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Tweets for 30 Sep 2011


(07:09:02) Morning. Autocorrect will be relied upon today. Matchsticks and all that.

(08:11:36) This office is NSFW.

(10:36:25) RT @Lutonbookworm: Having a few problems with water supply at Luton Central Library today, public toilets are closed, cafe not available ...

(10:50:36) It's official: I've had too much coffee.

(13:58:04) I've reached an executive conclusion - I'm not working in this office for a minute longer. Precisely, I'm not NOT working in this office.

(14:06:40) Record high.

(16:26:59) Some Who Boys while I wait for the coach. Nick Nack Paddy Whacked. Brilliant. Bassy. The weekend is SO here.

(16:41:32) Where's the blinkin' coach? I had excessive fringe in 1991, 20 years before it was cool.

(17:00:36) I love it when a Greenline driver denies all knowledge of the (lack of) previous coach. I'm no coach driver.. I don't DO blank expressions.

(17:02:31) Thank you, by the way, to the lovely @_forky and the industrious @jonBCFC for the #FF earlier :)

(17:03:52) Dear @PootsPublic, please could you put some cola in the fridge if there's none in there already. Also: thank you for yummy pizza. Love ya x

(17:08:48) RT @hipstermermaid: The worst part about this time of the year is having to go wake up Green Day.

(17:12:57) Dear @pootspublic, please don't give @fridgemagnet2 any of mine. While rummaging round his fridge, please check for creme eggs.

(17:14:38) Yes.. @BaronHawkey @_forky @painted_duchess @chickenprincess @nick_hubert @bootcoot @forestinjersey #FF Oh, and @BitsyVonMuffin I suppose ;)

(17:28:50) Down the M1 at sunrise, back up at sunset... not long until the equinox.

(18:46:21) Home and slowing down a bit. A shower and some comedy, I think. Offline. Hugs to you and yours. But mostly you.

Tweets for 29 Sep 2011


(05:56:59) Daily greet. Bit sleepy as I await the grand entrance to the stretch limo (I'm guessing the chauffeur's gone for a tinkle). Ninja ferrets: 0

(06:06:25) Interesting article about that candid BBC interview with a 'trader'

(06:10:13) The sun awakes,

(06:10:40) I, on the other hand, am only available on Longwave.

(10:57:02) Time to squeeze in some expenses.

(11:22:13) This... ..was what I saw when I switched screens earlier. Serves me right for pausing a video of David Milliband.

(13:08:49) I'm at a place called The Lighthouse for a meeting that I have just discovered has been cancelled. I may well hide out in Telly Centre.

(13:09:42) I never thought I'd say that...

(14:54:03) Wow.. some splendid spam.. "800 Cash Prizes to be won in the Terrestrial TV Survey" - from oh yeah.

(15:25:39) I think I'm going to brave the warmth and attempt The Shuttle Bus. As opposed to the Hucklebuck. Hmm..

(16:57:33) Up sticks and up the M1. Up my M1, not up yours.

(18:12:57) I learned something this evening: there is such a thing as a "middle C clef" - where middle C goes through the middle. Well.

(18:51:23) RT @dreamawakener: "Drinking beer and trashing your hotel room is easy. But being a Christian, that's tough. That's real rebellion." - ...

(20:23:43) Time to play BagelTechBIG (at with @EwenRankin @sarahjaneuk @tioaboa and @eriklanigan ...

(22:11:30) Sleep. Sheep. Sheet. G'neet!

Tweets for 28 Sep 2011


(05:08:52) Good morning. Some fabulous lines in @FagsMagsAndBags.. "Is that like Martika's kitchen?" :D Long live the Wall Of Crisps!

(05:22:44) Preparing for take-off. Well, more like launch... or is it stumbling wearily out of the front door. Yes, that. Bit warm, innit?

(06:25:40) Mists: check. Mellow fruitfulness: check (presumably - hard to tell under all that mist).

(06:28:07) Uhoh.. accident around J5 of the M1 southbound. The stretch limo is consequently taking us on a guided tour of north Watford. Classy. Slow.

(07:06:59) Rubbish commute this morning. It's official.

(08:19:18) Hmm.... desk phone is borked, so my work computer's borked, too. Gotta love technology...

(08:23:53) This, by @RobertPopper, made me chuckle a little..

