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Tweets for 30 Nov 2011


(06:25:24) Morning. I have too many drinks to drink before I leave for work. Is there a liquid version of "bitten off more than I can chew"? :D

(09:40:32) There are particular departments here whose sole aim seems to attempt to use everyone else's day up. I need to generate a feedback loop.

(09:52:26) Trivial discovery of the day: there is a football team called "FC United of Manchester."

(10:51:35) I'm going to the TIG. Or maybe it's called the TUG. Either way I need a hard hat on.

(14:45:54) For a brief moment, I was looking up Gregorian Chant dubstep.

(20:16:39) All home, eaten & showered. I'm going to celebrate it being Wednesday with a nice bottle of banana bread beer :) :)

(20:53:34) I cannot believe Lenni hasn't finished the Terry's Chocolate Orange she got over a week ago. I struggle to make one last 15 minutes.

(21:15:19) Time for half an hour of wrestling with Skype video in the studio. Best done after a pint, I find.

Tweets for 29 Nov 2011


(07:14:43) RT @johndredge: special half hour edition of 'the john dredge nothing to do with xmas show' on resonance fm next thursday 10.30pm innit.

(07:24:33) Good morning. Strangely warm (autumnally so) but definitely Tuesday. Dear Lord in Heaven, please let me focus today. One day that will work!

(10:00:19) I have just been able to use the following phrase in an email "...spread your knowledge around like Marmite on the M1."

(14:59:02) Is it just me and @CountArthur_ Strong that pronounce certificate "Sustificate"?

(15:08:29) What ~do~ people do with those Apple stickers that seem to come free with their products? Could they be the new toasters..?

(15:39:16) I think, along with @Dappydoris and @leica0000, the most deserving (ironic?) recipient of a white Apple sticker is a Windows laptop. Yup.

(15:40:35) I find WIndows XP goes into "Right to left reading order" far too easily. All it takes is some random ALT-SHIFT-CTRL action.. oops..!

(16:36:05) Oh lordy.. it's that BT conference call music. I wonder who composed it. Google doesn't know... Eeeooo eeeoo wa-eeeooo eeeooo eeeooo eeooo

(19:24:27) Wow.. @BaronHawkey @danielpercy This certainly clears the palette - .. no chance of this being used as hold music :D

Tweets for 28 Nov 2011


(07:18:14) Good morning. Apparently it's cold... today's the day you could check on your Adoptive Elderly Person and make sure they have all they need.

(07:21:17) Oh dear. I wish I was the 'bounding energetically out of bed' type. Please find that gene and give me some of them good stem cells.

(08:07:21) Time to attempt some decorum for the school run, through the medium of showering and dressing. Next door's smoke alarm's going off. Again.

(09:47:34) I do believe it is nearly time to start wrapping presents.

(10:23:15) Off to the loft with me.

(11:42:44) I really do struggle creating eBay listings. Just not really in the habit of it, I guess...

(12:52:52) I'll be honest: the brown packing tape could literally be anywhere. When's the first manned mission to Mars..?

(13:15:39) Bit all over the place. No use for foursquare in situations like this. Lunch, I think.

(13:20:09) Wow.. I'm gobsmacked by the stories of @RhysMorgan and @BenGoldacre - definitely worth a read: and

(14:18:03) Charity collector rang the doorbell, despite "no unsolicited callers" sign. I had the last laugh - I answered the door with my flies undone.

(20:32:26) Shame.. no St George's Day parade next year in Luton - apparently it's too expensive to close the roads. A sad end to a fine tradition.

(21:49:06) My router's getting bothered.. "[DOS][Block][fraggle_attack][>][UDP][HLen=20, TLen=340]" Private address..?

(22:03:42) Right. Time for bed, so I can throw myself headfirst into a Tuesday full of work tomorrow. A bit like a ball pond, but with meetings. Night!

Tweets for 27 Nov 2011


(10:03:25) Morning. I'm cosy. A double edged word. Odd things going on in the sky.. rainbow, stormclouds & sunshine.

(13:23:50) Ooh.. Pandora's Box by OMD.. brilliant song :) @106jack

(13:37:57) SLIPPAGE!

(15:08:35) This afternoon the children are playing 'Playdough prosthetics' - #DoctorWho Confidential has clearly inspired them.

(15:10:31) "Hey Spongebob!" - Chris as Squidward Tentacles

(17:42:22) Just took the children onto the green to look at the stars & see Jupiter - they ran about a bit. In the dark. Grand.

