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Tweets for 31 Oct 2011


(08:41:20) Good rmornin'. Breakfast had (4/10 - orange juice tasted really weird; coffee tasted quite weird) & raised a change request. Next: shower.

(10:11:02) Just saw @Davidlloydradio talking in a deejay way at the front of #RadFest11 TechCon. Now listening to Dan McQuillan talking rice pudding.

(10:11:36) That's not "Dan McQuillan the rice pudding"

(10:15:46) Mostly blokes here. I'm tweeting because I kinda already know most of this. I'd much rather be nattering. With Twitter. Which is the point.

(10:35:27) The mighty @BarwickGreen talking about noise or something (it's all beyond me if I'm honest ;) at TechCon #RadFest11 http://t.co/x8cpvmg0

(10:48:13) RT @UK2: Last day for Bagel Tech Listeners to win a Nintendo 3DS! Click here for more: http://t.co/cZZF3a2c

(10:54:31) I like DRM+... it's not crap, and I have teenage dreams of making my own DRM+ shortwave pirate station. Don't tell my employer :D #RadFest11

(11:56:41) Audio from the TechCon sessions is being edited down and put on @Audioboo if you're interested: http://t.co/3Yke4m5Z #RadFest11

(11:59:13) RT @enjoynorwich: #Norfolk road sign pic from our 'man in the field' - love this! http://t.co/nW3D59Sb

(12:07:58) Watching a TechCon presentation about DAB in a box. I'm going to make one at home this weekend. I have an MPEG2 hammer. #RadFest11

(12:10:04) RT @EwenRankin: LAST Chance to WIN a Nintendo 3DS with @UK2 and @BagelTechNews. Go to http://t.co/gs146C6y and click the link to enter. ...

(13:00:09) Listening to a bloke from Ofcom talking about the health and safety of (investigating) pirate radio. Careful now. #RadFest11

(13:07:46) Motivation of up to 50% of illegal broadcasters in London is to serve the community - they don't come to Ofcom's attention. #TechCon11

(13:21:53) "Hackney Hear" - genius. An audio tour of an area via GPS & smartphone (an idea for @MuseumsLuton?) #TechCon #Radfest11

(14:18:20) Catching up with the amazingly talented @heatherrhian and her happy radiomakers at #Radfest11 - and failing to explain http://t.co/1MEt1VhY

(14:24:05) RT @mediauk: Right now in Salford, there's a radio station called "Media UK" broadcasting on DAB+. Tune in to hear a cat purr. (No, real ...

(14:34:37) I've had some absolutely top notch tech help from the UK office of @DrayTek_HQ - couldn't be happier with their aftersales support.

(14:51:27) "Will Mr Myer please report to Stage Door" - is that the Lowery equivalent of Inspector Sands..? #TechCon #Radfest11

(15:00:33) Something about triangulation gadgetry for the Olympics and now automatic PRS music reporting. This.is well various #TechCon #Radfest11

(15:03:45) Just caught a glimpse of @jonholmes1; he's looking disheveled and grumpy - good to see he's taken on the engineer look #TechCon11 #Radfest11

(15:07:24) Soundmouse music recognition is formidable... I bet it'd not recognise my songs. Mainly because they barely rate as music :D #TechCon11

(15:13:07) I.want to work for Soundmouse- they probably have the most comprehensive music collection in the galaxy. Or Capital as it is now. #TechCon11

(15:19:53) This is @jonholmes1 talking about RAJAR and Colonel Ghadhaffhi(sp?) #TechCon11 #Radfest11 http://t.co/zT6ljwao

(16:32:41) Listening to Four Lessons & No Carols by @RichardVadon - editor of More or Less. Statistically brilliant. #TechCon #Radfest11

(16:34:51) RT @timoncheese: It's drivetime for me today - online at http://t.co/maroJeNF

(16:39:51) Shipping containers turned into studios... and short notice desert builds - amazing pictures from a BFBS engineer #TechCon11 #Radfest11

(16:55:07) Oh look it's @jamescridland with a review of the day in amusing style. It's what he does. Except more futury #TechCon11 http://t.co/yNDnCqDF

(19:07:29) RT @fridgemagnet2: just offloaded half a pack of out of date Worthers Originals on a bunch of trick or treaters. It was either that or t ...

(19:15:07) Free wine will be the death of me. Now... do I go back for some more¿?

(20:54:18) Can't see @pootspublic wanting to work for Global any time soon - they're all getting macs :D

(22:51:23) I do believe it's nearly bedtime. I have equipment to clonk tomorrow over there *points* so I'd beter get some sleep. Good night then!

Tweets for 30 Oct 2011


(07:32:49) My lad has "Trainyard Express" skillz - he designed a track that took over a million steps (& 18 hrs) to complete! http://t.co/Z23eC2wy

(07:54:45) Time for coffee and porridge. Oh, and good morning. In that order.

(09:26:57) My studio computer has gone rogue. Surely not because of the clock change. Most frustrating :/ (it was fine last night)...

(13:16:53) Flattening clothes. Science should help.

(15:30:33) Given up wrestling with an errant studio mixer and watching TV Burp instead... it's easier.

(16:25:50) Mystery (sort-of) solved with naughty mixer - the IEEE1394 interface on the PC went a bit broken. Spare one put into service. Phew.

(16:28:02) RT @Astro_Wheels: Wish I was better in the 'relationship realm'. Saw this funny comic strip and can relate. I should get on Foursq htt ...

(16:29:42) Second explanation for technical oddity: OSX 10.5.x (Leotard) doesn't support wi-fi sync in iTunes. Needs 10.6.8 or better (Snowy's Leotard)

(17:21:33) Now on my way to the more northerly reaches.

