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Tweets for 31 Aug 2011


(19:09:20) Bit tired now. And in Milton Keynes. Not the ideal place to be a bit tired, I think. Also: my bus home is 404.

(19:32:14) Jôyėūx Ñöëł! Un autobus! Bof! As the French would say.

(19:35:20) Like a boss.

(20:00:13) I just listened to Knife Party's #Radio1 Minimix at 2x speed; I'd no idea it was too fast till BigMac talked at the end #channellingJohnPeel

(20:02:17) This driver is throwing the coach around like it's a Ford Fiesta XR2... made 15 minutes back getting to the airport, though!

Tweets for 30 Aug 2011


(06:23:16) ~Yawn~ Good morning. I say 'good' and, indeed 'morning'... 'twas a seriously broken night's sleep for me. Doesn't happen often, fortunately.

(08:42:23) Is it just me, or are most comedians really po-faced in real life?

(11:52:02) Oh dear. Looks like it might be a bit of a struggle to get anywhere today... trains disrupted just north of Milton Keyns. Ahh well...

(11:55:08) Keynes, obviously. The computer keeps eating my letters.

(12:46:11) I'm going for it. What, I'm not entirely sure yet.

(16:27:16) I think I'm nearly there. Not bad - only 35 minutes behind the original schedule.

(16:45:51) Good heavens.. it's Justin's House!

(18:49:53) Me: "Do you know there's a table in front of the fire exit?" Bar staff: "I've been here over a year and nobody's said anything..." ~sigh~

(22:28:00) Good night out with The Captain and A Norwegian. Laughs, beers, steak sandwiches and yammering on about the Meeja. Yeah. Tipsy sleep. Night!

Tweets for 29 Aug 2011


(08:23:13) Good morning. Eating porridge & drinking coffee while listening to @106Jack: the only breakfast show featuring a special needs(!) presenter.

(09:06:40) Just had ten minutes on the phone with a ~VERY~ helpful @VirginMedia man. Hopefully next time the broadband drops out we'll get a clue...

(09:10:36) Riight. Better shower and shake a leg. I have a special metaphor blender.

(10:23:21) I was quite pleased with how this photo came out, given I took it with my mobile phone... The Shard and Tower Bridge

(12:38:33) The boy and me on Sharpened Clappers (female family members not pictured. Or purple).. Nice bit o' countryside.

(14:22:56) We went to Sharpenhoe Clappers this morning; never been there before (in 17 years of being here!) It's quite gorgeous..

(20:56:27) Audioboo: A special announcement for @Smartie999 [valid until 23:59] #announcement #smartie999 #special

(21:06:16) I liked a @YouTube video Potato Song (sexy potado mix)

(21:12:20) I would like to recommend @timoncheese's fine Potado dance pop video for the Video of The Week. Educational AND fun.

(22:06:38) Off to bed now - much of this evening has been frittered away on YouTube. There is some funny stuff out there. Night!

Tweets for 28 Aug 2011


(08:40:35) Good morning and Happy Bank.Holiday Sunday. Most definitely.

(13:12:35) Editing video. I think I might have more to do. I like iMovie, but it still takes ages!

(18:36:55) I liked a @YouTube video Portal: No Escape (Live Action Short Film by Dan Trachtenberg)

(22:20:03) An evening in the studio, tidying. Things often end up that way. Good, though. Night! (and a pre-emptive Happy Birthday to @smartie999!)

Tweets for 27 Aug 2011


(07:58:07) Good morning. Yup. Definitely here. I'm doing scanning while the coffee brews.

Tweets for 26 Aug 2011


(06:18:44) Good morning. Another damp one - I'm a little soggy in my stretch limo today. Hope it's a bit less rainy over the weekend. Just a bit...

(06:21:36) Just trying to find out when @charltonbrooker's latest co-creation "A Touch Of Cloth" is due to pop up on Sky 1... don't want to miss it!

(06:30:42) I'm well sniffly today.

(07:48:10) I think the only way to achieve technical seniority in this place is to grow a big beard. Also: someone's nicked our office clock.

(07:56:27) The clock has been found. It's stuck on one minute to 8. Useless :D

(09:03:03) Marvellous... an hour of filling in a spreadsheet summary of specialist effort that the resource managers should already have had.. *sighs*

(13:10:20) I'm feeling very sleepy. Verrryyy sleeeeppyy..

(14:29:48) Test tweet for Clive Banks. Clive - if you receive this tweet, please respond

(14:35:45) Thank you to @PlainTalkingHR and @michellew1974 for the #FF - you two are wonderful! :) :)

(16:38:47) Wet legs.