(20:46:59) Hmm... rejuvenation of my aging (but beloved) turntable is a perfect match for my birthday money. A good investment, I think.

(22:07:42) Next challenge - to find out why I keep getting "a network cable is disconnected" on my PC. Wiring fault, probably. Pleh.

(22:54:35) There's something hypnotically wondrous about staring at a live Wireshark capture while listening to Paul Simon #orisitjustme

(23:16:33) Bedtime, I think. Current studio network problem analysis: inconclusive. Pleh. Good night nonetheless.

Tweets for 26 Nov 2011


(11:19:07) Patti #StobartSpotting

(13:18:27) Rescuing my dad from the Luton walk-in centre. An unexpected direction for a Saturday...

(15:37:31) The children are testing the karaoke machine. They're having fun, at least :D

(15:40:42) Wow.. just checking my webcam feed and I notice that the streets around @LutonLive are jammed; Bury Park Rd's closed..!

(16:32:23) Struggling a little with my iPod Touch this afternoon. It's gone rogue. (Or rather the USB interface on the front of my PC has...)

(16:34:20) On the upside, my Dad's home with another round of antibiotics. He'll be rattling by the of the week.

(20:42:49) "Pen behind the ear... pen behind the ear." Jeremy Vine's brother makes me chuckle :)

(21:54:34) I've just seen the Easter Egg on @teamookla's '' iPhone app. Brilliant! That'll be my Cool Thingy on @BalgeltechNews BIG :D

(22:38:06) Righty.. this hasn't so much been a day as a series of events that unfolded. But I saw my nephew on his birthday yay! Bedtime for me. Night!

Tweets for 25 Nov 2011


(06:56:02) It's Friday Friday etc. I am going to work in a suit.. I say 'a' - I've only got one :D

(08:41:40) My body is insufficiently bootylicous.

(10:28:12) A special #FollowFriday for the dedicated Mr @Vobes, who's made some very impressive videos on a miniscule budget: #FF

(11:44:14) This spreadsheet will be the dearth of me.

(12:26:50) Audioboo: Congolese protesters on Great Portland St #london #protest #noisywhistlingruiningthesound

(12:34:45) MT @Claw0101 Just Googled Congolese Protestors - @syzygy's Boo is no. 5 on the list of results. That was quick. [that's some SEO @Audioboo!]

(12:51:16) Gosh that's annoying: there's no display to say when I've got my work iPhone in silent mode; I've spent the last 2 days with the ringer off!

(13:04:35) I fear the only way I'm ever going to get a title is if I change my first name by deed poll to "Lord" or "Professor" or "Pope". Or "Erik".

(17:28:34) Trundling slowly towards the City Of Oxford (well, the Hamlet Of Northolt at the moment) on an Oxford Tube coach. I shall list the features.

(17:30:16) Features of the Oxford Tube: [1] Replete with people. Repleople. [2] Really crap free wifi. [3] A recorded safety announcement WITH REVERB.

(17:34:03) Just got a Skype message from 12yo son: "I just played TF2 with @notch" - the bloke who invented Minecraft. That's like meeting his hero.

(17:37:29) What a doofus.. I forgot to put on the watch this morning that my Dad got me for my birthday. Bah! I don't have it on my wrist anyway!

(20:55:22) Me and my Dad in the same kind of tie... out for a meal in Oxford :)

(21:45:26) There's a lady here singing Glenn Miller songs thatbI didn't even know had lyrics.

(22:26:21) Watching @cloudexplosion winning a raffle prize under false pretences. Well, more of chutzpa & a misunderstanding. Chocolates is chocolates.

(22:31:53) RT @TheQuill: What exactly is the process for processing processed peas?

Tweets for 24 Nov 2011


(06:28:16) Good morning. I need to brush my teeth, but I also have a hankering for some cough candy. Life is full of dilemmas. Some of them are good.

(06:56:40) Today is going to be a 'deep breath' day...

(12:44:57) RT @ChristyMedia: Broadcast: Senior Systems Engineer/Specialist sought for perm role involving projects, staff supervision & tech suppor ...

(14:07:52) Darn it! I forgot my pipe!

(17:57:17) Escape! Escape I say! Having a good hurtle up the motorway on the correct coach (I got on the earlier one by accident :D)

(22:50:51) Really enjoyed tonight's @BagelTechNews BIG show with @SarahJaneUK @TIOABOA @ClothheadHQ and the maligned @EwenRankin :) Worth a listen!

Tweets for 23 Nov 2011


(07:33:50) Good morning. Slightly fewer accidents on the M1 this morning, but still foggy. Small child in the limo making annoying noises. Annoises.