(17:28:44) Y'know when you're on a coach sometimes and you do the seatbelt up because it's the law and also because the driver is a nutter? That.

(17:34:01) Just passed a shop with the sign "ASM Hire" outside. What does ASM mean? Amateur Science Machinery? Or am I being dense..?

(18:26:43) Milton Keynes Central. Desolate place. But the toilets are on the platform (as @dt90spt helpfully informed me).

(18:30:10) jam packed train, I suspect. Slotted in like weasels into a mangle.

(18:59:23) Hey little northern oik.. indoor voice #passiveaggressive

(19:03:47) Eating a cheese sandwich on the train to Manchester. Listening to the Engadget podcast. Could be worse...

(20:37:31) Replacement bus service treat*

(20:55:05) Hurrah for Google Maps. I can hurl myself at the bus's door at something approaching an appropriate moment. Not like on the coach earlier.

(21:18:22) Audioboo: The entry card for the room says "now relax" boo... http://t.co/mG8kW1MS #hotel #lift #salford #terrifying

(21:50:30) I often describe being indoors as being 'safely ensconced.' Given that there's carpet on the floor and a ceiling that works, yeah. I am.

(22:26:42) Off to bed, I think. Need to be fresh and alert for work. And TechCon. In that order. Night! #radfest11

Tweets for 28 Oct 2011


(04:51:21) Morning. Last one of the working week. Point me towards the coffee machine and I might make it up the hill. Podmore on #iplayer #radio4

(05:46:29) I wish I could be a boom operator. I think I'd be a good boom operator. #stopsayingboomoperator

(05:49:43) I have a full backpack today. Work laptop, network infrastructure, pizza. Hope I get stop & searched. (not really).

(06:13:25) Hmm.. Interesting new radio service - looks heavily speech-based. http://t.co/kc5SDgXF Having a listen from the comfort of the stretch limo.

(06:19:26) I'd love to do this job (live radio sound engineer) but it'd be like being paid for my hobby:/ http://t.co/85E2eYMF (via @matt's job-o-tron)

(06:38:10) Listening to Monocle 24 - content is interesting (it's about tea & coffee, @NickHollowayVox - you lead, they follow ;) but quality is sub-AM

(07:17:03) It's a radio fest this morning.. now listening to @EmmaTofi on Radio St Austell Bay. The answer is ANIMAL :D

(16:44:11) I'm a-going a-home-a. In a a-stretch-a limo. Country and western Italian.

(16:45:06) I am tempted to take my helicopter to Salford to see how far up the atrium it goes.

(19:54:19) I wish I suited guyliner.

(19:57:31) Sean Lock: "I don't really have a problem with X Factor at all. My only problem with it is that it's on telly."

(20:22:15) Things I learned off of Twitter and Wikipedia: the bass player out of Suede wrote the theme tune to 8 out of 10 Cats.

(21:57:01) Time for me to ascend the perpendicular face of mount staircase & slip into the bivouac of self assembly furniture (in theory) Nighty then.

(22:01:23) (actually I'm going to bed now in an attempt to resist the temptation to have another go at updating our router's firmware. Not a good idea)

Tweets for 26 Oct 2011


(04:52:08) Morning. In a Wednesday way. Better stumble out of bed for a bit.

(06:51:13) Calculated risk taken with the whole 'Do I take my coat' thing... it's stopped raining, at least for now. Might come a cropper later...

(07:33:43) I have no idea where to start today. I have coffee. Which is always a bonus.

(12:44:06) Soup and salad yeah. Apple for dessert. Not a sniff of a biscuit all morning. Quite good for me.

(16:50:58) I've got a runny nose. I know a song about that.

(19:19:51) Going to blimmin well write another blog post. If it kills me. Which is likely*

(20:50:15) I dun wroted a blog post about What I Did Instead Of Working Yesterday (legitimate day off... honest!) http://t.co/DMN9Vf40

Tweets for 25 Oct 2011


(06:29:30) Happy birthday to the wonderful Mr @Bazmati2020 :)

(06:39:32) G'morning. This morning I have mainly been looking at smurf and fraggle attacks. Just watch where you're stepping is all :D

(10:44:40) Playing 'fetch' with a Harris hawk. Not as easy as it looks :D http://t.co/QwGpMkgB

(18:15:00) RT @monavonchrome: How to be miserable as an artist http://t.co/DOJyAovr

(18:19:03) I think I might be intolerant of (roast) chicken. Headache & tummy grumblings after my first chicken meal in 2 weeks :/

(20:46:20) Audioboo: Birds of prey boo (blog post to follow!) http://t.co/cQaNvsk6 #birdsofprey #shuttleworth #squawk

(20:48:15) Off to bed now. It is going to be an absolutely fruitloop day tomorrow. I can just smell it. Night night!

Tweets for 24 Oct 2011


(08:15:24) Morning. I had forgotten how utterly horrid it was to try and compile source files on Linux for the first time. Thank heavens for Google.

(10:55:37) I find myself comparing Chris and Lenni to Karen & Ben from Outnumbered on far too regular a basis. They make life wonderfully amusing.

(18:42:14) Catching up with Ask Rhod Gilbert before studio time. Berocca, I think, has reduced my cold. This is not an advert. Nor true, necessarily.

(21:40:16) Perhaps a bit tired to work out how to do sidechain compression in Reaper. Because I've forgotten. Again Bedtime, I do think. Night!

Tweets for 23 Oct 2011


(13:07:09) Finally sorted a photo book of our former vicar's last service - @pootspublic found a 50% off snapfish voucher code - sfuk27 today only yay!

