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Tweets for 31 Dec 2011


(00:16:27) Just shut down the studio.. I feared a minor electrical fault until I saw that my leg had been brushing against a loose bit of sellotape.

(08:58:45) Good morning. I'm not sure what this weather widget summary is saying.. could mean hundreds & thousands of things..

(10:09:02) Right. Time to do something that doesn't involve looking at a brightly lit rectangle.

(12:00:10) RT @gmpolice: The Drunken Disorderly Inn Special Weekend Offer – book in tonight and stay till you go to court on Monday #ddinn http://t ...

(12:01:43) If you love #Radio4 as much as I do, you may already have heard the BRILLIANT News Quiz panto.. but if not, it's here:

(12:02:41) Happy New Year to @painted_duchess and @The_Devotea .. and anyone else I've missed! (Thanks for the reminder, @Ariadnes_web!)

(13:11:19) RT @MooseAllain: It costs so much to hire a decent sound system these days. I blame the pa rents.

(13:35:16) "Like a G-Wiz like-a-like-a G-Wiz" #downwithdakidz

(13:56:28) I always think of Zumba as being a kind of exercise where you try not to fall off a Roomba as it zooms about the carpet.

(14:45:06) At the most wonderful wildlife photo exhibition at Stockwood Discovery Centre - it closes really soon, so lucky to catch it! @MuseumsLuton

(15:58:22) Thinking of a disco nap. Although I may well not wake up until mid-March.

(23:55:25) Five to midnight and Lenni & Chris are still dancing.. :D D

Tweets for 30 Dec 2011


(09:20:52) Morning. I could well do with a decent Twitter client & media player for my Android phone. I end up using my iPod Touch for both at the mo.

(09:23:00) I am in my pyjamas still. This gives me an excuse not to go for a run.. and also, I'm not late for a bus. May take the children out later...

(10:22:37) Thank you, @sharonlangridge @R2UK & @TrevyPoos for the Twitter/media player tips.. I'll give 'em a go (except Tweetdeck.. flaky for me too!)

(10:23:41) Ever thought: "What's next for kettles, after colour changing LEDs and a 'ping' when it's boiled?" @Barwickgreen knows:

(20:27:19) Picking out some old theme tunes in case anyone fancies a 'guess the theme tune' competition tomorrow night.. most of them are EASY! :D

(20:29:56) Heading for the studio to put together a ~small~ sound system for tomorrow. Just a little one *thumb and forefinger together*

(22:19:50) I have no idea what I'm not listening to #dubbingmusicforkidsoffcassette

(22:20:40) I'm going to take my liqueur chocolates, and maybe a Cherry B and watch 2011 Wipe. It's what @CharltonBrooker would've wanted (prob. not).

(22:29:27) Musicians: surely the point of Autotune is so that people don't notice when you use it..? Or am I just oversensitive? Do you believe in...

(22:35:08) Gosh this is good.

(22:35:42) Gosh this is good #2011Wipe #Forgotthehashtag

(22:46:45) Portal 2 reference! Yeah! #2011wipe

(23:00:52) Like a tragic crouton. Lovely #2011wipe

(23:51:55) Better go to bed, I think.. this time tomorrow, I won't be. Sort of thing.

Tweets for 29 Dec 2011


(06:37:14) Daily greet ~kisses hand~ Early breakfast (for a non worky day anyway!) Not quite sufficient sleep. That's about it.

(10:35:06) Ahh home, after a very acceptable zoom around the M25. The house is chilly.. time for a brief rest before some tidying action, I think.

(10:56:30) RT @rhodri: This is great, obviously. RT @jonronson: I wrote a story about the cuts, which I've just published here, nowhere else: http: ...

(14:52:30) Having a watch of the @ri_science #ChristmasLectures - the brain is simply amazing. Well, mine isn't. It's smaller than a wasp :D

(15:37:42) an invention from the brain of @nxmee that may well be all the rage next Christmas.. the Large Hadron Kaleidoscope.

(15:42:32) Me: "Charlie Brooker's funny but a bit rude." Lenni: "So, PG13 then..?" Not sure he's ever been described as that..

(16:07:37) "Mugshot buffering" - I learn a new phrase from @nxmee practically every day!

(19:26:37) Bleeeehhh. Mainly. Not really expecting to get a call from work. I'll deal with it tomorrow. In the meantime: family renunion photos.

(20:18:28) Hmm.. Facebook.

(20:39:09) Watching last night's Top Gear. Clarkson is in an XJS - my childhood dream. And there's a white Allegro - my first car! (Not a 3 though..?)

(21:08:23) Might save up to buy Beth a Tara Nano

(21:09:32) Pah darn autoincorrect. A Tata Nano.

(21:28:13) Ah. #TopGear has now gone completely silly.

(23:40:15) Right. Next email to DrayTek written. Note to self: I have now changed the router's admin password. At this time of night. We're doomed :D

(23:40:22) Bedtime then.

Tweets for 28 Dec 2011


(06:59:19) Morning. Struggling to get started - I think I need the Redex of the human world (coffee, but without the clouds of smoke :D)

(20:15:29) Chris: "In Spain they celebrate New Year by eating 12 grapes" Luke: "A better idea would be to sleep in 12 beds". Heh.

(20:30:12) Just read this bedtime story (by @GordonDioxide) to my & @cloudexplosion's children.. they (and I) absolutely loved it!

Tweets for 27 Dec 2011


(08:58:04) Weird waking dream today where I said goodbye to someone after a gallivant through London, and found myself wading across the Thames :/

(09:12:45) We're going to brave town today. Mutual decision to walk there - avoids parking stress! I plan to buy nothing.. I have been spoiled :)

(09:36:34) Just unwrapped a very kind gift from @SparkyAnnC - a Geocoin and a @GroundSpeak geocaching subscription. 2012 is gonna be a FUN year! :)

(09:38:14) RT @caravangallery: Right. 2012. We need help to make a people's guide to Oxford. Interested?

(09:40:35) Mind mildly changed about buying nothing in town - I'll be getting some pineapple juice. #sorethroat

(10:30:24) Finished faffing with - next... shower and Doctor Who. JAMYEH!

(11:32:32) Watching #DoctorWho - much better than the Kylie one. So far from the worst ...