(08:25:56) Ha... and (via @JamesCridland)

(13:56:44) Back from Bvsh, and a brief foray into Warm Meeting Room. Now I have a bleeding spot on my nose. It's all go.

(15:21:27) I can't work under these conditions... :D

(15:22:38) I am SO not giving my children this: (great tuneage, though) (h/t @paul_steele)

(17:08:11) I favorited a @YouTube video Mord Fustang - A New World

(17:32:27) Preparing to celebrate. On a school night. Balmy.

(17:57:29) I've got superglue on my fingers.

(19:13:31) A

(19:14:04) That was informative.

(22:01:03) Heading home all slow and clunky... jam packed train, as always at this time of night. First Crapital Connect.

Tweets for 27 Sep 2011


(00:25:15) Bedtime... save for some little quirks with visualisation, all went very well. Managed to get some local knowledge & documents written up.

(00:25:51) Off to bed now.. breakfast closes at 10am, so I'd better get plenty of sleep now! Work's over for another day. Night night...

(08:24:14) Good morning. Bit achey, but at least I haven't missed breakfast. Onwards...

(09:17:13) Overheard in the restaurant: Waitress: "We need a sign." Boss (sadly): "We're not allowed signs." Waitress: "Oh. Signs are good."

(09:34:23) For the first time, I have finally turned the correct way coming out of my hotel room. En route to reception to check out...

(09:52:46) Sitting opposite a pair of feckless apprentices. It's going to be a long day.

(15:38:57) Back on the tram... a supremely busy day on-site, and I'll be pleased to be in bed at a reasonable hour tonight...

(15:49:58) M-m-m-my Pomona

(16:17:29) Audioboo: Tram arrival at Piccadilly Gardens [the next stop will be Picadilly where this service terminates]

(16:22:37) Cornered by persistent phone callers. It's like nattering central right here.

(18:15:44) Milton Keynes has inflated a building site outside the railway station; consequently the bus stop is now 100m away. Nearly missed the coach!

(18:19:55) As coaches go, this one's a by.stinky. And I should know.

(18:21:53) :s/by./bit/g

(19:18:41) Nearly nearly home. Managed to scratch the ball of my left hand on the train carriage table. I have such thin skin. Otherwise: no injuries.

(19:52:29) I wonder if it's possible to be flagrant without running the risk of tutting. In other news: home and almost going to bed.

(20:07:19) I like @JohnDredge and his singings:

(20:18:08) I liked a @YouTube video The Simpsons opening in Minecraft

(20:26:40) Shower then bed. It would be the other way round, but the duvet is not of an appropriate material. Night night!

Tweets for 26 Sep 2011


(06:16:25) Good morning. Quick blessings count: loads.

(07:14:07) Oops... questionnaire option #fail (twice!)

(09:15:11) Wills. Nice and straightforward, really. Leaving everything to a Dalek I'm building.

(09:25:22) RT @bedspolice: 101 is the new easy to remember number to call Bedfordshire police when it’s not an emergency

(09:39:27) I am hungry. This is a good thing, since I need an early lunch before I head north. Having trouble not engaging work mode early, though...

(09:49:45) I liked a @YouTube video iW Exclusive: "Being Elmo" Trailer

(10:00:06) Right. Time to put things in a bag. Mains leads, mainly.

(10:55:02) Mmm.. carni bovine macinate pacchi di pasta in salsa di pomodoro, topped with cattedrale della città di formaggio.

(11:50:25) Stage 1 complete - wow it's warm at @LDNLutonAirport this afternoon. But will it be grim up north? (beyond Milton Keynes :D)

(13:16:12) Phase 2 complete - Salford Survival Kit secured. Next stop: Milton Keynes Central.

(14:29:25) Northbound on the Virgin train thing. Work email is speckled with dross. Trying to preserve my energies for a busy evening ahead...

(14:37:12) naptime.

(17:28:16) In a meeting at half-past six in the evening. Oh yeah.

(19:09:15) Slinging some food down me before the main event of the evening...

(19:11:29) Heh... gmail has stuck my Facebook notification emails into spam for the past week. Trying to tell me something..? :D

(19:35:21) Dessert (part of my survival kit). Then off to Quay House to watch the excitement unfurl. Is unfurl the right word? Unravel, perhaps..?

(21:29:21) Here we go then. All systems, well, something.