(13:42:26) Going to take the children for a swift bit of geocaching - in the daytime this time. Just as many nettles & brambles, unfortunately :D

(14:30:59) I found Goobers Cache (http://t.co/5W4Op4tZ) #cgeo #geocaching

(14:54:08) Incarcerated children (at Someries Castle) http://t.co/gMdXHp1o

(15:13:54) I found Two Bridges and a Pylon (http://t.co/dV6YPxkL) #cgeo #geocaching

(15:41:51) Woo.. it's been a good weekend for geocaching - three out of three this afternoon. Home for tea and cake now.

(16:49:19) Just uploaded 5 new photos to my Facebook "Someries Castle on a Sunny Sunday" album: http://t.co/bDodrb6K http://t.co/hOMzPsoG

(22:19:54) Off to bed after a croaky evening in the studio. This cold had better be gone by tomorrow or else. Or else more lemsip, I guess. Nighty!

Tweets for 22 Oct 2011


(07:45:39) Morning. I appear to have adopted a stray sore throat overnight. It's rather shabby and I'm not sure I want to keep it. Coffee time.

(08:03:11) Song to play loud in the kitchen: Dream Academy - Life in a Northern Town. Wonderful (and NOT Dario G thank you, @PootsPublic ;)

(09:14:51) RT @BagelTechNews: BIG Show is posted at http://t.co/2qYZUgmH with @ErikLanigan @IConfessImaGeek @SarahJaneUK @Syzygy & @EwenRankin. Pls ...

(09:18:13) At the cinema, watching an excrable piece of advertainment before a Very Economical Saturday Morning Film. Bewildering.

(09:19:05) Bwub. Heh.

(12:03:51) Preparing lunch with the children. Pasta and meatballs - so not too challenging.

(13:37:11) "Cake in a mug" (almond and chocolate flavours) by @nxmee & @superalora - Saturday afternoons made fun by @sortedfood http://t.co/AIxsgy5B

(15:41:10) Lenni modelling the 'Steve' (from http://t.co/nB2D1ooe) head she's made with help of @PootsPublic & me. Lookin' good! http://t.co/6AEtXdP8

(17:11:27) A classic link on @106Jack - made me chuckle... "Imagine Heart didn't exist...

(18:14:41) RT @vobes: Looking to find someone with a horse I can ride for the next #BaldExplorer episode.

(18:25:28) Just about to pop out to see the #ISS - flying over West to East at about 19.34... then an evening of trying not to fall over tree stumps :D

(20:26:23) I found Sauncey Wood Stroll D (http://t.co/asFI7fJ9) #cgeo #geocaching

(20:37:51) I found Sauncey Wood Stroll E (http://t.co/2eTlpgAu) #cgeo #geocaching

(20:55:20) I found Sauncey Wood Stroll F (http://t.co/2jlVn2zR) #cgeo #geocaching

(21:16:21) I found Sauncey Wood Stroll A (http://t.co/sur5Iggm) #cgeo #geocaching

(21:55:20) Coffee break over.. gonna get that last cache...

(22:24:56) We found it! But it was a little worse for wear, owing to having been left open and snails setting up home inside.. http://t.co/NRRk1Wkx

(22:27:47) I found Sauncey Wood Stroll C (http://t.co/c2lqp5Ql) #cgeo #geocaching

Tweets for 21 Oct 2011


(06:30:24) Happy birthday @Bubble2009! Have a fabulous day :) Big hugs from the outskirts of London x

(06:45:42) I don't know if I've tweeted today. In short, though: good morning. Last night I learned QR codes are more prevalent in the UK than the US.

(06:52:46) Listening to @106jack's breakfast show on my walk through central London. The wonders of the internet? No. I'm carrying a 54 ft aerial.

(10:26:58) New from K-Tel recordings: 100 favourite vehicle reversing tones.

(10:30:04) Pow'p'pow! (And other laser noises) Technology overload! http://t.co/rRpP1BSQ

(11:19:38) Conference call. Ooh look, @orgmul is diagonally opposite me. In real life.

(11:34:24) Just got a marketing email from CPC which was entirely comprised of pictures... absolutely no information outside the (undownloaded) images.

(11:51:46) Desperately trying to hold on to consciousness. My brain is going "Is it the weekend yet?"

(14:47:04) Have you got a 'Reward ME' card from @TheMallLuton? If so, you can get FREE SWEETS: http://t.co/KYWy7ueP hurrah. I like free stuff.

(17:27:04) Hurrah! Nearly at the airport. I have a dark secret about today that I am going to need to confess: I think I forgot to put BO basher on.

(17:27:31) Expecting to be sprayed with Febreze when I get in.

(17:27:47) Lynx Febreze.

(19:08:03) I damaged my foot trying to retrieve a Motorola Razr in a hurry last night. 'tis a mighty hazardous life I lead.

(19:10:06) That said, the plaster I put on this morning is still there after several miles of walking. quite impressed with Asda Smart Price plasters.

(19:52:13) Watching Never Mind The Buzzcocks with probably the most surreal team on Noel Fielding's side. Genius.

(20:12:28) Holy Flying Circus time yeah!

(20:14:57) Tony Roche wrote 'World of Pub' - this is going to be brilliant.

(22:00:44) Nearly bedtime after some comedy - watching Louise Mensch making an arse of herself on Have I Got News For You. Holy Flying Circus was fab.

Tweets for 20 Oct 2011


(06:41:24) Learning about managing stress in my team today. I hope at the end they hand out a goodie bag containing ketamine darts and a bottle of gin.

(06:57:44) Wonderful: http://t.co/6ltE8T3i fair brought a tear to my eye this morning. Mr @WSelf in fine form; government should hear this. #LovePylons

(08:21:21) Wearing my coat for the first time this autumn... it's warming up nicely, but will doubtless be chilly after dusk. And that's the weather.

