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Tweets for 30 Jun 2011


(06:04:30) Good morning. I'm yawning like Bagpuss.. going through one of my tired phases, I think. Listening to Aung San Suu Kyi's #Reith Lecture. Wow.

(07:35:58) At the office. Reading emails. Drinking fruity tea. Not using any kind of profanity. Yes, it's definitely Thursday.

(07:40:34) The other night I think I dreamed of winning a Sisters Of Mercy 12" single. Or maybe it actually happened, but I have no idea where it is.

(07:41:20) In other news, the air conditioning men are here.

(07:51:31) I wonder if it's possible to avoid using any web-based service that has grinning stock photo people on it. They irk me somewhat.

(08:54:53) *sighs* Getting other people to do things properly is so hard sometimes.

(10:16:44) I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/v-cfWYN0cZI?a Radiohead - Paranoid Android YouTube Artist Mix by OHADI22

(13:05:49) I just did something I really shouldn't have. A beautiful Polish woman was involved, and now I'm on a major high. #soundsmoresordidthanitwas

(13:17:44) Yeah. OK, I confess. I have had coffee. I will not be participating on Twitter for the rest of the day, because I'm apt to witter. T'witter.

(19:48:46) "Your lecturer is Doctor Michael Starbird..." JAMYEH! This is going to be a ~good~ lecture (on statistics, as it happens).

(22:19:59) I went to bed ages ago. Really. Night!

Tweets for 29 Jun 2011


(06:13:03) Good morning. It's a Wednesday that feels like a Tuesday. If I discover it's an imposter, words will be had. Nice & cool (at the mo) though.

(07:46:08) I'll bet! There was thunder yesterday, but we seem to have got off lightly so far today... made for a cool night, though. YAY! :)

(07:46:21) Happy birthday @sophums! :)

(09:10:59) For the first time in quite a while, I really fancy a coffee.

(13:23:23) I'm on a hot chocolate high (yes, I do believe that is possible) and just about to go to a meeting. Oh dear.

(13:51:57) The sky outside looks like the opening sequence of The Simpsons.

(15:26:26) I have now lost all track of this meeting. Completely. I can't understand manager speak. Something about moving to another folder. Right...

(20:39:54) Feeling a bit out of sort order, so I shall go to bed. Normal servicing will resume from 05:45 tomorrow. Be there or be asleep. Night!

Tweets for 28 Jun 2011


(07:16:02) Good morning. Baker Street is unusually bunged up. That's your travel on the 16s..

(07:21:01) That would explain it.. a stretch of Marylebone Rd has been closed eastbound by Baker St tube station. I wonder why.. #London

(07:57:26) According to Mr @PaulLomax, Marylebone Rd was closed because of a water main leak... one would've thought that only happened in winter...

(08:07:13) RT @MarcusduSautoy: A perfect number is one that is the sum of its proper divisors. For example 6=1+2+3 and 28=1+2+4+7+14 making today 6 ...

(08:13:23) Oh dear... I can see a trip to the dentist happening in the next week or so; this should be in my mouth... http://yfrog.com/kl4nvwuj

(08:36:00) Still digging through emails. But being a bit distracted by Twitter. You lovely minx.

(09:47:58) I will get to the end of the email I'm writing. In a minute.

(10:49:35) Water can become solid at room temperature (http://t.co/JSLjyuD) & turns viscous liquid at -130 C (http://t.co/e3hVDG2). Water: odd & weird.

(12:54:11) It's doing that thing where it's cooler and more pleasant outside than it is in the office. I have opened the window. Air con? What air con?

(13:08:54) Nice bit of thunder.

(14:07:55) "Don't leave your soul at the breakfast table" - that is to say, bring it into work with you. I like that.

(16:35:38) I'm surprised I've not seen Nyan Cat - http://t.co/g4TwsPV - in our house yet.. http://t.co/GkAax5X Did I spot a meme before @nxmee? Er.. no

(16:40:44) I am writing up my appraisal while listening to this: http://t.co/cFpKSQn (Nyan Cat DJ Alex S. dubstep remix). How can this possibly fail?

Tweets for 27 Jun 2011


(05:39:11) Good morning. Just catching up on Audioboos while trying to reboot my rather warm brain...

(06:54:47) In the approach stack for the bathroom, listening to @Emmaandpete...

(07:17:21) If you are a podcast listener or viewer, please spend 10 mins today rating & reviewing your favourites on iTunes.. they'll love you for it!