(12:53:27) Lenni is growling and hissing again. All it takes is a bit of lemon tart and she goes feral. I have no idea how that works.

(12:57:12) Going for pineapple juice and mealworm. Yumsk.

(13:09:05) Modern Warfare IV - M25 on a Bank Holiday (or possibly Post-Christmas Sale at Debenhams)

(16:03:33) Home after a visit to a busy @TheMallLuton ... we survived, though. Time for some coffee to perk me back up. Pot's big enough.. want some?

(16:09:19) RT @justinw: More Blackberry Playbooks were stolen at an Indiana truck stop than sold in retail stores nationwide.

(17:00:12) Pasta bolognese. Pon de left hand side.

(17:15:35) I really have no idea what I'm doing. It's brilliant :) #cookinglikeabawssss

(17:31:08) Cooking makes me want to drink wine like Keith Floyd.

(18:34:09) Heading for the studio for a bit, I think.. time to do something with long strips of ferrous covered plastic. They're the future, y'know.

(18:40:18) RT @SueAtkins: Try one of my most popular Techniques .... => #pause #parenting #parents #kids #families #mums #m ...

(18:49:57) Early bedtime for the children.. major busy day tomorrow!

(19:20:22) I've discovered we no longer have a working video cassette player at Geri Halliwell Towers. Darn you Queen Victoria /cc @SharonLangridge

(21:16:12) Heh. This got @Rhodri in trouble with hardcore Morrissey fans, but I quite like it. Heaven Knows I'm Christmassy Now:

(21:23:26) Gosh, I want to turn my studio into one of these: (Lenni & Chris had a go!) )

(21:37:27) RT @ri_science: If you enjoyed the #xmaslectures come to the Family Fun Day at the Ri on 4 Feb try out the demos. S ...

(22:29:04) I'm going to head for bed, and see what happens. I daresay it'll involve sleep. And a bit of reading. Not in that order. Night night!

Tweets for 26 Dec 2011


(09:48:22) I liked a @YouTube video Karaoke Secret Santa

(10:52:45) Lenni: "That's slapping someone." Chris: "No, it's high-fiving someone in the face." #sigh

(17:11:02) Like @fridgemagnet2 I am at the in-laws' today. Well fed and plenty of relaxing. AND Turkish Delight NOM

(21:05:01) Studio nearly tidied.. I trashed it shortly before Christmas. Arranging lovely presents - I have chocolates and comedy. YAY!

(21:23:06) A small subset of the lovely presents I received this year - books, comedy, chocolate and beer YAY! (@plaintalkinghr)

(21:49:31) I love Greg Davies's observation on 8 out of 10 cats - only one of Jedward is noisy and annoying. I think it's.. er.. Jedward 1.

(22:40:31) I need to have a Father Ted marathon. One day.

(23:31:22) To bed, then. Niiiiiiight. Half an hour until my sister (@cloudexplosion)'s birthday. It would be indiscreet to say how old she is. Heh.

Tweets for 25 Dec 2011


(00:07:52) Rendering a video (yeah, I know.. a bit last minute!) while watching a wedding taking place in America. An interesting start to Christmas!

(01:34:59) I uploaded a @YouTube video jamelopoeia - Dance Dance (For Joseph Restubog)

(07:30:00) Good (Christmas) morning.. looks like Santa's been (and discovered at a not-unreasonable hour, too)

(08:52:37) Only took five goes to put Chris's tie on. Him.

(09:01:12) Woooo! I got my @KaraokeSecret Santa present.. sung by one of the most wonderful singers in the world! Thank you, Pami!

(13:24:31) A festive feast, prepared by @pootspublic, about to be enjoyed by @nxmee @superalora and @GHOGIT. Bon appetit!

(14:40:58) Present opening time - quite impressed with Nerf, using cardboard 'string' to hold the product in place, not wires. Very eco-friendly :)

(16:08:04) My dear parents-in-law, in Christmas jumpers - @bubble2009, splendid and stripey, with GHOGIT wearing 8-bit reindeeer..

(16:25:09) RT @cyberdonkey: if you are watching Downton Abbey tonight and fancy a game of spot the cyberdonkey I looked like this

(18:01:28) Christmas buffet tea, to the soundtrack of what can only be described as "Crazy Frog's difficult second album'.

(22:46:45) Just about to head to bed - listening to @Vobes's Naked Englishman recording.. for a day on his own, there were lots of guests. FAB! :)

(23:19:29) I liked a @YouTube video 2011 Karaoke Secret Santa

(23:24:01) Catching up on the @KaraokeSecret Santa videos.. please expect lots of 'YouTube likes' :) Some AMAZING singers this year!

(23:24:17) I liked a @YouTube video Karaoke Secret Santa 2011 for Tom K

(23:31:57) I liked a @YouTube video KSS2011 Bette Midler - White Christmas for Rebecca

(23:37:42) I liked a @YouTube video Karaoke Secret Santa 2011 - For Sara

(23:43:26) I liked a @YouTube video Karaoke Secret Santa 2011 - For James H

Tweets for 24 Dec 2011


(10:52:14) Morning then. I HAVE been up and about, but variously recording video, disposing of Advent calendars and *ahem* putting things in the loft.

(10:53:48) Wow! @106jack are playing Fleetwood Mac's The Chain. BRILLIANT!

(10:54:17) Full of Christmas Eve cheer. Or it might be coffee. Who cares..?

(11:48:53) Awww.. @superalora just squealed with delight at her Portable North Pole message from Santa :) :) @PNPSanta

(12:08:32) Well, Santa's not impressed with me.. (thanks, @Nxmee!) #PervyCouncil :D

(13:40:43) Applying festive anti-ninja-squirrel measures to the fatballs. I've twist-tied the enclosure to the bird table. Hah.

(16:25:01) At my dad's, playing "Rory's Story Cubes" - quite a novel idea, where one weaves a tale from the upper images..

(16:58:48) Wow.. Venus is bright this evening (yay for Google Sky Map!)

(17:04:05) Woo! The #ISS is going over our house at 17:24.. just like Father Christmas in 7 hours time.. I'll have my binoculars out :)

(17:11:41) Sorry..? Whose great idea was it to put Louis Spence on the radio? #ThisIsAwful

(17:38:58) Festive hoovering about to commence. Feet up, please......