(22:03:59) Audioboo: Five Live [Live] in Salford - the first half hour boo #salford #soundscape #sportsdesk

Tweets for 25 Sep 2011


(06:15:29) I liked a @YouTube video I'm a Lion Because...

(06:25:28) Mornin'. Starting the day with a sneezing fit has to be up there in my top ten favourites. Now, though: more sleep or coffee?

(06:27:44) Sleep review: woke up at 1am and 2am... that could've got really tedious.

(10:05:34) Harvest Festival at church - donations going to the LAMP (Luton Accommodation & Move-on Project) charity

(11:07:56) Some fresh contributions to Luton's peerless & comprehensive collection of truly ugly architecture:

(12:46:57) There's something about WH Smith that has always made me feel a little uneasy... is this normil?

(21:48:42) Woo. I've had plenty of studio time of late. This is mainly evidenced by the fact it's a complete state. It's good to be putting it to use.

(21:58:09) Right.. I'd better get some sleep - busy day tomorrow. Whistle-stop tour to the Up North. Hmm. Night!

Tweets for 24 Sep 2011


(08:21:42) Right. Going to twang myself out of bed before the coffee goes ming. Also, my iPod Touch is down to 20%. Yee.

(08:50:19) Darn it. No free satellite in my back garden.

(08:54:54) Right. Off to adjust some of my losses.

(09:55:26) I have a system with YouTube videos - if they start "Hello guys" I rarely get any further than that. Just don't tell my boy.. :/

(10:25:09) I find it hard to work out which @HelloBuglers bits are made up, but did Berlusconi REALLY say that about Angela Merkel? (phonetapped, mind)

(11:24:30) "After you RAGE QUIT, you REVENGE CONNECT!" - I'm learning new gaming terms from my boy.

(11:38:25) Another successful growing season in the gardens of Geri Halliwell Towers...

(11:56:35) (to be fair, we also have some red chard - I'll be adding it to my salad next week).

(16:42:41) Home now, after an energetic (more for the children, but I'm still pooped!) visit to the park. Really weird, warm weather for late Sept!

(16:46:33) Right. I need perking up. Or should I say perc'ing up? No, probably not. Coffee's on - don't worry about bringing a mug.. we've got loads.

(18:22:45) A beautifully written episode of #DoctorWho. James Corden.shouting.

(21:18:10) Comedy time :) Full of @MrChrisAddition again...

(21:39:45) I want a penguin I can rest my pint on.

(22:35:16) Beddingtons. I was thinking something but it's gone. I'd love an empty night's sleep - too many dreams of late. Bis morgen. Gute Nacht!

Tweets for 23 Sep 2011


(05:26:40) G'day. Brush teeth and out the door. They should have an "International Talk Like an Australian" day. Only because it'd be funny. And awful.

(06:08:53) ~sigh~ Today's stretch limo driver is a little troubled - her nephew's been rushed fortunately her shift will be covered.

(06:12:53) A misty morning as the sun rises over north Hertfordshire (and Luton, presumably)

(06:23:12) Heh. Stupid trodden-on Range Rover. (with apologies to anyone who drives a stupid trodden-on Range Rover)

Tweets for 22 Sep 2011


(05:23:02) Morning. I've got honey all over my keyboard. Time for work (and a wet wipe). Thursday hmm.

(06:10:38) I liked a @YouTube video Songify This - Reality Hits You Hard Bro

(06:12:15) Thursday meme: "Reality hits you hard, bro." I will be employing this aphorism in my fortnightly meeting with my boss. FOOM!

(06:40:57) ~sighs~ my ears are being assaulted by all of the annoying ThisIsHeart songs.. "Only Girl In The World", "I'm Glad You Came" & "Sex On Fire"

(07:56:20) Something @fridgemagnet2 might be interested in...

(09:56:25) Booking another trip to Salford, and discovering I haven't claimed my expenses from the last trip.. oops! :/

(16:27:17) My face hurts a bit... in a vague way. I shall hurtle home in a packed out stretch limo and smooth it over.

(17:02:15) .@ruskin147 Not Bing, either, it would seem...

(17:09:01) Is it too soon to feel a ~teensy~ bit festive? I also just thought of @helenduffett. I think I may be having some kind of cheery breakdown.

(17:19:19) Oh dear.. ambulance wheeeooing up the emergency lane just before J8 of the M1...

(19:27:54) Right.. time to primp. Not sure I've ever tried that before.