(07:39:31) RT @UKComedyNews: Sorry, I've Got No Head - hit CBBC sketch show starring the likes of @MrJamesBachman & @MarcusBrig - has been axed: ht ...

(14:49:04) RT @pootspublic: arg, squirrels, chased off the bird table today by tapping window, now they come in pairs and one feeds and the other t ...

(16:49:38) Just.. wow. I'm at the Apple store and I've just discovered that the serial number on the back of Lenni's iPod doesn't match the inside :/

(16:51:07) They're going to sell me a trade-in replacement - good riddance to shonky rubbish, I say. Never buy an 'as new' iPod Touch...

(17:44:52) Definitely me: (thanks, @BitsyVonMuffin!)

(18:14:23) RT @BBCRadioCA: We are wrong to bemoan middle age, argues David Bainbridge in tonight's Four Thought. #R4 at 8.45pm or read more now: ht ...

(18:17:55) Heading home after a hectic day. I am wearing a watch - it's quite an unusual experience.. I'm not sure I'm very good at it, yet...

(18:52:22) I am sure I've said it before, but Simon Mayo plays some ~really~ annoying music. Seeps into my earphones like a whining toddler. Erk.

(19:03:01) RT @Kubed: Just had a kid brought in for taking an entire pack of homeopathic flu pills. ... Called poison control because they needed a ...

(21:03:35) Ale, chocolate and @thisisjinsy on DVD. Oh my yes.

(21:59:42) Off to bed with me while Beth watches movie mashups of "Benton!" ... much chuckling. I like that. Night!

Tweets for 22 Nov 2011


(06:15:46) Sleepy good morning. Time to head for work shortly...only 140 undead emails to come back to... I can see it's going to be a busy day :D

(07:48:22) Stuck on the M1 - boo to accidents. At least I have work emails to catch up on...

(09:04:33) It's the A1. Not the prettiest, nor quietest of roads. May I be actually at the office soon, please?

(10:43:30) All done with travel (for the time being) - now catching up with all the Things that have gone on. And it appears lots have.

(13:24:56) In an atrium with the magnificent @helenduffett. Yay for atria. And magnificence.

(16:15:02) Well. I have no undead emails in my box. However, the remainder of the dead will have to be bundled onto carts and disposed of. *rings bell*

(16:29:31) I have had an abunance of chcolates today. As, I believe, have my colleagues. However, my Boris Bike key has stopped working. BOO to that.

(17:42:40) Going home now. Two major tasks to perform this evening (neither of which are ironing) and then bed. As early as possible. Watch me go! Zoom

(17:44:41) Three. Three tasks.

(19:39:01) All home and fed now. Time to shower and get on with the Tasks of Herr Kulees. JAMYEH!

(20:18:35) It is, in fact, possible to have a shower while sucking a boiled sweet #myhousemyrules

(22:32:51) Better get to bed.. spreadsheet wrangling is complete :D Night!

Tweets for 21 Nov 2011


(19:47:20) Home after a wonderful weekend away with Beth (sans enfants; luxury, eh?!) I am SO blessed to have a wonderful family and brililant friends!

(19:52:52) I'm a bit overwhelmed by love & generosity today. Is there a convenient ( non-humiliating) way to express all the thanks I have in my heart?

(22:28:16) I ought to get to bed. Back to the grind tomorrow. But I ~do~ have chocolates and sweets to give out like some latterday Willy Wonka. Night!

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Tweets for 19 Nov 2011


Tweets for 18 Nov 2011


(00:07:43) Ought to go to bed. Well. I did. Night!

(09:08:57) Good morning. Bonus day in almost every way; saw the children, walked Lenni to school AND opened an early birthday pressie. TOP FRIDAY YEAH!

(09:38:30) Skanking gently round the house listening to dubstep in my headphones. I do hope @pootspublic hasn't been trying to communicate with me.. :/

(10:12:37) Listening to @dt90spt's audioboo to @perrygascoine - I did ~exactly~ the same as Simon suggested, using Google Apps. Then forgot to blog it.

(10:13:12) I really shouldn't find @dt90spt's audioboos so amusing. Or maybe I should. Very amusing man. "Stop distracting me" :D

(11:15:27) I ain't whistlin' Dixie. Nor am I whispering Bob Harris.

(11:16:04) Ooh! Happy birthday indeed, @binabery! (thanks @sparkyannc)

(11:17:52) I need to focus my bird table camera. But it is a faff, since I have to take the lid off. Blurry birds for the win.