(07:19:46) (I think it's worth focussing on the smaller podcasts in terms of iTunes reviews - gives them a leg up by the big shows!) Please go, review!

(07:50:00) Trying not to lose my composure on the way home from the school walk. It is SO warm, with very little shade :D

(12:41:08) A fairly easy-going morning, and now it's clouded over (trapping the warm air.. OH NO! :D) My Dad's coming over to talk websites soon. Uhoh.

(15:24:39) I am having a jolly nice swelter. I am the swelter-weight champeeeeen of the world. Did I say 'jolly' and 'nice'? I was wrong / lying.

(17:47:55) Right.. shower number three, I think, before my brother arrives....

(19:18:38) In the studio with my younger brother, getting old-school with proper outboard synths...

(21:59:50) I do believe it's the award-winning bedtime; a bit late, but that's fashionable these days. Nighty nighty.

Tweets for 26 Jun 2011


Tweets for 25 Jun 2011


(05:28:29) Oh dear.. we have a small coughing daughter who is now complaining of earache. Poor little thing.

(08:37:03) RT @the_anke: Have a bit of pony/portal crossover art. http://is.gd/pATddI

(08:42:02) I am a bad person. I should get out of bed and survey my aches. Oh, good morning again.

(14:08:56) Picnicking with @sparkyAnnC, @binabery, @megfitz, @regoodyear et al. The rain has, thus far, held off...

(19:36:16) Home and peaceful.. the children are at rest, and I'm tinkering with video formats. Hoping for no audio sync issues.. :/

(20:49:09) There is some serious high grade tiredness going on here. Might put myself to bed with a comedy podcast and a couple of aspirin.

(21:22:51) Off to bed, I think. I'll leave these files copying. Good night!

Tweets for 24 Jun 2011


(05:18:45) Morning. A #Radio4 iPlayer dilemma.. an inexplicable repeat of "It's Your Round" or an unconvincing sketch show about a call centre...

(05:27:21) Brush teeth, then hurtle. It doesn't sound hard, but you try it in these heels. More later.

(09:11:04) I just found some earwax on my keyboard. I need to take drastic action. First, though: a cup of tea.

(09:11:29) In other news, I'm being appraised today. Oh the hilarity...

(17:16:38) Moving London around, one tiny building at a time... http://yfrog.com/kl679cj

(17:45:58) Right. Time to catch up on my reading. Finchley Road in the rain seems like a good enough place. Home & weekended before 8 yeah!

(18:13:57) Hmm... the limo driver's come off the motorway. Google Maps suggests he's made the wrong choice. SO much more traffic info on there now!

(20:02:07) Watching some Friday evening comedy catch up while drinking a cocktail I just invented called the "Weekmockery"... it"s quite funny looking.

(20:11:42) I have no idea what Pippa Middleton looks like. Am I out of touch like a high court judge?

(21:43:32) Right. Off to bed. I will do better tomorrow. Not sure what at, though. Night!

Tweets for 23 Jun 2011


(07:21:42) RT @BagelTechNews: BIG Show this evening at 9.30pm UK. @ErikLanigan @SarahJaneUK @Syzygy @iMyke & @EwenRankin. Hmm what shall we talk ab ...

(08:08:39) I'm having a cup-a-soup. At before 9am. Lunacy.

(09:12:05) I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/psNAGm5Wpx0?a Jeremy Kyle - Sexual Contact (The Remix)

(10:11:00) Right. Off to telly centre. If I'm not back.. er.. eventually, please send a search party. Contract meetings eugh.

(14:10:52) Still going. Painstakingly.

(17:32:51) I would very much like my stretch limo now, please. To whom should I speak? Chop chop. Chin chin. etc etc.

(17:45:12) Hurtling home to the maximum extent allowable by Finchley Rd. I'm going to read an actual fiction (e)Book. By @RebeccaWoodhead. Unheard of.

(21:52:56) All BagelTeched out.. need to get myself to bed. nighty!

Tweets for 22 Jun 2011


(05:17:34) Good morning. *yawns* I'm alive. It's a good start.

(07:22:52) What I have learned this morning: there is no good time to listen to the greatest hits of Rod Stewart, including between 07:00 and 08:00 :D

(07:24:57) RT @richardallinson: Don't forget its all upside down on R2 tomorrow for 2Day! Join in for the best live music from 1.00pm #R2DAY

(08:20:58) Things I've found on Twitter today #1 - new camera technology means you do the focussing afterwards: http://t.co/RBD4mMe

(08:21:33) Things I've found on Twitter today #2 - the mighty @artistsmakers (Dan Thompson) has made it onto the BBC News website: http://t.co/8UTzKrV

(12:37:11) Soupy soup.