Tweets for 21 Sep 2011


(06:14:04) Happy birthday @wkdstepmother :) x

(06:20:55) Morning... catching up on audioboos... a great snippet of @savvyjustine's radio drama with a nod to @audioboo ...

(07:45:21) Oh lovely.. the Basildon Travellers have arrived in Stockwood Park. That's right, ruin one of the only truly beautiful things about Luton :/

(07:47:34) (It's rare I express a strong opinion about anything, but there is a right way to go about things and a wrong way. And an acceptable way).

(08:34:25) We don't use the "R" word here.

(09:35:32) I need to tidy my desk. I have a conference call at 11... I can feel some multitasking coming on..

(09:55:47) Hmm. I'm finding myself drifting into an utterly obnoxious* mood in the run-up to this conference call. I may need to keep my mic muted..

(09:55:59) *playful and annoying.

(09:57:57) It's OK, though, since nobody has seen fit to give me the conference call number. (shhhhh!)

(10:09:04) I went downstairs for a hot chocolate and came back with a bonus chocolate from Egypt. But I had to chop it to make sure it wasn't toffee.

(11:57:25) RT @guardiantech: Esc and Ctrl: Jon Ronson investigates astroturfing – video

(18:50:39) All fed & showered... resisting the temptation to go to bed now! Might have a noodle in the studio - make a start on my next cover version..

(19:16:37) RT @stuartthomas: If you don't know the bizarre incident that inspired "What's the Frequency Kenneth?" you should read this.. http://t.c ...

(20:51:26) I got entirely distracted during my walk to the stretch limo after work because THIS was in Paddington St Gardens..

(20:56:49) Check out my result from! <- definitely need a new router.

(20:57:30) Right.. bed bed bed bed bed, as the song goes. I've been having too much fun with pretend timpanis.

Tweets for 20 Sep 2011


(07:03:05) Good morning. Here comes London again...

(08:59:20) Happy birthday, @willowHart :)

(09:32:23) I am fairly sure the 'remember me' button on websites is pointless.

(09:41:12) Service Management Maturity. Is this what life has come to?

(15:25:40) This has definitely been a day.

(15:26:51) Sent off two forms today. They may be lucky ones. Or they may be sent back because I filled them in wrong. At this stage, I just don't know.

(16:33:50) Today's Unusual Stretch Limo passenger has a MASSIVE trophy travelling with her: Nailympics!

(16:42:45) That does it... I'm going to set my alarm for 10 minutes earlier on a workday. See if I can get out of the house in better time.

(17:55:55) Home and drywall. Watching the children be creative on Minecraft - amazing to see how they think.

(18:40:35) Time for a shower and a brief period of extreme noise in the studio. Then bed.

(19:22:28) I just set up a crontab email notification for when my webserver's not working... maybe I should update my website.. or my blog. Heh.

Tweets for 17 Sep 2011


(06:57:27) Good morning. Too sleepy to make coffee... I shall sit here until the children are old enough to make it for me :D

(10:53:02) There are few things better than giving a piece of wood a good rub down on a Saturday morning. Impromptu bookshelf maintenance FTW(nfc)

(10:54:19) Also, there are few better ways to get children to play with less-loved toys (for a while, at least!) than to threaten to get rid of them...

(10:54:28) (The toys, not the children)

(14:52:30) Back from the @StFrancisLuton church fête. The children have lots of sweets (and Chris is proud of his teabags). Lovely weather for it.

(17:52:02) Watching the children playing "dowsing" in the lounge. Better than the "serial killer doll in prison" game.

(18:18:32) David Walliams! And all the best lines! #DoctorWho

Tweets for 16 Sep 2011


(08:00:12) Good morning, Twitter. I'm in the office, looking sparse.

(10:57:15) RT @mattgemmell: Portal is free on Steam ( ) until Sept 20th (PC and Mac)! It's a brilliant, brilliant game. Get im ...

(11:05:04) I <3 @painted_duchess @BaronHawkey and @_forky :) #FF

(11:05:24) Ooch. All a little bit ropey this morning. I shall have some pizza.. see if that helps.

(13:36:06) My head's a bit funny. This either means there's going to be a thunderstorm, I've caught Northern Alex's cold. Or I'm just a bit tired.

(15:36:45) It's good to be alive. Right now.