(12:53:53) Lunchbreak yeah. Managing stress.

(16:00:54) This is going to be a two battery day. http://t.co/om1pO75g

(16:09:00) The wonderful(?!) view of Westway from the kitchen of the venue where I was on a training course. http://t.co/f7qP9Lrt

(16:26:08) #stevejobs

(16:52:07) I was wondering. What is the optimum sofa sinkage distance? I think my studio sofa is a little too much.

(16:53:36) Time to go home. Then @BagelTechNews BIG show tonight. After I've moved some sofas. It's important to move some sofas.

(18:11:34) I'm rather delighted that - according to the fine & friendly @PCPro podcast - the next Ubuntu release will be called "Precise Pangolin" Yeh!

(18:21:13) Airport. More smiling faces than W12, at least.

(18:24:56) Quick preview for @BagelTechNewsBIG show listeners: my Cool Thingy is gonna be a dual core cheese sandwich. Oh yeah!

Tweets for 19 Oct 2011


(06:27:11) ~yawns~ Good morning. Friendly coach driver this morning. Also: pretty woman in seat 13. I have six hours of meetings today. How meetingy.

(06:43:01) I want to play Rolf Harris's Sun Arise at full volume in my stretch limo today. Off a cassette.

(09:14:42) Watching John Linwood and his iPad. Blimmin' showoff.

(09:17:01) Oh look.. it's a "We're so great" video. *sighs*

(10:19:56) We are now applauding every time John Linwood starts a response with "So..." That's every time so far.

(10:24:09) Me: "Are we TD&A, then?" (I think we are).

(10:49:24) Y'know when you think you're going to a small meeting room and you open the door to find a massive room and 30 people..? That.

(12:36:28) My Android phone just tweeted #stevejobs while it was in my pocket. Very, very spooky. And not quite right.

(14:08:55) Overheard on the second floor of Western (shouted): "I don't have an H in my name!"

(16:57:24) Another hectic day is done, with nothing more to show for it than a day's wages and a vivid sunset. Fewer/lesser meetings tomorrow yay!

(17:42:50) Wow.. Shiny and new & hi tech "MFlow Human Recognition Cameras" on the way to check-in at @LDNLutonAirport #bitscary http://t.co/7RcAARQc

(17:56:21) Me: "Hello children." Chris: "Hello Dad." Me: "What ya doin'?" Lenni: "Making wikis!" Heh. My kids are cool.

(20:26:51) RT @timoncheese: I need your help! Twitter-people helping to invent a new documentary -click on this and come and assist: http://t.co/ ...

(20:28:58) Expect a rant about Microsoft Windows updates tomorrow on the @BagelTechNews BIG show >:/

(20:37:21) Not having top technological success tonight. I think I might go to bed. http://t.co/lTufdUJi

Tweets for 18 Oct 2011


(04:58:19) Morning. I might spend today being a luddite.

(05:20:48) Heavens above, is it time to launch already? Better put some trousers on (not making that mistake again).

(08:12:54) Not making quite as much progress as I'd hoped, mainly due to bureaucracy. I imagine a country run by a piece of antique office furniture...

(08:15:04) Third time lucky #raisingahelpdeskcall

(09:26:57) I remember chilly fresh brisk blue sky autumn days like this from my first year at secondary school. Almost makes me wish I was back there.

(15:56:07) Non stop day of doings. Need to book a railyway ticket and a hotel tomorrow, though. Me and my travaillings.

(16:35:28) I get to go home yay. Not sure I'll be any good for anything when I get there... just glad I did my ironing yesterday :D (hello @JQP74!)

(17:37:15) Being lazy and getting the shuttly bus home. Or nearly home. I can feel the need for muschup.

(18:53:48) Off for a shower before Holby starts. Then I'm going to have a nice sit down and not watch Holby.

(18:55:14) In other news, I have just cleared all the music off my iPod Touch. Tis may well have been a foolish thing to do. Having trouble syncing.

(20:20:21) Neato... I've just discovered why my website doesn't work on my new server.. old content management system / new version of PHP. *sighs*

(20:43:51) Right. Everything else* can wait. Going to bed now.. night!

Tweets for 17 Oct 2011


(06:49:51) Good morning. A day of possibilities ahead, but probably one or two probabilities, too. And hopefully cake (you never know).

(12:43:35) Nearly Clock Change Chaos night. Crivens.

(16:00:24) Haircuuuuuuut.

(16:41:22) Going through all the "Peters" in the company address book.

(17:19:40) Dinner conversation this evening included fops, macaronis, coxcombs and dandies. I love being in this family.

(17:42:51) I quite like mirror.me - it sums me up fairly nicely (and in a complimentary way :D) ... http://t.co/XRDKh2f8 /cc @Mirrordotme

(18:23:57) Time to drag the boy scoutwards. I am going to resist tinkering with my Linux box this evening, and spend the time before bed in the studio.

(21:29:14) Looks like I'm 20p down on the day... managed to get a heptagonal coin from UAE in my change at some point :D http://t.co/7P2NEDhr

Tweets for 16 Oct 2011


(07:22:11) Morning. I have coffee in bed, and will not be able to leave until it has taken effect. Need to do Moar Server Configurating today. IT busy.

(07:38:49) "I hope you don't mind that I put down in words how wonderful life is with you in the world." - I like that sentiment. Crap song otherwise.

(07:43:24) Doings.

(08:26:32) It's our vicar's last service today. I'll be capturing some of it with my camera *clickety*

(12:34:27) I am not going to leave the house or listen to radio for the next 6 months. There is now a 'pop' 'song' based on that horrid Lloyds noise.