(11:32:35) There's nothing like getting hot and sweaty on my knees on the kitchen floor. If there was, I'd find another way to hoover under the table.

(11:44:39) Is every single town's Christmas Lights Switch On being done by a numpty from The Only Way Is Essex? That says something.. not sure what...

(11:56:39) Popping out. (of the house)

(17:51:57) Audioboo: Seaside and stars [and a wonderful birthday present from @SparkyAnnC] #stars

Tweets for 17 Nov 2011


(06:21:13) Good morning. Just between you & me, I'm not working tomorrow, so this is my Friday :) In other news: I have the urge to do FACTORY RESETS.

(07:18:33) RT @fridgemagnet2: lost our tabby cat Oscar again, if yr in the east #Bexhill area please keep a lookout, has collar/microchiped & has w ...

(07:54:37) "You could win 1 of 20 Extra Value Meals at McDonalds"- seriously? So that's a prize fund of a hundred quid. My data's worth more than that.

(08:42:47) Workity work.

(11:11:09) This is an emotional reaction (I must pull myself together): I think anyone who has the Nokia Theme as their ringtone has creativity issues.

(15:58:09) Tip: If you're writing a report & want to make something someone did sound great, use the word "assiduously". I've done this 11 times today.

(18:22:08) Heading home.. the emails have dwindled and the phone calls have stopped. I really should turn everything off... except my 'out of orifice'.

(20:02:30) I do believe some Thursday Evening Primping is in order. And sorting the studio.. I still have no idea how I'm going to do @BagelTechNews :D

(21:10:32) We have video. Woop. The miracles (and adequate cable lengths) of USB.

(21:11:05) RT @BagelTechNews: BIG Show in 30 Minutes with Polish beer, @ErikLanigan @SarahJaneUK @Syzygy @IConfessImAGeek & @EwenRankin ...

(22:59:43) All done with @BagelTechNews BIG for the evening. My next challenge is to be able to sustain Skype throughout :D Next week.. (maybe!)

Tweets for 16 Nov 2011


(05:54:58) Drippy coffee mornings.

(07:34:20) Tropical warmth in the stretch limo today. I forgot to bring my hula skirt, darn it.

(07:47:41) Tommy Wiseau's film "The Room" has been on my "intrigued to watch" list.. it's now become a "must-see" owing to this:

(07:55:00) An exciting day in prospect. Well, OK, a challenging work day followed by a much anticipated audience with @Littlebit_Bod - exciting!

(09:58:51) I've not really done very well on the whole 'biscuit' thing this morning. I shall now wipe the crumbs off my desk. There's a lot of crumbs.

(12:09:53) Screenbreak. Well, more of a wipe.

(20:35:32) I find myself at the RSA - a bit different for a Wednesday evening. REALLY looking forward to horizons being broadened.

(21:19:12) Heading home, driven by Arriva's answer to David Brent, listening to boos to drown out Robbie Williams & Wet Wet Wet. Making happy how I can

Tweets for 15 Nov 2011


(06:18:08) Mornin'. Definitely one of those times where I bless the inventor of coffee roasting, grinding and filter machine making. And cows.

(07:09:17) It was strangely still and peaceful on my walk to the stretch limo this morning - and so mild. On board it's quiet, too. Almost respectful.

(07:09:51) Is this normil?

(09:14:43) I wonder if @thisistomgreen and @tomandthat have met? I like that I have a 'this' and a 'that' Tom on my Twitter timeline. Or Tomline.

(09:31:19) Well, that's put a whole new perspective on the day. Words will need to be had.

(09:57:53) RT @ThreeUK: @jamescridland We have a dedicated CS team on Twitter now @ThreeUKSupport :-)

(11:32:10) I thought @ErrolIn was AWOL or lying/reclining in a gutter somewhere, but actually he's on a manual handling course. I need a word with him.

(17:42:00) I have done a tour. I did not get tarred and feathered.

(20:01:31) Home and about to eat. Very very tired. Me, not the food.

Tweets for 14 Nov 2011


(07:52:15) Listening to "Lazy Sunday Afternoon" on @106Jack - more like Chaotic Monday Morning :D

(07:56:57) I am ~so~ getting a Chockablock tattoo @106Jack (NOT! I wouldn't want to upstage the Trumpton fire brigade tattoo going up my left thigh...)

(08:05:42) RT @The_Devotea: Just drove past a sign saying "Police are targeting inattentive drivers". I was lucky to see sign as I was updating Fac ...

(09:16:21) Are we paying too much for our car insurance? In shorts: yes.