(12:59:18) Oh look - there's a meeting. It's a bit damp, because someone left it out in the rain. I'll bring it in and warm it up, I think. Bless.

(15:24:03) It frustrates me that Android doesn't have better proxy support - it would be better if it could be per network. Even better if it worked..

(15:25:38) That was a lot of "better"s... like a music mix. Sorry.

(16:27:09) I'm going to have a REALLY early night tonight. I'm thinking of starting now.

(16:31:44) Right. I'm back in the office and have some lists to write. Actually, a list. It's going to be a biggun.

Tweets for 21 Jun 2011


(05:00:13) Bleurgh. Or good morning (which is the translation from zombie). Yes, it's Zombie Tuesday (for the sake of argument).

(06:28:22) I'm terribly warm. I think it's going to be an intense day...

(07:54:24) My colleagues are quite imperssed with the Lingo iRis DAB Radio iPhone case that @Barwickgreen demonstrated last week.. if I had an iPhone!

(10:27:52) Meetings central today. Yeah.

(12:53:55) Giving @Ariadnes_web a 50p tour of BH... it's only right after the trauma of London's public transport system.

(15:24:16) Pondering hardware support contracts. They're like insurance policies, really. Except with computers instead of house fires/car crashes...

(15:51:32) Oh dear. Seems the business management software is broken. I was going to do something but now I can't. I shall moan like a zombie instead.

(16:08:08) offs! As in I can't do any work with all these system switch-offs!

(18:43:44) Hurtling, disconcertingly via Bricket Wood. Home at about 20.13pm should you be interested. If not moreso.

Tweets for 20 Jun 2011


(09:03:14) Good morning. School run done, and now checking the state of my Outlook in case all hell has broken loose. In an email sense. Quite scary?

(09:46:20) An important meeting has disappeared from my work calendar. I meant to bring biscuits. Most concerning (I shall have to eat them instead)

(11:16:26) Lunch preparation & Audioboo catchup time, I think. There will be cheese (in my lunch).

(12:23:53) Interesting.. some broad statistics of the "111" non-emergency call trial in which Luton participated: http://t.co/wvny65n .. was it useful?

(14:26:58) Warranty uplift.

(15:27:32) Well that was a long conference call. The best bit? The fact that I only heard about 47% of it. I made up the rest :D

(16:25:10) "In a global sense, the BBC is Moldova... all right, Belgium." - genius by @Brennig

(21:22:10) RT @lucytobin: Best shop sign ever? http://twitpic.com/5eforz (via @MandyPandy32)

(21:35:20) RIP Simon Brint.. http://t.co/yQ0TpBU (and, indeed, the most lovely Kirsty MacColl in all of the multiverses).

(21:36:15) Late to bed, early to rise, makes a james rather susceptible to falling asleep in meetings. These aphorisms don't write themselves... night!

Tweets for 19 Jun 2011


(07:13:41) Good morning.. I was gloriously presented by some Father's Day gifts by the children. Battenburg Slippers FTW(nfc) http://yfrog.com/kjajqoj

(11:59:08) Nice way to celebrate Father's Day - with some Touring Car racings. Lovely.

(19:53:14) A day of good food, excellent Touring Car races on the telly and playing out in the garden with the children.. home and exhausted now. Fab.

(20:15:58) What better way to fritter away Sunday evening than by replacing the soundcard on a PC..? Don't answer that. The prize: listening to music:D

(20:17:02) I get most irked when I choke on water. I have been doing this for nearly forty years, and still don't appear to have got the hang of it :D

(21:13:42) Well, that seems to have gone moderately well. Although one of the FireWire devices wanted to reinstall after I rebooted. Once. I hope. Hmm.

(21:14:27) I can't brush my teeth and tweet at the same time. Really annoying. But Minty fresh.

(22:10:57) I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/ECVzuKnSLFg?a Twitter Singup 18 - Abba Dabba Do!

(22:13:15) Congratulations to Mr @paul_steele on another fine Twitter Singup! A collection of singers from Twitter just in it for the smiles :)

(22:29:49) Off to bed, ten. And not a moment too soon. In fact, several moments late. Still, at least I've brushed my tweets. Night!

Tweets for 18 Jun 2011


(06:49:35) Good morning. I wonder if utopia will happen today. I shall make toast in preparation.

(08:45:25) I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/t1TcDHrkQYg?a Alphaville - Forever Young ~Official Video

(09:16:21) Brushing my teeth, thinking about the psychology of indignation.

