I like doing? I like pretending to look like I look like I know what I'm doing. It may sound complicated; that's cos it is.

(18:21:25) It's a bit chilly for buswaiting. Someone needs to have words. (@ Greenline Coach Stop, Gloucester place) http://t.co/b2AnDpHU

(20:00:53) Ahh home. I like it here. It's not freezing cold and drizzly.

(21:23:17) Bedtime, I think, for some late night revision. YUM. Night!

Tweets for 11 Jan 2012


(07:18:33) Amazing sunrise dawn thing going on.

(07:22:58) "You haven't got any 'wet paint' tape? OK, well, what's the funniest you've got?" http://t.co/qRCkGkkG (careful now! @LondonLTNAirport)

(07:53:59) Going south.. Bank branch. (@ Brent Cross Underground Station) http://t.co/qoGxuRvY

(18:08:57) JAMYEH! Made it to an earlier coach ~and~ Google Latitude isn't putting me down as being on the M4 near Richmond. Bonus (@pootspublic!)

(18:17:28) I'm not sure I'm not entirely worn out. Someone should invent an alternative to commuting.

(20:16:13) Righty.. plan for the evening: shower, drink minty tea, eat sweet things (including banana for brain) do mock exam, go to bed.

(21:48:23) Right. I have answered the questions on the question paper, and will probably be *ashamed* when I discover I have crashed & burned tomorrow.

(22:06:44) Nighty night then. It's Thursday in fewer than two hours time. Less than? Or equal to.

Tweets for 10 Jan 2012


(06:24:05) I just need to put milk in the coffee, and we're good to go. At drinking coffee. Good morning Tuesday.

(07:08:35) Here we go for the Tuesday hurtle. The moon looks amazing this morning; difficult to conceive that it's dark grey. And very distant.

(08:10:01) Apparently the traffic jams around Hendon Way/Finchley Road are going to continue for weeks. I would normally be at the office by now. :/

(12:49:39) Lunchtime on day two of the course. I have cheese & salad sandwiches, cocktail sausages and myriad fruit. 5-a-day YUM.

(15:24:58) RT @_emma_green: Film design comp for your little uns: design a new black card for the BBFC and see it featured in cinemas http://t.co/v ...

(18:07:49) Woop I'm worn out. A challenging work day as well as Of The Learning. I have a plan for tomorrow, though. As opposed to a plant.

(19:01:42) Clackety. Hungry now.

(19:48:45) http://t.co/3KfssDNN heh.

(20:24:00) "And the Higgs Boson... a sparticle - somewhat fleeting" (to the tune of "And the beat goes on" naturally) Watching of the Horizon now #BBC2

(20:30:15) I am SO pleased that I can take my synchrotron particle accelerator to the new office (they haven't said I can't) #onatechnicality

(20:48:08) RT @ewarthale: @syzygy *I'm* Sparticle!

(20:50:32) Every time this Horizon programme does an annoying 'decorative' cutaway shot, I'm reading this: https://t.co/VCHFmD7y #lowfluffthreshold

(21:00:54) My next work mug: http://t.co/PkeH2CBs (although I have no intention of breaking my current one - it's got family photos on it :)

(21:29:39) Bedtime already? Heavens. Going to have a 77% Wednesday tomorrow. Night night!

Tweets for 09 Jan 2012


(06:19:18) Good morning. Wow typing is hard this time on a Monday.

(06:22:26) Let's do this (after coffee)

(07:34:34) I would put money on one of my fellow Words With Friends players using a cheating tool (like http://t.co/QDq8sB3M) - what is the point..?!

(07:38:09) Pleh. Bit slow at the bottom of the M1 this morning. It may result in logistical challenges.

(08:13:47) Having a miserable journey into London :/ I'm going to be late to my course. Bah.

(08:24:58) Finally free! I hate traffic jams SO much - hasn't left me in a very good state for a Monday morning :/ Still, no screaming toddlers. Bonus.

(08:31:39) Showbiz news isn't news.

(09:12:14) Wow! The new Metropolitan Line tube trains have air conditioning. That is frankly wonderful.

(13:13:29) End of lunchtime! (Where lunchtime = 45 minutes to do a day's work). Very interesting course, though.

(16:57:56) Lovely evening for a walk. Great course.. home time now.