(11:22:29) RT @Dappydoris: RT @LettersOfNote: An easy typo to miss:

(11:28:13) Good heavens.. I didn't realise ES Racing were Luton-based.. can't wait till next season! #BTCC [fyi @RobJD]

(11:49:38) Gone proper November.

(17:29:52) Lenni's in the studio playing slap bass. Funky eight year old. Now she's moving on to slap acoustic. Hmm. Not looking forward to slap piano.

(23:30:00) Off to bedingfield. Bit late, but that's because @junkmanuk & I were making a cover version. We're about 3/29ths of the way through. Night!

Tweets for 13 Nov 2011


(09:34:06) RT @nxmee: i love my family

(11:57:27) Good morning (only just). A sunny, autumnal Remembrance Sunday.

(19:21:54) Having another go at being in the studio. This afternoon was a musical disaster (culminating in an 'exception error' crash. Boops. Take Two.

(23:23:40) Time, I think, for bed. Studio's a mess, but hey. Night!

Tweets for 12 Nov 2011


(08:18:05) 20 seconds.

(14:21:32) Lenni: "What's the speed of smell?"

(18:13:36) Being a proper tourist. Yeah.

(21:02:16) Home and exhausted. Leafing through photographs now... not many taken because I like to travel light...

(21:12:47) I did two things for - I believe - the second time in my life; visit Madame Tussauds (surprisingly good but busy) and go in a London cab. :)

(21:13:34) I got my photo taken with one waxwork figure in Madame Tussauds - I don't think anyone would guess whom (and no, it wasn't Lady Gaga :D)

(21:17:17) Where does the London Eye go when it needs fixing..?

(21:28:45) Me and.. well.. someone surprisingly tall in Madame Tussauds (and no, @fridgemagnet2, it's not Oliver :D)

(21:48:41) Right. I'm going to call it a day. Specifically Saturday (what's left of it). Good night and good sailing.

Tweets for 11 Nov 2011


(06:19:54) Good morning. Something's making Friday noises... need to get myself going to pursue it. Up the hill, no doubt.

(06:21:00) England - arguably the 'Goldilocks' country in the 'Goldilocks' planet. I'll never take the temperate climate here for granted.

(07:39:26) I dream of loving in a shanty town in Germany's Schwarzwald - a "Black Forest Ghetto" if you like.

(15:17:29) Scheduling for Christmas. Yeah.

(18:43:43) I have just spent much of the past hour being talked to by a retired Cameroonian physics teacher called Margaret. Wow. That is all.

(20:21:40) Definitely comedy time. And some hot chocolate later. Plenty for everyone. I might make a big jug.

(20:30:02) Gosh, cutaway/reaction shots in comedy quiz shows can be really annoying. No shot on 8 Out Of Ten Cats lasts longer than 8 seconds. Horrid.

(21:17:12) I'm not sure I really get the whole Alan Carr thing. Just a bit too squawky for me.

(21:50:53) Is Ivan Brackenbury still going? @TomBinns might know...

(23:00:12) I've just been sent this by @junkmanuk - truly wonderful musical notations. I shall print some out for Lenni to play:

(23:16:14) Off to bed with me. Busy day tomorrow. There may be some hither and thither involved. But not necessarily in any particular odour. Night!

(23:23:44) Time to get minty fresh. N'night!

Tweets for 10 Nov 2011


(06:05:34) Morning then. Listening to Giles Coren on "I've Never Seen Star Wars" - a real life Niles Crane by all accounts. But amusing nevertheless.

(06:14:42) Oh heavens.. @GilesCoren's review of the charts is hilarious.. "The woman would sing a nice song until a bloke turns up and shouts at her."

(06:26:18) Right. Time to hustle. Shake a leg. Then stop shaking my leg and yomp up the hill.

(07:12:15) ~sighs~ Scott Adams has still got it ...

(10:01:29) The other night, I worked out that, at earth's gravitational acceleration, it would take a year to reach light speed. If it were possible.

(12:54:02) ooohhhhh

(13:09:45) I'm always struck by how few people smile in Henry Wood House - it's like an extension of TV Centre.

(14:52:30) Can't remember who posted this (probably @rhodri ...)

(15:43:17) Ideas from this afternoon: fizzy Bovril and long-sleeved string vests. If anyone comes up with these subsequently, I claim royalties.