(19:03:57) The children have voluntarily barricaded themselves in their rooms, and it's only just gone 7pm. It's either Santa Claus or Home Alone!

(19:06:10) The guinea pig is squeaking. Apparently she gets excited by the sound of chopping potatoes...

(19:25:32) I've reached the "to heck with this, I'm going to use the mac" stage.

(19:50:43) Heh.. VLC for Windows has got a Santa hat on :D

(19:52:51) Importing videos. I think there's a queue in the 'nothing to declare' aisle...

Tweets for 23 Dec 2011


(06:30:40) Eep. Good morning... gotta shoot!

(06:53:44) Listening to @webziggy and @ruskin147 talking about the surround lessons & carols thing -

(07:08:07) Wow.. the M1 is quiet this morning - has everyone given up for Christmas?

(08:36:55) At my desk. Last time for 2011. Time to make a list, check it twice.. (no, I'm not Santa Claus).

(08:54:06) listening to @dragonhistory on BBC Scotland's Orkney Evening Programme.. - Lovely! :)

(10:48:22) :sadface: Carstairs NcKenzie - my fine сafetière - has been lost in action. A small topple was all it took. Ahh well.

(10:50:05) RT @RadioKate: It's a late contender, but possibly the best bit of radio I've heard all year. Hilarious. #catjesus ...

(12:14:44) RT @imyke: 'The popular Galaxy S smartphone that sold 10 million units last year... won't be upgraded to Android 4.0.'

(16:47:32) Workin' my magic.

(16:48:24) It would be jolly nice if it would stop raining for a bit. Who do I speak to?

(16:52:36) Inbox count at close of play (near enough) before Christmas: nineteen, with zero undead. Time to put my Out Of Orifice on.. hurrah!

(17:38:34) RT @eddietheshoe: #ff @hark_the_herald @Angels @singglory @tothy @newbornking.

(17:40:14) Last stretch limo home of 2011. Feels nice. Bit bumpy.

(17:48:38) Treating myself to the slight return of @shiftrunstop - a nearly two-hour Christmas special.. LUXURY! #podcast #yay

(17:58:23) RT @Bagel_Tech_News: BIG Show at 9.30pm with @ErikLangian @Syzygy @SarahJaneUK @AlexGFox @ClothheadHQ & @EwenRankin ...

(18:24:25) Taking an unusual route home. But going home.

(19:23:32) Not sure it gets much better than this: pi & beeer. A triumphant close to the working year. Thank you, @pootspublic :)

(19:28:43) RT @riggwelter: Tonight, @fiverscarrot and I shall be singing #carols at @LDNLutonAirport with a bunch of peeps from @StFrancisLuton. #c ...

(19:52:35) Time for a shower & prepare the studio (and some more beer) for @BagelTechNews BIG with @clothheadhq @eriklanigan @sarahjaneuk & @AlexGFox

(21:31:31) New firmware makes no difference.

(21:37:44) RT @sarahjaneuk: On @BagelTechBIG Show with @ErikLangian @Syzygy @SarahJaneUK @AlexGFox @ClothheadHQ & @EwenRankin Watch live/chat at li ...

(22:00:51) That @clothheadhq is drunk #blamealex

(22:15:17) RT @claw0101: Buzz Aldrin didn't eat his space meal….#blamealex

(22:15:39) Kepler hasn't got anyone on it #blamealex

(23:46:56) Definitely off to bed, after writing a miserable email to Draytek. The router may well go back.. (not so unexpected, I guess, @DanielPercy!)

(23:47:43) Nighty, then. With camomile tea and indigestion tablets.

Tweets for 22 Dec 2011


(06:22:27) Morning. Is it possibly to conflate Thursday and Friday? Interleave the seconds.. something about occupying the same physical space. YEAH.

(06:24:06) I found this open in a tab in Google Chrome. I'm sure I didn't click it. Did you, @Fridgemagnet2?

(06:50:49) Wow.. amazing how quickly the phases of the moon change day by day.. last part of the waning crescent this morning..

(07:16:13) I have to say I enjoyed @JohnOsRadioHead's John Peel's Shed on #Radio4 #iPlayer - I miss doing radio. If I could work part time.. ~sigh~

(07:17:59) RT @BagelTechNews: Win a 1TB Drive, A Camera, Camtasia Licenses & Snagit Licenses from Techsmith. then email Rum ...

(07:50:44) I think I have no interest in anything a professional footballer says. Especially in public.

(07:55:55) A swift commute this morning.. I think everyone's given up for Christmas. Hopng for a quiet 'catch-up' day in the orifice...

(08:28:44) RT @johndredge: My half hour strange comedic podcast is here – "The Nothing To Do With Xmas Show!"

(10:24:50) Office update: @Errolin is wrapping presents. Clearly a specialist occupation.

(11:25:41) Excellent article about giving the listener a 'bonus' in the last minute of a song.. - from @Record_Producer

(11:30:49) Pleh and bah.. Draytek still haven't got back to me about my Skype problems.. may well be audio only on Friday's @BagelTechNews BIG show. :/

(13:31:47) Congratulations to @Dr_Black @artistsmakers & @MooseAllain for making the "most influential non-celeb twitterers" list

(15:43:59) Certain members of my team are trying to find Christmas jazz songs with the express intention of winding me up. I will remain stoic.

Tweets for 21 Dec 2011


(10:23:07) I just had one of these. They are a crime against food, albeit a delicious one...

(11:24:09) RT @MooseAllain: Anthropomorphism is dead, a little bird tells me.

(11:25:34) RT @vobes: If you need a voice over or video for your website - let me know, your wish is my command.

(12:24:35) I'm not sure there is a better taste combination than decent coffee and Cadbury Heroes. NOMS.

(12:31:09) RT @TheABCanimals: As a little Christmas gift from The ABC Animals... Here's a teaser to whet your appetite for new stories! ...

(12:32:04) "If you can keep your head while all around are losing theirs.. you clearly haven't grasped the seriousness of the situation." :D

(15:15:59) Gosh. I think I need to write soemthing.

(15:46:12) It is very naughty to wrap a piece of old cheese in a Cadbury's Roses wrapper.

(17:09:27) Yay going home (while also working.. such are the delights of modern transportation)

(19:09:39) Successful transfer from train to bus.. two minutes to spare tonight - next stop, That Luton Airport. All tired out and a bit hungry now..