Tweets for 25 Aug 2011


(05:54:20) Good morning. It's a bit damp in Luton - ideal if you like puddles or have an empty bucket. In Luton.

(06:07:32) A number of people wearing flipflops have just got in my stretch limo #BetTheyExpectedSunshine

(06:10:30) Also, @LDNLutonAirport appears to have its own ninja ferret. I tried to take a photo of it sauntering past the coach bays but failed. Boo.

(07:47:03) I'm struggling with screen resolutions this morning.

(09:35:50) RT @curu: Ooh. Odd hashtag on last tweet, so to reiterate if any Horrible Histories fans missed it: #hhprom will be on CBBC, 5.45pm Frid ...

(11:19:24) Shambles. Note the plural.

(13:28:43) Not on my watch, solder.

(13:33:08) Errol did me a bar chart for the office wall: (@errolin)

(17:08:54) I travelled to Luton Airport sitting next to a young lady from Hungary, who studies at a Swedish school in Finland. It didn't rain.

(17:16:37) My travelling companion's name was Fruzsina. She failed to teach me how to say "I don't think coach is travelling fast enough" in Hungarian.

(19:34:58) Playing around with lighting in my studio. It's all a bit much now. My pupils must be like this big .. - better read the tech news now..!

(19:35:56) *buzzz* "Paul Merton challenged" "Repetition of 'now'" The audience liked that challenge SO much, as well as our audience across the world..

(19:36:35) *buzzzz* "Paul Merton challenged" "Repetition of 'audience'" Oh push off, Merton.

(19:40:30) RT @BagelTechNews: BIG Show will be LIVE at in 50 minutes @ErikLanigan @Syzygy @SarahJaneUK @tioaboa & @EwenRankin ...

(20:29:53) Pouring myself a nice cold glass of root beer before the @BagelTechNews BIG show ( )

(22:00:04) Right.. bedtime after an amusing and thoughtful BagelTech BIG show.. if you missed it, it'll be in iTunes at the weekend. Hurrah :) Night!

Tweets for 24 Aug 2011


(07:06:01) Good morning. Back to the grind... working from home today because I have a snozzle appointment - check my sinuses are all better. Woo...

(07:31:29) Just came upstairs & found this... - that's some seriously thorough showering!

(09:16:05) Doing the NHS waiting room thing. Time for some people-watching. 45 minutes'-worth, apparently.

(09:38:25) All done at the L&D.. looking good on the back of the snozzle - back in 6 months to check the front. Pointy :D

(12:17:56) I liked a @YouTube video The Gary Hudston Project (Portal 2 Engagement)

(12:20:32) SHIPPING! LIVE! Excitement* (thanks to Captain @BigAlTwit for the linky) *sort of.

(12:33:29) Listening to @thisrealitypod; @DavidGibib's "The Oxfordshire Brigade" is blissful folk pop. More angels in songs I say!

(13:09:48) All done with lunch, save for some fruit. Need to get my documentation on (as, I believe, gangster rapper "50p" would say).

(13:41:26) Arguably the new champion of international biscuits: - yup. Liquorice jammy dodgers. Wow. (thanks, @sparkyannc!)

(17:10:33) Sod this for a game of soldiers, I'm off home. Well. I am home, so I shall go to my brother-in-law's instead.

(18:39:17) Reading up about ZTE; perhaps the next big Android phone manufacturer? They have lofty goals (not using Foxconn, then?)

(21:12:01) Off to bed.. early finish tomorrow yay! (Although that means I have to jam the same amount of work into a shorter time :D) Night night!

Tweets for 23 Aug 2011


(06:23:31) Good morning. Bit sniffly. Apart from that, situation normal (for a day off)...

(07:41:26) The first of the family has emerged - Chris is eating his cereal noisily... no great surprise that Lenni's still sleeping, bless'er :)

(07:43:00) ~sigh~ If I type "teh" I mean "the" not "Tehran" #stupidautocorrect

(10:02:03) Grumpy daughter alert. Lots of muttering under her breath...

(22:22:29) jamelopoeia - Clonk (briefly...)

Tweets for 22 Aug 2011


(09:43:06) Mornin'. Off for a cycle round the park with the boy.

(13:48:50) Back from an enjoyable trip to @TheMallLuton- we got a free "Where's Wally" book.. we couldn't find him in the shops, though (for the comp!)

(13:49:50) RT @BarbaraSpray: @lutonnews My Hubby Alan 73,Missing from St Albans Area 3Wks #Alzheimers Pls Help Us RT &Download Poster ...