(17:49:51) Going home as another heavily side-chain compressed pop song plays on the radio. Whoever is behind me has been drinking. #limolife

(18:18:58) Listening to some (hopefully) inspiring music with eyes closed after a fiendishly tricky @podquiz- didn't even

(18:35:32) Wonderful.. a @DavidMeadTwits song popped up on random. I'd forgotten how wonderful "Mine and Yours" is as a whole album.

(20:03:31) Watching Ask Rhod Gilbert - some early evening comedy. They're talking about lying. I'm not sure I can be bothered to lie. Too much effort.

(20:13:05) I now want to go to Antarctica - it seems blissfully quiet.

(20:40:36) Tonight's featured pop producer is Lukasz Gottwald (also known as Dr. Luke)- wow, he's been prolific, and he produced "About You Now". Fab.

(21:40:49) Meeting Mr Bedtime for an urgent appointment. Careful now. G'night.

Tweets for 09 Nov 2011


(06:50:18) Good morning. Not sure I would've made it out the door without @pootspublic's help - bit slow & clunky this morning. Wednesday, though, eh?

(06:52:18) I'd be tempted to apply for this - ... bit too busy with my techy stuff, though. What about you, @JuliaBall..? ;)

(15:39:52) Tomorrow, I am going to be a 'dump the junk' model. Blimey.

(16:35:29) I've just discovered that all my outgiong work emails have been set to "Confidential" by default.. oops! How very discreet of me :D

(18:30:23) Next week is going to be a splendid week.

(18:38:14) Yay! The coach parked PROPERLY at the airport (it doesn't count as parking of it doesn't do a bit of reversing before throwing us off)

(18:39:30) MT @neilsleat: @JuliaBall The shiny thing near the Moon is the planet Jupiter. Very spectacular this month. (down and to the right)

(20:11:17) I got this - a wonder of gaming in the early '80s: a limited vinyl run of Automata's Pimania LP (@oldgoldtech @andytuk)

(21:28:53) Thanks to @MarvK, I've happened upon another Android "Siri" wannabe - this time it's "Speaktoit Assistant".. ..hmm...

(21:29:22) I don't know what's more sad, the fact someone pocket dialled my work number at this time of night, or that I answerd my work phone.. :/

(21:30:07) Given "Battle" is named after the Battle of Hastings and "Hastings" is named after the Battle of Hastings, I propose Bexhill be renamed "of"

(21:44:04) Righty.. off to bed. And not before time. In fact, after time. Night!

Tweets for 08 Nov 2011


(06:17:02) Good morning. It seems nigh-on impossible to avoid exposure to Ricky Gervais. Like someone's just walked dog-poo through the media.

(07:09:05) Today's stretch limo driver has patience issues. I should write a book about the psychology of coach drivers. It's an institutional thing.

(07:52:55) Still catching up on Audioboos... and trying to work out why ALL my crontab jobs failed last night. Weird.

(07:57:01) Oh my dear old mate Vanburger - always the radio rebel.. no time to pay the rent :D (via @RadioToday @mediaukradio)

(10:38:19) Out of a meeting for a conference call, then back into the meeting.. it's like coming to the surface for a deep breath of carbon monoxide :D

(11:50:53) WANTED: shoplifter with low aspirations... [via @106jack ]

(14:26:23) Oh I do like a nice cup-a-soup. #Slade

(18:55:22) The M1 is for hurtling up. Or down. But I'm going to plump for 'up' (in terms of incrementing junction numbers) and maybe have a doze.

(19:30:53) Woo nearly home. I need it for any number of reasons. Not least because my wife, children and fridge are there.

(20:48:44) All fed up (in a good way) but the evening's whizzed by (due to staying late at work *polishes halo*). So only 30 mins of crontab wrangling.

(21:23:25) I can go to bed happy now... I have worked out what my idiocy was. Splendid. Night!

Tweets for 07 Nov 2011


(08:49:35) Morning. Misleading out there - I've got my winter coat on but it's not that chilly. Can't beat a Monday morning weather tweet.

(08:52:56) I think I might have had a boss like this... I pray that I'm not one myself :/

(09:03:40) RT @aidanpbh: @glinner brilliant take down of Movie Posters in it's own right, but even has a shout out to Father Ted

(10:02:59) I wonder if the Italians deliberately named their pasta for ease of rhyming.

(10:37:23) Don't skimp on beds or shoes. Or food or toilet paper. Or toothbrushes. This advice brought to you by your friendly local supermarket.

(10:41:44) RT @106jack: Brilliant. This is what happens if you accidentally set off half an hour's worth of fireworks in just 60 seconds... http:// ...

(11:34:36) Saints preserve us from the scourge of scheduling systems.