(10:24:39) I just saw a sad sight... someone standing just outside the supermarket with boxes of barbecue food for the local fete, as hail rains down..

(11:06:02) The children are watching Splatalot - a Canadian kids' Total Wipeout, redeemed by Dick & Dom. They are comedy brilliance.

(16:47:11) Still sleepy. This is not particularly satisfactory.

(21:07:32) Re-heated Chinese food makes things 22% better.

(21:59:51) Time to draw a veil over proceedings for the day. It may have to be a net curtain - I have no spare veils. Night night to you, pacifically.

Tweets for 17 Jun 2011


(06:18:09) Good morning. And it'll be the morning from hell, salvaged only by a brief cuppa with @BarwickGreen before some kind of Spanish Inquisition.

(08:41:39) One down, one and a half to go. Off to the sunny climes of W12...

(10:13:03) Holy cow that was intense. Only one mention was made of the Spanish Inquisition. Top props to @BarwickGreen for being a legend, frankly.

(11:42:57) Going back to my roots. None of my footwear has zippers.

(12:52:08) The roads around Baker Street are completely knackered. Keep away from London #tasteoflondon

(14:23:21) May I offer an emphatic hello to @ultgames @GabriellaWhite and @_tarakennedy - thank you for following me. I will try to be interesting :D

(14:56:50) Pants. You can't fly to Iceland from @LDNLutonAirport.

(17:41:52) Damply waiting. I think one of my feet is a bit wet...

(18:07:36) This coach smells of popcorn. Also, I helped someone earlier using Google Maps. First time with this new phone - slow, but effective :)

(18:45:25) Uhoh.. pretty awful traffic on the way to J10.. I probably won't be home for about an hour. Ahh well.. at least I'm dry :)

(19:19:02) Do some people naturally swagger? Or is it a learned walking style?

(20:09:45) Home and watching some week mockerage. With the remainder of a bottle of wine. Oh no, it's Dara O'Briain.

(21:32:20) Just tried to regenerate, but apparently it takes something a lot more serious than two glasses of wine to start that sort of thing off. Oh.

(22:22:14) Right. That's Friday expended... time to load up a Saturday and open the valve. Breathing.deeply... filling my lungs with weekend. G'night!

Tweets for 16 Jun 2011


(06:07:33) Holy cow... PayPal vulnerability allows access to any account within 30 seconds http://t.co/rcseSu3 (via @thenextweb @skattyadz )

(06:57:56) Oh blimmin' heck, it's started raining, just as I'm about to get off the coach. If I were so inclined, I'd have a good moan about it. Heh.

(07:31:41) RT @gogowiththeflow: @syzygy @TheNextWeb @skattyadz if u revisit the link, it says this story had been debunked n paypal a/cs are safe

(08:30:38) Conference call. As opposed to a conference pear. Sounds most unhygenic.

(10:07:23) I'm probably being outstandingly thick here, but I can never find the "My Favo[u]rites" button on the new Twitter website. Still lookin'...

(10:12:07) I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/ehqKpPmVcK4?a Paul McCartney - Temporary Secretary

(11:51:00) I call this piece "Out Of Date Soup In A BBC Mug" http://yfrog.com/h4ehxdaj #art #lunch

(15:01:51) I'll be honest, I really do like "Say Say Say" by Paul McCartney and Michael Jackson. It reminds me of 1983. The good bit.

(15:06:01) Theobromine rush.

(15:08:22) I am having ideas. This is never a good thing.

(17:14:02) I do believe it's home time. Plenty to listen to on the way, too. God bless @Audioboo.

(17:27:51) I do like to walk past a nice charcuterie http://yfrog.com/kg55040464j

(18:12:24) On board the stretch limo, heading towards the studios of Geri Halliwell Towers in time for my live international broadcast later. Ha. Yeah.

(20:04:30) Ideas update: @pootspublic has said maybe to one and a definite no to the other. Ah well. The nuclear power station project was a pipedream.

(21:08:17) Playing internet telly with @BagelTechNews @eriklanigan @sarahjaneuk and @imyke. We're talking about tablets. A bitter pill to swallow.

Tweets for 15 Jun 2011


(05:19:56) Mornin' Lemon & ginger tea and some mini-shredded wheats. Gives me the energy I need to do another appraisal today :D

(07:11:40) http://yfrog.com/hsu38gcj Not sure I'd seen one of these before - a hybrid electric/diesel red London bus. (rubbish photo.. sorry!)