(19:29:32) I've not hurtled down the M1 for a good.. ooh.. 36 hours. This way home lies, though.

(20:52:13) Gowalla is being consumed by Facebook. Well. TargetEye is the next alternative (apparently - according to Mr @jasonjarrett I believe)

(21:18:19) I have just been introduced to 'Sabbath Mode' by @pootspublic. Who'd have thunk it..

Tweets for 20 Dec 2011


(09:11:53) An hour and a quarter until a collision (collective term?) of meetings before I have to hurtle Salfordwards. Busy, busy days. Coffee needed.

(09:22:28) Testing my luck *rolls dice*. It's less than seven.. that's normally good, right? #ChooseYourOwnAdventure

(09:25:23) Oh wow.. Warlock of Firetop Mountain is an iPhone app! .. SO tempted!

(12:39:39) Ooh.. there's a 90 second prequel to the Doctor Who Christmas Special.. it's here:

(12:57:22) Oh dear, @errolin's CD of Christmas songs has gone round again. It's like being in a shopping centre here. Wizzard indeed...

(14:01:08) I was just offered a chocolate by a Virgin Train employee (in one of those fab long coats they wear) - lucky, eh?

(14:03:15) On a short and stumpy (in the grand scheme of things) Virgin train to Milton Keynes. Only goes up to coach E.

(15:20:46) RT @johndredge: Half an hour of my mad comedy podcast tomorrow.

(16:10:54) Struggling a bit - once again, changing my password has locked my work email account. Bleh.

(16:52:44) Sitting next to a tedious young woman on the tram who's yabbering in a monotone into her mobile and ignoring her little son, who wants her.

(16:59:55) PO. Mo. NA. (@ Pomona Metrolink Station)

(18:30:33) Wow.. how fortuitous! There are carols & mulled wine at MediaCity now. Tempted away from my desk by merry singing :)

(18:40:46) Audioboo: The BBC North Choir singing at MediaCity #choir #singinging #bbcnorth

(19:20:23) All done with work for the day (after finally unlocking my account) - now off to forage for an extremely large burger.

(19:51:24) When pop videos are on the telly in a restaurant or somesuch, I tend to find myself trying to identify make & model of the microphones #sad

(19:52:12) And poor mic technique. #even sadder

(19:53:35) In my world, white wine ~does~ go with red meat.

(21:58:21) Totally going to have a deep bath. It's what I do when I'm in a hotel. If the bath is of sufficient dimensions. I'm Alan Partridge.

(22:22:04) This is a BRILLIANT bath. The tap things are on the side. No bumpage.

(23:46:16) Time to commute to Sleepington (just beyond Pomona on the Metrolink tram). Night!

Tweets for 19 Dec 2011


(06:50:59) Morning then. It's coffee time.. plenty for everyone!

(10:53:11) Song recording finished. Not sure it was quite in my key. Now: video storyboard #KSS...

(10:57:29) RT @mattrhodes: Kim Jong-Il, The Dear Leader, is dead. Let's remember how he looked at things…

(11:45:18) I liked a @YouTube video Thank God For Christmas

(14:12:38) Happy birthday indeed, @Barwickgreen! (thanks for the tip-off, @mcdwebster)

(14:14:25) In the studio doing work work. WORK. And it's not pretty. Go on leave without handing anything on? Yeah, fine.. I'll deal with it *sighs*

(15:22:59) Enjoying the warmth of a cosy studio and some coffee (thanks, @pootspublic). Time to make a list. Better call @justliketoby first, though..

(15:46:56) RT @bazzacollins: Free 15 song Mute sampler from Amazon has some decent tunes on it: Goldfrapp, Rich Hawley, Depeche Mode - ...

(16:05:24) Listening to Erasure's "The Innocents" on vinyl (kindly donated by @RobbieOn, I believe!) - a classic album. #MondayVinylIndulgence

(16:11:44) Right. Time to write that list.

(16:29:49) I have been tweeting while waiting for a Word document to open. The eggtimer is still there. Giving up waiting.

(16:52:16) The children have been singing weird Harry Potter songs all day. From here. I'm sorry:

(17:41:13) Effecting repairs to Chris's netbook power supply.. I'm just glad it was the cable, not the netbook's power receptacle.

(17:47:19) Heh.. I used to play this on the guitar.. 20 years ago: .. just tried to demonstrate it to Lenni. Failed :D

(19:01:24) Doing security stuff at @robjd's. Yeah IP!

(20:10:10) Escaping from Glee. But not before I've opened my advent calendar. I hope it's a chocolate.

(22:06:14) All done for the day. Next stop - well, lots. Night!

Tweets for 18 Dec 2011


(07:40:07) Good morning. A nice early start - three out of the four of us are up already. Yay for coffee.

(08:07:03) Right. Time to write an email about my router. It's going to go "whiney whiney whine whiney WHYYYYY!??????"

(08:31:51) RT @EwenRankin: The BIG Show is posted - 'Grays Autonomy' - @SarahJaneUK @Syzygy @TIOABOA @CothheadHQ & @EwenRankin. ...

(08:32:33) Righty.. email to Draytek written (again!) .. time to shower and dress. Probably several extra layers today. Blimmin' cold.

(08:44:36) I want massive LED spotlights.

(18:31:01) A creative afternoon - Chris has been making music while Lenni and I made this snowflake (from

(18:45:30) Dubstep carols!

(20:46:29) Home after a splendid carol service (first - and possibly only one this year) - thanks, @riggwelter :) Children all sleepy, heading bedward.

(20:50:55) Audioboo: "Oh Come All Ye Faithful" at @StFrancisLuton Carols By Candlelight service #carols #christmas #singinging

(21:05:15) It's the amazing #BlackMirror time. Already horribly uncomfortable.

(21:25:07) Not so much enjoying this #BlackMirror. Still uncomfortable :/ No-one's very nice.

(21:30:24) I know why I'm not really enjoying #BlackMirror: it's about holding on to memories, which is alien to me. Onto unnecessary celebrity science

(23:04:57) Right. Up early to work on my #KSS song.. night night!

Tweets for 17 Dec 2011


(08:59:38) Morning. Coffee. Slight issue with an Amazon order I placed a few days ago (waiting for customer services to get back to me).. Saturday.