(13:54:59) Gah... now I've moved to Firefox on the mac, I've only just got round to installing "Kitten Block" - - never too late!

(14:01:53) More Luton shopping news: @VirginMedia shop's lights had broken.. it's still open though. Cheer up the staff please!

(15:07:45) Mustering up the energy for a haircut. Mussing up the hair for an energy cut.

(16:28:42) Me and @nxmee freshly back from the barbers'. Felt sorry for them in this weather, what with it being Ramadan and warm!

(17:09:17) Ooh lovely - @106jack is playing Mr Blue Sky, arguably the best pop song ever made. Somewhat ironic given the weather forecast, though :D

(19:45:43) If I were influential, I'd suggest that the WHOLE WORLD starts deliberately getting Gadaffi's name wrong, and calls him "Lionel Naafi."

(20:13:40) I like the way, when I fast-forward through the ads, the TiVo goes "Ooh.. you've overshot..." and pops me back to where I should've stopped.

(20:48:58) It's totally going to* rain in a bit (if it hasn't started yet). Fortunately, I have my love and my baby home now... could get wild. *p'raps

(21:11:38) Time for bed, I think. All worn out for some reason - having great fun with my boy shouldn't be this tiring! Bedtime, I think :) Night

Tweets for 21 Aug 2011


(08:07:15) Morning.. it seems to be the time of day when the dunnocks, robins & great tits invade the bird feeders.. - cool! :)

(13:25:22) Dropped @pootspublic & @superalora off for a couple of days under canvas (not pictured.. well.. not yet pitche… (cont)

(14:57:23) Trying not too eat all of my sweets. One would think I would be better than I was as a kid.

(15:04:40) Hmm.. not sure I want to sign up to the "Money for YouTube adverts" thing. They're a bit of a nuisance, and I don't really like money.

(20:47:52) Listening to the interview with Mr @vobes on BBC Radio Shropshire - a good 15 minutes of fun :D

Tweets for 20 Aug 2011


(07:45:54) Time, I think, to extricate myself from bed and see what Saturday has left scattered on the drive during its shambolic arrival.

(08:27:24) Ooh.. I have received (via Beth) a shiny purple case for my Galaxy S from @Bubble2009 - thank you!

(08:29:46) RT @the_anke: brand new Horrible Histories now. #highlightoftheweekend

(08:32:35) "Horrible Histories" is definitely must-watch telly - and it's on now yay! #CBBC

(08:35:59) I may be wrong, but I think Lenni was just trying to fast-forward live telly. #TiVoIsntMagic

(09:15:13) The iOS game "Let's Golf! 3" is, despite the poor grammar in the name, quite fun - and it's free today: (iTunes)

(11:14:37) RT @BagelTechNews: The Bagel Tech BIG Show is posted 'Touch Tablet to Bitter Pill' @ErikLanigan @Syzygy @SarahJaneUK @Tioaboa @EwenRanki ...

(11:29:19) Time to practice for the Minecraft Olympics (apparently!)

(14:07:02) My big brother lost his phone and then he got his phone... and heaven knows I'm utterly confused now.

(19:26:15) Not much else.

(20:05:44) Watching a BBC TV programme from 1968. Lordy.

(20:07:04) RT @twisst4: @syzygy Two extremely bright ISS passes tonight! First pass starts at 21:09 in the West.

(21:25:49) I have had an incorrect number of pistachios. Also it amuses me that Windows 7 says "Welcome" then tells you you've got your password wrong.

(21:44:29) Just going to pop out and see if I can spot the #ISS (Thanks @arronclaydon :)

Tweets for 19 Aug 2011


(06:09:16) Schadenfreude morning.. both "local" ThisIsHeart presenters are stuck on M1. Matt "I clearly live at the station" Jarvis is linermonkeying.

(06:10:41) (I only know this because my stretch limo driver is playing ThisIsHeart at a slightly more than reasonable volume ibm front of me. Pleh.

(08:20:06) Right. I have written one of my Friday Emails. I fear there are more to come. Many, many more. It's gonna be one of those days. Sunny, mind.

(08:27:09) Good heavens,my boy @Nxmee's made another vlog. He has an unusual presenting style! I shall tell him about backlighting

(09:41:21) Well.. @ErikLanigan @tioaboa @sarahjaneuk @BagelTechNews ...kinda backs up what I was saying last night! #BagelTechBIG

(09:58:10) I wonder what percentage of text messages that come through to landlines and get read out by Computer Voice Woman are done by mistake.. 95%?