(16:47:53) Hurtlement has commenced. Well, it did a while ago. I should give Google Latitude a bit of a poke, really..

(19:10:58) I'm going to THIS: and I am going to THIS: cos I LOVE PYLONS #ILovePylons (thanks @pootspublic)

(19:13:12) Now, though, there is to be beer and there is to be comedy. And a SofaBeth. There might even be some pistachios left. Me? I'm outta here...

(20:30:04) Watching @MrChrisAddison and his "Show and Tell" programme - quite amusing. It's on 4oD

Tweets for 15 Sep 2011


Tweets for 14 Sep 2011


(05:22:34) Mornin'. Listening to #FagsMagsAndBags.. "You wouldn't get a Glade plug-in at a climbing wall..."

(07:06:26) Double-clicking the Google streetview man in the hope it will whisk me to work...

(07:23:23) I am planning to spend today in 2D.

(08:58:14) I'm at a meeting with someone from SABC at half-ten. I am NOT going to think about Alan Partridge. "Level with me, Pete..."

(17:09:10) I am in optimal hurtling position. There' a sign just before J9 on the M1 that says "to J10 3 miles 4 mins". Even in a traffic jam. Miracle!

(17:27:15) This evening, I plan to fashion an ID card wallet out of gaffer tape.

Tweets for 13 Sep 2011


(06:18:33) Good morning. I'm hurtling towards London and my boots are unusually shiny. I do hope it doesn't rain. It's a full sun this morning.

(06:34:05) I can remember some bits of a dream I had last night... it involved a TV aerial, a neighbour complaining about my sleeping and a garden. Eh?

(08:11:19) RT @jonholmes1: Full day in studio today recording 1st ep of new series of #ListenAgainst @BBCRadio4 with @alicearnold1 @bigedwards and ...

(08:24:31) Making a list. Against Milk. A stigma link: Liam's taking.

(11:50:44) Just brushed my teeth. I feel so naughty.

(13:38:21) I'm back in the office (and have been for nearly an hour). I did get a bit damp, which was weird. I think I need coffee.

(17:03:15) Really full stretch limo this evening - I, conversely, am entirely sleepy. Which isn't the opposite of full.

(19:30:58) Sorted my stretch limo bookings for the next little while... cheaper but much less flexible. At least it means I have to leave work..!

Tweets for 12 Sep 2011


(10:11:43) Morning. No, I haven't just got up. I've been dipping my toe into the past. I keep so much stuff, but never look at it. It smells funny.

(11:11:48) RT @SteveDoherty1: PLEASE follow @GiddyGoatComedy. It's actually me - and I will be needing YOUR help. It's for a thing. THANK YOU. (Pl ...

(11:12:23) Cathedral City. Mm.

(11:58:33) Making some coffee to help me work. Need a bit of perking up.. :/

(13:59:11) The wind's died down and the oven's come on. Strange things are afoot at Geri Halliwell Towers. Well, not that strange. I need a nap.

(14:08:20) Nearly time to collect the Smaller Of The Two Progeny from school. Must remember to go to the dentist later.

(15:39:31) Off to the dentist, to accept my rightful crown. My majesty.

(15:43:38) Dentistal listening: @ThisRealityPod - don't make me laugh now, @brennig

(16:09:33) Oh dear... need to go back next Monday... it's root canal time. :/

(19:11:42) Scout committee meeting... what church halls are made for....

(20:37:09) Come on, Scouts. I need my bed.

(21:22:39) All home & in bed now. Big day ahead tomorrow. Not so much in length as breadth. I will try to measure it out with a biro. For now: G'night!

Tweets for 11 Sep 2011


(00:05:49) Audioboo: Our Saturday Evening Musics : NHV #musics #siminundjames

(06:30:11) Morning... I'm inexplicably awake. Another half hour's sleep would be good. Having silly sub-musical ideas...

(07:53:28) Making preparations for the @StondonburyBoot ... not expecting to make any money - mainly saving stuff from the tidy tip. Hopefully!

(10:16:18) I've got a Sharpie and I'm going to use it. (at @StondonburyBoot boot sale)

(10:54:59) Audioboo: Stondonbury Boot Sale Boo [@StondonburyBoot] #bedfordshire #carboot

(13:37:54) Wonderful raininess. It was going to be an afternoon of geocaching but we weren't sure the boot sale was going to be finished in time...