(10:11:29) Chris has just taken delivery of Corel Paint Shop Pro X4 - nothing better than an unboxing on a Saturday morning.

(10:15:14) RT @markpack: I think I'll mentally add some commas to this sign

(10:18:07) I haven't showered or dressed yet. How very decadent.

(10:59:25) Deleting a credit card with an expiry date of "09/2004" from my account details in Amazon. Scary they've kept it for so long. And pointless.

(11:17:36) Heh... just found a photo of (half of) me with our first home computer for Christmas - a ZX81! Memories.. @oldgoldtech

(13:38:14) Really excited to be going on a backstage tour of the Christmas Lectures today :)

(13:40:33) Wow.. LOADS of police at Oxford Circus today - wonder what's been going on... we're hiding out at the @ri_science - much more civilised :D

(13:54:09) This explains the massive police presence at Oxford Circus when we passed - #ukuncut protest at TopShop:

(18:18:44) The Aardman pirate film looks rather amusing. One to enjoy next year/on blu-ray for sure.

(20:03:28) Just been out to see Arthur Christmas with @pootspublic, @nxmee & @superalora - Fab film! Was @MrPegg involved somehow? /cc @vobes

(20:35:30) RT @RubyJubilee: That's strange... It doesn't LOOK like an N64 controller...

(21:07:38) Aww.. @pootspublic showed me this - type "let it snow" into google ... another of their easter (Christmas?) eggs.

(21:08:38) Bit tired now. Might do nothing for a bit. After I've had my fizzy vitamin. See if that works...

(23:10:47) Right.. off to rest my corporeal me. A little relieved, yet disappointed how poor guitarwork can be concealed by a truckload of compression.

(23:10:56) Night night.

Tweets for 16 Dec 2011


(06:24:31) Good morning and, indeed, uhoh. I believe the snow will clear this afternoon.. hope so - need to be home so @pootspublic can go out :/

(07:02:58) Slip-sliding to the stretch limo successful... off to That London for a day of doings. Doings.

(07:12:52) The winter escape has begun- traffic slow approaching @LDNLutonAirport; if you're driving, I'd suggest you allow extra time. M1 south: OKish

(07:38:22) An effusive #FF for@BaronHawkey @thepervycouncil @_forky @bitsyvonmuffin @bootcoot @jrr4film @painted_duchess & @pervywilbury #PervyCouncil

(07:56:07) Not sure why I have an urge to get a photo taken in identical clothes with Beth & the kids. (via @sidsloane @JuliaBall)

(08:28:32) And so Friday begins (with a mission) (@ BBC Broadcasting House)

(09:10:51) Fruity (well, gingery) tea and a spare maple pecan slice (thanks, @PootsPublic!) Yeah.

(09:38:42) RT @LDNLutonAirport: Experiencing some slight delays on departing and arriving flights. Please check with your airline for the latest.

(11:11:34) I just said this to someone, and they seemed quite flattered: "A lot of people underestimate you.. but I don't. I overestimate you." Heh.

(11:24:00) RT @contrarywitch: Yay 2nd series! :) RT @ruledbysequins YES Jinsy praise Him!

(13:07:30) Ha! Ninja squirrel hanging by his back legs from the bird table trying to get the fatball out of the holder.. he did!

(13:19:42) I think I might be going out of the office for a brief period of time. Lordy.

(14:06:21) I'm not really sure I 'do' pubs.

(15:41:20) I liked a @YouTube video Charlie Brooker's 2011 Wipe - Trailer - BBC Four

(19:12:42) Home & delighted to hear that after Lenni's streetdance class performance yesterday, her Nana & Grandad held up "10" signs a-la Strictly :D

(19:54:25) Gosh, I do like toasted sesame bagels.

(20:14:47) Time for a shower and prepare for a good BagelTeching. Special wiring required.

(21:45:51) I'm on-air now with that BIG show with @SarahJaneUK @ClothheadHQ @TIOABOA & @EwenRankin .. we're all here!

(23:29:54) I'm s'posed to be going to bed, but @CloudExplosion has just sent me some scans of childhood photos.. wow! So many memories.. :/ Night!

Tweets for 15 Dec 2011


(07:42:48) Good morning. Bit gutted - first sick day in two years. Screen avoidance the order of the day, till this headache clears. I blame travel..

(14:16:53) Of all the things to discover.. there's a stray dog in our back garden.. bless. @lutoncouncil dog warden's on his way.

(14:44:30) Apparently our little garden guest was a 'proper' staffordshire bull terrier. I do get a bit nervous with dogs :/ Bye bye doggy.

(14:47:55) Right. After all that excitement, I need a Good Sit Down. I'm supposed to be recovering :/

(16:10:22) Wish I'd stayed in my sickbed now.

(22:03:06) Off to be after a completely unrelaxing day, really. My thoughts are with @RobJD - what a horrible thing to come home to.. evil burglars :(

(22:04:03) Bed, even. Good night. Hoping for a Friday of wonder and joy.

Tweets for 14 Dec 2011


(05:55:09) Extra early porridge and coffee to benefit an early trip to Salford. I just hope I've got the timings right.. :/ Morning!

(06:10:27) Here we go then.

(06:48:00) Phone nightmare.. inexplicably I have 21% battery left, I've left my charger at home and it's not even 7am. If you need me.. work phone(!)

(13:33:40) I may have tweeted this before, but I am always amused by how @Errolin refers to Salford as "Sellafield" :D

(13:44:26) Finding oneself whistling iPhone ringtones. This way madness lies.

(17:36:55) 40 minutes until my train.. time for some peoplewatching. (@ Manchester Piccadilly Railway Station (MAN) w/ 10 others)

(19:25:31) Woo.. only twenty minutes to go until I get some non-filtered train-smelling air. Not too long until the bus goes. Yeah.

(19:27:02) RT @dt90spt: For anyone like @perrygascoine who hasn't heard about #twitterxmassingle

(19:57:45) A close call... had to run for the bus connection - made it with a minute to spare. Worn out now.

(20:44:09) If I lived 200 years ago & somebody said it'd be possible to hear a man bellowing into a small cuboid in a tin on wheels, I'd say 'How rude'

(21:38:12) LORD MAYOR OF OXFORD. . Actually, I want to be the sheriff.