(11:05:46) Hmm. Not impressive.

(11:20:40) I wonder which individual has this particular car... very, er, distinctive

(13:00:47) Pizza eaten. Time to get my head down. Actually, I shall have a hot chocolate first. I don't deserve one; I just want one. WANT YEAH. Go me.

(13:30:12) Starting as I mean to go on: eventually.

(14:20:11) Abdi just gave me a Toffifee. It was quite a risky one (temporary crown and all that)... but a very generous one.

(15:40:03) I dun a document, during which I took a phone call from a bloke with a REALLY URGENT problem. He went away, & didn't bother to call me back.

(16:07:00) Ooh. I'm going. Not back in the office until next Thursday.. quite revolutionary. S'pose I should really rinse my mug out.

(19:30:08) RT @nxmee We (me @syzygy and my grandfather) are heading in the vague direction of luton.

(21:15:51) Bed then. What a day. Neither of which are sentences. Night!

(21:19:41) 'And Jesus said "You are Derek, and with this crane I shall build my church."' #IfIHadWrittenTheBible

Tweets for 18 Aug 2011


(06:52:03) Morning. Seriously bad hair day today. Hmm.

(07:44:35) Motion blur

(08:13:47) Off to sort my frightwig.

(12:39:15) A quite interesting workshop on Audio over IP. Not the technologies - the implementations. SO many options... just needs a decision. Or two.

(14:05:28) If I'm going to have cheese, I might as well have salad, too.

(14:27:51) My hands are filthy and I need to use the cashpoint.

(14:46:13) Please stop the rain. On my window. It's causing me trouble remembering things.

(15:32:26) I had a hankering for a milkshake, but I'm not sure if I'm lactose intolerant. Maybe I'm lachrymose intolerant. Can't stand to see folk cry.

(17:39:56) RT @BagelTechNews: BIG Show tonight at 2130 UK time (1630 est) @ErikLanigan @iMyke @sarahjaneuk @syzygy & @EwenRankin Live.BagelTechBIG. ...

(17:41:06) Slow on Finchley Road in the wet wet rain. I hope it's less damp tomorrow - Chris is having a day out in London with his Grandad John...

(17:49:44) Right. Who's broken London? ~sighs~ Might have to do the BagelTech BIG show from my stretch limo... :/

(18:39:31) Finally hurtling up the motorway. In other news, I'm listening to XFM for the first time in years. No less irritating than it became. Shame.

(18:40:18) Indie music these days sounds like the 90s have come back. And the 90s wasn't very good.

(18:54:43) The big question is will XFM play Kings of Leon before I go out of reception range... probably. Also: I'm starting to get hungry.

(19:23:00) RT @cyberdonkey: Thoughts on nitro glycerine "if you haven't tried it don't knock it"

(19:26:49) Ooh.. Acapella by Kelis is a lovely bit of pop. David Guetta is a bit like a modern day Giorgio Moroder (discuss?)

Tweets for 17 Aug 2011


(06:20:33) ~yawns~ I'm principally pondering this morning. Friday, Friday.. got to get down to London on Friday... or back home, anyway.

(06:49:39) I really haven't had much to say recently. Hmm.

(07:56:29) Gosh this is interesting (to me, anyway)

(08:01:26) Labiodental valerised /r/.

(08:31:43) I have a bizarre mash up of Huey Lewis's "Power Of Love" and Prince's "Kiss" going round my head. It works, but probably only in my brain!

(08:55:37) Listening to @alaindebotton's A Point Of View before a meeting. Quite an interesting evaluation of Modern Parenting -

(08:59:25) While I remember, there was a hot air balloon just beyond the airport this morning.. quite unusual.

(11:20:55) Not really doing particularly well today.

(14:59:10) I have nearly pulled myself together. I think some tidying might be in order. After a Nice Walk. Or closest central London equivalent.

(14:59:57) PS @oliwia_s @PlainTalkingHR @willowHart You are lovely lovely people and I am SO glad to have you as my twitter pals xxx

(15:01:41) Is there any reason I should follow @littlechefcouk on Twitter? I always take sandwiches* on long journeys. And a flask**. *biscuits **ish.

(15:04:52) RT @Cakefolder: "Everything Changes But You" [cover version challenge] #takethat

(16:44:47) Right. One more record to bits and pieces. Or one more task before I go home. Bwipbwipwbwipbwip!

(17:22:13) Good things are never really described as 'abject' are they? They're more associated with Human Resources cock-ups and purchasing systems.

(18:11:03) Homeward finally, with a sarcastic driver. Need to ask him a Searching Question when we arrive at Luton.