(15:50:38) RT @GHOGIT: #fail this puts the mock in mock Tudor http://t.co/H83g5Caj

(16:05:11) I am also attempting to set up a DNS server on my Linux box. I've been luxuriating with GUIs recently.. getting back to the command line...

(16:06:59) At @RObJD's with @pootspublic @GHOGIT @Bubble2009 @nxmee & @superalora. Like a tweetup, but more family-y. Last #BTCC race of the season...

(16:07:11) (I'll get my mother-in-law's Twitter name right one day :D)

(20:44:36) Wahoo.. DNS thing sorted.. website now copying across (6.7GB out of 3.0GB so far..[?!]) and a bit of shell script to write. #GeekyEvening

(22:30:48) Off to bed now, after writing a nice bit of shell script (perfect for Sunday evenings) and generally bothering my computer. Night night!

Tweets for 15 Oct 2011


(08:20:42) Good morning. Downloading Ubunutu 11.10 for the boy so he can tweet about struggling to install it again. I'm not a very good Dad.

(13:08:07) I'm glad we're not venturing too far afield today.. I'm struggling to stay awake! On the list: loft, bird table, compost bin, tidy lounge.

(14:32:46) Peace while the children do their homework. Punctuated by the occasional sigh and groan.

(15:07:36) The problem with new PCs and web-delivered content (i.e. Steam) - banging up against @VirginMedia's traffic management: http://t.co/9ac3pwe2

(16:50:16) Watching "Shock and Awe" - excellent programme about the electricity. No pylons yet.

Tweets for 14 Oct 2011


(06:37:32) Busy busy day ahead. Not sure how I'm going to fit it all in. There's always next week (which is when I expect the router to be delivered..)

(09:36:43) Bit of a *sigh* morning. I am not going to get any of this done today. Still, the sun's shining and both of my ears work. Hurrah for life.

(11:18:27) Hmm. I wonder who gave one of the team leaders in Salford my personal mobile number. That really is rather odd.

(11:49:19) My beard is growing at an unacceptable rate. Either that or time is going too quickly. Whichever is true, I think something should be done.

(13:32:24) Perfect weather #justsaying

(16:37:42) On the big big journey home for a big big weekend in my big big house with my big big family. I could work for radio branding, me.

(17:10:44) Looks like iOS5 has sorted out stereo bluetooth.. woo! The volume control works and everything* now.

(17:22:05) When I am aged, I want to smell slightly of an old house.

(17:25:44) My all-time favourite variety of Hempstead is..............

(18:24:44) Homium - one of the best elements.

(18:55:02) #sings "Configuring a router in my spare time..."

Tweets for 13 Oct 2011


(05:25:03) Good morning. Can't stop - there's buses to catch. My record is four in a day, and one of them was <---this big--->

(06:51:03) RT @sarahditum: Quite brilliant. RT @TimHarford Very funny... RT @stevesilberman: Caption writer goes rogue. Click before they're gone h ...

(07:02:20) If I were in charge of The News I would make the following rule: "No reporting on terrorist attacks." It's exactly what they want :/

(08:17:10) I am totally eating cake. It's my beloved battered battenburg that has travelled over 400 miles with me. Batteredburg.

(08:23:19) I'm just about to leave the office for a course called "Dealing With Stress." Please select your punchline from the many, many available.

(16:36:32) I think my fingers are incompatible with the Dyson Airblade.

(17:34:37) Tired and hungry and would like my stretch limo thankyouplease.

(18:29:17) If I need any forfending doing, I always insist on getting heaven to do it. Has the best chance of working. Or not working. As the case etc.

(19:58:31) If you like your comedy weird or are easily flummoxed, here's a blog: http://t.co/HKxdfZMo, an MP3: http://t.co/a3ss1QhQ and a @JohnDredge

(20:09:49) Catching up with comedy. Current score: 8/10

(21:01:41) Off to bed imminently, I think. Sleep well when you do! Night :)

Tweets for 12 Oct 2011


(05:27:47) Good morning. We'll see...

(07:38:40) At the office (finally)... looks like a bit of a nightmare day ahead. Not overly impressed with Wednesday so far, really.

(15:10:45) Talking about the Asian Status Quo.

(16:22:46) Ended the day with a very pleasant meeting with some of my favourite people. And my boss's boss, so I had to behave. But I didn't.

(16:36:32) Too warm. Shutting down.

(17:25:06) It appears to be raining. That's somewhat irksome. I shouldn't say this, but the lady sitting opposite me is wonderfully wonderfully pretty.

(17:35:19) Es regnet. Good if you're measuring rainfall.

(17:45:13) Heading home. It's not really raining too much, though, so, well, potential rain measurement disappointment...

(18:48:34) Router update! *morse FX* Router delivered to the wrong address. Three times. It got returned. Credit note tomorrow. Redelivery Friday!

(18:50:46) RT @sciencemuseum: Find out more about our Oramics to Electronica exhibition and the competition we will be launching alongside it soon. ...

(18:54:32) I'm doing what everyone else is doing. Baaaaa. Actually, I'm going for a shower at the same time. BEAT THAT.

(19:23:58) RT @helenelectric: This is good realcitizenshiptest.co.uk

(19:47:32) This is an amusing evening on Twitter. Catching up on Mock The Week to boot.

(21:28:10) What better way to end a day than with a PHP quandary on my Dad's society website. I likes a challenge (just not this time of night!) Night!

Tweets for 11 Oct 2011


(05:35:59) Good morning. Tea and coffee making facilities.

(06:17:44) I really am not very good in the mornings.