(18:25:00) Weird car you only really see in London number 8: an Aston Martin Cygnet 00... the most ridiculous Smart Car ever http://t.co/Wsa7Hf0g

(18:50:57) Heading home past the Evil Temporary Traffic Lights of Finchley Road/Doom. Quite tired now - going to be a superwalky week (6 miles so far)

(19:47:43) Nearly home. Lazy shuttle bus yeah,

(20:44:19) I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/ePz7CLrf Japanese Comedians. Simple, yet so entertaining.

(20:47:03) I can no longer put it off. Ironing time.

(21:05:21) The next song I release onto an unsuspecting world will have my latest technological innovation: Autodetune. It's the NEW STYLE.

(21:25:01) Four shirts inadequately ironed in less than 20 minutes. I bet @JQP74 is, er, unimpressed :D Time to get the boy from Scouts, then BED!

(21:44:28) We are once again 100% all home. Time for me to go to bed.. I'm on the early shift again! Night night night :)

Tweets for 08 Jan 2012


(12:12:12) I have spent much of the last hour working on a new website. I find myself devoting too much effort to tinkering with templates. Bleh.

(12:44:42) This afternoon's activities: drink coffee. Go geocaching. That's as far as I've got..

(14:56:07) I found Redbourn Ramble 2 (http://t.co/So5rGmti) #cgeo #geocaching

(14:59:16) I found Redbourn Ramble 1 (http://t.co/kGgj6hMc) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:13:14) I found Redbourn Ramble 3 (http://t.co/uJerb5ZZ) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:18:53) I found Redbourn Ramble 4 (http://t.co/ohCVf9cX) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:26:13) Happy children running amok in the countryside (it's a bit like geocaching but with more sticks and shouting) http://t.co/5z8a1fmj

(15:44:21) I found Redbourn Ramble 6 (http://t.co/L3rcv0zG) #cgeo #geocaching

(16:12:23) I found Redbourn Ramble 11 (http://t.co/4PIuVOvd) #cgeo #geocaching

(16:27:11) I found Redbourn Ramble 12 (http://t.co/DGTBx3l2) #cgeo #geocaching

(16:51:13) I found Church Micro 482 --- Redbourn (http://t.co/ZrcT2hRB) #cgeo #geocaching

(17:20:52) A happy afternoon geocaching with @MatildaMouse, @junkmanuk and family (thanks also to @SparkyAnnC for the gift!)

(19:29:40) Children quietly chilling out in their rooms.. one hour until #Sherlock.. time to work on my website a bit more, I think...

(20:36:19) There's something very Clarkson about #Sherlock's behaviour. Brilliant portrayal. Of Clarkson. If he was bright.

(22:00:56) Jolly good episode of Sherlock. Better head to bed now.. crazy week ahead... night!

Tweets for 07 Jan 2012


(08:37:50) Good morning. Concepts I have learned so far today from my son: "Bronies." And "Derpy Hooves" http://t.co/NH0R3nlC

(08:48:29) I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/A4qJTvyQ My Little Pony - Rainbowstep (Skrillex Dubstep) HD

(09:08:15) Buttered muffins.

(12:23:00) RT @MooseAllain: The Food Standards Agency has an nombudsman.

(12:25:19) Home from the swimming pool with both children and a gentle aroma of chlorine. A success, by all accounts. Next: lunchingtons.

(20:22:35) While I remember - congratulations to Dave Newsham (@Newshamracing) on joining @TeamESRacing - SO looking forward to the 2012 #BTCC season!

(20:23:39) Time for some Paul filmic action now. I have minty chocolates :)

(22:25:59) I now have fewer minty chocolates. Onto @MrChrisAddison's One Night Stand on Dave - his tram skit was funny.. I went "boop!" moments before!

(22:43:55) Tipping up the last crumbs of Saturday and putting them in a bag for breakfast. Night night!

Tweets for 06 Jan 2012


(07:45:47) They've packed this stretch limo to the funnels.. Jason's at the wheel, so as swift a journey as physically possible. If not faster.

(08:46:04) RT @themiltonjones: One week today. http://t.co/nlFS89Nw

(10:20:48) I've decided. I want a PA; not to do all my work for me, but to remind me I should be concentrating. And to organise me. Can't afford one :(

(10:27:24) LOL Wow-Ffactor

(11:25:11) Wow.. they think of everything - I wanted to ensure I had the right definition for "broach".. check out the Amazon ad! http://t.co/fzTEWPbx

(17:29:53) RT @BagelTechNews: HUGE NEWS. @MissyMWAC is recording 'Bagel Tech Missy' - THE Tech Girl, answering all your tech Qs - Sned them to Bage ...