(07:34:13) Ahh the orifice. Death by a thousand emails.

(08:06:37) I keep seeing dead bumble bees on the pavement. That's not good, right?

(12:29:28) We've just had the landlords round. All of them are taller than the facilities manager. And they processed out almost in height order. Fab.

(13:15:10) My dear @pootspublic will be picking up a pen right now. I am thinking positive thoughts of recollection and careful question reading...

(13:31:39) A brief conversation about lamp posts bending in the sunshine, helixes around chimneys and why bees fly. You get it all here...

(13:35:48) RT @ThreeUK: We've just been told by HTC that they will be rolling out Gingerbread on Desire after all, we'll tweet when we have news: h ...

(13:38:45) This time a year ago, I didn't know what EMEA meant. Now I just don't know why. Must be an American thing.

(14:40:53) There's something about the HTC ChaCha that makes me just a little uncomfortable. And it's not just the Facebook button...

(19:40:00) "Silence has it, arrogance has it..."

(21:22:12) Bed, then. Three letters that mean a lot. Night! (and another five).

Tweets for 14 Jun 2011


(04:55:22) Good morning... and I say that with trepidation (it is Tuesday, after all). Welcome to Trepidation Tuesday.

(04:56:57) "Welcome to Just a Minute" in fact... #radio4 #iPlayer

(05:33:45) Quick quick quick.. up the hill!

(07:08:28) A warm, slow, uncomfortable coach journey this morning... nearly time for a refreshing walk, though..

(08:33:11) Hmm.. am I alone in not being in the slightest bit sentimental about buildings? TV Centre never moved me (but made me feel a bit unwell).

(08:33:34) Right. Screen break over.. back to the inbox of hell. And writing up appraisals.

(11:20:44) Please can you action this action with an action. ~sighs~

(11:21:15) RT @Blonde_M: Today's crime against language: refrontburnerize. To take something off the back burner. There are no words for the level ...

(12:01:23) I cannot bring myself to use the word "refrontburnerize" during this meeting. It's just a bit too... well... grumpy.

(14:29:07) I have reached the "Herding Cats" stage of the day. And the "Eating Biscuits" one. Co-incidence?

(15:38:58) RT @ThreeUK: Unfortunately, due to hardware constraints, HTC won’t be able to bring Gingerbread to HTC Desire. Apologies to any Desire u ...

(15:46:26) There will now be a brief pause while my email server stops working...

(16:08:58) I have decided that I definitely don't want a work iPhone. They really are very very bad at sustaining phone calls...

(16:51:24) Ooh. Hometime. I think I'll have a slice.

(17:32:48) Loud keypad tones on a mobile phone? Sending a text message? Unsociable? Oh yeah!

(20:16:52) RT @PontoonDock: Like free beverages? Like free cakes and biscuits? Like nurses? Give blood: http://www.blood.co.uk/

Tweets for 13 Jun 2011


(05:59:35) Morning has broken. Can't hear any birdsong over the rumbling traffic outside. Hope.someone fixes it soon..

(07:49:20) Our walk-to-school conversation this morning included etymology of the word 'frog', life before Google and the Ordnance

(09:25:56) Prune smoothie?

(09:27:10) I am trying desperately to resist the temptation to take a photo of the trolley with a baby seat that's full of biscuits.

(10:38:15) So.. why is @106Jack playing BBC #Radio4 on its internet player? That's really funny :D

(10:38:52) http://t.co/dWOSqxX <- it's not just me, right..?

(10:51:41) Ooh.. Telly Centre's going to be sold off: http://t.co/qLTUJcT - to tell the truth, I won't miss it. (via @Brays_Cottage and @BBCTVCentre)

(15:41:50) Just had a haircut. Call me shorn.

(18:51:46) Preparing for the local Scouts AGM. It will be... indescribable.

(20:59:36) Uhoh.. bedtime. Need to give Lenni something for her cough, bless 'er. Night!

Tweets for 12 Jun 2011


(07:36:29) Good morning. It would appear that someone has been adjusting the length of seconds again.. they seem to be going by even quicklier today..

(11:20:14) Some ironing and some @VobesShow, I think. Quite damp out today - perfect sunflower growing weather, though.

(11:22:20) This morning I have seen an Austin Allegro and a Ford Cortina mkII- several steps back in time.. there's a car show at Stockwood Park today.

(16:37:34) Me: "I saw a man unicycling to work the other day." (true story.. I'd forgotten until now). Lenni: "Was he a clown?"