(06:41:24) Yesterday I played Bananagrams with some trainees. Really great fun - similar to Syzygy (That Word Game) - but I did keep beating them :/

(06:55:32) Yum! Kippers! http://t.co/9PeGuORU

(10:33:20) Lull. Here's "Leicester Tower" - a folly in the parkland of Abbey Manor, site of the battle of Evesham in 1265. http://t.co/FFmWfBru

(11:35:39) Mandatory discussion on M3 vs M6 in audio monitoring. It didn't come to blows because most of the people here are from TV. And are wrong :D

(15:12:19) Holy cow - today I've bumped into two people I've not seen in years. In the middle of the countryside. (Sim Johnson & Martin Richards FTW)

(16:25:27) Heading home now. Listening to a digital video specialist banging on about, well, video. On a station platform.

(19:51:54) Penultimate stage of my journey home has begun. Going moderately well. All on my own again. Lovely.

(21:28:33) All at home now, so I shall go to bed in the time honoured way (i.e. a bit late) and then go to work. It's the circle of loaf. Night night!

Tweets for 10 Oct 2011


(07:23:31) Good morning. Not a bad breakfast in the hotel (The Northwich) - the coffee's passable... just secured myself a lift to the course... neat.

(16:35:23) All done with a day of appreciating Swiss engineering (and its foibles).. now walking along the A44 (classy!) to stretch my leg.

(18:22:23) Back in my hotel room, after a 2/3 successfull geocaching exercise and a quick trip to Tesco to buy Token Things for B + the children.

(18:45:24) Dial Emma: Where to go for my tea? Do I opt for the time-honoured surf & turf at 'spoons, or go to the Indian Restaurant? Chicken is OFF.

(19:02:38) Going out. Like "Not Going Out" except entirely different. Definitely less witty. But I will have trousers on.

(19:12:39) There are a lot of people just standing around in Evesham this evening. Must be the whole 'unseasonably warm' thing.

(19:14:32) Also: the river Avon is quite medievally stinky this evening.

(19:30:21) Went for Spoons in the end - a good call.. they have a real ale festival on. Woo! Choice: Fat Head's Yakima Sun. Wonderfully hoppy! #RealAle

(20:00:06) Trying a half of Wychwood's 'Gingerbread' - intense.. I'm not sure ginger goes with hoppy ale.. car crash beer. (I'm not driving!) #RealAle

(20:13:52) Uhoh. Hotel room sneezing fit #atchoo

(20:18:32) I'm totally in the mood for some dubstep, but this room has NO KICKING SUB. #badhotel.

(21:08:44) Right. Time to get ready for bed. Despite everything. You've been a marvel, and a just right spice for my solitude. Good night. Sleep well.

Tweets for 09 Oct 2011


(08:24:51) Good morning. Catching up with podcasts and generally making a nuisance of myself around the house. I should go to church, really.

(08:33:30) I find it difficult to comprehend why someone chose to arrange and perform this 'choral' piece: http://t.co/RRluZm6u (via @Davidlloydradio)

(11:27:54) RT @MelodyMetcalf: Russian dolls really are full of themselves aren't they?

(13:11:39) In a queue for the cashpoint. It's a bit like life in many ways... lots of standing around, and there are no zombies.

(13:23:40) Chocolate shoes.

(17:23:14) It's a bit of a shame that there seem to be fewer and fewer people indulging in that delicate art of indicating on roundabouts.

(17:24:49) There's something so desolate about waiting on a railway platform as dusk sets on a Sunday evening, metal signs squealing sadly in the wind.

(17:25:23) There's something so desolate about First Capital Connect's trains.

(18:52:32) Train manager with a regional accent.

(18:52:54) Well, actually, just 'train manager'. Hah.

(20:08:41) I got on the tube train this evening with FAR too many clothes on. The Circle and Hammersmith & City lines weren't running, y'see.

(22:14:50) I wonder what a Cotswold is. I shall see if I can buy one here: http://t.co/iVmslRrZ

(22:15:52) Right. I'm something approaching settled, so bedtime it is. Good night!

Tweets for 08 Oct 2011


(07:55:19) Good morning. @nxmee is enjoying playing the free version of the new Android version of Minecraft. Shame it doesn't work on his tablet.. :/

(08:01:47) Right.. shave, shower, dress, get swimming kits ready, cashpoint, WIN (not from church)

(08:46:15) RT @MrsStephenFry: Stephen and I went to a fantasy theme curry house. We had the CS Lewis meal. It's like the regular meal, only naanier.

(12:24:03) I am getting this game for my mate @fridgemagnet2 for his 40th birthday. The reviews are magnificent. http://t.co/NKUs6BhK (thanks, b3ta!)

(13:26:34) ~sleepy yawn~ All back home after a good (but extremely busy) swim in Hitchin. Children doing homework and me musing on migration to Linux..

(14:00:51) Watching Lenni 'do' (i.e. stare into space and sigh) her homework is like pulling teeth. Just one inertial bundle of reluctance.

(14:10:42) Entirely sleepy now. I think I have a form to fill in. I might do some soldering instead. Or have a nap. Definitely not all three at once.

(16:48:16) Me: "Here's a laptop to play with, Chris.. I have an XP boot CD and an Ubuntu boot CD.. which will it be?" Chris: "Ubuntu" #proudDad

(16:55:43) RT @wowser: 'Bee!' magazine presents a distorted view of female bees: http://t.co/K9Bir7Il

(16:57:28) I wonder how many times people actually ~use~ CD-RWs. This is the third time I've burned something onto this one. Personal best....

(17:50:29) RT @thoroughlygood: “@BBCRadioCA: the immigration form covering the Apollo 11 crew when they came back from the moon http://t.co/FiVT8Cb ...