(19:22:38) All better.

(19:59:39) Off to watch the second half of Horizon about crazy beans astronomy, drink some beer and cuddle up with Beth. Good night to you, therefore.

Tweets for 16 Aug 2011


(07:16:45) Good morning. Our dentist has a security guard. And a sign up saying "any violence to our staff will not be tolerated." Blimey.

(12:55:18) There's such a thing as an interrobang?!

(17:07:31) I do believe I shall go home presently. Let us all follow suits. Who knows where they might be going...

(17:25:31) Oh dear. The police have got their tape out. Suspect passage, apparently (Portland Place, London has been closed off. Oops).

(19:56:55) All at home - catching up with Trollied. It's really picked up since the first episode.

(20:00:01) What..? @ThisIsJinsy got commissioned on Sky 1? Or at least I saw the trailer in the ad break. Beth and I looked at each other, delighted...

(20:44:47) RT @comedyfix: Join 3 comedians live on 'The Comedy Fix' in 20 minutes on Rhubarb Radio! Starts at 10pm on

(21:29:38) Niiiiiiiii...iiight. Because the night has a thousand 'i's.

Tweets for 15 Aug 2011


(07:04:15) ~yawns~ Morning. Best I can do under the circumstances. Coffee will help. I wonder who won the Worthing Birdman competition.

(07:06:18) RT @Saint_Magnus: @syzygy Think before you drill! #adviceforlife

(08:33:25) Grumpy daughter. I had to re-enact the events of the weekend while she was at camp. Did a passable impression of a @VirginMedia engineer.

(09:10:59) Apparently, Netto is now Danish for "Asda". Clearly I've been a bit behind on Supermarket Acquisitions. Is International still going?

(09:42:41) How odd.. a funeral procession just went down our road. Our road is not a major one by any means... either it got lost or it's a local :/

(09:43:38) Time to hand myself over to the dental authorities. I do hope they will have mercy on me. Please pray for me!

(11:26:46) Brand new Gigabyte motherboard worth over £200 to be given away! #tlrgb via @TheLastResort

(11:26:58) *sigh*

(11:47:38) Apparently UK public burrowing has reached an all time low. Back later.

(17:56:15) Me: "What's your (toy) wolf called?" Lenni: "Alpha.. no.. Omega. Hang on which one's.. er.. oh, no, it's called Mini-Lenni."

(18:50:18) Not really focussing. Possibly overdosed on flapjack and not drunk enough water. I shall remedy this immediately. For a bit.

(19:40:20) I think I might get on with preparing for work in the morning. Computer shutdown in in progress thing. Night!

Tweets for 14 Aug 2011


(08:25:24) Good morning. Well. I had extra mouthwash today.

(18:26:32) An afternoon of no great shakes (save for some badminton with the boy). A transcoding job I started this morning is still going. Heavens.

(18:30:47) I think I might go outside and move the satellite dish about a bit.

(18:41:54) I think I might drill another hole in the house. But I shouldn't really be too hasty. Never get nowhere if you're too hasty.

(21:53:43) So far this evening: Chris did some hammering, Lenni came home from Cub camp and I didn't make any holes. All in all something of a success.

(21:54:25) We did, however watch the first episode and a half of The Inbetweeners and found it a bit annoying. Time for bed, I think. Good night, you!

Tweets for 13 Aug 2011


(07:13:15) Dear @Asda, please can you fix the internet feed of Asda FM? The music's quite good.

(07:14:14) Listening to @106jack - sounds like they've just woken the co-presenter up.

(07:15:37) Oh, and good morning. Lenni's off camping today... I wish the gi(r)l well. Heh.

(07:20:57) Not often Eels gets played on the radio. Nice one, @106jack

(07:33:43) Talking to Lenni about horses' behinds and the space shuttle ( and the inheritance of Twitter's 140 character limit.

(08:00:12) Two children, delighted by Plopp (thank you, @SparkyAnnC!)

(08:15:24) Waving Lenni off to Cub camp.. me: "Have lots of fun! And lots of running about!" Lenni: "And kisses!" Er...

(09:09:32) Tidying before the @virginmedia person comes.

(10:12:50) uhoh.. got myself a new pointless project. Involving my webcams. Again.

(10:35:41) Nav the @VirginMedia man is here already. Bright and cheerful bloke. We like him.

(15:21:37) Ooh classy.. (there are men in dayglo jackets on the road with more cardboard signs :/)

(15:40:50) heh.. tweeting from a TiVo.. like sending a text in 2001 combined with waiting for a root canal. Not so good.