(22:13:08) Lawks. Bedtime! I think it's nearly time to bag myself a Monday. Yeah. Night!

Tweets for 10 Sep 2011


(07:05:25) RT @alaindebotton: The problem with the net: it prevents us from boredom and all its many advantages.

(08:01:18) Morning. A day of possibilities, potential & light rain ahead. The boy's excited because Minecraft beta 1.8 pre-release is out... NEW THING!

(08:35:48) Ooh.. not s'bad - 14/20 on this week's @podquiz - always better when there's a Music 2 round...

(08:37:18) I wish I didn't see extra letters where there aren't any. I just read some soap as "Simple putrifying cleansing lotion" eww

(13:05:51) Wresting with Java on a 32 bit mac is a bit of a challenge. Downloading random weird stuff off the internet. Wouldn't do that with Windows!

(14:18:24) Stopping with the screen staring now. Time for a Nice Cup Of Tea. Want one?

(17:41:21) It's time to ask that age old question... "Who's Tony Beak got..?" #strictly

(18:58:09) Holy cow #DoctorWho

Tweets for 09 Sep 2011


(05:41:11) Somewhat elusive, as registration plates go...

(05:54:01) Being lazy - on a shuttle bus slowly trundling towards the airport...

(06:11:11) There goes @HelenAndOlly's "Answer Me This" for a bit. The "I dreamed of a shining yellow book" jingle is BRILLIANT and not long enough.

(07:03:38) Walking to work with The Who Boys on shuffle - geniuses. Music I can only aspire to.

(07:18:59) In the office. Is it Techno Friday? I do hope so.

(07:59:18) I vote that @Barwickgreen is the BEST PERSON AT THE BBC.

(09:11:09) I seem to spend a lot of time replying to emails to which my initial reaction is "whuh..?" I don't just write "Whuh..?" though. Shame.

(09:37:47) I've been too afraid to look up "nebbish" in the dictionary or ask anyone what it means up to now.

(09:58:08) My record for hanging on a non-starting conference call is 25 minutes. Currently: 9min 18sec... the music has started to get annoying..

(11:58:16) Note to self: don't click links to really funny websites when on a conference call. Or at least mute the handset and avoid being questioned.

(12:22:45) I think it's hot chocolate time.

(12:25:00) RT @KarenAtLongNeck: His man speaks a huge amount of sense. Apart from this video, he has a series of them on YouTube and his blog. ht ...

(14:02:42) We're having a game of "How many people can fail to do anything on the change management system at the same time". Current record: 6

(14:13:11) RT @stedavies: WARNING: DON'T CLICK TWEETS OR LINKS offering a free clip of the new Nickelback album. They link to a free clip of the ne ...

(14:19:33) Right now, I really feel like not having an ice cream. Lovely.

(14:43:21) Good heavens.. I actually went away from my desk and didn't go to a meeting.. I spoke to a programme maker. It's been a long time.

(16:21:58) If I could describe this weather in terms of an Art Of Noise track it would be "Close (to the edit)".

(16:27:14) If I could describe London today in terms of a character from the Moomins it would be "Stinky."

(17:19:07) Listening to the stylings of @TomBedwell (fine production, sir!), @DaveLortal, Debbie and Nichola on @theilppodcast .. very summery!

(18:56:47) Time for a shower then a sit down. Not a sit down in the shower. That would be a rubbish bath.

(19:45:15) Watching Trollied with a big glass of Ken Worthington's Malibu (or shop's own brand equivalent). Lovely.

(19:50:02) Best episode of #Trollied yet... brilliant!

(19:54:41) Yeah. @Pootspublic just pointed out a video edit and said "Cassetteboy". I have the COOLEST wife.

(21:42:56) RT @fridgemagnet2: we've totally lost a tv remote control. It's small, black with buttons. Please RT.

(22:10:25) Sleepy time. I'm not sure I like Lodsys at all. On that downbeat note, good night. And Happy Saturday for when it arrives (if not already)!

Tweets for 08 Sep 2011


(06:23:42) Mornin'. I like the way I can connect to my NAS at home while hurtling down the M1 at 60mph in the stretch limo (vintage model this morning)

(06:37:03) "BRENT CROSS!" <- the driver just shouted. He does that. We're at Brent Cross.

(06:40:09) I've found a niche in pretentious conversation. You intend to start referring to yourself in the second person. How could that not catch on?