(11:43:17) Evil ninja squirrel damage - trod on Lenni's bird table and the bottom fell off. Hope got a nasty shock :D

(12:32:04) RT @vobes: If you need a quirky but fun presenter for your productions and videos - I might just the fella you need! :)

(14:40:46) Really really slow internets this afternoon...

(17:15:17) Audioboo: I have a squeaky space bar boo [sounds of the home office] #keyboard #squeak

(18:58:45) Ooh.. @Audioboo uses a Google Chrome browser within Internet Explorer 7.. one way of coping with incompatibilities!

(19:43:17) Migrating scripts. It's fun (if you like that sort of thing)..

(22:08:32) That'll do for the evening, I think. Here comes Tuesday looking all menacing and a bit wonky. Better sleep to think of excuses. Night!

Tweets for 06 Nov 2011


(08:25:56) Good morning. Extrapolating my extrication path. From bed, naturally.

(12:21:05) I found Hidden Hayling ( #cgeo #geocaching

(13:47:54) Lovely @SortedFood macaroni cheese prepared by Lenni & Chris :) Off geocaching with @junkmanuk and @Matildamouse in a bit - top fun.

(15:24:19) I found Ardal's Amble ( #cgeo #geocaching

(15:35:51) I found Big Bunnies' Box ( #cgeo #geocaching

(15:44:55) I found Pebble's Pad ( #cgeo #geocaching

(16:09:22) I found Duke & Dutch ( #cgeo #geocaching

(16:22:49) I found Pastry's Promenade ( #cgeo #geocaching

(16:28:22) Another splendid haul of geocaching today - 6/6 :) Heading back to the car with @sparkyannc @nxmee @superalora @junkmanuk & @Matildamouse

(16:58:48) RT @nationalrailenq: Passengers are currently unable to alight from trains at Shepley due to reports by police of a lion in the area.

(19:20:59) Really a bit tired this evening. I think I shall tinker with my web server. It means I don't have to move :)

(20:40:54) Tidying the studio accompanied by some 80s Fats Comet (out of off of Tackhead - ) Not heard it before. Tired, though.

(22:12:31) Got a bit distracted by Fairlight CMI samples (Mmm... ORCH5) on YouTube instead of listening to @shellzenner ... back on @BoltonFM now :D

Tweets for 05 Nov 2011


(09:10:30) Good morning. I have been a dreadful layabed so far, but at least the exhaustion of the week has somewhat dispelled. Happy Saturday to you.

(09:59:26) What we're watching: @ImprovEvery's YouTube channel -inspired by the lovely 19:57 from Euston vid:

(14:25:14) I'm in a noisy and poorly ventilated place. The children are having a nice time, though.

(20:12:31) No fewer than 3 plays of Katy Perry's crime against decency "Firespork" at tonight's #Luton #Fireworks spectacle. Great otherwise, though.

(20:39:44) Some good natured crowd movement in Luton. You'd be a fool to drive on Old Bedford Rd right now.

(21:48:38) Watching E4's comedy thing "Show & Tell" with @pootspublic and @sparkyannc (they're in the house, not on the telly). Amusement.

(21:50:40) I am a hammer owner, but I have no idea where my hammer came from. Weird.

(23:25:44) RT @LondonFire: Without wishing to sound like the #bonfirenight fun police, just a small reminder that it’s illegal to set fireworks off ...

(23:27:54) Bedtime. Happy rest of today and the bit before tomorrow really starts. Night!

Tweets for 04 Nov 2011


(06:22:20) Morning. Some exercising of my chuckle muscles this morning - Listen Against is back.. quite amusing. #iPlayer #Radio4

(10:02:25) I know I'm busy when I'm catching up on voicemails while I go for a wee... :D

(11:23:03) A bit of sweary "Falling Down" DQF style (from @Matt .. hope @nickwallis has seen this.. bit of a mention of his patch)

(12:46:28) It's nice to receive a gift, even if it's an A1 printer test page.

(14:22:21) Pizza time (somewhat delayed by a video conference call. They could see us but we couldn't see them. Especially when one went to the toilet)

(14:29:50) The new microwave in the office kitchen beeps to remind you that you haven't taken your food out yet. That's really cool. I think.

(16:51:00) I do believe I get to go home very soon. Today was relentless. Time to tidy my desk & say in the words of the mighty Joysticks "Bye bye bye"

(17:00:14) Are they making handbags with LEDs in now? I do hope so.

(17:15:51) Dubstep ringtone. It ain't ever gonna happen.