(17:31:07) Home already. World record (probably). Quite hungry/thirsty/tired, though. Not world record.

(18:22:05) I'm learning from @pootspublic about "Hollister". It's like a @charltonbrooker dystopian comedy in shop form. http://t.co/bMOK6SCu #IAmOld

(20:16:10) RT @will_j: One guitar, five players: http://t.co/LfLFG39C

(20:18:33) I liked a @YouTube video http://t.co/OFSxFrXd Somebody That I Used to Know - Walk off the Earth (Gotye - Cove

(20:47:12) I have had coffee. I might just make it to the end of @BagelTechNews BIG :D

(21:54:12) Drinking beer from a massive Sports Direct mug while playing Internet Telly.

(23:19:29) Right.. that'll do for Friday (with 40 minutes to spare..) I wish you a firm but perfectly fair and quite pleasant night. Starting: NOW.

Tweets for 05 Jan 2012


(05:45:58) Good morning. Bit too early to be pulling focus ...

(06:18:05) Hmm. Trying to work out a way to reduce fruit wastage. The only thing I can think of is a Community Fruit Bowl. (c) @syzygy 2012 yeah. HA.

(06:25:31) 5 minutes to launch. Coffee and toasted muffins with jam. It's the breakfast of champions. Champion porcelain dog collectors.

(09:27:30) Reminder email sent to Draytek "Did you get my last email w/ login details?" Predictable response: "No I didn't get your email.. send again"

(10:04:48) Stand up comedy almost always sounds better with a northern accent.

(17:22:38) Oh heavens.. I just diddled myself out of an early escape - completely forgot it was a bank holiday! Lucky I got on the coach, really :/

(17:24:14) My objective now: to see the #ISS from the coach - I've spotted Jupiter.. can I get the double (or the treble if you include the moon :D)

(17:26:04) Nope... (it's just Chuck Testa :D)

(19:24:01) I'm fairly sure I told the Draytek people that I'd turned off DoS protection.. but they've asked me to try it. Meh. I'll give it a go.

(20:37:45) 6 minute 58 seconds and no dropouts (yet) but I can't log into my router at the moment...

(21:25:07) Oh, while I remember this evening on the coach I spent much of the journey home talking to a Hungarian lawyer called Eva. She seemed nice.

(21:52:59) Late to beed.. eep! night night

Tweets for 04 Jan 2012


(08:35:09) Good morning. Bit short of breath today - might have a chest infection. I may be excused from P. E.

(08:37:26) Mmm coffee though.

(10:38:41) Into conference call central...

(12:13:22) Off the phone call. Time to make a list, while I still remember...

(13:32:03) RT @fridgemagnet2: RT @TheMediaTweets: If you haven't read the "Year in Express headlines" you really must: http://t.co/x3NjHEEi take no ...

(15:43:24) &H990CE4 rain... &H990CE4 rain #hexsongs

(15:51:30) Ten more minutes to Bits And Pieces*

(16:37:26) "Pomona of a lonely heart.." (I'm sure I've done that one!) (@ Pomona Metrolink Station) [pic]: http://t.co/4DZF2ZlA

(17:08:19) Audioboo: Soundscape - The noise of Manchester Piccadilly, onto the peaceful train home http://t.co/oaT3uXYh #noisy #soundscape #station

(17:16:16) Pendolinoing home like a zoom thing. I'm going to catch up with @thisrealitypod podcast while I read an interesting but complicated book.

(18:57:12) Phew.. once again, I made the connection for the bus to Luton with just 3 minutes to spare. Always a close run thing.. http://t.co/DEm9d8Wl

(21:57:27) Definitely time for bed. I can hear Thursday gunning its engine in a threatening way. Hope it's not one of those 'hotrod' ones. Night!

Tweets for 03 Jan 2012


(06:54:02) Daily greet. And, indeed, stap me vitals it's blustery and damp out there. I'm fairly sure the same bit of drizzle hit me four times.

(07:04:32) I'm not sure I've known the 7am @easyBus stretch limo be so busy.. normally I can count my fellow journeyers on one hand. To That London!

(07:17:05) Listening to a new batch of @emmaandpete shows as my trousers slowly dry out. Nice mention of Bedfordshire Clangers from @DirtyBoxers too.

(08:25:46) RT @johndredge: wow my podcast is Podcast of the Week on Chortle! http://t.co/fwJTYAv4

(08:38:08) On the max strength.

(09:35:42) Definitely off to Salford later. If it's not been blown away.

