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(08:03:51) Good morning. I have seen fit to cease fiddling with streaming solutions for the iPod Touch in favour of doing something more productive...

(08:36:40) Uhoh.. on hold with @VirginMedia (where it's gone eerily silent) while they try to find out why our TiVo installation's been cancelled...

(08:38:37) And now they've cut me off... trying again :/

(09:17:51) Audioboo: Not a good @virginmedia experience [part 1..?] http://boo.fm/b421147 #menus #telephone #virginmedia #scotlandhasacold

(10:52:39) Right. Enough of this waiting by the phone only be be let down.. time for a shower and some shopping. It is Monday after all...

(12:22:36) Home from the post office.. lunchington and tidying, I think. Lenni is performing emergency watering of the sunflower. Sad.

(14:45:12) I have been dabbling in trivia this afternoon. It would benefit me greatly if I actually focussed on something useful for a while :D

(18:51:23) Audioboo: Laryngitis As A Business Tool: The @VirginMedia tale part 2 [with an appreciative nod to @Documentally an... http://boo.fm/b421543

(19:11:27) Watching Dispatches on Channel 4 with a veritable cavalcade of odious politicians and voice-overs by someone who only drinks eau-de-vitriol.

(21:17:44) Beddingtons time for sure.. and that'll do for me a-tweeting for now. Back soon!

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(10:20:06) Mornin'... out with the Scouts, preparing to deliver water to runners in the 10k race... http://yfrog.com/kl39nemj

(13:52:54) Watching the end of the #F1. I'm nonplussed - give me the hilarity of British Touring Cars any time... I wonder when they're back...

(22:08:37) I've been keeping it real today. That's to say I've not been on Twitter hardly at all. It's the school holidays.. I think that's why. Night.

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(08:27:23) Doing some tidying. I have lots that needs scanning in. My old boss does a lot of scanning. Must be a boss thing.

(20:08:47) Home and a-sitting in my studio, with enough energy to listen to tunes and that's about it. I'll do better tomorrow (probably). Night!

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(05:33:02) Morning... uhoh.. gotta go. Powered by caffeine. YUM.

(06:12:18) Blue skies... nothing but blue skies (and some small clouds) - not sure it's going to rain today... http://yfrog.com/kjr1ozj

(06:39:47) I am very much looking forward to listening to @BagelTechMac later... might catch it live; @BritishMac is going to get a hilarious roasting!

(11:20:52) I wish I'd been alive on the last Pi day: 3:14:15 9/2/65. Maybe we'll have moved to American data formation by the next.. 3:14:15 9/26/53

(11:46:32) I would like to make it clear that @Leica0000 is a legend. #ff

(12:02:03) Here comes lunchtime... like a giant RSJ covered in pizza.

(17:30:32) Oh heavens ~another~ incessant yatterer on the stretch limo today... I shall look on eBay for a mobile phone blocker thing...

(17:31:35) What is WRONG with him? He is sitting next to someone, but he is ignoring her. #ignorantphonegit

(17:56:43) Ooh, while I remember, I was a busy busy bee today & got LOADS done.. didn't quite get to the documents I was intending to read, but still..

(17:58:34) I'm all tired out now. Tired out & hurtling home. I have a beautiful wife, some comedy, a sofa & a banana bread beer waiting for me. JAMYEH!

(19:56:48) It's beer o'clock. (drinking it, @italisalute... it's actually remarkably tasty - if you like bananas!) Time to sign off Twitter... night!

(21:01:42) "They're like a simpleton Bros" and "You make Dappy look like Stephen Fry" - I love Never Mind The Buzzcocks.

(21:19:04) Oh, and one other thing... I didn't really rate Krispy Kreme doughnuts until I had one of the red iced coconut cream one... oh my days. Yum.

(22:23:53) ~hug~ Glad you had a good time :) sleep well! x

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(05:00:41) Morning. No hilarious comedy to enjoy, so it's "Making Tracks" - Basing St studios, home of amazing hits (and Trevor Horn!) #radio4 #iPlayer

(06:38:32) I'm all warm and damp.