(18:07:09) Someone on this coach is listening to Bhangra at unspeakably loud volume through their headphones. Consequently, so am I. Through mine :S

(21:04:37) Sofa and comedy. I recommend it to you. Spouse and small amount of alcohol is optional and nice. I'm going to spend my Friday evening here.

(21:16:58) I don't need a time capsule.. I have a loft.

(22:49:55) Catching up with audioboos.. LOADS of the blighters. Off to bed with some voices in my ear. Goodnight.

Tweets for 03 Nov 2011


(07:02:11) Fantastic @easyBus driver on this morning's stretch limo - patient & helpful - and reunited a lady with her hat. A lovely start to the day.

(07:22:16) Gosh - I've been somewhat spoiled; nearly three hours of @emmaandpete to enjoy on the way to work. And home from work. And to work again..!

(13:16:28) Amused by @MrRobaloba and his idea to make a Nagios alert that goes off if I don't tweet for any length of time. "MAN DOWN!" etc. Heh.

(13:35:50) Nearly no time to tweet today. I am surprised that I've managed to break my trousers already, though, after less than three weeks of usage.

(14:21:39) Right. Let's do this. (Only two and a half hours later than planned).

(15:20:44) Amused by attempts to get a sofa upstairs in my office building. They are not succeeding. They are stuck. (typed... not spoken ~sigh~)

(16:53:08) I think I am going to get a sou'wester.

(16:53:37) Or I might fashion a sou'wester out of some plastic toner cartridge packaging.

(17:39:47) Nice and dry on the coach. Very comfy. I may have a disco nap in the @helenduffett style.

(18:10:44) I've decided - no mug of coffee when I get into the office.. too much caffeine if I bump into someone I know and need a coffee-catchup!

(23:05:22) Following Tony Linley at @TheRythreArms - this week's pick on @BagelTechNews BIG :)

(23:11:22) Not the best of @BagelTechNews shows technically for me... darn my broken IEEE1934 interface... I shall engineer something for next week.

(23:11:30) Bedtime now, though.. night!

Tweets for 02 Nov 2011


(06:18:32) Listening to The Museum of Curiosity. @alaindebotton makes a good point about having someone to listen to you.

(06:27:49) I do wonder if "Horses of Letters" would be as popular as it is if it didn't have national treasure Stephen Fry in it. It IS good. #iplayer

(07:07:41) What better way to start the day than with a disinterested Arriva coach driver (the 7am bus never turned up) and Mark Thompson on a podcast?

(07:21:03) Finally leaving Luton Airport. It's going to be one of those days... still, the coffee was good this morning and the sunrise was splendid.

(10:23:22) Busy busy busy already - conference calls and meetings until my brain falls out. Fortunately I have coffee. And a plum.

(11:07:52) It is not a good idea (for health reasons) to read for any longer than about 3 minutes. Wow.

(17:21:21) OK, so I'm no Roger Bannister (heck I'm not even a Matthew Bannister) but I can run the mile from work to the limo stop in under 10 mins :O

(17:54:29) RT @amateuradam: Alphabetti Spaghetti is made from self-phrasing flour.

(19:31:12) I very much like this: It's marvellous (with much respect to @grahamdunning)

(20:05:21) Right. I'm going to do something dull with MP3s.

(20:07:15) Before I do something dull with MP3s, this is quite funny so will lighten my heart: <- @JohnDredge PROGRAMME SHOW!

(22:12:09) Right.. bedtime. Night!

Tweets for 01 Nov 2011


(08:02:46) Good morning. Tactical breakfast scenario. 1] Avoid the orange juice 2] Sausage sandwich. 3] Look for a half-decent coffee shop.

(08:21:17) Just listened to a ranty @FrequencyCast 'off the record' update.. some poor customer service going on.. I think we all have tales to tell!

(18:04:06) Having a bit of a hurtle back to Milton Keynes after another incredibly full and frantic workday. I have a double seat. WIN (ftw. NFC)

(18:08:54) In other news, I learned today that it is possible to be Dutch AND have a really annoying voice. Who would have thought it?

(18:09:22) It's been raining in Stockport. It does that #instockport

(18:41:24) Irritating Dutch Voice update - they didn't have the right ticket, since it was an advanced saver thing. Oh dear. Possibly doomed.

(19:00:42) Dutch passenger update: They didn't get out at Crewe (where the train stopped) so the 'train manager' man got them for £70-something quids.

(19:32:01) Quite nearly at Milton Keynes.

(20:25:37) RT @RobJD: Iris on Android is a brilliant app! Like an app spelt backwards ;)

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