(17:14:08) Wow... @sortedfood have definitely got a fan in my son @nxmee - he's learned SO much from their YT vids ( Nice work :)

(17:29:55) Watching YouTube videos on the TiVo. It's quite good quality.. the future of telly? :/

(22:34:37) I nearly got multicast streaming working this evening. Nearly. That is my chief achievement (save for becoming more familiar with VLC...)

(22:35:19) Time to go to bed now, though. Good night!

Tweets for 12 Aug 2011


(07:07:21) Good morning. Running a little late today, but making up time, through luck and chutzpah. Which may not be the best way, but the most fun.

(08:41:21) RT @gogowiththeflow: Will the govt *ever* realise that people will despise them until they come down as hard on the rich looters as the ...

(08:44:09) Ooh.. @realchrisjarvis is on Twitter. I wonder if @pootspublic will follow him. Oh those heady days of BBC Choice...

(17:27:53) A good day with my fine team of specialists and @SparkyAnnC. Time, I think, for a weekend. Homeward!

(19:48:15) On my way home from the airport, I saw a woman; I am sure she was eating berries from this bush.. is it POISON?

(20:03:08) I have been reliably informed that my picture was of rose hips.. I have such erudite and knowledgeable Twitter pals - thank you!

(20:04:11) Thus, for erudition, I offer @Kimtins @2danceis2dream2 @Brays_Cottage @Brambling @italisalute @smartie999 and @streakmachine for #FF love.

(20:05:33) I am now FINALLY going to email my father-in-law. How rubbish am I?

(20:26:44) Putting things in a box now. Getting through that to-do list like a right to-doer.

(20:35:48) Ooh. Apparently it wasn't @RealChrisJarvis who presented the children's programmes on BBC Choice in 2001. Can't remember who it was, though.

(20:47:08) I played a word on "Hanging With Friends" that I'd completely forgotten I knew 'til I saw it. Quite a cool word, though. (Sorry @pewari!)

(20:50:16) A glass of water, a sofa, a beautiful wife and "8 out of 10 cats" on the telly (C4+1) before bed. That's my plan for eleven minutes time.

(20:50:43) Between now and then: good night to you. Have a smashing Friday evening.

Tweets for 11 Aug 2011


(05:22:50) Good morning. chuckling at the National Theatre of Brent's Iconic Icons number 3.. a jewely jewel in #Radio4's (current) comedy desert.

(05:27:22) RT @TwitCleaner: LinkedIn is a) letting others spam you & b) selling your pic+name to 3rd parties. To opt out:

(06:17:15) ~sniffles~ I am not a good stretch limo passenger this morning. In fairness, I'm not bellowing, nor sniffling, into a mobile phone, though.

(06:31:14) Having a listen to @thisrealitypod's latest show. My goodness, @Brennig and @Sophums go to a lot of gigs. Respect to the podders.

(07:42:21) Audioboo: On NAS and streaming music [in response to @T_NorthernBloke @brennig] #nas #responsiboo #itoons

(07:46:13) Audioboo: Reflections on international news reporting and what history will say [thoughts as they re-occur to me...]

(08:05:17) I'm considering taking a colouring book to my meetings today. And next week, I will insist that everyone calls me Mr Hart.

(08:10:32) Stretching noisily.

(08:15:01) Just got a text from @virginmedia about our TiVo installation. Very good! "Just texting to confirm your still ok.." Very bad! It's "YOU'RE"

(08:32:40) Right. Back to the documentation.

(11:59:26) Lunch, then. I think it might be a premature Friday.

(16:44:37) Time to get myself gone. Well, nearly.

(17:28:15) Important for travellers with Terravision 757 return tickets from @LDNLutonAirport - you MUST travel outward & exchange it for a bus ticket.

(17:42:08) I think @Terravision_eu is well advised to say "You must exchange this voucher for a ticket on the outward journey to use it on your return"

Tweets for 10 Aug 2011


(05:55:58) Good morning... neither of the radars (there's a new one) are spinning around at @LDNLutonAirport - what gives? Watch out for planes...

(07:32:47) Best text from @BedsPolice last night.. "Confirm fire at Norman King PH Dunstable. Fire Service in attendance. (cont)

(07:34:55) RT @MuseumsLuton: With all the doom and gloom around us, Stockwood are having a family fun day on 26/08...come and learn more about wild ...

(18:01:23) RT @newsmary: Possibly the most important news story of the day... /via @eveningnews

(18:11:25) Homeward yeah. Too tired to ponder; an evening with @pootspublic, I think... what there is of it, anyway!