(09:13:33) Interminable phone call. Yeah.

(12:03:20) I wouldn't go driving around central London this lunchtime.. it's all jammed up (Google Maps + traffic) :/ http://yfrog.com/kf326op

(12:05:40) In other news, I finally found out how to do screen capture on my Galaxy S.. hold down 'back' & press 'home' - I did it accidentally before!

(15:07:56) The price of a pint of beer in Central London is about the same size as a generous block of Cathedral City cheese. I am eating cheese.

(15:36:03) Untangling broken processes. I get paid for this. It would be cool if it wasn't so pointless.

(17:21:40) World Party - Is It Like Today? and Pink Floyd - Bike... both lyrically fascinating #nowplaying

(17:32:16) I listen to the arrangement of a song like "Hard Habit To Break" by Chicago and think... wow... how could I ever do that..?

(18:06:40) RT @smartie999 Galaxy S will not let me upload my boo. Got to 99% then no more. Now message just says Error - tap to try again. (@AudioBoo?)

(18:10:47) Molly Casey #EddieStobartSpotting

(20:15:47) RT @BagelTechNews BIG Show in 15 mins with @ErikLanigan @SarahJaneUK @Syzygy (me!) @ClothheadHQ @EwenRankin - http://.live.bageltechbig.com

(22:07:17) Right.. to bed to bed to buy a fat sleep. Nighty!

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(05:31:45) Mornin'.. Luton Council have sent the drain cleaners out to unblock the gully outside our house - great service! http://yfrog.com/ki9i8ezj

(06:10:30) Wearing in my new Dr Martens chelsea boots... heels protected with tissues, they're lovely and comfy otherwise. Yay!

(06:14:58) Are cagouls still really uncool? What about fold-up raincoats that attach to ones belt buckle? On reflection, maybe I'll just get wet.

(06:38:40) "@vobes @syzygy Don't worry about being cool, stay warm & dry & be an individual! (Remember sheep end up on people's dinner plates!)" Wise!

(06:57:58) Today's driver likes a warm stretch limo. In other news, I had some ~very~ strong coffee this morning. Could you tell?

(07:07:11) A beautiful floral display in Paddington Street Gardens - enough to brighten up anyone's morning... http://yfrog.com/kju6lwwj

(07:11:10) Fabulous bit of intelligence by @BagelTechMac (Ewen): "2+3 is 5 - the number of letters in 'Lion'... er.. oh, no." Such a funny podcast!

(17:02:07) Righhhty oh. What a crazy busy day. I have a meeting at 1pm tomorrow. That's inhuman. Now, though, I shall prepare to go home. Like this...

(17:44:19) Mmm break out ~trumpet solo~

(17:48:36) An interesting - and completely understandable - protest (with brass band) http://yfrog.com/kinxgtyj #WestminsterCouncilGreed

(17:53:51) The full text of the leaflet: http://yfrog.com/kha8mnjj (including unwieldy Facebook page address - http://on.fb.me/qIrhnR )

(18:28:20) An ignorant man seems to be going through his mobile phone contacts and shouting enthusiastically at them all. SHUSH! #PassiveAggressive

(19:12:34) Oh my goodness, @GiveBloodNHS - what is WRONG with you people? This tweet - http://bit.ly/reebJ3 - makes me SO sad. No reward for kindness!

(20:21:50) instead of typing speed* *(this tweet I) recorded it I dunno how well as* *(that's) going to come out

(21:01:01) This isn't goodbye - it's goodnight. I just mumble a bit when I get tired.

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(06:52:26) Good morning. Tuesday, though, eh?

(09:02:14) It's always important to make sure you get air to an infection or swelling. It's a freedom of inflammation act.

(10:01:45) Crivens! I'm sitting next to @leica0000 in a meeting. She is brightening it up with her insights and a fetching purple t-shirt. Hurrah.

(12:52:06) Tasty lunch had. This afternoon I will continue in my project of not going to America and also try and finish about five emails I'm writing.