(21:41:10) I'm going to bed, I think. Not really doing really well now. Night night night.

Tweets for 13 Dec 2011


(06:18:00) Good morning. I have coffee and toast. And I'm out of bed. I think I'm ahead of Tuesday (by about 2cm)

(06:28:04) Wow.. last night's I'm Sorry I Haven't A Clue made me laugh so many times.. classic episode! #ISIHAC #radio4

(06:29:08) Better do things.

(07:50:49) Dribbling slowly round Brent Cross. I so, so hate commuting. Not really like me to be so negative. I shall look for a silver lining.

(08:12:01) The good news is, though: freshly washed work fleece mmmmm! (thanks, @pootspublic :) Disembarkation time. Onwards and upwards. Or workwards.

(08:43:11) Ooh! New version of @Audioboo just turned up on my Galaxy S. Are Androids still rubbish for boos? I shall have to find out.. /cc @smartie999

(08:44:44) RT @TheRamblingDuck: Just after quarter past four today it will be 16:15:14 on 13/12/11.

(09:50:39) Rapidly consuming all the sugary things on my desk. I'm at the satsuma stage now.

(11:00:12) Saints preserve us. Saint Jam.

(14:59:06) I liked a @YouTube video Castle Farm Alpacas

(15:58:25) I have coffee. I'm listening to @RadioRoundabout while fiddling with Excel Spreadsheets. It's not snowing. These are all FACTs.

(16:14:50) "The Wombles of Western House are we..."

(17:10:31) I'm going to venture forth. There are few better methods of venturing. I have a quiz to attend. A quiz, of all things @radioacademy

(17:11:05) RT @alhodg: #guitar players of Britain, if you get junk mail with a guitar on from #virginmedia don't dump it - it's got a pick in it!

(23:11:06) We came 8th in the quiz (out of 17 - record! Well done, @sparkyannc!) Now the hellish ordeal of a packed First Crapital Connect train home.

Tweets for 12 Dec 2011


(09:50:35) Wrapping, wrapping, wrap wrap wrapping. I kept nearly typing 'warping'. Depends if I leave the presents too close to the radiator, I s'pose.

(11:06:20) I wonder how hard it would be to make a principled lifestyle change not to buy anything advertised on TV. Or watch commercial TV.

(11:07:22) I haven't thought this through. How can you not buy something you haven't seen? Darn it. Farm shops.

(11:47:32) RT @EmmaTofi: There's a campaign to get a Nirvana song to no.1 ahead of The X Factor. What will it do for charity?! Nothing! Buy @Milwiv ...

(12:33:29) Lunch preparation then work. It would be useful to have something more inspiring to say, but there y'go. All quiet otherwise..

(18:36:48) Watching the bickerfest that is Chris and Lenni playing Mario Kart Wii at the end of a tiring day. Vigorous.

(19:24:00) Chris is now showing his sister this: ("The Duck Song") 67 million views. And I'd never heard of it #outofyoutubetouch

(21:37:05) Chilly and damp out. I may dedicate the rest of my life to generating electricity from horizontal drizzle.

(22:08:28) Time for bed, said jamelopoeia. Need to be fresh for humiliation at the Radio Academy Quiz tomorrow. Good night one and all and you.

Tweets for 11 Dec 2011


(00:46:56) A bit more work done on a song. And some shelves given a good clean. My shaker egg broke. I used sugar instead of sand. Sticky. Oop! Night..

(10:51:07) Happy Christingle! #ChildrensSociety #CandlesAndOranges

(14:26:47) All quiet at Geri Halliwell Towers - Lenni's gone to a party (but left her necklace over the piano.. oops!) Me? I shall have coffee.

(14:30:00) Right. Time to move away from the keyboard. I can see no natural light from where I'm sitting. This is NOT good.

(14:59:49) Looking up "Vanden Plas" - I'm sure I once knew what this meant. When I was an boy (not Alan Partridge)

(15:04:42) Well. Something interesting did come out of Belgium. Other than waffles #Vandenplas

(20:59:39) RT @jamfolder: Audioboo: Jamfolder - Is It Normil? (Full version at ) #music #jamfolder #isitn ...

(21:25:38) I made a piece of tune with @dt90spt - it's weird but quite melodic. We are @Jamfolder: - the first of many, hopefully!

(21:39:45) It's #BlackMirror time. Wonderful cinematics so far. Sumptuous.

(22:22:44) How on earth any company chooses to advertise during #BlackMirror defeats me. Especially those excreble 'aspirational' ads. Wow.

(22:30:41) I may never watch television again. #BlackMirror

(23:31:51) Sleepy time for all jameses approaching adequacy. More fun/frolics (weather permitting. Frolicking in drizzle is rubbish) tomorrow. Night!

Tweets for 10 Dec 2011


(08:19:34) RT @claw0101: 'Flight Control' for iPhone and iPad is Now Free for One Day - Chance to grab this addictive game for ...

(08:46:43) Good morning. Porridge and coffee. Both warm. Pondering the day ahead. Sleepily pondering.

(08:59:36) Drinking coffee. Mmmmm

(09:04:51) Hmm... I'm trying to download "Flight Control" for free, and it says "This item is being modified - please try again later". Booo!

(11:36:23) Hmm. Inadvertently been decaffeinated this morning. In other news, the ninja squirrels have had the birds' fatballs away.

(12:54:34) Looking for a present for friends/family with small children? This is just the BEST! - @StephenFry plays Pooh :)

(12:56:15) (Here's the second volume) - - we've been chuckling at some of these stories this lunchtime...

(17:56:01) RT @mrchrisaddison: Now then, Canterburgers, what's the best, most interesting, true actual fact about your city? (Timewasters? Nein, da ...

(18:04:15) Playing "Game Of Life" on the Wii with Lenni. Current song: "I can fit my children in my SUV" - always lots of laughter.

(20:32:31) In the studio, doing tidying. If I start early enough, I'll have enough time to make music before bed. I am armed with wipes. YEAH.

Tweets for 09 Dec 2011


(06:02:07) Morning. Need to up & at 'em, but it's cold outside this duvet. Most unappealing. Next stop: coffee machine. And socks.

(06:30:02) Oh dear.. better go! Can't believe how quickly 6.30am comes round..