(18:13:33) Also, Lenni had her first orthodontic appointment today... some serious work needed, bless 'er. She doesn't have a big mouth like her dad :D

(18:41:45) Definitely kite-flying / wind turbining weather at the airport. But eerily quiet. Tourists avoiding Blighty ..?

(20:00:08) Okeydoke then. Off for a shower and then bed. After learning about fetal cells (@Pootspublic is brilliant at genetics).

(20:08:40) *vanishes in a puff of shower gel* Night!

Tweets for 09 Aug 2011


(08:54:33) Mornin. I'm not really at my most dynamic. I have resisted more coffee. Instead, I shall go to White City.

(13:15:02) Kev had the suggestion of getting the police to spray coloured dye at the rioters for later identification.. like the Purple Rain protests..

(13:29:33) RT @koshkajean: On British Knitters: we need rain to deal with riots. Everyone, put your washing out & invite everyone over for a BBQ!

(13:48:16) RT @drgonzolives: So proud of #Luton so far. Not bowing to rumour, fear or external assumption. May we maintain and show everyone who we ...

(13:49:12) RT @norfolkshow: The Norfolk Showground team are looking for a new Events and Admin Assistant!! - send your CV's to louise@norfolkshowgr ...

(14:07:49) RT @pootspublic: Those in Beds concerned about outbreaks of trouble, Text POLICE to 88020 for updates. Messages only sent should anythin ...

(15:32:26) People who speak words with their mouths, please be aware that there is a difference between "looting" and "Luton". It's a bit like #ISIHAC!

(15:43:30) RT @robertpopper: Hope this cheers you all up:

(15:44:20) RT @YOGSCAST: UK residents, please sign this, let's ensure that the looters feel as harsh a punishment as possible.

(18:18:04) Hurtling home. Nice to see plenty of cheerful police officers at Baker St. Also, I'm surrounded by Android phones; getting more plentiful.

(19:24:31) This song sums me up.. (and I haven't heard it in 20 years!)

(20:21:12) If it were up to me, 24 hour rolling news would be taken off the air. It does NOTHING in situations like this. Or murders. Or any time.

(20:41:41) Right. I'm going to watch footage of blankness for a bit. I especially like the bit when I lose interest & forget what happens next. Night!

Tweets for 08 Aug 2011


(11:43:00) Woo.. Ikea played "Tantalise" by Jimmy The Hoover... an under-appreciated one hit wonder from 1983. You don't hear that on't wireless...

(19:36:38) Trying to catch up with Things I Should Have Done. Now: ironing. It's an exciting life. In other news: practice golf balls 50p at Poundland!

Tweets for 07 Aug 2011


(07:20:37) Mornin' :) Chris's choice of music on the radio since it's his birthday; Absolute 00s, playing the low mix of One Republic's Apologise. YEH!

(07:27:58) Perking up now. I woke up a bit bumpily this morning.

(08:26:33) While I remember, yesterday we retrieved the first full logbook from our geocache - SO great to read all the comments. A definite keepsake.

(08:29:25) Woo.. #BTCC later. Something of an indulgence, in amusingly idiosyncratic car racing format.

(13:07:45) Audioboo: My version of "Together In Electric Dreams" [cover version challenge] #ruined #song #shamelessly

(15:10:41) A relaxing afternoon with visits from friends and general lounging. I fancy a nap.

(16:46:10) An amusing 3rd #BTCC race as always; Sheddon did some impressive driving to remove a wing that was hanging off, avoiding a pit stop... neat.

(18:35:29) "He say yo I don't look fly in my Kelvin McKenzie pants."

(22:05:59) Looking into pointless transcoding of video before bed. POINTLESS.

(22:13:45) Going to bed, with tweets of pointless violence dotted all over my feed. People are capable of better. That's what we do. Night night.

Tweets for 06 Aug 2011


(07:28:25) Good morning. I got the oddest and most wonderful email overnight. It really brought a smile to my face... I shall write a blog post.

(08:33:20) I wrote a blog post (and it's not about our holiday.. I'll do that soon! "An unusual but nostalgia-inducing email":

(09:07:09) Getting a little disgruntled by iTunes's apparent reluctance to send a verification email. And yes, I have checked all my spam folders. BAH.

(13:01:08) Thanks, @macsessed for finding this link to a 2001 TIME article featuring my anarcho-folk project "OffWight Radiator":

(17:32:26) RT @SLSingh: Love the BBC, so this is v sad RT @GeorgeMonbiot piece on how BBC Top Gear rigged show to make an electric car look bad htt ...