(17:10:06) An afternoon of technology-free indoor play (bit wet outside) once Lenni finally finished her homework... we built some K'nex. And wrestled.

(21:25:17) I am definitely having an early(ish) night tonight after four late ones in a row. Now, though: tidying up & catching up on correspondence.

(21:51:12) Bizarre tech thing of the weekend: Chris's new (remarkably inexpensive) Android tablet changes its MAC address every time it turns on. Ha!

(21:52:26) Also, I haven't gone out and taken any proper photographs in AGES. Perhaps an evening of standing on a hill is in order at some point.

(22:30:37) Bedtime.. just before the week starts again. Time is speeding up, I'm sure of it. I blame Professor Brian Cox. Or that Martin Archer bloke.

Tweets for 11 Jun 2011


(07:44:07) Good morning. I'll be down to claim my Saturday and breakfast cereal shortly. Please save some (of both) for me.

(08:00:24) Cometh the hour

(08:25:14) Time for honey arbitration (having carried out the initial stages yesterday with @sparkyannc). Apparently it's OK. Just unemulsified(?)

(08:37:07) Having seen the Queen documentary last week, when I hear one of their songs, I try to work out who wrote it. A Kind Of Magic: John Deacon?

(08:37:30) Ahhh.. Roger Taylor.

(10:47:20) Popping to see @TheMallLuton ... not too busy for a Saturday...

(11:50:40) Places to avoid in Luton: Hatters Way (it's closed this weekend) & Telford Way roundabout (all congested as a result)... #Luton

(11:53:30) Places to go in Luton: the new Tiger store in @TheMallLuton - eclectic, fun and stylish. (it's right at the library end)

(12:11:03) Definitely a cup of something fruity and tea-y.

(13:12:35) I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/2jX1qHZ51-0?a PractisingPodcastingInterviewSkillz.avi

(15:08:49) Maybe I fell asleep.. mayybeeeee...

Tweets for 10 Jun 2011


(06:47:44) ~yawn~ Is it Friday? The stretch limo driver is shouty and a bit disorganised - he keeps having to ask where people are getting off. Er..

(06:48:09) Oh, and good morning. Sunny, which is nice.

(10:05:05) I, like @SkattyAdz, am getting way too much enjoyment out of this site: Computing protocol jokes http://protolol.com ...

(10:06:02) Right. WHO didn't tell me about the amusing "Fast and Loose" comedy quiz on BBC2 which I appear to have missed all of? Pippa Evans, though!

(16:28:22) All done with appraisaling.. heading back to W1 for thrills, spillages and millinery.

(16:50:27) I love @Bootcoot @pervyqueen @baronhawkey @painted_duchess @bitsyvonmuffin @jrr4film @forkinabucket @JQP74 @Kittybliss & @ColourfulCodes #FF

(20:23:48) Things I was hitherto unaware I was unaware of: Anna Crilly is shorter than Katy Wix. But both are splendid in "Party" (I knew that) #Radio4

(20:39:44) http://yfrog.com/ki764j One for him, one for her...

(21:39:00) Interesting: Aqueous Cream for eczema? Forget it, it does more harm than good. New study: http://bit.ly/jNM3NF via @PJOnline_News @psweetman

(21:51:26) Bed is rather alluring a prospect at the moment. Not too long now...

Tweets for 09 Jun 2011


(00:08:17) All utterly home and tired out. Whose idea was this? I shall be having words. nighty then.

(08:18:04) Good morning. I'm on a conference call.. then I need to make some gentle requests of my team. ~sighs~ Tough day ahead...

(11:23:17) Well, I'm still alive #evertheoptimist

(18:46:33) Looks like I've crawled out of the end of this particular workday. Now some Stewart Lee, then BagelTech (probably). I think so, anyway.

(22:22:28) A fun bit of nattering with @sarahjaneuk @ErikLanigan @EwenRankin & @tioaboa (hope it's as entertaining to listen to)... Now: bed. Night!

Tweets for 08 Jun 2011


(10:32:45) One for @BBCWatchdog? Automated calls and what we can do about it.. short of taking matters into our own hands.. http://is.gd/zjx0Nq

(11:44:16) *applauds @Glinner* http://is.gd/hxFdwV (I'm SO in the Guardian demographic.. is that bad?) That said, the PM programme is FAB. @ipmradio4

(12:05:17) Right.. time to have something to eat. Although I have been nibbling @errolin's mighty fine biscuits all morning. #notaeupemism

(17:15:50) Well, that was a strange angle to come flying off the afternoon in. I'm going out now. I may be some time.