(13:20:10) I appear to have an Accumulation Of Fruit. That's because of all the biscuits I end up eating. Satsuma? http://yfrog.com/ki4q8mqj

(15:56:48) Custard pie? #hackgate

(16:35:01) If you need to buy a gift for someone considering, say, some fun shaving-foam shenanigans, this looks like a bargain.. http://t.co/NzWRx0G

(16:43:47) This is pretty. And electronical. And musical. http://t.co/9mA258i

(16:45:32) That Rebekah Brooks must be really warm in that hair. If it's real. It's quite brilliant, though. #hackgate.

(17:17:08) I'm going home. I will attempt to remove my palm from my face for safety reasons.

(20:29:09) If I can muster the energy, I will stop watching Richard Hammond pretending to be thick with a big globe and go to bed. Good night, then.

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(04:53:10) Good morning. Three-quarters of the house are up (if not quite awake!) For interest: Heart plays the same music this time of day, too. Meh.

(05:05:03) Not often I check the weather, but the Met Office is canonical and understandable... it's going to be a pleasant day :) http://bit.ly/fxP9I

(05:39:58) Brief doze, I think... there were three in the house and the little one was still asleep...

(06:21:30) If anybody wants me, I'll be not in Chipping Norton.

(07:50:40) Quite a few telephonic calls to make this morning - variously to non-Cardboard Ed (who is fail), the council about drains and a falconer...

(07:58:28) Hmm.. domain renewal time, too - mustn't forget...

(09:46:46) A pair of dunnocks feeding from what's left on the bird table after a ninja squirrel & a magpie got there first.. http://yfrog.com/khqmgoij

(09:55:35) http://yfrog.com/khokbepj 28p for a pound of (quite elderly) bananas... I'm gonna be making banana bread later… (cont) http://deck.ly/~lDXyw

(12:49:11) Internet failure again.. time to make my own entertainment (well, OK, I have my phone, but that's awkward!)

(16:21:10) Good heavens... it is Little French Meter Reader Woman time again..? She has a very deep voice. Like that woman in that film (I think).

(16:53:44) RT @riggwelter: • @AasmahMir If you have a nice voice and want to be one of 5 Live's new travel reporters, apply here. Simples http://t. ...

(21:26:36) Right.. all done with Scouts and meetings and getting rained on and generally lots of bad decisions today. Tuesday tomorrow. Uhoh. Night!

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(08:48:31) Somewhat surprised to get this as a gift from my in-laws.. Robert Rankin in Poundland? Whatever next..? http://yfrog.com/khs7dsbj

(12:01:15) Ooh... our car has an eclectic air pump! That is quite useful for inflating, say, an exercise ball. Or a multipurpose blimp.

(17:11:57) All done with this afternoon's chores - back windows cleaned, mainly and new net curtains put up. Time for a sit down before my Dad arrives.

(17:22:01) Oh, and I went up a ladder for the first time in a few years today. Only a bit frightening.

(19:19:21) It's #TopGear, sponsored by Range Rover. Urgh. That said, I'll engage every German I know in conversation about squirrels. Or wasps' nests.

(19:25:56) A Jaguar XJS train. Utterly, utterly genius. That was my favourite car growing up... #TopGear

(20:09:40) An utterly hilarious train feature on #TopGear - best one so far this series.

(20:29:33) Having a bit of a solder in the studio while listening to @thisrealitypod .. it's a nice way to relax. Russell Crowe, then, eh? :D

(20:59:41) 15 minutes to solder a DIN connector, and another 5 to find the screw that fell on the floor #ActivitiesIHaveNotImprovedInSinceIWasTwelve

(21:28:34) Right. I have decided: I shall make some music tomorrow. Now, though, I ought to go to bed - up early for C's school trip in the morning!

(21:28:55) Have a lovely lovely night. Thank you for being such a wonderful tweep :) Sleep well!

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(08:16:38) Ooh. Our broadbean has stopped working. I've turned it off and on again. The status page says all is well.. Exciting fun! @virginmedia

(08:21:47) It's nearly 2pm in Bangalore #OutsourcingFact

(16:14:26) Performing routine maintenance on my Dad's PC... fun with Google Apps and DropBox.