(09:03:15) *yawny* Today I have no meetings (so far) so I shall now do battle with the paper which peppers my desk. As in Pepper Spray, not Peppa Pig.

(10:09:32) "Stop what you're doing and generate a report." On what? "On something about computers." OK. Hmm...

(10:13:29) Don't tell anybody but actually the radio industry is rather self-absorbed* #justsayin

(10:26:40) I just sent an email that included the phrase "correlation is not causation." I may be in a grumpy mood. But I hope @TimHarford approves :D

(12:44:37) Thank you to the lovely @SlimWarrior @BaronHawkey and @kingfamily for the #FollowFriday kindness. I am among friends here. You included #ff

(12:45:36) Does Twitter count as a 'screenbreak'? I think I've asked that before.

(12:46:41) I can never remember the name of the woman who only works here on a Friday. I think it begins with 'M'. Margaret? Maureen? Mandy? Maisy?

(12:48:40) It's "Janet".

(13:52:01) I've just been here. It is amusing and very rude.

(20:22:40) Emergency shell script to download a SQL backup of my Dad's website. Now: shower. Later: studio setup, then Bageltech. It's all go.

(21:44:38) Struggling through @BagelTechNews BIG show. NO Jazz Hands.

(23:35:59) BEDD.

Tweets for 08 Dec 2011


(07:07:37) RT @johndredge: tonight 10.30pm my mad radio show

(07:14:18) Good morning. Cut it extremely fine with the commute.. aboard the stretch limo, with the prospect of meetings all day. Upside down (I wish!)

(08:33:04) While I remember, Google Maps didn't really offer any help finding the Copthorne hotel in Manchester the other day..

(09:24:28) We have, hands down, the most half-witted, no, quarter-witted scheduling system in the world. IT MAKES NO SENSE. Sorry. #venting

(11:30:33) Dear <insert individual's name here>, your email made absolutely no sense at all. Please don't expect a response #passiveaggressive

(12:12:50) One meeting down.. two to go. One epic. I will be bringing my pipe.

(12:39:10) Losing weight for the benefit of others #giveblood

(13:15:49) Excerpt from an email I sent to a virtual support team: "Since this is of the third time of asking, I do believe we are practically married"

(18:04:40) Utterly a bit tired. But no meetings tomorrow (at this stage) so I can get a load of stuff written up...

(19:06:44) Holy guacamole.. Twitter's all gone a bit funny.

(19:08:47) I entirely got wet trousers on the way home from the airport today. My hood only blew off and I nearly only got run over once, though.

(19:57:11) Off for a refreshing (non horizontal torrential and freezing) shower. It is armplaster removal time. Darn my hairy arms.

(20:42:45) Working on the Russell Howard's Good News show must be so much fun.. just mucking about on YouTube and writing stuff for him to shout.

(20:45:03) Edible glitter. Lordy.

(21:07:33) Peacock and Gamble - very silly (and shouty) but amusing men. They've got a podcast ( ) @RayPeacock & @EdGambleComedy

(22:12:07) Andso tobed. Mighty nighty! And thank you for your company and patience today.

Tweets for 07 Dec 2011


(08:11:17) Good morning. There's a fair wind blowing against my hotel window... the remnants of a storm last night. Breakfast: 8/10 - tasty but dingy.

(09:04:16) I found Quays Cache 7 ( #cgeo #geocaching

(11:53:02) Definitely wrestling - perhaps quite valiantly - with technology today. Can't believe it's nearly midday...

(13:40:24) Change Advisory Board meeting. Gives me a chance to catch up on my Words With Friends games :D

(13:44:44) At a meeting. Slowly melting into tedium. The view is splendid though. (@ BBC Quay House w/ 3 others) [pic]:

(16:50:49) M-m-m-my Pomona (@ Pomona Metrolink Station)

(17:33:35) Oh I do like hurtling homeward. Still got my boots on, though. Sleepy.

(17:56:33) Oh my.. the smell of Virgin Trains coffee makes me feel rather unwell. I dread to think how much they charge for it. Scalded instant. Yik.

(19:16:31) At a cold bus stop, waiting for the 99 coach to Luton.. stop 36 if you're interested. Here it is yay.

(19:40:09) When this coach brakes, it sounds like a sad saxophone solo.

(21:12:31) The old Question Of Sport theme is the best. Not the very old one. The previous one. Yes. The one you're humming. Dit diddle-iddle um-ti-um.

(21:26:25) What.. me? Catching up on audioboos while ironing some emergency shirts? In the hall? What were they thinking? #sketchshowreferences

Tweets for 06 Dec 2011


(06:28:10) Good morning. Oh heavens.. it's Tuesday, isn't it? I was never very good at Tuesday. Have a good one, nonetheless.

(06:30:14) Right.. need to go. Lets do this. Well, you start.

(07:19:04) Moderately impressive sunrise - all the colours of the rainbow (except purple). Bit warm in the stretch limo this morning. ~wafts~

(09:48:06) Before I complete attempt 2 at a change request, I thought I'd share some handy hi-fi listening tips. You'll be amazed!

(13:28:16) Mad dashy lunch before I do a mad dash to Euston and thence to Salford. YEAH. Foursquare can't catch me.

(13:29:35) RT @benwakeling: I'm willing to bet you've never actually seen a quick brown fox jumping over a lazy dog. UNTIL NOW.

(15:01:11) I think the 'train manager' on this train may well be a robot.

(17:38:40) All done with work for the day, apart from going for pizza with my boss. That counts, right? Hiding out in ~another~ hotel in Salford. Woop.

(17:39:53) Also, I bought some chocolate digestives from Marks & Spencers (ninja purchase - 10 minutes between trains). They taste vaguely of cheese.

(21:25:00) Y'know when you see a bridge and it's all lit up with LEDs but if you cross it, the walk is double the distance? That.

(21:29:07) Going back to my hotel room to eat a cheesy chocolate biscuit and read Alan Partridge's autobiography. It's what he would have wanted.

(22:17:05) Bedtime, I think. G'night.

Tweets for 05 Dec 2011


(09:10:21) Good morning. Bit achey in my bones today.. I blame old age :D Long overdue mention: Car eyelashes? Er.