(17:56:36) Wow! Hope this runs next week! MT @RobJD: NGTC #BTCC Vauxhall Insignia!!! (hat tip to @Bubble2009 ) http://t.co/WxZZq2G2 (cc @justliketoby)

(18:02:52) Not proper dark now, but we're popping out onto the terrace to look for meteors... supposed to be lots tonight...

(18:19:59) Looking forward to an evening of something vaguely approaching music (in theory) with the highly talented @dt90spt -coffee's on!

Tweets for 07 Oct 2011


(05:26:29) Good morning. All at sixes and sevens (or halfway between) right now. Listening to The Record Producers on iPlayer.. SO interesting! #Radio2

(06:16:39) Wow..! The string line from the BeeGees' "Night Fever" was based on Theme For A Summer's Day.. I can hear it now I know. Genius.

(07:38:36) Right. Time to see what the team's been doing this week (and I include you, @ErrolIn ;)

(08:06:12) RT @marlowetheatre: We'd love you to RT this for us - Free performances outside The Marlowe Theatre tonight, as it opens to the public. ...

(08:52:14) Going to focus. ITIL principles Yeah.

(14:28:37) Disappointing lack of router again today.

(14:40:40) I discovered today that if you set the alarm on a Nokia phone and turn the phone off, it STILL RINGS! That is SO cool.

(16:48:51) I'm having a go at a little party trick I call "the homeward commute." It may look like I'm just sitting here, but actually I'm hurtling.

(17:25:14) Amazing dusk skies over Luton... http://t.co/hhpbN52S

(19:48:05) Hot chocolate and a paracetamol.

(19:48:11) And a tidy.

(22:20:18) Definitely bedtime after a nice potter in the studio, listening to "The Record Producers" - Pink Floyd. Nice work, @RichardAllinson #iPlayer

(22:25:58) And I'm gone (go on then). NIGHT!

Tweets for 05 Oct 2011


(05:16:26) Good morning. I was hoping I'd dream about a fascinating invention that would change the world, but instead I dreamt about Manchester.

(06:55:16) Roadworks all over the place this morning - even Jason, the fastest stretch limo driver in the world - can't get me to work in time :/

(10:01:22) 11 o'clock and I have had neither bacon roll nor biscuits. WHY HAVEN'T I GOT A HALO? *sighs*

(12:47:15) RT @Dappydoris: Do listen everybody, The Dualers are playing a free ska gig outside the Marlowe theatre, Canterbury on Saturday at 12.15 ...

(13:15:25) Going for a walk.

(13:18:26) Do you like comedy? Does a cross between @themiltonjones, Jack Dee and an oaf intrigue you? Well, this is @JohnDredge: http://t.co/HKxdfZMo

(13:29:20) "Scrum" may be an established methodology in project management, but it sounds too much like "Scum" for me to take it seriously.

(16:31:16) Homeward. Fairly seriously warm after running lickety-split (the third best way of running) to the stretch limo stop. Work: utter spaghetti.

(17:14:07) Some amazing roses - these smelt so sweet - on my walk home from the airport... I'm amazed they've flowered so late! http://t.co/gryiKneW

(17:25:57) Airport wayyyyyuuuhhhhhh (got to make the noise while hurtling down the hill before shouting "ToysRUs!" at an appropriate moment)

(19:18:23) Catching up with Beth's view of the world at the kitchen table. We don't do this often enough :)

(19:31:34) Taking direct action... Outnumbered style.

(21:21:57) Back to bed (I say 'back'... seems like a lifetime ago!). Night night to you.

Tweets for 04 Oct 2011


(04:58:42) Morning. Listening to The Museum Of Curiosity - some very interesting, articulate people on there... it's got a great tone. #Radio4 #iPlayer

(05:15:40) There's really no such thing as a 'day off' - it's more like a four days in the office with five days' worth of work..

(06:36:03) Hurtling workwards, although a little slow by J4 because of an articulated lorry that appears to have been utterly immolated.

(06:41:04) Ooh.. @emmaandpete are back. Listening to their podcastings.

(07:55:49) I have an office & a coffee (both hot) and, more profoundly, Katy Perry's abhorrent abuse of "music" called "Fireworks" stuck in my head :/

(08:29:55) RT @johndredge: silly podcast series i done starts tomorrow.http://t.co/LTteCpdG

(10:37:15) At the end of every meeting invite I am now adding: "There may be biscuits, but just to be sure, why not bring along some, too?"

(11:50:53) TIme for some soup and some salad. It's how I roll (but I have no rolls).

(14:36:02) Just had one of those "oh crivens..." moments. Sorted now, though. Bit of a permissions issue on my Dad's new domain :/

(16:38:38) Bums..

(16:38:52) Homeward bound...

(16:39:26) ~hopes nobody was watching Twitter~

(16:40:14) I do wish I was't so easily distracted...

(16:44:50) Listening to @emmaandpete talk about Ceefax. I used to look after the PCs that ran the service... more modern than the mid-70s originals..

(16:57:10) Looks like I'm not going to get a work BlackBerry, but I'm holding out for one of those new iPhones that might be announced this evening..

(19:12:29) Bodging around with the mac again. It's a very special sort of futility...

(19:14:58) Announcement: I'm going for a shower S and then the ironing S. And I probably won't bother with telly (@kyleswager ;) Night!

(20:04:33) I have been banned by @junkmanuk from installing OS X on the PC I'm building...

(21:25:32) Bedtime properly now.. shirts ironed until next Friday (in theory...) Nighty!

Tweets for 03 Oct 2011


(06:14:49) *yawn* Good morning. Still a bit warm and stuffy here.. this morning I will mainly be doing the school run & fiddling with config files.