(08:19:38) RT @106jack: Sometimes Sky's on mute in our studio and we pretend @EamonnHolmes is lip-syncing to Jacko, RUN DMC, AC/DC etc.He's best at ...

(13:45:34) There are some occasions when only Cathedral City will do. This is one such occasion.

(15:19:47) Reemix.x

(15:51:26) It'th a mythtery... it'th a mythtery... still searching... for a clue.

(16:53:45) I can't stop looking at the hair extensions of the woman across the aisle from me. They look taped on. Is that normal? #stretchlimolife

(17:35:24) Woo there's bowing & stuff going on by this rather enormous plane. And a Rolls Royce. Which dignitary, I wonder?

(22:05:45) I really enjoyed the Bageltech BIG recording tonight with @sarahjaneuk @ErikLanigan @ClothheadHQ and @EwenRankin - lots of laughs :) Night!

Tweets for 07 Sep 2011


(05:30:44) Morning. Gotta dash! NEARLY on time, though.

(09:10:54) I am SOO gutted that we can't watch @thisisjinsy - this snippet has got Peter @Serafinowicz in it! #ThisIsJinsy

(09:38:14) It's my dear Mother's birthday today. Happy birthday, @Chepbourne :) :)

(10:12:24) I had a wistful look there for a moment. Did you spot it?

(10:47:16) #LondonPowercut (I'm in W1)

(11:36:51) I am attending an audience with our Lady And Mistress (or female equivalent of Lord And Master that doesn't sound like the Virgin Mary) Woo.

(16:29:13) Homeo time. Hoping I can get up Finchley Road a bit quicker than last night #notaeuphemism

(17:19:38) Bit slow on M1 this evening. Who's idea was that? Please have a word. I'm listening to last week's @BagelTechNews BIG show.. I wasn't on :D

(17:27:25) Woo.. I got my external bluetooth GPS to work with my Galaxy S; uses a natty app called.. guess what.. "Bluetooth GPS"

(17:30:50) It bothers me a little bit when I can smell the breath of the person in front of me.

(17:36:33) I've come over all extremely-exhausted now. Eyes heavy. Not good. zzzzzz

(17:44:42) Eek.. there's a Smart Car on its side just the M1 side of the roundabout at J10A. On its side. Traffic's crawling. The smart car isn't.

(20:30:19) Right. Time to retire to the non-drawing room. Remixing will have to wait for the weekend. Good night to you.

Tweets for 06 Sep 2011


(06:03:22) Good morning... a wonderfully wild autumnal one. Coffee & cake and the stretch limo (vintage again) is how Tuesday has decided to wander by.

(07:37:25) In the office with me... time to tussle with the inbox dragon. It's not a real dragon - they stopped making that in 1984.

(12:54:10) Lunch. Or, with a hashtag: #cupasoupasalad

(13:57:49) Digital Brian is Mordac. (cad roM sin air Blat igiD)

(16:24:16) Damp bus stop - I'm waiting. Hope the stretch limo's warm and dry...

(16:27:40) Heading home yeah. I have of the non-dry trousis. There are men singing on the street.. foopball tonight? Pint and the match then yeah.

(19:14:49) Need to shower and catch up on paperwork but there is FOOPBALL on the HD! In our house! That's never happened before. I may have an ale.

Tweets for 05 Sep 2011


(06:45:21) Good morning. I was up a bit late. Tired. Hence the short. Sentences.

(07:59:05) Girlchild dropped off at school. She is in a good mood (nice new soft cardy helps!) No way am I joining the queue to pay in dinner money!

(08:03:54) Time to do some backups. Monday morning barely gets any more exciting (until the hoover goes on. Yes. I said hoover).

(12:32:19) Ooh.. Maverick Sabre's "Let Me Go" (sampling Portishead?) is good. As long as it doesn't get played too often on the radio. Heh. (@106Jack)

(12:36:33) EPIC Google doodle today.. vid here: - Happy Birthday, Freddie (2 days younger than my Dad :D)

(13:47:20) Funny how things turn out, eh? Puddings, mainly.

(13:48:27) RT @LutonNewsConnie: @bedspolice Our video reporter's bike was just stolen from St Georges Square in Luton. a muddy black Saracen, pleas ...

(16:21:56) Life is full of difficult decisions... like how much longer should I bother sharpening this pencil for, when the lead keeps falling out..?