(10:12:26) Not moving about too much/enough. Also: I had cake for breakfast. This is a lifestyle thing, clearly.

(11:29:31) Today's weather is NOT suitable for extremities.

(11:38:47) A propos of nothing: I never know what to do with the kick drum during a fill. I think that's something one learns at drumming lessons.

(11:41:38) RT @PoshRadio4Lady:

(12:18:18) Righty.. lunchingtons then work. My soundtrack this afternoon will, I think, be vinyl-based. Yeah.

(16:16:15) I think I aspire to work for an organisation that's small enough not to need steering groups.

(17:52:23) Wow. I think the change management system just tried to suck out my soul. I'm going to switch my computer off & eat biscuits. Proven remedy.

(18:11:58) I love looking through my timeline at people's Spotify tweets, when I've been listening to vinyl albums all afternoon (latterly, Humans Lib)

(20:01:10) Eep. Need to pack :D

Tweets for 04 Dec 2011


(01:19:17) Home & sleepy after a fantastic evening in the company of two of my favourite Audiobooers. In other news: Christmas tree is up. YEAH. Night!

(08:22:11) Morning. Listening to the launch of Power FM on @Davidlloydradio's Audioboo - does all 80s radio sound like it was recorded on a TDK D90? :D

(11:36:38) Frighteningly, it's not going to be long before my boy @nxmee is as tall (or taller) than me. Parenting as a human is really weird.

(17:46:11) Eleanor is pretending to do her viola practice by standing in the studio & making unpleasant shrieking, squealing noises. We're not fooled.

(21:15:41) Watching some very weird @charltonbrooker drama. Absolutely exquisitely written.

(21:56:31) Very very clever #BlackMirror

(23:00:48) Yeah.. it's that @timoncheese again... Lincoln Christmas Market 2011 Ultimate Guide via @youtube

(23:02:08) Listening to a vinyl pressing of a cassette that was recorded in 1984. Still better than the MP3 version.

(23:14:54) Brilliant... telnet (didn't work yesterday... glad it's working now!) telnet -t vtnt on Windows :)

(23:26:43) Right.. one more record before bed. What shall I play? It may well have to be Art Of Noise. Not this weird Icelandic 12" single from 2000.

(23:31:20) Final choice: Blue Pearl - (Can You) Feel The Passion 7" - fantastic bit of rave from 1991. Haven't heard it in 20 years. Yeah. Night night!

Tweets for 03 Dec 2011


(08:08:51) Good morning. Under the shower with me and then, if someone points me towards Saturday, I think I might just drift that way.

(08:44:57) "This Apple ID is not currently eligible to purchase gift certificates." I really get frustrated by Apple sometimes. Email sent. *whinges*

(09:10:34) MAJOR coffee buzz. Mmmmmmm :)

(09:24:36) What a silly video:

(11:52:57) Pre-decoration tidyage. There will be festiveness - we will celebrate Christmas this year, with joy and love. The world needs both.

(12:04:12) It's OK! I found the photo of Gary Pope. /CC @fridgemagnet2

(12:25:41) Haven't seen a marble like this since I was a boy... rather politically incorrectly we called these "chinks" :/

(12:41:34) The inside of the Dyson resembles a hairy candy floss machine when it's on #justsayin'

(13:18:48) Today's song (to the tune of "The more we get together") - "Chris Martin is left-handed left-handed left-handed/you know"

(15:38:49) If you're thinking of going all "Hammertime!" on me, just stop.

(19:47:25) Having an evening in the countryside - lovely :) (well, to be honest, I'm in a house but it's really dark outside).

Tweets for 02 Dec 2011


(07:20:16) ooh! Happy birthday, @Jewelthatblings!

(07:24:40) RT @BaldExplorer: New post on the #BaldExplorer site about my stay at the Mermaid Inn in Rye, East Sussex. #Smuggling #Sussex #Inn #Vobes

(07:34:50) Some cracking comedy audio from @Tooshtalk's #BBC Three Counties Radio show - & #SaveBBCLocalRadio

(09:19:10) RT @charlieashcroft: BUT WHEN WILL THE BUS BE GETTING HERE?

(09:58:52) I, personally, would very much like @Milwiveschoir to be Christmas number one. This is the official video: #MWC4XNo1

(11:15:14) Wholly hungry Hart.

(11:46:58) If anybody wants to come and work in my office today, there are THREE desks available. Bring a laptop and biscuits. But mainly biscuits.

(14:49:40) Going to do studio-y things in a studio. That's not mine.

(15:55:31) Telling some people to sling their hook. Politely.

(18:32:20) I do believe I'm heading home. I've had a hot face all afternoon.. I think it's because of congestion. On the M1.

(18:42:24) I like @bazzacollins @BaronHawkey and @timoncheese #ff And you.

(20:13:09) I did not just try and open my advent calendar in the shower.

(20:21:58) Comedy on the television and a suspicious looking clementine. Oh and Beth.

(23:12:42) Time, I think, to retire. G'night!

Tweets for 01 Dec 2011


(06:25:08) Good morning. And Happy December. One of my top 6 months. Off to work with me, I think.

(06:49:15) "I'm the king that brought back party rings..."

(07:12:22) Ominous looking clouds this morning. Sunrise, Sharpied out...

(07:28:10) Wow.. just a few years ago, I wouldn't have thought I could browse and place an order on Amazon while hurtling down the M1... Technology!

(07:38:05) The problem with having quite hairy wrists is that my watch keeps catching them. My left wrist will be bald by Michaelmas.

(09:09:25) Wow. All a bit frenetic since I got in. Email overgrowth beaten down.. now time to make coffee and pick up a turd for direction finding (!?)

(09:27:03) Oh, I heard the first Christmas song on BBC National Radio this morning. Who'd have thought Radio 3 would play "Don't Let The Bells End"?

(13:15:36) Back on my head.

(16:50:35) There's a delicate whiff of Chinese cuisine wafting through Fitzrovia this evening...

(19:17:48) Home and awaiting the arrival of @pootspublic and @superalora for a full house. A pair of Harts.

(19:37:47) Oh heavens. I just thought "Y'know, I think I might just install Nagios on my home Linux server." That way madness/geekiness lies.

(20:21:42) It's OK, @leica0000 - I got as far as compiling Nagios before I lost interest. Nice little project for another day, I think :D

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