(18:58:43) ~yawns~ home from Dad's; now relaxing in the studio - I have an evening of gubbins (not gibbons) to do.. powering up the grid now. Sleepily.

(21:47:36) Audioboo: They Might Be Giants at Koko, Camden http://boo.fm/b414439 #band #theymightbegiants #quitegood

(22:24:20) This is mathematically hypnotising (for the time of night).. http://t.co/h8lkrif - type in the commands (based on the list) & click "Run"...

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(06:16:46) ~yawns~ good morning. Enjoying this week's @GuardianTW - especially the Apple Store photographic art shenanigans. Friday, though, eh..?

(07:55:11) I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/dGgmDU_dXSo?a Hitler finds out about the Proms being dropped from the BBC

(08:25:09) My #FF today... @zany_zigzag @EmmaTofi @StreakMachine @Smartie999 @EwenRankin @Claw101 @PlainTalkingHR and @dt90spt - fabulous folks all.

(09:31:58) Just got an email from Sky.com asking "Where did we go wrong?" I filled in the survey. I left News Corp before Rebekah Brooks did. I WIN!

(11:50:14) Hello @PootsPublic :) I have a mission tomorrow morning.. see Google calendar. Hoope that's OK!

(13:29:07) How long am I going to fiddle with Firefox so I can get it to see the internet, so I can use our poxy job logging system? 2 minutes to go...

(13:37:56) I think an email containing the word "re-architected" has pretty much proved the final nail in the coffin of my day. I'm tidying my desk.

(16:58:01) "Excuse me, sir, can you spare £1.20 for some cheese?" <- This just happened to me.

(17:14:13) Standing outside #Koko with a disparate bunch - I'm with @PootsPublic and we're going to see They Might Be Giants yay! #TMBG

(17:34:34) Audioboo: Outside Koko on a busy [and noisy] Camden High Street boo http://boo.fm/b413606 #koko #london #theymightbegiants

(17:43:45) In the venue and - more importantly _sitting down_ #IAmOld http://yfrog.com/kkf4lwtj

(18:05:09) Watching the support- piano-led hippy-rock Treefight For Sunlight ( http://www.myspace.com/treefightforsunlight ) http://yfrog.com/kemrycrj

(18:20:58) I'm intrigued why @TMBG put on quite downbeat, contemplative bands on as support... they did the same with Cousteau (quite good, though!)

(18:50:05) Holy cow.. We're sitting next to Robert Rankin. lovely bloke.

(19:10:22) Yay! They Might Be Giants! http://yfrog.com/kemi1zhj @TMBG

(19:24:45) No brass section? Perhaps they couldn't get the tuba through customs... @TMBG

(21:29:13) Getting the (last, before a bus service takes over) slow train home after an utterly splendid @TMBG gig - the sound was perfect :) No TTS :)

(22:46:57) All done for the day - the muck & drear of London washed off; now to bed, sleepy and happy after a top evening's entertainment. Night!

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(06:11:11) Morning... it feels like a Friday - woo bonus day (sort of)... today's objective: avoid meetings so I can actually get some work done.

(08:47:33) RT @cyberdonkey: I have got my wrist band to remind me to keep quiet WWMMS

(17:49:35) Schlepping up Hendon Way after a dug up Finchley Road experience. Playing BagelTech tonight... remain outdoors.

(18:03:57) Ooh.. that @GavinShuker asked a question at PMQs. It was about University tuition fees. It wasn't as good as the £53,000 car insurance one..

(18:15:03) Tonight's stretch limo is frankly horrific - old, cramped and hot. It's like 2002 all over again :D At least I have a double seat #BenElton

(20:45:52) Ooh... I'm doing my first Google+ Hangout... and I'm tweeting about it :D

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(07:01:49) Good morning. I've been playing with SSH tunnels on Android... I'm not sure it's possible to have much more geeky fun on a day off. Heh.

(08:10:29) Here we go the... the chaos of a school trip - I have 7 children in my group. Gonna be mad crazy... the coach has arrived.. the M1 is slow.