(18:58:45) Nice pint of Sovereign Blonde with David X & Rik before the tUnE yArDs gig. I miss music. [pic]: http://4sq.com/l2lS2w

(20:51:50) One rather duff punk support act, a remarkable Simon & Garfunkel flavoured performance... next is the mighty tUnE yArDs...

(21:00:32) I'm still not sure what the rules are with toilet attendants. He pressed the blimmin' tap button. Does that mean we're engaged? ~sighs~

(21:18:09) Optimal distance http://yfrog.com/h2zshrsj

Tweets for 07 Jun 2011


(06:12:31) Good morning. Albeit a sleepy one. The M1 is a bit slow southbound at J9 but still moving OK. Nothing like Staple Corner gets, though.

(08:16:33) Finding out how many different types of shambles there are today.

(08:45:27) Inspired by @tioaboa's tweet about Shambles in York, I still love the choice of name "Nonsuch Close" in Canterbury: http://is.gd/EAEwNI

(12:40:54) Bah. Migraine. Not caused by caffeine... perhaps brought about by cheap digestive biscuits..? Oh I do hope not.

(15:46:38) I am taking umbrage at today. UMBRAGE I tell you. There's no worse rage than umb. Well, OK, so actually that's the opposite to the truth.

(21:02:24) I think @pootspublic sums up "All Watched Over By Machines Of Loving Grace" perfectly: Fascinating yet irritating. #AWOBMOLG

(21:25:29) Just call me Daniel Beddingtime and send me scurrying upstairs. Night!

Tweets for 06 Jun 2011


(06:57:56) Great to see @BBC3CR's @jvsshow featured in the Top Ten Audioboo list.. http://bit.ly/jaeuEa (from The Guardian)

(07:06:57) RT @emsquare_d: Producer Martin Rushent dies at 63. Thanks for your part in the music http://j.mp/lj0Irs

(07:31:47) Good morning - and one of a rather unusual shape, since Official Progeny 2 is on a sleepover. Time to shower (indoors - bit cold out!)

(09:10:42) RT @Marthalanefox: RT @rogerdonald: NHS Direct iphone app now #1 on the free apps list, got to be worth a RT please?

(09:55:41) National English Muffin shortage? Two supermarket trips in a row with empty muffin shelves... we're on beige alert right here.

(17:17:14) Another epic bit of Kinder Surprise ingenuity - an inflatable paper Pokemon.. brilliant! http://yfrog.com/caq4gkj

Tweets for 05 Jun 2011


(05:29:27) Listening to some Audioboos - this one by @Brambling stands out as a fine summary of the Victoria Line: http://t.co/ylufXaJ (great payoff!)

(08:11:23) A fairly hurried good morning.. all go here at Geri Halliwell Towers - the bathroom queue has me at the front now... can't miss my go!

(13:53:58) Audioboo: answering machine versus automated survey http://boo.fm/b376810 #junk #phone #tps

(15:42:52) Audioboo: Failed geocache boo [a fairly representative introduction...] http://boo.fm/b376876 #geocaching #hitchin #outside #dnf

(18:14:05) All home, now; nice and quiet, since Lenni's staying over at her Nana & Grandad's, and Chris is chilling out upstairs. Now: firmware update.

(20:09:58) Just updated my Galaxy S to 2.3.3 - now it's a lot more (as the American gadget experts would say) snappy. Thank heavens :)

(21:14:08) I've listened to this four times in the past day (including my scratched-up old vinyl copy).. FAB house music.. http://youtu.be/BDMu3r73Ko4

Tweets for 04 Jun 2011


(07:43:06) Good morning. Yes.

(09:00:10) I've just spent the last half hour installing a tracking app on my phone. When I lose it, it will tell me that I forgot to leave 3G data on.

(09:09:17) I liked a @YouTube video http://youtu.be/G4KA0G8Lk0I?a Wiggles live in Birmingham 20th birthday

(15:49:02) Gone for a thick shake at McD's (can't help thinking of Ben Elton's book Stark) seems here & Wilko play Iona's Matthew The Man. Odd. Why..?

(15:57:03) Conversely, the Burger King in Luton always seems to be playing Metallica.

(17:47:48) EPIC. #DoctorWho

(17:55:28) They've definitely saved the best till last. And some fabulous lines so far. #DoctorWho

(18:23:53) Wow. #DoctorWho

(18:28:03) Genius. #Doctorwho

(20:20:49) Failing to install Samsung Kies on my Windows XP machine. Not the most productive of evenings. Ahh well.