(09:43:52) Oh this is spectacular! My kind of art: http://t.co/NCODySip (via @Gdowling @WabbitPie & @MissRachelle :D)

(10:16:28) Flushed with the success of my first ever firework lighting, I think it would be a bit much to go for this one next: http://t.co/UkQSsOUr

(11:05:56) RT @_TimothyPower: This is how Lego marketed to girls in 1981. Wouldn't it be nice if toy companies still marketed to girls this way? ht ...

(11:14:40) RT @EmmaK67: Women. Struggling to drink water. http://t.co/tKY97hQL (via @indiaknight)

(14:47:13) Will the train arrive before the storm..? (@ Milton Keynes Central Railway Station (MKC)) [pic]: http://t.co/9Eu52jAC

(18:10:39) Audioboo: The mystery of the flying CD... http://t.co/hFDCN2LY #cd #salford #bitwindylove

(18:49:34) I do believe it's time to forage for berries and other flora in the Salford Quays area. Either that or a burger.

(20:29:58) Back in the boudoir d'hotel (I don't think that's right) for a salle de bain and a barre du Crunchie (bought cheap after Christmas)

(20:50:35) I now have the Keyboard Cat tune stuck in my head, possibly because of Twtiter. I don't know. Probably.

(21:12:38) RT @TwopTwips: AUDI DRIVERS. Save money on wing mirrors by simply getting close enough to use the ones on the car in front. (via @miguel ...

(22:58:49) Time to snuggle down and dream of being in the @Linton_T_Tavern ... I bet the pipes don't clank there, do they, Michael..? :D Night night.

Tweets for 02 Jan 2012


(11:43:55) Lovely lovely sunshine.

(11:50:19) I am going to see how long I can resist buying ANY gadgets this year*. So far: one day. *Poundland doesn't count, right?

(18:30:50) Just over 12 hours until my wake-up alarm goes off, and the 2012 world of work starts (except for checking my work email over Christmas)...

(20:57:15) Shutting down and packing for another trip to Salford. Gonna be a bumpy ride. G'night!

Tweets for 01 Jan 2012


(00:34:56) Happy new 2012 :) hope it's a good one, without any fear. home and bed soon - night night :)

(01:17:30) Off to bed now, after a great New Year's party at @MatildaMouse and @junkmanuk's (with @CloudExplosion, @Marvin_engl and others!)

(01:17:59) Ooh.. and my first 'first' of 2012 - I set off fireworks. Never done that before. Quite exciting (although one kind-of misses the display)..

(10:40:13) Good morning to you, and indeed 2012. Hitting the shower shortly and then having a darn good potter (not Harry).

(10:42:27) Today I feel like I'm being powered by a backup diesel generator.. not so much the exhaust fumes; more a general slight dimness.

(12:14:40) Listening to some old recording sessions I've done in the studio.. I am blessed to know such amazing singers :)

(17:39:24) Ooh.. tiger bread is yum. http://t.co/zUGVRvpD

(19:12:29) Putting a banana bread beer in the fridge ready for #Sherlock - one of only two 'watch when it's on' programmes planned this Christmas..

(19:18:28) RT @cathusmax: surely Facebook renders 'auld lang syne' redundant. can't shift for sodding old acquaintances

(19:18:59) I am listening to Christmas songs for kids because I can't be bothered to get up and do something else. I think this means I'm tired :D

(19:30:41) I wonder if Greggs are taking on staff. I fancy being a pie-man. #careerchange

(20:04:09) Why? Why do people watch Eastenders? It is distilled miserablism! Apparently that bloke is from Hobly. Filmed in the same place, y'know.

(20:07:09) Eastenders theme in a minor key. Well.

(20:07:25) RT @Tooshtalk: 'I start on Emmerdale next week'. #patslastwords

(20:10:27) Heavens above. This is good already, and it's not even started yet! #Sherlock

(20:26:16) As always, exquisitely scripted. #Sherlock

(20:50:12) Always good when there's a Twitter account associated with a programme #Sherlock @TheWhipHand

(21:11:55) Oh my - this is my TV highlight of the year (sung to the tune of that bit in TV Burp) #Sherlock

(22:55:13) Well.. the first "Bleak Old Shop Of Stuff" was weird, dark, very silly but amusing.. Katherine Parkinson, though. Lovely :) Now: Bedtime.

(22:56:06) Off for a sleep now; last day of 'freedom' before going back down t'pit. If you want me, you know where I am. Tweeting from bed. Yes. Night!

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