(10:43:42) Survived so far with only one bag of lunch lost (and found) and a tummy ache... my team is still the best :)

(12:14:48) I just breathed in a fly. ~cough~

(15:01:21) All back in Luton after the educational trip to Gulliver's Land in MK... hardly anyone else there - no other school trips. Lenni's worn out!

(19:02:03) RT @canuckuk: If only we showed Gordon Brown as much respect when he was alive.

(19:15:41) Sitting in the studio, doing very little. It's nice like this.

(21:00:57) Right. Time stops for no man (unless he's Hiro Nakamura, who doesn't exist) so I shall go to bed. In the hope that a woman can do it. Night!

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(05:23:08) Good morning. I love this time of day - the early-birds are the most civilised of sorts. I've had toasted muffins.. busy busy day ahead...

(06:23:46) Watching @DomJoly's Joystick (intriguingly from a Words With Friends ad) ..surprised how few views it's had.

(06:31:04) Link to @DomJoly's YouTube channel: http://t.co/yZgleYC - if he, Harry Hill & Hammond struggle to get 10,000 views, what hope have we? :/

(07:53:23) Settled at the desk with a cup of coffee (yeah, I know.. dangerous!) and 130 emails to get through... no meetings till 2pm, thank heavens!

(12:56:09) What better thing to do on a Tuesday lunchtime than hurtle towards W12 for contract meeting? Eating cake in a park. And learning the banjo.

(14:32:10) I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/lTx3G6h2xyA?a Madeon - Pop Culture (live mashup)

(18:31:21) A little late on the hurtle home... a day of mixed results. I think I survived, though. I shall check.

(18:32:04) Yup. Fine. Jolly good. Could do with a shower, though.

(19:46:04) Yummy home and all at tea. Lamb chops yum! (Thank you, @pootspublic :)

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(08:38:11) I haven't tweeted good morning yet.. not like me. A very pleasant school run- it's going to be a warm, quite busy day. Still sleepy, though.

(10:45:04) Cuthbert Goes Digging In My Pants #improve80sgametitlesbyaddinginmypants

(11:48:17) Incidentally, I'm gplus.to/jameshart on Google+, if you're interested. Haven't quite found a use for it, yet, though...

(11:51:02) Lunchingtons...

(20:54:28) Testing BarnabyTweet

(21:43:29) All done with tinkering for the day. And tinker I did, once my headache had subsided. Night night...

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(07:41:14) Good morning. I'm not getting out of bed until nobody buys The News Of The World #notw

(10:48:44) Yesterday we arranged to have our @VirginMedia telly service pimped.. a really friendly Yorkshireman called Alan helped.. UK call centre FTW

(10:50:31) Right now I'm sitting outside Iceland in Cardboard Edd while Beth gets garlic bread. It's how we roll.. (or baguette, to be more specific).

(14:24:03) Audioboo: Dismantling cassettes on a Sunday afternoon in [the hope that TheRecyclingPeople.co.uk will take the encl... http://boo.fm/b408963

(15:18:15) Small component parts of around 50 cassettes... anyone want them for a post-modern art project..? :D http://yfrog.com/kicqp5j

(15:51:15) So, so sleepy. So I'm going to trim one of the beech hedges. Kill or cure. YEAH.

(18:33:30) Raining a bit, then.

(19:13:12) Jeremy Clarkson is entirely wrong and wrong. I'd much rather have a McLaren than a Ferrari. Or a Lamborghini. Or a Dacia Sandera. #TopGear

(19:43:40) Someone actually quite interesting on the "Star in a reasonably priced car" this week. Quite entertaining for an F1 driver #TopGear

(20:17:33) Hmm. I think I've run out of concentration for the day. Bed soon, I think... I shall wish you a good night now, in advance..

(20:20:49) Before I go, I am sparing a thought for anyone who has to be outdoors in this weather.. it's really tipping it down. Night night.

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(01:01:15) Top night at World Of @BagelTechNews - thank you to @dt90spt for heroically driving! Night :)

(09:10:20) Good morning. Time to get going - some breakfast & pottering, I think, while @pootspublic is at the cinema with the bairns...