(20:34:22) RT @dracos: Steven Moffat on where we get the word doctor from. On rec.arts.drwho. In 1995 :-) http://bit.ly/mGCBgu (via @sebpatrick)

(21:10:50) Itchy eyes.

(21:54:29) Holy cow.. this man's been busy.. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leland_Sklar

(22:06:51) Bedtime, I think. I bid, and indeed, offer a good night.

Tweets for 03 Jun 2011


(05:23:31) Strange behaviour of our @virginmedia internet connection over the past couple of days.. some websites just refusing to load. Just us..?

(05:27:49) Right... off up the hill, all filled up with fruit'n'fibre.

(06:08:16) Lots of very slow moving traffic approaching Luton Airport this morning. Allow extra time. @LDNLutonAirport

(06:09:41) Lots of very slow moving traffic approaching Luton Airport this morning. Allow extra time. @LDNLutonAirport http://yfrog.com/732fsrj

(07:43:36) S'pose it had to happen.. my Dad just sent me a link to a Fleet Foxes YouTube video. Amazing analoguey production. I need to write music.

(07:45:28) Right. Time to make a list. Just lots of bits to tidy up today. Time to dig a little deeper, I think.

(08:25:09) Uhoh.. it's appraisal time again. In theory.

(09:53:29) My #FollowFriday for today is the wonderful @ColourfulCodes - one of the finest and loveliest people in Luton.. but with only 8 followers?!

(15:10:37) Freedom is, ostensibly, mine. If I can find it under all this desk detritis.

(17:07:26) Bit boiling. And a bit blowy. Makes for a gentle amble home, keen as I am to see my dear @pootspublic and our official progeny.

(17:44:23) Me to Lenni (joking): "~sighs~.. your mum, eh? What can you do? Can't kill 'er!" Lenni: "I'm under ten so I won't go to prison..." er...

(18:31:34) I definitely feel the Twitter love today :)

(20:19:26) An attempt to write profound and meaningful lyrics in the studio resulted in an odd couple of riffs, and some serious sleepiness. Uhoh.

(21:40:54) Right. I'm casting a veil over this evening's proceedings and going to have some slumber. Not some lumber. It woodn't be right (hah). Night!

(21:45:44) Before I go to bed: Best. Photo album. Ever. (And if you're a Radio 4 fan, and haven't seen it. SHAME ON YOU!) http://is.gd/vcsL9F

Tweets for 02 Jun 2011


(06:14:19) Thursday-based solicitations to you. No.. that should be felicitations. Darn autocorrect. In other news: sunny hurtling in my 12.0

(10:33:31) I'm all interviewed out now. Time to do some paperwork.

(11:20:24) I think mobile phone operators should make it that if I call someone, I can hear their ringtone down the line. Works on quite a few levels.

(14:54:03) Listening to Witch House and Moombahton in the office. We are SO blimmin' NOW. @MrRobaloba @RobLound @BigAlTwit

(16:49:15) Homeward on a remarkably full coach done, now ambling down the hill listening to mashups. It's Adele vs Robin S. Of course it is.

(16:50:59) I am really quite staggered by how many people I see with iPhones... are they standard issue now? I like my little androidy thing.

(17:49:44) Seems Garmin has come out with an open alternative to geocaching.com: opencaching.com. Shame there are hardly any caches nearby. Early days?

(19:14:51) There's actually some *jokes* in this week' Stewart Let's Comedy vehicle. Unforeseen. That's the nature of the show, I s'pose.

(20:24:41) Playing internet telly again. Just for the laughs. And the snack products.

(22:42:41) Niiiight. Then.

Tweets for 01 Jun 2011


(05:27:52) Good morning. It's June, and I feel rather achey. I don't think there's a direct link. Better get up that hill, though.. have a good day!

(10:50:06) Ha.. just got an email from @barclayscycle advertising a Cycle Challenge. It's a great idea.. if we can actually find any available bikes :D

(10:50:58) RT @Lutonbookworm: If your children are into Top Gear and everything mechanical, why not bring them to one of our half term sessions? - ...

(11:25:32) I imagine @SPaceKate might want to take a look at this competition.. although the odds are slim: http://www.spot3008.peugeot.co.uk/

(16:13:40) I've not tweeted much today... again. It's hard to jam a day's work in 8 hours - I don't recommend it. In other news: mild cold turkey head.

(21:04:27) Sleepy time.. I've been looking for to-do list Android apps and watching "Everything and nothing" I recorded ages ago. Night then :)

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