(17:28:13) Hungry. Eyes.

(22:08:27) A busy, entertaining evening of some rather thumping drums and basslines with Dave. Needs some mixing and finessing, but yeah. Good. Night!

Tweets for 04 Sep 2011


(08:25:18) Mornin'... internet fail here at Geri Halliwell Towers. The plot thickens - but only a bit. Shower time (no web access in there anyway..)

(10:53:00) British Touring Car yeah! :) ;)

(18:29:58) An afternoon with the children, playing Minecraft on my brother's server. That's kinda cool (in a virtual way). Also: poor Jason Plato #BTCC

(19:31:23) A photo I forgot to tweet of Bexhill seafront yesterday... I'm sure it will be lovely when it's finished...

(19:34:47) Audioboo: Router Trouble [or: "It's not always @VirginMedia's fault"] #internet #router #cablemodem #oddity

(20:08:49) Hurrah! DirectX on my PC is borked. Time to start uninstalling stuff. I find 'indiscriminately' to be the best method.

Tweets for 03 Sep 2011


(07:17:04) Good morning. Listening to @106jack - the family's current favourite. Trivia fact: the bloke who does the comedy links is Paul Darrow!

(12:34:23) Out for birthday lunchingtons with my dear Mother. (@ The Lemon Tree)

(13:23:10) Extra! Extra! Bexhill style

(13:58:03) Enjoying some amazing industrial photographic art by Catherine Yass at the DeLaWarr Pavilion - last chance to see it today, I think (@dlwp)

(21:20:02) Back in dear old Luton - not a bad run home all-in. Had a lovely day with @chepbourne AND had the bonus of @MatildaMouse & co there too!

Tweets for 02 Sep 2011


(05:17:35) Good morning. Made even better by the first episode of a new series of @FagsMagsandBags - beautifully written. *chuckles* #Radio4

(05:21:06) "Community based drama is a beast that will not be tamed." Fabulous #Radio4

(05:28:08) Time to wander up the hill. Like Jill. Haven't really got time to fall down/break crown etc. Feeling 45% less rubbish this morning. Hurrah.

(06:20:44) Just listened to @JonRonson on @HelenAndOlly's latest Answer Me This podcast. What a storyteller.. he is my ideal type of journalist.

(06:36:34) From @emmaandpete - a propos nothing: - an interesting review of low priced food :/

(08:13:36) RT @kateesackhoff: This may be the funniest thing I've read today...especially the last paragraph.

(10:10:07) Gosh. I need a cup of tea now.

(12:58:47) Heading west for a meeting. On a Friday afternoon. Heavens above!

(14:51:04) All under some semblance of control. If I can get home in time to shower & change for my Dad's birthday meal, today will have gone well.

(15:36:13) Northerning (not nearly as far as Salford, on this occasion, though. More Finchley Road)

(16:51:22) Home. Definitely time for a shower. Bit sticky out.

(17:22:22) Nearly time to be civilised. Might go to Argos first.

(17:41:07) They are doing new Corsas in a FANTASTIC purple colour! Shame they don't extend that to the rest of the range...

(17:53:47) Backwards and beige - bucking the black trend

(20:38:23) Home again. How on earth humans make it through a full day AND have the energy to drink & socialize I'll never know. Tired now #lightweight

(20:40:47) Turning in (electronically, at least!) Night x

Tweets for 01 Sep 2011


(05:29:24) Good morning. A Glenn Medeiros of a day ahead.

(06:14:45) Noisy head in front of me.

(08:48:21) Interesting.. I wonder why the Disney Store is moving out of Luton.. (@LutonNewsSteve @LutonNewsConnie any insight?)

(11:19:21) I'll "Unexpected item in bagging area" you in a minute.

(13:50:24) "Salford is a honey trap" <- our conclusion.

(14:06:53) Flamstead. Flimwell.

(14:19:22) I saw this: and thought of @emmaandpete

(14:58:32) Is darts in the 2012 Olympics? If not, why not? Oh. Because Phil 'The Power' Taylor would win. Fair enough.

(15:26:19) Very warm & sticky (and almost jam packed full) stretch limo this afternoon. Yik.

(18:14:45) I think that journey home has wiped me out (despite some tasty tea from @pootspublic - thank you!) I'm going to bed or thereabouts. Night!

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