(08:42:30) Getting wills witnessed by Beth's work colleagues. They're amusing. And not getting anything :D

(08:43:44) Database migration crinkle 3: the version of phpMyAdmin on the hosting site doesn't allow users to be created.. ~sighs~

(09:41:42) Database migration crinkle 4: The php scripts I FTP'd last night have had all the CR/LFs removed. *sighs* time to upload again..

(10:31:25) Waiting for stuff to FTP so I can find out what's gone wrong next. Definitely putting me in the right state of mind for a root canal... :/

(12:35:32) Well. Root canals aren't so bad. Or at least, my dentist does a good job (it would seem). Back to wrestling with beligerent websites.

(12:36:37) Incidentally, I consider myself to be an exemplary dental patient. Teeth brushed and mouth-washed, and no sneezing during the surgery.

(13:49:42) YES! It sorts of works.

(14:10:33) Time to dribble off to school to pick up Lenni. It's gone all warm again, after about 0.3 minutes of rain this morning. Odd.

(14:34:38) I may well get sunburn.

(17:20:05) RT @GuerillaScience: We are looking for a broadcast engineer to help us build a transmitter so we can send messages to space. Anyone out ...

(17:23:50) Heh. @GuerillaScience are looking for a broadcast engineer to help 'em build a transmitter to send messages to space. @EdTJones? @BigAlTwit?

(17:28:04) By the mighty @StreakMachine - There’s a new Kindle in town! http://t.co/biOjMfJV (from @BagelTechNews - your source for Technology News)

(17:28:49) Lenni's watching old (as in before I was born) episodes of The Flintstones. It's for homework (I wonder what she makes of it!)

(19:52:44) I do believe I have my Cool Thingy for Thursday already (as long as the price on Amazon remains the same). Also, I have a dust allergy.

(19:54:59) I'm gonna drink me tea.

(21:29:44) Hussar! (Literally) The website I have been wrestling with for the past day & a half is working. Time to go to bed before it breaks. Night!

Tweets for 02 Oct 2011


(07:35:03) Good morning. A gentle Sunday morning, followed by an afternoon at my Dad's transferring his community website to a new server. Dreading it.

(11:08:57) Catching up with the first #BTCC race of the day: lovely fast course. Wonder if there'll be more NGTC http://t.co/sLRo6u7a cars next season.

(11:14:24) Love the sound of the turbos - and the three-wheel bend with the dip afterwards is impressive... go on, Jason Plato!

(11:20:34) I love the messages on the back of the Honda cars... #BTCC

(11:24:42) Wow.. what a first race. I really admired Wrathall's "death or glory" run - so unlucky.

(11:51:33) Time for lunch - cooked by Chris (macaroni cheese a-la @sortedfood) Beth's doing the serving up... it's safest :D

(15:09:17) Talking to a disinterested sounding American, trying to untangle a hosting problem... this isn't going well...

(17:10:29) http://t.co/WxvXw6Iq Happy children on arguably the best play equipment.

(18:08:11) Feeling a bit tired out now. Warm weather does that to me. Uploading millions of files to a website now...

(19:05:26) *sigh* This could take a long time. FTPing 420MB of web content. Shame I haven't got the new router yet.. :/

(20:26:51) Catching up with #BTTC while 15,000 files upload...

(21:45:53) I do find that "My Favourite Joke" thing on BBC1 rather over-analytical and annoying. Also, some of the stuff isn't funny to me. How odd!

(21:49:05) I think I'm going to bed. Those 6,500 remaining files are going to copy quite happily without me watching them. Good night to you.

Tweets for 01 Oct 2011


(07:18:30) Good morning. Apparently everything tastes of perfume. Time to get up and get to the nub of this.

(09:28:03) Girlchild dispatched to her friend's for a cinema trip.. s'pose I'd better shower & get on with some housework. Feeling chipper, though.

(10:55:51) Nearly time to get out the vacuum cleaner. I have no fear of sucking.

(12:03:32) Hoovering is half-done and very very warm work. Is it really October..?

(13:13:04) RT @Aiannucci: Here's the link to the 3-hour On The Hour/ Knowing Me celebration. http://t.co/Rq54uChs

(13:17:08) Bit of a lull. I'm speccing(?) up a new mini-ITX PC to replace the mac mini...

(16:01:40) Buying bits off Amazon to stuff inside a tiny box. All rather exciting, really.

(16:04:09) Would it be terrible if I said I was quite looking forward to dusk?

(16:31:01) RT @TheDailyEmma: RT @steven_moffat Doctor Who, 7.05, BBC 1, and thank God we moved it to these dark evenings, eh? Tick tock, goes the c ...

(17:02:43) I think I might've given one of the kids up the hill an idea with my megaphone; they're playing with one now :D @pootspublic @plaintalkinghr

(17:23:55) Luton Town win 5-1 and Southampton beat Watford 4-0. I'm not really into foopball, but those results are generally satisfying :)

(17:24:42) RT @stevyncolgan: A little reminder that QI's geeky little sister, The Museum of Curiosity, Series 4 starts on Monday 3rd, 6.30pm, BBC R ...

(17:25:41) A mere 40 minutes (less if you're a neutrino) until the big finale of Doctor Who. Ohhh yeah.

(17:28:48) I just said this to my son: "Can you put the Chianti in the fridge, please?" I think this sums up my life. Every blessing counted.

(18:14:16) Wow. ~utterly enjoying~ #DoctorWho

(18:59:15) Excellent finale to this series of #DoctorWho - it had everything. I especially liked the eyepatches.

(19:27:39) Doing a bit of "why's this making so much noise" investigations... turns out my DNS323's iTunes server stops the drives from going to sleep.

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