(09:56:02) Hmm. I have issues with woodpigeons on the bird table.. but I'm not sure about collared doves. They are kinda cute. And not ninja squirrels.

(11:59:51) A nice hour and a bit in the studio with a guitar and a copy of Caustic for Android.. the first bit of an electrofolk song created...

(12:05:44) General disbelief & irritation here on discovering the Ninja Squirrels have eaten our sunflower head! EVIL THINGS http://yfrog.com/kkgmgpsj

(15:56:30) The Women's World Cup quarter finals is on - England vs. France... I wonder who will win. Honestly, I have no idea.

(17:47:21) I have mainly been doing inappropriate things to a Nokia phone this afternoon. At the moment, it seems to have worked... :/

(18:54:24) I wonder how much of my life is spent looking for Stuff I Put Down Somewhere. I fear it is only to increase. Currently: Nokia battery cover.

(18:55:06) In more positive news: I have found my solder. JAMYEH!

(19:15:23) I thought of joining http://t.co/Kz2SyOX with a feed of Luton Airport, but it's illegal to live stream air band broadcasts in the UK. Piff.

(19:57:54) Splendid... that's two things I've successfully found (and, obviously, foolishly lost) today. On aggregate, hurrah, though :)

(19:59:26) Listening to @thisrealitypod and their coverage of the news of the end of the world.

(20:31:42) Excitingly, I have now pimped up my Garden Bird (or ninja squirrel) webcam.. it updates more than once a second: http://t.co/GR9HyLG ...

(20:34:57) I'm all tired out now. Time to lurk in my studio for a little longer. It may end up being tidy.. who knows?

(20:49:49) RT @GlennyRodge: You can't put custard in your trumpet if you don't got a trumpet. #madeupsayings

(22:05:21) Night night entirely.

Tweets for 08 Jul 2011


(06:55:37) Good morning then. We've got #Radio4 on in the kitchen.. there seriously isn't any news... Oxbridge entrance statistics..?

(19:39:09) We are celebrating the wonder of @smartie999 at @BageltechNews's house.

(20:08:02) http://yfrog.com/kkqajwdj Three men trying to win @DoctorHappyMac's Bose Headphones

Tweets for 07 Jul 2011


(05:26:55) Good morning. Is it really morning already? Is it good? So many questions (well, two). Listening to @henningwehn's Monty Python programme..

(13:46:34) RT @artistsmakers: I may have to move to Bristol, they're prepared... http://t.co/BjNOLn0 #worthingzombies

(13:55:35) Woo. Another new business system that doesn't work properly. *sighs*

(15:06:13) It wasn't supossed to be this frantic at work today. It is this frantic at work today. I'm going for a wee.

(15:06:58) "Duck salad - yummy yummy." #replacewordinafamousquotewithduck

(15:35:00) I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/DWCOYJg9ps4?a You're Gonna Miss Me, Lulu and the Lampshades

(15:51:28) RT @adlandsuit: It's the end of the News of the World, and I feel fine.

(15:53:21) RT @MarcusduSautoy: Check out @bbccode website bbc.co.uk/code for video clip explaining our hunt for pictures of prime numbers, part of ...

(15:56:51) RT @brennig: Is it true? Is the Daily Mail to close? My heart flutters gaily on a breath of pure joy! (yeah, I know the DM isn't, but I ...

(16:48:40) I have left the office a little early... I feel a bit naughty, especially since my boss is milling around and might disapprove. Heh.

(17:47:24) RT @feexby: Soooo. Mock The Week will have to change its theme tune now right? #notw #missingthepoint

(20:09:00) I love the challenge @bbccode has laid down - photograph prime numbers up to 2011.. here's my one for today: http://yfrog.com/kfd8mefj

(20:14:56) Just got home from dropping off Smaller Child to my Dad's for a day of non-school based fun... I wonder what she'll get up to!

(22:15:33) I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/8m47Jg5RDrA?a how 2 hack iphone voicemail tutorial

(22:19:59) I really need to get myself to bed. There are some things that beauty sleep simply cannot do... good night!