(17:34:20) Hmm. Park, hoovering, sitting on the sofa feeling tired. Saturday afternoon hasn't been the same since the A Team went away.

(17:38:33) Teaching Lenni how to play solitaire (patience). Which involves encouraging her to use her brain. The latter is more of a challenge.

Tweets for 05 Aug 2011


(06:14:51) Morning.. just got to get through today, and then I win a free weekend. A man is talking loudly into his phone on the stretch limo. Dullard.

(06:16:12) There's also a wasp on board. I am having dark stingy thoughts.

(06:19:29) In groovier news, hopefully @pootspublic and the children are off to see @grahamdunning's interactive sound sculpture in Luton later.. YAY!

(06:35:08) Hmm. My little webserver isn't responding. Hoping the interweb is still working at Geri Halliwell Towers...

(06:39:57) Ahh... it's working again. Pondering the need for a new router...

(14:37:19) *yawns* If that Bagpuss is going to sleep at the other end of the shop, I shall throw something at him.

(15:57:14) It's the perfect weather to not have a McFlurry.

(16:21:33) I don't have the energy to go feral. In other news: Friends Reunited has just sent me an email inviting me to play a stupid browser game. !!

(16:22:14) In other news, I don't think I have ever heard of a world leader called Graeme.

(16:25:30) AMATEURS.

(17:19:45) London is stinky and non-reflective today.

(17:34:00) I am occident prone. Well, going home. Fiiiiiiiinchley Road.

(17:37:00) I am considering starting a new blog called ""

(17:38:26) Also, there is something wrong with people when I can hear their headphones over mine. #musingsfromastretchlimo

(17:44:53) Ooh. Applications are open for "Winter Wipeout"; email for a form if you're interested. And interesting.

(17:56:50) Hello #StFrancis people! @NemoTempleman @James_Deacon @Riggwelter

(18:24:40) I had a money spider on my hand while I sat on the shuttle bus. In the brief time he was there he said nothing. I think he was foreign.

(19:39:47) Oh I do like a woman in a silk chamois.

(21:03:05) Manda Rin... you are still as gorgeous as you were in the 90s, singing about Scottish post-punk items.

(22:05:31) An advert for Walls' sausage rolls just came on the telly that made me go "What the blessed heck?" It looks like this:

Tweets for 04 Aug 2011


(06:03:55) Good morning. Return to work news: the approach road to @LDNLutonairport is seriously busy. Allow 20 mins for the last half mile.. #Luton

(06:21:45) It's very damp out. Perfect for a day off at the Great British Beer Festival - shame I have to work. Next year, for sure (maybe)...

(06:26:28) Last "What I'd prefer to do today" tweet: As part of #Luton's Summer Festival, @grahamdunning has an interactive sound sculpture in town.

(07:42:29) Right. Here we go, then.

(10:38:11) Inbox down to 100 items. Only the really difficult ones are left. Also, because I am an idiot, I'm here till 6pm today and tomorrow. BAH.

(12:58:56) Still going. I shall have some celebratory survival soup. Carrot and coriander, of course.

(13:39:08) A nice little story unfolds on this blog... it's quite amusing, even if it's not real.. (thanks to the Bageltech crew)

(15:27:06) RT @BagelTechNews: BIG SHow this evening at 2130hrs UK with @ErikLanigan @SarahJaneUK @Syzygy @iMyke & @EwenRankin. ...

(16:08:18) "Dress causally."

Tweets for 03 Aug 2011


(08:06:58) Good morning. And one of potential and promise (except for the warmth). I'm going for a shower, then I shall make myself useful.

(08:08:56) Oh dear. @106Jack have some really, really awful ads. Nice to hear a local radio sounding* breakfast show, though.

Tweets for 02 Aug 2011


(08:30:40) Good morning. It's entirely too warm already. Oh, and I'm back from Germany... it was brilliant. Good first trip abroad for the children :)

(08:48:42) Woo! Look what arrived while we were away :) Thank you, @pootspublic (and @TMBG, obviously!)

(09:05:27) Audioboo: The morning after [the return home] sleepy boo #unpacking #gladidonthavetogotowork

(09:50:36) I think I will very drinking too much coffee today.

(10:50:43) RT @tmbg: @syzygy @pootspublic Sweet!

(20:05:46) So far I have come up with THREE of the seven circles of hell on FourSquare. That's what it's for, right?

(20:29:24) Catching up with #TopGear - mmm CLK Black. Reluctantly, because Clarkson likes it.

Tweets for 01 Aug 2011


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