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(05:25:07) Good morning. I was woken at 4am by a random phone call on Qik. Or was I dreaming? What a strange thing to happen. Now: muffins & jam.

(05:26:34) RT @BagelTechNews: Morning. Today is the Official Birthday of BTN. The official party will be Friday, but todays BTN is something rather ...

(05:28:24) Uhoh.. better get myself up the hill. Work beckons (and not in that friendly 'come to bed' way. Shame).

(07:41:10) Back in the office again. Like the highlife, except Steve Winwood didn't sing about this place. Not sure it's the ideal AOR subject matter.

(09:15:54) RT @oldgoldtech: Yowzer! We chat about #retro & #vintage #tech Like our #FB page http://kurl.ws/WU / spread the word of #retrofun #vinta ...

(09:24:46) I do think I'm going to go to a meeting. It's the modern thing to be going to go to, you know.

(18:33:53) Heading home after a day of meetings, some of which were in a very small, hot room. I'd rather have meetings in my shed. With a Flymo.

(20:54:19) Off to bed I think (well, OK, I know)... definitely good night to you.

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(04:58:07) Good morning. I s'pose I ought to get up and toast some muffins. And forage for salad products. Bit sleepy, if I'm honest.

(17:19:38) A frantic day.. I think I'll probably stop now, though. Heading homewards forthwith!

(18:36:41) I laughed out loud at Phineas and Ferb yesterday when they made a Dora The Explorer reference. #confession

(19:54:28) We're cancelling our Sky subscription. Yah! (cc @Impurrfection)

(20:05:40) There's a 20 minute (apparently) hold time to deal with Sky account closures. Thank heavens for speaker phones :)

(20:07:01) RT @AndyG001: If you are a bit bored then why not pootle over to @PayPalUK to view their hacked timeline.............

(20:11:19) Still resisting quitting #Sky? You can still watch 108 channels with an expired Sky card and your old Sky box: http://t.co/ImGosmx

(20:13:34) I think I have been on hold with Sky for long enough to have come up with an 'on hold with Sky' drinking game.

(20:23:14) "Sky and News International are two different companies"... "Anything that's reported has nothing to do with Sky"...

(20:31:42) I'm being very charming to a Scottish lady who has told me her name twice, but I couldn't make it out. She's just doing her job.

(20:36:27) RT @LuckyLouie11: @syzygy Two cheeks of the same arse #NewsInternational #Sky

(20:58:26) Right, after that excitement: bed.

Tweets for 04 Jul 2011


(06:51:42) Good morning.. a morning of cereals, coffee and emails. Time to get my brain in gear. It's an American theme day at Lenni's school. Yeehaw!

(06:52:28) RT @rothgar: Google Plus is now open to everyone, no need for invites. Just go to http://google.com/+ and sign in with your account.

(07:28:16) Piling out the door. Piling.

(08:18:49) Conference call number one for the week... 10 minutes and counting...

(12:48:45) Lunchtime. Hoping that the phone doesn't ring.. again!

(13:11:27) Doing something with a Nokia phone.

(13:29:22) I'm playing with my cameraphone. Go me! http://qik.ly/H5Hj6 #qik

(17:00:07) Listening to Lenni practicing the piano... she's doing really well :)

(20:42:31) I've just had a lovely chat with @claudiahaun, who gave me an insight into the subtleties of regional transport in NordRheinWesfalia. Wow.

(20:46:03) http://yfrog.com/hs75n7j A cool swirly cloud to the north of us at sunsete... thanks to @pootspublic for pointing it out!

(20:46:35) (by which I mean 'sunset' :D)

Tweets for 03 Jul 2011


(08:51:32) Good morning. Bit of a Sunday, really. I'm at church, so that works. In other news: wasp carnage.

(11:04:17) Dear autocorrect, if I type 'abd' because my thumb is fat and points the wrong way, I actually mean 'and', not 'abduction'... thankingyou.

(11:40:02) In an impressive bit of synchronicity, @tonythetiger880 (and Jennifire) found our geocache today. It's a small world.

(14:56:08) Plan for this evening: Organise Germany. And watch Top Gear. Probably best not at the same time. Those cheeky Autobahns...

(16:19:30) Chilling out on a Sunday afternoon... Chris is playing with his Android tablet (I really like it!) and Lenni's watching Gory Games.

(16:21:53) I should be researching folk lyrics.. I shall definitely start.. er.. now.

(17:52:08) Dortmund has got a Giraffe Museum. Best. Town. Ever.

(19:06:43) Some #TopGear idiocy to break up the research into German transport and leisure industry, I think.

(20:39:26) Woo.. @imogenheap is live on the internet :) http://t.co/6Xf0pqd

(21:31:01) I'm only a couple of years off the pace.. I just created a holiday itinerary in Google Wave. I just hope they keep it alive long enough! :D

(21:31:29) RT @dragonhistory: Hahahaha! Take note, @sweynh and everyone!!! http://t.co/6u4sYCi (via @cmulhall @simonnricketts and @swaldman)

(21:33:28) Time for zeds, said Bebedee. Night night to you. In fact, especially you. Sleep well.

Tweets for 02 Jul 2011


(06:24:25) Good morning. I have lemon & ginger tea, the ground floor of the house all to myself and an iPod full of music. Time to enjoy the 80s again!

(06:38:59) It's a shame that Fields of the Nephilim doesn't really have a place at a family barbecue. Onto the 'alternative soundtrack' it goes..

(06:50:06) Great thing about going to an 80s barbecue later: NO KINGS OF LEON. They really annoy me. Well, their music does.

(07:13:23) Heavens. I had no idea that Bryan Ferry's "Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" (only version I knew :D) was written by the mighty Bob Dylan. #ignoramus

(07:50:02) Right.. nearly six hours of 80s tracks chosen.. of course, if my @cloudexplosion sees fit to put her own mix CDs on, I don't mind :D

(10:50:07) Oh dear... just got my old Commodore 64 out of the loft (with its missing '8' key) to discover the power supply is all deaded. Oops.

(10:56:52) Nope.. power supply is fine (voltage wise; anyway.. not so sure about current) .. time for a disassemble...

(11:06:01) ~coughs~ Whichever idiot last put the case back on my Commodore 64 put the power LED connector the wrong way round #yesitwasme

(21:01:16) Having a 'back home' moment. And not in a 1970 World Cup song way. An entertaining day with my brothers & sister and families. Tired now!

(22:31:19) I think the photo sorting and general Facebook mayhem will have to wait until tomorrow.. for now: sleep! Night night :)

Tweets for 01 Jul 2011


(06:24:33) Morning :) I had an odd dream early this morning.. it involved @EmmaTofi being annoyed with me, Giselle and my phone being hacked :/

(08:42:53) I bashed my finger against the underside of my desk with my knee during a conversation with my former boss. Quite, quite uncomfortable.

(12:48:14) The more I think of @TimKeyPerson's "No More Women" parlour game, the more ingenious it seems. What a very clever man.

(15:32:40) I just had a harrowing phone call from a frightened sounding woman in Chennai. She couldn't manage 3 words in English. Outsourcing. YEAH!

(16:15:36) Bad dubstep bores me. Also, I get irked when there's a box with a limited character count, but when it gets to zero it still cuts off loads.

(17:57:11) Exchanging rather aspie messages with the boy. He is wired to the grid. But forgot a password :D

(20:08:27) I am home and in the studio. I fully intend to find 2 hours worth of interesting 80s music to play tomorrow. And change my keyboard battery.

(20:40:04) I've just made an interesting discovery from 1982. Bolland and Bolland did a frankly definitive electropop version of "In The Army Now".

(20:41:15) Classix Nouveaux - Is It A Dream... definitive 80s pop or just a nuisance?

(20:50:38) At this rate I am NOT going to be in bed by half-past ten... I've only reached 1982...

(21:31:06) Right. Bed. Good night! 1987 to 1989 and the big sort out can wait until tomorrow...

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